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Jupyter for everything else
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Mike BRIGHT - Jupyter for everything else Sure you can do a chunk of scientific exploration and stuff in Jupyter in your choice of language supplemented with visuals and that's already awesome ! But let's head off the beaten track a little to look at other uses, especially command-line. We'll look at some alternate uses of Jupyter ... ----- - Write command-line tutorials, cheat sheets in an easy to maintain format. - Perform visualization tasks for command-line tools - Write blog posts - Create interactive presentations (thanks Damian !) - Publish interactive books, articles and blog posts - HTML/js/css experimentation
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therefore of the Conference of that um so our 1st speaker for decision is Michael rights going to talk about Jupiter for everything else few so Jupiter everything else seemed like an arrogant title me that's the end of the day it's just this premise that you don't actually have to be an astrophysicist continues Jupiter of many of the users and so 1 of them is actually command-line defined if just using command line so found even the astrophysicists who find something interesting to take away from this talk that and this is what I do working at Simon break to I did my breaks in the sense 24 years ago I it in Grenoble in France and they for the packet enterprise what I'm showing is nothing to do with my work the 1 I can I do it's like you did in there some things and I surrender Python user group in Grenoble so if any of you pass by Grenoble meant to presented with you be more than welcome the people we would be glad to to see something other than my at beta talks in the conference talks OK so also briefly about IPython due Jupiter themselves sometimes it's not that clear uh some of the difference between them given the the big stick look at the duke achieved a project and ecosystem as of the year if inequality Jupiter everything else you you have to look a bit of the existing stuff and there's a lot of stuff the universe and then I'll get on to some of the things that I've been playing with so Jupiter for everything else OK so it all started out with this afternoon back in 2001 by Fernando Perez who basically wanted something to help scientists in this expiration process we do some work individually then you share it with colleagues when you get to a certain point you want to and maybe test on the production system and then publicized and then eventually when you work becomes established and educate people and you wanted to start something that would help with that exploration loop and the publications associated with that as so in an afternoon he wrote staying 215 9 lines of Python Python interpreter is just consul education should this screenshot isn't that and this is the latest version IPython 5 which came out just say we go to the but the basic idea there is the same of text-based console a redefined redeveloped print loop with a series of input and output cells history and also the external passing capabilities I was beginning and then in 2014 site right uh against the big splits at that point everything on this slide existed and was called by Python again in IPython had grown into this thing where we actually interpreter was the IPython kernel all other language can also which affronting printed by these console Object Council the what was then called the IPython notebook so that was all Python and it was not the language and it was kind of difficult to go along and say you know you need to Haskell Julia and use the unquestionable didn't quite make sense so the big split was partly naming exercise becomes Jupiter and you because the principal language is proposed by Julia Python and act and as you see there are many languages available and so no so we when we talk about my Python refractile not just the top left it there is like I think OK so we have a right I think and all of a whole host of other language channels that can work with the front ends on the right and they are all part of the duke 2 project Dukes of projects represents everything that is language agnostic OK so the notebook against people know did blue book that again it's the same concept of revamped print group that extended to the the browser where we now have a rich media in a web page so we can have a mix of modern cells uh input code cells and the output and the output itself can be a rich media being itself uh HTML everything that's associated with that so JavaScript CSS and CGI it can be hypertext links to compete in an I-frame embedding a web page that can be an audio player this year or even the future video personally I mean what did I do this talk is because I really like the notebook concept I like you did develop a narrative in your notebook is not something that you would generally useful developing code you can do that the risk is is very incremental and so this year the design stage which is important but nevertheless exploratory work it's a really nice environment only see I have been using it actually for Running demos all of for developing allowed for developing a lot it's very nice to have a preset series of steps so even if the lab itself is not present in the notebook but it could be at least you have a way of validating your documentation of the lab OK so narrative is very important important element but there are many public notebooks had no idea how how many there are probably the more than 200 thousand on jitter and jitter since May last year they will render educational books juvenile books are actually there jason formats is not something that's obvious jitter should be able to render but that is the case and there are several flights several galleries you can and look at existing notebooks show up like this last 1 of trafficking goes OK well result
the network is working well uh I like this site because you can look at the most recent notebooks here we can see yesterday or 6 new notebooks added to this repository and we can also see that the most hated so just to say
there are many resources for viewing notebooks online these of course I just static no books from the books for you can run nevertheless
there are a cloud-hosted environments we can notebooks I wanted to just mention uh some the big cloud providers now so and Microsoft which is your machine learning studio and google the data lab and I data scientists that all providing online environments is integrated into their data science labs I think that speaks a lot for the community is building upon Jupiter but otherwise there also another couple of cloud-hosted options try Jupiter uh and binder think of the slide on property also some here's your and the studio so this is Microsoft machine learning studio environment and they provided mostly Python was language in that the more recently added to March the added our so is still early days for that but this seem to have serious ones the use of Jupiter in their environment OK for Jupiter is actually a Rackspace hosted environment they using it less adopted demo image which has a set of language kernels already installed and not this language is not being used Apache Spark environment and I see example notebooks welcome to start with Python and Scott and there are also batch Haskell Judea the Government of the chemicals that that's just an ethereal for instance you go to try Jupiter not only you will get this task forward and these notebooks to these languages available to play with a little later about binder and our been using that which also provides a summary of OK so just to talk about the duty to project itself also in the components of that so the notebook runs in a browser because it's no books users in in Python itself and has many Haitian JavaScript elements associated behind it we have a language again whether the Python Ruby whatever and the project includes so language can also which it so things like beauty and drop and boxes menus and stuff within the notebook and among which can to look at the channels so there are about 50 available this list problems probably isn't up-to-date uh I should say that we're eyelids might vary but have tried a few of them running Windows so it's my own fault but some of those things can be quite tricky to install some incredibly easy to install I think I have installed working the Mexico Mobasher have some Callisto Prologue to scheme conch which is a the Unix platen Shell announced Pike on future no uh what else Python course but there is there really are lost languages square that a extensions there are lots of new book extensions not going to go into detail about those are just mention some of the find declare interest so right uh I'm running right nouns this presentation is actually running the image of the book and there is this price extension which allows you to run a review of RTS presentation from within the noble that is also in the presenter I only discovered this last week as I that you don't have and you know you presentations already and then you discover another amazing extensions 20 presented is produced by the guys who produce and the conduct of continuum I and it's another way of doing this slide shows with and have installed on Monday use at the conference was to find and breaking my existing sites of and the gradient coming there are hundreds of extensions of these are just the ones I find a particular interest and the reader is something that can used kept in classrooms uh there's a thing called Jupiter have which allows you to have a multi-user server serving of notebooks different users in a classroom setting and and the gradient is an extension which allows you to set an assignment cells will be defined as automatically created on manually created
from the points associated to the top part of the assignment that's quite interesting development again we look at some of the ecosystems some the future projects but I so some the more interesting ones of us that magic um 3 seen in the try Jupiter there's already a spark integrated into that image that is it starts integrated into the image in general when you want to do some real data analysis sparking going to want to have something a real spark back and to start magic is a project to allow that need a standard way to integrate into external spark environments so I can imagine as you are now for example they will no have to use that to integrate it with their own stock generative widgets I mentioned which widgets top down menus and so on today and we use IPython widgets that's Python-specific from the IPython uh declarative widgets will allow to define menus Dropbox drop-down boxes and so on within the HMM which can then be more easily and integrated in the different language candles and that's what's shown in just a moment content management so there's a lot of work on looking at uh how we can import a notebook as a module the again today models a notebook is stand alone that's what you get but this would be looking at him to and bundle notebook at other dependent files import no books as a module because of and also do things like take the contents there's also the kernel Gateway projects which will basically allow non notebook clients of the school in the web front-end for example they have to integrate elements of Jupiter uh sort of an example of something similar in a moment where O'Reilly the integrated cells of the notebook into subtopics OK so just show 1 of those incubator projects and this 1 is already available you can pick install enough to and I think it's in it's 0 . 6 4 the something like that and the idea is have been able to move away from that linear notebook concept and to be able to arrange cells integrated as you would want to do something which was used as a dashboard uh this isn't an incubating project as such but it's up-and-coming so ruler think you last week uh it was announced as a pre alpha Jupiter labs Jupiter will be the new interface so in interface I should try Jupiter was showing that food in the future this Jupiter lab will be the standard interface we will have the same possibility of having to list the files and folders and opening channel opening notebooks governing notebooks in different tabs you can see it's quite a dynamic environment but it's only it's a pip install away this seems pretty stable and what does he seems totally stable form of scene uh but it is pre pre-alpha so you during the same functionality that's pretty nice this means I've done been using book and I like running demos and the noble and everything is controlled and but it's nice as well as SuperPaint 10 all right I like it's the duke's allowed environment how we used to have my my notebook running and in the same window it in see what's going on OK so just give an idea about things that happening in the Jupiter project has a lot of interesting stuff especially on new interface side of things but just mentioned that there are a lot of things projects using Jupiter uh for blogging European examples of nature Scientific American uh doing blog posts people doing can keep books and I think it's quite for data analysis is available uh as a complete set of Python notebooks Jupiter um and in education there are various elements online courses that using Jupiter online OK
that I just mentioned that a variety of radical forms actually having having trouble running into recently and but the idea is it's it's just as standard blog looks like any other block page on the right side and but within the article we have these blackened out cells on the right you can't see it but there's actually run but at bottom right so as you read about the article press run Mexican and launch shared Dr. container running and that you can noble notebook instance and you can actually run out of steam modify the code as you go OK so clinical what I've been doing with Jupiter everything else of course we do better as say you have a sort of rich media room to mark them all from code you can inject HTML skill set JavaScript SCG internal book very
rich environment and I've been looking at the use of the best kernel command-line work why not and then I wanted to see but I like the the idea like the idea of having a Unix shell as a 1st class citizen itself in a way should you just have to do my mind as well in the notebook and book why not supplemented as well with graphics playing with that of the because the wife of course and you could just to Python and then escape inter-batch what has several reasons for 1 escaping out into batch that can be so you're launching of process there's no consistency between cells you the the the other reason was a fellow of and to do a tutorial for example which is command line stuff I wanted to look just like the shell and then with graphics of all I want to be breaking out into magic and I've been looking at so I mentioned the rights extension running here I've been looking at publishing life blog posts at the fact that I was not quite that people are using Jupiter create blog posts that's not what I've been doing having and then linking to so that by the way you can run the life instances of the tutorial and I find that the whole the things have been doing has been out of work and
I work in telecom we manage the 6 OpenStack platforms this act as a cloud management platform and each of those systems is between Fourier peak and 30 physical load so there's a lot of going that neurons that scientists and and don't so just simple stuff from the problem just monitoring of those systems and I'm not saying that is how you should manage them systems it was just some place quick-and-dirty and it's stuck decided to extend that 1 use notebook and muscle people were talking in the main interest and using the city called the and so I get a shot to look at that as well OK I won't talk much about the Web technologies have such have a look at it and within the my my myself just holding out say is I mean you have access to the browser to you you have enough rope to hang yourself uh um I won't find myself with this normally that just is an example where I can't I can't see well that change the theme of my presentation that's just a did JavaScript's bit of CSS HTML and you have full access people do lots of things will breaking notebook if you if you play too much with CSS OK so here what I've been done doing with the command line
and there actually 2 scandals available and I went for this 1 and the a detailed account Callisto made up of a set of meta kernels and like he's basically because of this so I could get it working on my Windows just 1 month think but also because they have a family of Mexican also the idea was and there are metrics in Python but there was a specific the IPython going and he is the set of magic so that are available for all that can also as I mentioned that I had this scheme the prolog of single coconuts a set of kernels and the same common magic so I like that and it's also on the expected development so why is that well that's my and is that I I started out actually doing some demos was accidents from docker demos and work and presentations and demo I started acting in Python escaping into inter-batch very nice started doing them in command line and then also I Current DocuBuild lab in February and so I developed a whole lot of the in notebook and that was that was pretty nice things I was was pretty late preparing and the times when you change things you know make sure everything works it's nice to build due to just run all and your whole largest runs from start to finish and then you can see history problems but again I wanted to look at some economic batches to first-class notebook citizens adding semantics OK and this is the moment I looked at command-line tutorials which I blogged about and you can run life problem binding changes so in skos
example notebooks and the things I've been playing around with invest will produce a stable wasn't quite the case yesterday and OK so I just
wanted to play around with the different things HTML JavaScript and so on uh us see how I could make some of those things available in batch and this this 1st examples might seem like a waste of time but just
showing you can do it in echo so HTML into this mass function I created and they will actually be rendered as HTML as for the principle was not used to logics fricative used uh but to be able to British staying in the batch paradigm OK
simulated can create external table OK and more practical examples so worker is an example of running in the OpenStack command line client and seeing a couple of the ends the right sigh captured that's what I'm connected to work of the Independent network connection so I can echo that same text pipe it through this thing HTML table and this status HTML OK nothing amazing that if I define a function the highlights a wants to highlight all of the ends of virtually all of them are active then um then I can do the same
same pipeline deciding to to highlight the existence or whatever this is not rocket science but the that could be used to select in highest cross similarly just doing some basic stuff don't worry that was OK curious OK so this function definition so I just find a function that it's still find filter output results so that as a nation of table again it's nothing nothing amazing itself OK now 1 of the magic's available radical about uh this thing % % . it's basically a graph you graphics so allows you to use this aligned magic where you can just created the graph on the fly so I wanted to demonstrate about function and the same thing OK and this is really just playing and seeing how we can make something which is essentially command-line make it more visible if you want to run a
tutorial other examples this 1 to move interstate that and In this 1 all all I'm doing here is just creating a file hierarchy where created a function to display that graphically that which is broken OK mind of the I know it isn't broken . broken again but if you
thought it was an amazing just just trying to make the paradigms again you can do just basic script will pop up millions of speaker Python school biting Python to buy from that fashion that we have on the use case about 1 and I didn't an example of just doing some
graphics with 3 GS
and operate pretty but I just wanted to push the what I could do this is fairly and each example really but I'm actually calling lightning lightning is a graphics library princess publicly hosted said so the content of this is just not something useful but they have to adjust to show the example similarly I did the same thing with no OK OK the intention would be be to create a minimal API
around a batch function in the walking sentence and stuff like converting CSV files into HTML and the thing that I'd like to do the same thing of doing CS the to and then maybe with minus pie-charts minus about this that option OK I literally copied some some code from the other and thus cannot and a device from from the
Jupiter team just failed to do image display and all my functions I tried to make them work in different ways of displaying the file name display on standard input OK was given the SVG is just some magic OK of could and can mentioned so I wrote some python and so here it's just in the cell just to show you how to do combination from CSV file to the HTML see what I could do that so the I'm just using that do you think the 1st 5 lines to see what we get doing that the minus h human optional the hence forcing them OK so you got the largest files 1st from 10 megabytes of demos directory to pointed into that Python script again this will help put HTML understanding it had to stay at the beginning beginnings you can see that constructs the experiment now is the same thing with parking it into the html function OK so yeah that's very much in the UNIX command line spirit of piping stuff into into 2 different functions there can we skip the rest projects out was 1 of the things that I did so I started to do just like lists of files this the thing and I thought it could be interesting reminded me of project called XML to them and days may use more but it was my young but have back in 2 thousand this is like a predefined folks under multilateral was the browser and some guy added this capability called XML 10 uh and all basically that allowed you within the browser to have a command line interface and it things like males and so on and you could it would actually have utilities which communicate XML and I believed to expand the time I thought this is going to be really great that invoking not civilization was a big thing and there is a good thing to come out and replaced by a Firefox and got it got cold nothing at became that I was surprised a few years ago to come across thing called graph and actually developed by the same guy at this time it was born in Python so I was just wondering well what can I do something similar so I created a function excellence I should not contribute to XML term because hit a function called XLS the so the idea was this a bit slices of right
now the rendering but it would look at different files in a directory and it will render them in different ways so fold Items folder Due to i can be fooled no books the CSC it's rendered with HTML table docket file the selects whales Jonathan without this anyone find more interesting is binder uh so blinded resource that moment is free so I should be talking to you about it because everyone runs out and uses it and maybe will free animal this is the interface to bind basically you give it the URL of a digital repository and look to see if there's a doctor final and will build up image corresponding if there is an infinite it would look through picked requirements file or a condo young find basically it will on the floor while you were built and a doctor image and then you or anyone else if you share the link with them and will be able to to run instances that environment so you have instant runnable environments that have all the dependencies necessary for any Jupiter work so when
from his example I see this example is the dashboard and you give it to the repository this is actually a legit Ugrappa tell this presentation it society practical knowledge here which is rather daring MIT Conference it would actually launch an instance of the doctor image
already there from from legitimate better OK in the dashboard 1 can actually go hold it was just
hoping for 1 thing that I would
have a kind come of their eyes presentation looking that
this is the icon to go into the slideshow mode OK that
In my presentation at this time running out in the cloud on binder flat find binder really cool killer to and the more
interesting for me uh so I create a digital grapple with some command-line tutorials and light to that to go to that to tobacco
basically uh when you build an image on binder they propose that you put this launch find that I can number if you click on that you will take you need to an image running that repository the his life in the cloud the size of the largest and initially assigned blog posted
and thought well I want you know to these before you I think right a sample of stars the bottom Canada and NS tutorials yes and actually move the 2 months the variants of doing anything else but then he added and we can still go I added a few few also specially if you waited til 6 1 line tutorial and is just a shallow linear that's not something more interesting than the year this is an index page the different tutorials created from 1 of them I like the idea that it so I
did a tcpdump tutorial is pretty sure but you just get the idea and so I start off by a and just a check of what environment where and so running the 1st cell we can see that we're running out a dead embedding Jesse this is running on combined uh what a batch version running what tcpdump this morning now we're not going to be capturing the T. C. P. dump out there in the cloud would we probably could do if I wanted to but have to do things in the docket file to enable us that is more interesting is tutorial anyway to have a p captured file can go through what tag described the market how you would capture only packets and then we see I have 3 examples of packet capture files how we can reuse of code look at those solid say I want to look at just the 1st 2 examples of the minus C 2 in there area and we conceded that no such find a directory of all he tried tie accomplices happens again type of the right order you can see a picture was just the 1st 2 so defined and trying to say is you know this is alive tutorial I link to it from my blog and anyone can run that and play with something like to speed in the notebook environment I find that I I
like the concept um k has talked about release after doing slide shows a local into more detail protein as something else I did then with mentioned we management 6 OpenStack platforms and for and I'd basically haunted look at managing them see how in the disk space and so on actually after seeing some more talk about can be converted from the Jupiter made West the following give that a try then converts it can execute a book and kind of see converts to the format so you can call it from crime so I have a con job that's like the runs in notebook from the problem converts its HTML and then I said that HTML to me as e-mail to no there were several problems along the way of great OK now supplemented with graphics except that uh e-mail readers will render HTML but they won't run the graphics unless it's actually a link to an actual external graphics file Prof OK all try CSS developed some success stuff and how do they want to the animation CSS either the same thing with the JavaScript and even SCG OK never mind so I look to what I could do and obviously HTML tables and defined look
at OK here we have alive Example actually during output area under the idea is again developments in the notebook and periodically abstracted stuff out so that the the would be visited little code showing the book has a slender in many many um religious
I initially I did these basically want the platform and HTML tables showing the status of this is physical nodes they respond to being this is the the ends of the active a lot this is checking whether and this is checking some the EPA and points and then I was also getting some disk use stuff that 1 eventually
abandoned because then the guy we yeah you even dashboard you want something that will give you a heads up is everything OK please these side basically reflected it and to run a lot now if his bit slower it's really this is connected to Thailand in the noble and and I mean this just showing the progress in the physical nodes in group through the 4 platforms have a 1 . 1 wanted to do initial states S. uh table at the top for the multiple platforms otherwise yeah with the notebook and using JavaScript and just insert that at the top the notebook but I forgot of course that that 1 be rendered my HTML e-mail so I just had to refactor the code and each time I put a platform status have returned status comes to me and the HTML and then afterward once the status of being done and just coming through to the 4th platform there's a lot of another cell where I construct a table of the overall status the different platforms and then I'll go through the different platforms that pretty printing the HTML detail what happened OK I just want to finish a case pretty quickly and so I get this platform status summary of course it's some HTML so I can link linked through so I look up the 2nd line there um platform platform gold and the 5 1 I've done is shown on the right the status of the port and so on everything's fine but we can see here the disk usage but this platform as about 130 of physical load and this is the node which has the worst case disk usage providing link known to that platform see those details on the disk space 5 ordered the disk space of lots of different nodes in this form was the worst 1 and here I about graph showing the trend over the last 10 days or so and the day displaces problem what's worse is if it's going like 10 % days OK so I just wanted to show that is an example of how we can
use the that to do status reports I'm not saying this is the way it should monitor platforms that it was more of an experiment Jupiter OK and this is the sort of command that I use another little gotchas with it uh I was with Gmail particularly um it would kick the message saying I have to go on and link of basically the standard Template used this too much CSS and so on and so using template-based significant could the the HTML file size so to finish off but I'd like to go further with this using energy production in the greater trying to do so online in the classroom time lapse experiment more than the theoretical back stuff I'd like to have the most a consistent API set functions that can use so I can do things like OK graphics and so on but from some real data as always do simple requests against Mexican Mobasher and 2 million moment and propose stuff outside Python community were largely uh got rejected the minutes gone Europe if mind uh but the fact that there is this conjugational I mentioned that like to take a look at that but I suspect it will be the year we had members of command line and Python probably not what I'm looking for and also look at there's a C + + into the kernel which has a the 2nd of the OK but does it was in various area of the few