Learn Python The Fun Way

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Learn Python The Fun Way
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Liana Bakradze - Learn Python The Fun Way Programming is one of the most important 21st-century skills and tons of different online and offline resources can help you to master it. On the other hand, playing games is really effective way for us to learn and it's also the most fun. But is it possible to learn real programming language like Python by playing a game? In this talk I'll show you some projects that allow you to achieve that. I also want to inspire you to help such projects and to suggest ideas how to do that. ----- Programming is one of the most important 21st-century skills. It doesn't only provide promising career opportunities but teaches how to reason logically, systematically and creatively. Code readability, rich standard library, straightforward syntax and other features make Python a great language for teaching beginners how to program. Python community is very supportive and friendly to newcomers and does awesome work to make Python available to everyone. Tons of different online and offline resources can help you to master Python programming. Problem solving is the classical way of learning how to code. But it can be boring for some people, especially for kids. On the other hand, playing games is really effective way for us to learn and it's also the most fun. You can find different games designed to teach basics of programming, but most of them use special visual environments and don't teach real text based languages. But is it possible to learn programming language like Python by playing a game? In this talk I'll show you a few projects for different age and levels that allow you to achieve that. I'll pay attention on methods that are used to teach programming. I also want to inspire you to help such projects and to suggest ideas how to do that.
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but it agrees to introduce the community know but that's it that's about mid point finally
hello everyone thank you all for coming to my talk this evening
today I'm going to talk about 1 interesting type of tools that can be used in education and I guess some of you definitely came here today to find out how to learn by then the family OK now let me get started
then 1st of all a little bit about myself my name is now 1 of a kind that I am a software developer from a beautiful Russian seeded and because the Baroque I work for for generating brains and as
part of my work I am involved in development of by charm AGU Ricci's educational invasion of by chart idea specially designed for Python owners
and educators because
of my world in by AGU project I am in constant search for interesting tools and ideas for learning and teaching programming languages and I'd like to say that the community does awesome job trying to make vitamin available for for anyone and providing resources for those who want to London please raise
your hands those who was somehow involved in Python in education so that you could do this all some job but no
offense but going for these resources could be a rather boring process for some people especially for people but what if
we could forget that we actually trying to learn something do something new and just have fun and that's what if we could
continue improving our skills while doing something fun and we could do this playing games
has been proven to be 1 of the most effective ways for us to look 1st of all it decreases the the field of I'm so that all of you have met
people who go that they were too stupid for programming but I have never actually met anyone who thought that the world they were too stupid for under strike all 41 goal and also if you fail and test it might have serious consequences and it might be rather disappointing but if you fail at level in a game there is nothing scary about it you can just start again in the game so we often get an instant you work once you have completed at level you get an achievement and it's nice to have a lot of what you isn't it whether play a game we need usually try to read and computationally is the moving force of progress and at last 2 games also provide a good result isation reach makes it easier for us to march to
fight quantum at this point playing games seems to be very good way for us to learn something new and of course I'm not the 1st person who had an idea
to light to programming and today I'm going to show you the 3 projects that are my personal favorite just to give you an idea of how it works and I'm also going to tell you how you can help this project other than the major the 1st project is called called
common in this game you help adhere to achieve some goal on its level it is insanely call for children and people with no or little programming experience they say
on their website there if you want to long programming you need to to
write a lot of calls and that's definitely true but their job is to to make sure that you are doing this with a smile on your face I like this works but let's take a look how they do this so this is 1 of the levels encode comets are always hero is stuck in the room with firewalls and we need to survive how can accomplish as well we have some if we it provides
performance that our hero can do for example a simple would allow us to move to different direction and late in the game we will get some sort of advanced moves that will allow us to move to the specific coordinates we also have a salt but that's not very good so it actually because you need to heat and then we twice the cure when you 1st see some level they already provide you with a cold sample and your job is to modify it sometimes you need to to add some lines and sometimes you need to modify conditions or something else you can also run and see what goes wrong let me
show you how it works at 1st of all it was to that our hero dies because he moves only to the right then it picks out court and trying to get this time everything is OK and the
gain we get some fixed the and sometimes that can be expensive to buy better equipment I
also like that they can in some way analyze your called for example in this case I misspelled the name of 1 of my animals and they told me that made type so as I don't get frustrated because I can't find such a stupid mistake and Michael if you
are interested in this project your like because there are plenty of ways for you to help this is by far the best contribution guides I've ever seen it's a screenshot from cortical
both the we get and they represent their contributors as game characters for
example they call called the
arc majors the project is 100 % of open source but it's written in corpus great so it's not that easy for Python developers to contribute with cold but you can actually complete all the levels with office group to so you can nonprofit groups with they're called on but power and then
play victory by contributing your cold but
you can also help in other ways 1st of all you can help with translation got common has translation to many languages and this factors is pretty impressive because we don't have so many programming games that are translated into languages other than English this fact of OK and salt there is still a lot of work for for you to do a lot of levels hasn't been translated together but the best part is that you can actually create new levels yourself it's not as easy as it like it to be they still have special editor for creating levels and you have you can express your creativity and at someone is history of karma the next project
is called coordinating and
it is known for contests that they organized in these contests you can compete with other developers in some sort of strong base scheme where you need to write a successful strategy if you manage to do this the chances high that you will get a good price or even we be invited to to a job interview if anybody is interested in the next contest will be held in
September of so you have enough time to prepare and sign up but let's now take a look into their on board impossible that explains to new layers probably called project works each model
has a goal sometimes they also give you a nice synapses with space or something like that and we also can see what's out what action the dust in the use of innovation Ringo
the editor is proof to reduce the call that retrieves all the needed information from the standard input so you can concentrate on the coat that really matter once
you've done with the cold you can run provided that cases and see if you quote world is good or not for this test cases they show you all the inputs and the expected output and you can also see what exactly goes on on summarization i'd like now to
show you how how it works but at 1st I want to explain what you need to do in this part you need to retrieve the coordinates of your enemies from the standard input and 2 on each joined you decide what enemy your going to shoot but they actually already tell you that you need to to select the closest element to survive OK I've already the role of the correct solution and let's run the provided test case yeah it looks like this 1 let's now 1 of our and let selected the furthest any means that along the and we had them because the very 1st space ship what to us and we die this
project within the so called you there were no community around it it's really nice that you can view on other people solutions and non from them from them but they also have so-called community final so that you can find in the community fossils categories and you can write your own
fossils maybe you can come up with the idea of how to introduce the algorithm for finding that every maximal people with some interesting story OK and the last project
is called shared by all it doesn't have that impressive visualization but it still has the huge content based and the friendly community the task here are divided in their islands and each task actually is called a each nation has 3 different states once you've done with the solution you can publish your post and the what other people think about the and to maintain you will be you will likely not to get a college review let's now dive into the usually called media your job here
is to write a function called check your that's
returns the median of a list of numbers once realized what we need to do all we can try to solve this task why not and again
we see yet another version of text editor this time the editor is rather limited it has no code completion and instant highlighting which would be helpful they also
have little dust description to window but they can provide you nice check your provides hints in the form of an actual conversation between 2 people where you ask questions and the more experienced developer answers you in some parts the tasks that they also have a nice visualization feature for you to test your called on the actual data for example in this case you can change of the data directly on this picture and they will show you with the orange line what's media use and you can see if your what works
let's now see how the civilization works at 1st will try to check the solution that always returns the 1st element of list then we've medically type the correct solution and trying on different in their OK let's change the yes it seems like it works as already
said Korea's text editor is is rather limited by the good news is that the is of like you qualify term that allows you to complete your car your mission In addition to their ability to to write solutions invite Sharon and forced them directly to check your without the based in it back to the ground and you can view of other people's solutions directly by chance change them and play with them at 1st all
nations amenable at check are your operated by the but now anyone can create their own missions in order to do all that you need to clone and the topic of the story right you mentioned there and suggested back to the ticker priorities after reviewing emission become accepted and might become available for anyone there is also an initiative to translate shared by all languages other than English you can also proposed that your solution your talk translation informal will request In conclusion I'd
like to say that even though there are a lot of great resources for learning Python there is 1 interesting directions in educational tools that can actually change the way
we look you just being in 3 great projects that attempt to do that and I encourage you to try them and maybe to contribute to them but I also want to know that it has been plenty of times since I proposed this and non great games have been my attention in that it means that there is a lot of space for creativity and for you to invent something cool in these areas for example I definitely would enjoy playing a game that teaches media and goal last or not quite that's all thank you again
for priming and don't hesitate to find me at
my triangles to so what
about a questions questions summary you want can you the boats right you ID because I want the world body it and I don't know we I think you better come
to me and my travels and I can make and then for you if you grew up they thank you very
much that's very interesting class way you going next we basically what about about you mean
according to part time and you indemnification on us anything that's in line with your aims that you talk
about about making this of more accessible in all I think that
I should do do what I can do and I should implemented these ideas in white charm ideas and science and to of it
and you have to have houses the European discoveries including agenda overcoming