Automate, contribute, repeat.

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Automate, contribute, repeat.
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Theo Crevon - Automate, contribute, repeat. At Ableton we love music and we love open-source. Ansible is an amazing tool which allows us to free more time for music by automating boring and repetitive tasks, and to contribute back to the open-source community with ease. Here's an opportunity to share our love for it, our experience with it, and our contributions to it with you. ----- Computers are never as convenient as when they work for us. If you agree with this motto, then Ansible, a deployment and automation tool written in Python, might come in handy. At Ableton, Ansible is involved in every aspect of deployment and automation. From local machine setup, to vm creation and deployment in our self-hosted datacenter, to our services in the immensity of the cloud. Because it is dead simple to use, can deal with any number of hosts in parallel and has robust compatibility with Unix as well as Windows systems, you will probably never have to write a shell script again. Because it is written in Python and exposes a clean, extensible and easy to adapt design and architecture; contributing features to the project and fixing the bugs you might encounter during the journey is extremely easy. At Ableton we love music and we love open-source. Ansible is an amazing tool which allows us to free more time for music by automating boring and repetitive tasks, and to contribute back to the open-source community with ease. Here's an opportunity to share our love for it, our experience with it, and our contributions to it with you. Automate, contribute, repeat.
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with your and welcome to people you sum up all the half I the so that everyone has his my excuses for organized Whole Lotta just started with this we know don't use thinking and I can get it to work properly so whenever and so we're going to talk about emissions the short presentations until I worked for and basically I can describe myself as someone with computers like a more accurate than a popular scientific and so working with computers is critical by making music is definitely like so why why don't we basically achieved the dream of our grandfathers and so on and make computers work for us so we have more time to make music so if you don't know about time and we're music company we basically build software and hardware that enable Music Makers from building and try to playing in life the company was founded in 16 years ago so we're not exactly as far as although it's still we're still rather mid-sized companies we're being about building based and the company was founded in Berlin by during the and our funders are electronic musicians well not anymore that have been lecturing positions of most known and used products so far as life life is what we call a dome so basically it's a the software that allows you to build the track and to perform lies it's based on to the use of these here with that we call the station here where basically create clips so it's small loops that you can play and you can write this as you want but and right now and let's call it the mainstream music industry it's 1 of the most used software we also have pushed so basically it pushes some sort of fancy new controllers if you're not familiar with music so it's basically an interface that will send signals note like a small part of all that will tell the computer what what kind of sound to play at what pitch and when to play it and finally we recently released link and link is minus framework that synchronizes devices and more specifically a synchronizes the big time so for example if you're making music on you're back and someone comes in with a light and they can connect to each other and you can be sure that they will play in time so if someone is starting the drumbeat for example and you have the baseline on top of it they will play together on time there won't be any phase on weird stuff like that so and we basically provided as an as an idealist framework to developers and they implemented in the iPad apps so this projects are being and complex when I say these projects by tend to include life functioning all into the same bucket because basically there are all part of 1 big ecosystems and if you think of life more specifically it's a huge moving suggest classical so we basically have I think millions of lines of code and thousands of files they involve humans which is a huge library for basically doing good we uh we include boosting which is big signals + library that there's all sorts of events and stuff and we have a python in the build system and it's also included and push so as for the community communication there and for scripting purple know what's interesting in this is that I was where he starts before I was going back and consistent test and I could use all sorts of fencing tools right like talker and stuff I could deploy stuff on AWS was not a problem and for 1 simple reason it was that we were using like and once you get out of physical systems you realize that you have to build something against US 6 windows or well all the schools becomes most crystals becomes suddenly unavailable the but still we're not doing rocket science but what we call the SP digit digital signal processing is serious business it's a very common complex topic and most users rely on our software is reliability so basically if you're Aleksander playing in front of say 40 files and people you know like depression and all of the rights as they mature play at the very again and volunteering all nite you don't want to just stop or start doing and said so although we don't have access to all the sensor tools to help us build a better self where faster and more secure way we have to to find ways to reach that level of quality the life of the system can involve long build times so basically I think where the same kind of problematic Texas projects like
from you know for example if we are really really huge software that takes a very very time to build some points we that involves a very complex and long workflow like from the future right into its implementation it can take a take of 2 months and we also have a culture of perfection so as I said when we put the release of the we don't want users to have software crashing in the middle of the set also something very specific to this class of software is most people that work in studios for example don't have internet so variant of data software over time they will from time to time but we also are aware of of users who are running very own version of lives and are not which to the greater so all of this links to the need for automation so we have to automate as many things as we whenever it
comes to build that on whenever it comes to the user so sure you the dummy we could automate everything scripts like for its Python fabric you name it actually we use basic scripts basic not based scripts for to build system on which are entitled but if you ask me scripts are very hard to keep organized to maintain some time and I'm thinking more of best fit here and I'm not even talking about extent and yeah that's just the honestly scripts are called scripts hard and very often cryptic wouldn't read some of my scripts for from 2 years ago we can also use
proper deployment system many of you probably already
know the solution I used that I used them in the back to deploy from size too big infrastructures and I really enjoyed that for many different reasons but in general and I find that this
tools always involves the concept of nodes of leader follower and they're not really suitable with something in I really really like it comes to the bottom of his master in system I don't want to move after
think of all the way by client you installed on this and where is my master and came to talk to each other and all these things that I want to deploy own it's something I wanted to just work also something but a bit too much to my taste is that you have but don't use but useless abstractions and here I think more about that rather than chapter but I don't want to have to learn a new language I don't want to have to
think of word way to all these columns and all this stuff so basically the systems are great for a certain class of systems but when income levels on what we're doing it doesn't really fit so that's why I introduced and when I arrived if you're not familiar with and its deployment system just like better are you have burst in the value of the an ensemble is basically declarator so it's based on the UMLS and syntax everything is written in Yemen at all times apart from the hosts the curation that unifies but that's really the magnitude of and you just stage what you or want to do if you look at this example
you can see that you have a name for each task and then you have a module so for example the 1st 1 is going through and then you have a cookie and and number p and then you say 0 I want to find the increase so whenever you want and as far as just you don't really need to make to make any specific efforts to understand what's happening and if you compare that to a batch trips I can tell you it will take you probably 5 minutes and the most complex cases to understand what this is about where has the best retrieval this touch the invention of the light everywhere and you never really know where to put the square brackets just not going to go another thing that's great about it that it's sequential so everything will be executed in order and if we on the real line on the structure of your project so insolent forces a very strict structure where you define roles and before you define variables and they all work in the school system and once you get familiar with but it's very easy to understand what's happening and when there's an era where it's actually have meaning and what because you just have to follow something really like about it and is that and simple as she was very efficient obstruction I can I can name a few of the most commonly used to register is simply declaring very so you take task so all steps that you see article task and when the executives returned by from adjacent objects then this object is basically describing the outcome of this stuff and in this case you can say well I want is just an object to be cold in the case of the 1st that's true extent they exist sorry and you can later on use it so for example if you look at the 2nd task you when to exist is false so when is another key word that basically helps you defining condition you have with items that you see in the last the last 1 so I can create a variable somewhere in the variable and I can go it migration files cost and then if I use with my with items with my variable so I can just pass along this items the other thing to worry about expanded strings and that's another really reading about it is that on these values basic basically strings and they can all interpolated with the syntax so again a lot of stability and it's still active area level because you only have variables conditions and basically that's the only thing you get but you can't mess around a bit with its to get to gain some flexibility with some of them and as I said as I said everything relies on the project structure and you can modify it and and that's can legally you will always have only 1 way to organize project to organize roles and to organize your playbook so the project is the top structure and it's the 1st example and you can see that you have it's not all of the things you can put in there but the most important are very hard and requires so In and similarly define groups of posts so for example if you have Windows
servers are web servers or DB servers are going to create groups and you can attach forest his groups directly and thus far in this slide you have the inventory where reference all the holes that you want to talk you have the roles and role are basically kind of modules so you're going to the Final Four X which will be in charge of deployment Jannik server you can create a role for installing for installing all this kind of stuff and something very cold evolves so I will talk about it later but and small is able to encrypt all your secrets and you can access them later on your task of systems In this rules you have violence then plates fast and there's the folds and very basically advice and templates are basic using things so you look at create or ginger files and later on you can say well I want being created and replace this variable with this value thus far what I was showing before and that you can see on the so it's basically all the steps that the system has to go through to generate the final system that you want the variables are like well I want to match variables to values and another interesting argument up so it's basically for including things so if you say that I don't care relies on some fancy line external or file system that you have created you can do with and all of this is aggravated small files that we all
playbook and playbook basically binding all of this stuff to so you give it some amount of or a single that you want to run your project onto utility and what kind of connection should you as if it should use facts which are kind of reserved variables you can provide our files so in this case that's evolved financing can be well I have my secrets bold which is encrypted in hundreds of about 56 you can define your your own class your own virus and finally you can recall so in my case it would be worth 6 Jenkins slaves or you can also coal dust the
another really on something about principle invents I mean I think by I personally prefer it is that it works on over ssh and we are everything you do is gone such or win what that basically means is sensible is able to deploy as many servers as as you want in parallel on if a normal laptop as long as you have the same connection with arms and the more tricky because you have to make this set of wheels on the rear side but still it's pretty trivial as I mentioned before you do have a volt that comes in with pencil something that's great for that is that it's not number you modify the basic input variables and there and then you say and small this is my file please encrypted I don't want people to see my get my talk and interval stock and on it and then all you have to do is just when you run sensible you just say well this is my and this is my and deal with the other galaxy which is the difference in interest me where you can close here also saying you have created a specific role for whenever you can upload and share it there and when you want to make something very common like uninstalled of open SSH server you can be sure that someone would have made it clear that I will talk about it the a bit more detail you and was is straightforward if you compare it to however has to be no I'd like to go from use cases that we ran through because we don't really have the same use cases most companies are there I think and I selected like free use cases that are pretty representative of what you can do with and so basically you can use it to Automatic computer and what I mean that is that you can just deployed workstation you want every 1 of the best way to do that anymore and deal with all of my own mistakes some alignments the and use this roots and that's the last batch will users the want to automatically install and so on your machine and to that's what we call this what calls tapping that basically telling for example group which is the package manager of 1 of the package manager for sex where to go find software and it's really as simple as filling civil in inventory file well I want to talk to a lost at just use the local connection to do that and then you have 2 different commands that you have danceable playbook veterans depleted prior where you can call roles school tasks and variable finds all the stuff that you can also use the principle just sensible commands and you can test posts and then give it just a command to run on the command line which can do that is that if you're on a Mac for for example you can automate the installation of system packages and you're death tools and with included in the package so as you can see the final variable that's passion
hashmap in which you want move can we get the and then later on you can just say well I want we explore all the all the elements in packages and I want the latest version same for your desktop like you want to have sporty 5 2 blocks whatever you like installed you can do it to involve a model that's called cast because of group test which is a subset of the group and something that's worth mentioning tho is that although you have the interfaces that directly inadmissible as for a lot of services like Council for example you generally have to install when grouped by yourself but sensible you can write a role to in 2 installments you can use it to set a period of environments so you can update your system settings you can install a pool and slowly or adult files and you can also pull some favorite triples you could also trigger some bills and if you can think that's really the great thing about so to sum it up it's like you do the work once you keep it up to date and you will never lose hours reinstalling your workstation and I also tend to think that it's really great if you're looking into a solution to on board some engineers like in our case we could perfectly say that's we install all X school tuition and all this you make stuff all the jeep stuff directly with just 1 command that they that's based on an interval things that we would keep up to date so you don't really shell scripts to do stuff and actually something that's really awesome about it is that it works on most platforms so running Linux OS X and Windows it will work the same way you might have to use some dedicated modules for Windows but that's basically it and you might have to set up a bit but that's windows now something we need to do is to deploy well nothing fancy that small absent I can think of to
a very simple examples in our offices we have a gateway so we have big firewall that's keeping people from going from websites they should go home right so we apply gateway we apply some schools that sports to analyze what our users are doing with the software how reliable and so the process in this case is still pretty straightforward you create a doctor image of the and in simple I can do that for you just give it the path of your app where file is you've done well I want this thing for my image represent really want to push it you can also tell you that if you want to look to look ahead or to your private registry then you can unintelligible well OK that's what completion of and so the same as with the binary image the values you would do it in the playbook so when you get a deployment what often happens is that in the playbook you will 1st set up your environment and Michael by environment here is like warriors infrastructure actually so you would creatively and in here that's exactly what it's doing so this local action this kind of country it's not very obvious which is not what we're not used to that and will not on the number of things but what's that way and you can describe fits the great thing about it you just described what you want you don't really need any logic you really need to think of all so what should happen and so on you just think of the your steps described and that's basically it but you can tell me you know OK but have little civil that's what this is the and existing and I want to deploy stuff on it I want to put my dog you really think very well off that's reciprocal thing about it remember I told you about inventories a list of most you want well they can be dynamic so you can perfectly given by the this script and the spectrum strip then returned to design objects let's listing all the post that you have created created on edible and with a few tags you can very rapidly and automates deployments so you creatively and you tag it with a certain tag and then there's an entering will ensure that you have most that's matching once you have that's that's pretty trivial because we knew him in a suitable states so if I take the the sample of control which is a small that so what we do is that we just say well I'm not all also in my security another way of doing instead of naming Muralidharan Sciences you can just refer to a security I want all the size of the for example AWS is going to be all my secrets the from the old and then sequentially is gonna run through all the roles so these will create some users uh and install some keys SSH servers can create the installed Open the stage workers and still look at the energetics and school and you're in genetics and then I'm going to deploy my have and how it is that is just you pull your doctor image and you're going to uni have to do this it's a pretty nice way of doing integrated system the events to start this container and you just gotta be goes I will talk about this later but in our case we use some sort of thank machines so when we start something when we create a new server it's already in a state where you just want to have to start you don't want to deploy imaging in so basically automation is like playing around like a right you just binary try and to work so I'm not saying it's always going to solve our problems or it's going to make your life will bring 0 that would be fine but it will make the task of finding out how you should deploying useful things
and figure out what's not working much easier as with other systems another important bits is about coroner's I'm currently exploring so to build the software you use Jenkins but in the set of where we have outlined semester and we have drawings and from the text drawn to that from windows Jenkins's can have the nervous system build process but at the moment Israel and some people are managing my hands and what we're doing with that is that we're deploying Jenkins on internal surveys status and use of this area is basically a AWS for your own data center it's him or solutions and we run it on electrons Magnini 1st we have a bunch of dinosaurs and have some to isolate everything the reason for that is that when we deal with life we need to build on we can't say well I'm going to cross compiler for Mac running across components for windows that's not possible because we really have to build it on the proper architecture to make sure that everything is and the great thing about that is that the latest version of the book that came out to generate and brought improvements for Windows for a few more environments and even a but the word because it's still a bit buggy and the transition was and as I said before put emission here happens in 2 stages so what we want is to create alignment master that's consistently replicated so you can just fall it's it's fine and then we create all sorts of problems we like to call them states rooms and this happens in 2 stages 1st provisioning which basically equal is trying to create a reproducible mentions states something we can always start like you press document work and it's going to be in the state you want to be and that's just the parliament is basically bringing this template life and In general the other thing we have to do In the case of Leonard's master for example starting if you this so if we were to sum up we have templates that provision and we deploy history to give the baby with a convention to remember this is what's the what's Ford approve everything we created VM we bring it good enough states with visible we still that the students of then we create a template of still students and hierarchy is pretty straightforward we have a template which is the base the it's for a security proposed comparing mentioned I can't really get into the details but we have to do this the 1st step then we have kick-start templates so we continue everything that's is needed to build so we're install excludes developer tools see make whatever is needed and the last stages we create deployable templates which are following naming convention role US states and that's it you just have to be 1 now a bit of sugar on top of the cake and we use consultant so if you don't know what this says that the service discovery system that's installed on Our method on all our states and whenever we bring this album's like this based on this templates didn't care of himself and not the system every pieces of a system which other so if you want to to meetings things object inside or if you want to make some some scripting and adherence to maintain some certain states you can perfectly do that because we know each other note there's still some students left and options theory on the interval 2 . 0 was a disaster there were a lot of dogs there were a lot of regressions they changed a lot of things that we're working and ended up not working anymore this year's realize that was my 1st experience with Simon enable this guy I started my career I always work with the clouds so it's pretty nice people don't ask me questions right because it sort of source object uh and the support is still rough around the edges it's about them just like what happened to me quite often is unlike any his doesn't work and fix it undergoes like yeah sure it works on my machine so and last but not least Jenkins is kind of hard to and now we get to the core of what
I wanted to bringing about that's and so the is the perfect project if you want to get to contributing Python code if you're a beginner or experience it's a very good entry points so instable is a widely used project it's very very active and I think it's a super with entry point if looking to commit including projects and then when I could I insist on codes like not documentation or anything because of the conditions really great already but you can just they to it because all along the journey of you will lose a lot of you will use Sorry of third-party modules and as I wrote it down below here just and there are a lot of things that are already existing that people made and problems that people sold for you and all this modules and sensible itself once in a while will have what I call less frequent corners people that that the things that people will use like of his spare futures here what your for everything that's related to him or happens quite often it's something is there supposed to word it doesn't really work but that's actually the great thing about because knowledge just jump into it so you can try to fix it yourself and instead of being painful it actually very easy and rewarding to dive into its fix adapted Britain had some and I will insist on that it's really simple for example going to install role that we use to make sure that when you install mac or when you deploy in noise 6 from gets problems so it's able to East Han come packages while this thing was mostly working except our network set up because we have a firewall and we open ports and 1 as well OK and what's not working and you just will take a look at the role of new like OK so this getting it doesn't work for whatever reason I don't really care it's not my problem i managers will take a look at what the only descriptors for installing and trying to replicate it the integral so can just do that for any well-defined if you've built from your own role for your own case but like well in that could be useful to someone else well you can just permission to go ahead doesn't it because you can be sure of aerosol someone else's problems and for example well we OK but microsoft word parts to provide a focused openness stage supports 2 windows so we basically created a role that will install compensation industries and it will be as simple as including this fall in your paper and to get to the core of most modules are just simple Python modules yeah returned from image isn't object and they follow a very strict convention so whatever you do it's all about trying to documents 1st what you want and you are trying to do and then building a Python module but it could be anything else if you're into I don't know perhaps there are some people like you can do it you can just create a PostScript but really but will return just and here you can see that Darwin service so that's basically launched implementation that worked on the we use voice external a lot cluster well starting services 6 words with she and was not supporting on like yeah well shortages given a shot and try to do it myself and was crazy simple you just trying to find a module must that's called in this case it's service he try to find it in the modules courses and modules for individuals to extract that are out of the core of sensible and his and systems like OK so how do we manage to stay in the power of the manager of stocks OK that's there so many I can just copy his class try to find that the key methods what they're doing I just put my own code and in 1 or 2 days maybe 2 that's beyond the whom she was there as yeah there was basically no pain and the only thing was just launched until common that's well also although the command and the future works at this change happens during redesign of the system interface and sensible and that's 1 of the black dots so just nobody can happen if you you go that way that sometimes the communities like yeah sure that's great we wanted to that super but we are changing stuff right now it might happen that it just takes a while for them to just come back to suggest something about what's the wall and say what about my future the communities lines got tons of people super reactants it's a very unpleasant I've never seen a sexist comments racist comments people are
always trying to help the positive person like all those targets should be the 1 to say that just keep it for yourself find 3 like trying to improve and you have core contributors on top that sometimes comes in and say OK maybe this is not fit in with what we want for software or something like that but it's always constructed and I mentioned that of be aware of that when you create a module for interval debugging can be quite tricky there are a few things to note from that you can use PDB basically but know that you will have to for sensible to use only 1 4 because if it starts working everywhere it will be really hard to figure out who is doing what worse than that and it also has at time of logging but you have to give it some time you really have to use to kind of try to figure out OK so this is about that's an so just take some time but you will get a different way and yes also called something when you contribute to models like if you take the example of the OK by contributed to the Sun Windows modules for example well it happens that the do person that created it is not as involved as before or after it's in the transition state any might gets as good hasn't feedback as you would get on the document for and that's basically in the you have any questions ideas or inside of the tho if hot 1st is on question do
sensible tower as we thought of it but I think the racial when it bring this analysis that of all question is then how do you feel injured the states of the infrastructure the have a sense of place where unlabeled CsA every operations guy runs them from off their laptops or other but still we have made it wasn't here and but we don't really rely on and so for that and small is really a tool for us that of runs some steps from steps and then we flash so we basically have templates and we build our infrastructure states which templates on top of each other we just generates all the time and was just involved in creating and creating the states along the way so we don't really need to figure out like what's the state of what is already there we know what's the state of what we have to kick-start and then we have our deployment images so we don't really need sequential states no I'm not sure is mine questions of celebrities and and men in our company we have lots of small molecules and then of course the to begin on square more most of those modules object point and but 1 the constable playbook somewhere which implies everything I think is not a good idea speech module has it it's only and suppose label could but the whole how do you share of for example the what is it called rules like that where to deploy to so if you add a new sandbox books if you add new servers and all modules and there can be hundreds and need to be updated in their labels how do you so what would what you mean when they talk about OK so if I created new 1 of them and then then I create also new playbook yeah but if I create a new environment and then all the playbooks need to know about the new environment what they call environments human like group of Yeni a web service to be brought to an well used in groups and in inventory for you but how to do the many many many playbooks standard many modules share the same inventory and naturalness and well we know something about it yeah sure so focused on the built the system will be interaction of vitamin but the phone what I know all of you also use this and but it's interpreted in the light and to so provide ability to borrow private practices so that implemented day that's a thought that this to you about actively developed at this system following embedding is scripts alright then you go away from it so basically if you make a link on user can talk about it so we ended up we that by the end our project architecture is made in such a way that it's we monolithic and everything is there so everything is in 1 place so we don't really manage that when we manage it we have to do it by hand you want data through the data by
hand and small really doesn't to anything that's in the life could basically it's something that you can do with that we can install a bunch of tools that are needed to test this that we never going there to try to so for 1 more question hi think little by a very simple 1 and in this structure that you defined at the beginning of the With the folders quick we're used to to have so so folder and their roles and for each of our roles and inside that so full that have defined as templates everything what is this is not approach always doing it wrong and the true meaning of roles source roles and then every sub really role has some folder OK so and I it's the parents will suddenly what and annoyed that's right and I'm not so there is no way that was what where the polio to deal they extend your payments are X and question here and stay in the top level it's so basically you can do the table can top-level the undefined so whenever you come into your dietary it's really that's something I didn't mention that we I want to label the class of servers so for example we have a table provision the planet NASA deployed and explain Mr. wouldn't have provisional 6 drawings and deploying this was and then we tend to create their 340 inventory because we have a dynamic and transparent on we have a bunch of them and you like you said rules are just 1 of also and then you put them all there and that's really the canonical many of like super fast version warrants you 1 of them which 1 and a half years is a computer can use and civil might consider document adopted yeah I don't know kills you don't have full a user access not access is we don't that's a data needed for DNS and how it how it talks to system that is the kill


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