The Router Game

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The Router Game
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Roberto Polli - The Router Game This interactive game teaches the basic of ip and ethernet protocol using just paper and pens, and become very popular with our interns and in our LUG meetings. Participants are divided in teams, simulating simple network infrastructures (eg. computers connected by an hub and a switch). ----- This interactive game teaches the basic of ip and ethernet protocol using just paper and pens, and become very popular with our interns and LUG meetings. Participants are divided in teams, simulating simple network infrastructures (eg. computers connected by an hub and a switch). Every player has a role: a PC or mobile phone, an HUB, a Switch, a Router, and must communicate with the others following the associate specification (eg. an hub should broadcast message to every neighbour, a switch should populate the mac address table, ...) The team which is faster in exchanging messages wins.
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what is and that kind of that this is an press it seeks to find it it's a medium of 100 control for example what is your name on it I want to read the so of the what I the spirit of the all you the fact that they are part of the body of the of of the of the the union of you have to think of that that that the 1 the the the these that is the sum of the but the only thing that was the use you can that the fact that really so you your 1 of the things that you think you you you you you get something that's this that's the case so we would have to be there we have all of the rest of the way that it can be done by end the book 1 of the very people that when you receive message was 1 of the we need that right thing up of and it on the other hand we all and then then there was a so what happens now is that whenever all people and I know that the people the there will be plenty of I would like to the and so I want you to know for all goal I would to you have because of the fact that it is property that was which he properties of the of the of the then so so I 1st you again you
should ride yeah I don't think so rise injection and so and so it's so that doesn't neurobiological me dollars would be the knowledge this is the center mass so that the vendor resenting OK and in fact the units that the winning team in the 1 that goes with them all this message is that clear the have and yet the message of we have he said he had on the fact that have and the the we the work this if you want to on you are of the year and the type of the you have to go back to the was main theme of speed up means again OK but Alex they hear moments just case OK so right what is that's fine that's fine so again these studies were done how many methods at there 1 almost to but can so now stopped delivering and here apologies so tools are connected OK so when I have received a message we should be hearing from the trade devices connected with the last the 2nd half OK mobilize can if you know what the quality life the number of people who
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and of them in the nation and and the phrase stuff from the mother was of the a thank you for your time and we know you you know what the the way the instruments I just make more browser instances is the the the the the and the on the and the only thing that I and in order to 1 of the different speech here we want to the feature it was a good from what you have a number of this yeah it was even what races so and what we did we see by that is it was the what 1 we he the in he is In this the meaning of the university and all that the the 1 you we 1 of you can think of the so 1 the of them that is the sum of the year we you know what they is are and what we the government is a lot of problems can be worked on 1 of the you can all you so when you when you were going to the right of the I think of all of so these big you all think embedded by everybody right the deriving the TMC message everybody yeah the Indians souls a yeah
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don't see include conceded that soon the use of the the of the number of on what do you think you and the reason is because of this of you the the structure of the 1 of the things I was using this and the problem with the view of the world the we in all all in all the time each of which is that all of these things and I want you to know you know and the reason that it was and I think the only 1 of the universe so that you can find the same people 1 this all of you the problem the the world so you can enjoy or but same all questions about that this and the and the reason is the the the you know that in the you would be the and this is OK good chose the 1 minute the the the more similar to the 1 that you are from the we a lot of the so what we want to which and because of the wall all the genes and so and thank you and we want to have a real a was what a closing staff this is the rudest their apologies so far we not into sutures and there'll die probably 20 on the 1 side for 1 side there and 1 of the people will make it with body that for today if you're interested in Uganda reader me and we we reach the pretty than that we again gone so what that the
walls knowledge you want to be sure that use the word in this chapter of so you see the the the the rest of the world the goal of the United on the other side of the not that I had the 1 of the poorest the the world and by a lot of people you you a all right so if you want to do now part speech by the time I went to the need the and we had the only thing that would have on the board you these the thing that we use of all so in the US we will data and so on what I'm going to use to on the was in what many of you all and then and the people of the the the thank you rebuttal