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EuroPython 2016: Lightning Talks II
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Various speakers - Lightning Talks Lightning talks, presented by Harry Percival
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Red Hat Computer animation
alright come everyone lining told started by the plot the best place to set the lining told his
right up at the front especially if you're a speaker if you're a speaker in aligning toes I definitely need you up at the front if you're not speaker that still rather from all the lovely 2nd row in new 2nd even 2nd journal mouse girls banknotes arose from the middle 1st what
1st person on my list is Constable achieves unit cost goods like a micelle setting up great number 2 will be found 0 or something to that effect from the year very good alright Mr. go back of imaging of freedom so they would take
several at once people have yes and the going is actually FIL assumes that yeah OK are pretty close to the front I know not all right you don't have to sit in the front row that's great thanks reference well then then voxel then
folks alright so it has a millionaire bumped off the list that's great loads of lightning talks
all right come close of the front everyone if you just want then there's loads remote from when you close the front you can see that the person giving the lightning told feels like you more engaged and more curious well
they have to say makes them happy happy speaker delivers a better
talk about talk forms you more makes you more happy in a virtual school Boris circle of knowledge transmission passion community and font covers the front basically the same the other person is right if you close the display settings at that little warning will go away what is it that I have an yeah lightning talks a succession of talks interspersed with people heckling from the audience about how to fix the display settings the so remember from everyone the front is the best place to be the likely talks anyway you get to see more to learn more you get to feel more the whole thing is more engaging the day ends on a high
note you go home happy and and the whole conference turns into weighty better value for money which we can't possibly on rates go to the front of the from lots of room in front also there room here in the middle enclave behind the camera man that story because people don't wanna sit behind the camera OK I'm looking at a camera I want to the talk
John when we start about 1 minute there's no time now if come to the front is right up there among what what what what what what what fast and safely towards the front that we don't stunted exactly the time at all you can see that it's not my warning my what is the only what's that matters the there you can start heckling me when the official lightning talks of started but is not fair to the people this is the thing that get out you the following so do we're about to
start you're now walking in I need to start walking in much more quietly certificate 2 you'll see from now on as we're about to start the same mining job roles Harold 100 it'll finger claps 2 hands appointed plants you have up to 5 minutes you don't have to use the whole 5 minutes cost taken away thanks a problem here hearing
because I'm gonna scientists
uh I'm here to raise awareness for a open source projects that we develop school called
the query and a risky and I want to use these Minister explain what the DOS why it's really nice and I think more people should be aware of it and
possibly use the Iike of my company 3 years ago we started and we had some problems which we had actually clients from start there were retailers with billions of records of data but we were at hardly any money and so we still have a need to be able to respond to so we have this technical issue we have to interest and that's how the tree the end came to live to various over parts what does
it do it best it runs so
everything which is see years in the back and and have actually something like 20 to million records vector and it runs through into the aggregated specially on the on the the bank and and makes it
possible for us to reach very efficient in terms of education and so this
wastewater be queried us annotations on the front ends association it's client use that is the whole
entire back and this makes points so this what we do it's part of a larger part which always also outsource later on both in the start I want to start with the query wise you make it there are several solutions out there like that of course how to spark exist for years ago you but there are other solutions but this which is a very small start up
there for a hard to administrate they could be very expensive and use a lot of resources and at the same
venue were more technological developments in reference to think that a lot of the lowest and most important 1 what you see actually written word at the word diagram the the movement toward so-called rests on this the savings but also what's happening in my community
because of all these 2 men here only because unfortunately
did not here at the moment of the day also helped us look really great and because this is where
the compressed data things so that the takes which is compressed on this which means that it's censored zip through your CPU concept to their and ideas that Wallace abuser so quick that you actually overcome the memory bandwidth issue and or nearly as this quick this it will be a memory that's actually true the only problem with the because is that
it does not aggregated and it's received bare-bones framework for compressed data and for reading and writing of compressed
that's where we made the query and the greatest with problem because and it makes you all this is out of post the slides and I'll slides here
too you can read this later on but basically doesn't segregation framework and it's while the fast so with comparisons with a fondness for use in schools of compared bongos in memory like 1 . 5 2 2 . 5 more times slower this of course comparing your own disk aggregations compared to what 1 of them there's also the sources are down there uh there's some examples of New York picture dataset the task where you
can see this these spread over Hadoop cluster of a machines and we forget America machinery processes etc. It was based dots and
now I hope it's still slow but
what it does this my own core machine I was doing in 1 . 8 seconds it does that 0 . 5 seconds with the same machines and which you uh what which you cannot see at the moment but uses lesson 1 gigabyte of memory and run this fast on my own so that's basically the wonderful
maybe interesting for more people
a and this is an example of only a few of the case it won't work
at the moment because of some strangely and if you 57 can still exploit
stronger source from GitHub directly uh we're still working on it and what you're of course free to look at it and also during the quarter if you want to and yet so that's basically my short introduction of the cream of any questions
thanks very much on the next found just as rejoinder covered so far
it's it's cheap but it was some kind of free will just do their is there a dove although without further ado
thought about that have been a thank you so raise your hand if you use a bit dynamic rack that the
the beer domains out all some right I mean you have a lot of benefit it's you
have you can start what everyone without making their to your installation on and you can reproduce environments from 1 computer to the other that's that's that's
we II and I don't want to say you determines what is the problem with with the answer we need to manage their money so
it's not the preliminary when you're hand when you're working in a big person because you when they're in there for them and you're there 8 hours but what do we do you go for discrete you have that defies picked a new computer and you do you will have to be used and the dependencies the
name of 1 given him for all the 35 scripts or do you have a 35 Thailand's once for each is carried and you have to remember the way should be a violin was before
executed scraped and remember to enter the real problem before executing his grave getting out of variance history and that in that so that's what do you do in that case it's a problem it's immense cell phrase is here
to to help us with phrase is very simple you all the indicate the dependencies that is all you care about Europe you care about the escape and their dependencies you wanted to
Taliban and executed and nothing else how we
execute it was very simple ask any of escaped we colonies with oracle phrase in the shared or are even
acid Python module if you want you can call it and you can execute URIs commit and you only need to a specified dependency how do you specify dependencies while
it's very so for example if
you want tool users create but and that perhaps request you just call phase that's the request on fades with execute URIs grave inevitable and that only has request is found if you call this this if you are in a clean my since it would create abundant into
we install request on people that said that and it's a good there could there this 2nd then you know it it will be super fast because you already have the dilemma with a recursive tall if you want to execute another script we all have regrets it already has developed land use only 2
you don't need to get out of the
if you call phase that's the you're dependency and underspecified scrape it opens for you and interactive interpreter this is
the weakest and this is the way to try a new library the drivers leverage knowledge all phrase that's the my right eye you have it their over there and you have that you interpret the better leaves inside of your burn them with that dependencies style and use as try you don't need to do anything
else if you like to use I buy
users tended to use a rifle if you want to use any specific by comparison tended to use and is priced in specific by comparison if you have 7 out of dependencies just call that should the be several times if you have a air and I like you have to put a 1 of the dependencies several of the dependencies in a specific bias on or great than is that and whatever the use of the specified if you have a program in the text that text you have stayed with best spare so that water
that well this is the 1 that's
never lap this simple ways to what we described it is
when you have URIs great you put faith in the share rank and how that is specified the dependencies see that massive common phrase in their import traits we execute these discrete innovative and that only has request installed because you tell it through a common on you can tell that commentariat in several ways you can put it in the docstring you can put it in their face she and prepare line that that there are several ways for example 1 another and completed the task to it is that it by a the angle per 2nd we their version of the and with that you don't have installed in your system how the user that why with phrase it's easy because use of phrase barely need that dependency the angle or 1 that day and with best X you execute some sitting inside the view so we
are executing began widening mean of the from data them and this way you can start the and pressure in that the specific version and also you for
example you can a if you have a specific people requirement because you have a brochure wherever you can also lead threat to phrase that have to teach people how to work
so people come and use phrase
you can understand it very silly you it's already invariant iteration
won't do it's a relapse you on it and use it and no of a preliminarily hand thing URI maps right the
1 has this you people coming in every once and make some space at the end the rise if you stop
space in the middle of the road everyone knew 2 seats towards the space is make it so that people can actually common make yourselves helpful they're only there that's 1 space liberate reverberated there that's fantastic there's loads of people sitting down at the back of the room they could easily be given the most all my god that power there is doing what I say will pop up up up up up up up aaai next is Paul Hallett polio is someone yeah yep that's good enough to pull is Mr. Sosa but then yep and after that wouldn't have been forms invented you arrive heads are gonna be present let's avoids do you play Rajagopal land In that case you would again
however 1 so my name is Paul had its and does anyone may
use standard yeah then on the that the jagged Software Foundation has a code of conduct Committee few people OK say
I'm a member of the Django suffered foundation Code of Conduct Committee according just that kind of connectivity from now on and I I have
an announcement to share and from dying and the critical to meeting today but for those of you who did beyond up to a little bit about what we do pretty simply we are responsible for making sure the Django
community provides a harassment great experience for everyone involved we have numbers that are global and representatives of user communities of people from different backgrounds different experiences and another said we have something
quite big to announce dates and and that's all code of
conduct documentation and this isn't the jungle code of conduct insurer where he would been to Agenda conference that we do have a kind of
conduct but this is documentation on how we actually deal with the processes of receiving issues and making sure that the jagged community
is friendly and safe and by 2 and before I get into why we decided to an open source this I want to hear that that about what's involved the
1st section is about membership how we elect members how members can maintain this status and we are trying to promote and and like a known by now that has style membership so people all day and they say I'm up to be part of the 6 months and then after that they have no obligation to stay and we also have the most important part which is how we handle and reports we take
each report unnecessary as the next 1 and previous ones and we have persisted were exactly how we go through this to people who like their uncertain about making reports to see the exact processes we get through to make sure that we handle this issue seriously and justly and but we also mention
how we keep records of verb of reports there's no point in us actually running this committee we are
unable to collaborate with Django organizers and organizers of Python events and if we don't keep a record of this reports not include some and processes around the normalization as well I you may not realize this and not many people put their hand of the page he knew we had a committee said you right you could realizes that we actually what with the organizers of every single official Django and conference to make sure that we and share reports between them so they share with us the attendee less than they if there's any
reports were able to share them with other and communities and finally you can also
find or transparency in statistics that this is this is the actual like because of the number of reports we received over the past 2 years as you can see we've gone from 11 2 years ago to 7 so far this year so hopefully we bring that down and ultimately make ourselves redundant and make the community and friendly and inviting the reason we did this this 3 reasons the person is obviously to help hold themselves accountable to you to make sure that we're providing this safe and environment for people and also to let you understand how we make decisions at the 2nd reason which is closest to my heart is to help other tech communities and who have not
been able to adopt a code of conduct to show them that you can do this safely you can do a study that we don't know which hand this is actually done a very dense through a very democratic process and finally to get feedback from you to understand and if we're doing a good enough job if we're making it more well understood and
generated a feedback on how we humans so big shout out to these
people are the reason my name here isn't because unpretentious actually is because all the stars
go right these slides and she's announcing this exact same talk right now in Philadelphia and in the USA and Zhang on US so we're we're on this and right this 2nd that is then I don't have much and you be back in the world to hearing it thinking
all right was there a story about the squirrel what is it that I tried
to I thought you know we could just do use jokes but I haven't actually gone you want some of the things that I've got a funny story about the squirrel I I try and read and entertaining manner and it starts off 0 in order to have a long I never dreamed slowly cruising on a motorcycle for a residential neighborhoods could be so incredibly dangerous little bit I suspect don't that's your interest let's move on to star wars where droughts everyone repelled
and this is from a fun project that recently worked on them and
why just because I like Star Wars and I like to play around with data so that that was a good idea I also
think that you know these very small projects are a new way to just explore a basic data science concepts and and the and the capabilities of Python libraries so and in particular I sort of I guess that this I just wanna encourage maybe newcomers to my will and to data science is something similar and particular I wanted to test this library which is the workload
library and life you know if this is from and and if you don't then check it out and and and so the 1st step that they did was
of course to get some data for this I went to this web page which is basically the database um which contains movie
scripts and this is part of partial screenshot of this looks
like and of course where we need to do here is extract think that it is actually being spoken and by the people because we want to create a work out from Star Wars characters so with a bit of introspection of the HTML um and with
the help of a beautiful Soup and we can just pass the HTML so uh this is an example of the for 1st an episode having you and
so we basically get the HTML using
requests pass using and a beautiful stupid and and then we iterate over it extract the code for each character and it is being spoken and then we end up with a dictionary with basically if these are and the the character names and the values are the strings of the text that the the baseball and we're going to go into
details here and this is an example of good of the from that
so and it is used as raw text so as the next step is basically to go ahead and by basically doing things like removing punctuation and
clean and removing stop words for instance lowercasing if you do this for each character across all episodes and then you end up with with something like this which
is a nice string of just 1 word and again the example of
the of the data and there's the bits and pieces that you still need to do like um you know merchant and a dictionary entries that know the same character like you get to explore ways or C 3 PO and Threepio
stuff like that and um this is list of the top the list of
all of the characters word counts and then we're ready to create the a other work counts and for that it's as easy as instantiating in this time this work out class with basically a list of words and their frequencies and so it's many games
was this come on that's new
words was this that's easy 3 appeal directly what about the someone said you it's the order was not
an easy 1 even when this 1 you right hand so OK last 1 was this of course
are all-time favorite characters
borrowers exactly so we can do is basically do we can also pass for instance instances image masks to this library and creates a more
beautiful stuff so when we come up with something like this
you recognize this is order and this is that many of them that is over line and of
course not and Of course this is just the beginning there's a lot more and you can do with this data for
instance use TF-IDF instead of just word frequencies and apply machine learning and not try to classify maybe dark
and bright said whatever and do some network analysis of the interconnectivity of the
different characters in the movies and I new cortex in gets if you want to take
a notebook you it's it's here and started working on it run in whatever you like and and things like that for your attention God made spend
voxel next and since John Stefanescu christianity are you ready to run out after Christian will have Jonathan Sanders john Jonathan area
very good I was on price street a very nice neighborhood with perfect lawns and slow traffic as a Paulson oncoming car the Browns Ferry missile shot out from under it and tumbled to a stop immediately in front of me it was a squirrel mustard in trying to run across the road running counter the cut I really was not very fast and there is no time to break for avoided it was that close I hate to run around a moles and I really hate on a motorcycle the square should pose no danger to I barely had time to brace for the impact animal lovers never fail squirrels I discovered can take care of himself the if you move again thanks
land throughout character and go so I up a little loss of
a and what's your your your here and actually last May in 7 minutes ago as not see if that works all the well
and so this light is Canada among the device like wallet is a gal your problems and stuff and this URL which is wide 16 or group at the top and we can see this device that weapon is the final class that this that using our service which I will talk about this now as you're going 21 inch devices were up and down and weird and yet what is the should this kind of great out logo and what this through all time high together is basically a kind of global designer of a um so we can use each of our devices is connected this class gap and through Oregon infrastructure I can
send out messages to has to use the 1st color of this logo threats to the green who
microsecond work areas did and this was really care about um and every use these other colors as well so am maybe we recently and you should see that updating all your problems laughter and a prison bonds that have on average energy and so the press this chooses a random color
scheme for those of you that think see a different color scheme increase here from your neighbors eye process at the time we get some ones new
ideas the for your lows and this figure by and widely used throughout the volumes on your and on your devices all that you
war that this would and OK so this is in the Web Audio API to synthesize note that randomly chosen on your right right bait as they link the last last or we're going to make this a bit more real we're gonna use these to
and using colors and sounds to select the winner of a and then even when it is
deviates could I so was the novanet is everyone's world that changed follows handed in Plano and they're going to get it working to office and eventually 1 person lab and like the proper localization of substrate and accurate 1 and so if you will not problems in front of the center
of the I mean you can include so are they were ready for this grammar so let's start the but all of that is this definition
for the death of the universe just have utilized for example to security and time and and I have what do know you
think that the that the the really
enron well I the the and so that's all of a
lot of them and we're going and how extension tomorrow at lunchtime you intend show how we build this or whatever problems at that very much but you still 1 of the organizers that you wanna
say something about did you wanna say something so you could be out of the and you have a talk but even better wages radio Christian and then take away with low thorium so you
need to be more more than you know enough the so
and my name is on the slides and this is now only chemical is Japanese word dialog about the basically itself fungus which is used to make a so I'm sorry I'm pretty much in
the way you probably you know and then talk about the micro service for him and yes so that a bit
of background we had and in our company a big change in which
we decided to go for a you know the fantasy that you will to that in a few lines and services and then we were looking around for the fitting framework and to build a microservices and we found occur and the overlying quite numbers still I hope I can convey some of the excitement I had when I found them and so and go can do I B C or event face kind of communication i'm going into these patterns of in more depth soon if you don't know what that means this event was under the hood for anything worker handling it uses the dependency injection and it uses it for a so-called dependency providers these are all sorts of things you can plug in to you're anemic services like blogging or think of it like some sort of middleware and then it uses extensions and it uses extensions of for instance to to define the protocol transport so let's look good RPC calls and this is the the main part using numerical for some OK so I
already said micro-services so in the grand scheme of things there's methods somewhere out there on the internet
uh probably in some sort of service which I want to call and I'd like my
code to be nice and readable and this is actually doable with Monaco so this is this could be be the code you could be writing tomorrow uh under the ones in the middle there let's think of Monaco or actually mimic of does this it's serializes and your call Jason standard of were rather than you you think you the protocol implementation and called the service then creates you Q which will hold the results and return so that's it for PC now
let's look at the code and this is the part that like the most
this is just a class and this is just the methods and I think the only thing that's kind of unusual side words of some fungus is the decorator at our PCs which transforms this plane Python method into something that actually works remotely and I was thinking about the parallel to Java quickly dropped it so the developers called collegiality or so-called plain we note down objects and I think this doesn't work for so
anyway it's simple class and if you're like me and you like testing you probably like this as well look at how nicely from the method doesn't contain anything about the transport OK now and for the
part I also like the tooling along in in the upper left corner we have helped the American called from the command line which will run my
services bring it up and I can start calling it from and that the out of the park in the bottom right shell so this is basically basically a party Python shell which is configured to talk to them the interaction is is quite fast and when you can test staff and
you can also use this introductory talk to now when I said events
are also possible so for this scenario I have an event handler somewhere in my
service I can write this kind of goes by instantiating EventDispatcher and intended to low and I also confessed the village and
sorry there's of course and just sending an understanding the
events that look at the code again and again the importance think of about that and the decorator is the only thing that distinguishes it from a simple point class and there are 3
types of event handlers I'm going put them all their students you the
anything of 1 you want exactly once delivery broadcast means you reach all and service pool is actually um just 1 out of cluster of services been listened he was thank
you very much there's this generative Jonathan coming up on stage and tested after that it will be Mattias that have inches before the
impact this girl flip to his feet he was standing on its hind legs and facing my homecoming victory cross-county toll with steadfast resolve is utilized his mouth open at the last possible moment he screamed and meet I'm pretty sure the screen was girl bands I will maybe die you gravy sucking heathen scum lead was nothing short of spectacular he shot straight up through over my windshield impacted me squarely in the chest is then set upon me if I did not know better of affordance warning brought 20 of his little buddies along for the attack snarling hissing and tearing up my close user-friendly of a frenzy of activity of frenzied activity very much like Jonathan bloggers a short lightning talk about pronto dead here that
is very for presentation of avoid from which is a library for
building common given by like with the very strong focus on usability so for it to be go
back to the normal financial just in human so sold let's
start a shell and do some fighting according so for instance we can do in if test and prints hello world just as a demonstration right everyone on the list now the problem is the point we have to execute this again what do we have to do we have to present the effect 3 thousand like this we have to present the again trade times there we go once more
and then we can execute visited annoying even 1 it's different this point and we have to insert a line we cannot line right below the of true right the only thing we can do at this point is
press conference find to interrupt thanks once again from the history and wealth of 2 and then insert blind so that's really annoying note coming back to prompt toolkit at the library and working on for the last 3 years and about 1 year novel go I release copy the Python so that's about himself built on top of frontal now less in the same thing here we
present we do if through we
print hello on this we present world as that I've seen that silently right and also I frame nice good completion no if we have to execute this again the only thing I have to do is press the upper and and only once his there you
few now even more we have multiline editing that means we can navigate in 2 directions we can move and those of an insert lines in between here and we can just execute the whole block in 1 keystroke so prompt toolkit is a library that implements those kind of things for people who want to implement interactive applications of common line toolkit does most of duty line functionality story line is the library that's used by the by themselves it's used by many common applications and most of the people and functionality like the key-binding scheme at the binding the 1st incremental search all this kind of thing that you expect the implemented impromptu it so we can search that industry and execute from this tree
kind that could give my presentation we have seen this
um so lately I and which
with the IPython got developers how we collaborated all of and this resulted in IPython 5 so maybe if you have seen it it's released a few weeks ago and I . 5 has a front-end built on top of from toolkit so that means that the functionality that you've just seen in BT Python like to see that side of things like the multiline and things it's all present in the latest version of IPython fight with when support make support and the support and further the only thing I haven't said yet is that we support bracket the space so that means if you're pasting a channel fighting but it's recognized as being a face and it won't execute executed gets it's inserted as 1 block of by the court in the line before so you can edit that before you executed and also means that that that this orientation um world yeah like was and for that
we have more support In the last years many tools were
created using from toolkit so it is the the less of the list keeps growing many people start creating tools on front this
it's 1 of the last 1 it's the problem with this combination of each to keep i and complicated which is a nice tool to do HTTP GET and POST requests these are a few others
so do we the fugitive if clients like just feel I am I still and AWS shelter new interaction with almost I've even do full-screen
applications so 5 inferences which is the implementation of the I invited it's not as a proof of concept but if you want wavelet that that fully functional not all the functionality of real life but um it's usable and we have a climax which is the clone of the marks in pure Python as well that 1 it's very usable I use of all of the uh as a replacement for my teammates and every family member some functional I added to the much of what requirements but so did
that so if you want to find you can find jump the point onto a theory of conference and the mind we have to given false so you can get them all right the
stopping the Python this
thank thank you this is my have ultimate is we but 1 which can OK no snarling hissing
and tearing of my close he was a frenzy of activity as I was dressed only in a light to summer riding gloves and genes this is a bit of a cause for concern the following tornado was doing quite some damage picture a large man on a huge sums red Tory by dressed in jeans T-shirt and leather gloves puttering along a maybe 25 miles an hour down a quiet residential street and the fight of his life with a squirrel and losing but in the
field hello everyone i'm gonna tell you
about a new feature of Python 3 . 6 you may have heard of maybe not mostly
pretty you those of you haven't heard of it so quick show of hands how many are reading the heightened come 3 . 6 are released nodes graph of that's nice
so maybe half of you will learn something you know it's called literal string interpolation and it's have 4 9 so suppose you
have a function as a symbol Hello world function are you can use string interpolation to insert arguments into the stuff you're gonna print that's lower lower Harry you probably know this and that's the thing about string interpolation is if you have an application where you doing logging in the real world there maybe some of your
love lines really long and have several things to to interpolate basically we would like to be able to do the same thing as we can do in the shell and Pearl PHP is inserted variables inside the string literal and have them the incident where they are so my 2nd example
here uses that dog format which looks like what we want them but again the problem is that I have to specify of the variables to interpolate next to the string literal and not inside of it so the solution is the the literal string interpolation feature right and 3 . 6 ended so you basically wouldn't have in front of the string literals with Poland and spring and you can put any kind of Python expression that you want and it will just be evaluated at runtime so in this example the name breeding will be taken from 1 of the arguments and target will be taken from your arguments and we call that type title string that that's true of all of the cases that the word the so I started playing and it around with this a bit and I made a small program that will automatically apply this transformation so you can upgrade your code to use Python 3 . 6 as soon as it comes out that that's what you so I took on a real world example from 1 of my
machine learning engines I have some gradient descent algorithm and implemented and I'm writing out How long into their and that are we in which iteration is
and what's the current constant blah blah blah and basically I have a program that can automatically turn this into the RDF string below where you can see how we do number of formatting just like the old format method things and it has currently
I have just are integrated this with been because that's my of choice you can blame the only 1 it works like this you and select the text you want to transform in your editor and press the equal sign that
there's some a what does this transformation and there are there you it has turned the print statement into you something that you suspect strings and we can sort of tweak it from here and that's all if you're interested and the code
and get help I moral and get up and you can go check it out and it's a small project using the AST library that that does the
symbol parts of your Europe Python input file and simply looks for the per cent formatting expressions let's look at your b Fig find ways what does 1 reasons
Andreana equity FIL and after entering is there kind of I grant for him with my left hand after a few misses I finally managed to snag his tale with all my strength I flung medieval world of the left bike almost running into the right kind of as I recoil from the road and I should have done it the matter should have ended right there you really should have this scroll could have sailed into 1 of pristine kept yards gone about his business and I could have had it but no 1 would have been the wiser but this was no ordinary square this is not even an angry that ordinary square this was an evil mutant attacks were of death twisted evil somehow the cold like love things with 1 of his little holes and with the force of my throat swung around was with grounding some amazing impact landed squarely on my back and resumed his rather antisocial extremely distracting activities he also matters to take my left glove with the situation was no improved not improved at all what he had been thank you very much
this is going to be quick because
I'm never says that not because I don't speak usually in front of hundreds of people that because the use of the progress right my name is going
to stand on the chair of the by from Spain non-profit and we organize the space but before getting to the village put some
context here for the this is the country that you're now
a so far this week anyways sewn into the cells are east of the country you can see these wide
thing over here which is the only constructional are made by human base visible from space is actually 1 of the biggest are greenhouse could be found in the woods you with some there are even
more we can see these 4 gravel Our summary that was used a lot in the seventies and eighties to often some spaghetti westerns any you some money the model can see Clint Eastwood
whether when he was there when we are so
we can divide mass obvious uranium media which is CPU southeast that I was talking to you before i is going to be our 4th division and were carried out on 400 these what are you going to get you come to all the spikiness work
you're going to get to see a very beautiful city without although on Arabic theory takes lots of the beautiful
monuments and also 1 of the most beautiful beaches in Spain that we celebrity
of instead of november so you can productive even go to the beach because it's going to be very good weather still this is the other thing that you're
going to get because the whole there is very good are maybe not as sophisticated as being the best bike and actually about the quantity is going so all
I can yes obvious is called a thing here in this House you also
get to know all the wonderful Spanish community despite being
used solve for any and with be easily everything beasts of by the necessity for you for 4 years already and it's always amazing to get to know these are amazing people this is a picture of the 3rd each of which was last year I mean by the eigenvector 40 and 400 people so and this is the group picture at the end of
the 2nd edition means that were
sold the curve for previous is to open in Seoul What do
you want to govern to romance my thank
you and then the next and David MacIver and then and now and so media and so on top of
neighboring nodes but if you have all timing of 10 minutes a quick announcement and if you haven't picked up your ticket yet for the social there and you want to go you have to pick it up before 650 the aligning talks about 1 I will finish at 60 then not 15 minutes to pick up your take from the registration desk hostages closed and you can't do the social that room and there might be would be this guy on his motorbike is tax were continuing and I could not reach it I was startled to say the least the combination of false only having 1 hand the throttle hand on the handle bars and my jerking back unfortunate but a healthy twist through my right hand and into the throttle now healthy twist on the throttle victory cross-county talk can have only 1 result told that is all the victory cross-county was made for and she is very very good at it the engine roared and the front wheel left the pavement the squirrel screened in anger I don't know if and when an
electron beam and look for a company of fully water and 1 of the brothers I work in the last few months says is migration of a big old data from the
general project from think the voltage I just want to share with you a little bit of what we encounter than what the work from the problems and try to help you not to the same thing so uh why 1st love of
new images amazing because the thing
of information and that that that that that I I had on the credit for that but I think it so the reality is that was originally they were beginning to apply the tools bicycle was kind of coincidence because they had to go live and the only that thing installed on their to deal with machine with my sequel and so they decided go from a sequence so uh after furious we we we wanted rate to switch to all this but then we found out of the actual real problem we had of some query which we need to do all the time everywhere which involves self join and some of the ideas stuff with my sequel and has to be more honest than we know sequel we some crazy happy with it whatever and however was this has this nice thing called this thing on which most of the at which allows a variety query in a very simple non-nested thing which can also be written in the in just 1 line of amazing that was kind of their they finally there's reason to define the extent to which so how you actually do it well all you have to do is to change this I think that data will be moved automatically by jungle and then and that the love and the only thing that works of that is
if you numbers that is then the how big the brother was he said
that bigger project so and it was 90 thousand lines of Python code more than 1 and a half 383 tables migrate and that the moment we have around 3 thousand tests which takes a lot quite fast but there's a lot of this so
the planet and we are in progress sections
often is that all of this is the 1st that adopt all the called that actually do the data migration itself and then that the demonstration that actually was not as easy as I thought because what I found this political BG LDA which is great this fast this is Martin everything the only problem is that you don't really get any light replication of the data so again I have to do this which in 1 go which is kind of scary and the thing but the all that means we have to to try and make
sense for us to be sure it works and only when we actually everything's fine we have to do it 1 1 the dual however is really nice school and we also have great communication with the also that help us a lot and also I also managed to convince the company to sponsor sponsoring to some feature we needed for the whole the problem we had
was that we have very big tables and just a few of them and we actually don't need to call them at all and we will move them someone has completely so to do that too kind of handle this situation we just of the foreign keys change of queries and then with that of his or her to just keep all these things where they are now and we will have them later that's another option and and the changes in the called the 1st of all to get everything running on your CI like thinking so whatever be make the short that the new code of break positives anymore look for all the product the probe the places where there are all queries that you want to fix investment and then you have to manifesting the 1 thing which I had to do with sample and since we have a lot of API which were not that's a I had the idea of like an IPython notebook to have around 3 uh parallel uh Django instances connecting goldthread to service on different configurations and then with this novel connected to all of them and then the competent bodies and of the results doing some approximation of the floating point numbers we get back there was there a lot of work in but that's mostly because they were not that's thing so that so that's there and these are just the bits of the things you probably should do of really use Migration support everything that's lucky we do that we don't have anything in the database schema which is not migration and that of lot and the you call and you because that's the way you would make life a lot easier when it living
that never rely on implicit ordering of databases that's really of that thing but because my sequel always rate and all of this on an idea anyway everything is fine but positive and then try to make you job but John walks independent from each other so they don't like import models all over the place and it's all like a tangled mess and then displayed your model is a set of possible because that would really help with anything yeah conclusion is that
the size of the morning and the thank general of final told today
it will be well by David Kivar there's the guy that's next 1 anybody who did sign up and and
quite make the all today and please come and sign up again tomorrow if your team you'll get the super early and then will know that you desperately wanted to your liking told um that's about that now where were we we have a man there we have a man screaming the squirrel screamed anger the victory cross-county tall screened ecstasy cream and well I just plain screen now picture a man on the huge sums that red touring by dressed in Jesus like the squirrel torn teacher wearing only 1 leather gloves and roaring of maybe 50 miles an hour and rapidly accelerating down a quiet residential street I'm not a squirrel sorry an undated McGiver I didn't tell you that the about the testing library that I write called hypothesis and procuring this
training course that distance learning but hopefully I can contribute enough to have a check it out and this the
hypothesis is that it makes test smarter and
less work right most right by adding an extra source of generating data to them so that they can try proving your test
with all the different values and find the 1 that you inevitably because alright attachment this is what it looks like it's a simple
decorator library in works with any testing them if you like it's not just run a I used quite a test you work with unit testing work that whatever and this is an example from when we were testing some material can represents a bunch of stuff internally as you can the which is the way for some reason taking arbitrary binary data and turning it into a valid you can and that works about as well as the fact the I how widely used this 1 is I want to claim that this is a great about because materials is in production and widely used for about 10 years but suspect the reality is that is that in a relatively small part of this is fixed now by the way we have found a bunch of so in the same kind of thing that this 1 it's also found bugs in the standard library uh this is from new statistics model in Python 3 uh 1 of things you get when you finally get around to and 5 3 and he works now I think and that is a horrible kind of thing any statistics models and here uh in this case we have calculated
the mean and that more people with very large numbers and it works
with list of things the and you want to use as test using this was likely value just waiting for a number of patterns of and so if you're doing scientific interacting with them by it will spot right in your text in time period of time the water jacket it works really well and the Ottoman political models and the scope of you these types and generators here on a generative model for the graph In this example were writing a bunch of things that you have to do that the act of optimization is this 1 what makes sense that for example that basically 1 now in this case here tries to understand you reported twice in the current in the fact that this is what I don't have time to go into properly but 1 of the really cool half features is that you can give it a complete model during eye and tell us what should work and generate random programs I have eventually find on the brakes this means a bit experimentalist lighthearted using the rest but it's pretty cool and right to know when I work the moral on and saying I hope you check it out here
to the website is hypothesis that works it's got a whole bunch introductory articles and it really is quite recording it started and we're going to the community and if I'm not around here we have as regression as well
be a factor I do very much everyone that is than actually properly on time thanks to each and every 1 of
you for coming to the lightning talks proposing lighting told a being speakers to pay the registration fees could be a pretty good guy and he may having dinner the the old tomorrow and at have another several days of compensating and these can be brilliant right not 0 and I'll
post the link to that squirrel story which I was about 20 % of the way through the that's maybe better red on its own time


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