General Data Protection Regulation is coming

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General Data Protection Regulation is coming
What does it mean for your software?
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The European General Data Protection Regulation will apply in May 2018. What does this mean for your software? What do you need to consider? Which information do you need to publish?
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we're talking about the general data protection regulations uh it really coming May 2018 it's European regulation and there are only a few things Germany courts is allowed to make better make it hard like attributes and H. uh the European laws there's something about is this so and 16 now allowed to decide by their own Germany could there's some major for that anyway and then you would the John and better protection law but it's not a valid yet and it's a dress and if it ever will get relative because it's again the European law the anyway what I want to know he is mostly what's the element for software development what needs to be changed on to consider that yeah my life is my society is only valid uh with my talk they have no standalone
meaning it's very important and they belong to the talk I make my slides is being grow because there's so much mn along with that that means I didn't knowing this before that I
said I will add 2 words as the slightest mostly in Germany and in unison so that when you don't know the English but you may know determines that and by doing this I it's figure out the back in the German translation it's the pace of posted to the European Union and things that while that's a translation back you work your way it was really funny so my name
is son or as they say some of you know me uh from brewskis ghrelin Mies kernel yet to be already in but I have a 2nd probably on a 2nd the business I do it's also it's also my business is that it would make some and I'm a dyadic of it's not that of protecting the difficulties of his out of protection compliant and then train up so I'm i'd indicates that protection office hours but in yeah and I'm a member of the which Deutscher finding room for that and should so that's them all would history group and we have Germany that's about me so the 1st
question I have what do you think means that protects and yet another that that group I know that you know it's a bit of but the that of the at the movies that that could connects and of the reason for the loss In many areas to protect the you that from the governments of the government don't get you at that time there and by using cute totaI having power over you and it's that that would make in the 2nd reason why we have so strong that it protects all this to protect you from advertising the that the 2 biggest reasons I don't want you to question why it can Inc however a minute what means private for you that it is very possible that question work means private because there are people they need more private space than others there are 2 popular it's was a it's totally occupied and my husband or my my wife weeks my teammates and my checked with my my snips with my friends and there are other things on that and that's a noble my husband or my right so what we did I won't we did for the for my partner to it's just an example so private is valley the year the damn who it's government was a loss called privaten that's the example I just gave it's pretty good it's pretty quiet so that never had to
make some as as as to make the page and determination in of alien determination II look at for translation for the rock expressed among I found of called the official letter in rats but then I would tell you nobody knows what it is it's the level of yeah alien determination was most there was an the i I think that it's finally to have this but in it that's what which based on that so yet the there is no way out translation from German but many parts many types of means the ability to prepare for your own that you always ponds bird for what you have to link by your own you are able to command for your all the government don't need to care for you them yes that will bring it to picture means privacy protection that protection means anonymity that it would take means freedom and that of protects means protection against government and advertising I already told you there was rally In Part 2
reasons for that protection or is there so we so long as we the reasons for them it's lost 1 is this so that it will take him should be laugh when this failures constraints that's the background behind that a protection raffinose fairness and transparency in many elite the challenge the data protection the words from the European Union you very high and the translation it in it for fan that's incorrect so fan means for it to be call a German um to so long as another reason for that have put it in for the
new law is the part of the meter nations so you're only allowed to to store about for you for 1 purpose of for the purpose 3 and not allowed to donate my had to have that you got from me for that was they to use them for purposes be without my agreement so that was the mitigation then then another is mandatory yeah only it out to me for personal data if you really if it's really to make a business visit me and you only need to allow not allowed to stall or these Dr. when it's mandatory for the business we have with each other without my aloneness for all other and you want to stall any other single information about me you need my alone so when I want when you have an online shop and I want to buy new shoes from you you value out of calls to us where to deliver the took a and of course you are allowed to about my my my age was because you needed to send me the lecture was but you're not allowed to ask me about my hacker level what it's there you are not even if I don't need it anymore it's not even a lot of the whites rest the because you don't need it a not the and you have a lot of just going to as long and the
packages delivered at long in the business isn't in FIL yesterday without my aloneness and then many went to but model now when you want to get better sent the advertising you need to ask me and when you asked me and I say yes is I always have the possibility to war we draw this and you immediately have to react so when I make the doctor's lending the advertising give immediately should stop sending me advertising that's rather so it's a sentence that I mean my nation so you shut Marx thought too much that so uh you we have a deleted to the
duty in the European law and we have a we have a teaching duty in the actor German law you have
uh deleting duty but it got debates to lock the information when it's tool difficulty that too delete them that's not anymore in the European law and the European law you need to to delete them the European on has when you're tool is able to delete it then that's the 1 2 with a new shock you within your to would you shortly uh we decided to with that eating it is and what isn't eating duty but this 1 learning blocking Japanese is allowed to when there is a lot of that allows you to lower the thought that a more along are for example for banking that's a word about the back then you need to unimmunized that tube Söderman Manises without but usually you have to delete them after the purpose proof it and then the Irving is at Coke actually so it about up to you to make sure that the better you are correct this
if the data and Valley or if you're not sure that at the underbelly of late you should you have to delete them so it's limitation that the situations a so so it's limitation as you have to delete the doctor after the purposes for infants all when it was a star which for which you have my along this when I withdraw the alone at music have to with the information about me that we have in fact the integrity and confidential
you so you make sure that my doctor it all your employer is and all the company's where you'll or yours have companies that you have who the confidential to my with my my ECT confidential as my happen so it's up to you when you hire was a company that to make sure that might that are confidential but do they really take a confident and get and the last is accountability so you have to put another the users what you are doing with that of besides so if had
slide I don't know answers so there are
some special all information about a single pass and have the had if his main priority or the same and confidential there types of information that was of information which are high confidential that our the information to both racial and at the uh 0 it's in political opinion that it's a star philosophical beliefs to make the or a trade union membership and put sensing of genetic Dr. biometric that time data concerning health what what data containing the natural person is next life for the sexual orientation end that is the following year and that are spatially contiguous ofdata I don't they won't that no more about this in this talk because it's a very
difficult and the area and you have to cut it away more of the of the but you can ask me a lot about it because I'm specialist for this kind of pattern so you have a beating diet
duty I already that it he immediately after fulfillment of proposed you need to do the yeah information the after opposite that opposition period so that means that if we fear of proposed means that after by opposition period looking instead of deleting is not allowed anymore we were thinking 2 works uh 2 words reporting session I already told you and every every information that going to be that belongs to a group of
minimum of the persons because that's when it's not I mean you anymore has the hasn't pirated so when using expire headache after that you have to read it Neil is site and
immunization and that's all for the folks I mean activation you need minimum sleeves separate physical separate service you need to run for the rich and data 1 for the key and the 1 for this so it and make concept and you have to these short that's when you were suddenly certainly nice and you got to
that that was all information in your back to to that and it's so you can have find the cube of the people less than the 3 people so that that means many just have subsided mimic that that nobody should be able to figure out what to whom on these patterns that and the people always is set as a minimum you need uh for anonymization
far that's not here anymore to whom they belong to the same meaning the people for that so it has to be in it this is the beginning of the pro to identify a person by doctors content so the site of ization you usually you will always need generally need for a sensible gotta that once this group of heads and sexual life and political opinion and so on that and after the purpose for the is when you have a loss that's you need to store the data further on the next 3 6 then yes you need to cite and nice them that yes for Trajan did not for because it's like of rock if you didn't know about it yet disparity you for option not following the you mean uh that protects you with is as 20 or 40 million dollar house as you all of if that's not enough oil company to all 4 permanent of your vote why it's so I don't know over the news right to the importance of the never knew I given you yet never knew as from the last year so uh the new European Union launched that it's really hard to when you finally and don't of crime and yet you have a transition and what he the you anyone to sudden eyes that means you have a key with which you can uh get that that when you have a keys like um yeah encryption key yes electricity yeah they the yeah but to get picked so so that the difference between the anonymization and certainly there is an enemy nation you may have to make sure that nobody will ever In the ghetto it's inspect and by suddenly minimization you and I can get it back the site so it is that you need to be there so as not to that that that the Administrator's have to be 3 different problems so the atom administrative subsidiary anomic uh server should not be allowed to figure out what the would be which does so I just that that's debated at the moment ago helps them do it if they have the service they have sustained could young 1 up there which meant that has become the doctor needs to the representative and uh they have subservient my face that for search for example and in any way you have to make sure that you want to have to make sure that the service people for the database is I'm the on the same Carson for which that of and for your site and I've and yet you do with just for style which means that meet the need to you need the key and the platinum invasive so that you could that yeah but many of need the origin that for and for the densities in for example because they always needs to so many times um yeah there is no desire
new most of them that online shops and online have it already but for other it my beautiful small markets the European law onto the comptrollership white the motor there's to a security system which would provide that the subject dynamic is says to his or her own all the person and that time that means I'll and should be able to watch my own that staff looking it's just reading so I know a lot of companies already provided and you also uh it's able to to say shown that I could change my last name after I married in a lot of companies that could change another thing by my own or I mean and you move you could change your own interests and so on and so on um but that a lot of companies where you can't see it Facebook and
search this up you are able to changed your own interests who is considered no that's not my interests but you need to do it's very often because they if I think you have great art interests yet in you have for and it is there is in the pre definition of an authority in the 3 different instances 6 63 30 ships and and get all of it and you know what you all what you can and or what belongs to a single all information about a single pass all information about a single person so information that you can 2 men had that can be rich rich rich rich you can describe as a single pass so far there waiting and match went men for example is that when you choose size when I have surgery and your last name I don't want to tell it now from that DA and the so this is uh let me show you the last programming um here we always vast green and issues of whatever at all personal information about you the you can call it might be that would be great for yeah but when you start and this is your name it's synthesis no it's not I'm I'm sure when the holiday if she was in in a certain age is 39 40 and so on that of course no personal information but when I is also ideas was science 39 for example then it's a postman information so the the what you do point in the use of so the site of the world view of the and you uh show intonation and there's the FastICA status because it at the moment that we need to specify uh so we expect that those attaches ability is right that way as the patent protection always jazz there was living for all 4 of for not don't would for debts keeper but then we have genetic doctor it the many that the problem is that but if the and then as the has a pattern analysis a way out when it's valley um a the best chance of his money also of regret political matters so when you step and uh so the whole family's status and so that's the center of Berlin dada too the In our yeah you and you can do that in the part of the time along with the the you are not allowed to stop it and even not personality of all here is the error of the mean the body of 1 yeah so the yeah the quality of this is the most of the of the war but I do want to you all of is and maybe in the yeah exactly yeah all we use our yeah I think maybe even in that the what when you combine it then you have a personal information and understandable the information they are only allowed to stall and derive from earlier from non profit organizations where where the main business is long tube that you are asking for our cell had not only from heads headset information that is 6 share information from the age of and what MIT law school the the use of that book you're not allowed to ask for it we can use and figure out of your stories in the room of that a handful of those users so we can discuss that later because um so transparency trends that the
means you have to be got the highest transfer the we has to be concise transparent um in Pittsburgh easy invested back from using the media and plain language that's very important to all you that little information is you have to hand out to your users that to you on to the that people from whom you have in personal information they have to be weapon in the and and plain language when you would have the information you store information about shared it's even more then the more plane in Java and it means life light I don't know the initial at for light just after so usually it's enough to have right fetish profit but when a you have children you all you have to write it in the just of the year and the the the the the yeah the the not all this information needs being claimed from we will see it on the next slide the you need to store the information in the complaint Åke not even spoke are even was pictograms yeah so that every path from whom you collect information of them that that gets you don't have to understand to providing in writing you that yeah you have a wedding enlightened when we present additional already so for example when you when you have that's the the only understand a Willie that it's remain there exists for Willie you have to read it to them yeah find the information of the past and transparency so that the Commission was yeah exactly no not not the permission you give always on the when you don't need a permission from each you have to inform uh you have to inform the past from when you stole the backed up what you're doing with it and so on and so on and uh we would see it what you all have to uh what what information you have to give them and uh that has to be in simple language point in plain language simple language the work for you so yes that's what I
is that you have to inform them and it's a lot of what you need to to and from that so always default while while you are making form but that is all my idea is when you when you are asking for information on web pages or why and Internet you caught the it's like to be do it today with the um business words between you and the customer jazz maker page there all is given and then make uh it's box that was where the user needs to work a generic have wanted before I can go further on so the information you're to there what needs to be in it said you need to work point also if rule I came in contact who is responsible for that that that was to adapt as uh dada protection often now you need to point out that a predictor of the contact address at the moment it's hard to every company and needs of most companies the 2 that protection of has not a lot of companies and the dentist but take some of this that uh all you always again uh how allowed to talk with the better protection often with out the company knowing about it but it's mostly difficult to find out who's better protection officer with about contradict the company Solow today it is you have to go to the government and the government uh well on the company and then you get to that a protection officer and content data it's difficult and the European Union said the kind of with these quantities that need to be given popular they have to you have to make public that all you have to have every person from whom you store the data the information from and you will get the death of Hussein that protection after shot
and how you can contact him or her yeah and you need to make sure make a B who's responsible for the so who will pay for it then the better get lost for um that's easy most times there at all United Nations when not here was responsible but most most
most often at the pier so you need to point out the power also why you think that and and it's better when there is a legal basis if you need to point out that the the basic if then is the legal
basis you either have only a good reason like I can't deliver pick it's when you don't want to have year out where to do that that's a pretty clear and logic that we 0 and otherwise you need to the agreement atom and father purple so you can't just say I want your doctor have 4 ascending Hunan noise and for so that's not OK they can be finalized and then you can point out that in my cedar them last but but the texts Lahti along paragraphs but for advertising this million or so you would need an agreement the that where the processing is based on falling of art as so where the process and a space based on OK then
you need to find out who will get ch
. 0 we want with it for example marketing but it's not good having marketing about agreement so but also the when you have others who will work with that you need to point out to
the tool nutrients they attached it and if you transfer of emphasis had to company uh not to a
not European Union country and international you're organizations that rules that are similar to non European countries not Europe's means not the European Union not Switzerland non Norway so Norway and Switzerland so long as it's OK but the thing in the so but that's not all there
is all and all information if you
already to right no because we have this already in The German law that you need to provide this if you didn't do it at the moment you should do it because the way more penalty if you don't have it and that's something if you don't have that information it's the 40 made no 20 minutes 40 million it's a higher 1 . million of 4 % a 20 minute 4 % something like this so far this 20 and forces
near so but you need to and from the
people mall there they're much more you
need to the the process yeah forward the director of the yeah the but Poland a so this yeah the the
periods for how long you melts ball about they as exports of something you already needed to have but the
existence of the white two-week rest so or when you have an agreement then you need to work at the values of the person that they have the right to weaker as immediately uh and you really immediately stop whatever you did that that adds the information and you need to infer enhance the person in plain language so um so an yet that you need to the I need to go to work on the point of all this law that he has that in complain applet so that you can complain that the governments the the government offices um With warning this you need to informing him parents sheet yeah in other so you have to do a lot of loan therefore it is so I the person has the need to inform the person about their rights it's very important I I not yet society but maybe there will be a sum of people who provide a farms and examples of how you can write to see stuff and that if so it's somewhere on roof the the and i is yeah yeah that's all 3 4 the the it's also medium to pull 5 in the cell and then you need to inform them I I just wanted to stop because it's a lot of information and uh so it's as if you need to read it anyway what you need to and from the but the a lot and many don't inform the user of the past and year it's very expensive that
yeah and you also need them if you want to use adapted to different hospitals across is that the solution is easier
um when we have online business just marked by red it's and but then there the most evident is
writing all this stuff we the
some of them only what the most important you need to consider that it is the deleting duties In the new knowledge accessible if the cited mommy's they and this is for information duty that that for most important point you need to consider the this information
duty half that we already have from German law at the moment when you do that when you didn't didn't solve now usually serve to its and so my major I guess is most effort for thermal and remote exist yet most most of it anyway a usually when I have a I'm custom of a company provides something online I'm going to change my that I can think of the thinking we might that I also changes and the the heating duty because we have in germany at the moment we have just should the 2 but when you can't delete you should you can lock in most companies John Locke up there lots of companies where even is that the at the duke had to memorize a that they think it's very difficult to do it's even when it the so what is difficult to the sperm is a feeling yes of no more of that so
you know that you know that that learning is the work of what 1 of the things you know that the for you and not allow which to where you are generally not allowed to control your point for example of so what was yes and no you can do with yet the the people you know and the this and the unit know you are you would not there is no loss for others so you are not allowed without my allow honest with log to store that any 2 that in any kind so that knows I have made I think they know there is no law of course they by making the good laws that there are some loss where where they have like things have own secret lost judges often evident uh heads companies in all all of all of the the and I think that this was the what you will do the the work of yet another 1 of the the 1st is the ball look up you know yeah incentive theories on how to be a bit of a lot of you being and in the back of the head of the of the on the existing and the law of the land of the it said this this so the world in the form of yeah it will vary with the to do it in the body of the of the and the then so the question is there no and in any case that is the code that needs to be minimum slide immunize you're not allowed uh you can so in that same for health status for example you always an effective statistical got what they have to be feminized and in that case they have to be on the rise because you have no loss no way to do it there is no law that that exact thinking on so much Internet user don't have a lot of light and then you are not allowed to do it it's very simple and when when they and so um because oppressive also can make up you thought my IP address you didn't ask me for it and then you have to pay a penalty and go to the uh oftentimes they you look an but also allowed to an is that not only the past him said you can go to the office it's at the moment on no I don't know if it's still at the moment that the German law so um there can be organized based since the going again you would like about they have a lot to complain about you let it go at it the offers that and then the officer Otsu where is it you penalty so at the moment and they're old long monster that only the person who were the process himself then without the protection of the number laughter announced that the the complainant the office at but is the new German law that is that also an organizations like for publishers can complain and yeah the idea the on the back of the head and you need to the instead of the lot of the brain some the man is not a problem anyway the cost 3 months this meaning 1 floor what the english words and was 1st and I forgot it meetings and yet and uh so the mind other and usually at the moment of the offices as they ideally eating yes OK so so that's the but that is not in the law that somehow our Jepson desired and they said when you when you did uh and it remove all by by the end of fuel you know your business yeah it's OK so but but this we Monday you have anyway so years the gardens the of God the last immediately by the immediately means that after the is that is the put Kensington 9 is over so here you have the semantic Jackson's up a little bit more so they can carry later and that is this year of yes and no and and the and in the world and this is a lot for it to a for health services the use of the yes there anyway for yet you need to observe and you have not I think lot uh without leaves and anywhere in have a stowage I could law then you need to observe the nice it data no because then the law that you need to have argued that and at the same and I held of conscious you need to add to so the already before but on and that's not you need to serve a nice when you start counting and the end of the of the of the of the of the of the what so that is uh no it's yeah it's pretty clear what it has no data because is what is known as the data but the data of all data that belongs to you so all had a you have the you want a and if you do all these things any any and all of the law of and so that you yeah yeah the thing at the end of the newly and this of course some people say is the
rules of the and you did not know if I now add and sold let immediately me let me from the people become so any yeah any at information that he was the bridge there has to be identified in the air and the example walls when you have a group of people and just 1 is wearing glasses the midterm but how big the group so uh the 1 of them having going to or they're always can be identified and what and we had the it it needs to be minimum for people on Austrian law is my information uh that you aren't identical with the same information when then room where judges say it's uh you can identify the possible anymore so when you have a group of 4 people going beyond that it's OK but when you just said a group of other people when they're in class of the proposal with glasses clearly to identified it has a representation the and all that the this is what we would change and so if you look at all the all the we get so that was the end of the world the people the and this is the 1st of all some or all 3 the the yeah only allow it to to store all when you really need the information for the best fit yet 1 of the the permission of the history of the and what was the the the you no because you don't know which 1 will yeah when you don't have any other further information on the patterns that teacher agreed to each other not present information but when you have the names of the pulses green tea ship kinky had teachers and of course you know where this is going to shift a new dataset of her the and and the for the yeah yeah what you need a 2nd when you just have to look at it when quickly and then not at that information set as that of his glasses and about classes you don't know who and when you have policy thousand customers EU due 2 . 0 who was visiting gas of 5 minutes a game with that of yet who the rest and of the of the this um anything OK um e-mail is difficult because the e-mail always is difficult because e-mail already you have a combination of 2 persons because the change between 2 pests so both persons of rights and the and and and and and and the yes the yeah is yeah of course and they need to do it a day and they don't need to deviate . that's where they're rare so I that they have to store all the them and what was that which here then some of of the yeah very keeps information no you just again in no way there must be an easy way for you as part to asked for it to so they have to accept it in with the phone anyway uh 0 no it doesn't matter if the man the socks no not that idiot they need of cars that they need to make sure that you are the where the person to whom belong to that so that that is something to identify you the that owner but uh no it depends the BN very easy for me this to given in this information you need to give the best very so yeah and this and that was the 1st of all things what in the the wild by so that the user of or we use the area of the world and the whole problem solving the original so what happens is that like blood like Amazon M as an international organization that 3rd party linear and it was so part of the data is not being the and in the I know that is that is exactly the opening the European largesse it's for you so you that is why they use by that is the very in line with what we use of all you know we don't know what you what we don't need to know all also on the region of the state will get anything out of it and not your car and show you how to do this it of exactly the kind Jewish me what all is love the what do you the in the yeah exactly you know no no there not that is line you so the the the the lot just belong and this is why you that's why you need to point out that you with their give here that that out of the European Union and there are no way into the link belongs to its to that the space and yet and that you can pay to have so I I want to write what you can do this you will but that was a test and there was tested in I think and didn't the and the the you have to of what what of that they're all European Union countries yeah it's an indigenous and use of yeah so all of you know yeah there is also of constant for uh put not the opening sentence and lot and but that are in the business rules this the you you you when you're living in the u was so uh it wouldn't you as every Europeans people yeah we have to 5 58 seconds after nothing and figure out the