Create WebMapping Applications with the Geoportal Framework Mapbender

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Create WebMapping Applications with the Geoportal Framework Mapbender

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Create WebMapping Applications with the Geoportal Framework Mapbender
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Mapbender is a client framework for spatial data infrastructures. It provides web based interfaces for displaying, navigating and interacting with OGC compliant services.
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so long like America to our talks a 2nd talk about uh and uh if you want to prevent of of the and the use of your portal framework and hello yeah Etruscan
2nd day Etruscan I would like to talk to to you about then are and how you can create web mapping applications and you portal applications was the framework map my name is such that in the and
from the map and a team am working here and born at the whacked will work will press developed Ping that Panama and the most of the court comes from where group here is my cliques I am active in the 1st years local chapter of that was due at the German language the chapter and I'm always your charter member since 2 sides 10 and involved in those you project I am already also involved in which life project and time always to stop and put the actual that and the version on all wish to life to provide that for every new options so
when 2 slides about where group and
what we do we build up a tube portal application was open source software so we use a lot of the
software of some published you stack and 3 provides map and the application that Venice project of always due to its incubated that into cells and 6 as the 1st always to you project and here you can see different map and and solutions where communities or towns and cities provide that doctors who would
due portal framework we have on
the project which is called minimax where you come in and at ideas or problems to a map and the information that go to the community they can react on it we have a mobile and maps offline client solution which on a little that introduced later and we have a metered or project them which isn't meter that Eddie 12 for and meet after which are an important for instance for setting up inspire services and regional and consulting training we are providing solutions was OpenStreetMap and more we are company was somewhat
and 30 people in the bond but in and sidewalk the
but let's start with a map and the project as we had before we had this famous the least you could spent in 2016 and here um on this slide you can see and GOP funds if you set eyes detect the main develop are off the map and a pro attacked and so on we are involved in that we you community we
involved in Foskett's conference as well so which 1 to meet us at a conference come to the next fosters conference in
Bonn next year and as you can visit workshops about math and our presentation and you can be done at
the 1st year has and taking the events in the UK's hotel and meet map and a developer
there we also have presentations from map and the team and at the T B F Output tower so if you want to see that
you saw introductions apartment and you
can have a look back but knowledge have a look
at that and that and what that and tasks and finally it may be interesting for you
let them as the web casts clients free it with an at ministration web interface and some
of the nice thing is that you can create your portal applications without writing a single line of code the so if you are not a programmer or it may be interesting for you to use map and not because you can do everything was administration interface which you can use in the palace you can
create and maintain an O W has repository it's a repository for your services we handle WMS services and you
can distribute and configure services the more applications so you can create 1 on many applications and in many every application you can decide which service you want to publish the you can create a user 1st and groups and give the users and groups X to your applications and services so we have
3 components we have applications services and goals so let's see how much and looks
like this is that the more application should installed then we have already provides the more applications that are ready to use this is a desktop application that you and I did not not a desktop application but it's an application that you can use on the desktop with a mobile application as well as you can use and and you can copy it and and that change it a bit and then they take it for you and if you want to get to know more about the
then as the easiest way is to have a
look at our galleries on the website of the penn now we have a gallery where out and some or many and solutions are provided
here and you can see how different than I can become the 1
application that is referred in the gallery is have you walked it's called home Information System from what highest which is close to 1 in the use Ben last long time already and they have different applications for different needs as you can see here for a and clue to onto the smallest support for exam tied social so with status and figure so for health or for child and family have different applications with different information this is how the application
looks from Web action highest the so you
see they have a very nice design they have an overview maps and they have navigation them scale box that the layout of the ways you can choose different information and you have to
buy the top and fought at the bottom where you can place and elements and the nice thing is that every application that you set up you can configure it individually it's like a toolbox at the gift to you and you can drag and drop the elements to the region that you want to have that you have a scale so that relative see here you can change the project term if you want to provide many projections in your application the and you can provide
so many services in new application the services they bring along elections and so you can show the legend of the services and their at the services you also have a context menus so you put them chains of opacity of the service market information about the service or track and drop it in the trees so you can and put it to a different position the then you have a
reclining functionality where you can and drawn lines or polygons texts which you can see here in red rat and this information you could print or make an image export and give it to 2 may be interested and to your colleagues so so this is only a temporary and drawing that you can do and if you want permanent information wanted and provide permanent information you could type take the digitizer element which I will show you later 2 and generate time time you can go to
WMS services and the WMS services so does this reflect by an address which is kept capabilities and interests and if you have a service which is not included in the portal already you can load it after that's and just use it in this fashion come here you can see in
that and you have a layered feed them and and you have different patterns where you could switch to a
different functionalities and the and site pain we call it and
so on he can see that we have a
distance measurement and twill that you can element that you can use or you could use area measure 2 we have a print
functionality that you can use you can create your own printer templates for different sizes that you want to print and you can't you can't quite figure out the form that you want to display the tool the you can configure performing you really and defines a scale that you want to provide are defined whether you want a title a column or not or maybe a complement field or whether the print can be potato at and
then come to get a PDF that it's a printed put look like this with the lecture and in this case and with and permanent information but also with dynamic information access kaopectate and latent you could provide a
print it can be rotated
and he you see you would take it results
and this is how a template could look like it's an OpenOffice Draw templated and a pdf but you have to provide and you can yeah configure them S 1 2 and then use some and map so let's have a look how an
application can be set up not
everyone can set up an application 1st you have to look in to map that have this lock-in area and after
looking and you have more functionality that you can use and you can see that at the bottom of that application you have more buttons that you can use you could copy an application or edit the application onto to the tune application and 1st thing
is that we want to make a new applications so in the tree you here you can come to this new application and create a new application which is empty at the beginning
after you created the application
you want to get functionalities whose application so you can at elements to this application the 1st element that you may want to add
this the map elements to provide a map where you can see you at the top so you could at the map element
and you see every element is in new with individual so it has some select boxes some input fields they have to provide information for the meta element you have to define the projector and you have to define the extent you have to define and this is that you want to provide it and so on after
to save the map element it is part of your content region piece on the
applications that we have different regions we have that tool bars society pain society the content with the matters and the full tap into all these regions you quit at elements as you see it is a bit of the a long process if you would at every element on your own so this is why we provide the demo more application where everything is already included and maybe you
can continue some of the functionality that you don't want the but
if you start from scratch you have only the map element and if you have a look at your application it will be empty because the you didn't mean say the application which should be shipped so the next step is to add
allows to load a WMS service was to get capabilities
you can load it with your repositories
math and the nose afterloading service all the information out of the ticket capabilities exam our map information about service and knows which layers are and offered by the sum of those which extend this offer which of projections for all 4 are supported and then you can go back to your
application and and the
service the service we application 1st you have to create the linear set that's like a actually say OK in the main man I would like to put these W and mass and the main that maybe for the overview um you make it only as hand and like this you can structure you also after you created the layer
sets you can at a service to the layer fat and you can configure
the service you can say OK this
WMS should be activated on start on the one layer should be activated or it should have the transparency you can define which image from to use or which information from marked sort key you have different possibilities of and measured can decide how the service should be published in the application and like
this you could have many services 3 application and would get a map like
this 1 thing I didn't show you is how to edit the overview map so when I showed you the slides the only half the map elements but this and 2nd element in the map which you can see see at the bottom that's the overview element which and was integrated yeah so
let's have a look how's user management as dumb you can create new which users and can create new groups so you have to provide a name and e-mail address and and to surpass that you can provide more information and this profile form and then you could create a pooled ends at the new user to this group yeah
if you want your application not to be public you quit expenses gives the excess on to some people anomaly and what you have and and the public them you can provide an application for the public so no lock innocent you don't and this is done by is altered catered or anonymously as you can see here in the list the and at the bottom there is this is not educated anonymously and that says that everyone can q with this application but if you will in this case only once or maybe as an eminent together access to the application you should delete this is sort educated anonymously and and just provided for the users that you want off for the group that you would like to give access to the
application that's how it works to ship applications to users and groups now I have some slides but I think shows some more functionality so we can use them and provide domestic port so then Math that you can't see would be exported to a PNG or take pick 5 we have puII
function a meeting point function by you can click on the map we provide a text and then link will be
generated and this link can be opened in the browser and you can send this link via e-mail and to a clique and then when the person opens that and not it will start at this position um and here you can see an
application where you are and get information about and land use some contested so an there are many plans here in protest for but you can see which and land use plan it's an the flattened flavors for the region of this and active and you can have a you can use the gazetteer that's an SQL search on EPA's quelled database where you can navigate to your home and choose your house
number and navigate tree of place and then you can get so that
this is how was that sir true is configured to have camel configuration for some elements so like this you quit to configure the form of this
search that you just so you can configure out the apart from them and fuse that you want to invent and then you can configure how the results should be displayed and some and he
has an outside you have a solar such that you can't use as an element that we provide value you can refer to it and so last search so this and this and this is very fast so in this case you quit and search for the bounds plan on all the different to address for parcels and then the results will tend to have very last here you can see a
sort of such an action at the top or won't and in middle portal where you have
another element which is used it's called basis which you can provide it and buttons for a drop down list of which refer to services so maybe if you don't want this lady at element that we saw before with all the layers that you have to switch on and off maybe it's easier to have this switch to a change and in this case different or photos from different generations back tool and
the land use plans time Houston example from q apartheid Lippard where they handle also these then just plants that we saw before I ingredients so they have information about um the regions and you can say a plantation Latin which will act as another service to your application
so far the region that you're interested in you can add more information to your application back to
Bhutto's slow the half another nice feature they are in have regions where discussions I going on policies land use plans so they have these WMC of functionality integrated rate you can't provide a safe different configurations of different and areas for you can configure the information and then with this drop down list you can and jumped to 1 or the other configurations and treat and so it's easy for the people to and come to the place where the discussions going on so we have this WMC editora where you can configure the areas that you want to save you can do with them we think we as this dialog or notes and the select
box as we saw before here's and stuff and post offices closed who signed Augustine where you can see you as semantic layer tree which has more and more of the categories that you can define we saw this layer sets and you can define the assets and get up services in group them into differently assets you can style your
application with an HTML elements OK you can easily act images on things or descriptions Impressum Mosul or sold via e-mail because in this HTML element you can easily write HTML text and then it will be added to your application map and I will show
up in different science you can use a black designed with from on the more applications but normally you would like to use your corporate is iron and
this can be done via over defining sees as style the concept is the 1 that you over right to is as bon ben and brings with them with itself and you override it with your own sees as configuration with the
mobile template as well so you want after installation you can use a mobile template and provides all services in the mobile template we have a
digitizer where you can edit da and in create start time you can see the cadets from which which has a very complex form the trees on your point but as the information that this belongs to the tree is very complex and so
on the digitizer is configured via Yemenis well so you can define how all and the Taylor should look like with as well you can
make selected for the object Q
and have different and geometry types that are supported you have different functionality for each geometry type that you can use every
element that you can't use in that and not as described them and documentation
that's a link to the map and documentation and then if you we
have a look behind the screen you see here which components that's made of we by MIT license we use a symphony tool PHP framework which brings a lot of what you will see that become whose views from scratch we don't have to do it on on on the use of openly announced as a map client at the moment we use for last 2 but we are discussing and and doing our 1st steps and integrating has former we use mepacrine reach a creamy and and to need and database where you can store all the information that you configure and that stration back and and you have different possibilities that you can use at the moment we have those 3 . 2 6 3 that is factual version and I don't want to go into detail about all these points we are working on that or you have
this and 3 see 6 1 version 1 always you light so if you want to try met and out you can download it was July the 11 which is the actual version and so on met and that will be part of which life and you can't use it without problem and we have always she met and on MS for w as well that's a project which is
called maps of our form windows ends and you can download matter for Windows which will integrate met met met so i Apache PHP and more and projects and 1 of the projects and that you can use theorists map and we have adopted emits format and that this is provided by on it was yes well and so you could ask some appended match if you would like to look and you have slide where you can see you who is involved so and there many people off where group you were and running the map and project axis Schaefer our clique isn't you characins few months then and the ones that use already he is a large attacked and we have Project Steering Commitee which meets the needs and regulatory and sequences and this discuss about map and
the so we have activities in
the team we have curricula in meetings we have face-to-face meetings as we are all working in born and we are talking in German so in the incubation process of always you protect its has you should and have an open discussion in English and people should get involved so we have to work on this may be a bit more and be more transparent we have the code and get tap and we have a ticket system there are so if you find box I have suggestions you can and provide them there we have many developers many uses the information is where you can get in touch with us and we won't work on recall in reading aggregation as sometimes on the slides I set map and there are many 3 so map and the 3 was an the development of the midpoint of projects where we integrated a symphony and openly us to ends and we didn't make check whether we still follow all there was you who was so maybe it would be wise to have another look and make you read incubation
if you want to have a look on the map we have a user reference map where you can see and that and the users worldwide and you could at your location if you're using MAP and that and so we are working
on the next version that's versions 3 0 7 that we're working on this will be a future release it will come soon in the next months and there will be improvements in translations because we had translations present at the last was conference we want to in support which have creates so you can have the tooltips when you go over the p we say for example that would be to pit that can appear to be 1 to support held up in that version and directed yes Symphony ask on again how she ends and they are many improvements for the ties that and some more elements and functionality will come so
1 is editing thought I was out geometry and the created below as
new project that and was that we invented and we have around
12 I you can pick and click the peak on click or assumed to a coordinate which is nice functionality and so we have
started already with ask for support yeah yeah so we
want to work at and you met element of work on all the elements tool support of the as fewer a before the we want to talk to all rights existing elements so they will support a new last version and maybe and the 1 thing we we want to make sure is that's MIT an output be always update most so if we do this big stamp your applications should still work and then this approach takes but we will
hear about offline clients and in the next presentation and then as a project where and the you can export information and Dr. from another vendor client and then and download it and use it in the offline clients so you you get the
impression more the map and that even a pass armed there's a picture from and company had where group was independent developers them pictures from the cold sprint so they show into set and would like to get involved you of all come if you want to try and then I was
out insulation you can do it and on o idea most and
things for this yeah thank you for your talk I my typical question
all there any further questions so yeah that's a really nice to hear a lot of use anything other than the some of 10 to 15 I mean I Cucerzan instead of investing them in many places and I'm sure that is not going to get it from the mean of and but I have a question of of the life of projects looking so old but come from the main pieces of the Moon give you thought that the project that I showed you know looking solely an argument that you and other villages in 1 of them but I can see that the status of and we have but most of them all maybe it's because they use all the the view of something that you have to and make a difference whether a met looks forward all the framework looks over itself also followed have book you would be you're talking about the maps of the local was here OK so this is independent of my so it's a question of uh the provide health services how their style them maps maybe they should improve you all know anything about before it was more for example we also the this OpenStreetMap Chairman management are more clearly the Maddox value the dual about putting people's lives under the form of you you all of the will of the people were not and we have in the demo application we have always M and service as well this space that make and with that and so this but it's not an up to date because we only provided to have some . ends the more applications but as a service from where propose provide to um create for you and always and map make the WMS if you would like to get that service 1 of the and the western and 2nd 1 was all the the world because of world in you can see that you're using open this and you will have accused leaflet and of that you have your reasons but here at the moment we use open asked who so world mo-old has since many years 3 and now forests and because of what that would you like to open the Mormon will work for the whole of the loop the issue of in as for the portal the virtual with yeah of the portal once they don't look as good on a mobile phone they are not and usable on the mobile phones and that I'm not responsive yet so we should work in responsive design at the moment you have to define an application for the desktop or far and using on mobile devices but you know there may need them in tasks that Beechwoods and work on like moment in the book of the people who were so in this case there was a lot of food if you go yes answer that's sure against you use of the use of the and maybe it would be good but by open this whole thing and have the support those open all the way to support from over here in non and we we have to walk on this responsive design because it's around the elements that you saw that build up an application they um they should
so work different on a desktop application on mobile and it should be possible to use 1 application for different and use cases and the to create tool applications confidence of 1 or more file with the worst thing or or the log of the sum of on the issue of the of the whole universe through but probably the most energy to the newly yet so that's set show we should put more focus on that you're right you the way the uh the the people using the goal of the in that may be In many of the applications I used within like commune or within the um due portal of the city so it's more French handle and uses but if you want to make a like a city map so which would be used have from everyone then we have for sure you should provide a mobile solutions 12 so it's a good suggestion and and we should work on that that for over the middle of the level yeah as to OK a similar question I think you kind of it already the of of the simplest america online and via the ending guess the uh but that it creates complete model of completed the cations and so if all I uh I have my own of some some kind of justice with framework application and I would like to embed some let me infertility so they it would be the right to use all my issue need only a small that maybe he should do it directly with some of the layouts are the leaflets and client that you integrate it's easy to integrate but if you want this service repository and maybe a big application then map and I mean and is user management in group manager and then maybe metonymy be good we and to a to what kind of size of user base wouldn't bend scale so you decided to its own mainly for internal use so you would have a user base of the 2 who did the digit numbers of users that you really you know when it's all the weight and had a 20 thousand users exists in the in the hangar far could use k and any node that answer but we have a big portals like from that and put half an and fires occupied how his some may have some many thousands users but it I don't know the exact number but it should be scalable I think maybe I can give you the short answer to that uh we have already created the l look Integration uh and with the other integration so quite easy to add something like 30 thousand 30 thousand users we already make something like that because you just have to be evaluated this some body is allowed to take a look at some sources so it's a bit of but I think it's much better to do uh something like that's over something like elder knots over the internal use of uh uh administration but it should also be possible I don't know but I haven't tested how much user you really can act and it still works so fine but I don't think that there should be a problem when you don't make a groove of up and make a profit on all use of of uh a administration the I was more thinking about concurrent excessive you have that because handle existing that and at the same time the count hellhole can use case you have to you know I don't really know that we have a big portals so we're running our with of of thousands of people have Texas so more and the question and because of the Mac normally isn't or created by man and it's from the WMS several something like that so you have to look at your WMS over now of modern 1 example of this if they're all using 1 basically let's say the best that is coming from OpenStreetMap or some other smaller blogs and if it does so it is being read but they're like 1 million degrees and we got so that's and all of this but that might also have on the background because that's the lowest since these visitors display some of those developments brought in open areas I think it can be easily skin and the soul of wouldn't memory you'll probably 1 million of these basic ideas notion but you're also able to do something like block balancing of this framework no property problem especially as long as you don't use the spatial light so database file yeah that any of the questions here OK so thank you for your talk to you and