Building Dynamic Dashboards With Django and D3

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Building Dynamic Dashboards With Django and D3
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Django does a great job of building dynamic web applications, but it's not always clear how to use it for a single-page JavaScript-driven application like a data dashboard. We will walk through a dashboard built with Django for emergency services data and dig into the following questions. How do I serve data up to my dashboard? We'll show how the Django REST Framework can make this easy. How do I allow deep linking to particular queries on my dashboard? We'll use django-url-filter to transform a URL hash into a database query. How do I get statistical calculations like quartiles out of Django? We'll stretch the Django ORM to use PostgreSQL's powerful statistics functions. How do I make all of this work with D3? We'll have a brief survey of how D3 works and see how to plug data from Django into it.
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thought of it is so this the time in this thanks to the place of the of the
lecture theater of which is I can alter the does the tall because I like rules on these data is referring to happen so by over was a control we will see with you about that on the table over and I believe that the time they would will this light will letters and and the who also before we get started in 1 the 1
note about concepts that that for I'm a show that this is all the study based on that for that bold and just releases of source last week it's all these around 9 1 1 there which is of course police data and and the police are very touchy subject right now and I just 1 status right in case anyone have any issues with that that's OK I this is not a program so I 100 fully support what was better but this is not a time we thought either this is my family the goal of this work on this important issue with my local with form were also go and and occasional the temperature profile that starts from great so the problem and
all I started my job and the means that you those that were there and millions of 91 records we have here's the prioritized bills is that site users see if the file or back it answers everything before it is cold but it really doesn't scale of museum was nice but it really doesn't scale and so is that we would like for you but also the best that we can really use millions millions of records for this is what I'm
not going to have a look at it in detail later but with this model to the back end of Django where you only processing and then a front using the 3 the theory of parameters of the visualization library jobs Jasper it's very intimidating who here is ever seen originated by the image of that also not as much so that and the government of something you don't use the theory of
and I so the so here's the tools are used this is my
set a gentle course assignment in a way on elements of the database I use series was the sequel which I see as evidence that the Presidency was later on these generous framework which has been great for me I actually a lot of obscure library continue your alter of the head of the German Society for the on GSA this ability to react programming alkynes claim reactive programming is as we get further into the dashboard and then I D 3 or so I visualization library in the areas of firewire on top of that In the leaflets which was a mapping library allow us to have maps the before we get started I think just so we have contest the nice to see what we're looking at so on the whole frontier so
that's where that I'm talking about this is that this is using new words they don't live in a world with neural Carolina of interim 1 is the 1 that I created for my will be part of this is using public data that eluded point is the source of news with public data of the during the so called oidia over time you see this and in this regard to the stadium on the through and see if I was the older also calls only with them now addresses skulls I can see how heavy it is all over town and response time and see that the median response time for doses calls the use of viruses when each sensor western society that of overall could be worse and and then I could even will and see all the calls by the occasion the the future like the 1 and the other thing is that is so and you will get little calls the but the following year was of looking at how I the high call orientations of which is the use of students at the middle of unions of places using that old now
does have of it's over you how you build something like this Tom who also this
is the architecture and other come back to this again so you get to see this again you will hear you see a request comes the location and then I sort of everything offered the crime where mainly everything the 3 amusing data really generate some which all the summarization that using right takes the filters the injuries the gender has
to well so i j fertilization decided that I have been going for every page that's all I will grew up that on those rules of this this real points here on that all they have to be I previous because they all serology g sine responses but they also vary the compact and I there are also right hand side of that is that the database means assess possible land approach that was accused this idea of summary model where I put all analysis that uses latent Hierachical age in years this is just a very small subset of it of you can see here in US I will have a problem with the your point of view year this I half of the sum of all overview and I used in my 1st classes this idea of the annotations each usually analysis is of no so the patients about the matter falls in the war especially for apartments and when they see the number of calls to talk public publicly will response that I hear a lot of fast and is my community of it so I can have different annotation for that year but every 1 of the about particular regions of the world the invite the we buy destroyed by type called you know all the things I can do it just for the different annotations for how agree that science 1 here of my users you're down by of all that classification for the mean average that of the response time the so this is not a savior Eugenio function so that a little while that happened how useless on so this was a sequel and I find that is that the truth will work because it really does have some great things inside of it is nearly do different types of queries that can certainly do the opposite of sensible standard up but here uses a whole of where I was able to build up the culture of the or em wi j so useful we have the option of that was pressure beginning of all the user and the technology of this because we had some people internally worry of good jobs were this has to do what you need you use know for this and 1 of the arguments that made in favor of using Django was how great is at letting us customized bill of things around it to make it fit on exactly so here the and local cortical precision where it really all about of data that I am looking at what you get a week you know looking at looking and you're data it uses the precision we're looking at the data and you in the my their our in the down here model along my date you know I have alone I something that they might precision so this grouping is together with from get your data from a young man not from looking at less than that me get a day but looking at less than 7 days from you again about how and that is that happen dynamically
evidence for distance they will you're of sorry so as the days when the velocity here research looking at my power and we can really see what's happening if I have go back here and now the notice that a lot of range because so that's why they can survive in the bicoherence say 0 yeah generative scene but January point In many query types the the this is this is widely known and very here the applied while OK of the United the ozone usually I was because I know the nite I call this the of all these things there but it never know know what is much flatter so this is a really cool feature that I was asked for
the J is made easier you what in the state of the universe the short again that's not a standard of function of actually level owing to the optimal word error over the entire requirements to dissect data function but it was the will and easily in this case I was also glad aggregation easily and percentiles of it so I work and and archaic national it's worse is the server data science of persons of bodily and the use of this of this I was in this case we really want not just to see the average response time but you know so that results was the results of this that's another alot more that's fast and begin get on which lower but we will use the whistle response so if you're using only going as they did or files that is you know when the calls how likely query planning it uses the difference the total number of calls lastly summary models and cold water functions that return a bunch of J psi in this case using data structures here that you started a signed by doing rest work of and this was this long get on my data sources only 2 types of ways look volume and then we will add the we also have the heat map which shows by and data we have for what the amount also but he doesn't in the heated doing of 1 of the things that was demanded that was do world so what are the demands on of things I had happened project Twitterville every view people are if they were true or even charts these really devastating this history on Mondays reduces calls this is 1 looking at we will assume that someone else national or it's with the again but you know for people who are necessarily attend for this 1 is something quick you know you got you gotta say I got a lawyer who is looking at this moment of data analysis and require you get from the police station was she was used and that URL so and j you okolja up all what we little jails filter of because that's highly on all the data were framework websites separate library that's often use of GEO our framework there you alter is its little brother that is here is the list super apple and is very small items it says this is work 1st of all and if you will at have to use that not money was very happy and I wasn't workers lack of things you do you on this 1 was and you recall queries and that it has a certain ways of looking at my data that I could just put it in a way called understand filters literacy and you was say idea of information which is you said here and so I mean that is the you certainly since the year but no 1 does or is it will steer on the this you have to do with that Apple to name only queries exactly so school and calls that so the filter and then became very useful on so you can see here out translates right by different distance nature and those elusive filter which you should is a is a matter all my queries of calls year if that there is but it happens in real life goes around data structures of the classes objects the reason why is because I have a filter and way ways to select it all of my life and I have to recreate that right 1 of the easiest ways to make mistakes and programming is by repeating yourself because you know what it is that the same and so certainly when you that you're going to have this on the structural here which is a pretty RTU structures like most things that you put together while parallel universes work their way together while also call the a catalog you was so you relatively software forward what's happened during the face of the assumption of the district in the nation group and whether or not all cancel and this on an iPod assume that the builders all filters that I have to pull on top of page of silicon you will get of but going to so this outlines the tell you where to go on but you see here call it takes those I would get parameters from request which really validation so obviously you all right so what the people this is that the money we model or a summary model calls and it on incident that nothing major there the foreigners were get really interesting and
how it works with Javier so I want you to it's reactive so what I
mean by that I really means that there is full data these events that happened with things that launches events and react In this case the things that you might see someone do what users change filters which they can do want to places friendly foot-drop now that is all that up
so the result of successful Monday this is your role changes so you're really really I might also say as well because this right so this observation to different places of the edges so what you're a different breed it so this seven-year year arguing here we're right active ways of these filters that every time I do the world some of these
changes on the application what is refusal right by which is the world's by but mainly to get a 1
here said I don't care about states of but respect the monotonicity but I have a lot of cases
the necessary it also in the world
of this is requested that the use of course that we eliminate up with is the is the use of the illiterate like a fairly complex just about using of pretty standard tools they use using worry which is not library but whenever you have something new and update him with a lot of lately linkages your different ways you can update something idea when both of them with this sort of we will get it made theories and schools that you'd shots and not after absolute exponentially world so readers I said parameter
big words that might arise unidirectional right everything flows 1 way of you with this change and then this would happen this impact and the data the 2 different ways of and then it was the interval and the so this is a a sort of a summary of the different events and reactions that I saw on the agent of all the world have secrets right when a user control over changes we the use the euro lattice of the but note that this is the same so that as part of this work really well his music common way is no direction of things that you it really is change the things that happen at right so like I show when you change your whole hatched mainly of the expresses is free fall of and each 1 of those shots at much of subset of the data so only that something changes that only the charter briefly where doing things this is a similar thing to what we see on if anyone ever use we actually has the same model but but they are active with what you because it was also 1 of the words really well with J O and written by a virus that were very principle of components that you might see so just to show the temper later on and get this data and true things right so
I will start with a high and In fact consider here reasons not only
got dated of but you have to wait where you see is like a and show this reduces it up written what's in monitors the data which is the whole point of the way of this actually works is that matches the data that date so this is a data updates this rather to OK half of the read
off the environment as possible and so
but what is the same as the 3 is there are the 3 is really easily follows the full capabilities visualisations is not particularly good because has of the charter because it's not a library these charts of the LOD tools I I'm sort of right you get so it's like a battle with parts of the bill is that also but you build up and so did you go into the work force law sometimes for you but there's a lot of libraries are commonly and I do the 3 because our society and it'll was doing a lot look at 1 of the using recently is what GS other thing I've got people lost their jobs libraries also is also linked to memorize giant it's only the size but the museum as a whole sort of level of hydrological topic really you know so those 2 things by university when I clicked on its own as war and stuff in there and then smarter chart this is that hope the reactive nature of this so whatever data in volume by being weak subset of that usually to use the whole of the on the chart all of the others have a and update that that's really that's entirely yeah I my entire system years when the page load properties when the data updates following on modern charter is simple to state so 42 units were added to the training data and says hey call assumption when changes understand of the current loading was little of protection and there was a lot of stuff species slowly the
heat map was were actually use the real real very rule to show how to do this would require the entire class of the 3 which are not you know what the article it directly off of of the samples all his exercise walks that word if you're interested in doing was realizations is amazing that is there of it was also I use of people the size of the 1 of the many of the project and that's the happen OK based on 1 person has looked at the example of the sea that usually used by the the we by our and also so and
again I have read out the function so as in all of this in the way of the words very easily by adding is free of the function so everyone visualisations as the same DDI of with the works so I was 1 1st was for building something so this is the way that were granted program really civilized was we must also work on I learned I suppose the entries about the real sort of not doing that and I was like you were it it was not not I really really those like 2 weeks of evidence that i and talk about the security but this is an open source application can look at it when you have serious foreign word happening when I was supported were I don't use standard sort of GEO at by . rules of origin present so was serious learning with creating a lot of stuff going on using with packaging aware that will the is really great really so I was able to use this domain for this system for it worked really really well of who you
as close as that of and I will assist you know talk directed parameter how works out all these things are connected if you see the the behind
the model get out of here because you will go there and because he has the right to use the word that the novel you can actually played with that application of with the life and of the size of features you have lot of I don't have a lot of time for questions but with the use of the so and so so
is this region right here in the the service of the for the fall of the American house and analyze the data and the 2nd is also so for my decisions only from from the use of the fact that you attribute to a that from a wire with that and if I had not crazy for at least but there's something about you like from for the so if you should have mention that of that it is really useful for them to provide real problems so the my question data-related of USM 1 year and I really how simple it is being built in neural Norwegian stack but high high control situations where you know so can look like you don't the users of the hours and what the so here we have these iterative access or solely filtering all that worries that yet another solution solutions what was used up and do your culture without the thinking of words of anything and that he uses so that if I had requested that I'm that were here we have the parameters of the time for the following the but In the case that
the and the