Server for IoT devices and Mobile devices using Wifi Network

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Server for IoT devices and Mobile devices using Wifi Network
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Joaquin Berenguer - Server for IoT devices and Mobile devices using Wifi Network, The server is developed in Python 3.4, using MySQL5.6 The mobile device application is developed using Kivy. The application in the IoT device is developed in C. The IoT device is a hardware device using ATSAMD21 from Atmel, and wifi is made using ESP8266. The security used is sha256, standard in Python. And the IoT device using the crypto device ATECC508A, that generate also sha256. ----- The server is developed in Python 3.4, the information is stored in a MySQL 5.6 database. All IoT devices, Mobile Devices and Windows or Linux Desktop are registered in the database. All type of messages that are understood by every type of device, is also registered. A map between which device could access which device is also stored in the database. With this info, any mobile registered could send a message to a device. The message arrives to the server that resend the message to the IoT device, receive the answer and resend to the Mobile device. The Mobile device and the IoT device, could be anywhere, as the server is public, have the registration of every device connected. The mobile device application is developed using Kivy. The application in the IoT device is developed in C. The IoT device is a hardware device using ATSAMD21 from Atmel, and wifi is made using ESP8266. The security used is sha256, standard in Python. And the IoT device using the crypto device ATECC508A, that generate also sha256. The server start a thread for every device connected, the communication between thread is made using queues. During the presentation, the server is going to be presented, and IoT device is shown, no demo is going to be made. A library to manage the database, is used for easy access to the database, and have database independence, also will be shown. Prerequites: Python 3.4, sha256, threading, queue, mysql.connector, relational database.
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OK so let's welcome clicking bed and the ways they talk about the Internet of Things thank you very much how like this and this and we are going to vote as users from the Internet of Things that gives you of day was much going on there OK so we from the they're doing business in from the last as you can see here work in the asylum and 21 25 million is going to be there so it's difficult to have for years so many applications that OK that's what they said but in case of but that's not true there what is going to be the ones that that that of any opportunities there is Q which on the Jacob I don't think that they're going to minimize is going to be huge as well as you could see here that reports that all the sensors are going to send to be we will will be used against the number of sensors and now we are going to be also here so I knew when I the contents and and going to the needing because due to the effect of the good feedback to the control of consensus in the right information to the data so you know will go ahead the I have implemented something
regarding a server that man those kind of devices with environment that inspectors set of functionality so some security of the is needed what all the devices on could be used here what kind of access from mobile and desktop devices would be on and what that evens out on of sensors and actuators and what they think about the future of all the enlightenment
this bytes in the phi 1 off for the devices that add session this over this is no there . 4 but
the server actually is based on threading and you they say they should not think they going each other of using cues are the database being used my support finally you wish that it makes you look meaning that comes out from Oracle some based on that are going to be used as well all forward mice equally forward managing knowledge the your dinner elephants and that they're actually everything is on incunable 216 OK this
is that a vector that these are actually happen running when any of these devices in these parts boys only what they know they need to do is to reduce the themselves into the induces so they sent a message to the so that the world helium on my name is not all that what they were indeed it OK these are the right devise oddities that be my cyclic that is then do in December all however and you know straightforward these log in order for standard than that and it is rejected the communication so these what any of these devices is that some of where they are using with the is what they need to we will see later what kind of devices and those on the other hand are PVIs isn't it thinks that is you have already in this case or flask application of which is that the article using so that I feel that means we are going to because we need a persistent connected actually we are going to use so the idea WebSockets and any outside that supports our WebSocket is going to be like so any of these and of these devices are going to connect also for my sequel database using using a possible when that's done they have already to send messages to any of these devices below you need to have an idea what's going on we
have here because 1 application that we focus more on that and then we have here all we can extract and what kind of devices are connected to the server because use this by we can know all these kind of things that greedy I no other possibility to having those devices we could say OK we want to know our temperature pressure humidity on that device we send to the to the server and you loss what kind of measurement these could be used these devices is having so this is the way that's that's happening so we have to connect to using your username and password we have a persistent connections that would be valid for the rest of this this presentation and all these devices are the uncertainty message that we are going to say as I have said the
president is that last last so that that yeah the messages and torn from models are executed using the scenario 1 . 4 and then to send messages from the devices to the to the application after the flask application we are using so that I applied by the by as we can see here and how is
going this is the part of the word outside all we define a number of moles messages for connection for example and that these these will just so the center and at the end of the day what we are going to execute efficiency in in Python that receives the message which is the message containing origin destination and what type of all functions and execute on 1 sees in the environment of Python will that we execute it is the word we we want just defining naming of the minister 1 of them and then a mistake inside it the server
what we have is that every time a service is waiting for a connection from the widely used the device all ones 1 want to be connected to what we expect these effects OK efficient you and those are blocked waiting for them as they are doing nothing in the future I think it's I think will be better by the moment is is is running on the taking kind of those that it's corresponding 1 customer and it because the move have their own servers so this year could be enough that a single your will try to make it happen
so that the parameters for the final rise at the end of the eighties we need to know what of device the idea that the life this city of numbers this overnight and this report with these 5 that I support the needs of the of the devices the first thing they are going to do it using 7 9 1 4 connected board are all that silver and the server using type of device ID and sitting on the we know if this is a good idea to serve device to be connected 3 kinds of devices are happening here we are going to have n ourselves about 1000 we see later that we'll use fast memory or the MCC with Blackboard or is the guy with graph the same number by definition is not limited set of through the network nodes to have more security and we will see later how this is going to happen and even if some the only thing that have this of Grenada our change the forward and we will have another server just flew for all that devices that going to be connected actually is the name is poly using all of these knowledge the message always
have the 3 that and actually which is origin destination and this this time as we have seen here
in the application at the origin is these work but also that the nation is this connected models and the titles methods that we want to is this 1 OK that is the the that depends on the message we will win out parameters on that that we have audible lands and we've finished with your at security is
used using shot 156 all we are using Kazmierczak saddle 216 in Python and in C implementation for 1 thousand because need to be see we're using government accommodation and and there is a set 156 the vices by customer so only so I devices from what customers talk with those that so inside they
deserve what we have is our audience that is the same thing to have the sending to the key or the destination from the queue the decision goes to their or to their device that he was executed and come back with the results who goes to to the origin Q and from there the and
from there to there so that destinations we could again sent there we're sending these from the origin to the destination we want to have our world we read we can that you have a lot of that device and then is a community here what's going on but the system is always assessed using cues and forever and sending so we provided by
the devices and you have improved because this is the size of these devices this at will nothing and is the the but that we could but a task for this and we could have we could have it on your test and wind that you will have the possibility to it do anything that you want because you could connect these devices to your to your phone as an access point from the goes the information to anyone so what we have here why final you have all look at right so with this we have low consumption and tools we wish we could have with this is we have of people and because the with events there the that these devices have more or less the same as a laptop you 1 laptop arrives to 100 meters this could be the same or more that's you have here the calculations you like to have more information the which
the normal thing is this the client station but also could be used but they have density these devices could be used as well as an access point and that means that we could connect while with the other than the standard the range because we use the Sandinistas to to the formal and these are the best that
a model that had been used sure all of them are leanings and then most of them at the and and these we had we use and fuel on a Python already these are about 45 we could use and the in this case is more because information on the condition is not good enough and the and the people that you could have the rate is not overall the needs of patients you have there many and indentation is where we would apply this is doing is used for also has a and we inside the window and that the Board of what we use the following 4 by 4 and that is good for the ones who have already things done with that we know and for me that favor the land they got bombed in wireless is about 44 hours it is a lot of the commendation Texas Instruments on a CPU would they began over will to 1 you want and this difference in this environment and the supplements as products because you have any kind of protocols communication is quite this is this is what the
mobile unphysical devices is the only thing we that is needed is that I would answer that's a Workshop because we need that as I have said a persistent connections we we have that using flask and so they are and that's
alarms and events so what we need alignments from the devices in order to send past the decade and this it's easier than temperature is above or below a number about a week with the schedule of events that in our case
will appear in the text area here below we use these you can always send these methods 1 usually should happen is that the the device is sending us events that will appear you downstairs in you know these in these ideas so anything any any several seconds and use I'm going to in the sticks area downstairs but also had existed in the base we're producing information from every 1 of the devices that we can from the roster are and they are producing information that we are going to analyze it they any yeah you will send the same event again we stop sending us more events and that's where how
we generate alarms and events sensors only gets
seen here and again of sensors depends on you which quot which ones because this is about a kind application and sensors could be used because of
actuators lot what we name and it is everything that we have derived from from the device to the to the vitamin as a matter of example we could identical go to the
application and the and users will use
also this Canada there
is this is addressed various he's about 5 or 6 and to meet the basic CM on we have here 664 let's say layers of lands or whether because you're the only thing we want to do is provide there we can write pixels we say appearing went to bright pixels number 1 of 26 and we say that the and here we can we data the because we itself Lula whatever and when we have send these pixels pixel number or whatever we have set is you could say that we could send messages from so again the possibilities are on top of 1 so presented we could do with the with writing
and then again those sentiments and rights goes in that connection In the
future again so where is the most important thing in the field of or Python extension of Python using C is on many applications are going to developed around the probably products like brother lexically or from lobbying and love me and think is the so from action i with example was going on in this area How would continue to integrate more parts of the application can using prize in size of wearables and there we can see and that that used to with the abundant as well as of the building the actual changes that in market
figure that's absorbed the few on does anyone have any wisdom OK so you know what that the question and that's the year in which the kids got stuck in that maybe you have got the condition from here thinking on the but be fat