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EuroPython 2017: Help us build the next edition!

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EuroPython 2017: Help us build the next edition!
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Fabio Pliger/Marc-André Lemburg - EuroPython 2017: Help us build the next edition! We need help with organizing and running EuroPython 2017. In this session, we will explain how the EuroPython workgroup model works and where you could help.
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OK sorry for starting later we had some changes to do on the slide set of rules have been very late at lunch so um but I presented you and how we see your present because excellent women have a switch in location again move away from the Bilbao unfortunately because it's been really great yeah and of course we might also start and if you're interested in helping and we have something here for you so let's just give a short introduction about what the UPS person CBS is an organization behind Europe I found that was founded in 2004 In in Gothenburg Sweden to provide like the leader back like like appear that 1st we have the trademark of of the highs and the intention is that we also provide some financial support for the for the organisers and we've of the run the selection process for the location a couple of times and since 2014 we started actually act to working with the local teams to make everything happen and 2015 we added so some extra us which I'm going to talk about the next slide so 1st the 1st period of the PS was basically just provide these things like trademarks logos of some of the location and then in 2015 we decided to basically we set the old PS and change completely changed organizational model to a work group based model and this has turned out to be really working well so we now have a quench workgroups to to work with so the main reason for doing this was to reduce the loss of into institutional knowledge that we have a chance to change location so previously the answer to get everything and every time change location and you want you have to relearn everything and we do everything which was for example meant that we have a new website system for each and every location and we're moving away from that so we have 1 website system that we use so we have these 4 groups that continue to work throughout the years of the knowledge is kept in those programs and it's it's really yeah working out so this is how we are working on so the PS functionalities like this you have board with with board meaning that it is basically the most active members of the working on the European Organization then you have work groups that help us all the different parts of an organ of the Organization and of course the GPS members and we can have the General Assembly right after this session where are we are going to report to the members will we did last year and of course you have your altered so welcome to joining yes because we think that you should have a say in how everything works out for In the past time the so just quick timeline about this year's resolution which was that way different from last year in November 2006 seemed pretty much the inside and generally we started the real active or in you're quite in your groups where this Miss so we before but the real work started there by February realized the object side all the tickets URI words that the call for proposals and launch we had the regular ticket sales and told quoting I we started differentially growing April we also did schedule around that they would actually be the new thing this year to hell last time proposals or proposals for all topics that going to we didn't 2nd call for papers and in July we basically sweets beyond that creates and then the last minute nice thing was conference at all lined up we actually have a at the a the back of all data points in but in the well of course we all know that July 17th started and there have been general well so that conference organization agreed that the hard work take to 6 months but honestly it's more than that this year every 2nd year is easier of a lot because your right or a lot of things that it's not really it's it's hard to predict regarding venues regarding communications regarding the year people that can show up or not but funny sold the small things so this year we were more and more aware of the things any change in actually we made some adjustments based on last year feedback it was simply anywhere for for some it that but that's how it is so small advice controlled use of people that barriers and their conferences are the community always the positive part and try to improve the negative impacts like that it's always good to have negative feedback so but never put yourself
tolerance everyone never communities you have issues you should and people are not good we should really invite everyone to join and in and make a better community as as they would like so that that's the same thing to try to get it out this year we added the telegram the mediation of it was a really good things 10 helped a lot the organisers and the communication between as in use here's a everyone so some history and some development regarding the devolution the 1st conference was in the Belgian of clearly a good number of 140 banning we have some I don't think we have real life will be there the years and but we did not and your life what is this land in the news we have the ability to Augusta and as growing and once and certain Switzerland to 200 years yet and with Florence yeah was 1 of but yet they're devotion before was as much there was a big Wilson between the Ukrainian and nearly all of them and that's where probably the number of attendees required a much more structured and much more plan organization of this year we we here basically the last year number of candidates this probably very good so it's probably due to chance on being in the US this week well lots of time to develop in over the years to come here inside I was last week as well for full of people from the that's the that's the science community with more than 1 so we were groups we already talked about that last year by this could be needed to repeat and also because they're they're working quite better and we have would toward groups so have 1 Chairperson of sometime soon and the the Working Groups member it's it's mostly but even by was more active was more was more of the market in some cases it's not the case that we would be trying to talking to you don't make any natural roles with when is necessary and but it's always necessary to have a contact point to talk between work groups the end of a word groups according and nobody so easily decisions that are not can be taken quickly and are not so important that technical over small technical things that just just thinking others like we have evolved we have quite a few genes the conference administration of course there's communication what's apart initially marketing design the program were web media team the code of conduct and we also to going the it is more or less than you between those are of course if the the the team that needs to be in contact with the venue doing work of going taking care of the details OK so for me it is the very class from the set so we also have something called the guidelines which was so it's actually something that is it was an idea that was part of this move to the work group so we want to start to document how we actually run the the conference we started working on this document we have not really done much work on a recently we should probably after this conference to have something like like like a document that that lets you people that come into the organization of better start off in the organization so they have a better idea of what they're signing up for an hour the works but right now this year we have we keep that we use internally we documents and we have a lot of chatter lots of personality and intelligence and estimating this and we in this archive so the organization's basically centers are demanding for more things that don't need to be done right away and then for things that are words that we use the across groups which has worked out really well so when was the last time they just show you know telegram groups thing looks like an interesting you're going the lightest filter here so you can just see all this stuff not only the Commission and margin so you can see here but also the and that the
system wasn't just group for example this is how the to the well basically the the the people of volunteering year at a conference 2 but how they and communicate with with each of those because you can't just right you don't have to phone anyone or anything that we we do have to sort the topics outside the borders this year because we're basically doing everything here then you have the the public for this is the public 1 this is 1 that's where anyone can sign up this is something that we have to monitor a bit because sometimes you have messages that don't belong evidence for you to that of moderation this is our borders this nothing special here and just had a board meeting for example we wouldn't you more people um this this for 1 and this is just from search for don't there so we have a few data we have the full 1 for the organizers of the because of 1 we using that to just over 2 years and that's just everyone in the organization and NFS status groups the you change great fun as well in some stages but for the system really good right so now this question that answer you might want to use my mind do you have any questions yes this is this is due to the and that the well to right right the the the way that works is start you based right and you know to the board we then contacted shares of that particular work group that you want to work and ask them whether they have the need for more people which we usually always to uh and then we just we sign you up for it but did this 1 thing that we found in In the last years that people we have quite a few people who signed up for these were groups but they didn't actually do when you not much work has been done way and because the sine proteases rather well it's it's it's a lot of work so it would be better to really consider if you want to do actually do work in that group to only then apply for the work and that was we do and have sign up for everything the whole lot of right we have a we have a we see from this you which the church and so on you have to use the laws and it is the 1 yeah are happy for suggestions we can manage better because with many people just like to be there and sometimes doing something and the problem is that some tasks have that lights and people tend to tell all after the deadline I did didn't make the peak also and this is horrible for us because for us we're all us the chairs we have to step in natural maltose on and we're trying to find better solutions also like the way book open communication if there's a deadline and you don't make it tells us that also problem I mean it's all interior and and we're trying to build the pre-conference soul actually we hear the truth but but the discussed we should try to do that more doing better management as well it's not just like 1 side story because some it's not not everybody's may just have to go to grab responsibilities basically looking at local schools a lot like this just OK so what that you z what happens and it was a book called the opponents on that I want to mention that on top of this there is also some learning curve to the active on the working groups mostly because it's not like small so what just don't dropping send e-mails randomly that's that so you can read this year there were groups for new we had quite heavily 15 erasing all the documentation raising wiki pages of raise itself and also taking that sometimes we pages are too long not were not work really well and so it's trying to make it easier for everyone to join but it's also good to have some 1 joining in documenting the process saying what things that I this and why it had to drop the ball because of times it's in the same in both directions right both on and new volunteers so we're trying to do a lot of work to make it easier to have this is a that we're using some of the main page of thinking we have entries for different conferences and here we have the milestone still some of the actual my and you can see how we do what we can to know which is the final and most of them turn out to be then we have all of which will probably have a page from here so for example if you go to the sponsors 1 you then you get all the various resources that we use for that will recommended list of various other used then we have working document also you see on on who will arrive summary so use include that spreadsheet and we also try to put extra information here that's being asked only by people responses in this case and try to document processes of how we to certain things for example with responses to you is that just assign a process for the sponsors said we have to follow attention every time and so we try to document all this year
and then later on the idea was to take this information and put it into those kind and documents you want to be the right now we have everything mapping here and you have the numbers you voting members a number of members of the inactive members so every now and then we go around and check in the work groups which members actually active or not and then and the ones that are not actors they get converted into this inactive status which is way for us to basically no whether we need to add more people to the people who were not because sometimes we have a huge roasted from work will in in effect only virtue people actually working in the in terms of use of exactly how right right when when you when you start a recall what we do is we signed up to alternating this and you need to sign up for for review the links to the Taliban groups uh and then we write introduction in we welcome message for you and then we usually expect the chairs of our approach and take you and showing the various things to be done and like what what Alex is that we also need to we need to change the method that currently using bit because right now the method has been that we kind of expect people to kind work themselves so they they they look at something here distance for so distance attendance something that model works for some people but it doesn't work for everyone so problems by someone management in this area and mean sold on we have improved a lot moving away from e-mail and also it's really rewarding and most of the time I mean we work at the numerical program workgroup and communications you really want a friendly constructive respectful people it's it's that once you have all the tools and you know know what to do with its it's also thoughts not just like that we already thinking of all the problems said it's also a lot of fun and especially if this
is very funny seeing everybody having time and the while or for example for the responses of scenes each company has a set of with the same everyone think there would be the sum of I use a and if you're familiar with this so that that's control what they of systems and it worked quite well for disposal of replacing and there we so some of the people in the schools of what word there and the we could decide that 2 different people remind what does always assumed to be done the just 1 of them think it's always really important tools do the work somebody else can pick up out of your holidays and stuff and so this talk about making oneself like the the organization depending on 1 person information from the information in deciding which you need a hand which is tool DCM for example for for for next year 1st we have to see how many of the existing work group members actually want to continue work in number of group and then of course me the general we need we need help with because if you look at at this year's conference we've been maybe about 10 or 15 members all were reactants and really put a lot of and so on and this is a huge conference so it's not really enough and the last week before the conference always really stressful because some of the things to think about and it would be a lot better to put that on more shoulders maybe what and the conference there is more to help you probably some of these things could be handled by full use 1 group just the text so that you can know what all all sold out building this knowledge base and the mostly communication and the of you have to do and possibly even more so the question is what I really do need to change with readers the quality of the approximation and methods and have a running around this but you know that we need to analyze the place that the is seen the same it is more mortified fighters have the same problems of the reunion with to be the the only and we we as we currently running this this define what we call the price call for interest so we're trying to figure out who is interested in maybe submitting a proposal and so that is running and so on Friday and then we're going to ensure that we want to look at what applications we get them running work those people to do the work on the CFP if we 1 proposal was it make things easier and interest and this is skip the CFP and with readily into than figuring out how exactly 1 to to run the conference and that the new location so we'll be announced that all the time all of these you don't think that this is going be right so mean this you have to look at it also has to look at it this way doing conference like this this is a lot of work and people to get burned out and that's also 1 of the reasons for a change to locations the previously we have basically do that because we wanted to add this to your questions so it should be a European Conference that moves around Europe and of course also 1 of the reasons why we would change locations every now and then and just complementing but you have been set moment here said that the point of view it is not if you're considering volunteering like it's really not that important where it's going to be next year but you can help from anywhere like I live in Brazil of a I felt
from the would include it was great they we the word lots of things to do but as a tinkerer the your codes and the and related it's an opportunity you have to did some some some of your free time that you anomaly would be just watching TV instead of anything but it's fun you meet new new people I was really good for me like it was written between these 2 men think yeah I mean it's 80 per cent of the work can be done on aligned yeah good the conclusion during a crazy times on it actually that that they wouldn't let me to stay away from we made this stuff like that could be used this is different time zones put of the this the so the
less than 20 organizers at all the volunteers but it was in fact a brick by 0 it's a conference with we got like less than 300 people in the was 250 and you were on this 1 thousand so 1 question the so they have strict times this which this session for yeah yeah exactly so any questions or to forget to ask or maybe with other person's here just stop stop by the precision that's for take Roman we will be happy to to as to require that all the questions can we have time this weekend and for for the architecture of of the Web site and rest From this we can we have spent on and so really you should probably especially for volunteers because of said 1 and so it has to be there and want work the new where the input text information the word there's stuff that we can go on 1 side the people in the role of the which the minute you know what when the but of and in the in the the we do have so we're
already in the General Assembly for the for the General Assembly because this is the 1st formal kind of thing that we have to do what I would like to ask all the GPS members sit in the front row so that we know where to stop accounting for the bulk of his everybody is welcome and everyone else in back