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EuroPython 2016: Lightning Talks IV

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EuroPython 2016: Lightning Talks IV
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Various speakers - Lightning Talks Lightning talks, presented by Harry Percival
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from 1 Alex is you that you here again in a unit that is about death cancel the take away likes the
soldiers wanting before and if you like the of these 3 uh forward this girl is that is the need to be that the designs use
local artists from the part and actually to great job
and well if you like to please read
about it but they been to
so I'm I'm Alex of you I'm 1 of the core organizers I'm a cofounder of the following practices and
so on uh of society and this and that and I I'm 1
of the best on members I'm
working in the hazards of all hospitals and I'm going to
talk a lot about the small model the you did for my work of less Christmas and so and and it is shown that
the soul of the my in my job
I I usually work with the committee's files so they
are basically FIL believe I'll balance of the 3 of folders and files so the form for example in this case is that of the subject they'd be a subfolder called session and then 1 for other type of violence and then there's a folder with for another type of file and then finally the the file sold through to pass all these things I'd I couldn't find something that would help me enough and so I created
I created some of the envelope
which which has an object called Kronk and it works like so here I defined all the the root the root of the of where this is 3 this filed 3 years and then In the next life so I say here Goldberg this subject babies than the session and then the folder where the image files are and then to the father so this is hard to find the ground and then I can ask for the subject babies available in the file system this and then I can I have this function and sorry and if I do
this I forget list of crime objects with each 1 with a with 1 instance of of the existing as a city so for each 1 of these you can ask for but it's not a crime violence and so it's a crime objects and they can ask for the specific of the specific idea of each element and they can also keep searching inside the gates of and then also I can can use radiates or from a matching so for example if I want only the subject to the finish with 0 1 I the this 5 has all the functions like intersection to compare different so copies of the think
3 the like the more prepared and also we can call the crown of of trees
kind of with different structures so using the same argument means I can cope with different different parts of the tree somewhere else yeah
that the thing to ladies and gentlemen I know
that Alex is a very humble
man and might skipped over that just comparison little bit here because I think he snuck away last year before we could do this balance is actually the chairman of the conference and here in the Conference here last year he ran it this year so we all over him a huge debt of gratitude Anatoly organized with speciality if we assume that the
situation but added that he's
actually gonna kill me as an
example you can return my Maximilian salts of that I will have less so on growing and open source community that's I think on your wonders of then after that we got Pat Curry pavilion fantastic like that and the common can I see you in the front row someone to to there is fantastic object so I during this Lightning talks session as per tradition we should have won incredibly long joke has been over into multiple parts now we should have won rap and 1 song now we don't wanna mess about too much time so I could probably try and combine the rat and the songs are for you and so on in addition you have EGA adapters works as good upon
my job to which I use the gym what I was and much more about it the and the other to give a beginner run few buddhism islands my mom
contends story about 2 years ago that wasn't the end of September and I just finished products exams in university I decided I wanted to get out of the way from the dress and it was a Sunday afternoon I had dinner with my parents and I decided I want to go on tracking trip to Sweden in the middle of nowhere not talk to another human person for like a week so all of on Monday I went through the altar so we have Hamrick and on Tuesday I got my ticket them on wednesday and 1 on the train to Sweden and uh my 1st big dimensions we started so what you can see here something like the the
1st 5 minutes of the trip and then the changes to something like this here in the middle of nowhere on there's only peace around you and I really enjoyed it but I have to say Nice
planned to do around 100 kilometers in the week which is a lot of human around 20 kilograms of it with you so the only thing that's kind of Feltz civilized I took with me with a camera and every time I places like to right to got McCammon put a picture like this so and I can with
around 500 pictures so so probably have often was garbage you couldn't see anything on it because it was and no shake your anything on but I noticed after the trip that every time
I saw something I like I took a picture of it and then I moved on because they had a lot of wait in front of me so I kind of felt like these 2 if you see for example in Paris and from of the Eiffel Tower and everyone's just taking a picture of the Eiffel Tower and no one's actually looking at the Eiffel Tower so this is what it's all day it's beautiful and after I can that I wonder quite it down for a moment and but only took my camera and the picture so
I decided to the last year that I will do it again sort of taking a peek at the camera I would take the diary I've never ever written the diary my life and it felt kind strange doing it in the 1st 2 days was like talking to myself and usually you crazy if you do that but then I remembered the last time I
went to Sweden I started to talk myself anyway after like 2 or 3 days of not talking to anyone and they've been really have discussions with my salad was mostly swearing if there was a steep hill or I don't know I just and to say that works because no 1 could hear me scream them from the government and so on so what happened then was on
various see lakes everywhere in Sweden where I was so I discovered like a
small current to the lake that was not on my way but I went there anyway because well maybe it was from was nice and I arrived at a lake that was beautiful little stunning it was like on 1 of these policies in the Internet and I decided well the he didn't want do the thing did last year so why don't you just sit down here and I sat down and put my bag is beside to put my shoes and just stared into the void of Swedish nature
and probably took me 2 hours to realize that I did that for 2 hours and didn't do anything else
so from that becomes a very nice story because the 1st thing I noticed after like waking up from that was that I had dragonflies and be sitting over and if you're a little like this this was the view
that and you look at your needs a new arms and anything I had like 2 dragonflies and the whole of the sitting on my hair in my arms and you start to
think about why are they there and for me in that moment it was probably because of smell so I thought about how much the how will I smell how do I smell for what it has to be the king of dragonflies and bees sobey's like sweet things so it is more
of an electron in the only thing I remember remembered about dragonflies was that you drag a file of our the problem of land ponds so
probably smell like much to which is sitting after not showing for for the so the only thing that came out of that moment was student's fault but I was happy and I think take pictures of but the only thing and it was writing the superstore down my diary and from the name of my talk was if you can and home because I think we should live in the moment that more and not think about how I'm going to 200 kilometers in Sweden but instead of that going hand-in-hand times we could not doing things that just satellite becoming the king of dragonflies and bees smelling like honey amount because what
else is there to life than that and in the end I have a confession to make these pictures were taken from the splashed you're not
the 2 pictures I took my 1st trips and this just to make you realize of some this talk was good with people from different people wanted to remove that just like movement and doing things
few and from the of this and the want the
title of month there was no
very harsh lightning talk colors but sometimes you can't quite bring yourself to end on exactly 5 minutes 0 0 can you pick let's ready yet the rest a again a wrong thanks I wanna talk
about grain Open Source
community that I've been newcomer frankly because there are a lot of maintenance you and there are a lot of newcomers you let's bring them
together and I'm talking about
experiences we have made from the corporate community said
during the slides you will see quotes from people that have done our newcomer process there will hopefully support my arguments however this start is not because of time so let's get
started I think 1 of the most important things to do if you want to attract newcomers is making new combinations finally issues if you see a type of find another 1 if you see another 1 don't fix it and if you're
1 of the even better he tried to build a kind of lateral newcomers climb that so try to categorize issues in newcomers difficultly low difficult medium difficulty I let them I get to
the next level and that is something that people really like it is really and of course you
need documentation so ideally you just make a documentation pages pointing to your list of new communities and maybe explaining something
about you work for the newcomers can learn about workflow and gets smoothly stuff
what I think is also very important is rewarding newcomers so we have had some newcomers are contributing some really really awesome bears for quality which means new code answer
and what we did in those cases was retweeted out to our users because it's great it is also and used in an Austin just we want them to know that and our users well but there is
1 thing about the responsiveness when you have a community and you wanted to go try to respond now whenever
there's any questions drop everything you have right now respond right and the response can be I don't have time up until next week but respond now it is also
very important to know
that code review we have seen this and a lot of other talkers well should review is a good way to exchange information so you of course want to review the
newcomers code and you wanna do it friends with newcomers be especially careful you make them aware that you're doing this to everyone not tonight but also very very soon you'll want to have the newcomer review your code
because in this way you always get the fresh experience from the you can work together with the white old but more seasoned experience promising developed so you can get best
code and the best learning experience that's a 2 way street so users
1st if you have a channel and you should have a channel if you alone and code discussions like my can of topic channel something that current greatly
enhanced the social aspect of being in such a community I think the topic channel is 1 of the most channels in the core community
almost as much use as the main channel actually
and when the newcomer has it was getting started with the community asking for feedback because she has done the process and you will know way better what he needs another get stuff saying can improve next and at the same
time the show with this that you appreciate his opinion and the last and
most important thing I think is live disparate you want the community to be because it is not an empty sentence that a lot of people say found that a community or things
that you do as their leader will be amplified by by the way you raise a community it will be so very very free
words on how you can actually get you can to use you newly polished pipeline for a newcomer participate hackathons Summer
of Code make workshops for newcomers and just enjoy them coming to you
and so I always in my talks with something you I want you to do maintenance please try to do at least some of its 4 year project and the
open spaces that was yesterday sorry I forget to place the site have and newcomers ask for those things because maybe the maintenance this
doesn't know about it thank you very much
but as of next we have reversed because we have a pet on this is my 1st time for everything the dome basin and
I I gather that and I haven't seen this directly that on Twitter some people was saying that the media was a little bit mean to floor after his of this presentation about the amazing even powered by a browser so I just a sec obligates 1st of all I'm of the news and I think that idea is awesome and 2nd of all like if I was saying a project this nation this crazy if you can do it anyone can do it at my message there really was 1 of those of ambition like that is in these projects I wanted you know that things should we stimulate each and every 1 of us to go and try things will always surprised by the feedback we can get back from strangers and from the community out there so we have me it was an inspirational story that's really what I meant to emphasize I'm sorry if for a given an impression of a please take lesson ideas from that story which is a foreign is amazing we all can be amazing which you'll go out and try these things that seem impossible and we so often surprised by how well will turn out to be a point
at that please applaud Patrica's come us to tell us about everything there is in the Primera Ruth the list and you will
lose going on and the you have all of the people coordinates of the water is then a lot of by time and also my 1st time and speaking in English and from such a large crowd it's my 1st lightning talk with my
1st year of life on a couple days ago was the 1st time of the pickpocketed this is my 1st time using revealed that Js and I am now working in my
1st web developer job at the units from whom we properly quality Bremen Germany of the the the my contact
details and then we have developed a little
bit here's another person so while
monkey baseball's red to hide the cherry trees are yes
I know I know so what the lattice and in the jungle the drafting cherries
the idea OK so this is the fact that I'm working on and it's built on a Django back and with the PostgreSQL
database and a leaflet GIS maps background and what they do is they call using the request module of your all where I have the dataset and the ECML reject so you some
dummy data sets this is 1 of the neurons is another
1 can College and hopefully will arrive at this this is the that but I work at in bringing and you they ways it works I and the idea is to create a place
where people can put their mapping datasets and
project them onto and that this is the form that you would use to put everything on there and and then hopefully I'll be able to display everything
under map like this and I'm
working on this project all along but then after watching dual Matthews and doors Daniel precede and the quality talks on In reviewing code I felt like I
should ask for some help so
this is the general model that I use it's fairly simple was to be your own section right here I'm going to be adding a user model for authentication stuff but I called the URL to get data into the the site and the from the
request serializes and this is what that looks like crazy I'm
pretty sure that there is a better way to do this but I don't know it so I've come here to ask for everybody's help but then we would talk about co review and if you
guys have any suggestions sending e-mail of you know wanted use encoder you go ahead and find
the get have become full and the topic that up in this 2nd in response to Daniel procedures of frustration with the terms rock
endangered I thought maybe we could be wizards maybe we could be Electric Wizard
what do you do it thank
budget and on and on in your next cost on and will have a TFD above
on 3 static carrier is demon we're on fantastic and then after that we've got down in Andreas shot 2017 I I should also say that when I joke about this year being Linux on the desktop that I am a proud that Linux User and I issues all the time and I have the full Stockholm Syndrome and that's engendered by the the only reason you need
OK so this is about they're very boring problem you have a
big obligation the navigation and these are the best but not to get her husband then when you're probably going to spend the next 2 weeks fighting this
but because it's hard to reproduce etcetera etcetera so just for fun here is 1 of big application
recently basic erythema going to showing this demo we use on these huge
application but actually it works on an agreed that obligation can you see
what the problem is OK
to buy to yes OK so many
of you see here the problem is
that the the the least we contains 1 of the objectives twice and then the we add the
value of the single object do we had 1 2 eyes so let's then this sound all sessions here we OK and then when of of present here any needs crash in and then you're not happy because well what crashes these lines here OK and then what can I do it again and again I mean is is a bit pointless but that could do that but then would like get from that I get an object it's exam that value is set and yes thank you so what can I do you can actually start using a special version of the Python interpreter that is special of type I actually had turned out that that doesn't really matter and the that that want to produce a log file so now have a not my program and he crashed and it produces the fight of everything that these programs did OK so what do we need them I use a number of programs on the log file this is for coral cord lightning and now I get their depended on these is called the reverse the bigger because now I am at the 1st line on it a continuum he goes to the less executive lines which is always the that sits in this case are not we see that the observed
and 19 800 it's 88 executive lines of code in the morning and then against print my objects and see that the value is wrong like it's 7 but what can also do is going backwards step by step so no 1 on the other line of
thought not the end of history now it's the value is the right now
it is yeah so it is
the subjects that I 0 so I can actually print
that uh 0 that value that just system seemed like that again now I'm watching that as your than value on can continue running backwards and now it's step backward at some point to read but as you know the value changed these to the point where the value chance
to 6 and if I go again
backwards the is a point further so by questions do
5 OK so it said means twice as that is that it is the 1 we have Pr intensity 1 when it's a big list of OK but I see that these big
list is the lack tools so again what again see but don't count I guess history
twice and this is why the points in the streets I'm going to watch this now I'm watching the the fact that this value is to now I continue backwards and it's these lines that's chair like before it was 1 after it's too so this is the line that is your real bad 1 now we define the bed the it will thank you all know
next year you about do you
that way yeah you go they still fine so I'd like to do for you now have 1 of my favorite songs and 1 of my party pieces it's about a minute long writes a song a famous rock actually the right around white outfit cold sold and patterns and I'll do that probably just after the next speaker please FIL so this
is my 1st told him
about the you by from about the pressures that use an so you so I'm sorry but that is very accidents and take the Newton steps but you're
going say why expanded on knowing want to read about it but I hope this makes you want to switch to a better window managing system so where it is thought I was
watching people trying to learn the computer as a starting so hard we will display and I like why this is 2006 this will not be that difficult of
the the exactly so what this
is X 1 and X 1 there are is the procedure command line
interface to 1 there are extensions and longer extensions kind of communication protocol and expand their provides the ability to use that but and resize rotating and do things with screen so what's excreted urine the freedom the value and is just the best thing in world them hi
and half stress that this is a very small program that angle in a very efficient way that the
king of the freebie and where when to show you that fear and experience of vision but also it's a good dial it so we can in fact finding and it's quite like a free in so what's by free status it's an extension of free status for the final that I fear and it can do a lot of things requests features from is that it can handle chickens so I'm
going to have to sure you like them more it all languages yes and I'm going to switch to come up with and
so now you can just to see what I'm saying right so this is a
freebie there and this is the exam there are modules by infrastructures and I can role and change mode and I can change also ordered disarmament stuff like that so this is on the left side you simplest configuration of x and our and you can see that the
consumer follow you may just it really could do is generally I
was under the right from for instance and I can I can do that again shut on the screen and at the
end of the embargo How can you have
attended that those who are interested but I don't want to be on the screen
and then and then when I read article so we have to do it and when I
played in the you will and so
on back to the slides and this is the configuration and I'm going to show you that give I hope you all like this right now
amazing and uh
yeah so there is the negative of the sum of the thing about that is that is 3 terms so if you want to share and pressure are consumer people to Cuba saying about the countries that use that is you all saying what I'm doing on no and please I'll have a look at the
the this 1 the song so you start off thinking is really lame and then you can like it in an ironic
way and then you realize 1 day you just we just actually like now I can bring home the bacon fried independent never lets you forget that still amount Desama W. O. and a and that's what I am doing what I can do that then the next thing that crazy but said that a break manages to get my respect go to work and get paid less than the men and when doing the same damn thing is you can also when an aggressive the number which when I get attitude to call me a bit so you can you can be a wicked 6 who will also give you a few of
you have been elected I don't think so NO I'm a genuine feminine female thinking you hanging numbers there uh
ever done gelatin 27 and you think you we're gonna talk about not really
a conference where can that is next year shut 2017 we are
actually not many and various but which they look at me and this is fixed where from 42 which is a Dutch
hacker spaces um actually best text on also the only thank you for so this
shot 2017 what is it what the official
name is still hacking anywhere but you may or may not know that every 4 years there is a
hacker camp in the Netherlands uh 3 years ago that was only 2015 uh that was my 1st education I think fix has been too many more
1 1 welcome and when
um so what is it like a set every 4 years
Every 4 years we think of another confusing good so so
that and it's actually a large large campsite
we've got a lot of big terms that are really way too hard but we don't have any old tells us of like that if you want to go to a you will have to bring your own camp and stuff and them there's
well nerds techies um programmers medieval people the Poisson there and there's
people whose job Peruvian over there and I'm really everything and
anything like that you know and what can you find there will open technology um most amazing text uh most amazing knowledge uh we do a little little projects what you see on this picture is actually a radio antenna and the call is on there is a life working you um that
was indicating whether there was any broadcast all really um so please um join either
come and uh help was organized or be a volunteer at the the campsite this is
or you know the same answer now
we've got promoting Python assumed community mentoring and as interns by and
Bhargava idea Bhargava was get that 1 from it follows dams defendía 10 the 2 after Stephane Africa and if we can find promoting Python but of a person otherwise our statistical data visualisations by Klaus taking up closely someone fantastic it's to doing July so this boy has this dog and it's a very shaggy dog and and his friends there'll constantly remarking on the exceptional shagginess this dog and is then she is friends and family so you know what you should enter your dog in the in the village shaggy dog competition to see you has the shaggy stuff so OK well I'll give it a go I mean it's not gonna not care how could I really when I'm not so sure what you can read a statement of the above all dead that so many mister the
trade important matter and just differ so that is just management of boats
wondered at the 4 and
5 February 2007 to an inverse services in Belgium we we have the follows them 2006 to 17 sorry it's just a
small event where we can
find some high curiously and the rest yes that the description on the web site but embrace
is just told hacked year storage act sometimes some years at the research something we tried to improve the free and helpers whose software in my case despite and uh we try and also
to improve the security of my skin and the knowledge so for a follows then
just more even we followed 5 thousand accuracy hundreds lecturers and hospitals unlimited there's because we are in danger so yes you
see a man is to be free looking for the
next we have some topics you like adults but I think that you like some other topics we can find had them security positivistic well my sequel vectorization with use and alter rest testing Haggerty configuration icon now our uh do rugby and the that take
but of course there is a part of the probe so a small example if you don't
know for them it just that
1 thousand people in the same room 1 of the fundamental your soul
welcome to fight on and for them 2007 the last year achieve 500 also thank you 16
materials and of course the
limit there rules of the Python for
them at the beginning we're receive people the last year with the
success receive 400 or 500 people in the same way thank you the authors so that users
can all I didn't I just like
said I've been divorced and I've
been to belgium just for it and it's not only data that you can get in Belgium and you don't have to drink not compulsory you can also get rise this is a fantastic so i closely coming up and getting ready in the of the class will have a yeah that's my code which is probably a good yeah yeah and and managing price and technical that was in and we then bring trends is pretty fast at I think it's so surprise surprise he doesn't actually wins this local shaggy dog competition is dog assertion wins the village shaggy dog competition which you believe us here that's geared so I and class II
data analysis and scientific computing amount of with you for your library that we increase the quality of my merchandise
visually exploring datasets is often very he just tasks and this is where the problem comes in handy so bond is a visualization library that has been improperly matplotlib and also on type so it's kind of standing on the shoulders of giants and it offers a
high level interface to to produce or statistical graphics so it might be is interesting because it have started
functions appealing callable let's and you can do this using blogs regression plots category plots and expert objects so I give you 2 examples physically for the times the problem that court but 5
0 small dataset
where our categorical variables and weights and we want to see how wage depends on this category I hope it is OK if I continue because it's not a very inclusive holiday it was that
the only way mean participants of the old it's OK so let's see what we have want to how wage
depends on education and race by means of boxplots for those of you know what works what our physical brought in a box so here we have half of the data lies in this area we have some probe was the history of
major estimates and here we have outliers so there are some
people learning quite the of money and there was that 1 there related to education so that dedication to be and we see here but also I think it was already looks quite fine but the order is a bit further
distorted so let's let's change during by the here and we see
that it helps classified occasion but it is not really necessary so can already be a top and you remove all over our great student at least in this dataset and you know of what so that include race you could do it is of course by adding a 2nd plot but it's hard to to see the relationship so it would be much nicer to 1st split the dataset according to
education and then according to race so that's what that's you
variables which is without and now we have everything to get uh over the education and also raise new Matsuno will carry with the but tends to make it lighter binding of the plot and the efforts and like this and I don't know whether you use too much of it but I think 5
lines of work is graphic it's quite good the gets a fast way to produce our good looking over
graphics so this was an example for a and i categories blood another
thing that I frequently use of time series so in this case where they can move so the travel data from other European air quality database in this case it's so much and by outside so it looks like this will never at the time index and some variables and will explore this variable in this case it's from the end of the month intervals 11 here so what does it look like for sake of simplicity we restrict ourselves to the last year in the dataset the use of hot springs in fixing it but rather than part of premise feature yeah this is time so we know that the course for a negative bag side of for example cars so
since we know that there cast on the curve are uniformly over the data would be interesting to see how the concentration changes over time and also whether there is a difference between weekends and during the week so let's this
information the dataset had a column litter that tells us is that we can or not so we had another variable that is depicting the hour of data and another variable that we
need for recognition purposes so we just get the information that you want to display to all data frames and then we just what so that's like this maybe it's but are hard to read so it would be nice if you could aggregated may be using the median also some some other robust estimator this through this and theory are the receiver during the weekends the imagined bicycle reasons must much less that is to be in the morning hours because the people drive to work by car and we are so it's a few lines of code
information and another 3 lines for the book for me this is quite useful and maybe you want to
take it out but I think my 5 minutes are over so world include thank you very much you a couple of
announcements Alexander here can you see and everyone stand up on
that we just receive notification of talk is canceled at the last minute so if anybody would like to do the next to last middle first-come-first-served you have to find Alexander after the lightning talks and because it's not fair to voice is the front runner would get to inference that that is suppose composed 3 talks on tomorrow and the other announcements is that the Pokémon trainer trainer by the name of the was there a put on China has 1 the Pokémon donors championship but I'm here to announce their name the name is 84 protein you will it was hiring and maybe it's an anonymous thing but anyway the prize is a free ticket to side ouster this evening as they built to pick them up from the the registration that's likely that the
best Pokémon trainer whatever that means and a 1 final
that if genomes please
so hard and I must confess I really liked
all the lectures bottom there some of it really somehow are associated with the I was really surprised at how many do you sessions we hear you know we talked about how
we write stressed of dopamine measurement doesn't understand that we need to write and to use bones we also discussed how tool on nature we requested reviews of as best as possible and so all of this energy just will not talk about things and like an hour
ago we had the discussion on it was a block what do we do when we fucked up to so and in my data with you a lot of time which start-ups
there have similar problems and interestingly it doesn't matter if they are very small and the villages of applying the market or if they just got like 10 million
dollars in the area of the funding is wrong and I just thought it would be interesting to share some of the are solutions that work for us so yeah again and
the that this is going on the sole method at the end of the day they are really not the black magic on me and I will try to argue how they can actually from Help us in daily life tool our resolve conflicts or of Syracuse so far the 1st picture should basically the whole point and because I don't have much time I just couldn't understand case so we can then that home church what is actually going on would have some
gold so we assume we have here 2 classes the forces the gradient of public methods and the 2nd is required not so usually you are good teams did you don't have the time or the budget to work best on the other hand but they also probably don't have time or the budgets for the source of all the orders of CI pipelines and things like that so and other options use of course tool find some static analysis tools or inverse area of our home your them you but if you have like a of our leaders to broaden your units of just my soul here are a couple of solutions so long the acquired books class you see it that it is our metal here which indicates that it is somehow connected with other classes and not every of class that's really of the sum of from this 1 hour wheelchair on industrialization problem or the when every you start doing that so you get something very no waiting for the stored CO so reluctant of you just write so all you'll get an exception if you're methods of container and upstream so how was that so if you want to go for you can analyze the filtering and and regular of also here and say OK what you should do is just string doesn't comply to that's a good with guidelines the only exception in and you can do from a lot of schools and things like that just with of the middle classes and again you get a like this and you do that you don't have to to worry about for our Jenkins or whatever and it doesn't take a lot of resources so long that was
compliance spots and the words that were technical that part of
the soul again I will to 0 which is going on for quite some time and you know if you want to have the proper reports and so on you have to countries were a bunch of things so solution that would be dual right to the greater than that of the edges of an exception and raise the screenshots and at that point but in this case you would have to the all over Europe estimate of motor pool our just like
of a class like this 1 at the
loss of and use it in your on this screen and from
them from their if you for that cluster of just works if so if you will circled what's happening here in the uterus through the other class of methods and you will receive the and you are doing that for all the ontology
use and yeah we didn't have time of war on the design and what excuse and here of this clue you can reflect the server this is is basically the same solution will all of the will
be so you have a class it has some all our and you can all red blood that would make the glasses that's a and B that at
thank you very much I think it might be a bit of a crowd so there everyone to get done that and that is in fact all we have time for today so
thank you very much data everything was because they think that all of you thanks to the train I'm going thankful that organizes thanks to the volunteers thanks to the Boston often all the bars thanks to the restaurant owners thanks to the people those ice cream on the street thanks to the people who did
make the bridge and the museum and the arts and the and the pigeons and the birds and the bees and the nature in the sky and clouds and everything and remaining