MySQL, MariaDB versus PostgreSQL

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MySQL, MariaDB versus PostgreSQL
Which system is mine?
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The talk compares the advantages from MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL. The intention for the talk is helping you finding the system that fits best to you and your applications.
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about so when came to frustration for us to talk in the database mean yet my instead of others money IDB the those post as well the move yet my slides and the legal fast my flight belong to the talk and not if and no standalone meaning that's very important especially on talk like this so
when my my name is is an all out effort uh and gone up in all of
Germany and today I'm living in beautiful term I'm reacts in no way I was so now I'm still posed as good develop
Parsons 2000 who solvent and then I got a job of my at my good alive or more that is minus good developer until they get folic and I left later on I worked as senior comes items for posting square laughter that make my PhD in today I am a freelance consultant trainer all my as the Maria GP and post there and also the the IT security and start of privacy yeah so it's more for me I'm still member of either with those yes so yeah the difference or differences between
minus infirmary at B and those that what do you think what do you have in mind but of the mind major differences any ideas you know yeah the
it was In the course that's going to know it's not only at know yeah but elastic sets don't believe belongs to both the scale of the next 2 it so I only will consider here that's very important what you can get for free and what the land eyes so the community only as so only the call the features because they're not the features for all outside and most of here the through the walls of the began happened yet to but different from I think yes you wait for after you have a couple of times through serve what you can't to so so that's a very important main difference in the life sentence the minus the alimony the GP 0 my has put a client memories GP and we had to be client libraries LGP of
and post as good as the Beastie so that's very important because you might have to look which license way need
or if the license competence comparative a tool the myself down to the rest of my so that their logic Ellen Beastie sometimes don't like each other then you need just the clients you might want lgpl so the license always has the main talking when deciding which about appears with them we like use of myself there will I allow you then you yes just use of my own company at my the lessons that men about when you want to ship software which means that you need to call on the the the license the 2nd is small-minded men all my as the belongs to all him my we had be that's my we had the company post as well as
community only the D I mean I mean you the development so uh the most developments from my instead the moment is done by all occurred from many beast unfamiliar DB was this well this
community only so they are volunteers developed pass and posters as for as that the most important you have a lot of developers well who had who who founded companies and this is the end of the services like support conducting training offered to Woods for posters where and so on that the court development community the when you consider which system I want to use you may be asking for support and services yet simple commercials apart you can get out apart of from for my it's good symbolic for my we added the from my we had to be today the and from post this Bezalel different about the answer of going in like credit chief it's in Germany but like me of course uh like Enterprise be 2nd tried and that our that's the biggest ones and course uh people like me freelance home develop developers who offer commercial now I don't of a supporter just of services and 2 of a two-part them commercial services like training and consulting and my as well OK they're all occurred uh made in all at source thing from the minds of converting entertaining but today you have other companies fall out the service for commission services we IDP is the same area DB offering uh so part then and training by on developers don't people and because just that's what I already said they why developers of links as training and combating like me and a few of us the but the the language spoken in the In my as my added be it's English uh they always and much shorter from minus square lobby wasn't sure yesterday if my as this fear of support in Japanese so our destinies is an exclusion uh onset Maria DB they are to offer it in Japanese and yet in both that Derek offered you know of of us apart it can happen that you have the part in different languages so when said when you have a book support from Trinity fury gets in Germany for example what so many French companies Italian companies of linkage so but there is no hello company of and the thalamus Langley just some so language of items and train on uh because my as well I don't know the the um it I'm on because it's also the companies Molly IDB has the part that's where has conductance and train speaking German school so they are German and of course in Germany they as they speak German to the client and the same with both good so when you book me of costs that I speak German if you wanted the english if you wanted you might can we can talk about speaking no adjournment bytes of the service so about a year there are lots of French and Italian and would you ever want so the language is the English but Camacho services there you have other commercial services in on all 3 was really know ledge so not of from develop us often from might develop plus some from other people so the knowledge always varying um communities in pots then you can get a very good community support for all 3 them from 1 eye as C on the not I SC-HMM eyes so often oppose this go and them forums and mailing lists and you get to the on IRC usually get very fast and slow and they're not sentence us in different languages it depends on the on the
developers if they are online and in learning which are not so we leases always cycle the just this as good is really using GATE yearly that can be annoying because that very often in your I'm also have a time that I'm a DBA and it's it's
annoying all Halette's again a new post as major version you need to upgrade and yearly there's still 9 . 6 there is extra lecture version but usually there I see it a host us I often see 9 that tool on my notes we mostly 9 tool action so you see this yearly can be very fast and all tools class too often it depends on the site we want my is good and and my we had the Major Relisys's every few yes um not not nearly every previous analyze and pass the city into about that's the moment I looked it up it's every 2 is 3 years you fashion my and that's I counted I just looked into the Russians and accounted for the month of of years so from the these uh dates how much the upgrade they had how much minor means they had and just make the calculation so I figured out my as good minor release the but not about every 2nd minds in a week's uh by the NEB bond about every 6 weeks and PostgreSQL well on what every 10 weeks so they all just get out of mind reading spends even needed not really that always after months in past my that had to be over the set of minorities that immensely monthly manner reasons but that what anymore and also just when necessary and community and have left the part of 5 years in all sometimes upon it so and applied means back 6 is full of emotions the long-term support all of them by paying money you don't get from my as well 9 and more yes there so that is between 5 years and 9 years and then you can name class so it depends what you pay the same you may get sometimes apart and Maria dB a on that like that's just written that you need to call and ask for it so it's possible there really isn't so all would so they not pointed out how long the at the moment it's possible for all versions they have so most versions not end of life and at the moment yeah and also think that there are companies all following uh fixes for 1 of our actions and I know minimum up to 10 years to mind find kept redefined how
companies for moral no but it depends so you need to ask the singing companies but lots of the this is there it documentation you will
also find online documentation for part of releases from all for older releases you will find them on correct sites but it's very to find I needed to I I Golitsyn MIT 20 minutes until I found the 5 but 1 German uh documentation so it's a really hard to find the GSS had we had to be not yet have an life firm released solid but it's expected from whom we know the developers and the null the on it's expected that they would look like my square before they get on that they just that although communication online and you have an archive of the thoughts that then you can get all documentation it's online the argumentation on German my as well adjusted the is the buying it was under protest that we had so a my the death has minor at the forefront of 5 so 105 was released in 2008 end for German documentation for PostgreSQL where the last 1 was 7 that's the uh it was in 2000 tool uh right and later on to translate the demise there many of the post-disco manually and we gave up after 3 thousand pages of so because it's so much and so books from manner past so books from developers that the uh I didn't see any books from developed has the after my escape at all can from my is that there are many IDB books books from our unity be developed and there this books from post Pittsburgh available so 2 different this Boston and packages but yet the slide very easily um I just listed them most important is the motion today's money and the venue insist on my as well you will get my we had beyond any on the DOA on centers on that that and so the the honorable Andrew and many once the itemized square you needs to done the package Martin and could don't have a package for not too specific package for center that the limits of the package but not specific package percentages a PostgreSQL and you get that all research and sewers order solutions in windows are you can have packages for here may as just the very idea being originally as picket from a question the home rulers make parts and when I needs GB on my MacBook install it and we're not just machine because yet so this not really simple to install package now we came to the
techniques and this is where we use the what we saw in this so yes and yes so fast that many of any in the air it's just that you can install a just by and thought from the distribution that was the uh you want to can condone oppose pictures from post this down the post instead what is so that needs is that's 1 huge difference between pose best uh informix db tool and my spearmen reality being by their that's what the database so you see it here can post there has database schema table minus the that's of database schema that's same and table I dont that all cannot has a the mother in all at the use of those schema so that those crazy but you have 1 more hierarchy here that's the main difference and that's always when I see post I shifting the mice that that they talking about Dr. basis for the and sometimes better twiddling talk and they have different definitions of that in the mind so now I have a long slide has lots of differences between out here I just changed my reading my as the L and post this uh no really be has reminders good safe that means when the when the set was found in that we need and the meat that's it can be annoying too but 5 so has the reason and the many NDB 0 my van has different stunts engine relying on than all states where the main difference is the air transactions was your always here but this girl is that the definition in which tens exons and often and the C and was but my square just yeah management victims all specialists lot of with the telling us so you can write proceed selling that shit peer PG as well in colin period he in in whatever cannot something which is you can fight with each other and bows and see see always works uh you can light just and functions in my as wouldn't get squarely in where like it's given in the eyes of the farmer that's not implemented in post perspective and when you ask me when I to prepare function and post those there was pure PG is quick yeah it's like Marty and I think sits In its credit would be the lines and peer-reviewed with it's very complicated when I lights and function and my fellow Maria DB they are the slides I think sittin PP-TS granite would be the line from trend it's more complicated so m who I know boast and I think it that when you have a balance it doesn't matter if you take SQL appear PGs uh they're both have advantages and disadvantages yes my is altering command or we appointment men both the better the prince's stone my we had to be and my who where there will have to seek census in not get the Russians Mukherjee a version the so I didn't I just think of meth but GA um both as well has the pth B 8 becomes the half space assessed and that's an assessment the which user is allowed to connect to which that coming from which How and addresses and my as good and that the whole belongs to the lower so that you have 5 or 6 rules for users uh for In this Spain that database of the same schema then you have 5 or 6 different sort different and host from where they come from that's a huge difference when I learned my espresso when I started looking for my as well any 3 days to understand that did not work like in post curves for her and that's something unique to that that that he could understand and that call and my that they had to buy the mother because of was I have in my training set and they come from all occurred there's a different so users and
was that's different no In both cases where each object has no known as the known in not my there's a don't have known when you you know when you install my where you don't need a configuration 1st so when you want to tune or whatever it's later on June unit of course to 20 configurations but you don't need 1 um in told this well there will be the PostgreSQL Conf conscious configuration and all value words that you Canon that you are able to configure are already in this country relations high so you don't need to look up in the documentation what the hell what the name from this uh value of that in my of where you started from
scratch and you always need to know how the value of its named and the need to look it up um the yeah but I forgot that the use of you have role inhabitants posters that don't have it might as for an inheritance of my we be and might not really have it like postprints and you can have some mathematical you can't mathematical replication unlikely that you might that it's not possible that the and have different will buy an index behavior In both systems the you have vacuum them vector you post that it has a vector you on this thing we do y and y is constrained to undo redo unlike yeah and post this bill is a cost base planner and optimize that OWL the main differences you might consider there was the just just what I see most most often outside uh Jim indexes index the container just belong to post as well come same expressions knowing entity have come in Table expressions my that don't has come table and best expression check constraints so yeah and all this out constraints but you yet even now as check constraints might well not yet window functions I was surprised when I looked it up but my expressed and there's no window functions and thought they are there but similar it's lots of money and we have already but my a square it's still under development will come with the next release yes or so 1 of the I think that's but it a does not really that's not GA so who could then so am then another that is was pool of mad but it's new and Maria be post as good but not working with that any in any way courses that totally different and pull ups that that's right into my hands go that has it but only come only for commercial as a so in the enterprise and he's not in the these at some point and we still you can use down on all I think you all know 1 of the system so that dampens existing and it's like incline simulation Velicer sometimes need to look up an option but the some slacking you have uh great hot big up and yes I said OK uh my is going and we be uh there's exa backup from pick or not which is trying to similar to the hot back out from in post this grammar their mother in a bank have there you know to make at but that's commercial on my my pairs of so you need to pay for it and calls costly is just think of a controlled the corner but uh if you don't think this this that these thought that the 2 different platforms the that's the feature my spam posters it's no problem to take it that at the of from Windows system and install the the story on a Linux system um that's not working on post this graph the you have at least a thing attain that in impose that just Marx was the bomb In my as well and my we have to be also worked the the back out I'm not really sure if there had to work outside by about this and the development of post because of from other companies restoring tables from physical tool but so still under development so that takes a lot archiving and here you have an advantage of both that's good you just need to configure it In my as their and Maria IDB you need to manually and I think about how to work out and might and section lots that means you need to buy the shares of so it's not so difficult anyway you need to think to something in post-disco you just need to configure it and yeah yeah accented already class the the class and there is community pays I just consider community-based here my is there's my as good class tho but you only get the package as the 1 as you want to get the part of services or something else you need to buy my is because the enterprise the guy that some of you may be but what I found
is post thinks senior developed a class of the dissimilarity as the system for a post as well but it looks like it's very under development so Jasper still is a problem but I also have to say exactly as they in my opinion no less that it means not only SQL and then you look to the features on the no I level it's not SQL anymore knowing so it's very fast and if it belongs to the relation database systems or not or not really on their screen and so they all speak SQL but not only is here the was all the ac yet so value odds is yes of course scandalous marking for money IDB and my as well I just wanted you to show that is no history classes but also my of you are you're right there was working with both yeah replication we have physical education minimize the courts at rule-based rooms and my we had the and uh post-disco raises the forward so it's uh the binary luck trans fat then we have 2 logical rectification my score accords statement-based so you can configure it and PostgreSQL the then the simple of that application my husband said yesterday what we you want to to say was and you have the slides and yet my is squarely just has semi-synchronous applications impulse this square you can configure from having almost 2 total central most applications that means when you're half the implication of twist us to service this case you should you have more the them they always will wait the until but that don't on the disk on both so much so that means when you're the netbook favor traits whatever and into the needs of the cell it's not enough that the 2nd cell of us have that information in in the right man in the room it really needs to be stored on some on the machine on the solid centralness that's force and 1 and then you can configure it and posters but I think there are 9 different levels of simple most applications in post the square fed up with a mass that downtime the also a feature that you always want and all it's really you can do it in on or be by using hot back apps fell the most worse when you set up a client and server and education on new slave always is that you need the data directory and you can do it from what Baker so that your won't and if you don't have to downtime time on your master the another application the application from a 2 different platforms the only way people outside they want to replicate from an external always uh unbiased EU candidate physical and logical and post if just and logic um the yeah predicates for higher versions and to know other atoms um with lack but usually von voxel so because of new future it can work but not really because of the low replicate the high abortion beatific this scenario you want to upgrade so yours you update 1st upgrade your slave it also has the higher the higher major reasons you must form from the triple and that's what they're working on my memory IDB they're both rule-based and segment-based no problem on both best that it only works in the logic and set up in I played with hold also yeah net lost there to begin work was because always got you can have greater replication setting but I would also like down and that's why I have it in here and today it's possible line flows against their to upgrade makes this a bit scenario just so that you always have 1 or 2 some of about and can upgrade the other by using logical replication In my real effects of physical and logical cabin applications yeah I and the mask the bypass by master so you have to masters is set up as mass the mass replicating having a cogent and then just those which the IP from 1 to the other but that's not possible imposed is going to cost you can set up by the core features of a mass the mass the replication there outside there I can get master master education to propose best that but not shipped from so they the the
summary is no system to perfect this up to you to show that the system that fits best to you and your application because balance the VAP advantages and disadvantages you are almost on the same level it depends what you want to meet if you really want have a master master application you might look if you
will find it to work for others if you want foreclose it yeah the liver tests that are going to have its genome just on the open the open seat met uh guys also make lots of stuff was Maria be for example so with all the index that and all his
daily that's what that uh with their last yeah questions in the book and the and
was about the same and what and the the only thing the the new events you have in mind is that had to be tool and ships a choose yeah he also say it just below the beam and said to said that posters that has a little bit more features for Jason and status and there's no Jason B. so that's riots but my we had IDB also always very fast and very quick and really put on the Jason stuff already so already these very fast in getting all these features missed true I don't know about my when the actor you humanoid Jason and minus the yeah it is and it was of the methods that my is bad so also I could answer his Jason and sum of its parts can and the book asset if the fitted value but thank you for it so have 5 to 7 since my spend 5 of 7 all any hesitation isn't and so other questions the yeah of how how what takes that's OK and that was the pizza so and now you ask for grade for text search on memory Debian minus but that's the reason why I have a Google and Facebook and square miles this using most familiar uh ontology and then and his for 6 search tool but there is a lot so there are lots of other 2 words for posters going input of the together with pose constraints so 1 of the it is so I had the name today morning somebody asked me some us something that we have the name yet he said she have tea sets of cost but then there is this tension that something he somebody mentioned today morning I forgot ElasticSearch happen at the old so yeah you use it yes exactly cell and that's why I said in an England won't to the top for text search because they also acts excellent was best dispelled by the it's a little bit for the different the if you have any questions that I forget anything that my SQL of no look at that yeah you know how you might you know the so of all hot big apps and might ease them OK I I when I talked about reading my eyes that I I thought about the transaction of so engines and not the not Storage Engines a the output the and on the left hand them out so mighty them and hot they kept in map its be so it's yet half of all all so I have that my as they get rid of my them all already into a solvent could still influence the year to the end of the year and the the of the of the that the you stand here you you change the you know the the you know the the the the problem of what to be pain out in the a lot of time talking about how disk-caching about my new them what they have to do is if you do it you this should any more questions well OK earlier I didn't have more slides and we thought about more on yeah I think I have a still have time he lived here but we had done so you have most of the