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Python in Gravitational Waves Research Communities

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Python in Gravitational Waves Research Communities
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Elena Cuoco - Python in Gravitational Waves Research Communities On February 11th 2016 Ligo-Virgo collaboration gave the announce of the discovery of Gravitational Waves, just 100 years after the Einstein’s paper on their prediction. A brief introdutcion to data analysis methods used in Gravitational Waves (GW) communities Python notebook describing how to analyze the GW event detected on 14 September 2015. ----- On February 11th 2016 Ligo-Virgo collaboration gave the announce of the discovery of Gravitational Waves, just 100 years after the Einstein’s paper on their prediction. After an introduction on Gravitational Waves, on Virgo Interferometric detector, I will go through the data analysis methods used in Gravitational Waves (GW) communities either for the detector characterization and data condition or for the signal detection pipelines, showing the use of python we make. As practical example I will introduce a python notebook describing the GW event detected on 14 September 2015 and I will show a few of signal processing techniques.
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so what can you do not stop at this session will be about additional we research communities and the reason that like these will come art speaker and the book or beans and good morning everybody thanks to be a conformist or a part of gravitational communities before starting something about me i'm a physicist working there is another scientists at the European traditions and what they need and I am not a member of like collaboration and I'm also they're sensitive fundamental European project the gravity on the chair as they came to trainer for the king of pitch of the student union of but I am also machine learning postulates sold during my fatality my participated to come competition and while also in the science of teachers are selected users need when single with my putting the enduring enough to each other and that the good side why gravitational waves you and the the CIA we give an analysis of the the 1st to the detection of a gravitational waves in New year as just after the you know September we made the 1st detection of gravitational waves In December we made the 2nd detection of intentionally so I need to will try to explain why that is so we say the cell and that it was a sample spider left to sorry about this season is for is followed on the occasion of the call to model my colleague James if easier someone at the
warning said I told in 45 minutes of detectors they everything on the presidential waste as a would be would be almost impossible so will let you have a question earlier during the days in which to me this thought his mentor for beginners but they can avoid to introduce thinking that these were displayed on the right here at the bottom we so we use that also bind onto a cheesy set aside the memory they know what that decay in our lab so we use a bottle and control room and you know it's it's it's a singer processing of controlling the system I tried to all white explaining what gravitational waves they probably detected them I've tried to the pointed to all the the vitamins usage media you know we're going reliable and therefore should be somewhat excessive use of the the Pitons so that's what this is the challenge of 1st of all what darling gravitational waves in our we discovered that so we know 1915 is divided among the you know the time so introduce that theory generated at the the same important things to that just the geometry of spacetime is sitting to that all the content of a massive energy this so this is this is particularly efficient useless present these beautiful form what that contains the geometry to demand of In some we must do so just little joke if we want to bring me so I need a somewhat until don't be afraid you already to keep in your this this time coming so come I have this this time it could matter but these company the more want so people of as possible so this is the space time in some ways that you can see in the in the next and animosity but the field and and very must suitability that is in the space time it against this is a licensee filled with the belief that the present massive will only in the in the space-time cross there this this sense box on the right this is especially useful for that our some the 2 most so In Europe flocks please climate you can see that the the you know the problem that they can see in that this vector that are related to the point that the primal in this is done the most of dispersed and so these are the gravitational wave thanks to that and the that's so what those last time for many years to the there is certainly a very efficient way detection after meaning of single so my central to the news article you know just 100 years gold data problem the gravitational waves so that introduce a very tiny effort and this is so the challenge is to detect so this morning but the this side of method that the the fact that they to solely in the week that the master can Boston understanding much more about university is sense from policy that they can bring that information that otherwise you cannot exist
so are so the smaller sometimes that we should think about what's the physical phenomena so they must avoid eventually you should be very very big so we should think about to start they must have stop I am sure yeah and main source of gravitational waves fit to we expect from the it out of the traditional thinking it started the support people so that while thinking around use of and a symmetrical a selectively around a axis that can produce a set of values of conditionally isn't very severe it violated phenomena that are coded the subliminal well into the over a need start and the during the use of phenomenon at they can produce very impressive of gravitational waves so then there are there in the event it and the fact that is the record collide the collection by adding competition binary and I would concentrate my daughter talk around this phenomenon and then we can build on also called the existence of a gravitational wave background they wanted the sentiment from the back so this
is a simulation along with a phenomenon that to detect and these are totally
so that overstating the 1 on the other end of wide the data the become closer and closer to because of the of losing their energy and at some point in there and then the gravity provision of fractions so intense that the collage and that there most of the area to determine the effectiveness of so while
we were so confident that the gravitational wave exceeds because of who we are looking for them for many years because in 1990 usable guys 1 of them was number price because that they brought in the I'm that that way the the existence of gravitational waves the experiment for many years the tool in binary system the energy loss by this value system and the estimated the quantity of energy that can be uh loss there's a gravitational waves and in the set of points of Parliament being the nature the major while normalized that is the prediction and the perceived that features on the so we know the existence and we
try to detect them I was skip but the 1st suspected meant that was concentrated on the day of rest and the spread out we can detect that we can use that that fact that could be made them on the 3 masters so that the king they can lead to a wide the past and 3 so this is a regional username and wireless gravitational wave each sample the transfection when direction and their own data in another prediction this is a schematic affect all of those things but the people we think that to some this masterful do around the sun equal to 1 getting invested divides the additional where can stop this at the beginning we make an effect and this is more or less the difference in the length of inbound Valentin said phone and this is what we call this thing on the condition that problem of this thing is that the semantic very small increase the order of 10 to minus statistic was just the that you understand all of which are the dimension of the single if the diameter of a human error is 10 to minus 50 feet 5 of the others of monopolies dependent models and then there's no 1 of nucleus is 10 to the minus of of the definition the island of properties of pantomimes of features in the way of trying to detect that is more than displacement the case of 1 thousand over the initial other the sum of the proton so this is this was our last chance to and now in which to we
use that to detect and this is more as the displacement we used much in different ways we think that to me is so schematic of a positional with something and would prior to detect and of small displacement using the these uh oscillation this velocity and they get advantage over phenomena interference over the last
I will explain that using the immediate 1 of our
colleagues at the angle that I could lead to produce the season last that there was the same thing that is to so mean speed there is also the 1st community because it is the device velocity to tools that actually they wanted to have a little bit in the forms of in the from the this and this goal back-and-forth what winding the addition of waves that they prefer to meet the at the start moving a little bit from last so we can see the here although of following the moment of this master so this is this was the idea we can detect and this was more active by looking at the life that at the at the end of this in but easy
systematically you know we
had an extramarital below used during this configuration and so on uh they expected is a much more complicated than the 1 that social observations and better and better sensitivity we want that this last ceremony them meaning often you you know what we call comedy better from the constantly so that like everything the modern dance so that the part that the loss of maybe some longer so there exists at the beginning of the detection eventually behind then that are father nearly the following after the optical setup but that then possible to clean as much as possible the analysis set of to comment that to make of followed inside the interval of me that at the were less of the found to works laughter this is a big idea was In
a billion words that we have a noise so that is a much more highly than what do we have to conform so we know that the many of the things that they can move these mirror at the top of the provisional believes about season at the noise without terminal so that that you also to the uh ahead and the last 10 meter during this problem so we should take care of uh reducing so much as a possible and then we we can do these cells from experimental point of view also the wider projecting our textbook all in this new way and we analyze social how we do this the 1st step here
is that the the 1st character we were done in reducing the data and then
also was uh to reduce as much as possible of this is the noise is so using our factories point using moving that's all the self except where shaken divided by the noise and that we want to that to the near or should be at of keep but the unless should also work so we the use of the cell is selected at the we call us about the nature of the so I'm going to use the chain and all of the objects and now the the bottles and I've got a vector are suspended in such a way that they can be uh can be considered the in the same place as so much as possible so we know that that's what we see is not the season from noise and some frequency 1 more
uh I think that we
need places to put on the optics so in under module because we wanted it to the last gold the cleanest of possible path that so all the optics of where call put in the bank of the indices of the indices and you would if you go to work and that we are the only we have 1 value of 1 over the this set the biggest uh they human especially on the vector space of much more than the other the feature
that we have few of the system much knowledge so we know that all the components of of the optical contents complements again Klaus's dominoes because of the manipulative victim composed cholera and complement can move up you to the amplitude and the 2nd goal demo noise so we take care of Endesa building that we're very special neurons decide on an example of the other ones in the premiere of New South made of a plastic material answers in the somebody yeah they are very very innovative it'd be good people so they have to uh beaten by their the last 17 times and the way that we can easily derive and we try to keep under control the 3rd 1 these
are shown now often looks
like reality of gold
this is an immediate need divide frequently deleted we did on the system really got using that as the seasons close of the war cash in on the basis of what we call meaning or the optic so injection lasted injection of this year these are the 2 arms so that the force needed to particularly the silence at the end of the to where you find that the this tool engineer and the LaserVault used to Goldman for 1
and then the combined the sentence so many the so
let's come to the main topic of this thought the
find the addition of the
communities why and you're talking of bonds and the clause is
a set the means of widening mainly mainly in the field of all just as a state of the alive are very complex instruments and this is a schematic of the view of optical uh schema that they should be forwarded to engineer with me or the injection lasted until we assess it there are so as to control a lot of noise so that that can make the war solace in the fact the we came out of the what we call a sensitivity card so we know how much less sensitivity of gravitational waves that by looking the supply of evalu wanted to the effect that decision should to in some way I know how however noise so we can do prediction estimation of the noise and see how much the US and this is 1 of the the 2 that the use of the for example of this simulation we have some optical stimulation more holiday optics to be studied in the CIS was written on 1 of these is 5 and part of me I put everywhere the into you conclude that even if you go to this is the 1st essential I don't but this is saying that we will want to control as much as possible and if you think the number different so the nearest you ever to keep with interferometry lock in that it is what it is and what point that so we don't use all of what do we call passing uh quantal of what our optics about also often called so there are many things that and then quantum rumors and out a them on the system and the social the so what do we use in the Otonabee causal that we stop and also to write in the commendation or the space engines and the many of of these ideas in the now controversial sold their our ultimate vision of what the end of the procedure that the work done using the part of but now
came into that found in our we can extract the proscenium from all our was because of this is the ball the we believe the new system and we we know that we can detect a gravitational wave using this instrument about how we can make it so what is it for so additional detection we have noise we have also think of the nodes and we don't the decency number that got time CDs and we have in a and all that is much more smaller than that of the most sense but we have to accept these there half of this
year source that that that I showed at the beginning that produce different signal they protecting national are produced at what we call a continuous weights different periodic signal at this hour presentation confusing the time we get that a given frequency it's all this is CS should be that the for all of the uh do not have to be made when applied endocarditis affinity for the variance them and use it while the other thing is that of course constant signals that our initial processing number new to this but the line and such that we have a lot of work do in the energy innovative additional the times of the 2nd thing that I have a correlation by such that there's always in the course of the start of the use of the additional 1 around the island and then of course alive and it's all this colossal from some MS some 2nd into depends on the mass of the phenomenon and then we have a 1 to recall brought seeing that to continue to to discuss it to the the ground this is simply in a a noise so in some ways should be held would different of some some somewhere in middle middle or water was is of because our analysis of it so it is a very hard to detect Indian here on that we had knowledge some and senior that some and the energy and water the color noise is so will do this and I is is a graph shows and this assumption in this idea of what that exist in optimal feature to detect of the scene so beautiful but obviously I mean go I want people to do for the especially these forward back to the adjacent that we did this optimistic that we know what what the would be the best way to start to see him so if a disease of the documents that came out from instruments that we have to have the knowledge and this is what because you know that we try to match our model with example that we have for example bottle of Polish environments and we don't directly how it could be just see what do with new way forward it's seen in as sense so we try to match the simply that we got a lot weight and then by the power spectral density of by the analysis this is a former entities so that I didn't know that slipped away from a of it's what do we can do so even tho we have been seeing an incomplete and we use mentioned we cannot find that is saying that we follow the signal before the so quantity instead of the traditional maybe it's appear
with users in which this is the scene of the trees seemed and analysts and this is our complete that if it's a moving the the moran longer than did not have widened content of the video signal to match the acceptably formal where was kissing this of the game we detect a casino so before there's the matcha the suspect that all or most paths that we know that we have at the legal in some way in a lot of time and also on use a pipeline some was it often in enough in Python species of by CBC since the documentation our quality be of life legal and on the so called using the so you can go there and have a look at the code itself so the idea
of the self uh mechanism to detect this scene and so to be and attempting data may console we don't know we don't something waveform with that we have looking for but we don't know the parameters of these waveform and the parameters of to the master of the binary set to the position of the fact that this study of speeding up so we have a very large parameter space so that we have to respond to find the exact complete all our final so we can in some ways similar data not missing out to produce is complete and also the so was not using violence labels we have a a C library that the weather embedding entitled in school by not end with the weight of the uh the waveform using this and I think it really
is the nature of this important quantity it is missing ethnicity shall follow some of you that are doing this in a no would you say it is so that in this to make a lot out of you're seeing here is higher than the rest of the you know this is not always necessary of somewhere in the set of quantities so that the amplitude of the signal weighted by this 120 why and that is the sum because when we mean our complete the band could we say OK give that bit about the taking account the fact that we don't want to these tools so much more than that it a 3 per cent of all it's its uniformization so for example for the detection of the advent in September we end up with 250 thousand the waveforms so you can image out many times in this image of the there was found to produce a video scene and in indices of the main parameter space so that we can find using the number away
so today I will talk about the ceiling on these 2 men and the way in which we can start this scene and Indian War not the the effect of noise is not to say that is so we want to do it is so no specially that means that it is not to the same a wireless the the soldiers to after some music can change of this not the goshen is so that the solution is not found not in the fact that the adoption of motion and can be be and contaminated by the presence of domain is the same as there are many features that that can some way gravitational waves will serve as a citizen but nobody would produce an additional when you don't know exactly the way oysters simply and each of the 2 we can see what about so we show that they care about cleaning so as much as possible of noise that before the been trying to detect something inside that there are many advantages of denials of Python which we use to use these procedures and you know that you have invited to the price of the land the job and I live by not put that out that algorithm that we use it to clean up the doctor and this is important because what surely so the example which we know the waveform about what happened for the noise is not this is again if you want but if before we don't know anything go over there on the day and all this in necessary so we should be so what do we call a trigger generated for the dark uh genetic because so we look for a constant c node is all about the simply this finding that exists all senior and the doctor that they can be due to different sources of knowledge so all of you by the way the 1st served by private legal and this scene of in September was the 1 of these that generated the 2 will be supported the clear and with Boston did this vesicle whether to the composition of the novel and this is sort of looks like let's so these are the French pipeline that important the form of noise a characterization because we use the survival so genetic want just to find a bit different than the 2 that are now what about this is at the school and each of them so the number of the chivalric present that you know how about that so many of these we configured as seeing of all of always and we shouldn't by each of them to be sure that our our singer was not the 1 the we have a
network will be liable instrument to the text and see you know about the 11 network there are 2 I'm going on the same mean going entirely jail in knowledge and so gaga or most of but I think that the reason that was up window like jump to the next year but why we
are going to work because the gravitational wave that that that goes out and not to some of corpora you cannot point and your detectable in some direction of the space to local for some c now if you want to know to this was some of the proceeds the source position of a and you needed to know the language position and it is also you can good consider whether data for the media however they traveling good uh time of of wave the conditional waves of 11 detected the form effect and this way you can in some way the information all of the position of the source of the CA diesel was used In some ways that all of the position in disguise for the element of the vector and the tools we use these kind of look like this on the sky we he was always so why don't you suddenly the summer and between include but you can find a lot of books and the to applied this stimulation over the position while we have a network of we essence in much more detector are much more entities would be that would be the position of the of the information about the position the distance so when there are also musical comedy would be operating that being God we can become and this is more like that in this case that's why it is important
to to being sold come to the end that's a pretty good as a wave energy so it good for many years it seems almost impossible or also for the people that are working in this field and I should have made last so when I am day I left to no 1 and we believe that the was the 11th to because when it is surprising that by the fact that the 2 was so beautiful the solution you it is what almost benefit of the projection so we introduce this style of 14 September but also in December during the 1st scientific and on line there was another and then we detect always that called collide he sees as the advent of Indian units of so after the deposition we haven't yet left that was in the that going around the city of KDD system judgment in our part of the 7 control the adaptive and there and its stock of the procedural that was good news that then just of the given announcing favorite so this out of the wave form of tools better the scene and it to the fact that the declaration of handful involved in this is something exciting time domain there line going through saliva consists of an important piece of that prediction the thin plate the march of that that the best interests of the university is legal fees almost better and I
want to show you the he said the femme was achieved sound only for the kind you can another reason of some of them are 0 of of recall that this kind of seeing achieve both jostle for these the sound that you then you want believe that the self represented became high that are neither do defined it produces a beautiful sound for day
1 that that that could we detected in the sample was sent to the difference in the the fantasy or listen to whole set but with a smaller losses so that was that that that that attitude by age by combining the 2 survivors of which the thing in there is no way for solvers this Siemens so frequency to change in time and there is a need to be paid for the end of additional so
this is a lot of the anomalous about the detection so the 1st thing and essay invade the scene of the solution of the loss of wild was selected in the knowledge about this 2nd evidence little is more on the implementation the under the Sun's soul was point to the medium the velocity can and you 1 . 2 4 2 4 4 2 5 4 2 4 billion light years ended in this forum last presidency of different from the 1 in the database because use of the complex of the called the statistics and 29 and for the 2nd element of the and this and this and there was also not an article was indicating that they're interviewing isn't all that much but if you think that was not so good to make another detection sold coming
to my being and so what can in this field I in my senior processing and assess Jerusalem about this and I walk away so maybe answer for noise the corrected soul and 1 of and 1 of the best at the kindergarten before the fiction uh really going to adopted in the salivary liberties and noise and adjacency best library vector where embedded in Python using as we go and there now we have defined the genetic not nice to to keep the development of the self evident that generated that it was in the way that that can be used the just the that of noise so and then the last period they'll also trying to using the motion planning to we're to classify the most senior these are the this is the environment in which we walk using the fight consecutively in a safe you number buying you know all of the sudden just sure what do you mean that he sees the sellotaping by the output of our detector so all of these these are the details King of came out from the that that these are the same that off of the beginning of the widening of so called 1000 in India considered that I used to peaks yeah that in time frequency of being easily so the adjacent to have a look at all this kind of waveform and classify senior Lebanese union in some way and we give the user using machine learning techniques can vector of and separated this scene and different class just trying to feed the different way way for this so
i in the abstract incidentally can have a look at 2 doctor there are liable to use in the set of like open science and there you can go there and this is really good theory so that you can download the data like a doctor you completely used by the doctor that I beautiful to fall down you know they have 2 beautiful 2 dollars because into you need this same only that there the 2nd they haven't done where there are some of the of processing to conclude with described that and you can play in the of you to walk so maybe we can
try it now I prepared and shot the rational so
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feel so we might have time for just 1 question was shot quest for lunch we have 1 the Commission basically question is what is the gravitational wave form of physical the clothes and then make gravitational waves at the physical level so this is the gravitational of the physical level at the at the beginning of the end he added the think aloud as k means and the only thing the 1st part of the thought that I so we what got where it is invariably isn't it diagnosis civilization over the space from sold your space found in some ways more moving while also now introduce a gravitational waves of it was I must say I'm moving to the wire I'm moving up and not the semantic of it was you need also that the are significant 1 will be the end of the 2nd particularly at this time this anymore for laughter but to produce this is moral solution on your space and that the propagated through tools all of this this family that can reach yet or your phone your say OK I have 1 question very real is it true that the 1st event was the detected when they were as you to test the system because of operational knowledge was operation I use was wouldn't what the recorded and union inference before they're starting our scientific advance and usually the appear there was some days before that the the the use of the best so that everything of is walking that's all we have quite a lot but the wheel feature are not science small the models and small but it was during that everything was running present was in sense in the sense that it was a pipeline was kind of less that that in the middle of the service would you expect to see the person you want your program you get it for you start getting no we expect that to be honest we expect that the media like a sensitivity to it was a problem that we detected in the yeah but not to say that but I thought I thought process that we needed to was studied and expected for us OK you but you're much again