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Import community
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Fernando Masanori Ashikaga/Paola Katherine Pacheco/Kátia Nakamura - import community One of the biggest differences, in the Python community, is its effort to improve diversity. The authors will share experiences on diversity obtained from ten different countries: Namibia, UK, Japan, Brazil, Italy, Argentina, Uruguay, Germany, Canada and Spain. There are other reports, that also we would like to share, which are only beautiful stories of how Python reaches the most distant people and places you may never have imagined. ----- One of the biggest differences, in the Python community, in relation to other communities, is its effort to improve diversity. There is even a Diversity Statement at PSF: "We have created this diversity statement because we believe that a diverse Python community is stronger and more vibrant. A diverse community where people treat each other with respect has more potential contributors and more sources for ideas." The authors will share experiences on diversity obtained from ten different countries: Namibia, UK, Japan, Brazil, Italy, Argentina, Uruguay, Germany, Canada and Spain. There are other reports that we also would like to share, which are only beautiful stories of how Python reaches the most distant people and places you may never have imagined.
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hi my name is fundamental and action we are from Brazil we are sharing experiences from a lot of countries not media by UK by calling you die from Japan American Italy and Europe I obtained by control and experiences of always conclusion about diversity this not
diversity these eyes command of by consultant
there's always loving but all of the conference but by calling a the but by going a 3 or 4 years ago face show I think there is developers had problems we also applaud and and we hello always as is necessary to have benefits true In contrast this problem all
the found the always are wearing there's by providing is for organelles future but this
year's part Europe item Q notes and these same also the memory message forest that's inclusion this important for us this thing theory did
is not what's that the ability is always giving a patient to everyone but bike or let's see if that's my breakfast but by quite common through I took this photo often you know these things of Bull energy so we have at least 20 minutes so a lot of that in my opinion a lot of speakers by tolerant by complementing but following there you go way of life the corridors phone numbers
India's years we have parts per cent of public bodies women but spike in this week by the general goal we have also offered to % of power by winning blinded selects the worldwide and select the process special mention to uh
Jessica efforts to sending a lot of e-mails to potential speakers my
account the is the the the is there an international forum deficient softer and have to interact with only 1 1 by extract In the last year this is however more and then attempt thousands people in the confidence the this
they don't violate own eyes she's 12 years old and she starts recording using scratched when she was 5 In spite of point 8 and she she gave a talk this year had deformed and there's and she was teaching how to code in Python and she also gave a talk last year they had the same
for would resume we had
problem in distress because it there is figures we are almost the majority of students In the by coming to have column from gene combining true cost the traveled FIL there by the speaker when I with the combined the actual 1st they to help Our model and enough for a large range you None have a
project name it's Argentina and vital these are project
that's are doing general go workshop in many countries in insult America they are travellers Manuel Durán and there is a very had couple
because there is no better history to be had then go to throughout your life during good to the other the 2
years ago I was at Michael UK the last 2 years of Japan in my opinion on the monster form part of by calling UK and by quantifying the soundtrack for kids the
streets for the 11 year old son we can go don't use textbooks after dinner we spent the last passed through our coding entitled on his her developed by lower and there is
my interests workshop by college about no wants to these event for lunch but
there are kids Pollux quantified communicate last year sometimes watch
choose of the conference and what state yeah workshop for children have smart you did so much importance to the docks and have more people impetus to read build at the 1st stage of by on media after danger of gender goes workshop we arrive at a beach only show the energy in the party and there's not even people very friendly the people gave us a show of things and some but the 2nd of the the the the right of the
a 1 of the things that you have a lot of the and that's the the only thing many a and the all it in a lot of people that the that's money there
can they clearly there are some interesting it's like gold to those of and people and preparing something there to their elder
and last year and this year their health status and the jobs that they new and the light
and folks and shows that are being sort of races by then this year's
these above inclusiveness
and all common had you read this I was told about
some personal stories I invited the Aisha choose shared this is sort of a phonetically here she at this moment by feeling uh jungle call that I show Is
our demise of general go why was general go levels
have some different problems because some gals and do not have a personal computers books is
a very successful workshop this splitting slaughter I I
should that data ideas that we talked about in this period of the general comment she
is co-organizer of this 1st Michael Nigeria on the
question in it's my 1st conference title resume rule and it's not just the 1st a and that's after searching on the idea that as the president of using and reasoning data with 400 sentences restrictions on at the the some of the
dead and so on would not have I don't know the right answer because conference and I didn't have the from over there is that there could we OK I
my work at as Java developer developer for 5 years in like 8 months ago I 1st met jungle that jungle grows in my city has obtained and then I Manchuria as court had jungle girls really I did do this picture from the the jungle girls in Room in after that I got the scholarship to attend the jungle cause in Budapest in March
also this year I I got a job as a jungle developers and Czech Republic soloing and move it to true here and I'm working with jungle enter this this year it's like my 1st Europe item 10 and both my friend and organizing the regional grossing belongs in check at by courses E to being October disappeared the following
content is a retired ended had stated to a general-purpose solver that this company we know that title conference and the
usual has have you do people
they have the fundamental differences what about the revolutionary ideals variety the 1 the videos the user what we have for the opposite of what you do is you get this on the is that conversely of framework because of whereas then you would yet also whether this again and again program was used to references the goal was to give more of us way of doing thinking the 1st was student program there was another factor in the form of the union of the world by the very little room for a lot of work this but what about the rest of you and by the residents of progress is that there's no universal way of doing quite frankly I want to know what's the message of the rest of the status of the data as well as the on the other hand by quieter the way if you have a very hard to read it was it was only in the last very young have local view and that development this is the report way in which vast with the and a lot of the rest of the world want this this this this approach was not a using year old this was what of the 1 right out of the the so was that we want you would you of and in a way
also that by ladies and some follow it of funders and all of and from there other fields there not programmers of year and and
free of and there are a lot of motion but the only 1 of the events that their emotional last year mean events uh and the violent thing is they ideas the site to look at and major workshop for couples there
are some links didn't hold to implement your article don't call that in a blog posts for all as an anchor it is most about and about by but these an old yesterday is a very interesting link and the last 1 last volumes conference at least I I think is that tangible and concrete
and in particle community I all in these pictures and use of free software community often ball that's to be meted out projects to 2 2 soft information In important
community as you learn that is our Africa and Uganda community Jesus
victory is for all last fight here well it's not important the particle
such as me because you are a part of this community so I think happen thank you right the and and and was
the answer thanks for the notion but I've got to Western 1st used that say young leading to participate in at college work and goal Our experiments used or something to offer oneself or have been there in some the notion you want and the other 1 that I want to be a critical thing many of the countries you are showing here belonged to the former colonies an unknown leading 1 of of the poorest countries of South America and I don't even think all you can receive that money that earlier so communities or you're training the next iteration of colonialism gotten better parameters in gold toward with facial and that means getting the resources of away from there from the countries so we are working in Seoul color you feel that that might make may make a request can't use color you feel each of you that learning to cold actually changing so ain't everyday use like for people called that's the media we're there are a lot of different use there are some Miguel that there are by of social science there are families that is there once a dual major blog choose spread their sociology all around the money going to I I I think there are a great in part by I a there is like falls on usually data last year yesterday about the to read stories about this region del organizers sites Nigeria are updated this is part of the it's really jealous and they're Nigeria's stars Belgium has a very big because there are no social our serious Orange this is our gradient parts and reply from well object generative of Rio 6 morning in 6 months that our cities gentle goes out of Nigeria on the wire additions 400 and very few of opportunities these and in low water also people interested in and what they theoretical mortgages are this year's forced title the thought many and we humans as Nigeria recorded cause the organization after journal euros the model is that there's a lot of I think it's around the included was articles retrieved from the that thank you very much for your tools and it's a lot of fun and and really enjoyable go to places like you know Namibia and but the end result also has to be that it makes sense from an economic or or a business perspective in the end so that the end result has to be that the the software developers in those countries becomes significant enough that bringing money into those countries and developing the economies and skills in those countries and do you have any idea how how we can best achieve that what the best thing to do is to advance that and so that as well as all this really important community work that we're doing there are actual real economic advantages to be gained by the good good question so there are some conference companies the policies that are moving from Java to financial because of the real optimal for quite communities it's because there the 1st as I thought might might use this by creator all languages we have some common that decides to move all entirely stock from from the from the arbitral to off because there's coolant now they're earning more money have more projects because there is a consistent created by commonly for the rest and what about the the was in a procession of from a of and I was the question we were talking about this and why what do you think it is that in cases like Namibia and and the Nigeria which unknowns which applied patriarchal cultures in many ways actually in at these conferences in hike economy doing about 50 % women right why is it why and in Europe we struggle to do that for a while why this is successful and and and we're not I I I really don't know well because we have this discussed is actually dinner due to the use of rules because there at sort of course is the contrary very near is reducing there are a lot of the some shows things racial relations were In my opinion there is kind of what I think you know there's framing nature of many of actually I always do understand these 50 per cent likely half mentioned several bases happens by chance or if steering active in the people she of the operation tool places that are not being used optical frames the 50 % of the are women the whole all the although the latter use of women like within the school in your life is needed and critical say we have 50 places for women and 58 is used as the cover this that you do you mind if I was that was a section of a question before the National because we we're so about 50 % of Qt talk about me media another and talk about places because it's more expensive and the maybe about 50 per cent of the students studying computer science we also e-mail so this is not the case it's also sort of the forest and he would allow media 50 50 per cent of the students of IIT students are women there's some and lots lots of different of other countries and even if you make huge efforts the address address the imbalance the novel ways successful it takes a huge effort to make a small effect and in the media what we made efforts that I've never seen a conference that was properties what we were the 1st