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EuroPython 2016: Lightning Talks III
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Various speakers - Lightning Talks Lightning talks, presented by Harald Massa and Harry Percival - Christopher Lozinski - - David Naranja & Maria Coetero - Random.random() online - Petr Viktorin - PEPs 487 & 520 (*descriptors in 5 min) - Anselm Linsnau - tuxcademy - Great training material - for free! - Miroslav Pojman - PyOO - Control Open Office from Python - Fabio Pliger - Jupyterlab - Plethora - Python meets Industry - Data Challenge - Adam Castle - Ripe Forum - Florian Brühen - Crowdfunding - Charlie Beeson - Running a Coding Cometition - Pavlo Andriychenko - Jupiter Tricks
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but all of us go well the crust than the of all library please give a big head and here I
have it's my great pleasure to introduce
Python library the world's largest type undirected
like yahoo directory of do you most bloggers is tree of categories with links to useful web pages if you search on google for Python you find snakes you'll find Monty Python and you find things that are out of date you get a list of 15 million results of the flat list when you come to blogger in it's all curated by over 100 volunteers and it's structured as a tree we respect of privacy and on track with which you visit I'm it's structured as a tree the 1st thing that everyone needs database library so here you can see Python python
database persistent 0 dB 0 dB videos you can click over to the video you want or if you want to browse around you can click around the tree and in particular it's amazing how many more people should know about persistent Python's 0 it's wonderful software I highly recommend it
it's way too much for any 1 individual to do such a large project what I do is I demonstrate the web by important structured content so blogs communities are assessed and alan seeds I highly recommend long because the structure of what is the tree and it reported an XML file and then there are many markdown libraries to be imported this and the most the videos from here and course it's also got a Web user interface with the content management system proposed upon and everybody has their own tree and the all structured differently so on the right-hand side you see lots of private trees are all important and merged into a single global tree it's great for senior developers you can link you get higher or BitBucket repositories pipe packages if you want to your blog postings articles youtube videos of resources
elsewhere it's excellent for the
intermediate developer because instead of spending all your time going to ruin searching you can just go to library and learn what's available in the categories that are of interest to you Of course there might be a bit is the big thing because all these beginners they don't spend their time searching they just wanna learn what's of all and they wanted and it's an opportunity for the senior developers to connect with all those new Micah developers and let them know about your products I invite you to take a test drive it's all done in Python on top of 0 dB with fancy tree JavaScript libraries and it's behind an engine service told it should be able to handle this problem a number goes and he was invited by
life the of rules for test drive to more and we can talk about you
type unpaired assets in which categories they belong also on Saturday there's a link fast sort of introducing bring break up into small groups of
people interested in the same categories so you can find people were interested just what you are and then work together with them to to identify the important resources which ones we should be making to link to them and talk to them about your issues and I invite you to come
the Bruce and Richard come on
Saturday and if you go to the website and add your blog e-mail and password you can stay connected get you know it thank you very much you know of a lot of guys I
had a request and ideal we
stand up I see Dylan there's got stickers Museum over here in the front stand make
yourself really obvious deal there's got stickers for PSF members so if Europeans that member put your hand up for the rest of the lightning talks to watch out for guilt as he comes near all road
spot him wave to him discreetly and he'll give you an amazing PSS together that's how it's gonna wipe gallon appears stickers congratulations and thank you for being here as members and you loaded their hand-clapping again itself
and it's not 1 other confused so why London was setting
up a this category time total didn't like it sorry I love took those torques economy of related training materials for free think this to time and which started with this new Help me crawled let's draw out of that thing but the bird of prey from the clean all those lives in it's Firefly while only had 1 of these things all white to you get 1 instance
of on the screen and a constant to make this work I'm afraid because the related work and can we just get 1 yeah so we get to the random guys you
yeah so consumer the Penguin of whom I'm so random who got this job nobody wants to know what is the cost of more and what they all that's because below the data it's not on and my goal you almost money will go to go up there all and build talking about random random online folder DB needed to as the service you ready yet they didn't for 1 so this
is a very nice fermented richer and we're to because we our she'd nearest so we we
fainter and fainter next speaker common this like nothing of this happened as so we need to share with our experience when Wimbledon an a sites and we really have no idea what we're doing just fine things together at the same context would build a side where you can generate random stuff will give more information about the
that side of the world but the interesting thing is somehow lights out how it how did it go so 1st highlight we
minister during oral span this is how in books and book look like when I set up money at the tell me whenever something goes wrong about you decide that the get some CPU spikes area debate and effect and so the ratings 100 the females so as good engineers went to the source of the problem and when it was generated e-mail so we just raise the federal right as they go highlights a we managed to make people make money with outside 1 money and 1 morning received this e-mail and it's but it's it's a set our sights was having some animals duties and we figure out the was the as efficient their website hosting of EPS which was hacking the great credit cards making like they were as this with
government for tax revenue about and also have been
impeached name is and what is the dose and he loves to which came from was us and there's lots of travel around the world mislead beach places there's highlight is
never too late to high data released at there's this night there 11 PM
and you have been working on something and you really want to eat ability today because it's Freddy has invested so use push
the product and what is being deployed you just go to sleep at what's box somewhere and water so the 3 was work in the project received a lot of males because every every time we have never what we have the null well and but him because he had a spam filter of after the money thing and so that and I connected
the 2 the products are at a change some lines of code and restore the butt and
altered together with their copying the data to know about plus plus and saucer replaces paste again what I was getting the phone being being a
stellerator written well was a punt and me what I want to talk
about a couple of things about new user before you implement
anything that you could use it if you want to say was that we knew that our and Knight of the White within
a public traffic was people they would let it wouldn't make sense to put Spanish
as the full language but we didn't we still in use because of recent when and under what happened is that the uh we managed to
lose to those of our only 4 months and that has data we
women recovery than last year
but was the Indian was enough of it and how we often find in these that is the region where we
both come from is a very nice play with many things and that with my village and there the name literally means high-octane alive but it's it means that and yet it has nothing to do with a clear presentation but is just there I said because of me when everybody as muon from
a nobody nobody so it's there in the middle of nowhere and
after that in some of the anyone
to say is that it there we consider that there was a and new functionality that was we couldn't find any of their websites and was making a collaborative filtering anybody can join and on the left side and looking at times room on everything is something like a perfect idea that and it down of the didn't so much because of setting up everything
implementing a lot of things and it with music production we tested in we got analytics and we see that these 9 moving
is in our model and Q . 9 % it's a certain order we have put so much effort and that so young we Indian we relate their figures
like at least 1 % by about
what is not so it's war and then well just to have of them because what is it with for a you can generate random numbers are a little and that's why I like making random groups applying a point from a picture of the tournament ruffles and Facebook and so on and in well we now it has a lot to previous experiments effect of a common was still in present because I know how can we make so many companies but
and analysis
technologies and things that we learned that Europe we have to do you we learn and it's living so it anyone who wants to create a new draw or anything it's more than welcome
there again we enjoyed a lot going
0 yeah this is a thing thank the lord for reported Nyman involved in doing the analysis of the things here and there have been this was
a economic thought in
some them again and have them go with
this this difference to firefly which only had 1 goal know that and this thing when we say that we always welcome when was another keynote this morning a it was great love lives and kind of ironic pipe was the language which the only language in the world has a module for antigravity which you can
import and that language was that the molecule find the gravity was used to detect gravitational waves no no no but will still fighting
movements because in relation to the other thing of some of all of us ask this guy did you think it was a prank when you got it and he was
explaining before that's of during that privatization ways to produce the goods of the mass of the sun was converted into energy I was doing the wall that some effort for branch what they can so do we have to give like a sort of mental stripped Firefly and
you have to use I can do another child who goes to 0 the cold then I have to read this
thing and see whether that changes and the other is lower of that amylose Latvia someone at the front here also I that that pitiless already setting up a very good I would put just and up
if you went to an open space I keep your hands up we put end up if you've been to visit and
speak to a sponsor
depends up quite fine and we keep your hand up if you've made it to every single 1 of the morning keynote which is not weight has hand out right now you should be embarrassed about taking full advantage of this conference particularly by the way the sponsors to every time again speak to sponsor unlike come dragging my the going well I suppose I should do this but
that is going that's going to be all commercial nonsense and actually I inevitably enjoy the conversation the well thank you this is
to do some of his talk titled and when it when it was hoped that a victory about whatever about giving against yeah so I wanna talk
about 2 new that are making it to Python 3 6 but I need to do kind of deserved described descriptors 1st so let's say you're building kind of a water and like like Jenkins models you have little database and you want to have a class that represents role in that database that there was a 1st attempt you might do a class like this that I get a number of the row copy the name and whatever
activities you want into your class and here you have that sort of like in a lot of things but the problem is if you uh if you change something in that class and the database as a data so what she can do to thinks that is that is a set main function call this set 9 function to change whatever that would eventually lead to want the class is updated the database is updated always good problem is if you create 2 classes like this and they just 1 of them the other 1 will get get down left in the dark what you can do use properties properties are kind of like descriptors on training wheels generally descriptors 0 out you can have a property that dynamically gets some have beach from from somewhere else from your database you could have a center for that's that now updates the database and everything is nice but the problem now is that all of this you have to write for every actually would be nice to kind of package that happens some framework so you wouldn't have to write that all the time again and for that you can use descriptors descriptors are a bit like properties they have get function and a set function out there's a bit of a bit more magic involved but the good thing is you can have all this in analysis and some framework you just imported using how is it like this he declared to have to to be a column with some name and you're good now the problem here that people found out is that you have to repeat this name 2 times so in Python 3 6 we're getting a little well before that uh things like a skill alchemy and Django uh do a thing that is a bit like this for every entity it in the class you look at it that actually think and that actually death and actually is a column and if it is then you said it's 9 so now you don't have to use this name but you have to call this fixed model function on every class and that is handled by something called metaclasses which are giant black magic with this several drawbacks 1 of these is that metaclasses are not supported on Michael Python and so we need something better as soon and by country 6 there was a pep accepted just this week at step 4 8 7 that where you can that you can use in its subclass function and whenever you make a class that that in its subclass of of the parent class gets called so you can get all this magic a new framework in your library and then just supplies model everything is fixed everything is nice that you can do 1 more thing without that and that is in the uh in your descriptor class there is now a set name function which gets the main so you can you can kind of see that you don't have to do anything else that I don't have to repeat the name so but this is the kind of change that gets added to bite non by now so you know it's a pretty complete language there just these little quit still around 1 more quick like that is the gender needs to know the order of these attributes like the order they were defined and to map that to the the database columns currently that's done by by cyanide so by very much having the global counter and keeping the track in which the circle and classes were created and then you can yet you can them like on the last line there you can see which 1 was created 1st which 1 screen 2nd and for that problem that 5 uh 29 was created and that so now you can you have this actually it's called definition Auger now which gives you the names and the names of whatever at these were defined on the class as is what is defined so you can actually ordered by by this nite so now I think you and to out of time so thank you for listening to
the customer OK but on
top of them but given encouraging evolved in a world where they I this year 3rd time about if we recycle jason last year that instead of me saying the punch line the people who were here last accusing and its interactive about from our so for example rural Irish programmer you remember walks into a ball
and so apparent on the shoulder and the work of the the bomb and then the power is going pieces of non pieces of 90 pieces 9 and the barman says I think that I think is something wrong with apparent and the programmer says we have to actually we have to do is to to reach because the other just encased in here that the the punch line is it's a parity and yeah you guys there was enough of a really but it's not the end of a joke it's not the end of a joke because then the barman says 1 more thing right it's like it's a staying misjudged what is the bomb and then follow up with yeah I thought it was a bit of right many the I think slides the way overrated anyway but if it few
and therefore we have this nice based approach we couldn't talk for a couple of minutes you without
slides so where am where am I coming from I am I have been using Linux since about 19 or so for the last 15 years or so the work as Linux instructor for a company in germany and I that company stopped earlier and this year for reasons and and 1 thing I did for my job was basically writing training materials books on how to use Linux and other open-source things so I talked to my old boss also happened to be my new what's what to do about these and he said no problem and we make these open source and you get to spend 1 day a week working on these so there we are now this the project scope
text at www . tax cut we don't or that's to UX
and C a D E M Y got largely you have to stick to www and from time afraid of got around to fixing that but what we do have right now so what do we mean open source with open source we mean on Creative Commons bias 8 for Creative Commons mean you get to share these tweak these I use them however you like even in your commercial classes I means that our copyright notices need to stay on even if you tweak them and share them and as a means share alike so if you do a tweak these and pass them on to other people get to use your Tweets and tweaks decrease these further I so what do we have no we do have training materials in German and English but mostly cover the LPI 1st level certification exams we have training materials in Germany that covers the and level 2 of the OPI training exams and we have bits and pieces excluding the manual on triphones which i just uploaded yesterday to celebrate this occasion so to check that out if you want on all of these are available in PDF which of course is and a lot of fun to tweak so I'm working on getting the LaTeX sources released for that as well and so tweaking them will be more fun what can you do and you can read those learning share features you can contribute to send send the park success that you find come on of course if you want to contribute sections chapters new manuals that would be great I you can translate these into other languages if you like we could learn German if you and I want to read those that are in German still and of course the main thing you could do is spread the word on which the looking at the spaceship so thank you very much I'm very
sorry about this slide spend 2 hours those last nite and now that anyway enjoy the rest of the conference has I and all that we do when they use the plural which would mean Harry which is the only 1 that spelling correctly in in English Dictionary incorrectly given against looking for the portal OK that was not the images so I just like to
say a run by the way that made a change stylistic sartorial changed to my usual lightning talks outfit with today is the 1 that is where is a problem that someone until me there's a there's a sort of saying in Bilbao which is this which is 1 dealer sub-adults which basically means put your shoes on that and so like I'm very glad to do that and 1 reason why flip-flops is because when you up on stage in front of a lot of people in a fight or flight reaction kicks in it's very scary so you wanna feel like any time you can actually run away really quickly but the benefit is 1 option
or like running shoes is good to say I just in the back of my head is that like service state mechanisms but if you did that this would be I guess the flight part is late tell a joke strike that's way you take on the challenge and surely people often incredibly bad on it must be possible all and OK wonderful
what we have a full screen so area for the title and the speaker it's feels hi I'm women and and influence
answer like I cannot get going to so I kind of complicated just look there and there there's my name somewhere like that but not all of them so let me show you how you can control
OpenOffice spreadsheet from python you maybe never get open offices and the i which allows you to control benefits and sponsored by the API which is called you know you know it's very complicated 1
does not want to use a directly so I wrote a library called by all of which should provide some simple and iconic interface to this you know I so I will try to
show you few lines of code how you can use that library 1st I start OpenOffice you just see that we get some process idea and the written code so the Open Office's running I said that he listen and some soccer and if it's listening I should be able to connect and create a spreadsheet and border library greater connections and this happened under right of the screen yeah like there's no development it starts and pop up so I
returned and OK if I have spreadsheet which is you know I can
also open existence which useful if you want to reach and they got or if we want to use something played by up to forget what they think pursuit because is not partnerships there a I can get it by name or by index antecedent and square that OK but this is how you signed up that that you you may notice and got it's inspired by an unbiased so it sums to the dimensioning or i which of bodies and that's exactly OK got that are in spreadsheet that you can't adopt them can set I guess like most of the people who because these formula so in this example I said for formatted spreadsheet you some Albore
which finds the correct so the range and the value of do stretch of the from Robert
which shares freak out and then the as you can see it's calculated by the stretching just the expression and I got the same value in spreadsheet and part and there is many more you can for model built you can say that I will show 1 last thing which are and I had a chance to which is like indirectly by change somebody real goods and the chart also in the idea that most of you spoke and then you can catch me and ask about advantages and disadvantages because it's like kind of special solutions by our main advantage is that you are using OpenOffice which implemented most of the function you may need like you don't reinvent all the things when you are trying to think of some something Microsoft being implemented somewhere maybe the common maybe not this is the link to the company get up where there's library there's some surgical mentation about the the and due you have to makes up a study
area February after that I think we will not have VGA but age so sorry you have to to switch from I guess give a man a fish and for that teach a man to fish and he will transcend e-mailed trying to get you back columns by other could lead prepared to rob the you know the all men rock when and that does not say Mount Rushmore this was limited a and to me and if like gives you Madam call right up they OK so I'll have a special request saying I want to finish without
30 seconds before going have 2nd talking and 37 called the OK so
and public our work mainly this I did have found a found
uh I work mainly on local news so library to
things but today I want I talk about something new can rule here however evolved into peer of more recently 1 and you're you're about to collapse not from many
of the fibers and subdural
is is the new rule is what is going to be the new Jupiter
the environment in order to redeem just released the 2 weeks ago or so for all real publishing that can work but
actually occur for external in you can actually go about the project in so called
instructions and to run that it just 1 2 parallel and the role of is again see it's it's quite a different intervals you and I meant to be a different kind of user
experience of comparing to the parent to parent are on the left side you see the the tabs files and commands and some nice commander cheat where you can see that commands and going to
be shortcuts that interconnects with few of them what's special in the course stuff year comes with an about about down on the on the main area in tells moral the project and other stuff was the the main window lets you actually do more the the the can create a notebook and that's quite familiar as an interface and there is a little bit different but also the main users run of an instrument fully computing you work and their very there's no small part because being used but there's a lot of work that behind of both from interphase against it
and I think that this is different so for instance if I open this noble can start typing thing
there's and there 1 I want to start a new 1 can start here and if they want to have received both and I can actually stack them composed something the wine different places like this and the whole system is is is very new it's used to be applicable in you to be even babies so of 1 of the problems of
the algebra bludgeons is that basically all of them were just putting everything in the book and the domain like trash can and then reuse and stuff this is much more lightweight and it's meant to be uh to be performance the
region the proper way you can actually have a new code and data to write growth in in mobile of what actually you can also seriously the terminal so you can actually start terminal insight
into and and I invite
everybody to try and play with tried to break the bond post issues and
possibly of all requests and it's it's interesting especially with you I can actually see the of the
increments were like 4 UCI inside proper connected through them so you can actually use your your
preferred editor scientific of are which can be much earlier because of in
what should be expected of here or whether it it was because it
is a close 2nd thoughts
border my friend he has a dream you me Larry Page and so we're starting complain to have more more time you really very basic so so this
is important to counter this is a new rule has sold 3 read
if you find the area around the computer with them and take a self with alongside more about that is that the library if you have ideas along a set of with comparable to the other
especially similarity based on his conduct or e-mail or you know doesn't or anything the project was that you
Thank you you 1 idea maybe you should go we have lost yes just
a rough idea actually remove him for his we don't have allergy then
he he was saying so nicely in the front deformation was given so Data challenge plethora of is going up to being that the that
that has a name or a person that has no name which just descriptions every brilliant thank you and after that we got our Florian moving on crowdfunding is
someone which floor Florence yeah reintegrate the text some of which is on what is the a father and daughter which is sort of programmers father-daughter programmer going to kind of life for learning and and the dimensionality says OK well I'm just gonna need you both to accept this agreement so but for the daughter you're going to be the main area properties so I just need you to sign this document and so the daughter like rats documented is about the lady and the lady goes our instead of a signature your appeared to have drawn up perfectly because of
the way the lines she goes also I'm sorry I thought you asked me to sign it and she's like
no 1 ever finds to the father understanding cosine this document before going accelerator you what is the name I not I don't want to all your verb again
the industry fall of the own we have another possible on the the beginning and we'll talk you think you can get it right so I would that the machine tool manufacturing company that's about whether people here in the Basque Country unknown Levantine innovative talents because we want to
know I'm going to define and community to join community in
yes the world's the words of the other that is a spin-off company would have created from these manufacturing company and entities to they're a of problems and said he says that the last name in this department in this gentleman of things so we're working now the dynamic
features and we believe that I from has lost a lot to offer to us and that's why we are sponsoring this conference so
this is the kind of matching with Mr. that they've basically
make homes from about the system from what we have done is we
have collected data from these machines find this collecting data on will have things on mandate datasets from this and the server that we I invite you to participate to this can be a
challenge the view and would look after the bang what we need make them they will have greater
some was not look upon it because was thinking on conference with property that datasets around the house and you have a source of information
to read here under that deadlines the end of October and so would not have been be it is
known in Europe could everyone look at those big industrial automatic
control forever this poem Our when growth setting up for the opening so and on good that's all 1 of the organizers in Europe and you have the most sex the usage of the world model on the bed FIL model of the robot goal you know which is wall that Adam costlier than about are the great research no that's not just political reasons for of the decision phenomenon what is always 1 of the great role thing nothing happens and travel that and great should were also do you remember the keynote of right from Monday when she was studying the told us she went 20 years without someone playing with salary I get reports from Greece and France where they go on the 3 that we just stops for 4 weeks most of the my and work just quickly by show of hands does anyone remember the original shaggy dog story that I tell that last year is about a ship it's about a shaggy dog the original shaggy dog story if I didn't tell 1 that is willful commission to tell it 1 year and it's about 75 in the middle of the that OK so that
was the back up the current
you will be looking for all DisplayPort that so it seems to reach a doesn't work here uh that someone has displayed poor black not many but we'll but part to extreme I to for a while we answered the questions we have an about next year
was next with and his can
we have a good thing that you could the 1 request when you come of age child the model adopted you lose the both of the until all or with from of OK right for all dividends she
is a common Englishman living in the Netherlands required for each apologize but that's and so I'm going to quickly too much about what form of deleted Hoffman so
as because know which on um spicy
we had a cry appear went for maximum and say is pretty simple discernible about for 3 years is what it's like and you can check it out there but that's not really 1 here and our USB from elementary um I'm in this really unique part of the ship and its come and see me afterward if you know anything about momentary about any other great remembrances seeds man and 3 are not before now we've got this movement in their working memory and this will be a real world thank you won't let alone
1 of them talks like go then setting up laptop and now he's coming to the end of the carpet you don't have to switch it will work with originally world and the other 1 to this hominid technicians does it take to change of this 2nd what's another word for infinite part of the in recompiling this kernel wonderful or do origin you of Florida and give you began well you
up but we'll talk it doesn't do what plant that we are going to say I have huge respect for people to come up and then configure their displays using like command Ryan X ran tools good this
year is the year of Linux on the desktop the but what we it was so it's a story about a boy who's got a very shaggy dog the dog that is a very Shaggy is stories actually origin of the term shaggy dog story so if you
have my long longevity gone forever and have like to basically a terrible punch line they're cold shaggy dog
stories and the original original shaggy dog story is a story about a boy with ashamed of so having a long integer shaggy dog story is the set of stories that the and you my when the when the from quote the
world along with the words that that the process of using a problem in the 1 given again room so the 1st
sort monitoring our people here who watched my last year's let talk about Cuba brother or remember if you so I want
shamelessly recycle the Tulkarm already doing this for the part of training so that's not what I'm going to talk about but it's a little like browsing tested out that's awesome and out of stickers with me and I'll do training sensory overload to sprint on Saturday but that's all I'm going to say about it so a
few months ago and had the problem that I needed to switch its back and like it's web rendering engine room the thing called cute but which was duplicated to in your think of cube of engine based on chromium instead of which is not something fixing many books but also needs a lot of time so I really couldn't do it in my free time or it would have taken me months prevalent so after a lot of thinking I thought about setting up a crowdfunding and so I start studying in September so it was time through like quick match up and to so that things like this for and then the really matches to take off my goal was to get 3 thousand EUR for a month of full-time work which really is much if you're living in Switzerland so and
24 hours later I got 2 of those 3 thousand euros and the months later I was at like 7 thousand so this went really well and basically all want to do with this orchestra encourage you to try something crowdfunding if you have like a clear goal and that already have user race which like a loyal user base that might actually work out really well but just a few hands 1st of all it really pays off to spend time on making the radio making a good text busting crowdfunding like a page full of text with a lot of typos and and if I don't know you are not going to fall your project a vertex crap already that's just how it is if you want things to send out like and highly commend order-restricted because let's face it stickers . 2 you pay like for like 20 euros for you to get the 100 stickers and you pay starts uracil tenuous more to and thousands decreases so that's what I bet you then you get stamps
love them but have you ever played like
100 EUR for stamps to send out letters that's was present then you have the will take some kinds of just fold paper and put them into envelopes and the consent of the crystal which many people really appreciate it because cool thing here comes a of of another thing you can do is sending out to shortstop the logistics of that this is quite a bit of more complicated like still need to stand out other teachers so that they really don't
you and also wrote of that sort the block letters doing
a daily reporting of my progress if you're curious it's on unblocked of cute browser look the President of which is quite nicely to show people you're actually doing something and also to drift off if you like sometimes lack of self-discipline
but if you do the work from from the full time in 2 months this can happen a similar thing was
on for patterns through recently where was involved as well so we crawled from the sprints to get all the little pressed together and possible like 12 thousand euros a lot of different companies that use in practice and that it slowly group it's all adults
thanks for annexes Jolie Inc. competitions and that we will be and I say if if if if someone can raise
7 thousand euros for a browser that words with very short cuts but I think whatever your idea is there is definitely a weighted sum of the money I find bearing in mind that I'm quite sure there already is a plugin for firefox that does exactly that is is yeah yeah there is yeah yeah that so what so the about
running a coding government as I am when Charlie I want from
NHL which is then a systematic hedge fund and based in London and we I use a lot of Python and last year I had the pleasure of working in a team to run a coding competition
Manet's OK prize and it was really fun and a great experience and such as the lights fill you in on some of the highs and lows and also let you know the thinking of running again and december 1st this year within a
launch of a new challenge for which have a go at so the court the code bundle for tests and and all the instructions still lines if you fancy have together trying to sell
the so in guy even know the competition snapshot for this year so the game was high
explosives which is a classic and expanding conjugating game the idea is to place counters and tiles when you have more counties in a child in there all surrounding tiles than a hex plays and you expand outwards across the board hopefully fostered in your pen and does and so and eat my wonderful colleagues carried up in implementation of this
and we all stall qualities to test it stress test and they really did take that's a hot as some of them I think that more effort into trying to circumvent some of the rules and and have their way through and actually legitimately winning it but it's probably best that they found the bodies somebody interested and so we
we do we did a we we teamed up with Python anywhere fantastic who follow were pretty much that right good to together have how will we were there was so so much more
still to do we decided on 5 thousand pounds price
which is quite exciting and and came up with the marketing ideas and in binary really seem to have quite the eye-catching affecting the dying for food and on top of that we
had a Facebook account to deal with even possible otherwise we needed to endless questions tweets to come up with an instructional videos as you syllables right when I took this job to to be of Python developed by region expect to spend a day in a film studio with a green screen behind me and and we're getting some outtakes
to all which is great food but we also had to place that advertising to deal with we raise in Python training
exercises which you only get half as well and so that you guys can have a go and other marketing things an and that terms and conditions needed to be written up and we had to research what's gaining laws all and you can island not something we tended to date and but 1 of the madness
because tasks was walking on how to spread the word so we wanted every 6th form college and university and you can island to hear about is to try and persuade from the students but we I sold December the 1st came around and we opened up the submission
and so over christmas all of all gene engines with fading away from 1 thing we did underestimate was quite how lost students might leave things so despite having a
despite having a month to write a solution to this and we have so many submissions in the last hour and in the last 10 minutes and 1 in uh just over 2nd before placing when they've had among and
but for ages we had 1 submission and which to was I think was a colleague just testing submissions page and I'd I dyed my hair Djindjic by this point so that like all of Christmas I look like that but it was we have all
submissions we closed it down far more than we hope to me and I'm and we ran all of the algorithms against each other and and had all final 8 entrants pull the mean for a day it was such a nice day to meet all of the students that the working harder problem with that for the last month and we tweets the decoding changed will
societies they had own the day tiebreaker code off which is quite exciting and and finally got a winner so all in all I think quite a success where as I said what to run again this year the young the prize pot has increased so that should be selection isolation and I were expect it wasn't a big enough tossed last so we're expanding it out to all of Europe Inc and Switzerland and and so if you are 16 to 25
students and live in Europe also it's men's this is the use hopefully you anyone it's also you can do and and the UK and this is the
please do comes needs me altruistic if you've got comments feedback if you have an idea as to how we can get a lot out that we want to spread it among the Python community and inspire more people to try their hand Python I'm and getting into contact with some of these countries is is going to be hard for us and yeah that's
and then you have to know that you will defined in like primal like talk so is next the problem of finding PTA we have 2 slips what I find funny they are discussing about getting rid of the you plot the what is the english word for it will they that's why they're getting rid of you about all of the the GA so they they give you a malignant and what have you you will
you think you will both be our right
through come on public and I'm going talk to you about the Jupiter tricks that you can do is to Jupiter's so the headline is from you know you should use Jupiter and why because you really should OK I we need
so 3 things that I'd like to you and take away from this presentation is you can use of all you can try using like Jupiter notebooks in unit production like environmental show you how are you can if you can you can you can run micro-services from a old so essentially you can like yeah you
can assign a URL to self essentially and so so that that was pretty awesome in and you should definitely review the magic something you put you probably heard of magic spot all you should definitely do this by the way I can
have a show of hands like how many people are of kind of Jupiter are used to but don't
want OK I'm rights
as also is said a
better so you do Ellis budget you you're consuming it goes just beyond the screen so you should really read about each of them so P in for you can you can supply like at variable like the object name to people but you can supply you can then you can give a magic the magic of it still works actually it pops up the other brings the these you know the pop-up windows and constant and the present in command line tools so the exclamation mark and you can run whatever you command tools are of like if you recycle I this package to adjust the people stole you know the great thing about those is they the return special objects if you like your files give me give me the output of less and then you can do files don't l that returns a list files of files built s returns a string of space-separated stream of there is also adults and for new ones in yeah who is yeah that's been around for ages but there is also who s which kind of brings the current variables in a table from point and the time logging yeah I mean involved is quite useful solid-state gives you like with the loading is on log on global actually what you think but it the switching of all you need to do a start before that right micro-services uh has this that you can just the sign of get impulse requests to a cell that's actually so you'll get at the cell that is actually serving a of your wife and so as you can see it so the the set of all the this is the presentation of the the presentation the made out of an old book you're using and the converter so that's actually what is running so you have a cell you have the 1st line is a common gets and we're going send hello world from and then I just do a request of gets and here you know was and you
can you can inject so it's there is some people say it's difficult to set the state of a the a node so you can you can you can send a post request to itself some foreign
yeah OK so production lines in the books i'm gonna skip the skip the rational and the
of them right so this is as you know you can probably see in the the In the boss of this is a web page so this is a web page that is produced produced you from the Jupiter node so this is actually about that but the back-end is still Python so what it does is basically so where are we 116 so I switch to where where is the location of your Python 2014 several was environment was and so this but this widget this story and Python this is the performance of this
is because you start with you start with a notion of so right so what what you can go then you go into the design of a phase where you can take those widgets like them around position where you want them uh speech notebook and then you go file deployed and local that can we go back to
the presentation so once again what I wanted to know what it is you can productionised micro-services due the magic is hiring and of if you're that Texas
up to 6 o'clock I think that means we're time a final words Harold any button wisdom we should share with everybody do they may wish
to do a song together with the idea that we should together with their baby well that
that that thank you for being aligned and dogs and so on uh you evening and conference the moral and you