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gpg4libre - OpenPGP signing & encryption in LibreOffice

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gpg4libre - OpenPGP signing & encryption in LibreOffice
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Transparently and securely use your existing keys to sign and encrypt ODF documents, using public key cryptography
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have about good to see you OBO so able to to listen so talking about so completely exhausted from about how he talks was that so far like common attracts some 50 intensely since yesterday good I'll try not to bore you too too much and the 1st question who if used in the using their LibreOffice draped it's true such alone these were that is not reason had so me of course as well as an excellent and use using the G for was e-mail from that's almost everybody agree so you in the perfect talk with it and yet it has lots and GPG OpenPGP support in your office and this has been kind is sponsored by the German Federal Agency all of our computer security that's the lower bound on the soul leave that out of the way some words what meet my names
for surveillance of either for CIB and in what capacity I I was 1 of those guys who and went with the cold and so do their office back in the day I'm so both with that projects and on on the foundation that's kind of collected some money and holdings trademarks and running some servers and the water and other than that of working with that code since quite a few years but the FIL yet son and then it's user of and also and I'm pretty outspoken in support of full standards and free software on morsel of when working with the were ways a sort of 2 seats since many years of being involved for a few years with the OIC XML from the other side because we were trying to I'm going to hand over there and get them back in the day for Open Office to get stuff done properly documented so we can implement that and
so influence of advertising here but this is my company or our company CAB on so medium size of the company based in Munich some offices all across Europe and the 2 kinds of things wonderful universe we're office of the and this is a bit
more about the more specifically what would you do in arms the same and works as 1 of the just 1 of the the products or services that they're providing them to a large extent the consultancy business so we can to come to us and we implement stuff for you or reflexive article about a product and will also have some products like support liberal was that of the self and what the cation and PDF quotes and document processing quotes of number of banks that we provide preferred what mask production systems for documents so that they don't get your and account statements all foreign truancy Ange agencies and those those annual of those and invoices raccoon and the liberal first 1 as a set we are doing inference conceived so this is 1 of the projects this GPG from here this out long-term support if the number of customers there are only and we don't want to
upgrade so on the pace that the the the the the rough substring project is updating just not once a year on the of some supports arms and trainings and uh the hospital 2 macroroles stuff and extended stuff and all of that if you have questions about on that just come to me after the talk and chat I'm not gonna go much
deeper here and 2 steps if you want to do something with their office in a professional capacity but if you have some thousands of states to uh to arms to run their needs and help them and we are 1 of the companies and what kind of people can provide help right so back to the
actual and the topic of the talk exist could usefully run on that sperm to sort name for it in the longer names on the talk have 1st we will look a little bit interests 9 which bears firm part of so they're 2 parts signing and encryption signing is the part is actually available as we speak in their office 5 4 so you can get that production ready um
version antigen to her right or composing leading to put on so why why in the 1st place and that we do that or y you still have to be assigned as the Federal an agency or computers it really well why why why other funding that so 1st of all and in the current being of crypto these days and slide so the more crypto we do and the more products and there are Amish building crypto the harder life is for the bad guys the the state level actors or just plain from nodes so so the more tiny little pieces of crypto or that are diving protecting and secure new communication and and your data the better so this is 1 of the many many areas will and many many places where I'm like just adding crypto and improves overall security and and makes all our Digital life a little bit less vulnerable and here officer so it's fairly widespread so that's an estimated 120 million users are not using that so adding that piece of helps perhaps a little bit too from full found another aspect so we're office already or OpenOffice but in a day and and the world is inherited the code and is a sense In 2005 was something that respond support for S MIME or X 5 1 9 certificates in we gets called band but it's something that's perhaps not the easiest thing to have to do if you want everybody to use cryptographers it's kind of involved it's not so easy to get those keys not so easy to get other people to trust those please it's not so easy especially under Linux and to actually make your office or OpenOffice find your key and that's that's that's not so nice it's also very usable and so and and 1 of them 1 of the gold tree was to get something that is in most natural like discussed at the tip of the fingers like you just click here and it's all bonds of still need to set up a facility to run shall strips all to system level uh what system administrative level stuff beauty so that was 1 of the tools it has to be very easy and so that the true stuff like signing on trips as is very easy if you do you model of things that you know your new goods were refined but on the initial experience with which we're very easy and so on now what should the option should be something chick he we just like should be and up out of the peer-to-peer so that shouldn't be any central 40 lack of X Y remind that needs to be given it to have a certificate authority the need to have this on it isn't necessarily is chain of trust I'm now and then for their office it also will be leading isophotes cross-platform because the rules for cross-platform so thing is just windows or just makin something that's that's kind of not so great some no so what light wanted feet wide view angle for and you could do your OpenPGP what has almost all of those features and class number of of of of extra ones like for example the nice and thing is that it's very very well established its wholly reasonably secure its been out there for a long long time so I suspect most of the books most of the problems have been discovered already but has noise things like on smart card claudins like this you the key stuff so you you want to have kind of extra time and extra layers of security that you can add to that or two-factor authentication that sort of thing 1 year and electrician courses beyond this old and this is what nice fuzzy feeling models trip makes a small secure and there are those those aspects especially for for signing the come that's like what so why would somebody want to sign a document that's imminently editable so why why would that help me for Pete efforts kind of signing a paper it's sets of documents that this kind of it's like print out it's fixed but why would it help for something I'd like a text document and that you can still edit or or presentation or a spreadsheet on well actually 1 so that's multiple layers that 1st of all it's it's helpful to know that someone who has value to document and centered along can be sure that it's like on the way it can't be tampered with so the other side can be sure the strong assignment and it arrives at the state that just this person the internet so tight the 2nd thing is that that it was authenticates the oversight so I can be sure that it's this not the middleman assigned and change something at it's also integrity so I can be sure that normal mankind and insert some some evil natural virus or something was some funny PNG refer that's kind of triggering a buffer overflow the and as this this nice little thing called 1 uh we compute diation which means the oversight also cannot claim no no I didn't send you that yes did here's here's a signature of these it proves that somebody with possession of that person's key and that that produce that which is not coming from of Guatemala be exactly the same mistake of the Ottoman on that let's assume it's it's the same the yeah and so for them and for the encryption and it's of course this 1 the graph with class I mean you can cite what would point is that 2 and 4 but I mean it's it's on my desk but well and reduces the encryptor or maybe you have some some clout stored specimens on something that sinking that through a cloud at all it's some some 5 showers always on it gets back up to new companies so it's kind of hopeful on a case if there's no extra prize or not much of an extra price of pain out also secure so-called data address so data that's not linked data and transient that's kind of all fears that should be and it's in the states it's tree much 100 % so and what is using HTTP are so the data that's in transit is usually secure but data not addressed which is on your desk or networks show on the cloud sometimes they so mn and it also helps spoon and to be able at least to offer that option to make that unreadable onto the occasional bomb attack on on yeah
so good to excellent get into their Comenius raise what's this all about or how do we do that and what goes into the 1st an attitude to Steve Fijian which assumes but what is the abstraction by PC extraction rounds our current GPG and some other tools and and so we we fundamentally 1st and because of functions down and outcomes the signs of war and or encrypted we and on the other side of the of of the fan status IPC layer or just plain and calling just plain program exit the Justice spawning a process and some of the things that and so on and GPD that's called well I can see so we we hand over all the heart crypto and and and so on entering the pain on and an inch and perhaps storing that pin for was seated on have to enter it again and again belief that to something that it's truly or at least pretty likely more more secure and and better order sits and their office liberal system can million lines of code on it's entirely possible that's 1 not every line there so was completely fine so and just that that the 1 and the surface that tax service this is much smaller and and the cost much better red beautiful for GPG so that gets kind of extra extra layer of security so just handed over to the
GPG I'm to the the crypto and get the and encrypted documents or the the signs and digest wanted to the signs it's part of a document but we also use and whatever spell the system for 1 gene management so that's a basic level of and handling keys on build into their office but when I waited for example you want to do trust editing or to whatever added some key on e-mail addresses something like that and you're gonna send 1 1 of those guys in so just a list of some executables that tried in order and that's most of them have been so that should be largely I'm 2 after current so as I write this chain and you could use something for KDE that's also supported by 4 works to to add that to the slides Amnon OK
this is that more technical 1 just some of the 1st step in I wonder if there's any questions on so far just to free to ask I'm just shot
at me I mean we don't necessarily have to have them so this is kind of like driving a deeper into how does 1 the and how this the with with
multiple processes that works the sentiment analysis nice mobile of and a potential well and could some some impressive remote control of single isolated point here I really like it and I mentioned the she spoke students wonderment about its the of so yes so for the certificate manager this just gets handed over here and it's kind of doing this editing of the case and it's and also interact in here with the GPG and and so essentially what the best to mean the also songs and key-management using onto the requirement essentially we're just calling to the functions of CpG amoenus sign and encrypt and just passing data buffer there are men get a data buffer back and everything else happens in the selectivity due process of writing and was a done and this is interacting with the with the age and so on but many of an agent running didn't whatever some 10 minutes or half an hour time answer need to be taught the pass-phrase over and over again this is all kind of nicely encapsulated on the outcomes of assigned work reported on what you have here and so I guess that's the monophyly announced that probably will work reasonably wonderfully on that but it doesn't are fall and on Windows at and they I still wasn't surprised that you might have a surprise allows price because our for the problem is that early process in open source projects so we really want to build whatever run from source so we we built from source and answer but from songs on match and it's a problem of 4 Jenni and but we want to do inference also of on the on the windows and it's a problem with the Fijian the anarchist if you need a certain kind of a hawk or or 2 pools of water Conf project it simply doesn't build like the I tried very hard and and doesn't those on Windows and end so you're asking about what's the what's the story with TPG for went well they crossed bolded the boat on the notes religion the use and W and across told us so they have all the nodes full and and then that but the former is the cont that sounds like what was the problem but the promise we want to build and we have to build on windows and the chance of at least technically from from the upstream project we can't have kind of spin up some Linux the arm and hand over the building to that and and get the binary spike and Flag and that's that involved and and recovery
also can't although there has been intense you can't build up in your office with high profits because we need for binary compatibility so we need to much of compiler and this is very unfortunate sustainable some attempts to do cross building but it turns out that all users don't really care the bill those freedom lovers and would like to put on the notes that village had a extensions that they paid money for a potentially that they still work and they don't because the DAB satisficing your eyes different if you use GCC on and and the the the 3rd simplest class looks down on the use of the new so that's some unfortunate and so that's the reason why a office 5 4 at best only the look supported although I resent the proud to say that this is really well supported so that works have also brought . 0 version I'm aware of 1 but that's fixed that's gonna fixed and 5 4 1 which is out in a single week or something good and plan to support Windows laughs on some bad as guide sitting on that problem support that over the minute not too sure about 4 6 0 0 just you and the end of January next year and and and it's really just compiling well actually I get it to compile assessment linking the agenda for base of work and so on them in the original so technically have the same support the that meets the same abstraction works on Windows so there's software there are a lot but it's multiplied and abuses that but it's it's using the air and across the boundaries of on good
so what it actually do a kind that was would induce segment can be didn't mention it to the head when what we do we actually did something some some screenshots that I will also show Rick the mortifying make that should work and the so 1st of all the we have this sum UI improvements on what to sit there and there's no this info what the let you know that from the browser probably that's kind of a new we're shrewd selecting years old like concepts of whatever the the the softer to tell you something that is that doesn't require immediate unselect so just popping up a dialog in front of your face is just kind of gently telling you that something is happening it's this infobox and so we have we are we added that the reason why we added that that is the spot on this little thing here the and you see this meeting from we don't see that which is the point entirely uh and so this tiny little item in
the status bar uh that historically was showing their signature status the as you see that the incident I don't see the user so if I it's kind of blown up as thousand per cent here this is this 1 as it is absolutely I pointless and assist this means have grown by a by so what you don't see that so this is like is still there but it's not about so what monkman essentialism valued at that infoboxes very obvious and as the signatures OK like it's technically valid but you don't trust the key get the orange ones and if everything's fine and it's nice a description the slides for and yeah that's a little
we at all so this is the this is actually the old dialog from this saying you have to break the district so the question was if I open a document with a valid section as signature and a good cheat what am I seeing us and just plans for you
but 9 and don't
it's long that that's what a say
and the so what we did discuss that so my my originally the color was green uh that I was picking them but I
was told that means that a good idea uh so you really want us be you'll which just kind of means like the columns all good so wonderful dreams exciting if his life and know so that and so and amplifies safe and then but let's for and we just finished the
sentence and we go in with and careful with the with the future between this so what I wanted to tell you is that this is an integrated list of all valid keys that I have all valid certificates that I have for signing the C 2 x y Vermont minds with the with the the top and good comes a chunk of our own intention key energy so I I happen to have some more in my key chain and and and this the idea behind that was that it shouldn't matter for the user to the who he or she would be the only thing that she should be interested in as this is my selection of keys and I can perhaps choose what ever my might be knowing or whatever is still valid and so I just click on that and there's no no we're too I know no external program of some kind of outside of the villi roughest user experience showing up there the that just that the the so Chris from office thought from very unfortunate so in this 1 a lot the since this is the that of the the and so the question is whether that's the this same uh this x 5 minor that's the same uh CIA that that my browser was using for on for each it appears very yes and no so it's it's technically it comes from and and administer comes from Firefox but it's also the same concept but with a certificate authority but it's a different meaning me at actually in you need to do something like the a sock which happens not to be in any browser so it's kind of involves we need to tell everybody to install that that rules of it that way by variance it's a cross-sectional money that together so some instances of about and so that some 70 but CEOs also also selected from OK so that there's this little about Nestle starts the kinetochore and then you get to see a horse will be clear patrol can do some some kittens got yeah 1 aren't fun at let's let's do that gene and so on so long so this is
the good this is the document and and so what it says not enough if that's visible from the back of the room that the 2nd don't walk so that the document has been modified and now it's yellow so a term to this 1 tells me well before you do anything with signing lawless a flat out because the what what's happening it's signing on the XML level so whatever I'm doing on you need to the next ported XML version of the documents 1 side note
the but and I can just
Lewis sign and I'm using my test here and no most of test and I
and I 0 that's very funny on see that but I'm gonna come so
can't see them and which is such an the it is not considered so that's
the that's the PIN entry uh g produces very smart desolate it has detected that totally connected because the version of the rows and showing you some some of the developer builds on the weights of 5 4 1 that I just downloading and unpacking and started from the tunnels that detects the pseudo connected to the process and it's no 1 giving me that so that wouldn't normally happen to you you only when you install that than the start that fully from known the new manager or from a desktop environment the and that's where we don't from the of Trajan using the 1st
and the 2nd find the PIN entry and
allows 2nd console and that so I'm now you see this again that this is the same small items up here and it's also in the status bars and almost invisible but when I close that door then again destiny Infobot again which is blue dances that's all all foreign and so we can do now there is hidden tamper with that document but it's
1 the so all the again to edit was somehow
and from the donor because it that the but at the top this a string understandable the so that's the spokeman and that's the so this is a little bit of editor Madison visibility that men should little bit bigger the OK land so this is the actual as well and only a document the sister detects you've just been what's here and sperm so that's now to some from here the say Flach namely the load to document that will not so that the signature is invalid so that's what we would expect that and I can now we to user our undo the change and so it again permanent which shared didn't try that before what I would expect a signature to be OK again branches so there's some amount of we need for and this
is not part of the this is not part of the signs content and that's and it's possible that the edits was too in some funny some funny format inference and it's and it's not well so what happened what happens technically is that there's some amount of canonicalization going on so it it shouldn't matter of whether there's large space here or here on the books no so this is OK army so there's something else we can do OK so there's this 15 for 45 minutes or for an hour and like because so in words that have 15 minutes for questions excellent good good good I'm going the so that's not so I'm go down here so much so what's Berman so just just trust me so it's bearing on the on being safe so whatever you do for example if you there's something else to show all of that works on the the and so this is this is the actual and it's pretty print that
which so that somehow at as opposed to
what happens here is that so this is what we offices of archives for the has the number of documents like images on XML files sorts of doing its of our calculating i idate going just for each and every of those from and bandits of the fragments like XML fragments and images and sticks that into the the 6 that into this power documents uses XML and then it calculates a signature over those and all of this XML part here and and
puts that into the signature value here so that's basically what's worked and so when you need to change the the constant XML despite just value here will be different and if the guy just like a little different here than the percentage of for the stock and a synthesis x amount won't match anymore OK
so that the talk on
here so this again what will also that very that's the certificate manager there that comes up that's how the mark blocks
so this is based on this is actually already standards but we have so all those PGP extensions that you find here this PGP dates or as a key idea in key packets on that's already standardized it's already just know what a user gets so just from that that the bright it out and so on not something to be invalid or problematical any word in the standard
the so encryption our hands and so and in contrast to the signature stuff which is all wonderful rock-solid works standardized this ship in the product as this kind of still work in progress but I have something to show you today and it's actually encrypting them and only of documents and but there's some but 1st of all elements my private branch secondly and it's not working on um round tripping doesn't quite work and search the we need to extend all yeah for that so that needs to go to the only have to see for standardization and it's kind of extended ODF than 1 we write it is for a while until this is properly standardized good
so and I think it's probably best to the movement strand
it the
the OK so this so this is this is some
random did has thousands and envelopment version so we gonna and safe that 1 and so this is not ideally um but so that's 1 of the so called liberal office internal dialog so that's not using the system find other but but they're kind of homegrown want 90 dead because only just this extra flat here 1 this is mean in principle this can also be added to the system dialog suspended system but more work and and get to Lancelot from the the know the so what happens now it's loading from thousands to hundreds of Iraqis because that's what happens to be my opinion Peak curing on this is that you have burdened so I have to talk for some minute or 2 to not have a few more water to much but it was eventually pop of this you just dialog does the certificate selection dialog the right and then select and Archie's like for the recipients of the plan is to go on to encrypt to self automatically and that's a little bit of magic involved there and some some heuristics that might not always work so that there will be probably some user our configure configurable setting that we're concept's some like like for you know Slobodan set some preferred on key for that so that you always think instead that 1 good so now we
have the list here and right close
manner the at announced
doing the encryption and signing of and the the signatures has vanished again because I was saving life I could add that again it would just go on top an and now would
Sharkslayer in of it's a
little bit more involved so in
tune the so on this content amount this is now encrypted
so you don't see much mean that's the
entire point what you do see it it's something here so the only
fired this modern cryptids the and the
on unencrypted all you have is that the money festivus need some only need the information like which key and and and where to start from the
but the students loaded here so and the figure so again this is based on on the scene
that so this is based on the existing standards so it's something really inventing the wheel there really take
XML Encryption objects among encryption standard and each cherry pick the parts that we need for that and so the plan is that this that has not yet happened but once this is working reliably and on traditional that there's nothing much left and the right of proposal to you the FTC good and that says Look guys in this section of the encryption standard but and this is the schema and we need that in their office and you can just embedded into the formerly of the has worked in a row in the past and were to see what what what's what's here is lots of Cheney encrypted keen on elements of section that basically says have key here that's the part of the world to transport key because is just a random sequence of 4 from 16 bytes friend the random numbers and that's actually used to encrypt the the the streams and that itself is encryptor with my with that with the key idea here space 64 64 what is just the normal GPG ID and there is also the key itself but the public keys embedded so that's another nice feature of this liberal from work that's a nice way to to distribute case this with every document signed with of document that you are encrypt you will give the other person your key which is very helpful because that's another element mall in different ways there are to get some of the key the harder it is to give give this person that you this that is forged so the more and and and a key managing managers usually tell you all this a key with the same user ID but it's different key should I portal much work do you trust that 1 want and it is also something that it is hard to modify because it's already there Anderson this document so if somebody wants to money or once want to play a man in the middle or growing little and he or she would need to kind of make sure that all those documents are clean storm updated as well so in my that is largely and then that's kind of this is the part about not done yet not completely happy with that so this and per file per stream information on how did the actual files are encrypted and best of variety of algorithms to use and that's kind of what controls process
progress so that's about all
I wanted to tell you some wrote now that I mentioned a few aspects there so what we have as of today if you go to the roughest ought download 5 foot 4 if you run Linux and if you have ever are created a private key you can start signing documents to die on for family 120 18 and that when knows I hope you get this done for always acts well and if it's too much work I what Android technically it should be working there's also key managers for Android it's just well it's almost always so much to do and so little time so that's what is for me for the but again I mean this is a open source so if somebody is interested in helping with old facts always androids on or even with with quantum entation just come to me after the talk of most heavily tell you where to start and yes so and encryption as I said this is not in a released yet this is in a private branch on working on but this will also most definitely be done for several that 0 so that means only if extensions and for ODF next whatever that is 1 that 3 to that 0 that's a bit unclear about new working review the FTC to get the standardized so that and encryption is also standard would you have the that set of right now we're the only on application of what the user or user agent of user-facing application that supports that I did find a little pi to my with those backed and also supports this sort of PGP extensions from from the XML file encryption and explosives was the but a great 1 the interesting but
it should have been more things fall en for staying thanks for your attention I hope you are you had a little interesting stuff here I know open the 4 questions this and thank
them yes can solve this the the and so so OK so is there any as any other office suite of Africa to the correctly that supports that so um and in broadly notes so for x 5 1 9 there's support an all XML it would be possible to acts dots in the same vein there are 4 PGP I just wonder whether there's any point where there's any chance that that Microsoft would support that if it's part of the perhaps there might and over in the next 5 1 minus is really a big corporate on a few of the corporation and you've like this strictly hierarchical and it's all kind of under control and you can be deployed to millions of of computers than x 5 minus sort of OK but for something distributed for something like like even in Germany even in the public sector in Germany is so diverse like so many different entities and everybody has their own might so it's more impossible to assume some federal level all of Germany X 1 1 on the list from what I hear ceramic but it's been is up to all of us but just before if is we're often it's open source so it's easy to take the cold and on top of run effect on it's up to all of us to hold the other projects other implementers to to support but is also not doing any harm and so the worst that happens is that if it's signed rank well the divestment milk signature information shown so that's that's like connected getting a document belong to certain it's true that people have In this work that you have to start with lot of so so the the the common was that from the it's it's good marketing for LibreOffice and that kind of helps perhaps to to get more people to use your office because we're office instances can talk to each other that's true we know that there's always this ring of people from your office beauties form unified force so there will be some time for this to diffuse into the into the German into general use no questions about ways the past I have no idea of blackening which in there if you can have more questions what I'm trying to figure that
out of all of the work
the rest use of of the reaction in the cell so there you the the
the the so any further questions 1 point in the sky so these all you and no 1 so what the what's the roughest so historically Robinson OpenOffice use the the Firefox of keys for fall under Linux optional you from the bottom 1 which is kind of a disaster because there's no there's no no 1 single error keys for and I mean you could use sort of that now women there's also x 5 online support and we could in theory also support that uh the the GP GATE over x 5 online a sets of a dozen of priority all so that's a ball size of the patch and see that Maryland should change to
color and distant visible so
this is not we actually know online that's the encryption part so the for the 1st sentence applied at some remove thousands thousand 500 lines of code perhaps let's change and the back I see is not really that the case a lot about it has also led to the whole site and I grew up so I actually think on so it's not needed so the hard part of their offices always like finding this 1 line sorry I should repeat the question so this is the set to the question was whether that's on adding too much complexity too far to the poles that you get the life of the the of the this is all about here and my so my statement there is that it's usually mean most of what we were doing there's so some 70 % of the functional is that because of x 5 online support just piggybacking on top of that 1 and 1 In the process of implementing that we also remove quite some cold so when we discuss why in working with the code we discovered unused on areas of we're just removing so balance in restored in about 10 million lines of code here on balance it's it's error the there's some I mean there's some added complexity but that's not much to the of course to the files because we always and that number awesome that the the the GPG key but some whatever the bottom to that gets added to to the 1st but only if you use the feature the Simon the paper promised we thank you