Walking Down the A11Y Road - Lessons Learnt From Working on Accessibility of A Django Project

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Walking Down the A11Y Road - Lessons Learnt From Working on Accessibility of A Django Project
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- Who we are and how did we meet? WHY DO WE CARE? - Universal Design as a core value - Who benefits? - Why making inclusive products makes business sense? - What liabilities you incur for not making inclusive products? WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH AN ALREADY ROUNDED PRODUCT? BABY-STEPS WITH KA LITE Easy things you can check for and correct fast (titles, headings, aria landmarks, visible focus, alttext for images, meaningful labels for EVERYTHING...) Bit more tinkering required (menus and navigation, complex forms, accessible color schemes...) Accessible Multimedia & Documents (offer ALTERNATIVES!) WHAT SHOULD YOU DO RIGHT FROM THE START OF A NEW PROJECT? KOLIBRI FLIES FOR EVERYBODY - Include a11y requirements into the Usability Style Guide - Take a11y into account when choosing the libraries and frameworks - Follow the standard web semantic - Make accessible web components available from the beginning - Start including a11y automated tests as soon as possible ACCESSIBILITY IN EVERYDAY DEV TEAM LIFE - A11y Pills & lots of passion - Make accessibility a *SHARED* responsibility - Start a Tools Repository (Rome wasn't built in a day) - Don't rely exclusively on checklists and automated testing (Involve the USERS!) - No such thing as 100% accessible
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what if th th thanks thanks to the next this is so but if this is some some kind of a very
much for the new community actually have many people in this unit you're just about there way the river of you yesterday with the knife uh show and so on and on and on and on about my experience of working with broader here wide and there are pretty and groups
give the to say that library that means I have having been an effort to build a in a wizard motivated polar through you don't need to do that and to implement the Universal I would only be here for you so
I think know it is that they can have we align them all lined server solutions for us to think about the upcoming digital media content 18 I in place in the world and where it is not very so we have is that our server that students the years in school for orphanages and you can ask and features we do not active is not sufficient time to get all of the connection to the to the of your company that's not the only and that uses yet but we always have that I want to go with them from the cruise and you will see the formula that the decision to what can happen in the you know when you have a user can bind with respect to the of the light and I just 1 moment is that how we we need and all last year of the sport
was just as before this is the Google Summer of Code the project is 1 of the musicians and others like them 1 of the core values of designed and have been real like my proposal by their presented because of some of these of lines in the I did not know about the moral and what he have been my as for the time would say in the whole will not get past these findings so so why don't you think i'm conscious
that unlikely that from now on the unit of land use a correct but also their love you work for the agencies or organizations revise stakeholders you have really do not share the same facts so I'm going to to standardization adjustment will be that she might use as you know I'm convinced that I don't have to meet anybody here the y-axis will is important and that you might have to deal with some questions about why investing time and effort in so when the universe so let's go and see a novel by men and it might help you with some of those and when these stakeholders so the
universal you were enough so that just saying people according to the World Health Organization is 1 the people in the world in some form civil that's the missile you're our that's more than all population you for example the new that's
it was shown 1 4 at some of these of the both models to see the that like more than all the Galician German so it's not an entity anymore and
I'm an idea that of you on the disabilities is that things will be in units of finances ability this is the fact that now the 1st prototype for the different all of those you know he's relationship the community was from some of launches he's features in working out their people because his wife and his mother back and until at his research into 82 on device it's here devices that are actually man because of and that with our own research done Bell last permitted to transistor and history all to what we today have and
the you know without any of the material while I was of a called so this is trying to to cut somebody with disability and that we the a problem with that is that that's not the case a month ago I didn't see little to a virus and get to use this line here 10 how many here our parents OK so this just label for all those terms that you have to really have to push fast those who that's there because the necessary people we are on wheelchairs or you don't have that any time you have to have a solid you was a shown you also make use of the so the informals extremely eventually that these legal that it is I'm forever but usually also show to deal with this subject and I should friendlies that now many women have eventually ended up to ratify claim the same in all countries of technology but eventually it's going to happen so that the benefits
it's also for business you have several arguments the land while the women certain cancer universal designing a business with disability than its search engine optimization more well and designs and usually you have become very possibility of several times from 1 people that there was a whole use directly at Facebook on mobile versions instead of that of just smart cessible so these 2 these are connected Italy's managers you know that will this in the room being those who would have to so at home you don't have to put to try to think about
ability from the beginning to start to come before whom a don't wait a few with the other thing about this if you try to build the little from the beginning it may increase your budget for problems at once we have the the the lecture fees a project father was designed out of the ego and sent lot so if all you care about that but should numbers than it is for all methods for business phenomenon which you think we have sounds a lot in
many countries especially if you work in public sector accessibility is built in the law so of the observed or you have legalists here last have such a higher weight in Bacillus acts and you're looking at annual look rate now couple months ago there has been a really important decision the European Union about implementing their ability on the whole European Union and of was the Web continents emitting items were established as ISO standard and there is 1 thing on election just and accidently in although recent legislation that to preceded not as a property of the person very much something is missing the 1st elected and what happens with the person interactions environment which makes it an accessible for them that point to the need to have some some program you can be and we see because for 1 that you program land and I watch you worked and because the situation we say for example mean asylum at some and useless the my whole official ability but I cannot do many sunlight we don't really really I induction so this vision the ability of the commons between what you are in the situation in Ituri is that the 2 are been the legislation to the In the course standards the
also also end up in a Portuguese so you had several on I really wouldn't locations about accessibility especially in the US for the qualities I decided and then you can hold the land least process of the solvent who studies this like that in 2011 presentation of the problem and so it can be 15 the and in about year 2 and a young they analysis is more than 2000 to feed and how you cases 1 hour on account of accessibility breaks infinity pools of reflection OK so and I
think now about the our mind lessons learned from ability on this particular model here like and on a share of the will have less of the learning rate right away it's like you have to think about our friend delta to say for the province pretty resource that thing on this low-hanging fruit that we managed to take care of India life I give us 1 of the
2 and that is currently a liter is actually from 1 would let's you from the around it the so that in the fact that there has to keep in mind all the time and you think about the participant whether this is so the 1st of us
anything about the document structure the 1st most important thing that you have to do before and I need to worry about the upon our ways you know we don't people whatever they like age language because otherwise you have on the French that you love Clara to language will be having your screen Europe that language is is most of these as I have built which other form of course is somebody know that theory to the children of the eighties often in the reference from my publications are using this really funny researchers found that that was speaking
French only 1 of the things about an image instructions that letter title on your page that's the 1st thing when the spring when the browser also the webpage the speed is going to read the title of the page and the browser the rather use it has to receded from 1 region another cannot have the same 1 otherwise the people users of 1 of the without context and the only thing that should be similar or the same as the 1st half of which this is the homepage of the light OK and this is 1 of the 1st thing that actually the you my and use of leadership last year and there goes an area these land mass which can be the semantic features you know 5 or or area and the Mac HE analogies you were really really a lot really disability features for a variant of the not at that society which they getting to have or of the we rapid from from the sun can risk of making confusing
but this just to the there is a
man sets and loss the page for the patterns had been chosen because of how they cultural it's not because of the proper I Panasas so this tool is something going to show you engage in detail 1 of the technical totally so they will even a chest full name and and think that happens in your page and show you what should be 2 to 4 the government mediation I
mentioned yesterday if you don't like the full 1 divided browser shows your but just before I don't doll outline view those that's like be fail just to
show you because you get to see that get the that solve people who use this for the even immigration I mean that there has school had once it is the only way is able to navigate through the age of 40 with the little movement he is available in this is their life like the above which also allows people to more than the other word or something more ability to use different types of pointers like like this 1 for
example a real player and we use the uplink airlines and had a reasonable you finds it says that it was too late for me so I just say where did that see accessible to be more have been more stronger in the data we should have controls in the media player want a lot East active at the moment so when you're actually worked on i the from the controls you know you can see exactly where you at that point in time and images and
this out actually at that's it onto the and mn state to walk along a so that of Enoch project was important because it goes offline solution but I cannot stress enough how our important this is for search engine optimization you get from erectus right need you have in your projects because for all intents purposes will is wine the seed itself so if you do not some textual information about what is in that you cannot be about the metaphor suggested that for people who use the discrete here I don't have to test me just Walsh each child you will get more hours of talk about how to optimize the over an a search engine that civility the this is about the about your on development that can be done so you cannot like the what's the
use and forest but something the failing financial yesterday we because critics the novel just click more people here or here to do whatever people hold description or where that when leaves inside of the can and the check um and the task shed the form we then it's on all the fields which are required in practice they have as some false once the form is submitted the course on the you know but it may have been accessible from accessible for and for people could not found in the sea currency pattern water through various fields make sense it is just saying that you would expect in this to
OK because in contrast to also talk about yesterday I I just wanted to mention 2 things of the collagen efficiency of effect from about 10 % of population and that's mostly man about 80 % 90 % with the ferrochelatase a chocolate thought 100 million users in so think about that the this is the total of the show
you it's really think all of you can write it as a bookmark wet and hour just judicial with that over time we had himself in the the knowledge of the project and executed only when we have the development version he said big name I have and so it was like the house social OK and then I think it's better correspondence nice about from London here now yeah I there's really
because I have but if you look carefully you see something to say about the lines and colors of these natural amateur lines long electrons and over on the right OK if you see something that really had available doesn't know and it'll be there and that the above the financial incentives to reduce image as I was in the United Nations the how the whole new world of possibilities because that you have
a responsibility for the alternatives do not use color along the economy combined with something that's that that will be here in an in this manner so that they cannot call for alternatives you hear the color and contrast there are several
artists and immediately years with options and this land use that 1 of the things you have nothing which are I can use the the loads the subtitles and captions you have images available the chance in full and on the block effect in the book I mean the usual position for subtitles and it's similarly we face is at the moment the fact that our website has also that we example of that so when it is time passes and trans dates for your video I need another 1 this does that anybody who is a very challenged and improve comprehension and makes the problem searchable training and usable for a prairie any can also help somebody who doesn't want way lot there is a have had onto the moment it just shows that the whole deal and you do the did you another thing report on what we did
is we don't ultimately on all the people who could not be and challenge all cannot see because they actually I went out of the part of the extension which blocks the truth all the all the years use until I specifically company to start playing so they're waiting waiting list users how to choose where they wall on all of the sun really nice piece of the continent created produced so that we are accessible interfaces don't outlet but
it land let's see if you had not known version of I natively or made available to this previous thing that peaceful blind users and all those little referring to the reasons that of greedy and if you are for example and on the right and proper would prefer to was something that really the another example
what's the meaning of the when you last year with the light is sum of the the part of the page where the learner is presented with their products so you have 1 of the things that fold and will talk and each instruction and to me is letter size is learning not starting over the these will this as in the Finnish when the images that the dark green another piece of the topics topic in this in the flask this cloud looks like a somebody who can see electrons that the state the so you're is will right I don't think they believe that I want that probably because the always used use in context so at this moment in time really what is happening in this stage and is also capable and the 2nd level to multi-class extensions to it's also there was this is this is a way of properly the attack formation of engines suction benignant utility that this little to here and there was that answers to these 2 and that kind of a sense of here you have the precise so how much is the learner 18 understand that same here and level of the rolling back of the tongue can then be used you will learn a lot about 40 per cent of this 40 2nd science is the same 3 be the exercises and on and on mobile him and this that and the precise so that and this involved the using the game when the user moves job so there was this class and the class that's really here only tests are only some facts effectively takes away from the page of a variable in size so that people will see all the words in a scene but it's rat as the universe region in those so this is kind of job that have to do that I'm going conditions in fact have about conditions so the meeting information which is essential for the comics although our learner is presented so all these ideas and plans are information which is necessary so the time runs out was something like this and now we have had 1 of the things that that in the that's the resulting there 2 years it was even before the 2nd years you have started to what hear that people here there's nothing and there 2 exercises in this topic and you're still working on all of them because their life green the conditions of the 4 year still working on or you were still working on all this thing for for this quantity here 1st you have completed 4 % but you're still working on this therefore the exercise of power so that's 1 I think that you have to check the out all the atmosphere and the people of the missing information some other way as I mentioned yesterday screen user models pieces of soccer which is much before you can do it but they haven't really is the learning curve so I there is 1 thing then actually resources this is small fire what's expansion which will you like actual output all what's for you you might treat their other options that I will show you later or will you at proximal because in this plenary differently the most used want provisionally kind of like a sort of mental wheels of being useful jaws and I read belief in a certain way and then NADH is a free version getting popular in here we slightly differently and and then not of is not standard for that OK so with this out like to close the chapter about the his low-hanging fruit really and used to do some of the some improvements for k life and John to whom the product of 2 people would lead the 2nd iteration and it was the ideal solution will survey in humans from the beginning which is far close to that so let's see what it looks like we would have construct
the giver was he's got the 2 of and you this is a lot of possibilities for the wall itself is made of of tool fold feature is what somebody else natives the lower on you can bear is in after so we're trying to do poorly yeah aligned itself with the
designed gene set to work with the theory of types and putting down the wording in England for the user who is found by this in the in the top that leveraging semantic feature high right from the beginning easily it's not easy to choose an just creates a framework for where goes low and not have I accessible components some real quality comes to mind we're using using new JISC has some things in the accessible other you have to work than I but you consider that area choosing all the other things and these are working to reach a landed you mutate about you have to have the uh adding this ability or on the behalf go OK so this is 1 of
the ranking of people's remind the main part of the chapters
contrast was marked idea so basically I'm redirecting disability but it's the same as anything else you during about people's it is after teams you will be working was working any 1 of the group selection so this is a much
cleaner and more or less a multiple of the and had in mind the need but is really all over Ireland contracts yeah they have to bring about the provision of the
elements how do you want to put that in relation to the pattern was the main piece of content is also the beginning of the delay also note that you can be
my these best from all that have you see that position differently your use of your project the in the one-way rule in which the amount of an enduring about another way you would do in the page the and then set about
the problem is just 1 of the hands of the developers of elements have the same way happens for all of us and it's you know features you staff then go on this 1 would
be actually use new Jr it uses the
the class and sites you will leverage something without I'm working on the problem set so that the is actually used for the gave information is a crucial need to have the company here what is rest so topic is the only on our inspecting those you what be rat but as the years have enough I think so that was the 1st idea this is the ended of
practical beauty and out to woman set so this is what's called the data and components in the community of texts so in leverages 2 properties are out of the and I just want to do this because I was so
proud souls mostly in the last month or so and the main thing works I get I will be in the book but yesterday and also problem because they were the of the amount of you embezzled later time pdf and you're not so also found the the last year so that the integral of the mean abilities so they argued that the floor so just people reflect position and have mighty how do you do that and
4 last season and the right thing and people to work in here I tried last year to remain in the dual like being 1 of representation of the support for the whole team and there are also all the trees from San Diego USA properties and get all that kind of was not yeah maybe not get the so they the former and in all and all the problems that we have to have represented by the side information about possibilities that the detainees they choose a small value here this is a collection of the slides that I really mean NOW losses man's I would like to share you wanted to this a form of class that 1 being the decision on how to hold on to the next for week they lost so our social media people did not actually breach and when they read over the Bayes low-cost they you that all of a and agencies on the table to around 1 of the walls and the rest of the team without I'm sure sure we use them not you'd you'd which were actually we all this fiction is the only way to 1 people can watch movies is the movie is about so there you have the explaination of parts so it doesn't have to be in the formal thing any doesn't have to be 1 person or you while everybody will tell you this you will get results if you have some of here having accessibility in the unionization if you don't have a person it doesn't have to be a burden of 1 person you can divide and in their research was very small by other information about accessibility once we have a team you will you know play and any from every 2 months to get to status person again so that information about this is the the becomes part of the workflow that the kind
what I read it also was the tool was sorry we have to know the human of page so that like the the data and what you know now what you there is also there is already a list of tools this can be used this is a shared responsibility
and so on and so left there and civil initiatives there's a nice thing that you can find you have a more formal reorganization of how to how 2nd responsibility he doesn't fall on your course especially as it should not hold on the way because if didn't do it before the case that went so the
tools and but this the e-mail and we gave development team what I'm happy to share the use of bills I have to show allegiance to wasn't somebody's interstate and don't rely on that try to momentum of course but the compliance thing where the chapter says yes everything is really the mean function class EEG in any way possible you will the users stefan doctrines it departs its process so it's not like a product is of 1 of these has to be done from the beginning realm what the name is not busting 100 such taxable because you failed and then if you think about and I
have several clients who researches
on the environment and because we're and she found
leeway problem is the questions
they went to be science lights for all of the in the mentioned there remains
the tools and resources but
whom I just like to say that would only resources he's never been easier player racist so
ability nothing moles of additional accurate yeah the aim inclusion and thinking about how to present the content to people who may not consuming the same way he did but then addition of and clear to use the school from my talk it's the site like characters this was just and fear and master so from both human business and and the other point of view so please go and make on as you here for all thank you thank you I think we have some performance of
cities right as an orthodox how question I had was around finding real users it you don't know people from certain communities how do you how do you not find them hardly you find them and ask them to test your product so that you can make sure you hit all your existing in the context questions stands out any of the yesterday we analyze the call of 1st of the year that there is not the last and differs from country to country on that in some countries you have associations uses they to whom you don't have to reach and treat the possible patches from that from interestingly you you would you use you will trigger subjects for your disability that the interestingly you obtained that about people who use it will participate in your usability testing it will have to do something thing of course is that talking about who's the relations with you that much harder than to find and let you in some body it is is of just not the only thing I can recommend is actually going to hear your territory your country and check out the associations and citizens you most and try to only includes the policy that in that sense they don't have the government have in common and on the know that a response to this group of also quick question could you put up on the slide resources with the screen readers slides later on best regret but I dislike this figure out what to do the Firefox extension it gives you the ability to see what the soaring lack times have you been here you that you really want to make my life year accessible and that's a little bit more effort so that by far the most easily available on the top of the questions laughter was going on with their own money some slideshare age so there will be a meeting of the to most who the university it is also required to be more this is of to she thinks create talk on and curious about how scheme years deal with some of the dynamic content and in a gas of months putting together so dynamic Ajax requests better you know butter client-side template in dynamically altering them artists spheres able to deal with that at all or the I haven't said what emerges reasons for years of course have lots but would you have to do with in your page there are several areas of rules and properties that's um reach accessible in and when you mention of from anyway that they have the property that you put in the company which is refreshed so tells the user something changes in the time and the 1st the 1st factor is loaded he will ask so you have a you have a whole lot which is the only interrupt the into anything in doing there is serious of mouse something like that to specifications which will not immediately so something like really error of fact and you have the option value the this is this is changing have you know this is this is of course use that that have a consideration should so yes there are certain things that you can do all of rule of the news about the prom in the world the thing and anyway available on the start of the next 2 days so wants to chat about anything else you have specific questions please do not and and without but this is the task of the
you get uh