3D Modeling and Printing by Python

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3D Modeling and Printing by Python
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Takuro Wada - 3D Modeling and Printing by Python Creating 3D model for 3D printing is pretty hard for non 3D CG designer or non 3D CAD engineer. But recently, so many 3D software (like Maya, Blender, Fusion360 and so on) provides Python API to manipulate 3D data in those software. So in this session, I will introduce Python API of Blender and Autodesk Fusion 360 and share some basic knowledge and tips when you use these API. I will also introduce my past projects with those APIs. ----- - Creating 3D model for 3D printing is pretty hard for **non 3D CG designer or non 3D CAD engineer**. - Recently, so many 3D software (like Maya, Blender, Fusion360 and so on) provides Python API to manipulate 3D data in those software. Once you learn these Python API, you can generate 3D model by Python and 3D print those generated model. - In this session, I will introduce Python API of some softwares and share some basic knowledges and tips when you use these API. I will also introduce my past projects with those APIs and my products. ### Goal - Introduce 3D model generation and 3D printing with Python to audience ### After this session, you will - Acquire the basic knowledge of 3D data structure - Understand basic concepts of Python API provided by 3D softwares - Acquire knowledge to start your 3D model generation project by Python - Know past 3D model generation projects by Python ### Prerequisite - Basic knowledge of Python - Interests for 3D modeling and 3D printing by Python
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because uh with the left over lunch this will come to grow or that's going to be talking about 250 modeling and typewriter if the the so and you will come in this program all unintelligible stream morning printing and what so far
already we introduce my itself in brief on my hands have girl and I am a software engineer income group and company is knowledge of out of which providing related to what's really printing and all uses 3 D printing before OK so I like to explain our 1st of all 3 D printing trees so what is this really
printing on already
seriously printing is of creating from that forming subsystem or Montreal are based on street so of
disease and our example all 3 printers felt this is elements prevailing the elements of of 3 D printers which is called 50 and and in the middle of a part of this use of prosody and their team it to operate on wages so OK so
what is required is forcing printing so as I say of 3 print in is of great also accessible monster radio what are based on the street digital so all we
need 3 D data and 3 print so regarding 3 years out 3 print out of priests by it or you can use of 3 D printers solids pure roll like she or structural or in that group so far are against reading it up and you can get my where well for example all you can buy a down from some websites or you free you can the 3 D data from some of the website or of course you can create your own from 3 data by itself and today I'm I'm going to focus on creating so I write to to alter about it and so on all
integrates 3 D data so I like to introduce L
1 example also 3 uniformity of which is called as the yellow and STO cows to die not binaries and of the and this is not the soul now seen the is a but you can see else account of France account my until a right there is a deviation of try and the which is called outpouring of and this stream only is consists of grandchild of storing and so the difference is so simple so you can also find sets so writing of subsets will try and deviation as following the faster and so I know it's very that's sold sample so far have been
sold simple all so you can write your program to create this kind of data structure that are creating no these cancer you from scratch is hard task so because almost all you have to all do sounds complicated biometrics call duration your victim completion it's not a good idea our 2 great software from scratch so how many people
as using these can existing software like my out of 3 S Match blind wars so works for or rhinoceros and porch mainstream colleges Council to provide Python API so all of that means all you can mind freight or control we use data through Python scripts then as I'm not I'm not was using 3 each of those 3 he she is software so I started to create a lot of us I started to create 3 D models using python scripts and i'm coloring of this promise of of 3 molar gray edition of that's great monitoring so oranges great more at script monitoring fuel creates modeling are you can create L 3 more than even you if you are not familiar with the work himself to all its very real for software ingenio like me and all are you can create shapes that are difficult for an creation and there are more refined shape is is you be goals of many programs all that those kind of program has empowerment and to define the state so that if you change such kind parameter that you can change the reserve team G so it's great and pompously so I'm so excited to most of this project and that's resulting I I will undetectable to solve the brain and opens cap and up it's not free to use so you can set your script moments OK so itself come Brenda so what
is brand of their but a brain that is different since any 95 so it's a little younger than and this is softer and knowledge profit well windows monitoring extended this is well developed by T. C. rats and mice and Pisoni is used also at the United States and brand has its own Python integrated into the software so of the latest version of over and there is 2 . 7 7 and 8 so that it's improving and about 3 . 5 . 1 times and so you can use a single the script this is a
brief example of the brain that Tyson screen this great that consists of 2 parts of course but it's all the rating different object parts so if your runs algorithm that that there all default object in the sentence or 2 and kind and like so as you have to do it is a kind of object you for doing your job so of the other part is 13 default object and that these are the common is doing that job so this program is that was a symmetry of inclined in the scene if you want to or on your screen and blamed this you you have like you can tied the score on anytime you have random space and minus rise speech-based screen name and then if you run this command the outcome will
be so it's based after so because it's so basic screen may been of interest so I'd like to introduce my past 1 project is meeting
and all of this set of pre-printed gender and this is always very many minor to me meet nearby the others and this is
amazing this is interesting Cheng and all of this is also reprinted from without sampling process so awareness of these for sparse and it's so amazing so impressive so about that the change in the length of the chain is not strong so by maybe from 5 to 10 centimeters so I want to press 1 1 so I started this project and all I had this friend of called for years in my company and offering is 1 of the most famous printed over the wall and this is offering you best
side of that is that of praise of which of prints reprinted predict will be priced on so the size of the will define the maximum size of 3 printed predict a product and when single Almaty 1 change that's triple-witching is important so I have some ideas like the spiral this approach so all after the sinking square 1 is better than but in terms of space efficiency so by use of deciding then I
created of high some program to create this kind of thing so it's very simple operation while module and the weights rotate we will rotate move away from the so it's a iterate is kind Chamberlain profit and when renders these of these 6 scripts the idea this results so it's an interesting and the answer is and of course it's really printed so I was so we're excited to see it because it's right that can't take so it's very good forming and all after taking sampled material
of this is this began to change and look at some length of the chain is about 1 meter and after creating distance and so this is this is 1 soul but I want to create more more wrong 1 because I like champion sold are my idea is to which you jump in well with this change so I
decided to bring more longer 1 so as I said the good kind of discrete
monitoring is it's easy to change parameters so in this in this case and I kinda reduced number from about 200 to 500 so
this is the previous 1 so to this change so ranks is a bold to 1 by mirrors and old and new have to say or support materials and it took maybe it always and this
our results chains yeah and wetlands radio was rampant in this chain all was broken with 1 gem so yes so this is a chain project and the next project is all mine from
so maybe all over you know this author and the why I do I want you to is connecting
Albore and and Minecraft lot of using of course Python scripts this is very
I . Matisse kind all history the data in into our D broke data and the transport history he broke data into the so this
software is const over 2 main parts of learning is combating 3 D model into blocks so it's converting part and the other is about transporting books into Minecraft so transporting part so so got encumbered converting part is so less I showed that a regional molal and the right side shows commodity and here is where the only commodity so you can see yeah the image of the
canyon running 6 7
8 paras 3 what the so yeah
this is a call margin part and
analysis regarding transporting Part II used and she module and then she PR is Python module for lines and I use of Minecraft modes of our which costs by God embedded with are as varied as so after those of the implementation of a
binary succeed to him I fails to all Minecraft so structure what would you thank you so much and all kinds rise of so many time I'm all for existing there's so many proteins ways words and all Of course this place is consist all the known model of migrant objects are you and the phrase and of course you can a new just kind of then is and of course lights predated it's no current so I cannot understand ways my OK so the program is this
product is of papyrus in you have so if you are interested in the prolog checked firsthand and the this is out of a in the projector and the next all I would talk about all of this can so our worries
open scale so OpenStack is Council through whereas of and is really and this is also open source there was the and Newmont from home the Windows Mac Linux and the software is implemented by she prosperous with such a framework and that you can create CAD model using regional programming language now which is the latest married to general screen but it's not just and today's notes the URI to harmonic great operates data in the soft so if you want to monitor its really soft using authority if you might produce reading style using this sort dear all you have to write value Stream it's very interesting concept
In this sense screenshots all the software graph show the whole and the right side shows the shape of the created from don't let that cytokines and Ulster
open still the it's very good for software engineer like me so it's very simple concept it's easy to understand and of the written scripts can be checked from the command line so that you can generate you Molly homework or you can create multiple more you well with no single command just so good so that remains is mine I created this
next time of this nectar is composed of large group characters and the other in a bunch of me all my the conference call so there a marked this manually and this
is fostering so well when you have seen the creation of this morning I have to create all so a all like this and
0 for kind of was used so all I have a great of all kinds times of many seeks characters so 100 and more than I have to create like these so creating
by hand is old and mining tasks so I created this of based point you and an upright this small you to
discovery so you can 1st onions from command line to open the doubt prostrate yeah so all in this case our costs the chair information right they have to go over and just great Sam
elements can always creates the whole of the characters in discrete so it's very interesting
and so often scale is so all sense of the i think about our ecting OpenStep Oryzias great all all parts of gold that that's from which has no known our high functional syntax or is is known for its qualities known object codes it's no inheritance so if you will try if you're trying to create some complicated object it's probabilities so I created try some rivalry
this question open Pakistan so all this rover open skeptical from Python I've already published this rivalry the Columbia have so you can check it and also already still to tighten so you can easily this also the area of the other people can't against all seldom 5 still so if you'll want to apply union operation you you write on review of the site and operations because I instrument and and of operators so are you can use this operator and then this is generated OpenStack cold yeah it's very intuitive right and different operation is to say so you can trucks operator to create friends of British and if you want to out prior rotation you will create to object and as a prior rotates method to the object zoom in on this of instead of going with regional so hours if you want to operate so many types elements of all for example royalties transform union of difference of intersection to 1 object so necessary there is so high in opens just souls gold so it's very hard to maintain and so if you use this often stab an open time scale great you you I you will always such 10 5 that's problem so what was still so which compute the left
side of the screen open skills in the right side is Python goes so far as In bolt of end I OK so if you run this script you can see that you and if you want to of some you to the for you which so this is the union of object and these of and no using other operator and if you genders subtract operator you will the use of structured objects and all rivalries developments of in organs can so John right about missiles and just some dropped involved with the this kind of stuff yeah it's very intuitive I think in another example of both this is normal Python scripts so can great process so In the crowd and creating the object and the odds with the transformation so if I before disparate scripts 0 you miss this kind change so this it is not interesting about you can operate in this kind of approach to Value Stream only creation OK so back to strike the
this all of our conversion of my presentation that's pretty malaria is found so let's start there subjects Shen fiery
all my company is higher in the size of the reports press press the role of land in the world and if you join my company you can use reprint of all 3 of and the we have their sole international members from being land also made in Germany Estonian in Austria and we have here so I have to use reply export so so we of variance in Japan forwards technology so it's really interesting what hinge upon our working in my company prestalk simulator of all of them see this of course that isn't the beam thank few solutions hello thanks for dog it's created and so what these for scanning the space because we have this discussion forum Wall the my face you this and follow and the others I use the health of which is called standard provided by US reduces the yeah thank you any more questions that the thanks for your presentation really engaging I think in an interesting way maybe will engaging kids I think if you like if you want to play with these things 1 technical questions yes Europe I opened by a skill had a lot of the here and you when you are you
actually saving it will fall of iron so you create a script what you see above a lot of examples not just get the idea to enumerate this busses that fall in the molten is that always gives you a you communicate directly with the with scale of in regarding the function of open as L is watching the so yeah just I'm overriding apply then open it still contradict attendance fire and relate it to thank you and to go some time for questions anybody else which so when know about the enduring directly they still fight from the Python move maybe as an that's 3 a rendering the family object yet directly to the reader president of the ACL object or any other kind of media presentation instead of using the skin you mean where we why am I using a steel there is room my Minecraft 1st
all complexity of our sold alone yeah like the world with so of yeah fiery I were exposed as to read printed but in this the and in this cell fear and trying to Thomas and prototyping in the screen so I finally I created I find finally I created this shape I want I would have been exploring do steel you but it also so thank you very much