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EuroPython 2016 Closing Session
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Fabio Pliger/Marc-André Lemburg - Closing Session Closing Session
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and I can get this going to but explore the only thing
that that that that analysis for the loan that 1st of all economic system the please go to the the story but
so welcome everyone the closing session again think the
sponsors for calls for having has this year been helping visualizations that way we couldn't afford this
manual effort on food the interest so thank you very much 1st
thing that most of the balloon is or used to seed all modes in ruins we're we're interacting with the sponsors and there was a really good with directions and courses so that that's really nice not just about the money both yes
year we gave a lot of numbers this year we will be more for it but we basically have more or less the same number of tickets sold was last year of the light bulbs think area a lot of
assumptions everything in agreement with so so and we
can take this 1 so we had a
few SUSY cases this year we have 6 cases in total we solved all of them
and in in 1 case we have to send the attending so for next
year of course we're try to lower the numbers again and we'd like to ask everyone to to pay attention to how they
interact with the the others so this
year we would would really like to focus more on people helping people really running the conference that because of them that year year into of the good of so we will will every seem
to the stage to come here and get some of all so where's the your 13 please don't use don't you In the worst over here as
well to the middle of the mysteries
and the phonemes were grouped where
the is sponsors seems and if you if
you want need you should learn to be a
important words rule proposed was used I lose its quite
team support they have a lot of
work of financial aid were group the the
marketing in design there is
also a mutiny the room were
grouped when were the this is
closely related to you were
grouped so yeah for for
and then you have to wait to because the views the world what life like it's useful to that that he and goes down were through and in the well we would like
to think that counts the standards of the general girls and begins the organizers the always there the very middle
of these books OK so now I
didn't just very quickly anyone
who volunteered as a coach for the beginners daily jagged of these do you stand up if you volunteered the carriage thinking so much the same everyone of you
and you wonder what we can do that so that's all thank you thank you thank you what is sold we
have fixed the in 1 of my volunteers say what others in the room and please come to the
states and Canada people the use
of all of the the the have to the the the the the
the the the number of the the the
uh always be a bull's
will always work the always of
about and will be needed for the whole week because of the open-ended comments about open divinity he broke his
leg any long surgery and somebody said his messaging name these really have been of the goal of all the benefits and that everybody enjoyed the time so if you miss him any of the but also the Boston right to be bound this I so what the you the
indeed they give you could stay or whatever you are really part of the cells in in the
have the BBS system the just for the Bible verses now we we made a lot of heavy
lifting the less used to view the structured to raise some lessons some money to help with the outside of the you're right all in Real will now move try hard to make itself this happened and no 1 supported by the new in Europe and you should really applies a number 2 the website if you want help for you just support or you want to know more and this is
where serous serum by retiring like about or whatever and I would just like to thank everyone for all the help of all things and all that good that debates
because they help us to triangular that better the
Conference of those years have been quite hard to and by the it's really all of every every time that you buy the we can all the things that they're interacting with everyone and see all it's important for the European Community the 5 and you're in your community that the base by so I would I'm a happy to to leave the number really just just something back from 1 from the above OK popping from a place of in study just make place for younger and more people with more time and energy so and then you know
thank you and I was like
2 so this is uh also like to thank the views board in but most of the board and is still the award and I would like to the but goal of the new word and thank everyone in local
miniature Morgan effective
vector for real for the things in the world and I'm going to be the chair of the
PS to who's here how to do John I would like to have the PSP more open and that's why we also the the mission of the appears to be something that is available for everyone in the Python community in Europe so it's not just for organizing conferences and there's gonna be a slow process we are inviting everyone in Europe using Python 2 to Johnny we want to do something as sort of like the European PSF thing and we hope to to make this happen that it can see we have more port members now we have 2 more because we want to spread the load of it the workload everyone on this board will be doing a lot of work for organizing this conference with a lot of work as it has been in the last years and it's can change so we definitely need more help from you so how can you help it's actually very easy to just the sun is a sign up for for what group you just saw the various reports that we have a few things that that you could help in 1 of these recruits just right and to the board and then we'll we'll get you involved in the
organization of the conference was organized most of the work is before the conference at least this remote so it's it's usually possible to for example like we had in this works from Brazil to organize this conference and we definitely need more help of course you can also then help as onset volunteer as 251 want you have done here at the
conference but we also need to help before the conference of course then I have another message we
have these and we have lots of those that we need to
get rid of those so I'd
like to invite you to take 1 and free at least some at the conference test so we don't have to take them home again because
the quite heavy from and the idea behind this is that you you take this you're Invited in your community and then you spread the word about 5 thousand so you can be something like that ambassador for for 5 to to have structure words in companies or maybe introduce other people done a passing at issue how great price and this this is a good thing so for next year
you're probably interested in what with the current plan is for next year we have started a call for interest which means that we are asking people to tell us whether they're interested in running the
conference after that we have see if the the official 1 more formal and everything I up until now CPU runs until so next Friday up until now we have 1 of the proposal CFI proposal from Italy and the low it's going to be in and not in Florence again it's going to be somewhere in all the planets in our proposal to have some random another area where exactly factory that we still have to look at the venues of
course there there may be other teams that submitted
proposals on to the next Friday so we can't really say that with this from or not but given the response chances are rather high and say that's convenient so you can make
plans for going to the rights and another call we need help with the chair of the conference so we need to help with the taking down all the tables in the exhibit hall we need to put all that
he's back into the boxes we need to do something about the way too many facts that we have to the whiteboards etc. within a manage all that from the conference test so if you want to help you come to the
conference desk and then we can then sort will help in in which area so that we we can't do everything correctly right and so
we would like to assure a safe trip home regardless of their coming from and of course we would like to have say for to present 2017 next year so
we would really like to see you again at the conference we
found this had the not only scattered keynote come from the learners stay for the community
costs you end of all right so it's really like this without having
you and we hope
you're Hugh much much much
this is a problem I