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EuroPython 2016: Lightning Talks I

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EuroPython 2016: Lightning Talks I
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Various speakers - Lightning Talks Lightning talks, presented by Harald Massa - Larry Hastings - My life as a MEME - Javier Domingo - Python exp! - Danielle Procida - Python Adventures in Namibia - Radomes Dopiralski - Win Fabulous Prizes - Thomas Waldmann - Borg Backup - Lasse Schuirmann - Cola - Lint and Fix All Code - Tuna Vargi - argüman.org - Harry Percival & Fabian Kreutz - Sponsored Massage Training, in Aid of The Python Software Foundation - Michele Simionato - Thanks for the Python3 Statement
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Computer animation
it very good very good very good so 1 broken both
listening and you want a quiet trip so let's try it again there was
there if I raise 1 of them that really because God coming to an end and so we have time and opportunity to finish the sentence please click with just 1 thing tried again
variants what is the sound of 1 finger tapping and if I do that then you go over the
right right now I have optimized my child will we have to spend less time on them it only takes 1 German to change a light bulb really is not funny offers go there is
whatever the name given of B can't
OK this has nothing to do with pi bonds and this is 1 of my other hobbies this is called speed
running speed running is where you play video games usually older classic video game and the
whole goal is to get from beginning to the very end of the game as fast as possible and almost doesn't matter what you do is once you get in the game done on it being have
volunteered to not use those but if the game has a ball of certain letters you can absolutely exploit those so here this is the speed underneath you cheat by she is playing a escape from the original Sony PlayStation and she's using an infant dumped to just fly over the entire level restrict the Xs be running really hit its stride with the invention of 20 and livestreaming and so got people watching a play the same video game over and over and over like 8 hours a day on speed earning is really about the domain of the young it requires a lot of time to go through in order get good
enough to be interesting to watch and so these people they display the video game and when they finish the start over again they just do it over and over all hours a day feasible at a time so and there is now yearly
speed running a marathon some twice a year the 1st 1 is a units in January or maybe 2016 1st week of January this year that sense for
Austin games done quick it's a week-long 24 hour day marathon streaming people playing video games for charity and they're all very good and just mesmerizing to watch how they can use these games and it's it's it gets over 100 thousand word sitting watching this dream as it goes by but here is
a screenshot of a VQ from this year this is obviously playing spiral 1 and you can see there's a camera pointed the chris . playing it there's the main screen and there's
also the Twitter chat which is going by biases that text chatting with water model then and now this
year I decided to go to the you know I don't actually to be drawn and without arm and they have of it it's a lot of time to switch between games because they news with Contel small this stuff and so they have a camera is point the audience and out of
a hundred other people sitting there watching this camera was pointed at
people and a lot of time there was nobody sitting there tosic or somebody there so I just went up and sat in the front and I would start playing my video game unit and you can see the I'm I'm right there on the stream right now but it's it's this it's called the of or it's per hour the old-school gaming so I can't doing is sitting in front of 100 thousand 14 years in
something strange sort happens so someone came up from the the the show in the said you know that talking about your industry I said sure that's
fine and somebody else answer that could you wait to the human really like of
and then I came out and said people are donating in your name where would you like those donations to go for it and
finally said what are you playing as well is that so it turned out of the 100 thousand 14 years given me a nickname I was not the acid that I they
thought this was a DS which is not and I had great here so bad which are not answer was completely inaccurate but it was a hashtag on Twitter users forget that the final these people talking about me their posting these love letters the
drawing pictures of me all the ones with the residences law I don't know pure had a 100 thousand word mean is talking about how much they love you but it's a really strange experience hi people stopping in the hall for
pictures 1 by asking the signers Nintendo 64 controller he was very more excited about me then the world champion and model 64 but it is right that
there a kind of annoying but honestly everyone's being respectful and was all for charity intro psych laughter that's fine so that 2 weeks ago was SVQ summer
games and quick and held in Minneapolis and I went
to that and this is the spiral 3 any % rise of this is source would see running and you can barely sort of making out but I have this on the couch do color commentary and during the race
of course there's the Twitter chats crawling by and they're like standards on the DuMont thought of you wanna watch that and there's a link to the you can
watch the stream go like 9 hours into which which reporting has been around for phonologically more fun to do and if you have a lot of time
to devote for and maybe other in 2017 and other colleges that again thank you and a
wonderful started thinking
about that remember me all where I was even younger I also giving seminars and it was about sending e-mails and so at the beginning of the of the guys what's it's a computer knowledge and 1 guy told me I know cell I played told you that was his computer models very good now we have a met the guy Fabio going on about use the explanation of experience our course punishment study knowledge into a big and so
recently the class
uh basically have done everything related literature thing that my the order of the work and have their a lot of slavery rates I have found that a lot of native the most this that would work with the view that the time that I have no interest in the presentation of Mari effectively campus of the list uh they wanted to basically share what they have learned and they have been done in the this is my theory in our own society is covered um latent books for me on like the very best because you actually get through a lot of things some of my from are like known to everyone but so I the on the university I I have like my well I kind of regardless of the season of 11 started to up for or them and getting more more I don't remember what kind links to pronounce then they went to the form I
started putting devices and we like to go and we the go and will which is some of open-source breakdown basically for the couple of the number of the military systems they're all during the day I learn how to use the feeling what you can see we buy from it's really hard use see because it has to make a lot of things going on of this and the manager who development that that was like currently is that was actually see again opportunity for the following and then I is you this spot and stuff like that which is essentially the well of course this was 1 of 4 years so
it could actually have you know was that the life of their own I started
the inside another of the development they used by them for a while but that was less supervision so it's interesting that you can anyone is lost investigate well this is not a good in this there and you can start by seeing you couldn't see and then you see how do not work in the light and that actually gave me a lot of value on how not to lapses fires or something and now I'm being uh it's everything Python everywhere
and you can some of it would buy from them and where we using idea no they don't want to make the norm of this so you have have everything yeah OK for the 1st thing I learned when I started with open source from 2009 was the
every so were those about with important always I always find something that is like old you find or it's not government or users of so anyway I had been achieved in getting into like Virgil into will then you into the mailing lists and then you start reading the code error so 1 really really good of ice book was a view that you find the bug or something just level and someone will actually have on and you will learn a lot of that you can impose use case because you studies that you want to support complex used no 1 would think of doing it can be a feature in the universe they also and then after like a line of like 3 years of just getting lots and lots of unit 1 part of it and the one hour you think some load of things like your looking for something else to think some of them and they're you learned a lot from that period you can do you just by reading the invasion in trying to learn how to use the whole thing so there's all these things model and remember to basically a half Armenian over those who not 1 to continue with your site and they're going to use in a
single your country because that's another the thing that's just for its the idea is use your library and support and we like
how are you going to think of answers in a must dividing everything to find something models and by the there's a try usually from the very beginning so yes tipsters they often and remember have seen before it's horrible when you can have a break from the cell and you kind of running because there's something and and that's when you're not so
maybe years they moved me 1 moment maybe you wonder what I gave you the knife to implement its sort of of kind of which every speaker is is also entitled we want to get married contacted the tonight it's like the knowledge so some tonight so every speaker is entitled to you can set up your laptop every speaker is entitled to get 1 of
those but you have to to be present at I should run idea because
I have to read funded they're like check have you can draw a blank on both of those things I don't know the road map problem and what it was anyway I just because unintelligible 1 class through it will start that 7 o'clock in 1900 military time at the reception the furor electronics at home and I have of something like a mind reaches the lightning talks Larry's it out so that 1 I gave away so souls something around 10 Morrow vouchers of with me and they'll be riddles between the where you can win a vulture for contacted our next week I've done it about
advances in media again so
if you've been to any Python or Django conferences in the last few years you've heard me talking about uh a plans plans to
initiate new comes in African countries and break because it has turned into reality and this January we went back to Namibia for the 2nd time for an International Python Conference Picon Namibia thousand and 16 so this and the media and we population of just over 2 million people it's the 3rd least density populated country in the world is very easy to get you just go toward South Africa and turn right before you get there and so how then was the
University of Namibia in Windhoek the capital we had 180 18 these half of whom were women with this has left and these from South Africa and Zimbabwe Zambia and Nigeria all in Africa UK Netherlands Germany Canada USA in Brazil so from all over the world has 63 over our activities were Namibian students including a number of high school pupils and 32 general goals we had a four-day program 1st of introductory talks and workshops including the giant bills help people get started 2 days of talks in 2 tracks and then some more advanced workshops there was some challenges in setting this up of course because the economy in that whole region is struggling uh has been in a difficult situation for some time so trying to budget for conference where for example the price of a very good meal is represents maybe half of somebody's monthly disposable income taking imagine the difficulty in trying to set prices for tickets and we in
fact were able to ensure that all the Namibian students who came came the conference without needing to pay um anything uh and we had a lot of help from
uh other partners in the universe media College University in the UK Jiang's Society UK but here especially with mention the Python Software Foundation with hugely grateful for the financial support that they gave uh at a very decent amount of money to support this and made a lot of things possible so the PSM really is helping make a difference in the world said thank you to the PSF uh for them we have
sponsors from Europe as well from South Africa and
really happening this year for us actually local Namibian sponsors which really means something about the involvement of local business in this we talked a preconfigured Pylab of 50 Raspberry Pi funded by the PSF in Cardiff University so it's a bit difficult to find the right equipment sometimes had some interesting conversations at airports you know what's in this computer so it's the the computers were conference how to another really is this your futures become and his work workshops on the 1st thing you see a couple the school can be held by 1 of the students from the University of Namibia agenda goals became 1 of schoolgirls Bojangles what should best where the and as general goals workshops and elsewhere it wasn't just tightened have local developers of uh PHP and Java people just wanted to be involved in open source and and what we would doing came along and state for the conference defined about Python just involved in uh uh we made a big splash in the media we run the newspapers television and
radio here and Jessica from the
median this from Cardiff being interviewed on the radio I was on them uh median television as you can see it I am in fact Python software I this was our program of talks you can see it's a pretty packed program in 2 tracks with people from all over the world speaking so that was it was a proper um pi come this is the most diverse line of lightning talks have ever seen and if we stand represents the conference for me have considered different kind of lightning talk is uh Gabriele explaining how to stay safe while you take your
tourists LP with the hippos in the background here Samuel 1 you know I'm
students as presented some really interesting work also interesting at outcomes plane and the Namibian Picon society working schools and students general goes all of Africa other apartheid African picons of being uh worked on by people who were there and we can have a hitch
student protests hit the
conference um over registration fees so we would 1st we had to uh possible 1 of the days by people said welcomed to
Africa by Africa's not the only
place where people have protests or the only conference that gets disrupted at all waiting means that when we realize what happened it took us 45 minutes to range a new venue for 119 people and a to track conference so that's things really can get done I only had terms a very uh 40 hours of free time onto the road trip down to the coast who is amazing amazing landscapes 3 things that it was really special so thank you very much
thank you 1 of and if you're interested in digital tomorrow on artificial intelligence with joint of the world on a more and more going on in the world another words this
of idea so the guys in California have silicon valley that have become a over the death of the anyway I didn't told me of their of also some online things where you can raise your own talks to with the the value of that and has anybody already rated the session in the Europe Python applications yeah 1 minute we we have
another 1 of already ready talk and what I do stupid things like and
that's the use following about a million can is set up as the sum OK so now another the question is how many robot does it
take to change a light bulb the not minus the creative and what with you and your review of why not because of the robot that's good enough to read it again I can give you the right of yesterday
we were preparing for this show this morning and I thought How many robots of the state 1 for all the markets all your light balls problem growth of anyway even against to
another you will be talking about when fed with prices and you know what a famous prices are so you will
see in that probability of being that you know about micro Python on the micro but the
like a vital really wants on a lot of different platforms and that was performed in particular is very interesting it was really the part basically rewritten
this year also the result of the and and it's been born it's basically the size of our force but it costs about 3 dollars combines last if you if if you order involved it's good that you have to be 2 6 6 it has
Wi-Fi only so it can
connect to the Internet so it's critical thinking and the that Michael Python coming for that particular about is
growing right now so I felt I wouldn't make act contest that will and courage these girls even more so so it from their they built by all web site uh and you can and you can basically do anything you want uh and good project using this microcontroller and moving might provide on and I would basically choose problem that they like them all and that at yeah William and other might provide on board with 1 is a slightly more expensive it had a camera and they have been in a lot of image processing function on it's good open and the and it's a very good for that that you can you still make durable track faces or make it uh I don't know a camera for you drawn that ultimately lead to see where you have by observing the ground and seeing how it moves all a lot of other things so I have an extra 1 from the start the and so basically standards to that person who wins this context so that's that's and so that's only if you are interested in the tinkering that's certain something to try and also I won't people here on the conference to try in studying and playing with my group I don't like to be small so we go to the that of the makers make it are back in the uh conference may be too late evening after the lightning talks and maybe some other they just that tagged there i have a box of cool stuff with me so we can try to connect from wires and so on so that's it thank you very much excellent you're
wonderful wonderful good things she is the widow she
is a remarkable even when we don't discriminate by how can you give public vectors so we don't discriminate but if if I see women and men races that we had now only going through all the trouble to raise a number of women in the pipeline communities who told me to change reflects together but we don't assume that we do it if we have questions so 1 thing or have you hear the of those stories of that when you will fault deep learning and they made the computer they go it's wonderful it's wonderful I just was thinking who is giving directions to those developed I have never have opened up in the morning and noon which would be so nice if I would have a machine to play golf for me I would be found of the but this is what about room you my text but what do they spend
their time on playing golf what will be the next the robot playing golf better than which is easy to work with a lot of submitted the ball over the body what is that what is the more you will be is simulated with that 1 explanation you get on it 1 of the what Bob is a bag of solutions the euro you have someone you can
still another explanation for laboratory think of Alex Martelli the title of the field present you broke the content of this guy but the real
problem by adopting electromotility beloved with thing about them OK you already got to figure great what did what they got Thomas blood like giving a bit and OK thank you so I
wanted to present this topic of
solution to your the phrase in the middle this from a guy on Twitter of its of all the year ago we discovered it take and it's kind of the FOB approaches of what they got the and you told all I think I found the Holy Grail of make up so so it also applies to board what is quality
of about a year ago I thought the had projects so it's not a new
project maybe you don't want to use really you back up so but it's 6 years old and why did we forwarded to it's because the development of the original project was rather slow and who requested look at my watch and also at the original author the what's in the grammar you open to new develop and so on and so it was a bit of a pity that did not proceed as fast as some other people wanted and so the and it's what we just got and that was a year ago and since then the community has grown quite a bit so it's not spectral 1 anymore but they're all of you people caring for it all
we're committed upon affixes and not a lot of people requests and also we are inviting to new develop also so if you want to have on transport to us and it's a lot faster pace than the original project a wonderful what was done it was 600 change that in the top and all we're going off policy change that also the
feature set so if you want to make make up you don't want to invest a lot of time so if you want something easy and it should also go rather fast also you want some features for example you want the chunking of that means to capture of the file in pieces and and it will also be complicated these chunks soul it won't or anything else twice so you can save a lot of space lots of compression the usual compression algorithms as that for very fast we do encryption with 80 s and also on top of that encryption we signed the
stuff sold all nobody can publish something or tried to of break the encryption the undesirable Pfizer's them all to Remote Solve of it's free and open software we have good documentation platforms of called an architectural quite wooded want and internal are of 32 bits
64 bit physically and almost everything also called
special stuff like standard seals use the next 10 molecules by crops with you spotted system so you can look directly inside and copy some files all of the grants and Python 3 . 4 0 of and so the where the
little bit of side from and see the test correlates and continuous integration system of some special
stuff about of the publication so it's not just like our thing it's
copying the files and the pieces and have no problems with over to a machine images that supports false trials can also to hold this images all of reward and that sort of thing remained directories and they will will get the top the he looked at application will work in the dataset also historical adopted station and also the publication between different machines wasn't working it cuts the firing the pieces the roles has all files and every time the least significant bits of 0 it's this OK I cut your up there and so on and this pieces will get past installed into the values for while using that has a side so you can see a every piece that gets the
same has this is just wants of test functions also see that so you can do fingerprinting effects or something like that so it's also quite secure if you have encryption active it will not use that as part of its make folder it's a secret
key going into it for a of 1 . 0 is released you can get it from different sources to conclude that the and whatsoever of single release 1 . 1 with some new features at 1 point 2 in this world next we build things we will introduce some new crypto stuff and also tried to paralyze small currently used a single also it will get
faster 1 . 2 years to see and it's a bit faster than the current stuff yeah there will be an Open Space meeting so from and also we
think of OK open
maintenance you 1 another to get it right not so let's assume I'm going to be set of and
lessen your knowing the 10 volunteers to come to I think I am OK with where you want to volunteer 5 6 OK so can somebody help me continue this this approval by the way for for because it's like will drop this laptop and distribute them OK all the volunteers for the kind after about 7 this
might raise your hand that but 1 that will work out of an example on the right side we have
many people on the left side make yourself Noland Alexander is moving around great OK that very good well
1 here's distributing them I have something I was thinking about if a group of people tries to to leave another group of people you call them separately if you have from another group of people who wants to stay with the group of people call the union what do you call a group of people who want to for another group of people to stay with another group of this work that is wonderful I would call and protease anywhere on this
talk because laughter you should know that some of the German and the different terminal Chairman very nice knowing what then pick all the code the luminance thank
you potato I want to tell you about a project I'm so excited that I'm currently spending
30 to 40 hours a week in my free time on so I want to
tell you about the cooperative
and quality is a tool that finds problems in your source code and can fix them as well so you've probably heard about a lot of those tools to explain how it's different let me ask you a question what
you want to rewrite Libor office just to get a
spelling correction for portuguese please raise your hand referring interesting and so I wouldn't
and let's say a lot of the words that occur occurred around we do have a lot of different to if we look at hyphen only we have run out on uh or a pair of states and I . style whatever there is a platform of tools and as a user you have to learn 6 tools to cover
only 1 language and as a developer you always have to write a new to which is just redundancy is words that you don't need to do
and on the other side we have the user who wants to use the code analysis in his editor plugin in the command line maybe in his continuous integration or directly engaged for research he 1 7 Jason all within all that and for most small tools you don't have that because they don't have the time to provide all those integration so naturally we would have to connect all our tools with all those use case instead the user would have to learn lots of lots of tools so but an API between them
and we call this API for all of which is the code analysis application what
has currently show them a sport 54 programming language so how do we do that Our goal is to reduce redundancy so we allow you to write static code analysis for Kuala without writing a new to but we don't want to create new redundancy so we don't deprecate the existing code analysis we just wrap existing tools in addition to what we have of there
is sorry up to 2 or um there is also a
tool due to mate which can automatically read you you did have a request using because provide the API after this
talk I want you to try and quality haven't I want you to tell us especially what she don't like about it so we can improve it we have an active community we actually have 8 people for this project here in Europe and we will have a sprints please join us at the Spring everybody solve below difficulty issue gets esteem key for free and last but not least I want you to keep your passion about programming about open source software and dried this community for 1 you're great keep doing it that you
have any questions we actually
do have 1 and a half minutes for yeah there is a case like that what will happen is that the thank you very much for
your of yeah the trauma are right this cool and if you're not biology on the states you know very good very good so with mode of they development we had very test-driven development even that we we have very bad experience in the family lately there were developed by most of the time they develop for 10 and the people in the US were worried mad about itself the careful with test-driven development don't obey the testing goats so you're
on yeah argument here argument all you get help you that little or local argument all other argument mapping platform which only work with UTF-8 against the new 1 had is
anybody heard of volume on or before note that many on the I C 1 or 2 hands OK argument a is there
open-source argument mapping platform uh what is argument it's is uh synonyms all of the word arguments yeah I'm Turkish uh argument is an open source collaborative argument mapping and analyzes that were so what is this what is an argument that is sat regional representation of uh critical thinking so
it is basically discussion platform but have usually a little bit different than the conventional discussion platform that look like this
so you have an argument like a of and there's some premises uh because because these are to support and premises to this argument and there's a whole lot however depending on the which is a kind of a supporting
transport I want you work to 1 you feasible for example apples and oranges can be
compared and this guy support the state variable to research and this guy that while they marked but here we had around there were derived from the same text and love love and so this is another uh so this is tree structure and you can see so there's a uh because there's somebody come also you can be a you can log into the platform and just enter your argument if you have any so I shouldn't may inflate for example and these guys started discussed about that and the the the user for example position parameters the guy's a and these guys say supporting argument to the snow and after all the years saying there's a complicated 1 per cent objection rank because operators of rate of canadian algorithms and basically year for example plans should have the
right to and this is supported premise for arguments
and this is an objective yeah and this is uh another argument for example and this cell yes so solidarity that there are also policies defined itself if something as know arguments value for example like this you say this set policy don't do
that and is that after some point these policies make this argument invisible because it's not in like this and
because Don downgrades it is kind of a scene but like like almost invisible so this is the object rank Error Rate Error Rates like our supporting rates we calculate this for the the value of the premises and there is also a semantic network between arguments we kind of use of WordNet for getting the uh like were getting the words from this argument and teaching them into the platform and after some while we know which words with which and we categorize them automatically so let like this there's a lot to say that i is belongs to this artificial intelligence category uh and is is computer science on the computer science and love lies you can see you can check that form and right now it's supported import anguages Turkish English Chinese and French there is an open-source platform you can contribute whatever whenever you want period this
English child now we did the English part but this Chinese and French translated like all contribute to the support of open source guides now development is the of this you can find
each of the uh the ripples theory that there 600 you I updated this thing so the area that mistakes and on personal life and so every year spike in gender text of an entity and you code and Unix clinic on Foursquare scram embodied e and WordNet for lexical dictionary world
and we're going to you know and about the
yeah you can find them and get up to can like them on facebook you can follow them on Twitter incendiary you're might be thank you you
will start this year is not find somebody will join us again called Harry tended to come up wonderful
wonderful no you need the microphone we don't have a lot of knowledge was we a microphone young refer look get this old man it'll take 5 years to
come on so again just coming is just you know all this conference going where does my back and you have to sit down and you stand up but you know you have to get to the talks a new line and uncomfortable bad energy Paul
stolen gosh I wish there was some sort of solution to all the stress that we have from programming fixing other people's blogs fixing most annoying of all your own blogs and you know some way of destressing after all the programming and also may be making a donation to the PSF well thankfully you'll be pleased to hear that there is a solution to this problem as every year nobody organized by Rob Collins there charity massage is going to happen this year in the name of the PSF so that by the end here and myself will be going around giving away free massages and give a donation get a massage you can also give a donation if you don't wanna receive amount so as you would like to avoid it that is
also the important thing is the donation as if you'd like to help with that it's a charity collection of the PSF with collecting that money and at the social event on Tuesday and during lunch slots so we'll be
training the anyone who wants to volunteer to help give out Nassauer's is all and uh much people into giving my to not get a massage would would train you in a professional massage costs in the course of about 15 or 20 minutes professional Marcela's cost given by entirely professional masses and and that will be happening tomorrow in the lunch break immediately as starts because there are long queues for lunch is some people wanna come land massages will spend 20 minutes doing that and by the time we will learn to give massages without the minimal cumulant have lunch so that is the message that free massages for the PSF come then how do it and in the lunch break tomorrow immediately as the lunch break starts on will be round the corner here outside the pie-chart room with a lovely view over the reverse the D. stressful distressing about that this unit here and was 1 of the things
I have I have 1 mole message walking around the conference you may see some people wearing badges I for example and wearing a badge with a little snail on
it and the bad says I'm a beginner mental asking me anything there are also some people body running around with similar patches that have a little Python snake on them and those that badges says I will begin at the nice so there's a surprising number of beginners Python conferences and the people with begin mental badges of said they are entirely happy I mean everyone in this room is happy to answer questions from beginners the people wearing these factors as saying that if you're beginner if you have that we think is maybe a stupid question these people just say that I'm totally happy to stop what I'm doing stop my conversation I'm having right now and answer any set any questions you may have up to and including like where's the bathroom what time is the next talk but you know you have questions about talk you just so you feel like everybody must know the answer to this but stupid so I don't know how well a few
1 of 1 of wonderful and I have to ask you for an extra applause because I'm restricting myself from using the world that the animals soul restricting myself from using the word ending up the presentation of a mob bottom of fast cause but please give me a big evolved from my restrictions to keep the Conference I'm not using that word excellent mission so you will be talking about thankful applied in 3 can you help me with the thing I have not enough jokes to get this so protect the running I thought I before was working yeah yeah I'm during the story is that 2006 with great but you have been doing all along right regulated so was just figuring out how to destroy it again but I think too many conferences I always that the guys from lower division animals Phillips cells because they had money to burn for
marketing and everything don't want to be what but it was I've been hearing that for 20 years
I don't know what just press close in it cannot be you I can't
even book and this and more I good work that the picture what we have here in the order that we know that the new game left was that the also while the the only
people who don't know the beam against the so the stock
is not that fast so we take a less than finding the following 2 minutes would be enough but I wouldn't say it's because of what I want to say now is that the light of the the scientific Python community
essentially the people of of doing the right fight on to be there and audience in the things that
because the spike on the statement made by the school that the the ago they they state that not because the reason why this guy or this is that there was taking taking the fight fight on fire was out of not it was out and also they were selling that this was the last vessel who supported by the book says so the next major version of I'd like to would be Bible the only and not only that they made the bible the statement that the number of the project and signed the statement saying that essentially when before 2020 as as as you know about brain is the end of the life of the of a police force the is the official end of the life of fight we we know that if we continue for the next 50 s about officially the Bible of the foundation will not support any more light on after 2020 but these guys here this is the thing that they really remote support the sort of of and for that for that I think that that that case because I don't need to wait for lot what our foot for years because you know I and all that all the time by the parameters that more than 10 years ago so I remember the times when there would be me because I don't think about it it was not the main goal of the time was me because like the thousand it will came out in 2 thousand a that the amount in 2016 that and as like never program professionally in light of the now after this I think a problem in that all of whom I think I think we this yet I would probably switch vitamin because I work as a scientific program and this scientists that that the world will last and mitigate the ruble but decided that using IPython and the I'd like and of course the because everything so what they need they need always the latest that some of the fighters so this is what the reason for us to migrate that and it was good for me because I am just in there many more than they need but I am I already done the 1st 80 per cent of immigration the right of the well of course the and now the use of advanced is that we lack singular multiple successors center so I I'm happy because is that their work and I can say look I told you what it was that I so the atmosphere I don't know and they're in the business community level than that by the end of the you will have about this lack of because you you yes but I see that the tightest scenes the knowledge century although this sentence itself but I use has been already for this so talk we will also build migration and I see that everybody can assigned here is that the agreement that this statement it and maybe we will also signed when but we need to have a plan uh with dates and say you know analysis
of the will stop supported by the tools with within these data the set I don't know
about this is the thing that I being I would talk on on friday here and everybody who is interested in the past and the future by from high-performance computing going by on
blast the system would be computed at the center dental another thank you every day world but then
that's nearly continue today's lightning talks 1 announcement tomorrow Harry can abuse
then after you spend your with must also will presenting
tomorrow lightning talk is give you a bit and when and if
somebody is still is the way
level and 7 o'clock but the follow behind them here just coming in from the beginning
of Jonathan light and also those who will join other leave your electronics that home that is of a year-on-year if you want to sell them leverage on common
something that can get wet and ensure you can see you tomorrow thank you very much life when but