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IoT ethics
what I found out using my home and body as a test lab
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Internet of Things is a toolbox, and thus it can be used for good and for bad. Issues range from insecure components and privacy invading business models to issues about regulation and culture. With a hacker mindset and my own home and body I’ve explored doing IoT in an ethical, secure and fun way.
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so thank you for it's really cool to
come here and I came here by plane which I wasn't very happy about because sometimes fight of flying and as a as a security analysts and no this doesn't make sense at all I noticed that it doesn't matter I'm still terrified and the last time I was to speech and talk like this I was going by high-speed train which was much much nicer than it has the same so probability of
dying so to speak but it's still feel so much better also I could use this to the lab and have my hand
as a ticket on the high-speed trains in Sweden which chemical wrong the no so it didn't just or how how come that's the planes are so secure how come that train services secure while I'm just thinking what if we would make a start up for all claims and the same on the same basis that we're doing startups indictees in decide to
make this so I'm thinking while I I
don't really have a license to do
claims that I think it will be working out fine anyway and I think and I'm gonna I'm gonna focus on 1 thing and that's gonna be the interior design and make their
aerodynamics had no doesn't we we can we can figure it out as with all I think and I think we're can body of this plane and out of plastic because that's light and it's cheap and yes it's proven not to withstand lightning but we put that in the manual and also a skilled pilot would avoid like to add a little a little avoid lighting so it doesn't matter Is there anyone who would board this plane still this is how we do and IT and in the I O 2 so
this is a priority talking of course have to stop there and some kind of definition of Internet of Things modalities of very very broad definition a we can talk about sensors moving parts and computers and they all need to be connected and most of the so devices also collect privacy data which is 1 of the biggest issues and the business model is often builds upon collecting that's the privacy data instead of for example selling products because at the moment there is obviously no money in and selling the products Bruce Schneier person IT Security Bureau so to speak and he's claiming that we are building and well size role at where the Internet of Things and he is claiming that the sensors are the eyes and the ears of this robot the moving parts on the arms and legs In this role and the connectivity computers then it's a breaks the the and then we're giving that's who knows his role at all of this state's about us is that it doesn't sound like a perfect idea the had enough to and so I promise you they're gonna talk about the things that I have found out there living in the IOT lapses using my own body as society less basically the so it's for me started some years ago when I moved into an apartment that and had
and an alarm that would give a push notification to my boyfriend evident that I would leave the house and of course my 1st there's a red flag in my head was while this can be used for domestic violence I don't
like against any partner any kid like you know what's can a beautiful ways that you can have to control your partners and I wanna talk about beautiful at me the difference to few of the opposite holds this beautiful and it is very you can use it as a very efficient way of
of oppression our you're near and dear and and his argument against this was of course that's the the
tool doesn't make the use case so the constant kill people people kill people and sometimes things happen by accident and that of course in this problem in this
project it wasn't a problem uh it never became never came to domestic violence in this case it was never an issue really
and I think the biggest initial number that's that when I was out and I could see that all he hasn't left the house holes house until 2 in the evening like he would use with in fact and and is is really something that we want to know about a partner maybe innocent
innocent and I think that society is an extremely in interesting and powerful to and as any tool it can be used for good or for bad can also be used for accidents so let's take another example have efficient power that can give us to cancer treatments on we have it but it can also give us the North Korea American situation and or and it can also give us uh Sellafield Harrisburg
Fukushima and Chernobyl and this is a very strong tool and it's not necessarily so that we actually have a control of it all the time we have to be aware of that the
and the aforementioned Bruce Schneier he claims that there are 2 kinds of how we make security and the identity the 1st 1 is a paradigm that comes from the physical world of
highly regulated dangerous things and these things are highly regulated because they have historically been very dangerous so if you're if we're making if we're using plastic in the body of the plane of people will die so you're not allowed to do that or you can do that you can put some uh aluminum measurements were made in print invented uh but you you can't cut corners in the same way because people will die and the way that we ensure that people don't cut corners is through regulations on the other side we have the paradigm of agile possible security of things that that did very benevolent that computers for a just the tracking my body and my bodily functions in order to you know be better at said biking or running which is what I mean by half by I and in the t these 2 the world's crude class together so that we for example have medical devices and with
connectivity that's and if they if we find a security issue with them and we need to update its like we usually do in the agile security paradigm and that me avoid the certification that that's in a medical device has become the has heir received from the FDA it may the or may not we're not totally sure about this but it's there's sure makes it it's not very nice to to put millions and millions into a device and then all of a sudden because you did the right thing you're not allowed to use
stellarton mark and
so what British nice thing is that we need to regulate the Internet of Things is also saying that this must come from us as a community because otherwise regulation will happen to us and it will happen to us in our Barry on nice way and I think that people actors naira people that where around in the nineties that were there for the crypt worse know that if you're leaving the regulation to the
policy makers they will probably make something that isn't very useful and is a very efficient but what he's claiming is that we need we need to find a way to make this work and we are the only ones who can do that the In the I'd also
like to take a quote from him the the market can't fix this issue where the um so the context here is then arrived at what much from November where the badly secure devices and when used to orchestrate Adidas attack against another secured researcher but also against Twitter and
stuff and we see this kind of more less every month nowadays that uh badly secure I O T devices are used and in order to take down other sites so in this case there is an externality and created so the might come fix this because neither
the buyer nor the seller cares and this is what it on this issue is what economists call an externality it's an effect of the purchasing decision that affects other people and we can think of it as invisible pollution and 1 of my before I went into the Cybers I was going to be an environmental economist the and at the 1st 2nd and 3rd thing that you have to learn in environmental economists in
economics is we need to internalize externalities so this is something that's uh we we we can learn from other fields about the and there are I can see at least at least 3 ways of internalizing the externalities and making the industry pays for itself in the the
1st 1 I think so there's the issue that neither the buyer nor the seller cares about IT security but I would disagree about this I think that the buyer dust here but the buyer has no idea how to differentiate between a device that is somewhat secure a device that has some kind of an agile practices that have an vulnerability disclosure
policies and 1 that doesn't so what I and others would like to propose is simply to have as voluntary seal and then we can look back at the environmental that's again we have lots of different seals here and and this 1 is very known for the Swedish population and we all know all this we know that if you want to make that ethical choice when it comes to and to ecology we look for this and in the same here with the eco-label label if you want to do a more ethical choice if we care about the externalities that are created by us buying these products we look out for this and we know what this is this is something that is communicated to people in their everyday people and you don't have to be an environmental scientist to understand some of the basics of this the and to my knowledge there is not
yet a sealed for IOT security out there and I think it's a must come soon I know there initiatives for it the 2 2nd way that I think
that this market will change the barriers that we have the threat of around somewhere so if you're having at very badly badly security devices that you are vulnerable to ransom and this is something that is very that Bryant damage to to the seller and to the vendors so this is something that people actually have in their mind and they don't want they don't they obviously don't want their room to to the rounds and of course not
and there's another very interesting
uh version of a accrued the look and that is called the think about that's where the functions in the same way that A. M the normal rats aware dust but except for air instead of reading a ransom note of give me this and this many bit claims it just breaks your device end of story you will never get the key back that came present you uh this claiming that he is the creator of this brick about saying that what he's
doing is internet chemotherapy the so no 1 in their right mind would go through chemotherapy if they weren't severely sick and his claim that the Internet and the Internet of Things is severely sick and he's taking and taking that into his own hands on a disclaimer I have costs don't think that anyone should break other people's devices it's illegal that the threats like this will make the way have I'm sorry it's the truth the 3rd way that
I think and we will internalize the externalities of the I O T is through the general data for that to regulate which is a regulation of course and there different kinds of relations with other CE mark for example that is certification that you
need approval and it cost money to do as and when you're gone through that you are approved to sell your electronic devices in and the you and then 5 years later he even even though your product hasn't changed you still need another 1 of those approval process and eventually to go through it's very costly and it and it takes a lot of time the General Data Protection Regulation is working that kind of the opposite way
that instead of you doing pre-approval M you instead of asking for permission you're asking for forgiveness and so you can do whatever you want that is personally identifiable information is leaked you are refined and you are supposed to be severely find we don't mind is this actually what's gonna happen because the it's only a constant force and May 2018 and so it may very well be another 1 of those regulations that never work and that's the issue about regulations that we often think about the successful ones and say OK regulation works we should totally deregulation and the benefit forget about those that don't work would have the opposite effect think you could kill all the only thing that the EU could be lot in like it doesn't
make sense at all you can basically use it as a fishing I could technology is that an it's the it's a mess you know there's so many regulations that haven't been working out before so why would regulation where this time maybe not and I think that the general the interrelation with the rights push from the communities like this the people that care about privacy and the only and know about their rights the it can make a very big difference in not only in the EU but in the global market so 1 of the things that you can do for example is that you can say and today already like OK I want you to erase data and I I'm doing that uh nowadays every now and then I might call I don't want this account anymore so I call the support and it may take between 1 and 10 minutes is fine the e-mail address of his calling that really the kind of saying hey like to use my right to be forgotten and most of the time I get the answer what's and so in 8 months or 7 months i in a concurrent mode alone they will be fined if they can't the erased and reseal Soon after you ask for it birds most of the industry still doesn't even isn't even aware this another great thing about the General Data Protection Regulation S that if you're a if you're personally identifiable information is leaked and they have to tell the authorities and they have to tell the authorities within 72 hours and if you're neck negligent and had no clue about what infrastructure you have 0 what's application you have that tough luck you still have to the report and you still have to do this you still have to comply with all the time but they are not taking you before I have very high hopes and this and I would love all you guys to join me in the quest for an hour personally identifiable information making it actually owned by us because it is very clearly owned by us In the 2nd part of this
talk In starts with this chip and that they have in my hand so the I
almost 2 years ago and I was too dumb to go to this afterward some known
and the In this talk we live in and way you can get a chip implanted into your hat had not had and that's the time taken at different but
for me it felt like uh uh it would be into your head because I thought that anyone who would do this hat lacks the basic risk assessment capability and must be really really stupid during the things that I must be really really stupid to do this all only 1 2 OK all and liars and this will give you it's your life and so I I went there to that party saying no 1 in their right mind quantity it could do this and then I went to uh I I saw the presentation and people were doing it and I felt that instant urge to do this so in 40 minutes I had gone from wrong I I had swaps 180 degrees the and this was so interesting to me what had just happened why did it work out like this and so I started research
and the and some months later at the next the to installation party I got the the done it's all on you tube Fig and and what I
realized is this let me ask security I stand on the side I see a technology and say some interesting there's a weakness there's a week there's a weakness there's a weakness
there's a weakness so this is not kind work and edge of noise like this is so cool we can do this we can go and we know don't think that what we don't need you know what you we don't need to that we figured out as we go and then this thing becomes a huge text and all those weaknesses that we but pointed out i still in there and they I haven't been addressed because we stood on the science writing you know I think in in in to some extent this is an attitude problem from the security peak side and say that as a security gate proc so when I was
thinking of this chip implants I thought of as the science fiction that I
was just recently watching this guy Moellemann here and he has all the equivalent of a GPS tracker in his back and he's been tracked through the universe by lexical units and I and a set of my my childhood
heroes all as a plot device every now and then there is that a tracker in their head that's there is turning on and you know all of the data which is the day but you never know that until 14 later so this is what I was thinking about when I was thinking to the last extracted
and such just step back for 1 step
and think 0 what is the site 1 of you know that you not speaking as they have some that she was speaking about how she really avoided she didn't want to become a cyborg when she got the peacemaker into the chest and 1 of the issues for
her was I don't want to promise I but for me it was like I really want to become a signboard that this is so cool this is uh make agonal why but it just feels fields there and so the original definition of outside work as a human being with bodily functions in or controlled by the logical devices so this means we have a pacemaker or a defibrillator up there you have an insulin pump and that is attached to the body this is an intrauterine device that he you so that you won't get pregnant this is a schematic of an the analysis and does anyone know why I'm a lot less in this picture was a right that life is the 1 you got shot in and her head in Pakistan by the Taliban's and when she gets shot in the head she lost her hearing on 1 side and that she got a cochlear implant uh which is a hearing aid that
the implant into the head so I think that she's 1 of the most famous cyber it's out there and the interesting thing about this cochlear implant to is that and there is a possibility to get superhuman hearing when a coder implant and it depends on on the patient uh but there is a possibility to for example here things 200 meters away or something like that but it's not deemed ethical to tinker with this and you're not allowed to do it yourself you have to do it with your doctor and the doctor saying sorry this is against the code of ethics we can't do that
so another definition of aside words is that if you have something implanted and by this definition I I'm assigned and with this material and the intrauterine device that a breast implants whatever all these can be counted as sideboard and and there's a lot of course the definition side human
being with a telephone pole device implanted in our study attached to the body with the purpose of increasing individual senses are abilities beyond the occasional use of tools so also by this definition I would be a works as I was 12 so I didn't have to do that shit I could just uh gone for the glasses and I'm just wondering you in here doesn't have smartphone that too 0 2 and a half people in here don't 3 and a half people who don't have a smart phone interesting
when so what people often ask about this is what kind of plant it's it's it's that kind of that you would have in your bank card or a passport and it's an interactive of the 16 uh complying with the ISO 14 over 3 at its at a tiny amount of stored on there it's less than a kilobytes and these have historically been used on cats and dogs and but then they have to had some kind of tissue that grows into the tissue of and all the cats because for some reason veterinarians that good of pierces that you and I II III had a real peers to do this this in time for me and it's a 12 millimetres by
compatible glass and it's like it's like a grain of rice basically and it's made to uh be easily take take out of the body without issue because it's not gonna grow into the body and and it has 1 and a half the beta antenna and that standard ISO 14 4 4 3 is calling for a credit card-sized antenna so uh this antenna makes it really hard to read news and also since my body is most of what a base and it's even harder to read them and uh the mobile phone that I would usually use this with the hot house and the reader that doesn't get very much power so it's very very to but anyway at it's a passive technology so in order for me to be tracked that we would have to have the infrastructure of very very powerful and 10 as every every meter basically and which is you know doable I'm not sure it's not it's not the most practical way of tracking a prison and this is the main reason why I decided to do this also because I felt I needed to do and a risk assessment of this and I
needed to do it but by immersing them by immersion since I realize that in order to succeed as an I. IT security person I need to be able to talk to normal people and I need to be able to talk to and entrepreneurs and I need to be able to and get them to understand what I'm saying so that's 1 of the reasons why I have this to so this I'd think and this is not a dangerous trend by but you know
what is the dangers and and so dedicated which is dominant causes the governmental tracking device in some years so people will
like 0 my god you're so paranoid will was that theoretically that can happen that you would would really do that yes it would if tackle the time with these governmental tracking devices no it's not it's not and if it is not ideal as from personally-identifiable information perspective our privacy and perspective the thing is this happen by accident because we had this really nice technology of and mobile phones and in order for mobile phones to work he always say to triangulate the position of the person there and then that's really smart technology marriage with another really verticality of the
smartphone and all of a sudden we have unique identifiers that are continuous attractor and yes you can turn off the tracking but then it doesn't work the whole idea of having a smartphone is to have the database of all of the world's knowledge in your pocket at all times this is why we want it it's it's amazing it's amazing technology but it is tracking us all the time and it just happened so
the we don't want uh the I O T to be something that happens to track all the time and you know the the the whole idea of the we would rather let someone freed and put
them into prison if when in doubt the issue here is that that principal came along at a time where there was very little data about people and you couldn't know whether or not and so what has done so it's better to let someone go off and let them into prison even if it's a murderer but nowadays we have so much data on people there is incredible amounts of major data about me created all the time and I mean like 1 of the really strange things is my phone is telling me also here in full think of all the time would you like to know the uh where the bus goes and it's not all the time and this is something that we just used in and and if I were uh we will come to a point when turning off my phone and is a reason to be suspicious of what I'm doing
the and so with this chip and plant I came into a scene as well by hackers and they are doing different things they're doing that to do-it-yourself DNA labs in the same way that people were doing do-it-yourself computing in the seventies and they are doing to they're doing quantified self they are like the tinkering with the student staff there think drugs and but basically as in the in its essence it's a cool new with name for a bit OK because and so for example fitness tractors is something that I have been doing i've been doing some glucose need training to see what happens to me what age sugar and I was putting myself in the finger for like 2 100 times in 2 weeks and I found really interesting stuff about me myself with this uh without saying without
a physician on an adult that all of a sudden we now have that so much data about those ourselves the band when I was doing in fitness tracking I realized I'm getting too much data
about myself what's happening here is that I'm getting injured because instead of listening to I have a bad knee I'm listening to you all and go very still I need to piece up the
I haven't talked about this already I'll get better
so maybe what we have this 5 big data is the new oil had been really wondering what you they really mean others what's what's the point what we are right now just is like with collecting lots and lots and lots of data in order to sell ads and that economies visited dying economy and I'm not sure if this like I don't really believe in this but this is part of an axial that is being told over and over again and this is also the reason why we want to know so much about people the the
going back to the general data into the condition and the privacy issues I think it's it's can really easy I don't think when it comes to the Internet of Things when it comes to biohacking when it comes to attracting people as a very simple principle do not collect data without
informed consent Informed consent does not mean an end user license agreement that is 25 pages informed consent does not mean if you want to use this app that you need to give me access to all of your data and there is only 1 way of choosing between yeah that's not informed consent I think so when it comes to privacy data we can think of it about in the same way that that will violence that by default violence is illegal that under some certain circumstances we can say you are allowed to punch the because we're in the boxing match as for the like we don't have any rules here because this is an a and but just because customer may thus exist doesn't mean that's and if we are allowed to kick each other in the face on the street the I think that if we'd call here to this small principle will come but there is no way I thank you and if
that if and when you have a lot of this is the kind
of to the and I think the history of the OK so do I have an example of informed consent in a very good way not sure how do the top of my head and that's also interesting like 8 months from now we're gonna have a regulation that says that you have to pay 4 % of your revenue and if you're not uh if you're not acquiring informed consent from all of your customers but still we don't have a good idea about what this informed consent with live like an yeah and 4 % and you have in the GDP are the highest penalty that you would have to pay is 4 per cent of your of your company's revenues annually of people areas the governments to them do this that the not so I think that there are some BBN services out there that are specializing in privacy where they have a very a where they are really good at communicating what what they are collecting of and although the practice they are metallic per when it can content of an so I think that there are some special cases where this is really the where this is being done in a good way actually yesterday I was talking to a guy who has a tesla and in the Tesla and every now and then apparently uh he's presented with by the way we're checking this way the that which is you know nice because as it's good that they're trying to for people but if they're trying to inform people in a way that is boring so that's also a convenient way of of saying well we did yes I don't know where it was not the in the the war in I want to remind you how do you know who you you you you on the move to explore the whole showing they're coming here with the alternative that definition of aside work that has to do with the executables inside of your body and yes this is also another definition of cyber and think that both the Internet of Things and cyborgs and all the interesting stuff are really hard to that coherently defined so that's why is 3 and the definitions that we can use for the of a unit that this should not be here at all this period of and what is the use of the not really understand what's going on people who really a person of the year so we're through which were market and use of it will be 1 of them is that the military the security of on the back of the book so you could say well that was the great security if you look at the problem of the divorce lawyer on top of that you all of that you know what I mean by that is of the desired ironic about this was a useful model so what they're saying is basically that there's a price issue and I see that people are not prepared to pay the price that you would actually have to pay for and um device where the a bit more CPU power maybe that will actually be able to have read at reasonable key management yeah it's absolutely an issue that the market is simply them the cost of these devices simply too low and that it's not get you're of and and all of the I think you and I would and that was the so are there initiatives to educate consumers on which itself a Iot security yes of course there are I think that we're in the beginning of realizing that talking to users and not I'm not saying well he used it the wrong way it's not a bike it's a feature and I think we're in in the cradle all creating something of understanding that user interaction user experience is actually things that are important and they are also important for security and until now there like there's so many and secure messaging uh secure messaging absence secure messaging services and that are really secure secured have focused on this and will that that are used unusable for normal people because normal people they don't want to take half an hour and to they don't want to they don't want to understand that always I'm on they don't want it to take half an hour to to configure this they don't want to go along to get it to understand it to understand that they wanted to work intuitively the and that we have so we basically before we had a secure things and useful things and at the moment these are slowly starting to match because the security people of finally understanding that while people using snapshots you know they're sending dictates and they're thinking hey that's a secure now because it's only shown for 10 seconds yes that's log and its puts its retain the on a server weight you will never reach it so you all your dictates if you are in the cloud but you have the feeling of security because you don't see it and no 1 else can see if until that civic attacked where we now for example the signal have the discipline messages where you can send your it's nice and that and they will disappear and they will actually this and signal is usable and signal has gifts and signal has know lots of stuff we finally have
many secure apps that actually are what fun and I think that's a key to this year and so we had to you before the baby the thing that you think it that the 2 of the while there is 1 initiative in in London that ain't all that's called a T I don't want to think uh it's sponsored by Bosch and but it's that and and that's basically the 1 they have on the top of my head and if some people will say to you know for all it is also the and the use of of 100 persons who come to think lectures delivered by the new of review of usually 3 with which won't work unless you do the log and the the uh also the most would I think that the key management issue is something that we have had that will follow me through the next 40 years of my career had so this is this is hard the problems of the form because of what will you do not those of you should secure enough but they're not used here because you want to use here the version of the well if you want real security you will have to watch the Americans from that leads to get some tips on how we could do that you have to kill people have you know who you have to work the exact with yes so so that the current perfect security is often not a desirable it I the world you of and you know the aim for you all the and and while you're saying that when whenever the data is collected it will be misused and uh or maybe doesn't have to be a misuse by the company in the question but then they filed for insolvency and they sell whatever as they have and then acid that happened to be the data L. or they get hacked because they don't know the 1st thing about the security and they don't know how to build and the use of of and the and of course you know it all of the all you all of the of the and the the information at the and the collected every and using that the German lot requires the electricity company to doing collect your and electricity consumption data uh once a month but they did every minute you know to all of you and this is also the issue about regulation and there are so many rules we're breaking news every day and still for some reason the regulation can away most of the time are sometimes and it's better to have a society that is built on on explicit regulation bad to not have it but just because a related regulations exist doesn't mean that is followed the will the bond of the of the of the of and so on all the net the and and yeah and for this reason I would say that that we must regard the power consumption as personally identifiable data because you can learn a lot a lot a lot about a person from that for example now in the hotel at that we stayed at most probably there is a condition that has a humidity sensor and I covered that substances that sense when I was sleeping when and the wind showering whether or not we're having sex and and this is something that could be used you know uh you can you can see a very as spike when someone wakes up inside and then you can make me do some more breakfast that because you see that there are many people that just woke up that many people who just made a shower and why don't we do that and that's a use case for that i device and for the side channel of earth and air condition that society connected question is is there something desirable I don't know in that you had a person the end of thing the and who should do what you said that the In the 1st and the In this kind of who should regulate it not if the government doesn't regulate the coyote who should I think that's a very simple most what really needs to be Chinese business is there C is our what the companies that a socialist possibility to take and privacy matters and make it into something something marketable saying that the European a real it makes a real difference if you're buying this thing for 30 dollars over 60 dollars because what we're doing is that we're selling a product what they are doing is that they're selling you and I think that it needs to come from many many different uh places I think that the open source world is really beautiful this way that it can both be monetized and also used by people who are idealists at the same time and it doesn't mean necessarily need to extend it other the the bulk of the forces in the world of the living the
life of the of the yes to all
mobile regulation is always an issue as much as they new and then you have uh 9 years ago now I started to be uh when I was in the environmental movement has started to go to the UNFCCC and talks in the false none of them in Copenhagen and why I realized there is that there are 2 types of global regulation there is the 1 that is good and strong like that child commission that no 1 was following or there is the 1 that everyone is following that is so what it down that does make sense so I quickly realized that I was so this dissolution as and that situation in 2008 and the rest of the environmental movement came after me 2009 when they also realized that this Copenhagen treaty doesn't go anywhere and so I think that's also a reason why I I'm feeling strongly that we don't need that regulation can be used to good but frankly how often is it used how often does it have the intended purpose but they're intended outcomes the world you know the the the the the the creation of the world so that's a of the more of this because of the forces that were you know the the the 2 uh whole various the water of the want the worst the was the so it's not just of each month and we know that some of the people on the island was held from minimum set of security features or he's still not only without security in 1 of the good so basically yeah was saying is that we need 1st and foremost uh the markets to to mature and secondly that we don't need a global certification as a global regulation because it is and we have the 2 together for example that only applies to 500 million people in the world that we have a global market and everything is made in china so everything in the world will be and made to comply with its ideally and in the same way that the FDA has a very strong power over how of medical devices and medicines live in the rest of the world to so I don't know who was highly aligned with 10 and 3 minutes is there anyone who hasn't spoken you have a question come on I don't like you the name of the of the of the of the fact that all the the some of the issues of a to the group all people in kind of a good way to the use of the problem of and to and a so do we have uh an extreme implicit fossil government in Sweden years from health is so that it will allow I think that's so as the used by many companies as as a way to test things because they're the people tend to be very ancient sensitive at people tend to be extremely trusting and at Trent tend to like to do new things and cell like 1 of the use cases that they're trying for the uh chicken plant is to use an ASR payment as well it's and which is a bad use case because these NSC My Fair chips they are not made with any kind of security mind so they so easily cracked and there are a lot of hectic that you can get for euros and there may be here at the university in both home mentally and it's a rare very bad idea to make a new infrastructure that is built on that's that's CT Kelly they're having might have however the next ones that actually have some kind of security in mind like that of a card might be a way to do this and that but I'm digressing because what I wanted to say is that they tend to be a lot of articles done about the cash society this week and I I didn't understand this like of course you can use castle over the except when was the last time I use cash the last time I use cash to West Germany and this and um talk about like baselines and diverting from baselines about being a suspicious they I always go to the same shock I always shop the same things and I always be with the same card and so I think that 1 can read so much interesting data out of what I'm buying and when and and this is something that I'm readily giving away and that we all are giving away so easily because we are implicitly trusting the bands that we implicit interesting the states and it's no issue for this week's that all of a sudden or there is no money that is in fact this just happened that if you have the of the of the of of the and the use of the a of the the and that so you know that it all the all the all of the on all of the yeah you can you can learn so much about people from what they are buying and what they right with with card so I know that I should use match but the thing is that interestingly enough increasingly there are signs saying and no class we only take credit card and speech so it is there we obtain with a mobile phone and you're number of mobile number and you mobile 90 the this and and think that's all that you know and if if