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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Get to know OSGeo FOSSGIS FOSS4G OSM

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We would like to introduce you to OSGeo FOSSGIS FOSS4G & OSM. Get information about the projects and learn how you could join the community and get involved.
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is all the more so because the not here the frost on and on and on a talk there uh fosters a year and imports block for the gradient of the uh do you want to get some mates as well uh divorce this final point you 0 means or was the war on there was one's about what is it you don't get icon of treaty fleshed are my numbers of after that and they're all expansion guns flying indecent with student was killed of course gives
cause for G what was an element interview IX on old 1 to shorter than for the work of English I thought that I switch to English because this presentation and should be in English of the slides are in English and
I would say that certainly like to tell you a power to always you'll phosphor chief 1st PS and M and would like to introduce you to these and for the projects and that would encourage you would like to encourage you to get to know the projects and to get involved OK so my name is
asked and that in from Germany year from Cologne and their work in born and I am I am active in the 1st year as a view which is always you will look at chapter we will learn about always due soon I am a owes you a charter member since 2010 and time involved in the project which is called was given life through it know that so next well and and I'm part of the MAP and the team which is that banners and I wished you project and the work at where group we do a lot of open source software projects here in Parliament
1st I would like to introduce you wish to use the open-source choose spatial Foundation which is the global Foundation which is very active for all over the world and she is you see the site of so which you that's a new branding which will be rolled out to win and people are working on this and it's an
when we talk about almost you we have to look back in the past and this slide is from this referencing to 2004 at and use a goal GIS software was there before and into cells for a new name was coined and the name was forced to cheat and at that time the name was a standard for free leap there and open source software your informatics and that was used at a conference in buying court from which was a G G as grass User conference at that time you see some people are there at that meeting I marked maybe Marcus needler was very active and grass project at the moment still and Jim Westerveld with an or original address developer they were at this meeting and also the income you see here in the middle who is uh and at the moment the president of pose to you and already in 2004 this name comes for gene was used people discussed already about collaboration about and founding a foundation and so I get coming together and then 2 years later
in 2006 so always due pro opposed you foundation with stands for Open Source Geospatial Foundation was formed and you see some prey projects where involved you can see here that the logos and people have a meeting in Chicago where they come from this foundation now we would like to you get
to know more about always choose structure and what's is going on in the name of always to your the I said already that it is a global foundation we have found yeah a board of directors which is supported every year it's the test mind directors and president is at the moment we have 2 presidents we will see in the slide later and we have the charter members to see here at the bottom we have 312 charter members at thermal moment they watered every year a new members can come to almost you want and the start of members are electing the board and also we have committees we have different comity is like the marketing committee was G life comity conference committees use you see here in the middle we have and projects software projects for example and we have all around the world all over the world we have local chapters they can be language have just like we have here in Germany for students is representing Germany Switzerland and Austria the German language speaking areas or they can be um chapters like almost always was you Belgium and they represent the country
and here you see the actual president lose some they of income and and not the other presidents at the moment and and here at the variety see but let's erase you see the and still make them was president of the half year but on the photo I have only this we so a sort of k the let's say that I don't have them in the middle but you see you see the province
and so if we follow the have a look at the membership i have a flight from 2 cells 50 image you can see an How was a
charter member screw it said at hidden and now it's and we have 3 312 chapter members and you see you how they are spread all over the world on this
slide you can see that was due projects we have 23 always due projects at the moment and we have 6 project that are in the incubation the a process because if you want to get the most you project like you would like to add yourself a project to was to you it has to go through an incubation approach processes and so you have to show that you have an active community that your code is somewhere and and populate that you follow the rules and and don't use close software so or close and if you work pass incubation process a project will and join that wished you projects and you can um the get all the advantages that this global association task we have outreach projects like that you fall of project which is promoting education and free excess to work and software and free diet all over the world we will see it later or that which you life project we will see later to and we have community projects like so that proxy opportunity projects which are suffer project about we have many many mailing
lists every project can get a mailing last and here you can see the
statistics um from 1st cheer and 2017 like get up to date information so we have more than 30 thousand and subscribers to mailing lists and
we have global conferences the main conferences conference that is
organized by with dual 50 conference it takes place every year all over the world and you see and at the bottom the force Boston 2017 normal force which he has been in Boston this week so and and it just ended yesterday was always you called spent in Boston and some next
conference will be In 3 and at 7 3 days in Africa and iris alarm in Tanzania so what you see you know
we have conferences all over the world and that this was which a conference people come from that from all over the world to discuss about them and projects and software dada and development you can visit workshops and put presentations you can go to court Prince and get to know people who maybe are interested in the same topics like you at 1st City Boston over 1 thousand so people came to the conference and we're
looking forward to next year Paris salon conference if you don't want to
wait till the research and you can have a look and those to of the kids to see their conferences going on all over the year and if you check this website you will see that there are many conferences and taking place in the next months we also have a
project which is called due all which has a mission to make 2 spatial education and opportunities accessible to all and it's uhm approach acts where and people come together and they work on educational material they work on educational material which can be used at universities or at school or in workshops In this project works close together with ICA the I see a Ispra weren't here as and other partners for right the as you can see he's see here on the on the screenshot then we have over 120 laps the all over the world and let this place maybe at university that you provide they have computers by you have made a workshop metric material always you will have a person and you can talk to and and have the opportunity to to get to know and was yes software and about was due the we also have a project
and we are also involved in Google Summer of Code and think we the 2 men well-meant organization so we apply every year was some projects for the Google Summer of Code we do it since 2007 and some this year and 2017 we have 15 students which'll but well accepted and they're working on different projects and men talk by was you people and and do good jobs to and bring profits that was choose of so this is a really good opportunity for students to get involved and to get to know all too soft aspect the community and maybe a and the companies but it can work after then we have always you life which is a great project here have a screenshot of those you alive website was to life as a project where every here and more the you know every half a year we've approach provides
and a little tool and distribution was preinstalled software rock sole more than 50 software projects are pre-installed and also free hotter so you can download it the most your life for granted in the virtual machine or on the new speech stick or a the as you like and then you can try all the software result in having the installation process and the nice thing is that we have Creek starts and overview documents so and for you it is easier to learn about the software and the number of steps with software this always alive project is used in 1st for G workshops and at our conference last year's conference we want that we use it or a always and you could use it as maybe if you have a company
with an academy you produce it the for your workshops as well in test question does it have mimetic yes I think it has met actually good the know so running on yes yeah you have maps of you have to use of i you have many um for example again don't always data yeah so we have already was and that our sample data on which you alive so you can start at once we have it in a PostgreSQL database already and to show you what the group would then is difficult so I hope OK
endosperm was due and 1st for G is all about community and family
as well so we have many events from that's yeah the that community-like and coached prince here you see actual and photos from the 1st which he could spend in Boston which took place yesterday decile and always due people who where setting up the new website with the rebranding and and here at the bottom you can see a number the room where the people from the Boston coats been then we have an annual event in policy not at the top you see on photos from below neck spread and it's a very nice place in Italy in the monastery that people from different projects meet every year and so we always also have project that meet like here that at the bottom of the crew as heck fast and peace our many many more that's another
picture about codes princess Wilson born last year at Oxford and 2006 bond we had to be called Sprint at base camp and born where people from all over the world came and we we met in a very nice place here and bond was caravans and myself but I have a warning for you as
well so if you get and wanted to assist you or 1st and you will hear a lot
about cats they're talking about cats and map presentations so take care if you have the end of the can and um you will get
addicted because and these these are like feedbacks from the last and for such a conference this week in Boston so if you go there once or get involved so you always want to go to 1st which she always be part of the and take take the take part of the defense so it's great fun
and now we have a look at yes that German local chapter the German language local chapter of those you
this is fault phosgene as possible community as well and we have a closer look now so 1st yes
the view isn't in corporate non-profit association it supports phosgene as so free open source GIS software entry the hotter and as I said before we had this local chapter posit German-language Community which is called and we are also as a representation of that always and community really work together was always and community very and the right and many and people are involved in 1st year we have more than 200 members the and um let's have a look what we do we organize an annual conference here as well it's a fast yes conference reorganized who's at different events like you frost gone we have spam tissue so it's called community meetings will fire Germany and Switzerland and Austria and now we have community meetings the so let's have a look at the
conference of this conference um it started in 2006 and born in West Street 350 participants and on the left you can see where skiers and took place in the last years um the it evolved from the match survive our and then that have you in 2003 FIL 2005 that took place in our and senators conference in 2008 he knew we would come to born you pose a 2nd time will become to bond and have postures
conference here and you are all invited to come to this conference there will be about 400 to 500 people coming to 1st year there would be talks about postures software OpenStreetMap 3 . and workshops community meetings boss and it's really a nice event and which is not very expensive so it's quite affordable to go and it's what's going so if you you want to get
more information estimation about this conference that this already that there would be a call for paper at the end of this year and then hopefully will meet in Bonn in March if you want to know
what Frost GSS doing over this year you can have a look at the the key and here you can see the last events that happened was forced she the next event will be inside the web will be we would have a closer and presentation area and so
on so we could meet at intaglio which will take that take place in the limb into substance SIFT 17 and I'm here are some pictures from argued as well as a market is a conference in science book that takes place every year and we will we have there was for students and and almost due date there every year to in so if you want to get
involved you can come to our boost the
Etruscan and and become a member you could have a look at our maps of website and maybe go to the next stunted solves the next community mating or and join the mailing lists and get involved
um was 1st chance we
um support applications theory you can make an application for support
we have some money that we can't spend all the year so if you have a project that you would like to get support all you want to organize a code print so you can apply for support me if this fat entrega and you can get information from all of the key page on them all the members of shares and discuss without your application for support and as well you and then you can get someone and here you can see some events that 3 supported already and so hacking events development server costs can be support here you have an example last
year there was someone was in meeting its called ELP another meeting it would take this year spell and they it was supported by 1st yes the and and brought together the check the Republic was and that palace the German that past and they collaborated together
1st years is also hey King events 2 or 3 times in a year we go twist into the Linux hotel it's nice that we're welcome there and we can make a like a taking Montserrat uh meaning was about 20 to 30 people we can and exchange we can code we have yet to have we have flights it a simulated here let you can try and it's a great place to be and and that up community
so the last thing I would like to talk about its OpenStreetMap how you can put evil of having in and so
on you can stop mapping and build up the OpenStreetMap doctor without and getting involved in the community but if you want to get involved in OpenStreetMap and want to get to know which parts and in OpenStreetMap and it maybe and people get involved the best thing is to watch this video it's Peter bottom was talking about was M even I'm sorry I don't know the translation so he's talking about family different from objectivity in OpenStreetMap where people can get involved and only this presentation from last to 1st year's conference where he made this work the this is all that I wanted to
say about of mistreatment you will find all the
information in Peters told what ends and the when we don't talk about recordings of I would like to mention the he be a the viewport tower and because it's a great part time where mean as science
and technology recordings
published and we are happy that some now already many publications from plus achieve from task is conference on trust this all the recordings are published and that he beat and it's not only that but the use publish them what they are and analyzed and some the and the nice thing is that they can searchable so you have a can search for spoken and written works so TB you will analyze the videos and I collect the word ends and you come to search for words in the videos or make a clear sitation link or you have a kiss sitation link or you can link to a specialist as friends in the video so it's a really really valuable land portal where on the recordings are storage and
that's all I wanted to tell you about the organization was the last slide I worked and which you that the force will be with you this is a painting that was made by the grand niece all think now that you saw before art and sound yes I hope the fast will be this you and I hope it was for you and a valuable presentation to get to know more about community and I hope to see you at the next year and
if it is thank
you for your introduction into
the forces of association I hear any questions and rules so so if you will to your previous slides especially when you have a list of projects can it the
the this use the man and you will know no met make is not
incubator at to always dual but it's on almost you alive so and I said before that was shown life as a collection of more than 50 projects but not all open source projects concerning Ts are integrated in which to you so mad like this it's not incubated and I think there are also other projects with the years we have probably belong in the ocean I have to higher when they're not all of the project that our always you life for incubated but um and not all of the projects handling with chairs aren't always to alive and suddenly these were these wonderful and some all out of this every project can apply it to be part of the dual and as I said you have to pass this so incubation codes process so met project didn't uh incubated in incubate yet and because they I just with a victory of love and he awarded the grouplet they're not you can yes and they initiative has to come from the project to get part of you know what I was reviewing the memories of of of on the years of no no no this but you can find most of them on the cost
you about you know they're not part of the cost you project directly I haven't number in that we have is cult the next year on the false this again maybe a little bit of bigger than the last year uh and we wanted to make here the last Conferenceon 1 was the year
um International Conference falls for the model and the false conference next year bond is just the local 1 about we want to make a uh it's not really changed yet but we casting a biotic and make another that was you called spend while was Kuš?is conferences going on so you maybe you you're not so German the present you can go there uh and so you take part in the because that's what's really nice about last time I I hope that the remaining yet helps in the in OK so thanks a lot your