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shall we say thanks has its to enhance the so th this takes place since uh am
HuJo in is what area so I'm did introduce Oculus because around what other things this run and I have in common is people at last names people find hard to pronounce so I'm good if to right is the founder of the you your organization which I Friday remember of it is the most supportive community for people who are new to programming in code she also post the code you but that's the difference to everything rich just downloaded less by a sort of a lot of my phone so if you are new to coding or if you know people who are new decoding and they're trying to sort of find their way to find some sort of support to help them on the coding during the good movies community and the part that very helpful for the critic at that happened every week this round posts and so without any further do of all you use online and at the time and
hi everybody has a valid at them in the morning and half the federative copies of this goes what the that so excited to be here this is my 1st single gone but I have a confession to make them actually developer sorry I hope this is the last time I don't think it's only friend but I then introduce the Python word from many possible like you would encoded with the aging and now the awesome organizers for this conference and I'm really excited by does all the warmth and positivity that the distance an excited to experience that firsthand with you all this week and so my talk is lucky and
strong founder of which of last Introduction and this talk is very personal very important to me so please feel free we get me with your thoughts and feelings of the flag down only my hair like this from very response and this actually have an SMI I gave a talk yesterday someone said I put your hair avenues confined to sit at the following for you all of the roots of their come talk to me and tell me what you think in a lot of great research you since you
years ago I had my very 1st podcast interview was for so
called we Road Japan's that you've heard of a new row of of the were really great podcast around her and many years about 5 or 6 years and I was brought on the talk about my during the hold the episodes called hacking education and they have positive and telling them how I was inspired to get the fact that of the job flow and how I learned to of problems on my own and then not very frustrated inside the camp and I haven't talking I mention in passing that I am very much and I sent this to a panel of 4 white men and
like the nationally they were very confused and 1 of the panel and they've actually said I can't believe that we had a person on the show that at 5 4 5 levels of intersectionality of has just claimed problem and that comments that the need for a long time i that a lot of time trying to understand how people get to live I have my own part has codimension currently on that we observe that we managed to subscribe and my favorite part about this type have like it to interview people at all different skill levels make it to peel back the layers make it uncovered the we have also some people on the show hopefully
represents 1 of areas in the audience and most recent war are college educated they come from many different backgrounds and F on interviewing them really what I'm trying to get to the origins of how they did it on what will the things like that would have to do with this stuff tho I found so interesting about David comment to me was that his lesson definition of privilege was very different from what his focus very much
on race and gender which often means that focused on racism and sexism which make a lot of the conversations we have around the which are based on Symantec's and these are 2 very important topic we have to have way to make sure that our communities are Python community that in general a welcoming kind these things and there are many examples where it's not like you like to be a recent
example is the story of just travel who were used to work at doctor and an article came out a couple months ago that said that 1 of Dr.
star engineers got so many definitely that's the company hired private detectives to protect you that your company's hiring private detectives the state of the whole emitting in official travel warning of the next thing I'm that say if the very heavy and this is from a blog post that she wrote about a year ago and says ever since I started speaking at conferences and trimming to open source project I have been endlessly laughter about 100 the private messages of piracy an e-mail about sex rate and that threat people e-mailing me saying they jerked off to my conference talk video you welcome by the way in which set a mild in comparison to sending a low shot pictures of me covered in blood I wish I could do my job something I very obvious what to do without any of this bullshit however that things possible find she tweeted when she laughed and said I love and I love so much in a small piece of my soul standing up for myself I just don't know so we talk about privilege the way I think about it is that it's the ability to engage in this type of behavior for the very least but handling them because the vector so what does this mean for our community it means that we have
capable of passionate hardworking people who wants to contribute to our community who can add incredible value to all of us and they can't they're being denied the opportunity for reasons that have nothing to do with the remembering nothing but this is a that we're getting better they were getting better at addressing which issue those very clear this from the yeah housekeeping items that we talked about earlier and over the years has accumulated gotten better at talking about at tackling these issues we have some really important people do the heavy lifting and highlight a couple of them like
now 1 is going and use of and between 0 this person is just awesome to the self-proclaimed social justice warrior which think many they return and she created into the covenant which is the code of conduct for open source projects the very successful of the adopted by Jacqueline movement and a lot of really big important project 1 I love it is by
trees child a couple years ago she went to the Grace Hopper conference of hands in everything the conference focused on women intact and when she was there she found that so many people were talking about the gender diversity issue of how hard it was to have this is number 1 if there were no numbers there were no status to back that up and so she get possible where the data where the numbers and she finally opened up a thing which is that Google spreadsheet and asked companies to contribute to the report the over and when she did that she was a huge huge influence on and getting the organizations like Google and Facebook talk openly about these issues and now we have the we have a baseline so we can see if were actually doing better with the thing that is a widely like as I said that I like this 1 pursued kind an accidental wantonly set out to be a diversity African as part of my hiring hiring marketing campaign by her company 1 log and she had this act 1 of 4 engineers and someone took a picture of 1 of those ads made a comment that something about Hessian might look like and and the she started a hashtag movement is the thing the as call like engineers united women all over the world from different backgrounds to pictures of themselves and what they look like because they all look like engineer because they are so going back to the concept of
privilege it makes sense that he would focus so much on race and gender because a lot of the conversations with it of very I like that definition because I'm a
woman and I'm a person of and drowning
well was popular questions we get a good community of how do I get a job as a who not color taken a couple courses I and done a camp I've done my work harder why did the voice as 1 interested thoughtful responses here and 1 of the common answers that we get is continued open source it's great you can do it from anywhere just put stuff online you build any between out here you push it and use of about there it's willing to build a will break portfolio of most common bases that we get something that either the right before in your employment all the the wasn't really take to contribute think code by you know that and you can use a little bit you know enough to understand the project you're working and dissected and able to get back to it in a way next of life communicate it's really helpful thing can communicate in English because a lot of programming languages are usually done in English you to have the time and time really means you have the money because you have the financial stability to justify spending so many hours beginning of so much of your time that work because they don't have a computer at a very obvious and yet that did not ideally how things that you can make it Jimmy open source in regular part of the the we think about open source contributions as a class these are almost like that prevent the other stuff you have to do before you can even get the door right let's forget about what happens once rooms and get the dog you can have these things to start so how we get there how do we get to a play so we have these prerequisites that I talked about I come from an upper middle class held my parents and will follow the too often think it's it I'm Ethiopian and born Ethiopia my dad came here when I was about 1 and then my mother I follows almost years old and we live the American dream by the book we start off with the really pathetic one-bedroom apartment in and not so great part of the no I was 9 we moved to 1 of the richest counties the United States and then sometime in high school we moved to the which is part of the richest county enraged I er not against it like that so what happens when you have parents were good jobs and you can provide that type let the this thing that came out in 2014 by the
National Bureau of Economic Research that is the land of opportunity geography of inter-generational mobility and the 2 and looks at how parents income affects children later on in life so we look at this graph of hoping the that we can see the parent household income of the bottom the mean child household income enough and we can see the correlation the more money your parents make the more likely you are to be financially successful later on all the houses affect how what about about that too at the bottom we have parent income right and on the left we have per cent attending college at age 18 1 1 on the right we have college all so we can see a similar correlation where the higher your parents income ranges is the more likely you are to attend college and the better your colleges like the so we can see some very direct financial benefit of coming from that socio-economic stability going but there are 2 other positive side effects to 1 and then you're more likely to go home and good public schools or public school I want a really great models will will have a high school they had a mentor program I have finite got except that I had a willing willingly educational we're part of this system and you go to a grade school grade county it also means that you are probably part of a community that has very high academic standards I did know college with an option that was as the set after high school the question was how college you get into and out of the word and I'll
talk a little about how I have to agree that English and psychology global part statement the when you get your money's worth at the the a group of Cunning here OK so the left side about having to bring the factor income so this looks at salary based on the degree and we can see that the higher the degree is the more money you make and most of the PCI what's going on with the doctorate degrees so they're they're not doing quite as well not following the trend that we find that the more money you make the the inverse correlation with unemployment rates by the higher your degree the less likely you are to be point but that's
that also of Arts degree 1 thing that comes with that is very strong communication skills even if you don't have a lower and if you have a 4 year degree most likely you have some kind of a general what right where you have multiple projects and reading and reports in writing and teamwork and all the things that over a number of years straight and communication skills which we talked about a very important of part of our open source contribution prerequisite of torque about
here and that I and my 1st computer with Internet of agent i n nodes do it so I display organ trail over and over and over again that that are Intel I still hate wagon the if at that age my mother forced me to learn how to write have 0 how she knew how important that would be a ring of Schaffhausen on sight and music begin I were really good friends that is my homegirl and in middle school and high school we have you allowed we have your labs where we had next of all colors and we have the full of sweet Highland Final Cut Pro I was that the job and that know what Internet methods for that found in and as it is when you don't have
access to wire fraud more specifically in means that you don't have internet speeds the fast enough for you to do very basic web things things we body we probably take for granted as the law product that include video chat or downloading images the 11 million people in the United States who don't have access wired that going to a 16 broadband progress report by its the on average the proportion of the population without that access is highest in counties with the lowest median household income the lowest population than the highest world population rates the highest poverty if we look at this on an
international level we can see that over half of the people the world don't have access to the and if you remember the panic that hit developers when I get help went down the last time you can imagine how hard it is to be part of the technique you can't get on 1 side that help I never thought much about
how I have all my limbs better life and this was really happening held by having the I . image regions I was by the way if you don't know what that looks like this terrified where they were 0 I understand that but not everyone has that would help
1 million people in the United States are functionally deaf 360 million in the world 1 . 3 million in the US was legally blind 39 million in the world talk about color blindness 1 in 12 men 1 and 2 women wanted people and there are a couple of issues around health that we also think about the obvious 1 is the possibility which means experiencing the world and having it find having full go different for something like that but also technology and making sure that we can see things are colors of describing the the demand of screen readers the but there's also other things that I didn't really think too much about but the financial impact is the back and help those are real and making it very very high but there's also the financial and have of not been able to work right and not being able to take care of yourself and your family vision to the the thing in half and then there's the emotional stress of all the frustration of wanting to do all of the the a certain person in your body simply not letting that I think are the body I don't have to worry about and talk about money a lot of my money secondly my parents behave like education so I graduated that tree what will work and so forth the that everyone has that right everyone have that it's normal let's take a look at exactly how much of that people have 1 . 2 4 and 40 million people in the US have 1 . 2 trillion dollars into that comes out to about 30 thousand per person has that we compared to other types of loans we see that with the exception of a mortgage we owe more money and student loans and anything else that you that happen as how does impact your life after all that is bad you were choices 52 per cent of the people surveyed strongly greater summary to the statement but you money need to pay student loan debt is hampering my belief further like NIC has happened 1st most people that I grew up with violent college when they have to take that 1st job out of college because they have most they can afford the unpaid integers again for define themselves they can afford to travel for a couple of a long time that 1st job is initially then no interest the building of creative direction they have no desire to go to the next thing is not for me personally with that I have to get a job I could build a clear I could take that to we gave that eventually turned into a contract I could take a few months off I can do that paid internship there was only 7 dollars an hour I can make decisions for my career that my survived the my parents want me to mean of that burden in college which meant that years later I couldn't hold I could take my career and I'll hold in so how do I get here how I get to a place of writing code I can communicate the internet I have computers I have a certain comfort with technology had the financial stability to spend time on the like interesting open science I'm really feeling what I bet that most of you a lot to and people hate hearing that by the way people wanna believe that they're here because they worked really really hard and I was 1 of those to go my husband's tell me you know your support partly because you're looking at in all I worked hard my opening keynote a but we and he said this over the years we get it here and I kept mulling this over my head I'm old I did tons of research and reading and released for this topic and that time the particles also from and and I kept coming up With this tension between
what and hard work because successful people favors for telling me over and over again that they thought it was and what time you have to wonder if they can come in parts violent actually said I'm narrative I worked hard you wanna be here but they don't wanna work for the very common I recently left my position Microsoft runs a program manager to give meaningful an at Microsoft and managing technical training program called and we served unemployed or underemployed your this work passionate were right were slot and just need an opportunity the watch and guess what those people of the village part 2 I have a graduate was raising 4 kids on her own she's been finding an hour here and there over a number of years to get technical taking the course when can go into the library when she had slowly trying to get closer to you by the time that I walked into my question type of thing and she like that for people that she worked really hard to so it can't be just about what I'm lucky that I don't have to worry about money and afterward not help and the think about where my next meal was coming up I had the exposure the stability of a support system early on in life so that as an adult I was converted and I could take my load from shoulders and then to my work I was looking 1st so that I could were hardly and that's OK having a bit of luck takes nothing away from your hard work examining work hard battles of the weights of up to but a lot easier than those prerequisites when you're a little bit lucky it's a lot easier than the Laplace will contribute to open source where you can be here on the part of this community if you're a little bit a little of both along but
so what happens when technology is dictated by the the what happens when those of us who were statistically better positioned to succeed but also the ones in power what happens when we dictate how everyone else interacts with technology how they connect with families have the access the memories of the
so then that you also and I do on that show a lot some general but you end up with a mustache other happened I love this scene because it captures everything I love and everything I lower about meaning in this scene the main characters in the of the opposition and the company says all you can work world changes all the going rate is called haven't time but was did this this set of from a model again controllers and they put it out and you examine goes I purposes voltage in technology at understand and they go all it's fine don't worry is different from that and and here the payment that of Superfund this is also ideal entitled new that the mustache and really do but to me this captures a very important thing which is how we think about the problem we tell
us how to solve problems that we have here because we understand that we can that that we only have a room full of people we can spend all their wanting to about those problems but if we only solve the problem that we experience that we're comfortable with in nearly everyone of time so when we do with 1 I thought of as a long someone I leave you with the Netherlands and action item and on a burden with all this the guilt of being like going to give me something that to do and in many different solutions but I think all boils down to 1 very very simple things to expand the problem with the more columns that we can understand what problems were exposed to the more able we are to share power among the few specifically 1 very simple it's to follow people who are not like you that might mean based on gender or race it might mean dislocation I love following people who are outside of the United States just because it's interesting to see what other international versions we're dealing with what the times when I Tweet Messaging like they're saying that morning that's fine international it's also great to interview so follow people with different opinions happened do you like light no I follow them by Borland again I wanna understand the perspective I wanna hear the opinions you don't have to engage the common you have to agree exposing yourself just by listening needed for volunteering tool that more involved but find 1 decisions like where you can spend a little bit time and get to know people who might have problems are different and this was really powerful because you to build the noble which other's reading article you have been to the cat is sitting down with another person getting to know their personality and the bottom and here the origins but there wasn't there once again fine with it but I mentioned that the 3 incredible woman who were doing on the head with things to make by technically a better place there are lots of other people like you can make the job is a little bit easier with something as simple as a something as simple as recommending them to speed that are recommending them for position at the top of the very simple ways to amplify voices that people were doing a lot of hard work and very low cost the and my hope is that you do these things you can and what great experiences and the issues in the perspective that you hear into your own home but you know there's only think about things like the possibility are we making sure we use those fault that are we making sure that we checked or website screen readers are we doing these things to make sure the flux that we build or accessible with many people's path we did not directly how they file sizes the to be that big strong make sure to think about these issues when you're building your next another 1 that I really like is taking advantage of invention great is also and it's great but a lot of times you don't need to use the walls that everyone already knows use icons and symbols and expected user flows to build upon and don't fire knowing English easy ways that we can build products and there's not some examples of people who were doing this 1 is called for America semantic of America have often also organization around 6 years and they could over 100 government agencies local agencies to really understand the problems in their community and build tag products to solve them together with a great inspiration is the Internet Watch of and the narrator now out there so 18 an office inside the General Services Administration may help other federal agencies filled by shared solutions and what I love about their blog is very transparent the very openly shares much of the data as they can and they talk very openly about the problem that the government of the thing and if efficient ways for the other 1 that specific visionary city is the big apps competitions and I love this competition every year the EDC works with that other companies to make member and they on the competition to solve for big problems in this year the 4 problems were affordable housing waste filling engagement the and the best part about competition and it's very hopeful so throughout the year you have to have the confidence were people or invited to come and listen and see these problems in a different way to solve the problem with which so I encourage you to expand your problem and sharing law because the more we can do this the mortgage now we talk about what the privilege it might sound like we're talking about it but we are not not diverse but they hate word but diversity talks about difference it draws the line to assume that there is a normal and there's an and we just get the others in the room would embarrass doing great diversity is 2 and a half I prefer that to who is inclusion of fires and to always ask ask yourself who am I mean how whose voice whose story is nothing her whose perspective a lot of inclusion is worried and it demands that we hear it requires the and the time it will outlast the latest person to it cannot be captured perhaps but it's easy to talk about women intact fully static number a people of color in the tech industry but I worried that only focus on just race and gender we forget we forget about the single market the guards working 3 shifts just to make ends meet we forget about the long line of people leaving every morning at the library just so making use of for that the inclusion demand that we by everyone it because 1 technology is dictated by everyone for all of we can all be a little more but
with be if that it that does to group think they're marching then
German my my question is about the the this was you are for those of us who have had this this sort of the experiences being being the ICAO myself amongst and we're quick spices we see what's going on we can listen to the other opinions that are out there to listen to other people had a try to get involved you try to help and then you help so much to end of the exhaust and you know not being useful 21 so do you have any tips for self k in all of its of United says really benefit that it'll that you but not that what that may young you know what I have I'm without going that far but it's cash how do you balance the the need to self cannot be said of smothered by the inverse for everybody else in but I feel so guilty this is the fact that you they actually need as much open with the up which you can give up this a good question on some of you and how have self here yet so I associates if you read medium at all OK so I recently survive and very good the last 5 boxes we were very exhaustive out but now that all of the a bunch of very not great things that happened last week I can look at the hearing is it's it's it's a straight edges see nothing but bad experiences in and sat in a boat that is the most it empowering thing like not and so I think that there are definitely times where I just step away or I have that not look a pneumatic not look at Twitter I and II try to I try to find the positive stories and all this re read them you may think you might have little bit more about me that so all read about the success stories I'll read you know books I really like from you know people were underrepresented were doing really great thing about all gravitational go back to these really important stories that are very very problems take the protagonist Willy 5 by the wedding is different meaning informed and being informed the point of exhaustion and find that balance is very personal but definitely feel free stated that back in both of what was quick book do you know the need like good pop ones of sources of good stories like but essentially the twin but only the good stuff they sit there and then the money and there's been letting up at the end of word fair only show or whatever it is I mean have haven't got and she actually had a hashtag I wish I remember to find and ultimately there but it's it's a hashtag that something like black kids having fun orders something like and the idea was is being very very exhausted by the all assuming the thing that happened and is 1 in a stream of just nothing but positive two-way away and a bunch of people of all the world we didn't send pictures and videos of their you know their kids just despite having fun and it was found only in the use of of the a hashtag limits we get my county that that the way that starting had come up with what a bad a positive things after this that last I a question also a really short and I was like why might it has here so quite of that Jane kind is code sprints this will happen on Thursday and Friday where we get it you know any billionaires beginning we contribute to the printing open-source projects what the things that we should be doing them or that we should be writing as a conference or that the spring leader should be providing to and and this is maybe oppressive fracture because everyone is in spring 30 here then why would you we do to include people who are not as lucky other questions so I think that in any accessibility following the easier things that corporations no hold it and product heading for me I was very active and so long as they abide by the the very heart of the matter at all the work and so I think of really great in the becomes news and you will find that light all of away so to things like all types having images smaller and all the things that might seem very intimidating invariant all the add this whole thing about my future that is providing that information so it so that we know it's not actually as hard as it might seem and highlighting the fact I think that the a really great about any ordering that we have had the the that it the following for next question to make that we have somewhat quest to begin with a microphone so well that person because of their way to the might I'll reiterate has she would you when you talk on accessibility like the torque center point music rich richness in New because of this kind of is a question that goes beyond of capital industry the but on here we can stick to that but how do you get people to yeah I mean we saw but the number of people that you know on on the internet none of broadband Internet access on we don't have the that when a block the but when a you when you're interacting with them and they say what you care about them we you know I mean and you know they should let me
because I mean you know honestly the talking about the what all art we lucky that somebody figured out 0 thousands of years ago worthy of 0 now this but some newer so where thoughts on that but we have you engage people do or you can so With disenfranchised by the circumstance I mean like that they don't even understand what they don't have access to all that is easier time when you were not likely who don't no they're not all well words they don't like when when when you're interacting with them mean you're suggesting that will you know if have you have you thought about you thought about exploring you know no programming you coding you know like as as as as a thing you know as a or or even just a new technology as a way to communicate as a as a way to find of of a place in the community that's more than just north of optical in an interesting so do you like man of his idea right away the minds of Java and this but that's a really good shouldn't be doing that a lot where we will share really important potential that you racial whether it's hot cold or have to save money or things like that to people and they're not very receptive to it and who things I learned from that I think 1 is that this kind of a limit of how much you can make people do what I would like you to do I want to all types is a does not work well and then very well attended basically I but I think that it's important to provide information and to provide consistent support inside had people who the 1st dimension spatial and holders of academy industry has a bunch of really easy ways to start in mind that and all this kind of remind them all bring them up and over period time at the no they do change their mind they are interested I there to make the journey easier for them so I don't think it's as simple as going to 1 on having 1 conversation and it's no different I think it's introducing and being consistently supported so they know that they do around the duties remind if they allow times is really intimated don't believe that they can actually do it that making is consistently show them that they can vote through your own work hurting words I handed over time note we strike knows height appointment maybe they actually do take that inflation is out of the the and your last question where flooding at a time so know I have a conversation going when you do that with some you know for social just so you know it at like a neighbor you let them come over and play Minecraft with the kids and show them the Raspberry Pi servers that you get them into with that can work right well so what if here trying to transform an organization now they already sort of think they know how to code but you really do know a lot more than have and you know I you know obviously don't you know talk about Bloom filters so this algorithm a that algorithm you wanna talk about you should try Django and here's what I can do it can I consider this this thing really simple and look I want to cover the cover a credit application and no repeat code but how do you keep on doing them and bring them you know over time that's something that I have to learn of a few I certainly don't know the media internal organizational units of I have no experience that To be very honest and on the list in my own will help might get is that it is the more process as so I would have a lot of people that you can talk about how they got their start holding by taking the idea that someone the office had building up on the side of weekend combatant thing look what I did know look at that and go all that's very interesting you know we can do that but now over that anything to you so will concentrate on their ideas I as we actually had had a meeting once where at the end of their meaning and then in the meeting I have 1 will come to me you your very good at making people think like they have like that idea so if so yes I and that's a very powerful communication that use their ideas you their ego stroked that ego and use that to the to and so I'd like to thanks to run for an excellent In the provision about think war for coming out you are going to break up the year 10 o'clock in about redirect that you're reading of it but but what programming is and enjoy the fruit of would apply to the thank the but thanks thanks the thank
you for this