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Welcome to EuroPython 2016
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Fabio Pliger/Endor - Welcome Welcome to EuroPython 2016
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I have to do build a thing according to the problem some of the remaining political warmer from the I'm going to harm the was welcome
to the sure Start of all your images and society would like to ask and you want to Due
to other problems we're facing the life the effects
here and also this thing I would like to that's the 1st 2 a minute of silence and just think about things that we as factors with do to think about thank you thank
without and with the what unfortunately today we have set up this so they the 1st thing we prepare an opening something you hope will be a part of this morning or words in all
seen leads the need for the opening of the head was injured so it cannot be here so I hope you will produce language which is a from them I mean you need
a certain meaning but uh or lack of respect gravitational wave many of the bureaucratic to happen 16 we have a very natural world and have to follow it is that means we need to get also we went through our community in efficient fully in the form of gifts that he advanced countries which we are pretty
sure I mean in terms of virus the contract for a
focus on pre'sident spatially varying share a sample gradient
you get it and want found that following a
time the rest of all the the world and
so this kind of thing a summary need OK there are a lot
of holes only
time to that so the 1st step giving more
useful information and the
look at the end of evolution we start with a very long time ago and don't have much data the form they just can't seem to
get you a pleasant during the year and despite changes and you borrow I know everyone about the provide must include a single parent but it has less connections in the
less we have compared to the limit with you have a very good number of that and and the the use of and
even more surprising evolutionary and you law is from 0 to 1 of the most
people in the area of growing area so I have was the delegates and the
information in the form of before we start evolving we guess your life values started with your python
conference series along we're not going community of life in every year we try and invite more people more use more without the best of the best thing to do this volunteer help us get get involved volunteering using people you those green the province
of that allow you have a lot of things to do in the reading writing and inference that that size is really hard especially take to people of really good quality for or for the whole of the whole conference and the whole experience you so and we we so for that I started the new report groups concept of will be used it's working we we have the of all of conference was measured by work groups that words are
slightly changing from year to year but the main members the mean always it's remains in the middle of the work group so
really invite everyone here to volume the interest of the things that I want use of your time helping with saving for or a place where we would get rid of the US or eventually of holds here there's he'll activities in the program or whether developed never have the time we year people point about the development and use of and they reviewed the time but we have much we do have a lot of theories about something and those I really like this in the morning and goes in the more of involved in the community and the happiness in to make a better the quality of the various of we have
important things that actually be thinking all the volunteers yes the lot
people show up and that this to going to the that's thing we the recurrence on another important things we just announced that called for in this request for so every
every every 1 of the things that is interested in hosting by the next year yeah reply to this this is not going to say have this of the involved in this I do this that and I
think that we be proposed for your pipe and of course you need to have a when you need to to have an idea of use of of budget while we can do this that and the proposal this property interest and start talking about with with people during the the the conference so we can actually have more things that have also for people will be based on those the interactions of the useful thing what moral and what we so it is the
course the next part of the gold franc during during the current frame
1st of all the facts the you can
see the class where something and the current current find things that team that allows profane
different configurations of not recognizing an entry the its presentation and I want you to see we have the area where the growth of 1978
actually to remember that we have in Canada that have liaison candidates if you were having any problems check check check can find finding that right I him so can hold of parameter in the in the in the appropriate speak with the help of restrictions that back just for emergencies like really imagine the standard error rate can you imagine
living near the top check if you have any time looking
after their attraction to counteract the effect of the market T-shirts farmers and the faint you have roll in also be careful with the kinks and we will not
change the strength of to check to the ground during the conference we ensure attendees will fit in terms of the fact that we all remember that we might provided to conduct
send e-mail to the chapel at each professional and turned around and he finds that initially recognition so we can have
that so the main shows writing
that this level of talking
room and also to the the ring of but we also have room
1 you on the train tracks in the floor following we have
all the spaces will run the in all from so long lunch and
cooperate to happen this area called 1 of the of go around topic
then it means that you're doing this talk with people sponsors and nope interest so you
regrets that I had so
federal and we'll be probably be updating that uh we have that last nite because of let's time speakers think you we have applied talking products there was
much more besides this idea that we have complained that their free you don't need to register to go them words to arrive at some
there large room so we hope to have enough room but it's really hard to get the very 1 was used in this and you know the the preferences of the user but it's really hard to find vital role for the right of let users
give it just to go back lightning
talks sorry so both of those are the
most important talks studying at 6 o'clock that's there are no more important talks about the 6 o'clock so who knows was going to Europe like before
was followed as a lot of people I was
hoping to recite the jokes zone was big zoom
of norms and Berlin although there fewer people so 1st of all I for all Spanish both when the but PL I need think that and that of and and that was that you may think that don't mental mental abnormalities but don't data of the medium and the level of acid that it would be at the outset but I don't think so lightning talks is also talks of 5 minutes no longer than that if if you tried to announce a conference you only have 2 minutes if you tried to this is kept on sponsoring the recruiting sessions and try to recruit on-stage you'll have exactly 0 Chairman minutes to go with end like a top man and let me talk man of from Brecht's that will do the
writing and will celebrate his sold if we go to the end
of the 5 minute or 2 minute all 0 minutes I will raise 1 of them and the audience is asked to applaud with 2 fingers tested we applied to with also and we have Harry
possible so we have to test everything else the students at a Verizon belongs it unintelligible and
it's related as other told me
that will be the last human hosted lightning talks because so enjoy adult this is lined up seats for those who didn't understand as bad as I didn't know it's outside this room the sign up with your name these value name so that I can read it and the time of your talk if it's a body that frame not just up for promote them all mechanical title just put all the names like having read it but you're
not later the modified and selecting the next year the of the only problem the the rule like to
really like to thank you think of your approach for this year we have a lot of you know there's really high quality and it was really looking at all
of the you are Signed
events and things happening we have a lot of ideas rather than the world of the world the work of the year the those who have yesterday in the other half of the remaining sections of the world for the 2nd half of the session and there's a local track happening in Poland where we have written on the only thing that we can we can say that
we have an open space in the Conference and can I have a board of flight to sign and you can see if you want to have your talk about anything you want to find the of we have helped them have been making area and we have a response possibility the gold is that there is a topic them they're really nice we had a lot of good but there's this year talking with sponsors and the really make this happen because it's all the all the show would not happen for these not the very beginning of this year this year I have without so
we have of new life in this we have
a panel that I said in practice sessions and you can talk about your words going to reach the changes and we we have a new legal area the opposite side side of this this whole on right next to your point of view the writing of goal of
socialize us see we have a lot of the news and
socializing with others and the majority of the people that we like everyone is used to have with others talking is really the best part of the experience of this of the year according to the if you knew
something was going through it will be
able to things we do not the training on this will take some time but real world really tried to published in the previous
possible no promises we would like to is like the next day probably got that happen but in a few days according to of your In this hierarchical representation knowledge sharing
their a needed for the blind from
here are kind find full wonderful people per cent essentially banking activism you can hear the click
adventurous fraction back to all enchilada with the enactment of thinking 20 years there are not many
so on and clients face-to-face is not the only social exchanges encourage we will use that have been the prime time very Nietzschian Athens 16 and we invite you to use the telegram channel and mobile apps extending train the people range you
should definitely directly but provide you a lot of information even it is available for entering area and you can download to sexual progeria kind time in the storage as the approach
based on and out of the so we are any
open spaces of we know this you only if you get out of the there are this will be solved in the last minute things over discussion panels or anything that you want to set up the pocket
knowledge that you didn't have time to propose just happened let's that we were this met someone who would like to have more like talking about those things or just you just want to get rid of all of of so for we will send you put have water outside the unit of gold finding with the topic of the the section in time and then so that the right place at the right moment volunteers means again think the whole 1 of
the your it can be a section chair meaning that you basically the room
helping to present speakers and that kind of make sure everything was fine you can find volunteers of images that are only and last for about a year in I thought we between periods of all use you wearing the red shirts so we have 2 lone
along area where who both tables and from the we build those are the costs of the cents and you maybe it think
the this wonderful 10 years during so
we have a few events this year version of very seriously I have a friend from the point of the so the 1st 1 you can find
this right around and you find in the the we will have the various you hear from the thing we have
lot of the on is we predicted by of the problem with this and yet the
conference and there is isn't to 1 of the
the words in a few
of world where words in of overview of of the winter of what is the final you can ask more information later this afternoon and there and we have also seen that you're right and photo contest every day
you will be given by social events think of the price of war and and basically the forms of what you
think of and the for your appointment system conference and your by the community that the meaning that the conference and used review you know this but also because of people
and the other things that you think are some of the conference thank you thank you and me and of course we hashtags with the would turn off
your mobile phones and during the lightning talks and all of the and
language yeah so we were
involved in research work speaker referred to take the lead in vision conditions that they take here a lot of the and and on your own look forward to your the cure everything works OK in your slides the odds of operator of it
would be very nice for your and attendees to have your material and please please read after in the room because it's always hard to go and find the right person for to be using to run out of your experience of on yes
exactly but to you know what is being bringing bringing from outside of the value we have and it's a
variant of the interior of the influence of OK
it's really hard in some places like this enough with
the to vegetarian and as we really the managed to do that the way that we think we know where it is of the following it's name it's hard to Richard and others and all of the all of which is something that is that we have there is going that so you can to
live the sure that you're not being there and that
was without