Conda - Easier Installs and Simpler Builds

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Conda - Easier Installs and Simpler Builds
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Mike Müller - Conda - Easier Installs and Simpler Builds Learn about `conda`, the package installer from the scientific community. It offers very interesting features that can improve your installation experience considerably. The talk gives an overview of the basic usage of `conda`. It covers the topics installation and building of packages. `conda` can be combined with `pip` to use all PyPi packages. Its cross-platform and multi-languages features combined with power environments can help to improve your productivity. ----- The BSD license `conda` is a package installer for Python and other languages. While it originates form the scientific Python community, it can be really useful for all Python programmers. Installation of Python packages has become much simpler over the last years. The use of `pip` and `virtualenv` simplify the installation of Python packages a lot. However, they are specific to Python. The Python-agnostic `conda` has advantages for packages with C or Fortran extension that are very common for scientific libraries. `conda` is cross-platform. According to different statistics, the most Python users work on Windows. Often is especially complicate to get extensions with many dependencies installer on this platform. `conda` facilities the installation for Windows considerably. This talk introduces the basic usage of `conda` to install packages. This includes the basic commands for searching and installing of packages. Furthermore, the talk demonstrates the creation of environments for different Python versions and combinations of packages. The building of a packages is simple. The talk shows how to build recipes that contain declarations of dependencies . `conda` can work together with `pip`. This allows to use all packages from the Python Package Index ( PyPI). The talk explains the concept of channels that allow to get packages from different sources.
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OK everyone give might think had
had talked about to 3 bigram much where
the gradient vector and I would like to know what kind of user installs and symbols just that quick raise appliances who of you knows what the 3rd and was
actually using that clock using condoms this about 20 per cent of your mark uh gone days quite
a few things actually it's install similar to this but I
think the the federal as environment manager assimilative which land whatsoever the better its cross-platform their works on Windows Linux and Mac it's limited the Python so we can use it for different languages actually there's using Peruvian following reviews and essays comes from the scientific community but I think it can be useful for our every pricing program so is this the license and typically you install of the eyes and stormy condo on a kind of a about this difference 1 . 0 they ask what's called many Kondor and
it's a kind of a small bootstrap like version includes by themselves Kondor and a bunch of dependencies let me and we'll and some of the model tools and it provides access to many other libraries you can install of libraries use condoms maybe even thousands and just means conventional other talk about this process and there's
something called Anaconda which is different thing it's this fusion
similar like like it's a solution to you get Python package obvious bunch of scientific applications and this includes of course Python conduct uninstall and is about more or less like scientific 1 of the greatest a bit of you to do that centered fact about 1 of also and it install it takes about 2 weeks of your hard drive but I think a lot of
scientists need a lot of these tools and you don't have to sit around holding all separate and they'll come 1 thing and then and then you pay the price was and space but this this is cheap and programs time expensive
and there's something called channel so install something this kind of condom looks for channel and
chondrogenesis play some an infinite was maybe money on machine that doesn't it's also possible that looks for packages and default is on a kind of service that we don't think of it in there but there's also something called conduct that channel that is a lot of open source packages by the price community but you can also have private channels so you can have a channel domain a company name whatever and then you can install From this channel right answer it's a installed my channel my channels and then the channel and then throughout the package from this kind of there's also a lot of operational options which China planets presidents and some of the 1st you can configure the configuration file but it's a few basic toss of and introduce you to what you can do is it that's by no means a comprehensive introduction but it and feeling but you can do to get small packages you can kind create and that is the environments and you also can create packages yourself writing of 5 you know and doing a lot of steps to create the package it the 1st thing you can search for
something so all using condoms search you type in in the name of the actually looking for life span the last time this is very much used package incentive libraries and then kind goes out there and searching places so I ended on the head of the channels to see every everybody see their fetching packages of of of and every dog means looking for child so I have 1 point channels looking at then this you along display just come out of a few things and you see this we don't have that kind of and in this suit is then the the package so everything this search McFerrin has plans in its name and shows version that's available there all this result available as a moment and 1 . a . here means it is available and it is downloaded to it and then you done install something and puts it in the local repositories and installed from there you don't have to the download every time and the 1 is a
start here with us right that's the 1 I have installed right now here you see if they had a dependency number 5 was
assigned to the tells you have number I want to a 10 and prices we 5 and is 0 and it comes from the which from but does all the road from the consequent of what should be to the channel that is pretty interesting can be very long list and but it shows you what you have to use longer here and I cut out quite a few can be several pages long the search can be more fencing so and that that's a problem I have with the the use of force on the jobs jungle just gives you will I don't know how much of a Roman listing this everything has of gender inside here you can say for the full name and now displays only the package called time that's not all the packages offenders and their name and now I can only stand still very long list but as much the ride in a note that standards and that that's of the future and as more so you can also limits to say I want have only I had no idea that the mind that I can search for all the available packages for Windows input to and also can specify the version I want now shows and all the available packages world that vs. 0 . 1 and it has been OK you're not offers everything starting this is number 5 110 price 7 up to 1 5 vampire 111 the decimal dots and also because of that will make it doesn't need to download it that's not there but it would be available download it and they all come from people just more options if you want to have quite a few switches you can use you can make this a little more specific pretty interesting installing detectors very easy you just say content and you name the package and it goes through your channels and you you can quantify the channel comes 1st takes the the channel now
it provides the user name and install the package into the details and when a download you doesn't say because of some of the ready to be listed there when you get down all of these packages and then I installed this one's life and
health master library all the dependencies typically available properly package uh application in a kind of navigation for the dependencies of variants of the dependencies that everything's binary servicing especially scientific field that's a lot of C important extensions and compiling this seems to be the works on Linux at my program i was sticks in a very likely doesn't work Windows so that's why it's and still at the most people still windows users so the most users of Python things on Windows as according to all this this thing about about another scientist similar you try I teach a lot of years and most of the companies of mostly some of them have used in number of by
far the because biggest moderate in windows and need to support the of and it's a pretty good way everything binary and you can we are great environment so this is the 1st thing
installing something but very often we don't when installing the what's called the root environment you want to create an alignment and that's what has come on up here you can see conduct great that's an off-the-shelf names like radio environment which I call my eyes there's 3 5 and I can specify the price version I say I want to have a a license fee . 5 and you can also have a few wanted to could have a 3 . 4 2 . 7 of even 2
. 6 so far it supports 2 . 6 2 . 7 and the short story . 3 about 3 . 4 3 . 5 and they're pretty quick as soon as 3 . 5 is out there won't take long to it's about 6 or frequency is called the
beginning you number privately support and it is and was going to test it never does something is out asking and it tells me OK and he did not know these packages and did for these packages all the dependencies and then if you say yes which I then it's not stock-trading this package and into this cover kind of the about Italian Association undertakes and how fast but it's not integrated environments of doing actually you activate now I can actually this environments I create environments and and probably
1 that is just a small selection of alignments have user condom and this for instance is 1 of the commands that shows you what environments have you seen alignment is nothing but a directory in your home folder in my by use of follow on the conduct and to install new condo overlooking condiments in years on comments it's just a different directory and these directories contain all the information about the environment and you see you would environment the 1 that's active right now OK you see at a game the private the validity of em and made what is the parameter new environment and i don't mess with my little control like
different versions and evidence OK
activated environment so depending if you on Unix kind of system Linux was extended to source
activate names my environment on the news is just like so think source activated pretty long that just has to defined a short areas but that's to be highly highly accurate and alignment is the activity here and then the prom changes and indices from another news that again you see now environment with the activation of see which ones OK and then you can say list and
then it gives you a list of all the packets you have installed if tells me again and the name of the package version here this dependencies the number of nodes there general and this 1 is ranked because it when you see it installed this paper so you want you will find maybe a few packages there you can install this conduct directly if not we can always was installed as speed and conduct will recognize this silly it's not a kind of each new item conducted you can use suppose this would have to to it's not available this con I used it in installed but conduct races these packages and that's why it's a sensible and they have the version of the sensible thing and you can also install the new system so there's no kinetic and this OK this use if
you're a kind of a consumer packages you can install it can't environments that way more options just for you but now the next thing is building a package so 1 of the package and that are essentially 2 ways you can build a package you can just take a package from 5 yards and convert it into a kind of which is if you commands or can start from scratch this is that predict varying from pipelines pretty easy gasses skeleton pro store conductance to conduct field if you have an icon narrative you give me continuity installed on that just command line tool that helps in the picture and then use a condom skeleton pi pi by the I might take so this 1 goes to the fetches the package have there and then you say conducted my package and that's pretty much it but it's not very difficult and it's it's a package and the package is set as a part of it's a property 2 in this case is just 1 trial was evident site and that's it and now you can install it and that if all the created for the for the platform you answer it if I do this as you can see here not politics and you can now install it and there are actually 2 different ways installing right now I can take on the install use local my package and you just go to some place because the nodes of this would installed but you can also do if you wanted to get some you could just specify the cost of finding this is exact same given could be different just it down to 1 of these you can always install condensed called from the command you can also specify pricing versions are even if you have a different price you can say capabilities 1 for person 3 4 and this is what we call yeah so even if it's pure price and it always has a price Gaussian inside and this is especially useful if you will extensions and sealed off from which was a common and scientific field and this 1 is everything what but you can also a controlled to other platforms see I can say conduct and brought platform or for instance and just specify my uh my friends the output directory and if it's in plane Python version it the core a version for each platform for Windows Linux and Mac if it's these extensions is not that easy then need x need operations supporting the compiler so then and I don't think that's a cross compiler decided common over so so far complied with those of America and things like this and to Linux is used by the compiler extensions the book so I even compiled for extensions which is to be more involved in the sciences and the books that's so far so you can read this extensions and then if you like to to you can upload and you need to think and act on the client and I and AppleTalk to the through line up on the and you can also make your own channel if you like and have it here but you can also create a channel you just send a can upload and just give full parts of this file in other notes this being a crime other people can install just by saying convert install name of the package and if you put it in different channels have to specify the that gentlemen OK this is building former piety the I think it you can also go from scratch so if you want you can customize things you need if you think you need a meta young a younger fire that occurred to the 3 specifies what you wanted to and then you need to build file and to different ones if you will use the other of beauty that's 5 batch file and Linux and Mac shall find and you just use the normal set up of the white so you probably familiar with it so you just use the normal sort of 1 and then you have additional information in the diamond which also has dependencies that they're looking at 1 the minimal looks like this is just general file and has a lot of different sections in there you don't need all of them so we have something about medical knowledge about the package then you have a source so you can see comes from some of its you about something like this you have requirements in a different requirements your answer for building things and provides for running for instance if you sign so and you might need some some to build but you might indeed installed on the client machine because you just have to engine yes different dependencies for the test so what you do with test and then you have a normal information about who also is what licenses but this is just a short this part of the and the dynamic I used to have I use just my prediction here and you say OK 2 sources just so very on 2 directories of can be readily applied for instance doesn't have to be you're requirements fires and set of rules and then for running many Jupiter and see here this is something you can specify this 1 I need only Windows and the same they specify Linux and Mac so this will be only installed for the Windows what environment for the delivery of things that's that's very important and you can use the same syntax for rules and other places so you may be dependent on the path from 1 file the 4th and have this in my the lights and whatever you want with then you have this spilled files and they're typically gets a skeleton made it is set up a new grade files that look like this and just see just call Python and set up of the store and they just call a set of people and a set of revised just normal 1 incident of normal installation process but you can also of all commands in here which is very interesting so if something is not available as a kind package in here you can do to install something and this will install the package and this will go into this Prof all of everything you can control the you you will be liberalism bad this problem
at the library wasn't available to comment on this because this is more than just the just the loan sizes there's quite a few things you can do it here in this new file you can customize into something doesn't work to be you have a way
with this file something OK uh and is that is a kind my package and that's it and all the other steps are exactly the same as this skeleton thinking you upload and kind of from political machines operations group it's at the radius of conclusions I think as very interesting package and it's very much use in scientific field but can be really useful for for all kinds of problems because it's a the the very package manager of you can manage environments and you can also do conduct pictures it works together this this so it's not the kind of picture you can still use in front of dozens of the fact that but as you can see you can always convert that the principle of packaging to conduct a picture like that might make the installation most most of life for your users and you might actually I just couldn't convert the picture of a very well known in scientific community to good use pyrosulphite conference the everybody will know the things but it can be really useful all types of programs and I encourage you to with the fact the
much and the the well
because there and ask them for me right after 1st hand 1 here thanks
am I understand use conga for distribution and platform-independent have action selection which is great now if I have I am maintenance of the tool and I have lots of different dependencies that outside the iron inside the island with M P and whatever and would be nice to be able to just use common names or whatever for me what I have to package all those NPM IPI packages to conduct manually for or is it possible to add a new take on just install this and solid from it because you don't have the packaging uh depends
you just got some things you can do secondly if you install a pictures that that is convex then this package will install its dependencies to events sales as they are dependent on the standard has a bunch of dependencies and install number means to some degree you can do it so far you have to add something you have to write the in this in this field trip dataset it that installed the installed fonts properly the use made up of the improved that's what I just saw tickets that you can then you can say OK this is supposed to be from that is supposed to be given this might be different channels that still evolving and not ever seen Brooks poverty some problems in the field of this of perfect but so far you you can always have a look around but putting the script so what would be your suggestion for this
kind of situation I've had students this that the same dependency
things and that would be would if been installed and this this that there is at each with its own means of what was the easiest 1 the other thing you just you can always convert the paper packages to conduct package and then you can use them in the just upload them as long as well uh the symmetry that's usually a problem and you just uploaded to conduct cloud and that's it is just you it you just need to list the packages and then you can update it into the new version just check to the new version of the pictures and things of for the talk
so 1 of the salient point of meaning that is that not only did not only to find all the examples until the particle properties what you might not be right so you can use this everything is declarative so people use it for will in other languages so you can use the same thing and you could also have X dependencies that are more necessary contact is called Pire tables the interface stage defined and this depends not only on then H 5 library has to be in different
versions and all those things can be packaged in there so it if you can have the pen years geolibraries you can include them in of thing that makes it much easier if you have a good if they have a package of and the and then the user does not to do anything about fiddling around this the 2 possible kind of was compiling each year 5 it's not that simple things I tried this once before hand and you can easily take 2 days of life and to have them in a
lot of things in well thanks to talk and agreed to the point that given that recently you know we got guys on binary variables they to to solve most of the issues that common the soul other than the fact that you have a single command managers all factors which environment good times what's the big advantage now that's when will start thinking of you right users it's a
great step forward and say that the things not everything is this interview format yet and you might have the right version and derive platform in the in the wheel and conduct and install we'll move on to the city and so it's called we use with a smaller conviction this way this and this as far as I know the story goes like this traversal of CEO of consuming which is behind this piece of evidence of songs but the company behind it and he he asked me to fund or something by a few years ago about this packaging and because just go ahead and do it in study so it's kind of a little bit approach to some degree the proton people and we'll see something like this but it's I think it's more comprehensive and it's better and then you have a lot of nice of features in given the influence of the search for name that I couldn't I don't know maybe I'm not enough couldn't get a picture that just showing you this package was never seems was not figures but I know that this is not really is that if were run into graph and do your own thing why not just say I want union just customized cells and those things on this kinetic announcements but you as as I said you could use every single that here and we use and piety idea you don't excluded you can still use it and do it very often the because against you choose the packages or maybe not a a thousand of them part of the 2009 2 thousand words and the find any more interesting
questions killing our last best question yet OK so is there like any uh standardization efforts like are you working with Python package and authority or something isn't going anywhere local would be forever separate the problem is great supposedly but only in the scientific community and everyone else is paying great question but I
don't know the answer there it would be very nice I would have liked to see this way that post but actually everything's open source and both communities produce a code from the easily no no problem having ever since Museum at the lesson so there should be a big problem the you reuse code and the other don't mandatory sure why this is not the bit more coordinated efforts mean and I don't know it would be very nice to have 1 stops and whose joint forces in the Gulf of for these things and I don't know why I like the case there might be some reasons and have we find out 1 all question
and more questions keep the dream alive everyone I have a question so I could two-parter surprisingly if I install anaconda is going to come with its own versions of Python as well as my system Python's I might installed separately but and I once had this problem where all you know that anything we assume a problem where you upgrade your operating system you upgrade your system Python and we'll virgin lands now broken because something something something which really understand and then you have to do the audio versions recreate is an iconic and magically fix that problem for me some questions if I upgrade you know if there is a Python 5 1 of the 3 5 0 2 and how does anaconda managed to upgrade process there is a need to rebuild much that there there should be a problem so
if you were president alignments those environments are pretty much isolated and that'll be analyzed as a sometimes use command-line tools and then installed like and scripts directory users from very muddy goes outside to you save highly in something and you haven't installed by living environment might take the wrong version and the students in the US because it's a problem of 2 7 and you initially 5 environment but if you install everything you put everything director really there shouldn't be a problem any of the environments and you see the value you with environments anything can you will rarely achieved maybe best approaches have the rule just as the help of the local environment so of all isolated because you can always if you you can always reproduce environment you can freeze environment just just specify what you have installed in the case of inspiration and then you can use this find somebody else the other person can say OK install fonts file and destroy exactly same versions of 1 can reproduce environments in which would solve the problems the ad identity that could be something that you can only find out if it has to be into it but theoretically there shouldn't be a problem practically there might be 1 of doing was at the me that I had a problem of changing the system Python enlargement so
it's and I guess would be that encompass can't even more isolated from system Python's than than than Buchman management if it never has not problem that somebody that further research required to anymore questions yes yes fantastic Mary was there my voice any longer than absolutely necessary and to environmental movement all the N-grams from that can you would question of the How do
environements we continuous sold by the instant somewhere it's like a new environment and in I'm going to raise someone like this computer yet just a set of the d don't actually copied and Y and then you just copy all this every all the packages are installed his version but I showed you this listings here 1 of those earlier things shows you this but it was installed you have this uh this summer to have a this get something like this so you can actually
Freeze analysis search and assume that you can tell tell OK export all the versions of having a file disk a file was all the names equals the version and then you can do this by somebody else and somebody as can recreate except the same 1 and executing versions in and you know we can lead to
new environment which is the environment and it someone's you you should work Assistant Director really the problem is is not everything is covered if you like to have this standards version I have made use it in 10 different environments but it's only once in my in my repository not directly in the crisis assuming and you can make sure that that you copy the along this is it but I think there should be an option to to copy everything just susceptible director inputs it should progress along the same operating system bond I no guarantee but there were the usual and then tried out but
maybe recreating is it's a safe thing so the can also say OK that
it freezes servicing was x-axis assemble but you can only go in the file and editors OK shouldn't xx improved should be at least a version of the updated version we can go in the final customize it and then still everybody who has as father created this nice thing is would brought I can freeze my Mac and somebody else can where it's the same and Wyman the windows that could be a problem if simplified would only be the symbol for it
crime already mall and is now there is 1 OK you have to make a question it was all very fast and Michael to very fast OK so let's say that I have packets Python package on Linux that has that meets a separate in installed C library and look at pants and let's say that they see library expects another C library so what will come under the acquittal download this library and all of its dependence dependencies and put it in the from the repository locally or what will you get different ways I had the
same problem typically what I did I just included in the fire so this you can you can specify the dependencies so even if you compile something I had Fortran dependencies some shared libraries summer and you included so of and then not really myself are each 1 out of the best way to do it but that that different base including their shared libraries and and you get this to the shared library so long they will put the shared libraries in this environment they would include crash with your shared libraries was you might have to shovel maybe different versions and then it works for while under the doesn't work anymore cost is the inversion something different so you can distribute shared libraries with just different ways of it had you have use have to look at that a lot of recipes of the how to do it and probably will find 1 that sort of care is given like another big and thank you very
much for a great talking right