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WHAT IS WAGTAIL Wagtail is a Django-based CMS made by developers that were just sick of the current solutions out there for reasons from usability to extensibility. It provides a sleek and intuitive editing experience, while keeping its design open and flexible for creating custom frameworks. I'll first explain what Wagtail is, how we can use it, what features make it great, and what makes it not so great. ATOMIC DESIGN Brad Frost coined this term in reference to his taxonomical design model. The model breaks down design layouts from the simplest element to the more complex layouts. I'll briefly go over what this model is. ATOMIC WAGTAIL Atomic design lends well to the strengths and some features of Wagtail. I'll tell you how you can use Atomic design in harmony with Wagtail, with tips and pitfalls you might encounter along the way. LESSONS LEARNED Any new approach to something is going to be both fun and frustrating. I'll list some of the most frustrating aspects of Wagtail, trickled with some advice.
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thought of it is and the the purpose of the figure out of the part
in you know states that you know the end of all of parts and objects that you work offer me right so that 1 of the technology and 3 months and years so we will show answers who knows electrons at the time of this event of the rates that that along with the so for the donor of the latter is
a renewable source using must provide a fast and it basically devices this to round to build around units and that's the because did you hear a lot of things that assume that they you would expect from areas CNS things like a little bit rate admin or bilities 2 I had a publishing system I really like a weighted many documents and things like that but other things like that was something that means for the people residing in consonant with a lot of students out there there really focus on the other hand all inside the war on the side of a times the length of the of ability of combining all these points that which the Romans units so what the user is really has model that I'm sent framework all the CNS on numerous occasions when we ran it really like health that's really not a big deal to release and even some of the most fruitful so in fact my life projects extended the ontology has had season so normally have prosody and on the published and added ECG sites that entire world and then interrupt anything about the ones where there was many using the new Europe it was really easy in that way and that's the reason of course I can talk about all that I we most them but at the top of the talk about I G 2 forms in which you have form the looking at data in which you build in the standard way of modeling and whether the use of standards for the what and so I you know the units of the lot of the things that work in the way that everybody always thought about globally right we that we want to do not because we want the one-dimensional it right you were on the right and on the thing we want to use and that lack has like that can happen I think 1 of the well where it that way but it provides all the blood so yeah we do we know what you want to when they will also light but we also what it's you would provide us with the thing itself and the part that we want to get out of the way and in this you know where you will want to also about the what it's also that you know you have all the way that this was genuine normally problem using Gomes years as reasons but it's actually losses in the integration so this is your new that she like a really good work lower really get us search you can do with this but it's really not much in further you losses at that and it's really rate of the reverse of the whole it's not that the the projects is not really something that works on holiday go and more about only the size so you would lose all that and you want to create a is you pretty sort of see song and also free weights that great content sites later on in the order that you think the last thing you really only have a lot hard right so you have to have the 1 logic has to be power by whacked it's not like that at all and general Jr and this is a really important thing at the end of the year innovations to enhance the on the head so much of a experience with nothing but found that letter with this so this is very well so that as to how great is you know we're actually it's not exactly and you know all Jano flow in terms of how you would the data but in no way to think about how these other right so here's the way it was and then you through the no matter the use of higher-order career returning this result and in I was having a good day I forget where they had this real this generic you function and we call that the class to which is created to render to the uh to to render it as the webpage and it this context patterns all up and then through that year cervical function that you functions it will be that will be the case you have anything you don't higher Django where there is a lack of quality in the state without ever touching them and also the damage that the but at the time of like coming across next ordered by a student you know that a long time and it's those standing to because it wasn't a section change in the last so you really think about the you know uh that so all of this sort of thing you work so that the model is based on the relative order of the word and what is a word of building publishing work that that little bit a model that is general model at the at risk of functionality to and then when you want to be work on types she is something that you have read his scene of the all the relationship between the ages so it's like the a challenge of here you make it should stay in in the the sentence is really useful feature another in the European package called figure on really know what the relations of the thinking in that on own so the things like moving relationship from 1 area to the other part scheduling publishing anything I have that and I just suppose some principles and so and and so on right side restoration and I just wanna online linebacker like Latin because it's not something that you're on restoring injured in your on but anyway so so this is a good example of all you need to create a shot a content type and had to use a visit as well so you go in you would involve a word of this model and here on page and you have even the general molecules at the fuel and then there are those in respect to which is always with the data and then in order to show the and the actual view literacy used that the the clear these constant in which is a list of these 2 panels and although it in detail what type of fuel that you're using and then let that program it but so
those 2 is really come in my opinion this was 1 of the most effective way and is the and uh this is a work of art flower this well street you're like really quite well and is treated with everything that's there and that was the reliable was that was in this were like comes off this theme of 1 of the worst I think that quote but he says 1 it has a really want say that word and now the part so this is the same thing that we're talking about when when I say rich rich field or with the replacement instead of that the quality additional working with data and in order to to creative use of objects were going to be implemented using called blocks which is the class that that manages all the created in the that this is really like this but I structures what content of and these stops real industrial it will be using only tyrants but it is really just the half of it so instead of again just like completely because we we unknown so what's in the Wallachia you know now you exactly how to access all these individual components because it's all about the Sun and so this
is the example what which I referred to earlier so that means that the that of constant and really here we were compelled to release the understand is that process from block which is lower here from here is a way to find out what's right and what is the kind of fuel molecule you know it's not something that I have been directly see the using the same the is that x feel when the extreme you is the next year to wait in the mid last a week 1 thing that I can't lexical and sampling equals the example what additional and that's how extensively used for the you in the and the rendering the foreign and will work will select more about that so on the actual page this is what the user will always you got years revealed which again just that people is humanities and you have an image of a list of tuples in each have the strain of which is the parent what you're working with and then we have what classes which is in the of that data and so on In order to really answer it
and I don't like going too much but
really it's you understand this 1 my guess is worse it
the so so here is a life and you I have thought
this is something that directly from other units the the where to be it will allow the width of the and use of it is that we talk about other things like images documents on this is word you will insert these things you search for all the pages of content what onset of religious of models that can register and have an immediate sense of government which controls only and you do that was used in the commission of rules and the and that's the redirects and there was like that and that was really nice is something that people use all time it's Explorer where we have the Indians and by the way is a lack of Donald from here there is there that I made is that all of this is not exactly exactly the you think so I could accomplish that that exists so we can go to this location and the sum of activities that created and we
can see but there is a constant here but this is really and this is was the little in the act and so these are the guys that how these items like having a common way it actually comes in and that's the thing is like heading icon on got all the losses in what the rate and this is where this is exactly something that we to we want you all to have had here and heading and this have and and then we have even
which text the only you know sometimes that's what about appropriate because 1 of Italy or something like that but I'm not going to put the wings and it also the things that group
page and then of this
constant shows up in my wondering and also legally why I was why did you
show images text right on because it really because of that some of its little more than year actually so so the world what you think about this in if we don't know that you exist on that page model as the as the as just G supplement text we can think of lost as different types and C is for real for a so every time during the rendering objects it's it's it's in water right In these things are world use you can actually move the difference of lots of want so this is usually was lot has maintained the entire article just be something like it for but I would say you want something else to 1 wouldn't heading and bodies is the results what we had in the person's life time on that and
really this is a little like a web of what is really work here is just this you're accessing the water and the collection of all these are street view and this lettering at what rate and what was it really has the following really any insurance you the really of these like axis in the that what they which will be you actually maybe there's an argument going to war was you can measure in in a certain way of getting certain conditions or whatever you want to and so was really happening here is that this person what we call the form of a lot of colonies
resurrected and this is somewhat of a neuron is an exact come on you might use but it had this person that it's you know all of the a template declaring in what class so so what is the value of the it whole by the these renderer whereas the function which diseases and so was really really relaxed among at all the entirety of your content instead of just having this like a lot of so this is a
so I do something else for a little that was what I had this anybody actually ever combined documentation for has lower lower designers in which there actually having having bearing signs on the website you building them up with that nobody nobody does that OK you know so the but but by a friend frost this land reaches the article that awareness on the whole of the italian by his read online on was actually this is a lot the words with the want models and designers site on into a single piece and so on so would not as
I'm I'm just trying to you know explain how we integrate this so it really levels as all of his cells and it is true that isn't exactly a gradient analogy with you know biology in temples and way but this you the of the free energy so on and so simple something like an AI the Wikibook were really ahead and then molecules on the AI a slave combination of atoms where is the obligation of the molecules moving molecules mediating molecules and atoms however you want to find out what your own reasoning the sort of but guidelines by Braque frost at some design and
then some of these together do it as a can or something and it is something that you
have all of this is really really or really awesome publication a really were were were version of 1 of the top science so when you're using Lancelot on assignment is something that I'm working with past years is is urine that all of the loss is the loss of the full you up to your answer molecules organisms and their environment in your page I could be able to render of your different components consistently so you're designing continuously pervasive through everything here and the goal so this is an example that the library at her head and just inherited from what is the title of this is that the actions and duration relational consumers will he's using that you know each 1 at work at at action class that 1 belong to all of users and the same thing that you will be more complicated because you know that mark of the external links were not a and then we just using molecules but again this is all I have to be inside all those and so on so were willing to use these components so every time you use head you know where you want to put somewhere you use that animals in so you might have a word like you were level changes but anything like that in random during this he had this now where we have to change this 1 always get 0 here this is 1 of it's all going to change its oldest friends that we want it and it's also only in the winter on all of that on time so that you need the the same heady constant you still believe that change and 1 that and so using organisms we have seen before and after your we have to combine all this and so again that really continuous on of this provision the design specification in our who not only just that but the consistency we also have a mapping between or were they have on the documentation is desirable that the world would understanding exactly how these components interact each other it would have been these different actions and the other is convex and you know the more so this is a we would actually work and all these things and these rank time you fellows of you where so you understand which what the and so is the
sort of you know this fossil that it is actually well my project is like these are used in these elements solar all acts of and then in my model down here on the each tonight and actually in my smallholder and which all the different page the user created on in that whole the so last unilaterally people really would that also in the figure of the monster model many other features and is something that I have always heard from other people and often there's really anybody that it is such a joint use of great replacement for something that is really unusable in an anomaly intuitive but we replace it with were really places WordPress wet and this you know don't do well as a really really excited about it and it would be like a lot were you can see all the words that tools like the that of their is presently NASA there's the semantics of which is the the side there's the score so so it's not just some new brain you know on the use of technology this is actually pretty proved so I don't really go into these find the life see it maybe you know you were result on your in a workflow so that's a that's thank you the thank god of the units for questions so my question concerns
introducing and multimedia faster version discern facility to a version but it is an acid so that they can be so identified as unique elements and then updated on a single ages the but this actually using question I don't think I don't know enough about exactly how the user being you know like essentially the each image itself or doctrine whatever us and I use it so you update and can be change level when I will of versioning that's why there is such a thing like that of the greatest things about a new in question is really just the version of ages every time series data on our and say that it's a real object you can represent object that is something that we can do that I don't know that there is a version it doesn't check book and I have another question but I'm going pronounce the social so there 1 1 question what is evidence the and the and yet so my question is is the season and certainly see it means the site that has a user profile your reviews for quality or something like that and in that but so this is around integration so so you want integrate wake him into the that the site but is it possible it so or is it from would be to basically make use of when hear all articles say 1 of the authors of you show that user cooperation from existing site you visit in agree well models of this yeah you that all models they think that the automatic there when you're going to be at like 11 because users just here of that might seriously but yeah OK and how does the power of the actually I hope that you know say you get to this just use to get absolute your own for instance if we still the profiler is that is and new customers yourself out but our she you know that I'm sorry I think my answer is very rare is provide don't know about that but but I think the users themselves and united and not I have no experience with connecting user profiles of the service that come from the 18 well what they were small remained and fj but this is to think
that you look at