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Making the Most Out of Code Reviews

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Making the Most Out of Code Reviews
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Code review is like a buzzword in the programming world. Developers often talk about how important it is. But what really happens during code review? What do you achieve out of it? How can we learn during code review? This talk will present ideas of what should be the goals of a code review, and how can developers learn during code review process.
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they were funny ideas and in fact we can also think of it as an ontology and the set of all immigration we have you very workshops of women and children to to code so that the amount of energy when you have to and most of all at the bit about if it's in the 2 simple frame of mind about the right of the people really did that comments the colonial specimens and it it's clear thing if like everyone so and along in the and they say line it you have in the wrong so that is you always know where the mass the was in the world and they can and should be used in a lot of work I'm still in the and the loss of in the area and felt like so day of the invasion of the monitors you interested in book there is less than trying to manage it all and the and the so if the the will of the of and the and I know that fun I made in what it could and it's not known in the plane of the world the meaning of all class 1 is the family of less it creates a more when we use this is at the end of the year I'm not using the points of the at the people who have been in the in the ways that going on and on we also have been used in the right 1 coat fictional task the so the time the key is on the on and what it the and the man in green and it is 1 of the this is we're going we know that that but it also sort of you them time the anything there's just made up the right to go you be right in the test of time so we don't need maybe the origin and let because of what I think they want to know what I'm going to take the place of however it is not just about not guess about fluent and convention it is also not replace the very it's not to be named was that the order was not as the programming you might come the assumption that c and along the on and the nature of the so you always remember the good and all points they found that going to be the so far there is a little while you were in the community and what was the last time was 1 I know some of the things that you had to have you know what not and more than in qualities in them and hence the of the
now baseline a number of computer however it only in functions there are so many things to look about and then put that it was also want to know what that can the formants the beginning of a thing or 2 out of here it is that is at the 1st thing that determine the quality of the data on the data or code is then the year that we won't want to injuries the with easy to maintain and the and this extra time and some of the things what
so I know it's near we know the goal of the single and you have you is something that it something that the real so the challenge of that you know that the the things and how help them be better in of the In this work being sold this fact by providing 2 examples show them how to worry about that could make the the and I remain one-half of up to do the programming then if it's quite complicated maybe there new and this and that even really know much the right i mean resources and maybe you went to type on you and again the only learn about I what you based and your color didn't the shadow knowledge so that they would learn and that code could be better the part of doing cold is for the purpose of the n knowledge transfer I think some of us might have missed is called you I know I did I thought that In the beginning and not qualified to do local thank you don't know how to but the the reality is part of this invading interviews participating in discussion asking questions reading lots of new code I get to learn so I really become about better program to the if there's ever any confusion could you the time to ask questions when just finished writing and they know how to answer the question don't wait 6 months to ask what is called the this is known as increasing your must that the you always want to make sure that there are other people in the chain that knows about your coat so really called
revealed it's what it's essential you get about quality of care about knowledge transfer 1 of 1 of your team members to to the more experienced than me have with the process because learning is so valuable I wish that we don't be fixated on the term review and this is really not just about scrutinizing commenting pointing out the states it's really more than that they got this process more like a conversation among friends among colleagues not about judging
so the we know that there's we only need to have this kind of conversation we want learn so knowledge could be negative how do we make it possible to have a region of make this great again start having some empathy I know that some of us really OK being told we did something wrong you need to fix things but not everyone can handle being scrutinized all the time everyday having empathetic comments will those comments will be well received by everyone before jumping to read the newspaper because and the Federalists tried to understand context what is the scope doing the title and this to avoid any misunderstandings the problem of trying to make the effort to create a small amount request make it easier for people to article the and often times when when we review we are really equate to point out states to criticize but when it was good to begin with nothingness saying the model learns a thing or 2 often we say that we say nothing to say about some of the batteries the not good news for granted I know it's it's a program of job to write code but you could still show a procedures so a lot of products
that we have a contribution guidelines and you should also have a cold view that light letting people know what's expected of these processes the so what let's just go into the guidelines again
coding standard you should have there is not enough as a guideline this
article for a long we will want to at some code of conduct you better confidence because it is not when people back to the company the pride of the nation should involves not in your own company being model what to do when this conflict among the balance on each team might handle specify a timeline and we want to impose that the review gets done within a day or 2 but lower than that was a good idea to have a list of back up or how the make nonlinear reviewers to be just the same people all the time he will outside they will offer you will hear extract additional perspective so I think we know a lot about this whole process of reviewing that's as good or bad the following is an actually that I found allow legacy of legacy coat hanger and maintaining it but figure 2 simple and it was the system and thus far some funding finally not is not are not following standard happens a better weight of 1 of these this is the only way we should use formats security so now and it is I have happy but I don't understand what these 2 the I did some I have some questions like 1 is always system is a way to Intel minus the sum by so while searching I also found out that the was using a given library this is not desired great learned and the new things i it so I know we know what it's doing is executing are those that are we're trying to delete a file you gives any problem with can the no I'm not I'm not comfortable with this thing they what is somebody for about 2 passes the findings that there's a better way to delete files from by you can know all as that will saying some quiet while virus sought to executing along lines that there is a problem I wanna I want to do well try catch exception from this so it looks like you know I am much more comfortable with this than the previous so and on the left and he did not live in Maine and the little everyone's investment in with that of an acid I'm the top I
questions do you when you do could've used you work from like a style guide and you just use like say have 8 standards for do develop internal so does the coding that something like viruses suffer grappling with frame and yet the idiots and how we try to use that they like I used highly it's an answer like use those I actually I charm but every team members have their own preference like I have seen that the 1st to use on the school and I think that because the use like CamelCase thing so everyone has their own preferences something to be discussed with your all the the incident in some sort right those who were do you like to try to come up with a sword I showing you have a conversation your teachers is very late you could start at work but it was it was made aware of it like we working only a lot of organization sometimes you know it's got lost like we have something written about this and if all our not well they don't read it and we end up having to collect the ball to you know you stand and a look we have you don't like you the following with you know the I have tried to also some of the color of your work that I need to do a variety to kind the entirety by by the requirement of the rules of on the merge requests alone but I find that a lot of times I know it's and ask them not exactly sure what it is that the the representative can often provide feedback to just to see a lot of your group proved sometimes find some things but DNA tests for like kind of the scope conversation here is and how the justice like encouraging developers to give each other on constructive feedback kind establishing a culture of what just as you some of you that you know attacking like this is this is an opportunity just time the I for myself it starts from me like I finally the beginning that's all I do say OK to someone right but throughout time I realize that those people that are important so when I do reveal items at some time trying to help like cat is I know this work is that battle is let's do a little more easily and but it is not every scene might have that lots of real start time so it's it's something to be consider you know we a tip you lose you might have time to do it because a lot of additional reserves the ones with the people so that I post this 1 I like the way and the they with the morning before and after that you what I just make sure something that really like I realize that you need and how they will also need your help right and when you set a good example people start realizing that this is how it should be the we have more of a question the the and as think you have any thoughts on how scale this way way down to a very small makes a 3 developers yeah when you have to read about the rows and you're you're gonna be pushing a lot of code all the time and now yeah I don't we struggle with this so I also have a small team and its does the same people again and again and really try to get external reviewers you can like the francium within the same company in something like that so does so they're not overloaded and if anybody they being assigned to many reviews they should feel free to say I'm sorry I cannot do the review today the maybe you wanna ask somebody else to do it wasn't they imaging thank you for the you know the mind
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