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Grocker, a Python build chain for Docker

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Grocker, a Python build chain for Docker
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Fabien Bochu - Grocker, a Python build chain for Docker Grocker is a Docker build chain for Python. It transforms your Python package into a self-contained Docker image which can be easily deployed in a Docker infrastructure. Grocker also adds a Docker entry point to easily start your application. ----- At Polyconseil, we build Paris electric car sharing service: Autolib'. This system is based on many services developed using web technologies, Django and our own libraries to handle business logic. Packaging is already a difficult problem, deploying large Python projects is even more difficult. When deploying on a live and user- centric system like Autolib', you cannot rely on Pip and external PyPI servers which might become unavailable and are beyond your control. In the beginning we used classic Debian packaging: it was a maintenance hell. It took hours to build our packages and update their metadata to match our Python packages. So we switched to Docker. Docker allows us to have a unique item that is deployed in production systems: code updates are now atomic and deterministic! But before deploying the Docker image, you need to build it. That's where Grocker comes in. Grocker is a Docker build chain for Python. It will transform your Python package into a self-contained Docker image which can be easily deployed in a Docker Infrastructure. Grocker also adds a Docker entry point to easily start your application.
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summarizes some of those will not know In this is the approach we use a bridge there and the inferred as the speed is Britain's responses there is an edge which include value around runtime dependencies and redundancies you and since it's 1 instance of this image and you really during World applications you said is the result of the preprocessed and you did it is the stuff and then I want you run your application we lost steps in new instances in match what the result of the preprocessing and on somewhere around in Europe it in your instance that's the person of the program you have 1 big business natural order reputation so you cannot have around and education especially requirements all so you have a very big and fat image integral part of the things that cure us that structure with we use a surprise on 100 and so on so that the talks once you wouldn't entries order we stand by putting in Bayesian edge on the lookahead which is funded in distance and once it is really that adds you're runtime dependence is to create which he managed this image we been that we really use it much as best of the combined image which is that there is a major reason extended value the time dependence is gonna compare script this image be around to conveys a win for eradication and this and this is this and this is the really starting at the and then we reuse and what's the other 2 were exposed 1 of the web services web server is is when we will use the grids there were enough connection with his would you talk to the coverage forms or which imagine and incentives that will we have been precompiled and comparing it infects is not a context that this because we have over 1 were to imagine that the dependency of not wanting to 66 that's done matter is the best time to talk for a worker walks the
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Jefferies is I use 1 of them I said there and tend to hydrogen so that you can see it is like a times is greater once you stands at the image by different and developed use an entrepreneur Corcoran that I didn't unhappy this so I grow grow
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artisans and the question is OK what is the size of your image but to a big issue a generative why is the size of the image such a big issue I mean am also although images but the way bigger than 6 million because we want to use the best path so if we if we do not know where's the image would be the put in your issue and of the few places that for some reason you have to pull of hundred you image if user but I want to get is a very long process if you have some ontology matching is a responding really fast the hi thanks for the story as you say was the wall dangerous and can you give us some more details you know it was a approach artists did uh 1 you would say extension you wouldn't know that issue as good but time dependences and set B we shouldn't consider the a very meticulous of halfway through and sentences from the economies of data or something like that and you should do is from the operations center z is a bridge process then the replication of not having a bearing on so it is not a matter more questions but that the config file you talk about what kind of formant that doesn't support the configuration file you you can supply areas they know what kind of performance those of is this is identified maybe I have to give an example for more which which it is a version of the underworld and between into uh to can verify fraudulent have edition is the so you can community began the sets you'll never really Europe Ivorians neurons front you your process and stand on the issue of Wednesday kinds of
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