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Pytest 3.0
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Raphael Pierzina - Pytest 3.0 - New features of pytest's upcoming major version 3.0 - Breaking changes and other important information - Recap of the first developer sprint in June, 2016 - Thank you notes to all who have contributed to the fundraiser ----- Pytest is a mature testing framework for Python that is developed by a thriving and ever-growing community of volunteers. Following the principle of "no API is the best API" it uses plain assert statements and regular Python comparisons. Writing tests with pytest requires little to no boilerplate code and powerful features allow easy parametrization and intelligent test selection. In this talk we will have an in-depth look at new features of pytest 3.0 and live demo possible use cases. We will also learn about important bugfixes and other enhancements of the upcoming major release. Backwards-incompatible changes will be addressed and changes made to the documentation will be highlighted. If you are already familiar with pytest, you will be happy to hear about significant improvements of the fixture and hook system but also what's in store for a better integration with tox, an important tool that allows testing across different Python versions. In June, 2016 more than 25 Pythonistas from around the globe gather in Freiburg, Germany to work on the release and set the path for future developments of the core framework. This is a big step forward for the project made posssible by a fundraiser that reached 108% of it's initial goal. I will share our experiences from the developer sprint while they are still fresh and explain why these events are incredibly important for a community and give advice on how to organize your own.
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I have the pleasure to introduce half a that gets the now is a Python maintainer give a good many in a private developer from Edinburgh UK and his presenting us what's new in by just 3 . 0 given walmart abilities
only thing you thank you for your interest in my
presentation today and has a very very strong disclaimer I'll talk a lot of of of Python 3 uh ends with this release With 3 often get confused so if I seem to change like the tightest and Python um I don't like just happens to me and so don't get confused loyalties and yes so you can find on the
internet on my Twitter handle uh as as talk about moment get up and to draw mostly it's about like mostly open-source things of and get up you will find most important stuff of course and and stuff I'm
involved in and also things like platelets is definitely like in the rest of it from today but also a preview of what could be called project that are working on also my spare time and I worked for a company called Evangeline Roberson
Edinburgh and we are working in the industry of daily part of this sports and we have offices of the UK and states there are about 400 members also known and I'm actually German by relocated to the case of the year ago and a video of the chance
to relocate to a foreign country and land use but considering it uh I definitely don't regret my decision on the case recall and scope of particular from this model for
on the weekends if you're into that kind of stuff like that metric that all
men this year's inclusion so we work at the annual own that's everyone regardless of any of
anything any factors that make up your as human being big like the
race or gender or whatever we tried to give everyone the same opportunities so if you're interested please yeah so
I talked about could because as a command-line utility and get presentation here last year and and and what it does it constitute create projects from based on templates that others might provide for you or you might buy them yourself and it's the message problem and you can use whatever you want to know what it's running
on part and support and all major operating systems and going from
patented 7 2 2 5 society isn't he just about the executable consonant templates as you can see it's all in the template get out of at
this point the answer bunch of questions you can use it to the sensible defaults of putting your
own information as highlighted here and we also support choice variables so you can have like a template also could have decided that there are just a limited number of of viable options so you can choose from that I what it us to trace directories and files for you and into information so it's like a set of tools that up and you can see like that has information about the center from you can
find projects that didn't
become what we are looking at I'm
I just give me an impression of familiarity of hunters could you please raise your hand if you've used
quite as before OK everyone that's amazing never a and the
next question are you familiar with the plight patents applied were
here which would be about 50 per cent of the that's quite logical and
so the reason I'm asking this question is because writing patterns requires you to have some kind of experience with in tunnels of but already so some of the
victims of go into more detail later on them and so just a brief introduction part as the testing framework and you
probably all know and all of that so just give it's really some of the terms of the MIT license of open source and this 1 it's not only
the core framework but there's also a lot of problems so the community is quite big and that's a growing you can find it cannot become part of test data and test and you will find on the organization the world of some problems that we maintain a
community of and also the templates this is how himself by test and this is how you run a part and the have gone experience and a final this crazy so confusing that you have to put the dog when you run practice and that's causing a lot of confusion for a lot of people wanted to buy tests so that was my direction in the beginning no also just mind blowing because you were fighters without the book what about the incentive point which doesn't have lot but it's all coming
from this result originated from library called pilot and it had a lot of of high-pass thing prior pilot and and 1 of those what was quite a set list and the the for the community that creates this projects and because computers compatibility is 1 of the major concerns so we kept as it was found to have break anything where anyone else that's there is hope
that soon with a new release of the Empire test 3 we need
support both so you don't need to put the dead anymore if you don't
want to but I tightest will be kept for compatibility reasons again so nothing will break for you but if you decide
to come just use 1 name because you can do so so yeah this so
again is everyone seems to be
familiar with test so that's what we do and the example that I have in my presentation running on Python 3 there's some like uh uh top packing which is only available for Python 3 so don't
get confused by this in our example we will have a command-line application use click for we want to pop support 3 commands and to flexed and I will show you now and it's it's it's a small test so we only check that
Texaco this 0 that's all we do and 1st I want to show you how it's done with unit tests so we have like you no hopes looking like
and green Toronto thing spot test code itself so we have a command called conflict we have flex and in this case is most and we use the clicker testing wrong to you run or main entry points with the flexible as a command and then check whether such equal the that effects of 0 that's all we do but as I said we have found 3
commands to flex holds looking like if you want to do that with unit tests well you copy paste test and just change your input parameters this what you do so it doesn't really scale well so I was looking like with high tests the by test that's what you do you have fixed 1st so you put your set up according coordinated to encode somewhere else because if you want to maintain maintain the base and with tests you really want to just look at the test implementation of everything around it and this is holds looking like of practice you use the Marco called parameterized and you can just stack them and that will automatically permeated all the combinations but the testing code doesn't change at all it's still the same so that's but about the fundamentals of 5 tests on the
names matters of the test discovery it's based on the naming convention the fixed a and system is based on names hoax do need to fit
into the naming conventions so naming is really important scientists again as I said there's
a market for parameterized the from what it does it just inputs the values into the test function that we want to move and when you run it in the walls more to see that and it after the test methods name and you can see the parameters of all their combined so that he she wants to see a failure you expect knowledge parameter combination failed there is a fixed sorry there's a decorator called fixture where it
which is you use for like
combining several set of codes to each other but it it also supports apartments arguments so it can pretty much the same way and 1 of the main benefits of practices that this extensible so if you have something in your company or open source project that is very specific you are free to just write a plan for it and use it to an extent practice and it doesn't work but with based on books so you can just yeah like inject
code into what practices doing some and this is how it would look like so the cooking cookies variable uh sorry fixture is just from 1 of the appliance alignment and it just feels as would be in your
own code as you can just use it and do whatever you want to have that so if you're interested that's the planned to test cookie-cutter templates from which kind of funny but very menu and and on the other hand since I like to combine things that like them and there is a templates to create plot and and a lot of people use it's like even Dropbox credit applicants with based on those templates for of which step
and books again this is just an example of what a hood can cook and could do you come you can for example run all the tests which uses certain fixture which doesn't which you can't you just out of the box but you can write a book that doesn't come
it's called practiced collection modify items and there is a
huge number of books that you can use them to to fit your needs and just skipping a little now and there is also a good 0 page it's called Pieters tricks and that's currently median bromelin contributed from Brazil and we tried to you and provide a lot posts
which are probably not what they're all like a separate blog posts and just like dumping best practices maybe but also like tricks to confine advancing so it doesn't really fit into
documentation from practice itself so I wanted to talk about new features that are in the stock and 1 of which is a proxy and I think a lot of people are kind of from the scientific community that's really hard to compare
floating point numbers so there is a new method called
Pietist prox and what it does it just the source node based on the precision that you balance so much which is kind of funny there are changes regarding the you fixed so you may know there is the decorator called fixture about also yield fixture that allows each year on set of codes then yield into the test item and then rounded to the culture what changes now this yield fixture them is still in the library but you can just use fixed for now and test will look into the test if there is a yields it's automatically you fixture there's a chance it's a regular mixture so that's just convenient there is a new thing called doctests namespace a fixture and you can add abbreviations
to it from just filling a dictionary and if you run doctors we adopt models so this is an example of
apparently and and an empirical basis this this convention of just using them and p is an abbreviation so what you can do you can use the doctors namespace and some say and the no points to use in the module called imply and if you don't have a doctests and will work just out of the box when you use this picture on how to use name fixtures from as it as again as I said there it's based on names but if you use tools like pilot on Simple complain about the practice test and the reason for that is the you can see that in here an example so it's tells us that we the positional argument for test items is the same as the definition of function and the same model so you can see in the 1st fixture uses templates and we defined in the same module and pilot complains about this for good reason because we all writing something that's in the L. 2 scope there isn't a query keyword argument called names and it allows you to change the around the fiction and essentially so that that we don't really care about the the functions name anymore but we will look into this keyword argument and much based on that and this is I think 1 of my favorite features and it's a new book called Pietist make parameterized the that so this is an example of a test
and I tried to most people were too fast so what it does to be defined list of class instances and then we have a fixture which parameterizes these then there is a test is called has become a programmer at the time receives a person fixture which we define the other mark parameterize marker and the Python package from the fixture on talk and there is another count the test called TEST as open-source it just uses of mixture so what you do then if you run and you will see in the both mode that it
just combines the fixture names puts the suffix to it and this is how he indentifier which test actually run this is nice but it's not really also
holds said so what you can do is
you can provide in keyword argument called IDC you can use the probable and that will be applied to the parameters to get a string as a representation I can do it explicitly and just pass and the strings yourself for each of the individual parameters so the around that you can see the Nelson a bit more like what we want to we can all understand what's actually happening and this new
hook it allows you to move this logic into your Conf loyal or wherever you want you and if you have all classes and you don't want to repeat this in every single places from marked out this logic you can just use the socket receives a confocal object and value the value will be the parameter
and then you can do whatever you want to and in this case I decided to use amounted because
logical so far the test again this is all looks like them probably as a disclaimer I don't think this works in the regular Windows terminal but in much the task and there is a new
feature that I've actually implemented this called fixtures protests and this is where our to be during the lifetime of the material that works so and if you run the tests than and my use cookie cutter for that case so it's doing its thing everything's cool them and then there is a command effect it's called fixtures what it does it's analyze codebase like a tests without actually running them and it shows me where the fixture is defined as the test model what's the name of the fixture and and it tells me in case there is no docstring that I should definitely at once if there is 1 that will actually printed you so this is handy but if you use the same name all over again for a fixture and you
define and once it might be in a plug-in that might be in a constant supply might may be created FIL dynamically in amount
parameterized or in the test model itself this gets quite
confusing so there is a new thing called the fixtures pair tests so now this collecting all the test items and this probably Ramadan you can see more information so this is a test the test methods it's defined in tests were from control system test prompted need this at this line it uses a fixed cult market and mockery is defined in Pietist mock at this line this adopts referred to and you can see that it's pretty much the same for all of them um and it doesn't it doesn't matter if it's the fixes defined in your own package again or the the and them and I found is quite nice so if you then for example have a fixture in corpus somewhere around so this 1 here template so that I can just jump jump to the definition and make my changes and a lot of action so that's so I also want to
address some of the records incompatible changes again as
a set of records and called the compatibility is quite important for a project with acid and some changes in the thought about that we should probably do because all the major version of knowledge the best time to do it on 1 of which is there is a
commandment Foucault search and what it does is it to you that a lot allows you to choose a strategy how in certain parts of the candidates could accept claim which means it doesn't do any very pretty much there is the right and what we are
dust does doesn't extra magic using the AS to you and put more information introspection into your social our on message and there used to be reinterprets and this is most of them magic part
that used to be in the co-operators and what it does it runs in plain modes and if it encounters a failure did reruns the same thing again but with rewrites so this has some
very very obvious side effects from which means since it's running the same assertion statement again you can you can do some heavy in logic and that will
be executed twice which is not what you want so we remove that so it will be just plain and rewrite them those are some of
the command line options we removed and they like also the no magical pretty much achievable by just using the search things and them you change some practice warning summary will be knowledge displayed by default so if the
opportunity to participate in my seat the may the morning summary and the end of the tests we do that because we want to communicate communicate with you when we actually deprecates things so the happen to you deprecates somehow logic in the in the near future we wanted to see this and and you encounter any problems you should rather small
and not not just ignore the warnings but if you decide this is just to remind and you don't really want to bother you can use the disable Pietist warnings flag to you that you that the line will still be showing that you have
warnings but want to print out the warning deprecation they used to
be the thing pi testifying got logic you define fixtures we deprecated this and I will be removed in the next major release there's a thing called get found out many it you can use from the Special fixture arena with we rename that to get fixture value because it's just being more or less of telling you what it's actually doing them it's taking a fixture by name and that gives you the
value of the terms and the other 1 still and the code base over multiplicative from
improvements and so just to be the case that you can only have the result of a certain rewriting in your in your test but now you can also have that implements and and and
Constance pious so you could have a more so segment in there and we will apply all magic to it so you can get more balls so in our and that
cost the base to remove a whole bunch the certain intra-patient removed from so forested that and so as you can see is a lot of lines of code and have been removed and it's amazing because it's kind it's very nasty and part of the corpus talking about documentation on so I went to the right the docks conference last year and I can I recommend doing it because and I notice that every
time when I go to a conference where people to framework they don't look at the code base to learn about things to look into the documentation but we as developed sometimes just not paid enough attention to it I would say and I think that applies patterns as well documentation yes that
contradicts the information is present but it's hard to find so we sat down and the tightest print that happened last June and came up with a new idea so treating it more like maybe Nigel project talking about his own house so again the 2 pi
tests and don't be scared there will be a wall of text on the next slide and that's for a beginner users we want to
focus on clear instructions how you install you write a basic test was part test how you run it and it's more like a 2 tap tutorial style of documentation we wanted to understand the core concepts of its and be familiar with how we use them assert statement and pictures and so on then we want to
have a section for an advanced user which would be more like a
lengthy blog posts which goes really in depth and explain some more advanced topics but it could also be like cookbook style besides pretty much to what we do on the tightest of I districts repository so you get like yeah like nice things that you can do if you want to look into the advanced features now plug in cells
and what they want to know is how the actions submitted package . pipeline there is this template but it's not we have added the documentation but it may not not everyone may know it so we going to college and also we have those factors differ organization and it's it's a place for us when we share the responsibility of projects that belong to this namespace and we invite you to submit your plugin to this organization if if you are willing to support also all the projects it's it's really this Chabris possibility idea and there is a a guide for it and so we want to make it more him more obviously can do that actually you can
also be a contributor them and
everyone is really welcome to help about its we accept progress for titles for all sorts of things and and every contribution is greatly appreciated and but sometimes a really easy how to get started now now so there should be a dedicated section for contributors as well and this is
had to spend regarding the documentation so we figure out what the authors almost are and then we looked at what the documentation has right now put it
on a postage and try to put it into a section for present also where it belongs and how we should handle them at the top you see something that this could probably going to sigh forest so think that our applicable
to everyone there is a new and
better way to get to documentation and it's just stop stop stop or and this is just something that I want to use them said because I have a chance to speak here today and finding open source sort of this source rock
general isn't very and easy sometimes knowledge requires a lot of time and of yesterday also on the co-developers 10 that even they are not what's on of and as I said we we've been doing this present in June and it was based on Indiegogo campaign them and might have employer actually contributed or donated 500 just students but they didn't do that just because they wanted you but because I as a developer and understand how important practices for a community so I approached my line manager and he said this is a good idea I should definitely talk to all and vise president of engineering and they were really happy to talk about it so I encourage you if you understand how important open source work is that you approach of managers because they don't really know what's hold works they have the
money but they don't really know what to toward projects so community
I actually started last year last year he had your Python I was and engaging 1st time of the tightest score contributors was really nice and this is called looked like
last month so there is a lot of people and people come from all over the place from Brazil from Australia from Germany the UK from everywhere from China even someone was in Europe for the very 1st time just to spend the week with the project so this is just amazing so
finding open-source important just about writing code on issue tracker so people need to get together forests and thing about ideas and come up with new features like ones that the presented earlier we also have a
block knowledge locked up I tested for and you will find updates from the core team of
and then there's also something called planets test where it's just a collection of artists feeds from blocks that we know that to have a lot of what protests and the
slides for the presentation will be at speaker back the that's my username over there it's not uploaded yet follow different exists only course of the day and I really want to
thank you for your attention and
the the chance for me to speak here today if thank you very much of it we
have time for questions a
since although some if there a place in the dogs whereas are and don't do there are there
there's some page called examples of usage and implications and kind of colors and best practices but it does like Jews and don't use it we've tried to talk about this on the practice tricks in a lot of projects to something like having a constant fire but then importing from other models to get fixtures to be available in the corpus and this actually has very very unwanted side effects because it duplicates fixtures and the scoping is messed up doesn't work as expected so there is another way it's called a thing tests on the school programs and accepts a list of strings and it will import from their what's respects caching and scoping but this is really hard to find so we know that and we want to work on that it's just a matter of time I think until we want to get there but if you have something that you are missing from the documentation of pieces talk to us and we really appreciate improvements of documentation
Hi there but 1st I wanted to thank you mouse how the community is going because I Tulkarm by cases couple single and every single feature you're putting now and items and by this 3 people having proved to my company might also obviously other something right and 2nd
well the 1st when we look at the history the ready and if you left something behind you wanted to put and we'll have to wait until 4 and so we initially planned to release the new version just 1 week before you're part of but as as we discovered there are a lot of things that are not just yet in the major earlier so they haven't fully grown from of cognitive processes and so we decided it's best to not released an unfinished major is just because to make a big announcement here at the conference so we hope to release it in next week's thing it's just a bunch of people across that need to be merged and some testing and that should be good to go effect on cancer the 2nd question was
left something behind I think we do
the strategic like perceptron was the sole group and talked about the features that we want to have a something that on the left behind that I don't really think so but the list of features and this is just like an excerpt from but if you go to the gates of page them and to choose the branch we use something called the features branch and there is a file called change lock um and it doesn't even fit on 1 screen you really need to like scholars like strays lot of features a lot of improvements and skip most of them just because I want to give the timing right but there may be something that just for about or which is still standing in the issue tracker can you have more
time for questions the regarding the plight package namespace that originally contained pi test is there anything in that L namespace still that's maintained and you recommend people looking at the latter is it's sort of a bygone era and to be honest I don't know I
think I can definitely followed that question and then answered Twitter or something but it's just beyond my knowledge yeah
and there has been work also on performance is being I'm doing body and the Dutch random staff we'd better understand gender easily produce something like 100 thousand tests and they test itself there are quite fast but there buildup of what to do looks it was quite slow which I think we had to use 1 yeah so there is
a spluttering called ecstasy which allows you to distribute tests to different parts of words that are going on I think are affected sort of problem and and there has been work done is being done by the participants because the problem is that distributes the tests but doesn't take into account parameterizations so it may send 1 tests with 100 parameters to 1 worker and another 1 was just 1 test to another 1 to be effectively wait for the 1 that's and and I think there has been work done during the sprint that actually takes parameterization into account to make it more even like to also splits the from interest tests but other than that so like that from people working on performance its I don't really know what the outcome was and if anything and still
have a few minutes left for questions more is 1 and maybe the pictures protests and making you shared it for like the entire and test suites and can you can you use enormous selection mechanism with k specific as fast as you look for features for 1 specific test it that's what I did here so I have test coming
to our marked with Europe life from so I just want those and you can see this is just 1 test and
this is another 1 so of 200 tests I only selected 2 of them so works this the usual collection mechanism and that allows you to use Marcus or passing the file so it works for
OK last chance for beer questions note and thank you very much it