Creating printable maps

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Creating printable maps
From OpenStreetMap data to large scale maps on paper
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There are a lot of online services that produce nice maps from OpenStreetMap data, but only very few that generate output suitable for printing. This talk is going to present MapOSMatic, a service that produces large scale single and multi page high resolution maps.
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is so this is about what grade maps like this back with the printer like this
and the 1st meeting on hospitals careful on a living Bielefeld Germany years that the executive
of a study electric engineering and computer science in Bielefeld and are being the OpenStreetMap since 2007 all next week and that's actually exactly 10 years and so I work for a living as that of a support engineer for Maria be
balance or what is left of fall this is the map when are all very at a new flat just over and what's outside will leave the door Our
also got this printer here rather cheap things on old age the model when its successor can alter of these 1 fell in price from evolved from to 16 hundred euros to only 400 euros this was the case of i it I don't over whether it will work for me but that to I'll take the risk and
after a while was really able to print fullform maps that and about 2 years ago I was asked for it from 0 by an
organization working the use all refugees in my town with ITU just creates neighborhood maps for different shelters there were operating so this is not all Chodorow neighbor looking at this is enabled
map from 1 flat that use hanging on the other side of the big mac you've seen before and this this threshold in all guests from
graphs guests in the house wren the neighbor house styled the bus stops the bakery and stuff like that this so when I was 1st asked
to produce these they maps the very 1st plan was we just take a screenshot I'm gonna be edited with some graphics Rhodope is he can see this works for small operate performance but not for the big formants as pixels become too big I would only work if you had a very high resolution screen take from from so plan and I feel almost immediately so we need to plan B. and can be balls all the
OpenStreetMap that solid we have this share like India where you can explored in images PDF for different formats and you can so that the the of map you want export here the not all already worked a bit better but it's still look on this slot
missing so the problem here was there's only 1 let's start here you can only get the regional
OpenStreetMaps that's not that's not even the 3 of the map solves that only OpenStreetMap all that sort itself the and it's pretty hard to
not this point to get the riot aspect ratio you use so that the export really fits the paper but it's also bit of guesswork work to get the right maps data so that you don't have resizing artifacts on map so plan we also fail to sort
of infancy was to look what was auctions all the and at the time there were a few different to that from and so that would treat printable maps of the only 1 that really worked all as I needed it also
metal asthmatic which was a project that also develop bias some French guys from ball to 2009 to 2013 of I it uses the up grand right just as the OpenStreetMap that sort itself does so you can use the same map styles and you
provided to more than just the people start the original 1 provided for off lifestyles um it has a pretty easy to use the front and back and in the end it can produce different formats
so it can run on a single page or it can create wanted page partner the
booklets and it can render those PNG or as PDF Forest STG STG most interesting because it would then take that into Inkscape sample and put all these site Marcus you've seen in there and the markers in the map on so that sort of worked out but it was also
a very time-consuming process and also the problem of the original site was that she was the running will still be maintained so the kobe baseball's pretty old and especially the stock funds used also pretty so you still have the old OpenStreetMaps follow the highways that green and stuff like that just like OpenStreetMap put in 2013 at so In the end I
decided to set up old fork society and to get all the sulfur and all will start achieves used up to date goes original instructions for installation were mixed all unique you want to 10 . stand with these packages or travel firm with these packages and all these packages you need to compile yourself as being version skin you
want to know what current enough and knowledge works with original put packages of the box no need to provide anything anymore all the society's up-to-date there are some additional authority it's also an overlay feature where you could put a 2nd spike cheat on top of the first one you see that later and so lots of small things fixes and small improvements and so this is
a frequent through a halt to create a map with this the interface of 1st you can either search for city and only the the documentaries entries here a valid the
gray ones are the the visible QB have 2 . 1 4 plus all of these slides all about possible because the this here if think about last time and space so reservoir some policy doesn't so the maps the a
bit more pretty so the alternative is instead of just selecting a city
name and have the map all the size used like you know was the flower export you can define your own mother area and then the next step
is to layout this by the single page the big map or you can print it which page booklet and for the single page formats you can also have a street index on the right solid on the bottom so of but the than because of what collection of
starch it's not tried to support every year Mapics largely for which we could find in open repositories have some example renderings of in in the minute
and there's also a collection of overlays that we also described in detail later studies stuff like overly for fire hydrants for a max speed for different types of rules for hiking cycling mountain biking How would you see there is of adoption of the surveillance by surveillance that site that allows you to map of surveillance cameras and
OpenStreetMap of an inch and when you
have selected column that is supposed to look like
then select the paper size but that we want to have its portrait or landscape sorry for the German slide here the optionally you can upload 1 GP extract you want to have on the map as the length and then the final form you
can define the the title that is printed on top here we can select the language that is useful to copyright notices on the bottom and optionally you can give a name address that I used to send you notification rendering has finished with the U. of a to pick up the the results so you can either sit in front of a computer invade for the enemy to finish or you can
have you mentioned to you that it's
so I'm this requirement through the
different upstarts this originals and stored as it is on wheels and upside
but I also have low black-and-white version of what we see that later when we come to the province which is often better to have a black and
white space base-layer when you put additional stuff on top this this the German also voluntary this use of
OpenStreetMap the France also has a own slow on special about the frumpish 5 studies that the 2 very detailed rendering of football stadiums or golf course all of this was thought she became of the metals metrics of itself
and then there are a few more this is
humanitarian projects this is also on OpenStreetMap blog the hike and bike map style it's a bit more focused on and hiking routes like black here so foot
4 passes uh and bicycle routes were of and this is sort of stuff for Russian but focuses on
a more useful for for bicycles this
is open map that tries to
mimic the style that is used in German restrictions for official maps the think this open riverboat map
it has focused on stuff that is important for people to travel long reversal of the boats
and the the so it has special pictures for rendering store stuff like but fortunately in that part of that so that some our so you see that you get that idea
our then there is a special the map for skiing called systematic but again you don't see any scheme consciously impossible so here it is
2nd the rendering of a different area so this is called the mutual fund more itself with all the different sky roots and all
the transportation for skiing put on top of the map and he also you see that users who shading so you get an idea of what the landscape looks like this and there are some fun styles that the creative person paper like this 1 is supposed to look as if you have drawn the method a pencil by hand what
the this is supposed to look like a for plan of a spaceship but it doesn't work at this level OK so the
parties were all the base maps you can users suffer right away and then there's also a collection of overlays but the
1st 1 I did Wallace so the fight land and this 1 has all the fire departments and all the fire hydrants so it is useful for finding to quickly see external fired at the next item to get water from
the that and then and can skip that this was the very 1st version of that such sheet the this is style on the created the in 2 looks a lot like the tool speed
map so it renders of next the block vote the agreement is of zones were only lot 530 kilometers of orange is regular 50 kilometres city limit rat is about 80 to 100 and everything that still lies doesn't
have any speed information in the market so this is a good thing to find the you still have gaps where information is missing all this 1 one'll especially like this we
use an overlay the tremendous all hiking boots and area style is inherited from the way Mark truths that sort of thing so you can have printed hiking maps on this 1 that is usually also hanging from a wall in and flat but all the hiking routes and
also the most of them the truck themselves the the the here and there is the what seen the previews
whoa surveillance spot so this shows of such from the Fourier have 4 different surveillance contrast 3 don't cameras that can scan the answer agrees the and 1 fixed camera that only our street view angle out this overlays actually a special as you say it's not easily possible to do this in make itself
because map make does not have any features to draw also recruits all circuit segments so on from the database side is not easy to create so-called either so all of the change on running way too
fast I think so so be seen circles and CA segments here and this is not possible not easy to do in mafic itself or to have a database generate a little circular shapes so what actually did he is to bypass mapping completely symmetric renders the base map then we take those results then use of Python and Carter graphics to
put all the camera information on top in Python code not using a metric such that this point and for this or have created a simple poisoned plugin interface to extend all rendering complement off metals magic so when you look at the source code you
have the those it is not be surrendering component of the website and that has availed folder from world war the rendering forcing a multi page rendering is In found then there is a new subfolder no rendering plug-ins there you can implement additional renderers like the surveillance render that have to implement but
little so such a plug-in only leads to provide 1 facet function named render this gets Erenerol object and in general is all the information about the map itself line call the extent of the map laughter lower east invest columns the scale factor of 2 things it has a database connection that you can readily use to submit your own database queries add a 2nd permitted it gets the Cairo graphics contained in the context of the additional rendering shown all have them all the so why did not put code examples in the slides here but if you're interested of began have a look at the code so all this was just extension of the regular map of somatic interface as it had already been developed France what also want to do this enabled plants for these originally on didn't SPG export then loaded this gene Inkscape found all of these what let's flip back
to live up to many slides so this 1
here which may I would render the map just on in the size then
manually would put in all these sigh of items were manually put in using Inkscape or another vector graphics program to put in all these markers said all these squares information by hand that put you use of
combined determined Inkscape he's not really good at 100 bad working this is really large the key documents some of solar felt like back in the early days when 1st 386 was horrible 1 2 megabytes something heptagonal object
you drag at a few seconds later it appears that the new position you see the objective a bit too far work neglected back and so very time-consuming process so all
so a review in it's almost like a something about to if so this was 1 of the what
he wanted to and I it is also extended the renderer that they can pass in our the file that has all of these market positions that automatically puts us an overlay the markers using cargo graphics the you marker both generates the cycle index and everything and there's also that interface for this
strong do so a separate thing and here you can put all the different markers you want to have on the map you have a selection of
different standard items and when you've placed all the things you want to have In this they will plan then the itself blueprint I can hear and that will automatically no 1 about the to
automatically of determine the right bounding needed so that only democracy that you don't even have to select that after you submit print usually 1 or 2 minutes later sometimes takes a bit longer you get back a PDF that is ready for printing in that already has all the he's not marker
outside body of information correct put in the
so once you have the is finally done and working creating such enabled plan didn't take well on our way to like it you this will you think before annotated manually with Inkscape but now it is just a matter of all 5 minutes of best
to put all the points of tension and information you want to have it on the map and mother of 5 minutes max get literary Printable PDF back so big time-saver of the big advantage for me is now I can explain to other people how to use it and to use of themselves and just give me the law of pdf once the think it's complete and printed on but do not have to do all of its editing myself anymore whereas the original workflow or could possibly explain to someone else so now I'm running my own instance of this that is
publicly available in the original Mac OS pheromone aposematic instance and fortunately have setting data those values so the last
2 years and has not completely been offline since may also so we're back in the situation of us only 1 public instance the set of what I did use also provided means that you can run your own local instance of the full so this lack of on why would you want to do this 1st of all or maybe you have
special customized side streets that you want to want to render and I do not
support all of you want to be able to create maps offline all areas you maybe want to go keep you the results private goes up so that the neighborhood glance these all private and purpose of of general Nepal's matter graphical interface has a list of all the maps it ever ended the last 100 also on even preserved soluble so everyone can Donald should never map you created but at all maybe you want to work on the so for yourself what it but provide about fixes sorry at new features and unit test environment for this and if you want to do good to set this all up by itself it would have to install not make it would have to get all the required style treats the extra files these need so for example the external shape parts for coastlines is sometimes the tools and data itself co-sponsor broken and you have large parts of countries flooded so do not to co coastlines from a large database but from the Special exported spots which have been tested to be correct sponsor rendering goes or you may need to hide information like for you trading off for having height contour lines these on motorboats with self both are imported from more of the space shuttle radar data provided by Amazon a popup on both of those live you also need to import I'll speak metadata into a low group was this database using a maximum loss of the BF function fine if you want to support our horrendous maps full planet or smaller explic for the area you interested in need to import this in the database with seals and to produce still import tool you may need to add additional something that's not always and PTS where imports 5 files with so defined which fields should be in the database and you need a local web server that provides stronger so a lot of things through the set up of sold for this I created something that almost works all of the box of this works from each of the works on my computer that is I created of virtual machine up using virtual box of vagrant and a part of this
you just need to check out the project from take it up found in the project directory you have to provide provided OpenStreetMap data files from that it needs to have this special name so it needs to be in
the bunny or for model you'd want to have that anyway as the sponsor smaller than the XML files and you can look for example download experts from gene for BT they provide so of OpenStreetMap extracts for all countries and for Germany also for all states and for the larger States thought of this figure here also law the districts of of that you just say vagrant up and depending on how fast you own machine is kind of and that is through down all the extra 5 centimeters takes about half an hour to 2 hours to get ready of once it's ready you OK this somewhat missing once it's ready connected local host of port it falls and with your browser and you have to say that interface as the public solid and also most of personifies the politics of the summit ready-to-use which you can only render maps for of OpenStreetMap extracted exported still public side I have the whole planet formalize look at testing I only have the District of that knowledge where I'm living the yeah so learned and over the last few years working with the stuff is paper maps are a bit more
complicated to create the love map of screen when you use so there's a leaflet but all the necessary tools to create a good paper map of their and all sorts of and having a map from them that simplifies tuples so this is a very good thing to have so if you just want to have a son of map you can skip over most of these dialog units and showed you just select city name paper size and
so have a grounded the divorce harder than originally expected to get this working especially to get also for components of state I know that it all over works on pretty happy that I did it even if it was harder than expected of it was worth of and that is
a wonderful slides must speaker notes so there was supposed to be 1 more slide that has future plans and the issues and 1 thing I have all I have of control data now so high to control once for all of the planet the story the automated by who have strong very beautiful import for their effects on on the could get the database table of all that information for the planet from the accused supporting all these things that data yourself is very time-consuming thing of some out people say it to 1 in several months several tries to talk sometimes took a be for each try each iteration to it done perfectly default false so happy that I didn't have to conduct due to but what I
do not have yet all for every small area just for it Switzerland and so on Austria and sold in Germany the use of the huge trading the this somewhat extends to the full planet but then I have been thinking of the bring your own search feature sort now it is only possible to upload to custom extract and mobility but in theory it should also be possible to allow all that you upload your own not make XML slide cheap have that run that instead of the prepared to on the user interface the could use some improvements I especially want to merge the 2 front ends for general printing formed for this label plant thing uh and for that I would especially that around the plug-ins cannot only draw on the map but also on their own mixed terms so that you only not only have a seat in the so the pardon can add and by the way although of fire departments in cities are here and some limits of been hitting 1 is when you want to have for professional printer print out these usually only accepts the NG AltiVec no vector images of some of them have ridiculous size limits even if they're all for large block for large p injuries of the maximum resolution I can offer right now this 300 dpi there's the a resolution Cairo graphics it's hard limits so can only produces PNG supply maximum size of 30 to solve most of the 2 thousand pixels so that what requires changes in low-level tools use of 1 thing I would especially like to have the plants that do not have smallest up but that are treated so that you have your direction of use 1 key some cities have these orientation plants where half your here and also not this is most but this is the direction you're looking in to so something is on top of a map is the place it can reach for just walking straight and make unfortunate does not support this can only was the only flipped and have cells on top for the southern hemisphere but you can't other can't onto rotation that will the only thing you could do voters that would be to to transform the map data of an importing it into the database already but then you had 1 fixed rotation would not be flexible so and unfortunately there was someone who had rope had written the patch for this in the past note the patch is referenced in the map tracker but then they switch to to uh get up there also important although the bark tickets from the old work trickle into the ghetto bogtrotter but all the attachments were lost so the ticket is there is a post all I have an experimental implementation more for this and he is the patch and that's a dead link and the person who submitted the patch does not respond to will e-mail or anything so some of this code is totally lost approach in different on each what the thing is but now when you have a professional open service I want to have a map printed it you have to download the PNG from my lab solid then uploaded at their solid and put all the extra information in and I thought it would be nice for principles this have the direct interface so that they get some additional business on care and I could just would not viewed in forward already mapped to that print service for printing but thought tools services I contacted so far would only be interested if you would produce at least 100 posters on state of that's more like the produced among so some commercially they're not interested in that you can print that maps of professional service but you have to go to himself not mention the yeah that's about it the wants to see I
have the printer you with me so if you want to have a map of the neighborhood of a special place I can offer to print 1 in the brakes here not during talks about this later and no it's time for questions had the end
of the and I'm already rendering of the latter in OK so I think that this is so any questions so if you want to create render jobs this is your in
if you but the
model evidence is going on in the OK well if I'm still around if you have questions later all different about different OK
so thank you for of the the the