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EuroPython 2016 Recruiting Session

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EuroPython 2016 Recruiting Session
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Fabio Pliger - Recruiting session The recruiting sponsors will present their companies and their job offers in short talks.
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who sort of started the recession basically with
people with for start how it how it works basically we'll have short length of from responses to and themselves and solve all the companies and know what they're doing here who would reading and the getting tested them and and and it is going to following the sponsors and stage of retrieval themselves they around on the cell uh that offered the section we can basically just use the room the let the attendees reached out of the aspirations whatever you want to do so yeah telling of
available at apart from what was that have their own life span so we don't hear to avoid which work yeah that 1 of the some of 1st
sponsors is the I would like to the which the the here now with
afternoon everyone there any I'm a part of the being of human
resources for me but I don't know if you heard about that before we belong to the group living VA 100 per cent we are of technology innovation firm and is not in velocity of the bond and we were mainly for man in the banking sector
budding transgressive technology prior mainly a wheel for soliciting cloud computing can also be made about word we don't
science and we are working with the Internet of Things each of right now we are working on and right now there are around what 400 and employees they fall of then you might well so half of an office in Mexico Lévy of real here and there are around 100 employees there and we are planning
to open an office in the USA in in the next few months of right now and there are more than 16 inverters 60 people
argue that because of work that certified in Amazon Web Services that our company we have financial and web services provided where to this summit being immersed in an ideal world you when there and they're binary all
of who will also in a moment the because of and also below their mother we're always trying to implement the new trained using them in the market entity be the value to our were applying we mainly work for the bank of but also for other clients who wrote a of different areas moment in life and right now we are playing a i game mythology use they were working with this crime and 100 where a brave man and here's our room right now we are growing a lot of we've been a growing in the last 3 years huge cities because of the investment in innovation of the bonds are doing and growing outside of the virus so you are very welcome to join our team if you are passionate about technology if you are I'm sure that you will in our company we have a standard here on the left so if you if you want to you know more about the where opportunities to come by an hour's time thank you very much
hello my is will have you all for I will for I for us so we have assumed to be valid we have
focused on security war main focus was used to alleviate the solutions that are not mature
enough in in the market for the DVDs any security solution that the you have in the market something that can be both anything that can that is not
mature enough in the market is something that we are you involved in that we have obtained for
developers we are on our company that the probability that this 1 must be deleted in ideas practices as much as you and most here and we also believe in the in the mix of development and the security in all of the the soul subword development life cycle and the model thank you everyone and we are we have developed to the left of the of the only if you're interested in security interested reason useful to us in the room and so and I would like my
next point so that we want and also like to thank the members of so environment and
speaker from we under the Leonardo is the leading
provider of cloud the predictive of publications and we are doing the best decisions for our customers the ring to them daily and you're doing this through machine learning and real looking for of the developers systems engineers and
data scientists in all locations and cost with some work in London on the best
thing is to is of talk to us directly or by uh get in contact with others the social event tonight I was even better if you want to see what we are working on and you go to all talks and I'm going to have a talk tomorrow about in the phylogeny and Sebastien is going to talk about
infrastructure as code to start as having a core talk tomorrow about the airflow and on friday public will have a lot talk about splitting up the normally it's hard to get from what we call this into microservices and you the show you how to you utilize the critiques crops so just get in touch with us if you really like to
work in the new company argued people to vote you the know next
time sponsors steam this and
the next 1 after that the script to you pain I'm sad and the mean
rank and don't want to take over
the of who you are and where an
online service provider of the polarity of video games and we're going to need to approximately across the location where they didn't think either of them and I am
sympathetic to that of providing the user with the biggest 1 matchmaking to maintain the boring provides storage media stories of semantic linking data warehousing and mining and I get insight the
data and the theoretical
level the however and required by activation of that that that we operate in the state of the art of ideas that they felt that the act didn't like that 1 of the main 1 that part of to see Thailand in the also
operate quantities and underlined the mind and the time that this had never know that sitting in the cell again the findings of a sense
of where the number over
400 million Americans and components in the current online gaming and again not the number of that imagine an average of 1 point in time and again it is not meant that there was something like
that and the technology that we were
workplace playing so that here your life and so
on but this is and the other people and injuring and think of and that that the and and you have all the opportunities that exist in the world and that might I have a lot of our and stuff in this and unintelligible and a lot
of work on 1 of the platform of having worked in the 1 of the things that I hold all quantities in online that communities there's a lot of things
just another benefit began
working with the uniform to take our quite seriously process that's what benefits for working there and 25 to validate the standard not on the location of the events the use of more than the average and that's about it and it's about the lack of a mental health care we had started in the past and you have the slides the video games and trading company in the of the number of things like this and sand have opportunity then that
of its just sequentially from
that the standards of the environment that I want and get the hell were quite seriously but not nothing much that
and here the web sites all over the area that falls under that
thank we haven't found that divided by like that you would make sponsors the
group to your money like I have kind
of thing so you know you from 1 engineering company when you make communications without selective so we think radio it's not
there but very well so you can see 1 of the agree to simply as the global leader in the targeting at the time and so you some of the problems of the final we do simple so that the the the red probably goes on I think there's a problem to solve once in a while but sometimes you don't have to decide not to buy anything all we do is that we you would that's all I did this and then that of those instances so once reflected back something if you don't click to buy anything we use money money all the time but sometimes make money and so the moment you click to buy something which it makes money and the gas makes money in the world have what have you use is there so so as long it's obviously built by all users engineers who worked with us we have a little while and a lot of about 450 people and it's not something
the company's young it's been around for about 10 years and we use the definition of a slowdown anytime soon so that many areas from time to time and Python happens to be 1 of the most vulnerable you know
languages we use we use other languages like Java was so and what knowledge but at the moment we will be in the interests of Python so the read surprised by the rules of of a lot going on a really good and if you don't it on a job you can come to customize the squares of the of the review classes and all sort of thing so you can imagine and also what we have another talk about probably on the movement of the animal all of
I good would have a surprise so 1 3rd of the book so feel free to Boswell both and I hear more of our jobs some of the subjects were created for right now
quite relief that of each engineering Python Senior that will engineered for right and as well as as well as a senior software engineer so simply with looking for people to join us in Paris follow also as well as granola the business of units are about 27 other countries but which 1 of the things that are interesting enough to so if you wanna join us Paris involved with the and then come back have something interesting also relocation packages to help you as well as your immediate partners if you have trouble joining us in our company so that that's what we do and have to meet you and freedom of level and just
just to be complete the title of the presentation by reducing count on the key to use leveraging documentation
people were put that away the PIC and he's going to talk about some experiments so they don't know about where the guy in the way of using documentation generating automatically some nice information for the users to I invite you to within the presentation infinite can can you
have been compiled and next 1 is point sure
and in the long run and so I work for hired the com which the job market place for because of the people in the
market before you were born in the US we and I think you and the principle of hired that instead of having candidates applying for jobs and read on
years companies on the platform to apply to computer to accommodate you create in higher the from and the fuel profile is approved by the operations written to you have them parts of the of companies in you go to broader profile and applied to all of that was you of the during the operates the US
most cities in the US in pattern the UK Canada Singapore and Australia in
you know from but some of system and over 500 thousand and of applied to should for job and you don't want to have the same thing and you can the and some of our next 1 so
the 1 child and after that
on the internet and any saw hi guys
among the cofounder and
director of engineering for John Hodges a small but fast-growing sort above that using any of the basically a set of tools that allow allows website and find out more about the the nature of the
Lancashire this video if you have a better job of explaining that some of the the to
today most sites are built and improved based on hunches and guesses let maybe we just don't need to gas and take on time instead of guessing what motivates the use of the area announcing this year something like where they claim that how far long this will to the totally ignored and by playing that your visitors this if you're watching this thing over their shoulders so you can see what turns them on your site and causes union and the time it doesn't end there you can also ask questions directly to your visitors
ultimately this means you optimize the same university prioritizing content in attention an objective prism overall hunters range of features in the access to knowledge about in the way that I think that on Java only 1 analytics in the back of the book what of ensuring is
and complicated and we talked about the 2 major companies
wanting that land in which means that when you think about the fact that
yet much of the northern monolithic the 3 and the couple
of years ago there was some of have stuff the most frustrating thing I found was that we can understand why people coming to our site from the convergence of customers or their combination
and this is to stop using analysis of the month um and we want to go out how we could get to know why our users were accumulated so we did some research and we
found that the velocity of of the particle and heat maps the list so expensive and the rear
a we alone so when you people stop the same thing so 2 years ago we got together and decided to build 2 vectors this year and and this this morning politics and on the right path for quite some time and use of some of the features have have the fact that it the mission
overview of what people are thinking and yet actually have these of his
opponents the recordings of users and the amount of moving the cooking and
phenylalanine taken fewer people are jumping off the site and think that what is called the frequency was the use of other form of making use of the of the family was so have feedback so beside the analytic side effects that we can actually see the visual and understand what is going to have to ask questions that you can create
decided to off and persons in mobile and and you
can do something similar with service without asking more questions that the law of the and finally also have read
its and connects the various people want from your use of the so it's important to facilitate effective collecting the data and complex remnants of uh and this
you some perspective we launch 100 2 years ago and now we now have all right on top of that want to that in the context we have over 600 6 thousand websites of something or how does the evidence that we can see some of the beta process 2 14 terrabytes small and increasing the 5 and 2 and and
yeah the reason really looking for Python developed and we think it's this is a good opportunity for you to work at home jobs for 2 primary and
you can work remotely so how does 1 meter long company we have might even get enables of the very particular and so that flexible hours and
we give you some of the projects a year and a person but it's in the bible the and and they're not interfere with the
public and the 2nd you also get to learn new skills so we encourage all developers to learn beyond what is known as the knowledge of the language of the success of the family ultimately
all of the vision the sample drawn from the inside and now
this is extremely low then and perhaps some overly ambitious of having such a big role problem means that you have a lot of exciting project you want to work and and the the aerial view of wants and you like the idea of working
with the writing sample and the speed of the of the fashion of also the and the name something so I wouldn't intended
and then he stopped and proximal house that had the community and without the known and my
name is running from no slides from my side no movies and you probably know instead as a hardware company right who doesn't know anything about right
to be can and come to me later but it's in is 0 so I'm a
lots of company actually it's 1 of the largest software development company in the world we have about 15 thousand software developers all around the world we work on several topics from low level of bias development which is maybe maybe for you know that interesting but also of 2 machine learning the data and and and a lot of other stuff I'm from my side come from from the software side we have a sofware department there is a real division of our software and and we look quite and by the way just that you know given query
intent will fight and we only have we also have all forms of items of the distribution which representing here so that I can see them from the software side and we're always looking at recruiting software developers we'll see plus
plus of course you see just like assembler sometimes but also fight on and on so we are currently recruiting a lot of people and the best is to go actually on the website because the intent is really the company and so there you can find all the good job offers worldwide myself I'm more on the customer side so if you engineering interested to become a sales engineer and what with customers and trouble and this is new countries just talk to me outside and have been happy to discuss think about it and
some of the men had the
protecting and constant just seeks next community alright so
thank you for having us it's always a pleasure to be if apply on the floor of the greatest conferences of you
on thanks for your attention to this event you get and everybody who made in heaven I guess everybody heard of friend had always interesting based on my discussion with the people at this conference is that all people are associating only with 1 of which is a business that huge part of the doing about the basis of the huge portfolio of products so sold the operating systems middleware stuff in the wild and also mobile technologies and Python is a huge part of what is behind that in terms of programming languages and use some of the the tools of within the individual
in the fall the area of the relation of the type of we also use
python for our 2 major will also be part of our quality you apartment so what is so cool about working poor and that as a technology but I would say that the open source is a huge part of that so when you're working in red heads you're not only
online for your work is not only visible within the team and within the company but they also interacting with
people all of the people the other also these days were facing like they're interesting challenges because of the size of the portfolio so all products obviously talking to to each other are which means that we are working all with like continuous integration and it's really making it easier for our customers deploy the code as far as fast as possible and so we have offices all around the world we are global company we came all the internet from the Czech Republic were the largest engineering officers at the moment so it's like more than thousand people and and we're not only hiring in the Czech Republic of hiring also removed especially for teams like OpenStack and virtualization you can work remotely from anywhere around Europe so so if you're interested talk to us later on in this room or we have a table in the lobby and so on but we can talk talk to us and time for right enjoy the rest of the conference and thank you and some
of them can make sponsors and
seeks next after that you have in front of hi I'm painting
from within the next 2 very happy to meet you all you know about
1st of all I want to thank you for beginning there with us and not only is the term with the hashtag
neural fighting for the integrity of the cell and also thank you for attending are available because of move we have a riddle for you to inform interesting place this and to give yourself a challenge during the coffee breaks the suggested of the and about the company we are the biggest fights in Europe by a house and you will find
employing over 100 title developers mostly used mostly for quite some but also gave the answer and the more mobile and later in the west and there also having tools from the news so we're looking for all developers from massive
political that the so you are welcome to the Continental the
important thing is that we brought some interesting people here for where you have been brought our CEO so you can talk about it is that if you want to know how to the effect of a and successful companies and
also of HR specialists and she would tell you more about we went the experts and the banks say hello to the
rest of the people that come from signal and the solar level we have all of the fact that clients and the operational clients so everybody will
find something for himself and his thinking and some and next we
have a strong and after that I received a meeting you
5 planetarium an engineer
from time where whereas most set of and that's offering a free service for companies to build a book and manage that whole cycle of business
followed you know how in companies normally when people try to make a full of foreign trade it's probably because you have to book flights sample somewhere then you have to answer total somewhere else then you have to grab all the invoices sent into the invoicing center cited and expensive but which don't we are building a tool that allows to the companies to manage the whole cycle in 1
place so we offer like example user Torre with user policies so for example 1 user can only 4 of flying business because reasons and just can't find economy and then get
1st of all for their health and disease or use of his reluctance and just get of the cheapest those so we manage these things and also do research and will for flights and hotels nor nor but also in more ways than so the companies
have a central point where we can manage the whole business trip in 1 place so we have a cold site with a small company muscle and with the mother or the knowledge that is built around on the front and side in reality as telescript right and on the American side we're using Python with generous framework was whereas salary all the standard tools to integrate with different provided that point flights hotels a payment services so we're adjusting on the back and the from being consumed as until you realize small company muscle life around 20 people from going there for different nationalities so in international team very young we will address and we found that so we have can run for some time and then uh we're hiding so what would we offer we offer like the start of the
problem of immigration policies so you the job you can get a link on the day so really nice and uh again we have for like previous food uh not so the years we have drawn and the docking of this they don't get really well but again we are hiring engineers and well thank you and some of the monarch
sponsors you pseudonym and I would express yeah team community of right kinds of so idea to me we
believe that the you online you're online learning we can
help anyone below the line they can imagine and that's why we built the world's largest online learning the place we connect about 11 million students with instructors all over the world and and and to that they can learn an and
understanding strong you're back to Java and from Python to park and then if you want to know how you can park or in a new to me talk to me after it's like shit and
I'm from that of an office and the Director engineering Company manager for violence and we have poor quality this in Dublin genes that support constructors team that help
businesses to use you need to help their people learn better and and
and teams to help the site for highly available money the way size and and we're recruiting and so we have a stall outside Michael is sitting here and the form we love to to talk to you and we have 4 5 engineers here will tell you what it's like to work for you to me and I'm really happy that you go and talk to them and find that a bit and if you're interested in
being a full-stack engineer if you're in the in the inside liability and an engineer and working at height to help all those 11 million students learn all at the same time so if you are interested in becoming a software development manager these income on X Sx thanks a lot next we have this
year and then we have last sponsored binder so these
hi everyone of step on the 2nd only revealed energy we
try we think we succeed to connect people with greater like this and focusing on the word error rate but we do have a review on the website which is 1
of core features so we can help you to find a good
business somebody where you're happy to give money to and where you are satisfied with the service afterwards and this is how the website looks like this is actually called the highest traffic the page on the side of this this is the age we are also an
active in the mobile space we have some great on Android and IOS fats and you can see that here we're trying to do and we are active in 32 countries we have to consider and
understand and them for you and we do operate at scale from we have some
interesting problems we solve when you work at the of where I have 3 offices in Europe in Germany and inhabit which is the 2nd largest city of Germany Dublin where it's mostly sales and London so for you engineers the interesting officers with the London where we have about
25 years and in Hamburg where we have about 40 people working in product in neuron and meaning that while
I feel we are a company that worldwide and over 400 engineers but we still have this what I consider the sweet spot of number people in our offices in Europe where you still know everybody you read everybody when you come into the office but you can still work on large problems and so on have a real impact
what role looking for these other jobs that you can read it for yourself and check out the website and if you're not finding what they're looking for exactly please come see us anyway those outside and I'm sure we'll find solutions we're always looking for passionate people and we have a diverse set of problems solved so I'm sure we can work something out
from what we offer the usual I think that's more or less standard and let me talk a bit about the allergies We use most of the things you hear about the original on will be using it and we have a large service oriented architecture with hundreds of services and production we should close to production
multiple times a day by engineers and we have our Platform-as-a-Service with source that recently that's all possible to evolve and get half have where and active
open-source contributor and and 1 thing I want to point out is that I think I really think you can make an impact and the other as an engineer there's no like strong hierarchies value everyone you can really bring in new ideas and get change of the
consulate talks that Europe on Scott just gave a talk earlier today and the room was pretty fact and I suggest maybe interested to get out of on you to later once it's published I'll give talk tomorrow on and on Thursday Lawrence will be talking about the implements the question whether the creation as I said to get
along Get out of source contributions we have an engineering blog that I considered quite interesting with further on and if you're interested in the job of the school in your book on career and then we have a
raffle going on here and that the Europe I on the actual like me and my colleague
gradient schooling about where it comes giving away its role quite a nice when I think of so
just come find us afterward supported the balloons and you can really went wrong thinking and some not can I might
find enough put the I know from
1 I hope that there would be used the
interesting around with lot the if you look at and where where'd but if you of
short introduction there are going around with what we do this now
we enable brands companies to manage diverse and that's where most
of the student and what you do all your work we use this to serve over 300 clients who compared over a million In many millions of people worldwide and we're going to 1st of all of the light and this year like just for a
continuum of this that obviously like this was the very think about it that we use and which will be telling you In the 1st 2 now before I go
until you was this was wonder what the of the student movement Quixote
and on the mind of the learner is
almost lies was seen as a developer I would of ideas below at the end
of our life is that of anxiety that things and
also the founder the data which is of course made by the gradient
have lots of really and
another for binary recall and the public we will be the left when the
weather is nice and some of the virus you unload slide and and the lining of the lungs there was
a lot of the I delegates and the
other is that lies in the the if there are many
things that go around here also
includes the life of the mind wherein the
against the following month
different from what was you so yeah this
lost make up the for as the
companies and it's really fun to work a of of this way we
can do what because there is 1 of these 3 we're in Amsterdam brought them were known as that's where developed and is the work of American occupation so yeah that's the
which is shown that give them
introduction of how we think you should be working reverse really a such as we really believe that's uh working with the and nice and fun with those of you who is going be developed
itself and get yourself and grow you know as a developer as well I think you revised
to limit case in the the valence the the Nevada you work this we give you beer uh we were looking
at the a lot of researchers and scientists was and we were with the cutting edge technologies but these
are just the the overlooking the report beckons them apart from the developer the period is near the dividends in like this is that we can develop a in the forms and development the pieces of a lot of
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