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Relax-and-Recover Automated Testing
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Relax-and-Recover Automated Testing is a sub-project of Relax-and-Recover to perform fully automated recovery tests without human intervention. This way we can quickly verify every unstable release and test each commit as soon as it fits us.

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good of the known everybody and welcome to this talk relax undercover automated testing 1st of all on the relax recover users over here some of them so here notice the talk of milk and this you have to the stock so it's always going to the the this is yet another level I go over to their will introduce myself I will give a short introduction into a lot of what is relaxing cover and so
forth the main topic in the video Make investing followed by a demonstration so it's always nice to see the ancestor of the last slides slides and how will be available on the school side and will contain also be more or less the automated testing step by step so that at least you have some feeling of what the ultimate test kits and of course you can do it yourself because it's resource but I come back to that later but 1st of all
when I IMO already an old guy was a very long time in the units and and also in Linux from the nineties I think it was 1 of the 1st and those in
the post using Linux along and I've been in 3 years from 2006 but before we had also makes it on recovery and some people have heard of that that's was the previous project that came before the lexical of also and Unix disaster-recovery present and some other projects of course but you can find in the minds of states and my at 1st sight K. disaster-recovery so there's some basic knowledge of the short basic introduction and it is about to you you you lost your heart by fire crashed whatever it can be also a virus attack for example of the kinds of anything that disturbs your business is so I can be in categorized of disaster the furthermore you also have business consumer to that's going but far it's much grow older it's about your business itself opens way of speaking and then you have to build up your data center your telecommunications and you have big plans around the and ossicle result is more than a part of but with 2 different state what is this also covered for taking psychosis more like are computed on data center are key components like a database server server restored as soon as possible but the distance computed is about the business and businesses all essential because that's the bond basis check at the end of the month so that is lost the a picture about business
community and that this so you can see very clearly that relaxes recovery really fits that's in the recovery part but you have a whole lot of steps in business community sometimes a given that talk about reasons don't unity itself this is also very interesting topic you will have to talk about and it is something that is never stops that's your business is changing always area introduce new tools new business plans integration of new violations by the outside of the so it always changes so you always have to years rethink and free exercise also to for disaster property you have to make exercise don't blindly stressed that you might have extended cover will work out of the box without this the the important to remember OK that is something I probably
don't have to explain to you what this disaster recovery of this so it's not a question can it happen sister Christians many we'll a chat and it does happen to everybody knows this happened to me even I am an expert so we always have backups glance ready you can make your life easier by having a gold inventory of your heart for example of software the central database whatever but categorized everything and make plans of but what is there because when you lose it and you have no clue what this in your business because of business can be worldwide can be hundreds of different smaller sites if you lose 1 of those sites and if you grew what's in yeah that's a very difficult to rebuild so we have to make plans of that that's really set cover can help you and tiny part of computer parts of and in this case Linux only uh but it does cover different oxidation discoverer our proceed until even Itanium successful right let's continue
Hoste is still frequently people don't to me at the very good backup solutions and that's enough for me it's only good for your data is not good for your overall um this is due to to be online again so it had to be small or very quickly and this is maybe the best light throughout to explain to you management why backups and not enough backups are good for your data but to do data recovery from scratch and you have some good all the tools needed for doing that and relaxing to cover is really fitting and that piece it can shrink your a recovered time of very just as you can see if you do it from the 1st line you have the was that you have to reinstall that takes time I did that you can tell me where you are using the clout that even in the cloud you can lose your your conference meant management tool because conference mountain does not cover everything goes on and on using it so it still gaps in it that you don't cover countries meant that you forget about that that's not ready yet so therefore production recover and help you travel your arrest and everything that's in its local Fraser operates system can recover from that and to restore that this much much easier and it's faster at even if confidence that and we do practices and companies that 4
so hope that there are and make myself clear that 3 lexical reason about disaster recovery of your initial brake system and basically uh the tool itself is completely written in the best language uh why we did we chose best goes every Linux system administrators is supposed to understand and use best and that in practice that is true so we therefore we chose us it's a very modular system that means that you can write very tiny scripts and put that somewhere in the tree will picked up automatically so it's nothing that you have to do especially you don't have to dig very deep in all the sources if you know that the concept of reflection recover it can be used for to get something yourself by Dreyer several other open-source projects which are based on the framework and framework their use was was was initially created by Schumer Shapiro Mrs. my critique in from and and that is still used in Riyadh and all of us well so as not only a dedicated for here but it is so easy to to bring something in there and various meant that you configure it on your system or your systems are similar and you installed configured tested and forget about the and weekly basis you can have a notion of sort of your system this and you're good to go furthermore it integrates with many many different backup solutions so it the the basic care really hasn't was created in the beginning it was effect using bar and make the star of your operating system and put it somewhere on the manifest file system and when you need it you can boot from the eyes zone and you could restore it from from from that point of time but furthermore in time the cost of that integrates as in many the open Source Backup solutions but also commercial solutions like degree from IBM EMC networker data protect their own and and viruses in their backlist there and many published that forget about but again now that makes it easy so that the the main point of electrical ways to make your task for disaster recovery as easy as possible and design it in that way that it can be configured in a flexible rate that fits your needs or maybe not sounds very simple case how
does it work and of course you're your operates system consists of 2 of disks so the basic thing is that it has to make and that out save the layout of your disk environment your most women's your mirror disk operates ourself erase whatever and your all the 5 systems how with this label is all written into a confirmation 5 and that this gap on your life system but also on your recovery systems and also the Boudreaux there's that using the in the major glucose trying use uh furthermore it stores the files if you requested for it if diffuser and say by an external commercial backup solution and it always tossed your the basic system it out and and you restore it recreates a disk and then restored from the backup and that's part of the integration and also a very important Grady Booch the boat system that you used to recover from and all that can be done and is the online so there's no all flying uh things needed it's only consistent so no predictions this configured and it'll work never use production system adopted prior to testing in development environment of course similar to approach never trusted to assess United States Ecuador another person always best the recovery
um basically it can the the recovery system can be made 1 license environment it can be all the network quietly the supporting or it can be on the news be this not of the 3 main recovery possibilities Dr. are and practice today besides the recovery operates system which is effect from your life operators this is the same kernel that using so that's always nice and the because we a lot of all the tools that you may require to do some rescue you can you can use the the rest commits to do 5 systems integrators for example not only to recreate everything from scratch that's not always the needed but to get the different copy a lot of tools and everything you complete operates systems were risky in a grid system is in RAM so never got your like this unless you decide to to do with to do recover of course your wife disks will be overwritten
so this is a graphical overview of the backup flow and output flow and if if you look in the conference files over lexical where you will see and backup definition and alkyl difference in the output definition is 40 rescue image where you want your rescue units to be do you want to be an ISO and the location of the story and a backup is a fact about Europe operates system and if you do a backup and that the process of forming the men in main default well that's what authority or sink in Germany it but if you want to for example using not Hebrew backup then use defined by 2 decrees stand for example or did before this effect then you're saying to create a cake Guinea your data over your operates system is in of all the backup solution so we don't use internal an internal this effect or so that is the main differences and embed see internal stop passing on the external walls can be any kind of open source or commercial packages that it also indicates for example duplicity this is also a nice cloud backup solutions it uses all 3 of our
new have effect to the 3 main parts you have to make rescue this to make your own rescue in its own look back on the estimates this is effect if you're using an integrated with a commercial on corpuscles backup solution in requires a make rescue because you don't need to make backup because the is meaningless that point it up is meaningful if using an internal backup solutions my are sink the you can also run but that only there are many others but I would say Make pack up and and the recovery of the 2 main options live in the years to to while and make backup is to make an arrest you amidst including the backup and the recovery effect if you have a crass and you want to recover from the back of that was made broader and as already set before you can easily integrated refer for example corporate which GML defined quite handy had to have a conference management overview in text or hits DML that included only I still use p or on the network and fire so you can always look at what was the phrase of my system before you need to restore also very handy if you want to do cloning for example because you can use for cloning systems and is used for chronic systems but a lot of corporations so we want to get
started so these are the main uh pointers to the websites and also to the park and stats option because we haven't daily built on all real real and open source built services this is very helpful to me that the open Susan Susan provides to the developers so
anything that we was it to inject into hit repository then know who might serveral detected all unlikely basis and will automatically rebuild and goes throughout the open Susan built service so and the next day you have it available for a few minutes later all the different architectures for deviance you belong to fit or also lists of some role samples it's iterative furthermore the official source is only just like I mentioned already also the issues or there is an issue it you can report it over there and it's maybe you know what you don't know what so reader has been added to the base operating system of rupture so you will find India 7 2 3 7 4 still the reverse of 170 do this I think it's in line that's a person that they created through the creatures that were in or issues but in the last 7 look for that has been released in the beginning of the sperm and this rebased to the real person to adults 0 and that is a major step from the rear 1 versus 2 to because we had it and we number and also a lot of new features and stability include the here so if you still using real 1 it's better to go to to because it's more stable more it's much more tested also guilt make testing for example and in the case just want to say it's individual repositories of reference and also less has the and more less of official repositories in the thing 1 hour Over mainly focuses also working stressed by which users that helps of course right now I coming to
the topic of today in fact this testing and because we units already more than 10 years old than in the beginning we were using physical Harker a of Furcal machines to test the this for a cumbersome because you made some modifications to be we kept the new features from from users who want to integrate their backup solutions for example to give an example and we have to blindly trust that that works and of course we all developers and nobody is perfect and also look perfect of course we make mistakes and sometimes mistakes are integrate or checked and automatically without being this property and its effect almost impossible to test everything because make a said in beginning readers working mainly built for an adult but now uh the IBM is pushing on 1 of the developers Cisco is also love from IBM for the BBC and the yearly 46 6 environment so it's going growing fast in that community of course I don't have a lot of of don't have any system utterance so it's for me difficult to test in that kind of hot so therefore this environment was also built an item is also trying to integrate readmitted destined to test new features so it's just to grown to test everything and we do our best to test the basic stuff the enduring backup solution is tested to be I can test the eyes are contested the computing so that's convenient and also for example for bottles of the body used in here that's the open-source package solution that's the integration of me to us to help them to do the integration testing for the virus and this also don't have the automated testing
tools like I said it'll be extensions to test everything but we try to do our best
readmitted testing effect is an open source project make it very clear that it was initially written for Christopher patron because and recall and do more for more than 20 years of source present for free and I still have to live as independent counsels so it's nice to have things so doing the augmented testing this kind of finding a balance between continues integration and automated testing is not easy if people here are in DevOps environment that they're probably know it's always about that and even here it's about but like our already mentioned the open-source build service is a very good 1st step because that provides me with an not make is automated way of building the API ants and they are available it's is nice so I don't have to do with myself every day for different platforms is is good that helps for developers and I do we do get feedback from what developers it's on a grid system which I do not have and do not use the compact the feature enhancement with the fix this kind of also those from and we do have divorced which are helping us unless I mean it's only have a few developers who were staying already on board for several several years is is nice we have now 5 key developers being this is would like a set from SUSY reaffirmed very good what uh from IBM we have some shop you myself and what we have also on guy from each the from Slovenia was also very uh uh extent person with him helping us this on tree was very good ones this or not left the team but still in the Council times with that's open source this coming and going and we always looking to have some good people important they lose their focus and do something else that's why your feelings the very classical help we can get the I'm support is fire are the main channel this is due to the issues there's a lot of free support as a set but you cannot accept commercial support find my company right the automated testing and they're coming closer to the demonstration at school so it was initially written for the Christmas well support contract or a subscription contract and currently on the 1st time that I talked about the with the single-celled falls the beginning this year and then uh only yeah that's for simple 7 and on the left for given demonstrates the windings laptop with liver gave before but now we have a problem to an to have a more convenient but also integrated into the Oracle was firstly box and I will give an demonstrates the time just to prove that the turks all non non native Linux system as well so I will different different operate systems at 12 have using them only needs so gave him names with work virtual box but here using my next system just to to prove it the next cycle will so you do overview of the set of that that the 1st machines that I use our provision automatically if possible in February this year that was was still using a script and and also gave a talk at the receiver and and some of the of the of this book talk to me and said why don't you do it with a small something and that's a very good idea because I'm now also on the book and WilTel's a good exercise for myself to to take into possible and to be complete provisions of the first machines that means what do I do the grid system is a box OK so if you updating it uh installing rear of course all the premises of free will be installed at much but for example if I'm using barriers as an integration test I have to install barriers on the server side have to configure it can become a barrier server and a client has to be configured so so these things are all ultimately on and it's on for a problem to solve there always between the different versions different the dependencies it's MIT upward work that's that's life course so that's all covered by sensible and this is the most basic level not to the provision from scratch because that will take 10 minutes I will just demonstrate the market with the testing itself but if there's time another later on I can all this shows that the reason is working reference it so in this set up well it will do is automatically it will also and client and server approach machine it will automatically create the disaster-recovery images from the client make a backup to the server uh if I'm using Oracle virtual machines are a person walks in this case that means thing needs to be done from the whole system them using for example gave him the 1st become from my server via this is not possible for virtual but that's the limit suffer from books of the new system differently of starting up your error covariance but that means that the client will in this case and this the most visible using the internal network that best solution and amusing part to make compatible through my client system to serve him but the same can be done with bottles if if by needs processor can always demonstrated how in this case a bill would be opportune but come also boot fine I while the backup solution uh backup laser completely made I will stop the client him and automatically start to recover the recovery angle automatically to restore from scratch that will be created here your disk layout restore everything from scratch and that this knowledge will rebuild a your life you will be online again so that's the basically of automated testing this this is the graphical
overview all on the top side you will see the whole system and I call it the vacant holes because they couldn't this used to 2 to 5 everything and on the left side you see declines in the middle the server and the the recovery and so that we integrated arm the client and server already provision and digital front so they're containing everything but good at every time that started at MIT testing system I do not agree provisioning everything for the single greatest involved use of symbols and its provision and wanted to test the new version of my grammatical version I do not to reinstall the corporate system from scratch not needed just have to update the relaxed recover and on person effect and we started at the back of and so the re provision is not required every time is only required to and I want to switch from centers to look to because that's kind of what you can destroy your box and he created automatically that some of massacres of the different ways so you have an internal network it's a the auditory network which I am using due to the backup donut between the fee and you also have an external network the dates of the network returned to hop to them through the internet people to download the latest the electrical version from from Opus usable services it's going to the Internet to download it and you will see the demonstration and the bolts recover this see it was from the hypervisor if found using the efforts it's going that way but that's a different between the gave him the 1st and the 1st soapbox situation this makes system is using the virtual box or a from the i quite at OK if you don't see the difference and that's
all covered by the description of the old with the test it's also scripts but capacities invest written best it's open source arm you can find other so the point later but that that's the environment using vacant that's the main feature the inter and personal voxel gave him a few using gave you and then you also need to the defer uh good and it is also required to download the latest version of the ultimate testing software and to cultivate fights cultivated files are included in the process I can show you learn from wilderness with so so at
confluence the idea before a dick including demonstrations so it's open source of everybody can use of does that out and give the feedback to me what do the project uh somewhat is missing maybe prefixes whatever Solis welcome the new goal this written only for customers effect was no what to and for free unless it's in the cities but of course you can go on and this this is the address I just have to go into the directory and the type landscapes would help of rear automated tests is the main script was only once the effect and the rest is sensible 1 the books and by default you can use the vacant users to look and you can also use the root user broken and the possible it's also had a provision by the as scripts greater recites whatever a set the different plays
the organ you can use the vacant uh subsystem throw in Europeans or you can use uh Secure Shell or even you can use
PNC for its server supported can you use the the consul diverted box cost by default there are also 3 ports generated that's for concede that you can connect to the client server or difficult for 1st machine right you want to try it yourself that's effect minus B is the provision if using KVM literate enough to give the 1st if you using the armed forces box the default is fertile blocks and you don't have to give any option at all times um
but is also a testing part but that doesn't Bartlett's this existing today is so effective and donations from red cat using beaker lip and the scripts are written in the curricula language effects they're using that tool affect the rate kept the testing system most of system because it to Best internally the stability of relax cough and that is still use that direction but as we are using more and more D. automated testing system for all the operating systems vendors like there being boon to our stress so I'm thinking very hot to replace the service scripts by another system like a bus admitted testing system but but that's what it i can they mostly that that it's it's working at this
historic at this using and its integrated in this to remind the option well it proves affect the stability of the of the quest whatever you want to test
and now the most important stuff the given station than is it's visible have to go up and that many
right you can see the main steps there's so here the minus states is the help effects the that's always you different options like the minus D this is the distribution the default center 7 and that was the 1st response was for but now there are 2 of other slide you boom to 14 and 16 uh you just have to mention it uh if you want to know OK but how do I know just when analysis and you will see here due to these effect the operating systems is the simplest and on peace order test scripts disruptive internally escapes these out this stuff and that templates this effect he is always interesting to look at it and is article a surprise missile used internally for reinvesting here you can see this is the i supporting this not the 1st offense this is it's a good thing with the world type this is default and that is for bottles are vital binds definitions for you to and this is where 1st time so the force impulse that'll chains in 1 of the upcoming 3 versions of real we'll do auto detection of bias even thought that things the but OK going to the maybe uh that so if if you're using a sub for a this kind of Parker than most of the time using definition it's not even it's you know that as the real physical Harken names that you will see and in this case the Buddha was using the physical aka and and recover it was in the eighties and so on but also that the offers and that in different countries far but as well right for this this we will be using systolic time yes we will be using simple 7 so that's the default using speech is also the default person boxes in the form of the don't have to give any PetaMedia consist of that sort of tells me 7 those sort of and of the providers and then a 2nd the client tells me there's already in a big push for the box itself OK that's how I have to do box and look for that so that's also useful to replace the box if you have and what to do with the provision of course uh but anyhow this medical among it'll start up declined it will stop at the server very soon and you will see this over the coming up if there is a server again the same kind of text will appear in so this is proved fatal figure and is driving at the start of a few boxes and it's using internally and back and the personal box can always find nicer to to demonstrate something no speed to to understand the complete picture so now yeah the client and server aligned just over 5 seconds the latest all to was mistaking and Contel see if you do it now that would destroy the boxes and boxes are distorted and you have to do with the provision that it takes more than 10 minutes so so hands off taking the networks are aligned I think that's that's OK that means that the guidance and so can talk to each other of course if you want to backup the ISI's yet has already in your ear the blow that goes very fast so e for that is the configuration file that is being used that is coming from the templates automatically every every time the start is ultimately recovered to the client and it's already making a back-up and can see here the 1st from the set of obvious that is being used to create the common it making a snapshot of your hand file systems and now this already making a backup it the client environment it's indicate this case automatically because it's designed sets that the backup is going to be that give to the area of 1st hypervisor you have to do not imprint that is built into the tool that it knows which kind of her hypervisor is used that takes only a few minutes and there's something more interesting to know maybe here automatically add the kernel options how the adult if if names equals 0 that is for a using the alias names so to disable the bias that names the this is convenient because last year a given a result of the open source backup conference and we have issues with that and that issues with Clifford but most of the students were using personal boxes have to that the problems with the the alias names fewer interfaces but if you add this to the kernel options and it goes away so you see Backup Backup URL updates on Michael was successful at the backup client area will on the exceed the theory are will be made readable I'm holding client 1st machine now and starting to recover machine I'm using another box is an empty box again it's the same vacant is driven by driving the complete
stuff now this is fertile box taking over will see it's a big singleton so it's really light no cheating it's real because it's purple box the into the 1st network most rapid this 1 the 2nd 1 will respond and then it will load automatically kernel and your initial run this risk rescue image from the lecturer CoP it'll blow that up you can see it will recall and configure the network and it's already starting with reformatting your internal disk so you display out and automatically the restored of who they are operating system will be stored automatically because quite quickly again offers you will also see that it will rebuild the grounds the phone on the golf course but years in this around this because is enormous size of this so it's just to see um that's another box that means internally it's another system so it's what I'm doing here is effective kind of cloning and mourning the client from another press heart and you can see it here for every 1st person off your parents it will rebuild your in this around this all that operates at the client in this case it's it's build on another system use utilities twice undertakes longer fact almost and the store of your best was that as long as you will notice that the system will rebuild an well then we hope of course if you listen to cover this not contain any blocks that that will come up at the of history putting . 2 seconds there's also something gone by copper so that's a dining that I can I make shorter or longer even 0 but so was nice if you see an ad that you can interrupt and take your uh restored environment k . 2nd bake sometimes so and kid stopping automatically the system and it will
restart you will see automatically but
again it will be to build the pitch countries was automatically change that it will from the 1st term does not from the i zone or network and more so that's all dolled up medically in the background and here this up your clients system takes a few seconds and groups there is the brunt in Kansas in the this vagrant sparse were 10 but declined is there and recover at the client the m on the recovery of that do not accepts credit descriptive and I can do that every day I can do it for different armed backup solutions for part of backup for moment assume barriers what it could to come to the same thing but it's own simple 7 would you for the good to 60 and whatever is missing can be edits of course but preferrably my that was my main talk can on the slides at will be provided to contain effect and summary of the complete uh because this that's made by the scripts are and also the point as
to how to go from inside its effect so order any questions so far
because this is what my talk thank few questions yes and the and the over all the years in her view of the of the of the of the of the of the of the of of the of the lot of that uh you can see here is the issues
the in central around 60 80
issues open all the time and that we are working refer let's say 3 people or not all true time that in Austria times and and also like the verse from last Susy is almost work 80 per cent of the time and the guy from IBM is working let's say 40 sometimes 50 % of his day time on cases because I a set in my talk idea is hot these days 4 days there's this up on a hot upon environment on the PC environments that Christmas are requesting at that that is indecent to lecturer copper solution for a solid also cooperatives and therefore that with a lot of effort to test it on their platform of course on the base on the other hand and all the way how do you have this kind of occupational health and safety of the world to that's how case so and the person also how do we keep up with the growing new features that are coming from operating systems from new versus that separated indeed that's a very intensive labor that's amusing to do that for 10 years and every new done so for example ruble to and from going 14 to 16 major version there were split up for my eyes alliance into its aligned exam uh of positive use line exist of think that all the expected events is a different meanings so you have to foresee that and that's is on well normally in most cases when there's an inverse and ask the community and going users like yourself are testing it and a lot of feedback are coming from guys like you that make each user said OK we got that this doesn't meant something and it fails for that and that reason and we ask so we did the log files because as an excellent basis and you can find a common solution that takes time you don't need to have workers those who are at the support content was much foster course because not paid to do that and working for customers who are directing me for maintaining their RelEx recovery the bases for 10 thousand systems and making engineering that goes better but OK if it's going so fast it's not easy to it and everything and sometimes it takes months to us because something fixed but the main basis let's say for the main versions of the Linux being seen as a predicate that come do that in this working fine of the of and over new and that and I have found that once you have got your back in you really of what you have this in the form of
a word and not all is the real thing of all the people in the nation the aim and me and there is a novel that in the in the is there a chance the the also there and the of the question is can the rhetoric of backup of system had the Christmas yes oracle that that that contain the new system that ac it's called backup equals what will it's written by 1 of our police developed from my is p of from Slovenia he wrote and it's working fine yeah but again it's it's not we will never natively all look I think have it's it's a Linux software and it's running number roles of ourself Linux a different kind of OSS different kind of water that we love to see the arts 64 hotter to being incorporate because we've got already Chris from ready at the lost and they can have sponsored from and goes quiet so it's always a struggle between doing for free and doing because the referee it cannot be paid for all the projects but a lot of work for you yes no questions it all the this is the 1 that has a I kind it all the all the all the yeah but the question is really is written in white is uh the different seasons in the different hardware require that the grass is very easy different hardware is using different good technology and BBC environment this using at least 2 different go technologies Elidel have then deed until you have dt and the old legacy bias way of putting that can be used where good to and while and repeat this these days or you a 5 this using a different kind of good group to most of the times but even written unified different both technologies so the way a good image in that area is different so all these things are already inside 3 and that this of a moving back effect of new technologies that we always coming off that affects well so most of times but so again it's it's it's only a matter of time but it's getting into grade and that's why there are different in real you will see different tracks for different topic technologies such that there are no more questions I thank you time and for your interesting question that and I think few