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EuroPython 2016: Lightning Talks V
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Various speakers - Lightning Talks Lightning talks, presented by Harald Massa - Vitalii Vokhmin - Deploying a Hobby App in Seconds - Jernej Makovsek - Selenium Components - David Terry - Model-Based Testing - Rafael - Considerations at Scale - Team Coala - Marketing by Programmers - Facundo Batista - Python Argentina - Ania Wszeborowska - PyCon PL - Anton Coceres - PyCon DE 2016 - Shai Efrati - The Krihelinator - Lars Claussen - Live Hydrological Modelling with 3Di - Leonardo Santagada - The XONSH Shell - Fabio Pliger - How to Scale Python for Excel Users
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middle he will take the 1st 5 minutes to a
knowledge a broad sectoral he already tested of if at 1st you don't succeed mentality walking this demo against
yeah and everybody in my name is without
about men and I so fringing problem at but in my spare time I like I like to have things together and to buy new technologies to do some obligations and I was allowed to occur for this I like
to generalize medications and at some point of time the user real you know you
use want to deploy your application somewhere don't care it's not done about decorating it's not only about crime in and the containers that could also comes with a bunch of you
nice and handed tools for example look from falls where you can declare your define your application in a simple 1 mole files of like database that there is already is there is my application and they just rounds all the services 1 another
tended to show is that there can machine so the don't that
condition is that interest until is way to for participation and managing your notes so it can also the it can create the Amazon E C 2 instances it can create this the lotion droplets varietal walks around machines and so on but what to do next so when you create a
new instance you use we want to for reasons some power wait in some tools like kth stop or something you may also want to from sample
disagree your final and that there is intended to colligative properties it's called
cloud in and in the documentation they say that out in each of the factor mounted distribution package that handles correlations civilization of qualities well I never heard about that you want to yesterday when
arrays clothing it's allows you to devise a simple flow from the final while where you say
OK I want to style the edge of I want to do about this region there and you this for you that I want to it
allows you to end users to the system had to add rules to define the issues of our participants will reach groups and stuff
like that so and the only thing that during the only thing that is left is to create for example digital also droplets the darker machine and say again use my wildcard 1 mole while degrees of and itself in a couple of minutes you have venues and droplets with everything installed with everything computer and all its
leftist around Europe this in
the proposed the tone of your loved
wonderful we need 7 set up how did you
like today's lunch I really like they must themselves and I think it was scalable micro food which we could all the because we have 0 food cues to the scheduling bearing FIL filtering out
of the is that 1st you don't succeed skydiving is
not for Europe also lightning talks is not for you today because you have to be very quick and very Thorell with those project so given they tend to jump in few
will play them up ball minus
Museum of which is not the fault of someone all so we're of a couple of months ago I was working on a good
project in the other be it story you of course 1 2 make everything the right to the rest of the time all of there was a lot of things going on and has been really and so on really reality long today I wanted to share 1 of my frustrations them to the new environment for the community community not only in the wider
community but also the loss of a job communities and this what I'm trying to do about it or
storing them so on as someone the use of focus on the task was cool alright or in print and so they use seemed like that would used for them all and so on when you're writing this there are a lot of different problems you have to solve and 1 of them is that things are changing all the time all so there are cases where your front and engineer is changing our on a complement for various
reasons and of course of the once it is changed to a test field and because of this powerful link you can't mortgage things and so on all and there are a lot of different problems or or other problems that you have also of that you have to solve for example on to
reaching complications are culturally so all you have to model the sample there are good practices like of object models and so on so and you also want to get all that knowledge
and you know that which sentence there still of it's I can conclude that keeps you have too much on and to the as funny things to model like infinitely and here's an example all
yeah and of course a lot of you in the
applications thinking the only measure that we're soul yeah parents once you get to model the page you have pool of course structure of the rest of this this possible 1 of the steps in order to model the
elements himself and on the left side of the examples and on the right side is the output of that actually works on soul you sort which simple things like that but the problem with that is that you can't find of reusable components on the left and right at least I find it so I started to write a library and I'm planning to publish it on and consumed as sets similar things and that of our model is not a big problem for the whole day half an hour to implement but I think it's interesting I imagine you have model life of books where you have to future string and you have a lot of confusion and so on you have to want to go into different you have to call a selection of 1 of the members of not so trivial anymore and here it's sort of more interesting so here we have on research because 1 on and you actually have to play with my friends of which is really interesting which something of yeah so you end up with models and that you are on the left side is
a model for the future which
depending on are your content of engineering we
recently invited on material you are in the x components or or whatever it might be used to
implement or not but in any case you have to do with of because of that is in the library for models from anywhere of yeah so a bit more things on
so to some of models require
a really of water for example of you can select something only when it is because people were considering signal of the signal that you can actually afford the user can actually become so you end up
not only with a library for models but also for are interesting to to compare
with this 1 in particular of
these various useful and if you really need some time to get to the solution of
proportion of for of this is the future where we want to go have models for things and here it will be on thank you
David theory and I'm
not could you please connect with the floor good enough and also on mutual aid look at us about my country all they go connect to connect with them so that you can put the presentation on One laptop we have thought up icon Paul and we have apartments are many carried it set up with the work it is going back 10 then to go up good do you know recast lead as a very good collection of pixel movies and very generous lending them except 1 people never give you all model based testing with graph
David generated segments
think of my name is David my
graphical model based testing and 1 of the challenges for me
when I'm testing application is that as the the number of potential states in the system increases the number of hops studies can take through this application increases in that kind of like really frustrated exponential something so it's not really feasible to right hand crafted tests for every 1 of those parts
but what you can do is you can model the system or more realistically like a component in the system as a graph or finite state machine and then just generate your tests by walking about graph with some and to some kind of and and condition is reached and this means that the test some more declarative like you're just defining and what should be tested rather than the actual mechanics of testing its that has the last couple of application groups search you change state or some of the state of the application you just need to change the test in 1 of 2 places rather than let's and so if you walk over the graph in a random way you can measure for new
books with your tests which I think is pretty cool um but it was that have some not necessarily always the same so that demonstrate and made here by little kind of test
about and which continues a good idea about 1 and then and that in the
again you so then this difference models
a graph looks like this you have fewer nodes which states that be replaced the 1st page and the page and people often page and then all of the edges of actions to move between the states so powerful position
Java library 3 and you can combine it with selenium and it's still pretty practical I think such as like the idea so to and yes cumulative graph as a graph and I'll I'll do graph the file and then graphical take this and would generate interface you to
use it we scratched which looks like this so you have just
a method for every action a method for every vertex and then when you want to consider when he wants to write the test so you just write each of these methods to get this is just sitting encouraged hordes selecting element and clicking on ads and down here and selecting minimum and the setting of the text is a a certain value and then when you run the tests that looks like this yeah yeah the so
100 senators on 2 % of
Texas when you have that that you know
that is considered to scale up you're always think what the stink while of near enough OK be prepared to scale of the raw files assume and following a full it's already there are you
excellent Dominican do level on the literature so
on a graph is been spent at this conversation at this conference talking a lot about technologies where you have active compute
going over your data all the web technologies but what happens when your dad is too big for that I'm talking about after spot has fallen over which it did about 10 % of our daily volume by at that point you're dealing
with petabytes of data you're dealing with hundreds of users accessing your data in a very very very concurrent fashion so how should you Talia access patterns so that you don't fuck it over for everyone else on
based on some work by Robert Preston at the University of Chicago will cover the basic idea of what a scalable algorithm looks like if you have X amount of data and you've x amount of computer resources it should take that much time but if you double your dad and w to the resources time should be invariant that is a dad Dallas scale there is a data scalable algorithm it will work over any size of data if the the amount of time
goes up you should refactoring algorithm or by a Cray and of design goes down I really wonder what you're doing now
scheduling the work if you're doing if you're working with large scale clusters like at the national labs are a big companies you often have a scheduler help spread the load
over thousands of PCs and when you're working with those there few things you should do to be a nice person 1st of all if the
time that your job takes is less than the time it takes to schedule your job you are doing something wrong on I cannot express to you how many times I see people who have jobs that run it a 10th of a 2nd and yet it takes two-tenths of a 2nd to
schedule the job if you were never actually filling any of your notes you should think about patching things
differently speaking of batch and most scheduling systems offer ways to take
several jobs at the same time was slightly different input parameters and simply pass in the job once and then In a or whatever else to pass into the job many many many times for all of its instances this will reduce scheduler overhead
also don't fill the Q
the Q is not a storage place for all the work you ever intend to do are you can knock over schedulers I don't care how Bill how big you build your box and million jobs is still a million jobs over your 10 thousand slots it's a lot of work if you wanna
be really sexy you can use something like Dr and a worst pronounced drama to of programmatically do all have a
quote makes this presentation fell deeper now stealing data on your approaches to data
it's nice when you have tons and tons of celery workers doing little things against your alive active databases 1 no offense hot job but you know when you're touch our size data are not just because you guys decide to publish how much data you have now when you're working with larger amounts of data remember that is always faster to go across a network that has to I don't care if it's local that's
now where scaling and kind of the inverse of TV TV we already have 4 k televisions and maybe next year will have somebody for content but for now we already have tons of people promising the world to every single investor about big data and uh maybe next year will have the kind of computer they can make you run registered 5 petabytes but until we do
remember you're gonna be using a file system and when use file
systems you wanna be moving data and not metadata sorry Hounsell that's not gonna work at scale and so when you do this
you will fuck yourself overrun
metadata operations there's no way to get that scales this you can try this with ObjectStore's beers moving stuff that doesn't matter to what you actually want to be doing please use a package and for might use each year 5 you something where you're going to be having your metadata operations in comparison to the amount of data you
moving w logically metadata
think about how you doing concurrent our coalescing your eye you can read read into RAM somewhere on the network push it around do the work with MPI ranks great way to do this on other sorts of multiprocessing there's all sorts of ways to do this on
we did find that when we try to run with all of our data at scale over spot 95 % those people and there are better ways to do that but you know figure out what works well for your data and then bring it all back and write it
once that way you call you use I 0 that is large enough to make sense most
most blocks and devices a format so if you go for kilobyte but I 0 this think about it and there you will be a much better grid user stuff thank you very much
and 27 I started unimportant has the title to
the you know travel a whole next speaker will be
eating quality is that out of we have conference announcement here the neon tone and fossil now also we block you clustered together and get 6 minutes you can fight with each other we would get how many minutes I want to work on that until that what was some sound so there was a plot in false sound if you still have this very good that will be harder if it's Council and we have to go we can't even think about but thanks right now you look at it sodium then
to team get a lot of what of
are so we actually had some is setting up at 7 to deliver the slide and talk to so this 1 is about crazy ideas about those kinds of ideas where everybody is against it right because it just seems
not realistic such developers doing marketing so yesterday evening at 9 PM we have such an idea
and everybody was against I wouldn't without any experience without any equipment and without time and actually this was also hold a cooperative started so when you have such an idea try to do it and here's what we did it just to prove the point and because it's also the so and it and
the what the and and the and the and the I you and the and the
following personally history I was really about and when I say about like related why is it so what is it that anymore but time what yeah you was really pissed that
little is you know time we were working still but changes life forms and in all the and the of the world and that the sort of and and if you
must we was able to take on the wall to the last Jason the 2nd thing I don't know where you are I don't know why you're here I can't tell you I don't have a lot of patience but what do we have a particular set of tools tools have acquired a large number of comments tools that may be a nightmare for robots like you I will for you will find and that will lead it and the what the do thank
you very much you please turn up the
sum total of the song turn up a and but 3 year and I will set up a
time up to 6 minutes so what yeah 3 times 2 is 6 days what we we have 3 times to we have 2 minutes for a conference and we're following regal was a doctorate something out and that is by calling out into new and but you wouldn't African was what is the right up I thought wonderful so you and you
have 9 minutes excellent well the of is the applied in Argentina and he cheated now it's compiled did
you begin to model and the only would and I things on so
Python and right so wait I we present that part of these previous years we you kind of
know what do we do we shall asked to try to communicate their IV in that country to be a central point of reference everybody trying to find what needs tried to contact the Python developers to have cold beers or to hire people or tools to
people or whatever I mean this is the view pronounced by the India for you to find that
what do you so we have a big community we say
that never had been a Python is some of the people we have a mailing list with a lot of people that luckily it doesn't have a you have a very good is a nice
information Radio we have ever internally for you know that we call the Tunnel of Love not because we are kind we're kind people but also because the irony the means so big that gives us funny situations we haven't
aware web portal that we use in this kind of thing so borrowed it said that and we have a efficient tutorials for Python tools that 7 3 that fire and younger translated to Spanish polish in HTML PDF found some last sometimes we bring them to to distribute the people which is very nice solve
some words about last Beerends we have we
have it by calling last year there was sort of this is
a standard conference people watching people
talking and people talking to people talking and
people in their hiding in their holes we also have
a the
small following these we have this 9 this year
this is for a lot of like and that there the people going to somewhere says to call for a for base gold gold gold people calling people go in people
assign instead of people talking about the the design people also
having meetings with hired by the Hindi meeting their we of wine and with
golf course as other of people mentioned together
that's a be camp nice ways nice places to take a walk out of
Gaza learning how to fight for the Fourier whether
we will next while
we have it by going on in the nineties yeah in November he might have like there's a very
nice place you can go if you really if you have a span if you know Spanish you will you showed that if you don't know a is you will have itself
way way hired by camp next year we still indentify but it's 1 of the best evidence of the year so we have
abide camp and we are nation in the following months and the nonprofit so we we came a free
Ireland the baby cesspool how the community to where
100 monitored that's so thank you very much we're alone
I can be flexible and stuff like a null and we will talk about my control Poland and I will get down the time to to you begin end
you and you're organizers and insisted tell you that
Python colonies xt to port and all this pike in in Europe I playing these coming out already a lot of them reducing from all around Europe and at so-called that even Europe right 9 disability in Europe right and follows that and it happens in need of October and also you were so as we
said everyone is at them get the combination in the same without and is surrounded by 4 it's really lovely there but when not about getting there because they're gonna be conference
bus transfers from were sounds only worry about getting to were so it is not hard again
and there are 5 types of these problem the main english so um who can understand most of it against an there are plenty of our
activities including coding challenge that finishes in early morning
hours true and we play board
games and we have like amazing uh like music even and offers
a lot of attractions itself
we have had social leaders nurse but let do that at current
prices and we also are
gonna have a beginner's workshop uh where we're looking for a sponsor is especially participants and then there is that the web thing to node degree interested at each you have any
questions you that is the list of ambassadors you can always ask for details but also be their website the and that
or for more information and get 1 of our few
have a flow in 1 minute and 30 seconds the new record for call for the moles grade the mole determines will prove that there even more efficient and all I guys
it's really great to see you here things so making it through the 5 days of intense
talks and the left and in this 1 I that take much of your final have another record the light and dark a so as you might guess already I'm here to bring 1 more positive and so the Python universe
it's spike on the end so that
it will be held on the last weekend of October it's the brightest that something Friday will be a workshop day in spring day and federal assigned would talks will
have 3 tracks will have larger German tracking the strike and walking on the business track obviously is German and is the various so everyone is invited for some good beer with call with the torques sum sharing of the engineering power and of course for developing so guys I guess that
contributes our last few seconds to adjust their reminding that's our communities also generally used in this conference was organized
it's that's quite high standards for doing other conferences so we are kind of fun depression or but they think my last 2nd and
was the dutiful lustful Europe-wide and organizes blessed Germany
recently gun journal frontal and now I need size of multi
site yeah union up on the other hand you have different thing talk so I wanted to use the moment when somebody's struggling with his laptop to talk about what all friends there is an English philosopher to make or if that's all funds can't be given it can only be taken so give a big hand through the those 300 nodes on the
FIL and science and for me that so we don't think the heaviness that we think the Continental and and
I'm actually not so in my own body and saying it comes project we would see that and inequality and then this but the and I will stop talking about it now so themselves and the
yes using the both much of the so appreciated and let both of OK but as other years would measurement who would fall other people for that if they are good enough yeah and only
the discussion we've done this is and that is covered with them and have been
program at mcgill have most of their needs and go over that more than like what kind of mental mentally and we have to make
you would use this game and maybe they really professionally development of our company and if that I don't use as and we have been
so let me and said I ideas they were requests they used the that
bases and they use their the yeah and number of comets animal from the details so yeah the through
that so OK G that
independent of energy pending we I no that
that 1 of our knowledge and with those with that of and it's only when they think by this that we thought the good an way of measuring and put it the aquatic being so down database project which was that this setting it up and that telling is measuring for that by that and and like the quantity like number of printed those number of commitment of the with the West and proposed political as close the 2 as and known in new going and unfortunately all fortunately if you live in in exterior nothing by the because then you really like to learn new technologies if you want to know how them measurements is being is being done right now because of the fact it's we might think it in the future if you have any In suggest since you can put it on the view that there are that material and about so in the end so
about the technology of their project it's the scraping there energy that they have but that every 6 hours it takes and on project and it and compare them to the 500 a good project the biology in the database and development that like them the 16th state of the building the job component that it still uses that like it high efficiency of the efficiency of their language and I think that's it thank you the interior of the unit
laughter love last you
already up here that that's good that's excellent soul if he is already up here I it's all you need route you ring number does anybody remember the command real number nobody developed on Commodore 64 anyway laughter about life hydrological modeling with 3 D I A given the against the
has a talk to couple of people the letters you know what do loaded been doing for the last
but 1 and a half years and encouraged me to give a lightning talk because they they thought it was interesting I thought I give it a shot
synonymy and terrified and anyway I'm gonna talk about life of a lot of high hydrological modeling and work for a small consulting firm in the Netherlands called the main
instruments and put the name of this so you can actually understand what to say and and I'm going to give you a quick alive them all this is
uh our application and it allows you what many have to go very quickly and
tell you what hydrological modeling is
anyway so much tried make it real quick it's a mathematical
model of physical forces that affect the uh water and how would flows
and we use that basically for prediction so but the cool
thing is you can start your own simulation but you can also follow along the simulation that has already been
started so in this case I my colleague much time to you if
you run the simulation so this is based on basically on red is still pops up the mechanisms and all that actually is taking well I will soon yeah
communicated into my
direction so you can see is interacting with the map I just can follow along and I can I don't have any policy you 2 actions myself so you can and follow you come back to this screen you can start your own session so you start at this moment it's going
to take awhile because knowledge
so it's main combinations of the applications we have a
service it's called in and it and converts
basically space alive database quantum Russify wasn't follows the the calculation core understands so what because relation cause that's where the actual of the calculation is done so it's called 3D and it's written in Fortran so I think there is a
good day to give this presentation anyway because of the talking about this morning because well I application actually is the case where that development and as scientific coding comes together so and we have
she manages to adjust when I started simulation identical to them she manager and uh that services responsible for starting killing and running docker containers so
we also talked to for more more static content and with the
dark and they know that yeah that has that is an isolated environment for the calculation queries we also have a that map server that serves all
the the all the well the the the the web map of some layers like rosters and back the and all of but of course not
but the 1st term let me 1st
give you we give you impression
like way you can do because on the
background well the play button you can start the simulation so you see some elements of those that you respond to you see bombs that are pumping water through the system you see water flowing that the little of the most they can also actively influence the modeling so you can for example put some constant intensity
on to into the simulation you can ask for a historical data and well we have some predefined the rain some events the curve so on so often within a for you and that is being translated life and binary which is then passed on to the calculation quote that does all the questions
well I model of Titan but aspect is what from this from not complete that is lot of gender you don't
know the incident q readers and for pops up you and leaflets thank you
very thank you and you know the
other 2 come on the
stage real quick I need the lady or the man who proposed to talk about how to scale piping flags use of and who can't afford a name to come to the stage to be prepared I need to that you it wasn't you with the for users excellent that's Fabio and we will have to just as a bag of words will OK the prevents after Fabio me we can get you some holding began continuity out all all of some of the comments that I have
shown you how to get to that so someone told me but it'll have called on the slide so why did it so legal so for I guess there 20
years of my life has been doing batch as my shell and I have been quite happy and then I'll be doing like
this so and somebody said 0 my last name and then I see this kind of gold and I have to fix it and I get phrase and say no let's do something better so let me get out of this OK so I switched to move the show which is much much better and all my z shall if you're still using it it's good uh I does a lot of things like a cool Bronte if I go do something like there's it shown me some some so that's good but when I have to fix it and I have made badges for for it it's terrible again and I said no I need something that is so let me get out of this although I moved through fish fishes amazing shell the it's
going to get better so don't don't let now given
that so this is nice but I got tired of fixing the shell 1 every time in a different syntax and with a
little different things and like no I'm not fixing result went back to the shell for a while but now I got something better so when I got all 1 of the nice things is that page has life syntax highlighting so you're diving there's a knows it's command and if you put it in if know a string it knows that the strength so nice but now OK so columns is a very nice
challenges show the website and while it's a very nice shall exonerating
Biden and it's amazing it uses
against that was presented before so it does have a lot of things it is very nice to try to help you in everything that you do
and then I can show you I I with and this was supposed the but it's fine so now we are invited land which is awesome so variables have types small that so new and the again the concatenates them and then do all that kind of stuff you want to do but never couldn't shall for example I it's my 1st time I actually implemented something to go to her to go to my goal source directory into my projects it's a very deep Prof if you know this works and I even did the do of complete which is
completely crazy in anything besides the calling so have finally Lawrence I'm happy it's vital so I don't have to learn a new language uh the project is amazing that people doing it
are really nice the I already did like 3 people
the we actually actively told me to always be nice to other people and reviewing code and and
doing pull requests and everything else which is really nice to see everyone is trying to help you to get your gold in and not like every other year old shall project so that's good installing it is
quite easy just by the 3 installed lights up by the 3 only thing which is also a good a thing and hopefully also think that's correct uh so that's the
landslide homes not as shown not the stage against so you can go there and read more about and see a little video about there's and on yes it's very nice I still have a minute so let's see a little bit of people that actually know how to use it using it as a group and so yeah have very nice so I I hope you all switch to its or any of anything of anything bad there is still not view happening on please report the divides we can try to fix that let's do go you have 1 installed having shows of
thank you very much enough of I got a little feeling like in exception when you went all from 1 cell to alter show to alter cell to alter cell and I still feel we are living in some kind of shelter can somebody please X that now you begin to volume of all of the field heightened for the likelihood OK
so and on top of but over the
bulk of it and recently working on so we saw no you know today and in the science world of this 1 thing the struggles of people and images
probably the most used to the scientists were every data file
is actually works of art itself it's even model can be some of the it we have on lot the right you are in the right it's the right to for those kind of problems but if is really doesn't scale for really interesting problems and really hard our hard problems so
every time people here work with related data science what I needed not many common year actually had someone asking them to use Excel files and run some by the code over
that's what I want you have heard
about the paternal so
basically that's the 1 of the 1st
thing to say to someone using so I tried to bring about try to write some small piece of code and if you just you just use the Python libraries the consumer itself and that's all that's not really the case because most of the time so users are not my far related to the brain and that's really hard and there's a really hard time
learning performed so in the real world you have got from the light the burger and somehow ourselves and you you would write something for them or do just themselves so In this case let's see let's see have a function that basically just use a psychic learn and clustering algorithms to find clusters clusters in the and of and this writing this for
I am actually right in some ways recommendations to use it for of
the user to explain a bit more so in the real world we would have some power I'm looking at it just say OK let's use this thing and it will all the notebooks I have also somewhere and I could consumers but since x users they don't have a really nice
the feeling of the coldness we have presented an expose
functions that are written about that the brain of what to do so when this
case simple functions the wants of the forest clustering then the
beginning you can check the presentation and see what what I've written links to external links so contextual fear of rights of use clustering we can actually check and say OK let's let's try this thing with a microscope you here so let's say have my circles here all numbers because like numbers
5 in the natural so today I
want to expand their from itself and the thing about the quality circles who confirmed then I say OK I will use I wanna users clustering thing and with circles and used mean-shift over there very likely near so those used from change so every time you change the runs again the go around it executes and this this runs clustering algorithms on the kernel and and the fact that result in this case the result is actually a book report because like
OK what's from uh I can
change the topic group is you don't understand the we can change the you have use the block plenty of work in here so longer URIs for on the we
this confirms about data since I through that the idea so
that's thirdly sorry will of let's let's run
out of time for today is lightning talks that installs because length to the audience did you know people again


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