The Journey from Python Developer to Python Company Owner

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The Journey from Python Developer to Python Company Owner
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Maciej Dziergwa - The Journey from Python Developer to Python Company Owner I would like to indicate main keys to success, factors and features that help a developer to find himself on an independent career path. How to create employee-friendly work environment for Python developers? Which business model gives a chance to attract and keep more than 100 Python enthusiast? I will also gladly share some lessons learned working with dozens of clients, dozens of Python frameworks, and lots, lots of great developers. ----- Ten years ago I became a big Python fan, but at the time there were no jobs for Python developers in Poland. So, I decided to start my own Python company. Today, ten years later, this company employs more than 100 Python Developers in four cities. There are a lot of Python enthusiasts in the world, many of them more skilled than I was at that time, but clearly not anyone can become a „Python Business Developer”. In this talk I would like to indicate main keys to success, factors and features that help a developer to find himself on an independent career path. My goal is to answear these questions: How to create employee-friendly work environment for Python developers? Which business model gives a chance to attract and keep more than 100 Python enthusiast? I will also gladly share some lessons learned while working with dozens of clients, dozens of Python frameworks, and lots, lots of great developers.
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the our next descent there is mentioned again I'm sorry for and a pronunciation he is Seal as I is dx makes and he would rescind from patent to companion and other on on the road to without and learning about the kind of the and by the human for is an OK that's thank you so good morning 1 on uh again as I mentioned in know my and I would like to to show with you my still in the minds of becoming CEO her space of external in software house the start of the from the development of who the company now that this is the story of 11 years of transforms major from from the developer students like the development man and the city of quite a big company I'm using the point where the company has almost 200 and so 50 people yeah and In fact it because I'm not going be position in the title the software houses so you
a the 1st 1 the find yourself special sound all started really during my standards in the University of Technology was something like 30 years ago the next time have to be aware that I was starting according with sparse Java and Python was just emerging especially it during 1 of the holidays so I was a member of the Japanese overall kind of a community and I want to read whole implement discussion board in job is to be too much of a very hot coding was done of love and the library if you're working with a budget account of frameworks and sets and so just before the end of holidays my brother was almost finished various simple support was and then I found if I'm at the front end of those 2 point 0 in fact and he introduced me to the there was actually only going to give it a try I just like to wear the equipment and that's the way why not to the students of of the time during holidays so I spent the weekend trying to implement the a similar discussion board with job I think it was just kind of what they want this time and then discuss after 2 2 days of war I have exactly the same functional at all or even more using entitlements assume a lot a very similar similar functions it to the pros and finishing job and this is how my applied and began and this is how I abundant of our past bottles I think just emerging at that time I never given it tried to to PHP so I just keep this place I think if you so this is what I really found I found something that I want to be involved in my professional carrier and when let when it lets me so just after the holidays I was looking for the job and of course I wanted to be applied in the little and you have to understand guys that the times have been much more different it was 11 days old Poland was not in the European Union that time there and I thought well there was no part jobs In Part I can imagine that time when there is no point job openings so on the local market that because this is how the times have has the next time I know it's for some of you it's impossible to imagine what it was like this so I you know has started to looking for jobs and I find that quite an opening in the Netherlands what I didn't I just made the call then sent capital states capital units and after a couple of things that we go talk I had a 1st job as applied to develop developer what I have to go to the Netherlands and of course the of course I did so I that the guy was before I talked to her on the phone with the guy is most speech she really I had the like because so she became my friends you take to kind of meaning and foraging and so for me some and I spent a couple of a couple of months is applied and developed in the Netherlands but then I started to I didn't know anybody and speak about and student so I wanted to call and I would like you know it is when you have 25 26 that think about starting from unions and and so it was difficult to socializing there for me in the Netherlands so what to do because I still wanted to go right on and just was not emerging due to some I started out to talk to him and asked you know maybe we can open an office in Poland and standard is a lot of
smart people importantly so
it's almost so smart people can look for the wrong and he agreed to a couple of years so in the problem we intend to direct agreement instructors analysis and then I came back from the year tonight and back to Poland and open space next to those that it was in 2007 uh 50 so and it was like it was applied to the house we start to do will start to applied to developers in Paul of course No . level of important so we have to hire and developers and make them by 2 developers that and I have a question arises for you can you guess how many years not 1 of those commonly it's to me but to grow combining to people look at how many years is 1 was you so we have some some some some of these components here that this to me and around for years to go up to it's people just tell you what is happening to them I just to make me look at the data and so today we hired on average 8 people among and the dead the beginning was hiring date but we do have to 8 people after 4 years of running company and and all of this stuff this is how and how it's a change with full title of causing and don't have higher at that point developers of about 80 people because companies much bigger to that but this is how it how it was I was really focused on Titan but I wanted to point out that had been the 1st I would say 1st part company Poland we start to indicate market and was difficult to find people uh that it but defining their and then use because for me right Poland was really and is allowed me to be a leader in many areas of course and so for example a couple of examples uh components created was the 1st column is combined as follows so what I've done in US and I think it's the it 1 the same for you apply to a natural and I think the the 2nd time suppose your Python in Europe and I still think that there only Polish component that and that was that was that was the response what I can say we are there and that we had the biggest title software houses Europe I don't know any other type compound in Europe that has more than 100 by Tom developers and we do that I was the first one to to organize water on the unit Poland many many years ago there so defining the defined in this society allows you really tool tool to become the leader in your to become expert and so grow quite a bit of a quite a bit so that my advice to you as you guys do what you really a lot of what defined as the science this something special something for for your and try to grow in your music is much more easier and you can achieve that such is not 1 of the most and then the community because I always want to know big have the biggest fight software house in the world uh you don't need to have thousands of people to be the biggest part of the house in the world because in fact is not linear patterns of houses in so we just need to have 200 people and so you can say you won the biggest 1 and this is this is very but got it another
quickly somebody told to me 1 day and many many years ago I don't don't don't go that state find find a job people who do things yes it was my mother's so when I announced my mom just got to achieve the status and amendments have been out in your opinion on the ball ball and it's because not allowed to some of it without so I think that without tool tool to the Netherlands but so we're not in the same all you have to have a passport all all of this stuff so when I informed my mom and mom a link and meeting to the last was really shocked and was trying to do everything to stop me for that added and this 280 believe that I want to to Python and they can achieve a lot going abroad and so I decided that I decided to go because I think 1 of the key decisions in my in my life I own is not deemed about go toward wants to do not because of the non local market so and of course I want this to be the to be applied to to navigate decisions and that's that brought to the place where mn today was after a half of a couple of years later so a couple of a couple of months later I was when I was discussing the opening the states like simple and in the same time I was also I did a quite a good job in new guy but doubled my son and then I had to choose so try to imagine that someone is offering numbers what you have just moved from or opening of the mine and now I know that that kind of good other bodies given that allow us to go to London about these so I now we have 2 bodies innovation that out all this involved London but it was 11 years ago was different at different model different I could use a man in Unicode and more than my parents and toward the source of this is this is this was that uh that difference is 1 that they have but I really had a feeling that I can do much more was opening a combining the life course become the management board and their components so I choose to go back to Parliament and 1 of them out there but still 1 of us all the key decision was later he was thinking about starting timing so uh I found that it would be easier to find a wife and and so I succeeded the itself it is also so and so this is this was from my point of view really big decision I had to decide what to do with this or not and 1 more big things happens a couple of years later so I wanted to look could company maps don't ask people suddenly say well we would like to take the money back from the company wanted to invest in girls what I did I but I found a new patent combining Paul and hence persuaded that people just self serving size to their apparent combine it was also difficult decisions do in a risky decision to me because abundant component from Poland was almost 100 people sort of and this was not aware what can happen what happened I see the fact that they not over and so what it is that they gave us a lot of work so in in the next couple of years and what able to do projects for the banks and quite small data people that died and gained a lot of experience in the integration by changing the and
processes and sensor way then led us to then we have more than twice as big as our current and so we don't do much much work for them we will you and uh water like and we do uh the title and a bit of all we were able to read to overrule our compound that was doing projects for the bouncing ball and the ball and very big and projects for the banks and just develop but we are related to the go 1st year guys this crisis this is very important the important lesson the lesson to learn so that was after just after I started by a company I received a call from them and compliance I think was during the nite he called me the system doesn't work in most suppose or different some think about I of course investigated I talked to my developers would place that such to me this is something that is very old it's it's not a fault it is the bond that was already in the system and we just discovered right now there are of course to our clients communicate to us something different so it's our fault that client by for instance he wakes he should communicate much more about what I did my reply to this 1 is always vision always ask myself think like the client put yourself in the client situation and so the 1st thing you you always go as 1st to say is the problem and then the need to go an extra mile dialog nights during the weekend whatever just to review and fix the problem and then we always I was like I just like in the the problem usually what would I do I counted the cost of this 1st crisis of by myself some not even if it's the client fault I always try to not so as to make the clients so even more angry and so said this is our fault we think that uh we invest invested it and want when they want it to also started to adopt new so whenever it is how you behave in the crisis and that and and this is how you based task them with decline so if you really to extra monitoring the crisis situations you can be sure that the pay back to you you can this is how we did the wrong long-term relationships with people with client with components by showing how we had during that crisis situation so advice you ever been to combine all you have and and on the other side of the the line do your best to to really think the problem as tool not to try to blend the clients even thought so it's she's fault scientist really help and you can be sure that whenever there is another crisis your client will be more open to listen to your needs to be that their long-term relations that would be that I went that you have to decide about you want know how you want to the discussion I think it was endowment in the sense that all running component there was really breaking could go on for for me the company I did from around 30 people tools 70 people for more than 100 per cent closely in India what happened in me how I felt that time what has changed in you have to be aware of of this kind of things so that was a year when from developed I became manager was there last year I commit the court to the opposite of was not I think even that time it was the insidious as such but later developers found out that it was it was the last part of the cult I ever commit that I have a different thing to do it on my wall so so this is this was the topic of the next and the next thing was the my mind set has to change the change from that a mold of doing the whole of devil look and this allowed me to really scale the scale of the components of it was very well when I had my 1st system because for the 1st 7 on when you know something as I thought I don't need the system I can do everything myself because I can about you want our system can do it better faster and more efficient I've had my 1st before i has unit would think people myself I had to face the 1st so suppose so I know that you have a demonstrated how to delegates to other people the other thing that happens to result from the colonies became the ball In the past I was 1 of them 1 of the team members of 1 of the developers of the presence of this so it is committing the called later was I became 1 of their bosses management so he's not our guy in more he's demanding his delegated to ask you asking to do some work he's not doing the work this is the main type change that have happened to me and this is what I said so they don't invite me to have due to never done invited to have discussions that in the so this is something that change and so I had to go through this process of those that was in fact not that's not that easy for and of course I start to think in the process of doing so financing dozens of people requires you also think to implement different processes to be a little to manage should the manager my advisor guys to a that you would have to to do with this in mind set of change if you would if you want to really scare the scale
managing working hours I remember their most important and most expensive lesson level and some of the beginning of the company we have been our developers have been reporting time someone in X the expressions that I discovered after 3 months with 1 of developers didn't report time because he's just so that he forgot it cost us the miles of client not paying for this work it was really really difficult for me for the very small component that's the time it was a huge amount of money for us but this is the time for the without when I implemented the time tracking system and I became I made that cost system will follow of of managing people and I think it was they're very good very pleasant for me because the system was walking after that and today I'm telling a last lecture I'm able to cultural to manage a 40 thousand hours a month and I compiler and this is the model of we report on a monthly basis it was found to be a cone of people don't like this sitting on very shoulders and check and what they do we just report standards allows us to be very flexible about about managing time that's substructure those allowed us to make your voices tool to the clients very fast so in the past it's 10 days really 10 days of each month to prepare reports and invoice clients today my is doing it in maximum 2 days and invoicing this very very important for the component of the like service company the being unstable so writing almost 250 companies are big challenge a big challenge for computer long stimulation of decline what I land what I believe that that motivates people developers tool to stay in the compound to to be good motivated 1st of all this is what what I what I think is the most important is that correct the so if you have interesting projects that people will be motivated you don't need all this page staff at such there and this is what the title would like to have a good projects nice projects for for our developers and this is how to motivate the other the other thing I thing motivated people as people everyone so except for the project for developers and not only it is important with the environment going to walk so I say good people attract good good people to don't on a and B and I would point something like world organization and so so the brand of the company attracts people about this tool the 2 most important thing in this project in technological engine project and technological clients communicates with think and then people realize that spent 8 hours every day at the end of
the biggest but it's 2 years to come so before I talk to this let me show you some of the stories and about what I think about the guessing what will happen in future it was the time 1 on the market so that was on the internet explorer number 6 not sure if you're familiar with this 1 but that was big and that type of Firefox was about to born quite seen nobody thought about from a browser at that time jack was already on the market showing up and I said that time when a journalist just to this on the future is going to die is and you can see how mistaken I what's but this is what I thought was Titan is going to be that number 1 language and job lasted 1 who was who was going to almost nobody's Microsoft was connected to a some of the Microsoft that time and this is not the language for them and the other the other thing was uh might do it was about John so I was and I'm still and very big fan on consumer and that's kind a jungle about board when I started with Python and I'm going to book and I from 1 giant was really simple framework without advanced think and that doesn't require a lot of skiers by and some other pyramint frameworks and going to become the future I I discovered quite soon I was very very mistaken and 90 per cent of what we do when developers doing the combined also giant is jungles so you know what I was saying what I think
about future just it can change it is exchangeable it should just do not happen so when do other way around there so what I can see on the market because we do 1 of project by him is getting more and the price so I can see more and more of big companies are using 5 that is why I also had the chance to to to to grow easier but when I noticed that that so I think we have quite a secured with vital for the next couple of years so I'm not afraid of that item will be gone or something it's stabilizing very major there but what I can see what is changing very very fast and I see a huge importance huge changes In job must've and what I would advise you to you focus on job focus on visibility so I advise my developer as an attitudinal change to John busted up just a little us to bundle walls Feichtinger mustard depending on what they think is is so is important what is good for the present by work with and I must say that we have plenty of power anything more than 50 70 per cent of our development and developers already I'm using JavaScript with different frameworks still using pattern that back and so the there potential of new languages like cost like all you have to be open to words but you don't need to switch to just like this just let it and use it in your data then then he walked and are not able to say know what would happen and what I can advise you about the future and this is what I have been doing all the time is also justify a customized for what has happened somebody told me a couple years ago when you do a title with no golf will disappear from the market by applying was that it would not have been in 1 year and I will be able to switch tools and new language to some new technology so I'm very open to what is going on observing and just changing myself the same way I change from the CMF belong to giant got out on the using only on the diagram in the jungle she had just have opened eyes and don't be open to the challenge and to comply quickly to to this area this is this is what I wanted to share with so with you I think we have the 5 minutes for to your question so I'm very very willing to open to the to well question and thank questions hi and think you for your little but had a few questions the did you how the pipeline for next I like reflect the likely to reflect by interpreter by we don't have I don't have we don't have the right match with the measurement and you don't have opened so this this this we don't have all the other phone you have removed a little piece of news not you know maybe maybe 1 lots of working very close I really believe from the beginning in the in the team's period so I am a factor that is that all 1 the city want to know open space I believe in their close communication and I believe 1 1 1 plus 1 case of people is more than a tool this all on our people our analysis we don't want animals now we have on the clients that's what we will have to do is just look at and find question you said that you believe that just because we used for social but do you are you transitioning to a model where you all the points and as but can we make the rest API and the front and we just give you free word picture recollection there this is that he takes a decision and depends really on the project and we just have do and the so it's after the team very often or to senior developer architect to decide how it should be sometimes there's only 2 of us to also just to developers and so we have both of us student the front and back and most of the cases we have widened back and adjusted in front and of course going into Microsoft micro-services approach thank you very much and thank you for your expectations for inspirational speech by the way and my question is why you become a sponsor of your vitamins and local media techniques so for many years I was participant in many many conferences so I think because we have the components time to pay back at the data and of course the other on the other the topic is really important and it's very important but for our developers and we have more than 100 byte and developers in Poland that for us to be that and events over the products that they can work in the company is a common the community so 1 thing i meant a lot to during the nite and conferences in many different by the Conference the solicited I would say it's time to pay back and the other thing is so this is being that that that that here brand awareness hi thank you for your talk and you build your genes so that the people in the structure of the so if I use a lot it up to the client client innocent is asking for the size of that you and so we try to investigate what is the project and what competences I require a and B that and what I believe it was a while he was still having the team around for item developers 1 just to front and develop a disease 1 you might want and maybe depending on the project 1 of 2 matrix test but of course we go in the direction to have a strong masculine and very very important 1st of all a product of local tectonic on the analysis of this is that by affecting the composition uh that works for us and so now people we try to find people that thing with competences sold to have these 1 C your to have some regular guys maybe juniority because of that would be take on the founder CEO developers because it can end up it's doing a lot of wars in terms of tension all thanks for sharing your story can you can you say something about marketing and sales so find customers especially in the beginning so especially for this 1st 6 7 years of running the company I was doing says myself so remember I was the title developers so I was doing a bit of a spending humans but then it would have been growing on there references so all we have that we have been drawing on existing clients clients have be adding another gene and you have to remember also we had that patent components so that allows us to
really go up to 50 people in the parent company because they have the project for the back later I was just trying to connect also the events that working like you Europe item models are the event's watching what's going on trying to call the bond at 1 with others see also or management in the companies do they have the same thing that is doing a lot of this stuff for me but I'm still involved in on the left side closing so do use all of the clients and the at the project we might potential clients to valid office when when can impress people because you can imagine when you invites clients to to your office and you have 100 people in our headquarters with something like 80 by 2 developers and then vary and about how we have a good rest structure how the process of awards so I believe this is the way how we need our clients just if it's we might like and if he agrees to this number of reasons why he becomes a life never 90 per cent chance that this companies like this and
we have on average and now 1 visit every month or every 2 weeks the evolution of the Tampa 1 the sheikh started on OK and you cushion only when you thought about so when you have to prevent during trying to correct even if it's the full so what happens when it's so 1 of your operating results hold we mistake and the whole thing you do is that my approach is always the same I and it's all of our our fault really I always solid solid movement state that sticks and this is what I what I learned on the feedback from the clients very good because it be just I really see today that crisis situations at best opportunity to win your client for the long term problems 1 of I didn't mention that 1 of the key sectors of the work of minority carrier is that I long-term called relations with the client our project lasts for 3 4 5 years that's why we don't need to do a lot of sense when start to work with the client and world with with this client for many years and I ask you having 1 image when the sometimes growing . to 5 6 things and I believe it's because they're open and transparent the decline for that what he has access time tracking system that allows to be stressed you can see what developers of doing he has a feeling of the control of the of the strings we are so when is the box I said so we also make mistakes yeah and my question was more about it on please do you management to do you practice management techniques to user performance sulfuric graves or and you know we don't have an honest factor here where I believe that team is fixing itself so we have an edge on the ground must have a redwood retrospective after each of the spin and this is how we try to improve and solve problems and brute looking at because you have some amendments 1 management board uh that me just so that even just keeping an eye and giving feedback for half of the year which never OK thank you again for your what could you please read some books which helps to start off with something for beginners In the reason why you are asking about the book says yes but also any and of researchers which could help for 1 of the movement's inspired to me the most the somehow the habit of affected people from this discovery this is our last summer hundreds of affected people did and this is about to the mind set about to become the question the other 1 is the basis for a fixed this I would encourage you getting things done and implemented in some in some way I think more and more precisely because I'm a member of the police titles and be able to come visit me and our both and I would be able to see publisher somewhat but this is just the sum heavens of affected people really made me a manager and I didn't want to to OK