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PSF Meeting
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Naomi Ceder - PSF Meeting EuroPython Meeting of the Python Software Foundation Members and non-members are invited to this EuroPython meeting of the PSF! Please join us for some updates from the PSF board.
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PSF meaning of freedom of the as you maybe not knowing Europe and on the of course directors last year this year on engineers were enemies who used the word or 2 years so if you think that you know point all there are referenced by the way I put all the shortened link to the slides down there a lot of of every of every slide 1 and of them other like most of my slides there's actually contains a tiny tiny amount information most of my slides integrated information but I do have some things that you have some information on them so they wanna refer to them so then I just being in case you because I don't want you to memorize the years of images but rely on information the overall mission is this is a lot of protect and advance Python programming language and is supported facilitate the growth of the diverse and international community of my program of what that means is the fact that we do not have some something people wonder about this we do not have anything to do with directing the course of the language you're anything like that we can go to the core developers and saying to this and that's not what we're there for so we basically have you in general 3 functions that you could talk about 1 of them is taking care of the intellectual property of others by say somebody needs to hold all of the licenses so that this can work and this can be shared and this can be handled with proper way of solving needs to hold all the trademarks and that's 1 of the things that appears but in fact there are trees used arguments and things like that it is PSL that engages legal counsel and deals with but also and this is probably a far more common use cases so you want to make a teacher who with the official line on logo OK that's some something the things that might sort of stories that if you're going to be selling anything very
that over you're supposed to go through the violence of the human and the trademark you that if you're using it just to represent the type of language then you can use in that you search for this on the website of kind of or you can find this policy as well so I this reminds me in the but in terms of intellectual property and would say more often than not that's what you have here about the the should useful logo or not I'm going to to a modified version of the logo can I do that in fact modifying the logo is where you get in trouble we have to defend our marked as useful we used so just just so that you know about that is that these are things that people don't know all of we also of course have members and I promise various tell you become a member of the NRA and then of course we also manage this amount of money on the 1 hand the PSF is directly tied behind the North American type of which here's a big conference least by my my standards on it's somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 500 people every year yeah it's usually makes the money that sort powers that I can solve for a foundation for a lot of other things but I think you're going In 2009 in very very bad times when the hole everything's cracked and that was problem but since then it is actually provide income on the other hand the PSF then distributes the money and in the neighborhood of 180 thousand 200 thousand dollars a year comes from the Microsoft nation roughly equal slip war workshops tutorials and made up from the 1 hand the original idea on the that that sort of covers the range from you know time establish events like you're right all the way to the 1 that is done by the there are no most trying to kill this off all the here's the website there are 30 regional like unsolicited that were passed through the way people because just looking down the list I think you were quite more on the top of my head and so I would say that must have somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 to 50 regional like going to work so but I mean I I just think that probably it's theoretically possible to go to the type of from ultraviolet light and there the claims that we all and so on and on if there is there are a lot of them in any case so that that's part of what we do as so this
used for each of the 11 members on the himself or directors and that is is 1 of the things that the members to every spring is the work of who's going to be on the board and it is not
always but the office to use this year Diana plot is the chair on the burden on our place so you that it's there but then I've actually sell them from being cheered engine number of years communications officer is tolerated and last art treasures proprietor in most of the secretarial assistance sectors areas that the molecules the use and lots working its way through the titans of a foundation and conference during 2074 pipeline as well as thousands his Brendan run itself those are the ones in the area of I will and communications officer so-called I'll talk about that in a 2nd so that's 3 things that that deals with getting word out about look like on activities but the chair the during these are not I want thinking away from from that at all stages of questions that are not related you basically means that I stand up here and the only 1 the so long as you have the 2nd thing you know what it it's just just that sort of thing but we normally meet every yard 2 weeks we have an hour-long meeting all our research deal with 1 of the things that we're doing a lot of these 2 ingredients request something that really exists we have a lot of
money 1 and also the PSNR by increasing the number of ways that it's got so that the various are Director operations that's is a savings this is not of assisting and trying to manage more things dealing with the events like icon other things but we now have a dedicated employee and theft managers so so we up until that point through working were made by I thought and infrastructure on and of the works by companies that not being directly paid by the himself so now we actually have somebody who is about half the time position actually watching the this that actually spending some time doing some planning work so that you might be the Member reduced so that's where everybody has been working for this is I the when memory is failing Simon wrong enterprises who has been on our treasure long time so in fact you dealing with any funding request current that actually writes show is that the money to so this
change in place for a while but I wanted to kind of go through the the membership of each of the people at the on this there are a number of ways that you can do all this and then the the simplest and easiest to be the 2nd number and what that means is that you are officially started declaring years is the years I have to do that and go to the site of so all of this is number 2 you click on you fill out a form created using password so your very easy there are not but it's it it does not carry voting rights but we can gradually become part of the appeal of the USA and you know you're you're telling you that if you do nothing else that's still useful because it gives the PSM waiting to teach you about support and where are at In this sort of thing count of who is actually part of the community so this is very useful there's a supporting member of which you can also find the membership grades that that is at the age of 99 dollars you ought to know some people in you I really don't have time to do anything else the PSL but minimally required to come back to this 4 questions so see them all and that the resulting right but a managing member who work at least 5 hours of money on it the working in I think and my OK so they are in some way talk about working groups and that in a 2nd although since you're in your life when you you were right and this is in pioneering work groups and it would be a familiar concept and those members of voting privileges I can basically we do that as well as the next 1 is just to declare a as a form of the latter declared on you so is that a contributing member is 5 hours a month or more type of related software project work you know and this is really and actually a very very underutilized of form what is that there are a lot of people people are organizing you know even all monthly is going to take a person of 5 hours to set up the time you arrange for the values for for any refreshment but if the word out members talk and you actually theory you're going to be the 5 hours a month or so what anybody organized the sort should be any other contributing number again as before we go to use the same 1 we go and say I did is 5 hours a month and if you are a few so I really want to encourage anyone who is not allowed do that I am basically for those to managing and contributing member of 1st thing you need to do is go beyond basic members of that using it on the website we then matched up against worst 1 time of directors and anything else the number and then other colors which charter of the view by the member community that we have been not doing that follows the since we met the new a ship model was so we want to use the following the somebody who is going on of course with the new version was 7 so that's kind of an
outline of the membership would call but you changes things that are going on in here so I'm just recently so this year I think was the last is not all of the board of directors of 50 per cent in people and in fact use the board of directors and all a fairly good number of people have actually been standing for election to the board about twice as many as the kids what's the ability I call this out because this is a very very good thing that people who want to serve on the board we actually have people were able to go you people you probably were so that we can actually get some of that progress in with in there so that we can share this leadership so so this I think is is a very good thing I this is almost a year old the old PSF members mailing list of retired and replaced list because we actually have 2 different things but also this PSF community which is all and it was the 2nd world war the the 2nd part of any you need so we will post minutes of board meetings and part about this on always we have very How can we for a solution formal environment where people to communicate and then if you're going we really really really really want to be a member of of which the mailing lists basically announcements of membership and things like that so by the time we have the ontology in manager images which were and so on and so that's that's a change that's taking place over the last year has the same prior to people so we actually have more people working for the US has been the basically the amount of e-mails and things like that you starting to be unmanageable so anybody who is that on the board will take this don't think that we have and will during you know what explodes so I'm sorry that's more people working on that and the most recent change is that if the sponsor members language should be sponsor to the this is the and cumbersome and the future all so value chain want to invite you to just become sponsors and members of the find the bylaws committee that is in the back sure were proved itself those are not things that we end happening in the past but over the past year so again calling on the mailing lists that beyond just the community support in fact what we get some sort the question of information in the form of PSL at the origin of the news that used to work so the Working Group thing is going to talk about just a little bit as I said you're likely to develop a working group model and really we have borrowed from from here of we have several working groups now these are the things that people belong together and the 2 would be for the so right now we have education or group which is aimed at coming up with some practical solution to this problem problems using my here and I think that's the distinction there has been for all time which this the is mailing list of of the idea of 1 might not work which tend to have much more general discussions about it where is this is a working group is focused on things and this is the aim of developing curriculum to operate in connection with the microgrid but also in terms of other days but how can we make a version of the is approved better for education all of do with lessons plans we do all of those things so that is is 1 of my want to under the new 1 is created and this is a working group that we started not a little lot the Urals last fall for on since we do such a volume brain we're standing on its hind quarters that's allotted time proving that there will be just so laid reading and all that now the ones that are really clearest requested cleared all right we have been working the processes this is a about half of all the rules that we so like so it's not quite year they'd done roughly 50 thousand unintelligible great requests that this is something again we have lines for time on the guideline is and knowledge workers and is intended to it's only rely on the president's request saying that we're going to have to 200 like 2 thousand dollars please follow a lot then that's the sort of thing that the
graph committee working group would look at and say is all that we're going to prove that others in the group that is is looking at sponsored and in fact there is something else that you think should be done here so what it is possible for members of just read it the because 2 things argument does not actually support yourself to we have sort of a sample the things I think working groups charge and then this what working group we do this and certainly and those of us who have been working groups on the water of also are willing to talk to people you have the it's the new services as working an example of that actually is the educational the last year for your life was recall that she 1st here some but it is not if it without the light but what is going the right the the answers on the projects that I can call the people on the 1st in organizing I think what really surprised you just some some discussions with people like talking with Diana and what and what he's done a lot of labeled to think that the people we have a very organized and how you like best economy and served as for work the social work and we're working on the organizing and this is very real so what will the and we're going to look at how we can get back find but the idea I think some of the ideas was looking different local projects for the lessons learned by this can't work now and it's the goal of the eHealth get people to distinguish there I have a little jingle of organizing the organization has people that they have for single girls so there's a discussion of the of the of the natural package so that is something that everyone in world 4 and then get up work in regards communications so I know sometimes that's the 1 person who has communication this year we have 2 people so that actually this site use less of the work to solve actually going to be working with the community and with yet at community of the talking about what they have to be approved here's way to think you we think about so that the following roughly speaking as the everybody the media and that's what I'm actually working on something that I questions about is well you know if you don't know the what is the idea what they actually do what it is immediately after many projects In addition we have so I think that a lot of time and rate but I I think that the people who may not actually be sent to the material so there is common among the things that were used as the history of more content that into some of these simple questions like What is the what do we have to do if you want to call you so the last thing I think we have to to continue to work different people arguments environment for the fact on that understand how it is well so some of the from the blogs and the organizers guide and I think that the thinking about broadcasting and the this concept that the of users of ideas in regards to that we have been talking about the world than committee is sponsored examples of communities that have popped up to have a problem many so the discussion about how the the reality that the agent has to profit actually managed the people that work what's what that lifestyle to be understand what it means to think about and to your time at the end what compensation so I know that I I don't know if this is the 1st thing that think that is is something that is the work of progress and adequate funding committee which is kind forward and again in the context of race want to make sure that people actually have to go out and say hey OK I see something I wanted to this in front so right now and we are working on drafting policies and explain and we are working on writing and in the with policies well and we will be able to insert the word that we need so that people if you have questions you can actually bring out of reach out to conduct network that begins with that we are also currently working on the outside of the place that is agreeable all that some of the projects rate and as without all of them that they would be 1 of the things that we want to the crazy there sorry
about that 1 thing that we want to mention here is that of the PSF used trying to hold mortgage on probably not the small people did everything in house we continue to grow and you know I was wrong about this kind of amino acids in various things happen all over the world that's not really working out as anything that that is sustainable so of the time you figure with the children of organization and actually you know sort of following the best practices of other non-profit foundation and in a general way that means is that the word complex the I'm not notice that the end of the year of stuff but there's a lot of what needs to be done 1 really the right thing to do all the work to the regional and local levels and I think that's not like the original policy that is kind of my solution to our that going we cannot and should not be managing everything that's going on so again our of reminder ways to support the PSL and this is a list of links that can help you out of that's why I gave you a link to the slides that need to worry about all the other links you can just go look at it of and that's
really what we want and all but 1 of the questions and comments that have so really the rest of the time in this history is of that much of the region where you traditionally point to anybody have any questions or comments or anything they would want to to bring up the relates to PSL right the thought it was a lot of work you have to what is called the of I think General you know when we say well now I want say projects it has on anything in not quite system all the instead of these guidelines is not to be exclusivity but to be included so are you working on something that is used within the Pythonic assistance and finding counts but I think the other thing to do is argue that are used in the world words were always in the Armenian close again the idea is that what to including people from which was is this was the the number of what we all the this is the only 1 or I their users right now working memory is focused on diversity there was this group that was called knowledge education that eventually sort written in his life cycle I think particularly around the area of Best practices for for example you know organizing resistance finding you know reaching out to people i think there's really could be room for that but yeah it's it's a case where for the board members at this point I think we were just getting used for the numbers on the board so it's possible that something like that and driven by somebody was not the the reading of 1 of the the fact that this is In this way and so as the but when it comes down to the bottom of the because a lot of times it's college time and of people have to put in things so it's almost all of these things it is something we want something happening now provide the extra willed to get started so no I think it would be really only and something was all interested in for knowledge of of the world we have what we actually back up so that we
can see those and so on and for new is in India Carol in something interior is in England and Ireland is in Canada Jack is in Washington DC follows an enumeration of i and j how well tracing something California with his career and is don't think so there is a certain per utterance of the US following our sort of spread around so this has been the 1st to challenge is how we can find the time like somebody stay up till 3 AM in the morning to to actually be on the mean because our let's say we have a number of local in piracy discussion you so they get the challenge but I think we actually interested goal representation and a great work and by the size of the power of 1 person this from each other the other thing that we want them to we already across from the otherwise because of the value I mean the problem is not a part of the discussion of the neural and society we will have to is marketing of the following the question the problem of the agencies or the the this is the that right right and so get on it's impossible to do the PSL and you don't get the money the whole the world the problem is that since there no American in the you're probably not going you're get out it's not going to be efficient in terms of it being completely tax-free transaction for it so that we don't have a good solution what is more the fact and the other that's a fair point to bring up mean I certainly wasn't around meant that it was stuff sigh I and part of any discussion on that there was certainly going but the should have a lot of this is the all up to the board of elections yeah that's how it's actually a very simple process In theory is is that the moment anything that takes into account the fuel it's really just the either you don't just for you for each of the the most recent election there was actually no choice that because we had something you begin to understand the software for all of nodes work and this i in the long discussions you mentioned the hyphen people like to discuss all of ins and outs of these things you know it was the 2nd of all what is exactly the same by the way that the appear is that it is just of people you what nothing for the people you don't want and that women actually used you select the top 11 and if there's time for the 11th spot they use import random also do In this work we have this kind of all of the other I for and in your memory may be better than minor 5 actually discusses the year-ago and nothing well the the because because of the war right the problem right which is kind of books and in is not and all of this was this you will and that's all you need to know what it is that was kind people of all it can to essentially it certainly could have been a part of it and I think that as as the title role expanded that philologist but for you must be clearly not going to be sustainable and that's why and 1 it's it's a fair point for discussion Chen said no we do have a few little PSF members so you're going to have signed up on the website and give you a stick most of you know all you don't necessarily have to be on of and this is the only way that we can of this rule is going to have for some of the the of the people who have all of the this this is so I want you to know the period of we have and 1 of the yeah and the state of the world and I know what to believe that this year and this is the this the and you can what was the the the also I think it was and if you don't furthermore then