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OMG, Bokeh is better than ever!

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OMG, Bokeh is better than ever!
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Fabio Pliger - OMG, Bokeh is better than ever! Bokeh is a unique library in its genre that lets users create beautiful and complex visualizations from Python. The talks shows a comprehensive overview of the most powerful and popular Bokeh features, like: the optimized websocket based server for performant python callbacks from actions on the browser, Javascript callbacks written in Python (YES!!), bokeh command that lets target different outputs from the same input, JS transforms from Python, high-level charts, Geo support, ... ----- Bokeh is a unique library in its genre that lets users create beautiful and complex visualizations from Python (and other languages) to the browser without actually writing Javascript or HTML. In the last year the Bokeh team have added a large number of unique features that are extremely powerful. Fully optimized websocket based server that enables performant python callbacks from actions on the browser, Javascript callbacks written in Python (YES!!), bokeh command that lets target different outputs from the same input, JS transforms from Python, high-level charts, Geo support, ... Anyone interested in powerful and easy visualizations should take a look at it. :)
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so thank you very much for coming the the lead into the training time outside of working in the conference I worked for continuing analytics and memory OK for developers and also this solutions architecture and the the union of 2 of them with this memory we're going to over have my
e-mail or you can also use the value of my advice that contain that idea of continuous you in a brief summary from
the so so easily it's I find it boring of me speaking habits in and nice images is so try to do it with some most lots of for starting some Roadmap experimented lexicons and basically go through what's what's in use of recently released of OK and then will have a couple of excess of all the OK ecosystem area briefly
talk about what's next so 1st from each of and uh
like to know more about yourself uh for years and years ago OK so it's quite a number of uh clear and never a model that the North as well and that's good hopefully you go from inventory of what 4 years uses JavaScript for wanting a chart instead in 1 year this is the 3 sorry and so here some big numbers the former
telling more about so basically what I when I started going to join the project I think those numbers were were really smaller really all about have grown a lot recently and this is really cool and then we have a lot more community engagement what is an open-source project and will say that is part of the idea of a system in it so there's no focus uh and so it was really amazing Mrs. see those numbers really growing every every month we have a nice good goodwill farmers for us of course this is not directly from 27 dollars some of and by the we have 5 thousand and now we also have a chat you so I invite you to use it to have questions about or anything outside of that we have
the many and all of that so what is looking for a book is observed the salivary made for applied and with the science in my get trying to get rid of all the problems that the the scientists have when you try to plot the results which is beneficial anyway for any Python or end users because book is not only a library is We have also bindings scholar uh la Julia in an hour and almost so to get more about the project you can go to
who think sure you have the right side of the more information about it but with OK we have a new
theory that I'm adding the gallery and most of the the use of the budget for our core developers of those are all those are all of basically of book lots of very good OK I and many of these are some of these actually knew the contributions is 1 actually this specific things very happy that the full implementation of my made by Jupiter itself contributor and
it's really cool look at this but it's not like you know don't ask me what so
back to the presentation we recently
just use the other bookie across version but we change this the the look at that that from so
and thinking of more information here than side we have a lot of
documentation is really hard problems as are as writing the sixties there's so I'm like this it's really complex at the library and trying to document everything in a proper way as hard money do our best and they're really invite everyone goes to the annotation maybe for the 1st time or whatever to boast issues regarding what the phone hard and only we can improve so and and basically get a lot to all of the main topics of vocational altogether those things so I encourage you to do this we use in the book you well release post and basically all wanted you see here both what's there and they're interactive involved so actually saying things here and there are different ways of of doing this is how it works and literature is the most OK we what was over and those things are connected a few of these are connected to a series of sliders are just sort of called complex but let's see in
a moment in we would good so what word new things I said this thought intermediate because you need to have a good understanding of the problem is better to have an NATO what's cooking use that but I think it's beneficial for everyone just they should understand you see the benefit even if they never received a book comes with the bookies server which is an object there is the frame server that's the right part and and say OK every time my wife and is of the order the user
clicks on something that an event on the client side and also in the server side of both sides can be synchronized so we have the we used to have another server in and it has changed since around people who right distances in history is extremely more performance it's all WebSocket-based but more rest calls and it's basis for NATO and topic for this set of it keeps basically all of the the wall objects and models synchronized between the server and the other side so just to understand what the whole book a server after looks like take a look at this never all of those are actually focus server apps running on that page and being embedded but you can see a few examples of for
instance in small ways out of the book the server it's connected to the state of the art for him actually change stuff every time it changed his letter of love local by this figure of Python side of that is that a frame is being used in the middle so that's something that so as you can see quite fast and it's it's quite reactive and it's actually based on a large sample which is actually lower than this last sunny examples some but since the authors of the example of
for instance this this and this
other 1 shows that subgraph with trying out some of the focus of features so if we select a whole there's there's a kind of actually computing these realms and they're going back to the server the select multiple there I can actually also defined the way those those selections are treated in changes by back so can be here every time the movement happens or in the end of the movement
even on so that the size
the which a bogus
seven-hour runs the book comment on basically 2 relatively new theory needs just in just that book a server and the act glory the extraordinary appear on your you define your you looking out of and it's quite simple to to just under that it accepts a lot of commands to deal with
security in the future in the if you need survive behind extraordinary just need to sort the supports of worldwide usage the estimates of stuff on so this is 1 more or less OK server are it's course
it's more or less the same thing as the trivial case book IX stand-alone dynamics plot it there's a lot of code here but basically what what is needed is you need to basically import forgot which is the only piece for server in use import to previous years which is what say all of the things that are 1 and make it look some gifts or some elements life here we define kind of collected in basically you with button say every time someone clicks about college scholar and then we have everything to the to the root of the score and that's that basically book apps could be as simple as the microstrip the
main part of the file and we write everything there or if we have some more complicated or complex you requirements we can't we can't have any and a package directory
where I have 1 final or ultimate file that young multiply and all we want to make living the field studies of Forest Service that files that will form will consider also life cycle so you can actually defined always triggered and specific moments when the this series is being used
only like the version in barrel of and then we also have simply and
directly to 3 with an index file that you can use you can replace the focus of the main index HTML things that that used to be quite careful in the past that's a huge improvement actually well
before jumping to OK and let me show you a couple of examples so what you OK so to serve loca apparatus go the people they serve what this 1
is looking at the end of that basically has the the effect of tissue but basically
it's as tho the article by the quality of the part of it is really doing for a few years mornings for the whole circle of then there's a lot going on the back and it's quite clear in this world of another example is quiet
neurons 1st solution
of show all with this case and serving of OK our very about sharing and all images the the this is
unaware of this policy what they use the basically our recomputing although the statistics and all of that's that's simulation every 3 or 1 with the current and a very dangerous libraries of that the model is changing its behavior of the user can see it's particularly and In the radius is sparse enough to keep the rate and think everything between the right side of the
double scripts so again it can be really anything you you you you need like we're doing in simulation fire and and optimizing with numbers by the connected data sources to whatever that crazy stuff you need I call the but only with here so will become and we
also have to other we've just solved for both comment the
certainly deserve it
also have different options the main the most important ones our are and know basically you can just if you're after doesn't have bulb actually just like cycle barracks or just some interactions with the with and useful HTML include greed and additional part of that you can actually send by e-mail or server anywhere in the contains only the direction of the popular book adjacent basically states 0 I see Additional file that you can
taken used elsewhere to create what all the information I I tried to with the related links on
the on every flight OK
client-side told collects basically local lets you also write jealous that if
you want so let's say you don't need only to have 1 I have a server if you want to have some directions are like in this case of this this
I have have and and and only local so I want to have some sort of this this dynamic logic and every time move the slider I want this to basically I would like to write have to do that so that of India looking lets you provides a custom JS widgets that lets you write your profits grew apart transcription defined growth it gives you access to the lower level data source so in this case this blog have 1 of 1 type of you want to scatter off and then it's connected to 1 data source you you can say OK on this data sources slide the objects are made in order to win competition or anything in this case is just replacing the the source with every year as a change of so then those of critical
collects the extent of probability that we are working but this is the only because we're working on me basically doing can't JavaScript callbacks for the things that most people want want to do that but it's of we had a dream also to say OK what if we could write
Python and make it work the brother of then it's not many more so it is the regions you can actually write Python functions that are we kindly translator just before you and they work
in browser so style like this
case I have a multiplied as simple as a carriers that acts letters and I want to be with the her using this slide so to use Python you just need to define your plots the I can define a pull back and define what kind of objects we need this case the source which is the biggest source of this 1 in a new window object between the object is actually just javascript but of so basically you get the data from the source you Tweet we would so we're here parametres you basically you read the slider values and this case we use this that JavaScript set of functions to computed the number of and then basically that this object code as a whole by a class the slide for every slide so every spiders here will be calling just a function
that was written by a and if you don't believe me well ratio you actually this is what's happening
on on the 1st page but like that so we look at the the the
point that from work on the this thing in in theory of just like and that of you
many in the Old World 11 release we just supported Python 3 year uh for knowledge also supports 5 to 7 days so if only note that this actually is it just
creates an exterior final slide and that's that was sort restorative but in its stone actually can just got that consent to acquire and prosperous control things happening
on we actually you can actually write notebooks of with those kind of things in his book a surge of OK HTML to word this notebook to Mr. files and just send the of to someone a group over the noble to evoke a symbol for stand because it only gravity the cells that water created world of anything that is notebook centric or anything yes it is notable trends and record it relies on the local data not work but it's any real anything that is not related to your environment should work that's verifying moved cool we also announced a form of a better support for each of the so if it used to be quite hard
because Jupiter now their own let's look at that connects 2 parents talk and we have the origin that stuff right now you can actually we we we we use the push books callback that can actually used to do the same thing and then use Node IPython notebooks region S to connected to a lot of the people
of what's the big problem OK was honestly in
doing so well especially the regions of the use of such a lot of but they're supposed to win never know and also we used to have really a lot of limitations leading out stuff so it was really hard to lay out lots stand in the way you have to use the word and so is this was a
quick comparison about all things look no what was that the founder here can see these a only 1 here and 1 here and there few tweets and changes in this space but of the main things are page boxing in the box which needs to be the old old boxes they are gone and what we know we have role columns approach where we also have a which is box which the an image you can view the rows and columns of and it's it's quite simple notes you the out of and
and layout stuff in a way that the axes are aligned in you know you can get it in the final with the title of the and and lands actually now the title in our can be put out of the board itself so you bookies you always need of that inside the camp was area you can actually don't put on the outside this is an example of layout commonly layout
it's fairly easy you just need to say OK layout column and then tell what to put in the column the same for the role of the 1 and same for group what you basically use very list to define what roles and we compute everything you read we actually have a lot of our our responses glad used to make things responses of the and there's lots of light for the size French book with all the other options of somewhere they are examples of already showed you a customer
extensions so a lot of serious OK do not contain
everything like if you want to have a slider that looks differently or if you want to have a different kind of flying or a different kind of tool incorrectly booking provides a mechanism to extend our models sort of coding system so so you can actually create your own book model you're on the right side
only or Python and just so you don't need to we we try to make it less the kids possible so if you don't need to make changes to the task of side you can actually find that on the light of what you you knew quite required class and we define what specific new new so spending by some classes were you basically people actually managed to let me use this to help me so to extend the voting Python sites quite quite simple it just that inherit from the model you want to expand their head everything you need for for custom model of if you need to stand on the task of side it's a bit more complicated you need to basically you can you have 2 options right your profits group work or job profile and and then use this forum to us you can actually just use your the following year implementation in the model itself I don't think should and
that's all that basically unifying effect by the class and the defined special about the implementation actually lead to the following the proper script and endorsed on so the the result of this in this case is for instance if I want
hipster range check and I can justify no things in
it works in the index of JavaScript and and HTML into the page and replace them that got because the fire so In but you can also extend more
things like if you want OK doesn't support treaty and we want to find 3 model now I can do it in Canada so for instance book the sure this treaty it can actually have to
use whatever exhaustive level you wanting to retrieve OK and then have the book in managing the this the higher level things and that having be your lower-level taught to the idea doing that the other stuff so in this case this this using the found that consumes a book or a data source and quantity directly
on the whole annotations of both here I have real locations so
you can actually use this stuff to annotate your code I we have barrels like this case in not that complicated just for what you me that as the layout and this case and then there are always open and I believe the current things they can actually identify data sources and this is a box efficient here to highlight a specific area and the end of the we use this more was the same but you have labels like in this case with the thing that everything that models presence we have a
much better you support now actually supported you do you do some data sources that you can use to drop points on the on the screen of we have to you have to use of support but the will just changed their appearance of using API and basically you have your your own key to use it but basically I didn't say
anything and change from 1 end to the other it altered state of of what place but it's an extraction step for the users and we are trying to track what we can do to make it just work out you
support we have we have good support for trial renders the you have various areas that had already I provide support support for for that if you have to consume in the creator of projections
are new Factory industrial API so
attractive and just like the eyes have is is there's down
flying the eyes models at the eye and brief charts CPI which
is not like that OK for charity API it's just not in the training to
create like margin and finds unintelligible size in
this case this was forms
we have new nutrients transforms which means that you have at data phone call of data and by conside anyone basically creating new data from that's like plots objects from the same
column with some transformation which supporters we now support
and tutor and interpolation so if you have just number of darts and you want them to play it in different ways and just specify the kind controlling 1 we have
no matter what jobs support it's actually quite fast and I just showed quickly an example this people here
all the time and indeed now supports all that we have basically in this case we have web jealous but not supported not activated and if I don't mean that you can see this time when things are a great it's basically recomputing everything and this is how it's computing to render everything is how it's rendering with what you this is the most most examples are at 1 end thousand points that we
have examples with 1 or 2 or 300 points in Magellan performs quite well of this but now there's a whole lot so that a system of growing around looking as well I won't mention 2 projects that are quite for the 1st 1 is called the use
of and basically hollow use lets you have annotated data it's it's basically notebook century unless you have annotated data and the previews if it creates a new a set of grammar to let you do specific complicated
stuff here annotated data so let's say I want a slice might be a chunk of data in different layers in different dimensions dimensions and I have as I would have a slider to basically go through different steps in different layers of that you did I'd like to do that quite quite fast this those lines create
those that this plot here as you can see it's quite nice to read and write this in terms of quiet leading terms of growth there
this other 1 project that's what's with really but basically data sharing is part of the book a family and it lets you plot a massive number of data on the problem this example here of taking the love involve lost data set it's about 12 million data points set
of a few your rights and units of the year and it basically just words so any complications those who didn't have the appropriate institutional that some for the rest of the questions of
the book for your license Europe
versus what you want to see this goal so very briefly in 1 problem where the data is that you if you have points points tend to overlap so in this case we have 12 million points and just plodding 101 thousand year you can barely see what's happening in this case can you can thousands and so were pointing because if you don't you don't really understand anything anymore begin to agree the say OK let's do the let's just have a 10 % of power and 10 per cent and case of the size of the dots for the longest and stuff yet same here try to improve and you can actually see that the problem is that the data is not linearly distributed so you have to you know all have transforms and try to hear more about the metadata of the best thing you can see this is actually changing in using a logarithm transformed this 1 is actually changing in using people like people license agreement so basically the sheer lets you specify almost all forms and there was a nice set of service for operations before gets stuck local so basically every time you have the right in screen you only see the points you would see fold in this case consuming it will basically going in and out and we can use them if I didn't bring thing of but you know that told this is the 1 on the
problem area this is being served on the net work not locally of it
has to have a true otherwise
just revenue data from so
it's not something or no no all these popular but I think instruments this really on thank you thank you thank you thank you from the EU and some of them come from