Hacking with Care!

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Hacking with Care!
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Hacking with Care is born from the magical encounter of Emily King, a massage artist, Jérémie Zimmermann, an internet activist, and friends with common good at heart. The collective explores well-being and care as components of hacking and activism, while also seeking to liberate care, and to inspire alliances between "caregivers" of different competences.
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home DNA only a chair and the me away can you hear me so in the
meantime and I suggest and maybe some of you um are funny always using a laptop computer yeah no and maybe some of you are using a backpack every day maybe some of you have ever experienced and neck pain back pain may be age that goes all along the the ARM GEO because of too much light being you know and I learned some years ago this is a very simple exercises that really change the way I related to my upper back and shoulders and um never experienced pain against since practice them quite regularly I want you to show them to you if you if you agree uh
you can uh do them about any time it's quite quick I do a kind of an abridged version here uh whatever happens to be careful you know it's every mileage uh is different but the principle is simple look you you put your shoulders up then down up then down like on off on or off and you know that a couple of times actually 10 12 times maybe we don't have time now then you roll your shoulders like this gently at 1st then depending on how much you you suffer you can very that's then in the other direction yeah then in a disjointed way it
goes very well with music like funk music I have music then the other direction again you should do this 10 12 times whatever works for you another point is to really warm up the upper part
of the back the spine uh
and when mostly the shoulder blades now that they're warm you can do in your head all the way to the left than all the way to the right you may hear and feel a cracking that may feel really good actually and that is that the tension going away then all is left is to bring your head forward like a total and back forward and back so to summarize the on off on off then rolling in 1 direction rolling in the other disjointed in 1 direction disjointed and the other all the way left older we're rights and again then forward and back like a turtle Uganda that several times a day when you feel a bit of pain or any time I hope it helps like it have for me at well it is now time we we begin uh so I'm Jeremy Zimmermann I would define myself as the hacker um and then to the essence of technology and systems in general would like to understand how they work and hopefully make them work better I used to be an activist of for 7 years full full full full time I was the main coordinator and spokesperson and campaigner and uh and analysts and graphic designer and what not for like what you do that's of Paris-based citizen organization defending freedom online I got in many fights in France and in the European Parliament the telecoms package the act our net neutrality and so on and ii um when very very very close to a very bad out an
island quite a bit about this so high I'm this height my name is Emily I'm and well-being massage practitioner
I have been doing that for 10 years now so I make I share and I study massage and recently classical Chinese medicine as well I like to work in in combination of techniques in a rather open freestylers away and I like to collaborate with people outside my field like musicians for example and
I like to write a message to the course and then I am
not especially take enthusiast and I'm just not computer literate what but um I
improved on that 2nd point and had a much closer learning things to Germany and love the frenzied introduced me to yeah so when we met with the media I figured that even if I knew how but I knew about hacking computers and networks of Parliament's
legislations press releases graphic design as a Jew games and what not and I had no clue what message was about so since then I learned a lot to contact but when we met I was so badly burned out I slept 3 how within 3 how within 3 hours had my phone constantly on my year burning was running from place to place and what wasn't really myself anymore uh media offered to give me my 1st massage and after 1 however I figured I
ended up in a state where was so much uh re-centered on myself so much myself again on
on a slow deep breathing mode I opened my eyes and I remember looking at her and saying well pay your hackers right so far we've
been talking around a bit about hiding activism and what is that we do and but that's actually when German calls me a hacker that I really understood the meaning of the word and that I can really relate to it
so then I really gladly accepted his invitation to join him enough for the children that's on a summer hackers summer camp in the Netherlands in 2013 well at what actually net were experimenting with the 1st teahouse now famous the and where all their friends were there as well as being reflecting on the same questions so that's basically where hatching steer started for the 1st time so I was in 3 years ago so and so
what I think what where and what was happening with care and to the to me
hacking is an emancipatory
practice of humans versus systems all tools is a systemic approach where you
have to understand the whole box in order to be able to think outside of its it is sometimes about breaking it is about remixing it is always about inventing and it is before everything to me a set of
ethical values is about the free flow of information the free sharing of knowledge and it is about enabling others to participate care
uh there would be much to say about them but uh simply put I would say that cares about goodness and even it's about common goodness actually and nurturing that it's also about creating and sustaining harmonies and finding balance
between 0 and 1 and the world 1 and the other being in the world and 1 with oneself as well I would say that care is not defined by the by uh a particular set of skills rather it has to do with the with the presence and at attention and intention what it is that you're going to do this with what you have to do what vision of the world are you going to support with what you do and
so in that you um care community care says care for us would be all of the
same thing right so this is this is what we
mean by hacking with care it's a shared vision share thick with common good of hot and it is always to create situations of moments format in which to exchange and share it is about of producing resources to embed this knowledge we want to share and it is and and
uh to give us the ability to engage in
to research this is how we plan to to hack care this is how we plan to be hacking with care you how we do it this is how we do that already
and there also so basically the very happy you encounter between us and other friends we
with this proposition would like to stay and and bring more people together and make alliances because actually we think and even if from a distance it doesn't seem at 1st that we're doing the same thing when in fact we are so let's do this together so care for hikers activists and blowers and what come on in activities hackers and I guess whistleblowers as well I think is a passion fashion as
an engine that makes you do things better that makes you do things more passion as as a fuel have that takes all of yourself into the battle into the calls into the project all of your yourself means all your resources your mental and your physical resources this
fashion something burning hot it is something of tremendous power we used to joke in the European Parliament that 1
passionate activist equates 10 maybe a hundred robotic lobbyists so this passion is something very beautiful and very precious that we must preserve but the flip side of the especially that at everything that is tremendously hot it burns and it burns and the risk is that it ends up burning you when you're exhausting all your resources and it keeps burning the result is what we call a burnout and a burnout has terrible consequences it has terrible consequences for store on your calls on your project on whatever this is you're defending but he also has the remote the consequences on yourself that it makes you
stressed and anxious therefore it makes you make mistakes so therefore it makes you lose your
confidence therefore it will make you will be more aggressive and therefore it has consequences on the people around you it makes you make mistakes the way you behave with people around you it and this is what leads to to to anger this is what its attention is is what could lead to infighting and we know how much infighting is the main cause for failure of social movements and projects like 1 so is 1 of the main so mitigating the burnouts of course is is a major objective also keep in mind that uh activities in many come contexts and increasingly we hope we'll have to handle security seriously and these brings X try constraints on the body and undermined pending those keys keeping those keys on a USB at all time keeping 1 of several laptops with you at all time retaining physical control over those machines how do you go to a doctor how do you go to a so now how the you lay
down on the beach when you feel tired if you have to get those 3 4 5 laptops with you is something also we should we should keep in mind but also what is a very interesting to me
after my own experience is that when your burning out you submitted to fast everything around you is going faster and faster those phone calls those 2 weeks those e-mail you have to take care of them you have to handle them you have this feeling that if you stop everything is gonna crumble so you have to be on top of it which means that you become a slave to your environment your environment defines the time in which you leave when we all know that it is in all the moments of times in those long moments of time when you decide when you control when you see down when you breathe deeply that you can look at the future that you can think for your well-being it is in those moments of longer time that we can think strategically and strategic thinking is what we need to day whatever your calls whatever your project and this is what we badly need to they so it is about collectively finding ways to to mitigate detect uh this is borne out when it comes but also about taking back control of all time animal timeline it so on a
selective careful hatches why careful hackers and activist and of course were interested in care for everyone but we do have the uh of i've to focus on on
factors and and whistleblowers is because they're not only do they work themselves out and under very specific conditions but they also face pretty intense uh retraction from the systems of of powers that they disturbed with their actions and people and companies states who don't have and public interest at heart and unlike of friends and rather than favor their profits and privileges so it is a fact that hackers activities whistleblowers are closely monitored they are intimidated harassed and they get all sorts of the of abuses and whether they be made up accusations and disproportionate charges and we're not so um how do we bring care in such a complex and sensitive context on top of all that specificities C D is the Jeremy his describe how do we facilitate that access to care as a care giver that will mean um when learning and experimenting in adapting with the security because of this year's we have understood your access to care and will be closely tied to security aspects and so on will which would have to do so with anonymity and privacy but and also much more and actually later we would argue that much of it would benefit actually everyone and should be default city for everyone or and I were focusing on the actors and actors and 1 other very important motivation for us to bring care for hackers and active this is gratitude so um our care as an expression of our gratitude for their actions yeah and with that the idea is that care is transit since it communicates itself and all although we are very aware that in the size cannot get someone out of prison cannot win a case cannot bring that justice which would actually be really good for their health has a massage can maybe help and a lawyer John a friend or family someone who's out there kicking ass for us and for them to do this very
notion of care as gratitude I think demonstrate that carries not only hacking that he's also actually activism so
an how effects full and truthful when tools for Canada's at so when we speak of hackers ethics and tools for caregivers we referred to uh for example very completely access and circulation of knowledge and resources for character as opposed to their privitization and restrictions around them and with
paywalls copyrights and what not trade agreements we refer to as we've evoked already best practices with regards to anonymity and privacy and even amnesia that would be it would win as well and here let me pathway is uh and and the publishing organization Wikileaks and so we want transparency for the powerful and privacy for the wheat and who are the beach while the list is very long unfortunately very sadly but and if we assume closely here a privacy for the week is a part of the Hippocratic oath basically it so that should bring to mind the doctor-patient relationship and the contract between them and how is this done today in a in a context where there is massive that I rotation uh for commercial of
social control purposes and how is this done today with the Internet of Things and medical things which uh increases potential for misuse and failures and also how is this done today when we're in a context
where they are and abuses of power in the name of and delta and I basically caregivers and other state bodies were being asked to turn into police and therefore which partitions that breach privacy with their patients so that the
context and when we talk about expectation of that that it's important to understand that it has very a very concrete implications on everyone's freedoms and and what they can do
with their lives so for example in are you going to get this job if you planning to have a baby in arms are you going to get fired because you smoke weed and you how expensive is your health insurance going to be a few can't so that you made 10 thousand steps if you will 10 thousand steps as smart and can you enter this country if you're inside inside the
positive or another 1 so that's very very concrete repercussions on the freedoms and as a quick question here who and their communication with their doctors and other caregivers this yet what is 1 and in the in them in the room so for all the elders
here but what's happening yeah what's happening when you're asking a question about an STD about an abortion about mental illness what's happening is that it's going unencrypted right so we know now that all communications all of behaviors are being recorded and aggregated in profiles and are potentially be used against all cells for commercial a political purposes but you know what's worse the worst consequence of mass surveillance maybe is self-censorship is the things we don't say but also the things we don't do the places we don't go the people we don't associate with so where are we going to do when we feel low we we stop asking for help when we are asking questions about this thing that is growing somewhere on ourselves when we start looking for answers yeah when we stop caring for each other because we're too afraid that those things will be known and use against us so
accurate at thinks and tools provides a concrete path of action
we really were software we will take back control over machine with decentralized services we we'll take back control of the infrastructure and know where all data is with and when encryption we will get hold of all teams and secure all cells all communications so all hope is that
by transmitting those tools than those values to the caregivers maybe day can help maybe
they can help leading by the example you know how the the white gone as a is the symbol of authority for for many people may be this authority could be put at good use that so this is a bit dark and I'm sorry but all hope is that we can do all this in a joyful way because hacker culture is mostly about a playful enthusiasm about doing things in an
inventive ways and that's precisely the point that and the way we want to do it with hacking with care the so what is known in the so far and whether next the good to say that the and so over the past 3 years and what we've done is very company offer care to individuals and organizations and we cannot tell you much about this the close prosody where it ends if and when or something president hikers congresses intense conferences with
workshops care sessions documentation and often teaming up with a father is like that with children that's very good friend is center of investigative journalism and task context and for its and we have created some resources as well you can do
so so right so this
some Henson the size manual for everyone for example which you can find and download on our wiki available in English and Portuguese for now and some Spanish and and of the the it the I have to the and there's also other message for the guys on the we he that's confined and which combined other resources that other people are put together in the same spirit on the which is well for hackers and high and caregivers but so
with you and that was a screenshot of video tutorial that it said that this analysis of our freedom of movement and
the uh we indicated its as you can maybe see 2 Julian songs who will have been for years uh arbitrarily detained inside Ecuador an embassy in London on the 19th of June this year so that's the ticket and it
will help you with your freedom of movement and so what we want to do in the future and is basically keep doing this and doing more harm than we want to experiment and keep on experimenting with new format new formats for actions for
evidence as some of them are directed towards organizations going directly on the field with activism hackers and try to transmit but this this knowledge by the practice on the field but also other formats and Evans directed towards caregivers at themselves have had them communications for instance and we want also to be able to better
response due to crisis the individual and maybe maybe collective and we want to engage in more
research maybe starting with the very question of burnout the activists a communities all capacity to and grow all of this will mostly depend on the the vari ety of skills and the material support we collect from non contains material support and would depend also on the uh all get the organizational uh skills the way we will manage to make all this work together are arranged all these beautiful diversity in a
joyful and in a meaningful way and maybe more importantly your capacity to grow instead would depend on you and the
way you will feel like participating and contributing yeah they are basically has many hearts and skills said uh as many entries as they are hearts skills to to this project so you can contribute whichever way you
feel you really you have lots of ideas many ideas we haven't had that as well and the me we can discuss this after that throughout this at 2 behind the domain the relax area where we will meet with another hiker hunter sound was talking right now on on gender and medicine so we all meet together in the relaxed area after this spilled and and so we with very grateful for the occasion to to speak here and
before we we open the floor and we'd like to to take some time
um to afford a low shot out for everyone who cannot be here in the room today uh all the ones who just can't be here because
maybe the price of the ticket and all the ones will watching the streams but aparticular focus on all the ones whose freedom is being restricted right now all the ones we which could be exercising all their freedoms with us today the way it should be as you worry was saying what we really need for everyone is is justice and care is just what we you can do in the meantime right so we send our love and support to the student has knowledge to Chelsea Manning mining 2 it was node and Jeremy hand Barrett Browning look Lori lover allowed all the ones we're not In many many many many many more thank you very much for being here uh thank you for everything petting with their uh joint is that if if
you know what the all questions you where that have a list of you would the and we immediately lead to a song being sung by a million and and I the please raise a question it on and say anybody on but the size somebody wants to ask a question it's now all there are no violence is there's no question you have the thing is anything with again I will often there's a question it it could have the threat of high affinity for this talk and took the question would like to suggest our Nonviolent Communication as a way to learn how to talk to each other become more empathy as 1 of the
caring there are activities that I would like to help you with in the future great
they're interesting thank you thank you yeah is there another comment another question yeah now so what thank you very much sooner not only this song
actually work with strong we have assumed that we see is not by us but we're seeing it because it gives a its
give us a lot of courage it shakes the stress and also we like to think that when there's someone listening in on us maybe relating this smoothing in the form of the Yersinia singing is 1 of the things are not as and then the lets you love me you as the new phase of the view widely viewed through time of the year you all realize when an intermediate size you will be aware of the the and then at nite embrace you find you there is and then viewed from the side of Gandhi's I rebalancing the 9th live with it and of this is real those of racism that deal with love not aware that the
and talk to
uh which had