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EPS General Assembly
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Fabio Pliger/Marc-André Lemburg - EPS General Assembly This is where the EuroPython Society (EPS) board gives its reports, resolutions are passed and the EPS members can vote in a new EPS board.
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uh some of the some of the board members cannot be the you can attend this this General Assembly like ha for example and your 2nd 1 block cannot attend because he didn't get free from this employer new employ so was dropped all yeah unfortunately broke his leg and the very 1st day in the morning just before we opened everything so he worked really really hard on the conference and didn't really get to enjoy it so and so he's I think he's still possible right here the idea is this is this is realized and yet has very good so I 0 yeah right well 1st of a big welcome to all the new EVS members we just have this reversed short port reading where we put in another 6 you members the new EPS members so we now have 172 members 1st we always like to get new members and people can just sign up on the website and then every now and then there's the water meets and falls in but the General Assembly is for the BSS for a formal because the the agenda for the General Assembly is basically dates right into the bylaws so we have to follow the 1st thing that we need to do is we need to select a chairman of the of the meetings Secretariat to check of of the minutes and then we need the 1st thing that we need to do is the motion to establish the timeliness of called to the meeting the band state that we have to call for the meeting at least 14 days before the meeting and the last thing such that can go on the agenda have to be and the members of the these 5 days before the meeting so let's start with the first one meeting chairman who wants to run the the for example the the voting process moderated Alex maybe no OK you do there we need secretary so basically the person taking the minutes the taking minutes OK that was 2 chapters of the minutes what I checked the minutes right after the meeting so it's not it's not something that takes as long as the clue and 1 more and so we have to check as I think we need to write this down you have to manage the building the as a science and then you will need to write that down on on on the front is taking the notes when you want to check so we still need the secretariat so can you can can we have someone who's a good at writing English and can do the minutes yeah right down to nodes and during the update thank you Floris yes but you come down your problem the the you need to manage the voting and the now the agendas models a given so there's nothing much to do that and it's all listed on this slide so the 1st thing that you have to know is when we started to leading some analysts of 1440 so we sort of 1440 chair of the meeting is Alex and we have 1 checkers and the other 1 is defined I think he also 1 right so we have 3 rejected OK so the 1st so I think thinking thinking so you know children will lead to the motion for establishing the terminus of the call of the this is a favorite synonyms against I I can images of the the called is you this this year so we wrote a blog post for the for the mind this is and sent on this 2 weeks of them it was sent on what you think and then the last the last things that were put on the agenda that was an e-mail from person see wrote that nonsense and so it's 5 months before of 5 days before the before the meeting so we can take those into account from the readings right to show so now we need to hold on only have the this is all this point of so what OK want so the
1st part is done then we have the annual report on the board and with this Parliament passed on to the idea so these are the European 2015 results the states from March 2016 so the total revenue of the conference was about 530 thousand euros so we made a profit of 92 thousand 777 yours text he said and the GPS therefore this because the peers gets a 50 % we will show the on-site organizations we get 46 of and it's . 80 euros and after that share we have already received 1 thousand euros to pay pal account can we're going to go into that actually brought some really be sure it's not that the basic why is that some of the payoffs of the issues that we don't have access to our own bank accounts so so it doesn't make sense and money there because we can't get it out again so compared to the past 2014 as an order of magnitude higher which is quite amazing and for this year the expectation is that we're probably going to be at least that 5 5 digit range again yes we believe that this was all what we all units that's a good question it's also a question that we ask ourselves I I that is the heart of yes did you know then there is this thing was the year the you should be in the and you the you have so you this that was the only just man and this I think it's on the board members will discuss a lot of like the year by the society not being the your particles called as so supporting local of the tank and I am love that there is no to so that's right so the there is the order the ad here is that we have in Sweden as as Jacob told us a couple years ago and you have to watch out once you reach a bank account balance of about 100 thousand euros I'm not sure whether that correct with this we have so if if at any 1 point you have more than that amount in the bank and you need to do extra stuff and to become so we're not at that level yet so we don't have to we worry about now so we may have to worry maybe next year or so when I have some other things that we want to tell you to resolve this so if you're not if you're not here at the previous talk we already gave the timeline of the conference of just gonna go through this very quickly so we have the election of a new board in July last year in November we launched a new previous slides and then in January research work on the on this year's conference and we went through all the phases of the like most websites to launch ticket sales call for proposals to amend talk for the financial aid programs you have again which was generously sponsored by the appears at in most parts so we added some money as well of course but most of the publications and be is also have selected to a blog post about that the reward in a summary of this some have to turn that into a blog post some problems that tomorrow so that we have a 2nd CFP of which was due this year we wanted to because the 1st year of P is about when was the carriage months before the conference more morning it's it's on at this locus originally wanted to them all every single earlier but try to be a bit later we wanted to have the possibility to react to new heart things such happened just before the conference because if if there's a long delay between uh the conference and see if p then you basically you use on some of the new developments like for example and you have just released or accepted and you want someone to to to talk about that question cannot know 6 months of 5 months before the conference so we have the 2nd phase to address them and that was that was new ideas for work that we had a new conference app this year we switch from that book away to 10 to 5 and 10 defined so far been really good we really like it improvements to the and of course we have the conference and generous and today this is a chart showing the ticket sales you can see in the background to be can see this this yellowish brownish curve that's all 2015 and the purple 1 2016 soul it looks more at the same result of that area and down there the smaller ones the social and tickets so this is a snapshot of July 14 cents when I updated the slides In the end the curve look basically look like the 2015 1 so there wasn't much changed is a common data didn't take a spot on the 1st day the on this tickets are not included in this and 1st I think today's 21st we act right
Nasdaq and images just for that and
the particles when the problem better right so in the end we we sold about 11 hundred to plus some alongside I don't have the exact numbers so what's new in 2016 while the the major new development was and telegram groups to to help work in those 4 groups that was a really good thing to do it's also much more fun doing it that way then we invited all volunteers and we also we rearrange the the work group membership moved all the inactive ones the inactive members and ordered in a few for the board called in a few new voting members for those work groups American not look like the work of a huge and have lots lots of members because if we put it on the web site if we then have the long lists of members in each recruit people that want to volunteer for working most work usually tend to think well they already have enough people select understand right and that's an issue and so we trying to address so doing this thing on and we have to fix few web services like for example the on assignment of or tickets we didn't have last year we added this year so tickets automatically you can assign to the to person who buys a ticket yeah so some work to do so from books fakes right and we again we had a bit of an issue with the number of radioactive people so turn out that even tho we do have quite a few members in those working groups only a few of those numbers only do we need to try to fix the as you can see most of board members of all the water was really active the only and then we have these 3 people down here I think they deserve and if I think this is Alexander handoff working for the program group you sitting down here side observed but he has a set of anyway later on because his friends board now we have Cristiano Baron was also running for he's sitting here then here we and with a freak out of your own world analysis so the 2nd incarnation University you will and they yeah that's Ricardo and it also helped lot so thank you very much to to you guys doesn't mean that we don't have all the volunteers existing really the service huge amount of data it's a lot of work much more than everyone on the other hand to and so so ready for 2016 working with CAC prices local organization were really really well again we had opened open discussions and everything was done consensus and this is what we like to see going forward as well and so that's why we entered this call for interest not to get to know people better as in previous years we have a contract with the local organizers we have offered 250 people and it just use the same 1 for 2016 because everything worked out well there's no reason to change it which is gonna change dates because computers and work the but we we as we mentioned before we have quite a few continued improvements the website of your assignment think of the was the deal but also offered to help with the distance only we we we've made a lot of new tools and services tools for of the website to help with the administration and managing accounts that all also the duration of the solvent some of the them we had 3 we've already boasts evidently merged into 1 of which far easier to maintain the rewriting known on GPS server is upper containers despite order that's what want otherwise we will notice of the website and so the future call for papers for a Python those were basically focused on the on-site seen the and all the other working groups will remain active that we try to make it much easier to apply what we are working on it while it is the primodial although extra things they're not really it's venue and carrying a local support all this all the details so that those that we continue to carry on by the the Working Group I basically we want all this things so to make things easier for those are about the same time that it's really important that inside the room where groups as well integrate well with the current so for all of the ecosystem that we we were very revealing of the well this is no EDS and the all sides of the team will work under the contract with the very caring and other stuff it's it's likely that it's easier for local teams who have contracts with various in some countries it is if the barrel of foreign companies that require a higher deposits or stuff like this debate act on the part of the of and money money right the this year
yeah during this new approach to call for proposals of 2 is mostly because it's to to make things easier that we will have a not for war not really formal proposal that we call covariances that basic the software that not clear ideas enough but when there is not just on the clouds but you know real we world there there is there there have been no optional so we need but better cells in the the call itself and then this will follow up with the cult believers a from from the future is probably gonna be happening before this year we were quite full with everything so far we had to interest but 1 was basically that communicated they would not go ahead we we have the by the entire group which is proposing farmland or something and 1 of the like this is not going to go ahead so that the regarding the main there 40 we tried hard to get the idea of words that success for now will try and answer within 1 more what's the best thing we tried all kinds of things coming in from the side and process to try to get that education process recently and it will probably require for for this person only not yet you which a what is you problems with hyperedge because using dark the and I don't want to make Europe so so that's you know so this is what you so you get a lot the this is the initial or the you there In order to do this the a small you should discuss and find out what possible through use of on the other hand the highly processed the last stage of the of all the last thing in the world that we used to be what the of so you have a rearrange trademarks and logos marketing and and design work group hired a designer of the below 0 in that process with a view the basically is in a way like last year nice outcome was well during so we're we still have quite a few issues especially regarding being is a nonprofit in Sweden I mean especially because don't have a board members because well we need to do is to address the stocks we already have nothing has been really done and that that matter the founding we we have been trying for years to find an account we have a lot of frustration as time wasted and yeah not a good experience this we didn't use to contact the local authorities of also we didn't have that much like the e-mail of all calls for this this kind of stuff so the 3 being experienced this in really hard problems for no history we used since we do have a solution for this snow I meant to address at the the at the conference and verses from open as well which is so convenient because we stretch that addresses and open and and he offered to help us with this so maybe you can words so I a great about these problems you're having with the with the society so I decided that I should step up and and offer might might have so right we haven't actually discuss how I will have yet but that yes there but when you want to get to school in the winter time without well so 1 of the things that you need it is actually like financial support the team vices In well so far with with what we have to do today is it collects acquiring information in discussing things that the it's very likely that we will require moving the yes because we need you really need to make the the contracted venue results on the responses indeed able to receive money all this these problems are very a to relieve yes it would be better also provided cover for like all those things iron-mediated to back up the future conferences the a only it's point yes No . com the success of so
yes the the idea is that we want to build up a bit of a budget reserve that we can then be used to can can either be questions about this on in moving to eat it as a as is European Foundation exist already what do you want to move to 1 single country in the EU S. apparently they I mean it there's this movement to create something like European Association has been there for 5 was it is it's a OK let me know exactly but all of the European he also the uh the European guideline on the formation of European companies specifically and expressly excludes the hopes and so will be at pretty much I mean of I've been looking at this every now and then again to see whether there some kind of object but there were many people who just look at the 1st of different countries and we can incorporate and I would like get to that so I'm just just want continue enough because that's 1 of the things that we want to discuss and students reporting phase so in the end it is a long term goal that we want to achieve this we want to turn the ES into something like the European Patent found suffer foundation so we want to have a regional kind of PSF sort of so we want to be able to issue grants for example to present projects in Europe to use of groups or to help smaller conferences with the with GM and we want to build closer ties both the PSF and also to the to the community in Europe itself because we have a lot of members in the EPS that have very close ties to to their local groups so in the end we sort of like the which is that we have to move from like a tree in order to a tree just upside down so you have lots and lots of consonants of leaves and our our centric locally and it all goes up to the to the peace that eventually so that's what it's like the term goal when scripts could go OK Treasury report of this structures of the engine and brought should do what was here and time wanna say something the idiot the content of the discussed before as a treasure that primarily been trying to get access to the switch counts in the streets bank manager that has been partly not successful because I have been systems for long enough and the other part is what do notice that previous researcher has been ill and not being able to respond like we did week opportunities of me going to go to work 1 student get signatures and all the things being arranged by having contacts with long person who do be accounted for maybe this 1st year name not maybe they could do it for the 1st year since we want to extend the activities of the to do more after contracting and that so think things like the collection of the money Fusicoccin that credit card arts so that doesn't have to be done with each other change of venue and learn by the local organizations there will be more come work and for that we have thought but it although trying what really didn't help this might lack of street n not being not lead to go there just to try and let stand on the street corners like who wants to your accountant attracted go well we'll go there once we must know it everything signed is assignable this is not just to be there in the 1st month so there is no that is no overview of the basic state of the bank accounts Jacob has been willing to transfer money than women as a series of and they got to work babe or accounts and from that we do the monthly payments that we have for our server and the heroes moment and it's smaller amounts for thank you for no food in this domain registration is disease so it's about right model for the cost for for for the conference were basically put into the conference budget itself so that paid by the basic that TPS so all we did not have much of an issue except that at 1 point for this year for example the PayPal account went down to 0 so we have to ask the AC processes send us some money for the profit from last year into the pay pal account so that we can carry this right so what we do know is we have a we have to account at the bank 1 is in you can was used for and the other is 0 the current assets of probably going to be around 10 thousand euros for is slightly more and that but this is just an estimate based on the figure that we got from for the last general yes and no right and the PayPal account is currently in on a lot of things that I don't really know it's it's below 1 thousand euros in any case right so next is the auditor reports that would be Alex example of all I think that at audits and all the others you could check on the far bank accounts sweet as Anton explained on dick J. bank transactions from the people and go all the corresponding invoices from for solvers and stuff that now have be area of the labels to review all loss profits all 2005 compared to all the transactions that invoices and yeah like levels getting all the axis basically all the bookie being everything was on fire and I can say everything that's fine it's from knowing that makes are so just to what's acceptable to the right 1 In this once they all came on board to decide on on the law In all of which can become but although they're not on this object comes from with the money and it should be very useful last year so that would the for it is not not but but the trust is that 1 more than 1 over so right with the speed up not so what we want to do before boarding for the board this we would like to increase the number of board members that we can have EPS as maximum right now the the bylaws say that we can have 2 to 6 Director
Earth plus 1 so you get my you get a current you get 7 directors and total and would like to increase altitude to aid directors plus 1 share giving it's not and directors and and the reason why I want to do this is because the peers or out the most active once doing the running the Europe of the conference and we we simply need more people helping us with this and so we like to we back to extend the number of directors that we have in the PS 2 to a total of 9 so any any comments on this the suggestion is that as extras so the other thing is that this is what we would normally have available 1 but want to in the we don't have that in the minus 9 we don't what we're what we're doing is and we're going to do this again this year we have created something which is governed by laws is basically the we have more members from previous boards that stay on the board that and they can help us because they have institutional knowledge right and we have announced a 4 columns so basically they're not holding of course but they still can see with the actions of of support and this has worked out well in the past and to keep it that way it's it's not really enshrined in final so and so and those people usually don't have enough time to actually help actively in the in the organization the problem things of what the I all the men everyone is very much active willing to help unless they of course they have other issues why there but they cannot attend but so far from what we've never had an issue for example was getting according to actually to voting in the board meetings so that's not an issue but I know that increasing the number even more so for example to 11 that can create problems to Kazakhstan on appears as for for quite a while and we have 11 directors on the abuse of 4 and getting was very often at least in recently until we change to the model that we can also have a proxy votes it was difficult you can think of a term as you would be a good idea to have always uneven number of directors so I would it to cite at some foundations have uneven number they require 5 0 3 5 7 1 9 or something like this again have the number so you will always have a decision can be and I agree we have an uneven as well and it's 9 directors 1 directive culture the chair doesn't have any special about it is the maximum number of 9 yes so I mean it immediately that can added 7 1 9 but not 8 of them because even like and before I want for against and you might have a problem in Canada which decision and you all I have yeah when he need this OK you need 50 % I mentioned it to make the ever growing so need the 5 if it's 95 people yeah so just just from experience many comment on this so far we've mostly done all the all the resolutions on the board unanimously there were maybe sometimes abstentions because people were a like a conflict of interests but apart from that it was it was we never had the case where we could not reach a decision the El sulcal charioteers to block by having even numbers but it could also mean that if we for example have 8 candidates for the war we would say most of its and we would have to cut down 7 you know what I mean is the yeah but if we want have somebody sing and really happy to join a portable work we really depend on the of the so called and let's make it likely to talk on that this is a rather prefer that context to events happening in the year that there is a potential problem with the of communication have been really really good so far with all the so so is it has also problems in the past and think it's going to pose a problem in the future so but was in favor of proposition once against absence wanted if the thank you for the next part is candidates for the borders for the next term 2016 2017 so these are the candidates that we that we have we sent around the block process describing every single 1 of should be perhaps as everyone to maybe come up on the stage and sensor to actually we go directly to about so we have to choose my so yeah it is the word most people don't the for actually I would rather not do this because we had this last year and is robust and so don't logisticians against the farmhand every so it's time to do that as well the work that I will be Irish OK OK we we can of course have everyone stand up here and say a few words if you if you like what's general kind of a changes how people all over you the that's a good that's a very good at all but before we do this we have 1 extra edge and item which is uh we have to decide now on the balanced state now with this change that we just wanted it states that we have want Europe was to take board members and we now have to decide how many people members who want to have for for the next period when they get to this particular point later on because there's a members motion wanting suggesting to remove part can always use a maximum number but we have to vote on this not because the money's coming of this so we have to Rick we recommend leaving the board so as to the set to the maximum so having a board members 0 sorry man members in total intimate so you have to call cultural but with the table the following content is to the following right now we can actually pull on the board forums
and it suggests that the 1st set up 1st here all time he was excellent negotiations with the venue caterer deserves a good hand and the food that when not better for test for a difference different from this year I think there a lot of people appreciated so that the so 1 of the world's foremost in the I did sense look the world in the next ones Christian this of so many industries some time I'm a member of the organiser from the 1st edition of you might need not and the yes I practice of mine their next proposal for the next conference any in 1 hour I think total the only if a very again but they fold we have and we open the chat just a 2nd but this he seems to be on 0 yeah there and of yes OK so let's move on to the 2 another writing can read this is the I think it was the this on the use of the I don't know of the just because the of in multi I don't like this absence of the whole world but hi my name is barry others here last year the hours are organized into the organizing team last year and and here all these conferences and main difference in Mexico so so it's not that you want this all not the so in favor of you what all it thank you Mr. subunit I assembly joint last year on organizing the 1st of friends and then on the program work World up and we also have yeah I mean the following day not only and this is something right so would so yeah I Model America have been working with the new structure for quite a while now we lost work it's a lot of work and I have to continue working on it and moving the forward and like what we already mentioned moving it more into the present community and basing it on I think immunity to make the whole thing is that more than just a conference organization that would be my you favor against absence that you will be they're on the following notes from Holland's have been important for 3 years now to Martin apart from my attempts and getting the gentry and hence of among the coders combatants committee and then the 1 pushing your videos to be to archival blogging show get it would be difficult to each of this the looking for looking at the now my mind while I'm on cofounder the of the basis of doomed because as you the replacement of all of was so have been in this formula and year I'm running again 2nd for candidates I mostly have been angle that the response of those working together with all links developed so for program that's the days so OK and you want myth so that we have a non-voting in Mauritius and the you we developed for 0 yeah I falling you'll need to use the 1st you OK so he helped out with the web groups it the was the new kid on the disk or members this year he's running again he you worked with the web is also a cofounder of basic but this is actually the president of he has been doing the refunding so what else we exclude communications that that we have 10 minutes left so that we favored and in observance of gave the world experiences for the so instead of all is 1 of is also not running analogy yeah right so for a week and I think we need to vote for the non-voting images from because violence and you don't state bottom but we want to have the key and we want to have sticky by the way spec there she wasn't there last year so be the fair she was a board member In 2002 12 2012 13 minutes right many what you so the and last is it we assume
a vote for them and and fabulous wealth obvious that down so that he was the chair of the GPS mn if you're and the tho not talk maybe and opposing just think it about there has been a pleasure to work with everyone in something like to give more space to more active people family issues text this the this with the next selection of the chair of the board because track is stepped out I decided to store in my hand this so basically already said everything they want to say that the and not move or work has been involved in this particular conference addition credited and direct to the same for next year and if you want me you can have both sides and table but against absent didn't do people think much for trust but but right so now we need an auditory again and when replacement so basically auditor with this and all so it's using he was last year the other thing then especially from requirements for auditors so exposed again for example then the good looking at you know that so we need someone else to do this is what you get to do is to get to see all the bank accounts we were not you get all the all the paperwork that we can provide the to do a proper job and of the stuff that so market but I we need 1 replacement again against in case stuff from is not available it's fertility it you can problem people with back for so from I we need to vote on this the the following fare against absence the world be the following color the a replacement against the absence you can select a option election of a nomination comedy this is for nominating board members so far we've never never had this I don't think we really need this because anyone can nominate so the idea is to not have 1 and 1 against us sort you up the the of not having against the because but presentation so we assume that there is much to to presented here for for the next year and the biggest expense that we do have the conservative views about 100 years 4 months and then maybe a small figure 4 domains we expect again and the good income for 2016 because most of the invoices and everything else for this year's paper written by a there isn't much for for the PS to actually have the and expectations so there's nothing magic that we can't
presented terms of budget and the next thing is membership fees membership doesn't cost anything we'd like to keep it that way so we need to put on this again in favor but I did this absent but 2 right so the next proposition from the board this abroad membership of the GPS to make it possible for anyone to using price and in Europe of course is not restricted to Europe itself it's just for you we want to further the use of active in Europe so when we want to make it possible for anyone furthering the EPS mission to be to enable them to become EPS number so that's the idea and the 2nd idea is that we replace the P from Gothenburg Sweden to another EU country yeah this this the not right now it's the the focus is just on organizing the conference yes we have we have some people who wanted to become GPS member because they understood the peers as being already something like a European PSF and so they want to join and we had to turn them down because our policy if you're if you're not organizing a conference and you cannot be member on and or or attending conferences this is of course now this is just the intro right and the 2nd 1 is the and initiate the rebasing of the from both Bertrand EU countries so those this is the interest of the 1st approach to this problem the membership the same thing and just skip this so we violence change of this is the proposal for the Bible strangers so the purpose is to further the user can the programming language Python Europe and organize events centered around programming language has to support this and the 2nd 1 2nd change membership is open to individuals who wish to to actively engage implementing the Piast mission which we defined in that is the proposed change what this body writing and all the any comments on this discussion of and the to but again even more absent because for next 1 it's the rebasing DPS this is this is not what to look this is just a summary so the rebasing of CBS would work in 2 steps the 1st step is to create a new nonprofits a subsidiary of the the in another EU country and the 2nd step would then need to move over all the assets from the GPS and to that new entity that we've created in the 1st step and then to close down the gps in Sweden so it at this General Assembly we can postpone the vote on the first one which is charged support with the creation of full subsidiary in the country to be determined by the board of directors according to the criteria and the implementation Americans into the members list by and earlier on in July so concentrated this document we analyzed 1st different the countries and then we also have a few extra input from members only members of this of course will look at that as as well and then can trying to figure out which is the best place to to build a all is 1 the the end the world what about the war in of this and this is of the last 2 years of what so just to assess version of summary of what I want to do this the most important thing is that we currently cannot get a unity unity and so we cannot be financially operation has organization and because we tried last year to get 1 and fails the authorities are very unlikely to give us 1 because we have to convince them that the failure last year was not there was something wrong with the application something and this would be very difficult to do and the 2nd thing is that we because we don't have access to the bank accounts and the solution will not go away and then there's a 3rd issue is that is that there's no registry in Sweden for nonprofits so it's extremely difficult to convince anyone that you ask for example director or a treasure off the UPS are actually authority as such so all we have is we have we can give them a signed document was all signatures from all the director and and and and so there's no official way of getting that information you so this is a the the all the and so on OK we need to arrange area so I can vote this my favorite I gains absent it's looking so the next 1 is so the the America from from questions actually to the community really quick this most 1 this was produced more often in whole basically will change all recommends the she wants to find some kind of minimum for the for the number of board members I assume you've already on maintenance of and then she she wants to she proposes to remove this point 8 which says the determination of the status for the period under Linux and leading to the Assembly which is part of point 8 of the program she proposes to remove the 1st part of what this minimum aspects of and we have a real tree really retracted
again in the 2nd year because this is already part of the the model also and solution for all of us to just hold on a 2nd 1 to remove this point 8 from the agenda I think it's a good idea we just have to this vote and all of always using the maximum this is certainly a a good thing to do would have lots of people who want to help them know was make the following hold them for you don't have to read the so what would you yes you you cannot for example that if you just have like 3 candidates and 3 is OK if you have 2 candidates to the cave of 110 that's not right but it was and if you have more than 1 8 and 9 candidates that then of course you have to write so we we don't we lose anything just gained something all the favorite against absent generalist question anything just we can justify outside having approximately something yeah good suggestion yes that's close that's close to meeting with closing at 15 47 so thank you very much in the few the lumen of this was
which is generally