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Modular Web
New ways for free software developers to shape the world.
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Upcoming web component technologies like the Client-side Component Model (ccm) bring us to a new kind of web. Each developed ccm-based web component, that is published under a free software licence, expands the functionality of the web as a whole and is embeddable in every web-based content. They are reusable and recombinable like Lego. In this talk we give a showcase, on the example of ccm, based on live demos, how it feels to think, work and develop in web components and what possibilities this will offer, specially to the free software community. After that, ccm will be explained in more detail.
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no a single works and no hello my name is only case and I got when I moved to this talk In this talk I would like to draw attention to the 1 over into the possibilities that offers to free software developers to shape salt and so too because here
the 3 years speaks the same of the same uh what do I mean was and what left go to make sure that my message treaty arrives with some sitting at the start of something we all know was aged in of on your the OK I must come
into OK in is a fixed predefined and largely styles as number of HTML elements we all know about and you
see 1 of the most publication of references which this all predefined HTML elements so upcoming but standards of the components now allow us to add our own custom HTML elements and wide sense was owns an antiques to clarify the scope of the resulting possibilities in extreme case even a complex but application can be defined as the semantics of such an HTML element to
illustrate this I have here an example in which a complete learning and is against and H 2 elements so then announced has the you of such OK this is vision of example you see I submit evidence could take and uh missing which lots in JavaScript and the job was good as a cold in there which defines a it conservation and manage and defined it semantics and after the user's group this is 1 has a created consternation take is ready to use the because news and now we can have a look our use new complex complicated
learning unit and 1 of its channel and you see also deeper functionality is on and said for example a occurrence all of the and the text and that's for sure it's
only 1 that once a HTML element is the whole application is in 1 HTML element so
OK all and that could endanger at West
OK how Rosa in to packaging of applications in addition the elements alone is cool but not yet what makes them all over somewhat lower is all about polarity imagine want to program learning unit set consists of a video followed by Chris was a video also being able to be commented and written in the conduct of the model where we do not we rented you want 1st look at the web to see if someone has already developed that component of why it's the functionality what we need instead of building a complex that applications is difficult to maintain it good from already existing small and manageable coupled a units In this way complexity can otherwise at all when someone writes about component with higher complexity is quality is popular 1 in should think about speed is a component of several independent components the user what component essentially only contains a coat by which other components compiled the composed into a they compose into those covered units some way in which many applications of Buddha similar someone to the building of legal building bricks the have 2 molar whether
it's that that implemented on the basis of ERP components in each of these X offers a complete German domestic calls the yeah
there comes this components for news chapter folding menus induced visitors and the and ratings set itself is also the components that uses a component the components mentioned so we can have and a life
local moreover really habits so those completely built with the components that the whole episode where component muses components here for newest like as a theory checked we have forewarned and other things like
waiting in the newest and also
quizzes so we have a complex where only build up respect components so
next city were like that of applications from the components is a great seeing what's a false strange of and with that of 1 were only shows up the component which high quality yeah the church when creating rep component is that it can be customized by simply convict configuring it so that it can be used in different domains without having to adapt the source code of the component all the men and resources of the component must always be interchangeable there also only a few hundred lines of code if you have more you have probably already been done something wrong any good developer can solve problems in high quality school complex codes but a very good developer achieves this also this few and easily understandable lines of code the most important ability therefore this is a bit ability to abstraction code is comprehensive convince a bill for other developers in a few hours since a component does not have much code 6 for a 4th Linguistic Annotation of the code is this manageable for yet another 1 only 1 developer at this has the advantage which cannot be on them underestimated that's develop pocket at identified with this user coupled code use the user indicates more importance on its quality tt tt tt tt and as an example of a hike uh adaptability of wreck component with example follows think and shows the shot the neuron which occurs is created and to Chris component mistake the Declaratory configured in HTML the so try to stop
the Europe was linked to Europe contained a for their lives with the egg and then from the complement of hard and now the comparator whose duration is accurate and in 1 of the things they do so to
you can think of here again the result of the video so that component for Christmas loaded with a script element the corresponding Aachen element is then ready for use and in neighborhood entry it'd be comfortable the additional United States and at as was nomination elements a developer of a component can predefined which into groups and independent of followed for the customization element in which semantics they so
now we already know a lot about someone lower but why should this is the so relevant for the free software development community why can't shaves about a new where isn't well just think about it states because component as an example you wouldn't
know the direct component in what technology is simply a small JavaScript as you can see in the example this file is free to find on the web if you do not want to trust set component is always available at the web address you can download it and upload 2 component to a solve of your trust 2 component has also been released under free suffered sins as is the case for components I produce this means that everyone in the world can use to Chris component so that was therefore for the extended this functionality so here's the main point it
follows immediately is that any component the that has been used on the free software needs extensive functionality of the Web as a whole the so that's the main point of this talk the that In all to make you
aware of the consequences we think about it for a moment longer assuming assuming the free software developer community community is now starting to widen partnerships own component each component expands amount of that applications that can be achieved by composing components sees that applications are therefore part of the functionality is that to that provides on its own without the need for a company behind it assuming that the company was a strong capital stock show once to prevent the company from being published because that sweetens the existence of its own commercial applications and this is difficult because no 1 can now can know who has direct component job could fire and published it somewhere else even if you know all the sellers and integrated to components still someone walk while and was an USB stick contains a component the but the point is that's somewhat lower can lead to an and that unprecedented to create and democratization of Europe which no company how a powerful can undermine from my point of view so when work is a great step forwards coming to the digital society forms 1 member of course there are also much much more consequences that could be clarified and because for a long time uh so that we can also talk about other interesting things that's uh and that a good so before we get to the follow 1st a few more words to my own personal as tho it's a bachelor's and master's degree in computer science it's it's it's this University of Applied Sciences and I'm specialized in complex office systems I must be impossible to generate and research associate in research project the OK OK I would like to to make 1 points here quite yeah I'm not guided by any company interests I'm a free man that wants to increase the functionality of the Web as a whole and fights for freedom critique that image noticing company cont was ever seen because it has moved and golden through good cage for all of us so the following no the this so so before we know the time allows it the have a closer look at my acknowledges his there's another important questions to be clarified how do we find out which for you but components are already available we In order to make this possible and workers McCulloch and the and the indirect component clout out shot the value of this is a that who which met components can be published found to I commented and rated above all x can be created from the components a component plus a configuration is resides this means that the configuration can be created here for quot component via an input mask as a desire to get an intuition and that code for that you created please note that the report of stand
on a compartment construction but you're free to explore what's that all what's already
working so we can look what's always there
there is also a component plots so the the 1st time that the placement can find all the software but component it's this time we have about
27 components I guess I would give you this information is contacted versus and you for example is these components we have before if I click on details and get a few informations about it data we can you create an at all just a component that all that makes a confocal on our own and yet here was important you out of a job that fires is all you need to use that to use them in any HTML files you want and you have also a few privileged and of course that's already working lasting from the most components the we have here special buttons enough and click on that you can also created you have its it's in its use state the configuration of exact is esteem went you can change a little bit safer than you have another no so we just starting to work it but we also have and many components almost the OK can
the parents the ever here of
that sort the new rich shows the creation of an n the concretely is this is a creation of income the situation of a configuration for the fill-in-the-blank a blank text component so resulting embedding court is sent embedded in the learning platform of this university the so workers were amazed at a learning platform could suddenly
take on new things results need for any explore faults so this look inside
as an input mask forms the films of length
component and given and the courts take is it so they're platforms as
university put it in very well
OK and I will speak about the message is good for tt tt picked
up there is that it has the OK he is again the
resulting emit code which consists of a script element in the consternation of and to created configuration uh can be stored in a data set it in a database and can be used use HTML elements and he had to put this is a key action would there this new was 1 cute kitten with variance a complete configuration so this issue of take is 1 and for purposes of dead but instead of you to a period of not being eurosong we have every year but application we want the
OK another question is what connection to be implemented in the form of a verb component are there any restrictions the answer is no there are no restrictions on application me anything that can be implemented with modern web technologies can also be implemented as a web component it may be composed of other components and other and use other frameworks not every component is embeddable undemanding cluster main and replaced content now I can then a closer so undermined means most of the Lord the the component is not only but above the website no that it can also be included later cross domain means that components must not be located at the same so long as actually website comes from but it can be located on any other words so this both aspects in any event users able to end that a component in any current if you want to prepare which the the embedding of a component virtually all frame and users should have known for 2 years as encapsulated OK but using my component technology it is also very easy to implement clustering real-time communication the the following review demonstrates how those the how the same component is embedded into a different learning platforms In this way it is possible to suddenly collaborate between those learning platform both you and platforms in real time but when I start again another
platform you know when something in their dialog platform we have the 2 then look p that so we have a course platform real-time collaboration it not a single thing that you can have a check component and you're the you all entirely they you on who is gay and someone has to formal where website in all can collaborate with each other from very difficult different places that so thank you yeah and that
it is the and what it's OK the same questions later 0 I would take authority of the want to because you walls and the and and 2 component uses the expanded later about the user sees data store and my my technology also offers also data-management functionality so you have those season data stores there can be mentioned data in the database you we want any data that's 1 if you have an interface for the cell and then there is a need to so it informs
all other components all other clients with a web server protocol and then it goes to the left of the political science OK OK
because we could not see this so created a
small isn't a presentation at try it again so in through life it does anyone
know what about this look at work so for uh for the other book market is a bookmarks a does not open the webpage instead of small piece of jobless called script code is executed this way you can very well and the component in the core and the open the per page and if you wanted to try it yeah you can to do is is to simply neutered like and drop 1 answering sponsor given repair which the bookmark there we can have a look at the uh
links and I can take on sizes Chris you I take it the there and now I can go into effect taken it like this comes here where they can also go on any other page don't always take
don't know also here like this OK here it was simply embedded at 1st so chives alignment of of the body element as we're working on Z so if you and on-the-fly window that you can do I can't walk in the size and and can be your apps uh movable in any website you want and so here the it's taken on the data you have well they can and can't the and here I can you know from the video and now I can fly the same year ago naked shorter another website don't all but the and so
get the same component and now I can only that from what they had to move to the page 1 so that gives a lot of possibilities and considerable OK back to the
slides that OK enough so my
main my main concern for this talk is to show you the pope was 2 possibilities and opportune to annotators possible number but of seeing that's the received many settings what's possible was 111 so how remaining time I have left you OK OK if you have time and we now come to the concrete technology for rich and all 40 what you enough since it is heated Introduction to the technology would blow up some time by far I would give you the
most important basic data ensure you wrote to far the source code and possum formation formations so by technology is a
client-side component model shortly in but if you have questions on and twice so the client I component model is a model for whining that components inside the ball and this consists of a system for word confusion components it's easier users to features of all the parts that comes also the components Donald custom elements and should you the cesium framework provides tool main services the 1 for the ring system components inside and in this content and the other service for the management a but the OK the framework is a tiny JavaScript fire was about 37 due bias may be fired tend to divide so that's it and he was a style uh JavaScript only so it must be 5 from the and has no dependencies to other resources or frameworks now before you I used uh J. periods in the frameworks across pretty was like so ategories but I keep the dollar it's survivors up-to-date it's today still have so many improved search no 1 needs Jaitly pretty to look for the kind of wasn't competent to the balls as are competent enough and will yeah if you can use the news because of what I talk all only about but so this the I know this thing's fight this kind of that this it's not possible puzzles misfolded filter can reach a lot of things but icing on the other hand use notions of the bottom but most is our point of for for just and recent including the proposed but some 41st not quite good in examined foreshadow shadow of for the in Firefox you end the OK the the same this
is in parameters published as free software on them need sense not so you have the jet
uplink it is lot automatically when a component is used the and that's the reason why you don't see the cesium framework in the Internet examples money you have a script AIC and then the framework comes in the repair page you don't have that you own user components and a framework for the lord it's the background the lights the with the CCA components of we combined so result this results in a dependency tree as these dependencies are all you solve because if the and as a colonist you by the cesium forever at 1 time the framework makes sure that all dependent sources unloaded in Paris and no resources small twice any to be dependent results and data are can be loaded cost me the is framework and all system components of urgent and use semantic versioning so as a common 2 we're talking I don't know the white and there's the same component can be as it is that ensure respect for compatibility it's very important and the last ones Ireland Europe and it's it's social of I don't can stop this community for example when it's not speckle competition multiple don't makes any sense of not and it OK the same cesium component can be embedded multiple times in the same web page and also different versions of the components of a component is out any conflicts and side effects that is because each component and origin has its own namespace inside of the page it is also possible to use different versions of the cesium framework in the same page so I definitely have a quot combativity not yeah here this is a man
in the phases of the season framework the the since the last user of can change point in size and have changed a lot before you don't use custom elements i don't have shut door my of jobless group and was only jobless and this year I have the Eustace HTML elements in their standards so each but component I use when I wake when a user scripting of using component all to make magic have serves to see custom element was composed now the 1st interfaces in wrote that note the following resources so you have a much more possibilities you can control knowledge serial little parallel loaded and so all can you know the custom including data as at works this Jason P and calls and such things for example as the simple component is in the various polling stations using component of that page at this interfaces attention at user traits the customer demand for example the system this is an instance sets for creationism instance out the component that's from multiple embedding if I don't know if I don't have the same instance and all is a component I could compose I could only embedded in common component only 1 time in a web page that will be very bad at for example rating component 10 comments I want for the comment cooperating and 2 also OK so here we have a little bit but only a little bit object-oriented orientation they can create instances of a component and that's a start methods that starts the season instance that's normally uses that's what and that's a component so if you hit this is in stark that all the 2 are both of them included that and it stops the component be loaded with sincere vote will be registered and in the web page it could be created instance all of the components it's and hits a start modeled forms this instance and then you have your ups and area content there's answers installers that's the counting on data management the Mrs. install you get back on the same data store which comes in the next slides houses accepted work the OK system
have also exists there are many useful have performed functions for 1 component developers this a good thing to have a look inside the it's also many problems its that would be harder and you do it on your
own the so here see the levels of embedding of a system component sure taken and but I hope you can see it not good font OK here you have it way out the components here's a configuration the configuration is only set so it's only the labs every other component be set of that I can be it's depending on the component you have you can make such a much more consideration things but it's really among the ropes area must be defined so in here we have a problem so system component then we can it gives the you Elsa component and then the component of be loaded and make a study that page and then you get back the adjacent object representation of the component and from this object you can control all of yourself and how many instances you want to create a all of it so here you can use the conflict and you get 1 instead spectrum can it's a start started at manually so here is 1 and the higher the short but isn't incidents can get the U. and this the intensity called this reduces registers the component of web page and you get an instance directly and kids that was it must be
called start before you know it was called analyst OK and then find you have started
out moment is still limited you must know because this directly gives you and it's it's a component but if you have a component which we use another component you'd like the 1 to have more control about to tell you how you create an instance of and how you and that's the
OK the here what I think and hope to have that you have some full and few
examples and this end
of endm THEN ch now you there can bit instances of of the components years classical now and the classical Walt that was this phone elements you have access to your to
your website area and you can set the continent and you can do anything you normally do this other frameworks also whatever you want you have the full power of the red and that technologies that cesium only have this technology only helps you to getting all here and it's capsid and 1 additional element is to this primary all season do for you so you can be embedded in any purpose quantum was 1 instance of OK good vacation here so here I have a
lot more only a few minutes so here's another
example of a against this in how to reuse tools instead of 2 components in another component and the subset of example using component then you have that passes won't OK I to pass it the and you have a component said we a component but you don't know how often you want to reuse a component for example if you have comments that you don't know how many comments you have what you you want a waiting for every comment so you don't know the number whole many rating instances that if you have such a situations in this example is a correct for you and you can see all minor develop component many
examples the but they also in the other component clouds and you can look into the source code it's all energy it sends all free software you can can take care and do whatever you want President improvement or whatever yeah then we
have data management and texture but
his assistant grammar provides a service from component developers for data management is allows the usage of cesium data stores it's using data stores can manage data sets in 1 of the data level and can also be used too often almost millions of system components for user data management to differ data limits are described I described below data data stores are intended to be would the universe also and provide a simple unified API for basic I create read update delete operations of the 1st members of data will be managed in local object that all image data sets of probative data which are gone when when the the website on the 2nd level the data will be mentioned a
client-side database in a client-centred everything all manage data is still after page wield this especially interesting for often function of the sublevel for data the data will be managed in solace I didn't database of choice is a classical the seller must have a cesium combined compatible property interface that all image datasets stalled constantly on the cell and they're not belong to a specific client different network protocols are possible for communication between China and so on In case of real-time corn communication With the WebSocket protocol for data store this data sweet the cell informs every active client about changing data sets is component which uses such a data store can kinetic according to these to these changes was about it is a form that you need OK here we have the code example of the city how to if you have this is data stalwart you can use as we have simply you get set their interface yeah for for sending and data sets for getting into the for updated yeah and
deletion and you so you to talk and see how you can you can get the season data store if you want to have 1 the the UCI can choose which data lie the on which did I W 1 2 sets of data sets of the match so you can know gives no power McDonough settings and you have the 1 for the 2 state of it's gone on page we don't but you can the perhaps you can give it still needs are data to the data store that same kind of you to you I love adjacent fibrosis the instigators inside the if you want to save up to but as the city tt gifts the name of the data sample it's the updated distinct but also marked with in the URL of this sort of interface which is competent to so
you know for for the end and all of the above out there the null and what the speaker here but that this thing what I have said when you look closer at and you look close about other things like what who would do their so I have a very of a few of the components a school with that for example and I don't think it's and against the small an interesting thing what am I advantages what does the advantages and how they can work together the so that's it
the thanks for listening but they don't this
the next time I do it in
German state so but focus is on the back of their my idea was ever you to read you and then it goes small way but if I'm not good enough and he was and all all but I hope you get a message this the rest of the year that's OK so 1st Christians you at the end of the thank you for know you and I good the 1 can all this the starts was about component collagen new places for you find the components and these places that can be many places uh must have equality sign or something for the components and you must trust in this In the component cloud on marketplace or something set the and then you been input and then you can get it and don't know that and put it on yourself of your choice and take it directly from the the head of the what do you mean with securities the kind the yeah the mean of the there is this and I know this this technology uses a hash values is a good thing and but so by the right component cannot cities of the components don't uh don't x of a components considers only the link ends of the components on some solids evolve and this 1 it that put its on that server and published it in this but component must can make sure all set so everyone is freezes that's much uh that everyone is free to do that there are no restriction from C and to who prevented yes please you will have to on the and I I I kind the it has to be a lot of the the goal of the and the so I you the the you have right of say look this and so on so is the from the same question in the summer months of the summer were also the dollars the promise care about this that that that's the that's not in my reach I'm a client-side component water of of the and but I can't think of all that that I I have a mission this means that sets of boxes that are all too easily he will be possible so the numbers to the side so that's good you know what the overall so and so that case you know the ones that we want to know how long the component so you had that much of the process so the use of plants and then get some kind of you know the from so that all of the sun like that you know sometimes because that will really much time OK good see and in the notice that I don't make my focus on that before his death OK in other questions that you a the behind and the case a Christian is this uh of what what's of all performances in in time for performance there we have tested as it was a professor Aubrey have tested and and course at the end of this component and every year optimized for performance so we have for example menu component we use in the step and send the repeal loading everything we wanted before click happens all everything that could be needed for a click this of this law that already we have start as a and European button and in the times of user goes to the log-in button and want to particular views since the skeletons of a calm and uh and steps of its in so you click and then update steps but also also the of all of the search for things that could be used and but this comes not for free of which you take care about it you can watch it can get much performances the territory expect you must watch that your 1st call direct side this on the under to to the kilobytes then it's directly there that there was some tricks and in and so yeah but that's possible that possibility fastest used in learning units and it was really cool you must do it again yeah Christian that was there a the the the whole of the universe is to all and the and I see I don't mean of all the all the time and that and it's not really all the you don't get a question that you do you have In the end of the mind book and don't really have tried this the and OK other questions the fact that the on the and against the
theory of and that was English or it's to class have a a a a a a a a a a but but but but apart of you incentives all right uh as in the consideration of components there are some the conflict values that must always using but the rest is completely customizable everything is set in the conflicts and it's excessive it's up for you as a component developers to use it it on the few gifts conventions that some properties of the users in website area for example but also the website area wasn't he's be sets as this is the reason why the don't call when that molecules start because not every component must have a website it gives to nearly
no restrictions they don't need it do not at the space yeah with as as our uh some upcoming conventions for use audification the user component is always into poverty users and other things can knows that automatically and then goes on to instead of directly such but gives some points but don't remember holes and yet no questions OK the on