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Klostermann, Andreas
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Andreas Klostermann - Brainwaves for Hackers 3.0 This talk is about using our **Python** skills to explore the **secrets of our brains**. Using the Neurosky Mindwave as a bluetooth connected EEG device, I'll talk about new experiments I have performed inside the Jupyter notebook, for example "Evoked Response Potentials" and more about "Neuro Feedback" training. ----- Electroencephalography **(EEG)** measures potential waves originating within the brain. Billions of brain cells fire inside your brain, each sending out a minuscule wave. The summed potential waves can be measured, even with quite cheap and **portable devices**. Being the third major version of this talk, I'll talk briefly about the Neurosky Mindwave and the Muse headset. I have also developed more interactive Jupyter experiments, which I'll demonstrate in the talk. For example **Evoked Response Potentials (ERP)** can be demonstrated with relatively simple means. Also I'll talk some more about experiments with **Neuro Feedback**.
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wanna honesty yes my name is that they ask for someone and this talk is called where when comes and it's about using all eyes and tools to understand all of the brain and closer I sense of because as people who build stuff and motorcycles who tried to work your brain of some sort of 1 please don't take anything officers medical advice or events and so just so many of the project for me it's more work Adamic and something I've given talks previously on like this only if you have seen them you're probably don't adjusting them minds show you something you about if you haven't you probably can follow quite nicely with knowledge 1st of all what the brain waves brain race I created by your brain so it's a you probably know your brain is composed of billions of brain cells and is communicated with each other while electrical signals and the signal sort travel all sorts of things through your skull and through and skin and the issue of cost sensitive and so you can measure on the right that's these applications as also already implies the signals of when you read and they are very noisy and you can only measure the summation of billions of years so that 1 so you can't it's normal rose specific friends specific group of friends and makes the signal analysis for the British challenging and maintenance work because what what pretend gets in terms of information
so what can we do with plain raves technology at all especially as obvious that we can do neurofeedback training and I think that is a very big hands very groups and area for devices for careers consumer-grade devices it is Culture training your brain to attain sort of mental states the way it works is that we use to bring if data to assess for example whole concentrated use and then on the screen wireless headphones to give him a feedback about their mental state and he tries to increase and by trying to increase it to this the learns to consciously control this brain state and this kind of training has been proven quieter successful within for example ADHD and and in epilepsy but if you need to if you want to use the European banking medical indication please consult a doctor now all learners 2nd thing you can do all simple neurological experiments done some correlations things and try to figure out what especially the you spring break urban growth spot and there is another thing that I got to represent you start images so auditory evoked response potential about since I didn't get it to work here results some serious to luxury here I tried to I didn't bring it today and I want you to explain what it is the analysis area brain-computer interfaces so these BCI types of applications that that they have been like the new feedback thing but so valid goal is actually to control computer of water control a robot or something just because your brain but it's very difficult and it's not really my main interest because if it doesn't really work very reliably you have to find a way to have some kind of pattern for example about things that you can press when you want to present and not present when you don't want to present and that's kind of hard especially with the devices I have while some researchers have more successful implanted electrodes under the scholar not necessarily for this reason but rather fight it's and then they did BCI experiments and worked very nicely but please don't do that at home theoretically you could use EEG device like this fall diagnostic purposes I would not believe that it is illegal to do things with these devices and probably the obvious we restricted for others now the devices are presented each year my last few talks of wars and start that at such it's approved who's connected devised has once and so in the front and this is devoted to here and to metastasis and so on and different rotate like this and so it as a reference electrode and 1 channel inside this headset isn't it should College of about 1 and a 2nd application specific integrated circuit and this can be used across all devices through for example the report games that control but for moving up and on you the brain and there there's also a development set can search just mounted on ensembles and then the disease so just moved according to hold the whole lexicon concentrated you all well and there's also another headsets produce a bit more expensive it's about it's more important to worry but it uses that are always the same protocol and the same and so while the characteristics of the
2nd devices the index of news the index and use this the more expensive about 300 euros and test channels and that has a very good at the far end right and I was also connected to ground truth and it's teaches you to that they have teaches you to meditate and gives feedback con you are and how you progress over time and use this model for gimmicky gamification nothing says that is really very rare designed all right so as the news is also 1 of the more common monitoring the justice and and and it's a bit flexible so you can adjust the to your and to your head in the diet comparisons use as fortunate their mind phase 1 month they've has 1 should Saul in series and he was going to give you better quality data the news also has an accelerometer channel to it as a moment of channels sources measures how old the head is moving and that's quite useful because if you know that that is moving you can already say in the brain itself a probably not sure very useful but you will probably have artifacts in there there is they have different sample rates so mindful of users of 512 samples per 2nd because of the trees and so it's sometimes 256 and the use of the has and has a little trouble with with the piece so you can't really In the counts change the options directly but you have to set certain that's and then there are consumer presenting research results and the document what the documentation didn't say is that the from that was distributed with the and me at this and does not give you destructive research presented and then you only have to 1 and have lots of a particle is that compressed so they have bits idea retains the scheme to encodes the occurrence in the consumer and things and so rather than I do this using switched to a neurons younger and then what's after and then and I got some research presents work and that did work and nicely but the newer versions of synsets that size was on 14 1 and reason it wasn't 61 and doesn't do research it already has these 2 unintelligible very important is that most of these devices have price and so you don't need any to put any chance of through it and they to make the graph like the medical devices mind they've also has precomputed measurements size so that value from 0 to 100 for attention and for meditation but calling it and this is already completely analyzed from the brain and data and the only thing you have to do is to rectify directories as 1 byte and this means that for example and I agree nor can uh anatomy nor bits microbleeds would be able to pass this uh this protocol and do something useful but that was in use that's not possible because it's only gives the raw data and you have to processes more data and that's takes more processing of but on the other hand was the news about data is less process so you can have more control over how to how to achieve process Saul that's why I say that ability of semantic is excellent and from the news it's only good and then use that as documentation of 100 it's confusing or even wrong but I the system has to stop fermentation accessible what to this end and perhaps the mind really a bit easier to work with and on the data you get from it also the raw data is easier to process but these devices so very different and vise so mindful of course about 1 uncertainty also use costs about history not all the rules about some object good morning it's also kind of device which I don't own part of this of the old BCI they have to produce 1 for 100 dollars and 1 fondant almost of entitlement around quite correctly but anyway and so the the 1 has fortunately others it shouldn't spend languages more than the museums and where the advantage of this problem BCI technology is that it's is extremely flexible so we can even programs firmware yourself if you want and you can even reprograms the amplifier are sorted and even as measure of how much of significance all other electrical parts ignorance of electrical muscle signals and the big disadvantage of this device is that it's very intuitive and it doesn't even have an enclosure and so you have to attach shown electrodes and these electrodes have probably have to be that and so on and on and on it takes a lot more efforts to get 1st set up but anyway it's probably produces very good data and probably this very useful for custom months and it's this this this name BCI implies probably mainly geared to towards what's brain-controlled frequent toward interfaces that brain-computer interface model and what I've
done this stuff as I've created a library caught ideology and it gets to what's real time analysis of physiological time series and so physiological time series are different stuff like that different stuff like brain waves for example but also ECG so hot waves if you want to call it that or you muscle movements of these the breathing right it's all in a single article single and there are transmitted so different frequencies of calls and using upon us times these factors and functionality to makes a it unless on 1st of or it currently supports mind favored the use of also working on a battalion driver but that doesn't really rather than the vision of what about battalion areas but it's also something for the city and stuff but it supports especially multiple and the regular time series so you don't really when the data is coming and maybe it has a varying rates or whatever and hundreds really supports this really well and as I main features integration into the Jupiter notebook and I tried to make sense of relatively painless
American try to show you houses to explain have to have it just serves as benchmark to my head the knowledge now it's streaming but not quite right yet so this device is a bit more finicky that looks a bit more than management but in any case the problem was that this kind of brain and this this is kind of electrophysiological measurements as sets of virtually anything in your face or in your head and brain have a higher hormonal signals in your brain and for example I can move my eyes and I can change what and this time that the so I displaying year-to-year to channels and the blue 1 is the left 1 and the right 1 uses and the red 1 is right fun and I can just try to move my left although it doesn't really work current so the so now I can move from the place my life and as you can see some of the constraints of society in a slightly different because it's 2 different distance of well so they asked architecture of how this works is that there isn't anything I use of and that is a different process and added that to isolate the authors who to send me stuff from the no and it's so it communicates with a Bluetooth headset of to get the data and then each consented centered on what's to was the IPI synchronic salt inside so I wasn't going to live some I have some of codes managers an experiment can recall to data and it can then opted for example of Walker time series of something so organs in inside the notebooks some or the browser-side there's also some software currently I'm not using a custom job scripts body I had too much analysis Bush notebook and that's also works very nicely but it's important to know that the problems of this sort of different network and points and the actions all of the economy and that's these are different moving parts
so and what point knowledge is mainly about as doing experiments and experiments well can be anything mostly some recordings and or maybe you do this on the bag of some sounds experiments or whatever and I have an
experiment class so that these are the clear out like this and in this case I would be declaring to devices news and aren't they have to have these different mechanisms and then the solvers contacted terms for us to reach these devices and stream that data there's a more
practical example was only 1 device on and the 2nd so there's so 1st of all need HTML Richard funds I widgets library and this was later updated to contain some information and I instantiate the experiment class with a filename where all of the data is stored no the experiment class instances used as a decorator on the other hand the function and this function is called every time some new data arrives and then it checks ellipses In this experiment already has data on the area of 7 time at the time series which is 1 of the channels and then there's so is there a using which updates the HTML dynamically In this case just was with data how long the times he's currently used so that is the
problem with jumps to 30 seconds because it has that data the you and that's not so I still have some problems with the timing and synchronization and stuff it could be a bridge from something that was which that's quite nicely so with relatively simple and means I can already have some kind of feedback where synchronization this
experiment classes containing time series as a set of and for example in this case from the news the Paris 7 and this shows the 1st few samples every sample has time and as a stamps this timestamp is really the timestamp but was I try to figure out insights said at the time at which point was was measured by some simple heuristics unfortunately news on induced mausoleum mindful of content any magic to tell you when they something something
now to analyze its and we need tools often we need to be known state of some and it's been a decree of sample of brain wave is iterative useless what is more useful for example different frequencies that you're seeing a different signals friends and over a certain time period so for example and you want to know the data and I was referring of 3 seconds and a step size of 1 2nd that means that the 1st 3 noise that's 0 0 seconds to 3 seconds and 1 2 4 2 2 5 and so on and this is turned into an iterator and then we can do more processing 1 so
the stars in the can so I have here 1 0 but and I passes and processing function all of the windows and then into that of frames and this processing function and generates several features for every window especially important is the standard deviation because this is a nice way to find if there is some noise in the system or any artifact of the guy out of 1 on the bottom you know I tried to off to calculate some of frequency measurements not really important understand it right now but there are several frequency bands so when you have I've already you should be more relaxed than that of a is the molar concentration and that's so that's important you know
problem of course is that of final justice standard understand famous columns and the knowledge we have to start frame information we can actually we can actually do normally known data science
stuff for example coordination now and as I said the new status for tenants and 2 of these are on the front of this also heads and so on the desire of 7 and 8 of and I'm plotting the these here together the velocity of constraints on the left the have strings that very nicely just as the better 1 strains on and this also means that so even if you have more channels and want to do relatively similar information about you can also imagine that having 2 channels will measure more necessary missing and this more reliable or more precise know the 2nd thing I tried is to correlate news in mind they've so I did what I showed earlier which toward devices into an experimental recorded I had to run devices at the same time which I want to know because of the city but it doesn't really about as well and that could mean that I did some other I didn't put much work in it and so on the signal could be horrible that's probably a reason why this is not such a good correlation it could also mean that they have very different latencies that work so of
basically you and everything I have to tell you today I'm trying to do more experiments but most of the work I have done so far is integrating these devices and trying to make some rock and so I haven't we progress into a pretty much experimentation but anyway and the coaches also wanted to have I have to to publish it later because I have to print something up and answer slides will also be on the top of this notebook presentation and some supporting culture and will be easier and I retreated later on now
and the like like to talk about some other stuff I've been up to conducting Unported License library I created to dearest Oxford data which is the a sequence of the DNA sequence of that so what what model form in units of the DNA sequence of which is about the size of the computer mouse and it can't sequence and it's has a particular data format and I tried to work with that and maybe next year presented genome-sequencing sequencing for us all models are working on a voucher called presenting his Jupiter which contains several several traits but I want using years old you probably noticed that I don't have and thing and it's seeing and various other artifacts and the changes transitions diets and adjust the size of the and that's on our small and it's not so common knowledge or not of present as such problems here with all of screen screen-resolution anyway I also did something called should be defined here which is the city often terms used by you have like user flight simulations of the open source and and I managed to stream data from the 5 year directly into the treatment of and have some graphics something that this you you can do your own ultraviolet but I'm just want to mention it here because I have to it sort of cool but I have to abandon for because of time it's like to thank you for your attention returned to the station was all I have a bit of a congruence of ideology especially if it doesn't have the news so coach yet but it you today another projects I've have been working on this stare you know which can do reading which cleans up data frames of in time like data to and then transferred arose into data itself and the multiple presents stuff is altered I should have he didn't so when we know have time for questions and I'd like to start with that anyone questions we should have a microphone but we don't even have a chance of being left yesterday I mean it depends on the structure of a story that attributes aggression is talking about and had no headphones on which name before whatever the court cocoon from that they have from speaker from sort of the have the sense of some Hall and so maybe it's an interesting device to add to that about twice follow it up I ICA if you if you want to do for request Argentine like an our study have you the attended distributors visibility what you mean the data quality and so the question was which has a bit of data quality and I would say that he was clearly has more data and you probably can get more information out of it it depends for the kind of application you want uh I mean the mindful of the news guys stuff does very much signal processing already inside a device that can have advantages and disadvantages I'd say he's a news producers certainly more data and probably more information especially of different parts of the brain we can use a lot of hardly and she tell some thing about the mental state but even that isn't very useful result knowing some so or not I have to repeat the question because the question was and if if it was a really is just a recording can you tell us about the person was doing so the question was can you do can tell what's someone is doing just from the brain if they don't know you can't really because it very much depends on the on the person and it's very information and you can maybe 10 entity if he's very concentrated on very relaxed but on that depends on how all of his brainwaves usually our distributed to and their interpersonal differences yes it's possible to recognize students this shows set the experiments rights I guess you could do that and the question is was that I only showed some to tournaments and you ask the voltage yes in the modified and analyze different kind of based on these insights of the brain relies solely on the the data analysis plots like you can do a Fourier transform analysis and then you can detect the strings of different frequencies and of course you can and you can calculate that in my example I only calculated alpha and beta 1 and outputs of course hated everything else and it's should be more precise was and was in mind it is no fossil questions that that presented again and that was that each


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