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The Full Stack of User Experience
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User experience(UX) has come to the forefront of the design world over the last 5-10 years. As the internet and its content have evolved, we’re asking now more than ever about user goals when they visit the websites and software we create. UX terms like Information Architecture, Interaction Design, and Research are regularly thrown around, but what are they and how does it impact a site and product? This talk will define UX and it’s sub-disciplines to bring understanding to what UX is. Practical deliverables will be shared in an effort to give attendees something that they can begin to implement into their process.
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what about all thanks to and point to it and so this is this is the group of users in the distance to call it that there
is so that theory and have all that out of the way to think about it and the regularity of user experience was if the disciplines as well and so there going on the original library here how essentially the kind of work with like I want you to come away initially someone wants you to talk with and also he was the 1 ball in some of them do some more searching deeper dive user experience and I will try to hold some time the end 1st you know the answer to get started the blaze your experience much of this you exit on a half hour of US designers there are not enough of us for other job openings in statistical guarantees full there is a US design school opening up in Japanese seed on if you decide to change careers I wanted you assess my arm so the history and usability of God find that had come the on the understanding of users the users number 1 let me introduce the need for a down and we also need business schools share and the the least and also the limitations so that's the usability . gov definition here in the group is of the organization you actually do a lot of research into the behavior of people and how to use the web and products of the cantilever approach here and there that each user experience encompasses all aspects of the end user interactions company it's services and it's part of the development of usability is that where and when and where he believes that the user-defined user experiences because their user will focus on products of the focus on services the who's got some balls of our users and businesses and focus on the users and the business objectives how to so that that's the wrong stroke Kato ways user experience so why is it important why is all a sudden there's like a ton a jobs out there and the designers filament every company is asking the US line so the companies in our finding out that users are not enjoying the services of product that your company is offering believe it will take this and some also apple is simply the 1st company to promote user experience and it's kind of a standard now and designed here recently like Apple and now apples apple because apple and you know your wife's company you work environments but we might be apples and so I guess it's important is the customer's customer base stations demand at the start of the share your prior to the other 3 product so this is 1 user experience on this the directory of one-stop yesterday they did see that she had decided that as well as a lot of into user experience in general into design has a lot to think about this graph is fighting against upper and he was the 2nd organize all the different areas that user that consist of user experience but really talking about 6 4 disciplines and he has been found in the digital realm but also just in general and when I say products and not just the digital there is to forget mainly US mean digital user experiences in the digital can be as we've seen with this building on knowledge to goes all Lawrence you know what a fear that not digital this is how it so let's riots and being very broad here but of course as the ones we talked about digital we talk about user research and popular content strategy information architecture their actors I'm visual design and usability analytic so here's the sciences part is our heart and everything comes together before even makes it hold so it's like gradient right brain no scanner so to hello specification is it can example of what can be done you excellent began to us and so for those of us in Philadelphia and for anybody who has who is visiting a of you've written are article invitations stuff that you have the so depending on what mode of transportation except writing you will have a different form of payment so long as some trees with catching only and tokens find some other way is just not hardness of his available each transfer it's OK and very have transferred from 1 of the transportation takes tokens so another justification capture only and the world as only 10 times more like most boring credit at this point you get on train the idea that you to get off at the next soccer you can't pay your way to get to where on really hard and so we don't have that they're very high completely different published in public invitation and that is transferred from 1 them which houses that 1 and underground Airbus which systems will be happening a lot of that how people they know and also so that the 1st time about 3 weeks ago and I was like all lined up on this is amazing and sold and some things so 1 of the best thing about the work of 1 it is they have a recognizable logo you know this is chance you know this the underground even notice must underground this is the Bank street I I I I I found that they use so here's the underground by the way it looks to and you know it tends to work with the biography
on it's also uses a way find tools so here this is the bus stop the circle line same iconography but looks a little bit different pulses wayfinding having only navigate around London American actually underground made an analogy by us monadic by coach which is different than us coach and coach busses will buy new between large counts say from 1 in all its back 3 is that it is more of a local alignment were what we have here in the states so because of 3 pervasive throughout all of London's transportation systems so the original alignment maps and the colors of the different ground lines contact with him and so super awesome in London if you're pregnant has RFID all of you wouldn't buy a ticket to get the as you go through the turnstile legislative phone yeah who has money on in in use in while when we were in New York yeah so what is so you know part of pretty also on the other hand it's really cool if they have not had so this little cat each under around line it has its own head he when she learned of catching a well ironic and the way I will say you take you know 1 and then there's the finally final topic or get a fair amount of work and trade and this is the directory is for the conversation the book and the power of the seeds and 0 no I believe that yes it yes you will be were the the beginning of a new words process starts user research so far into this point you this is the way we manage the ultimately also how the variation know can be 1 thing you need to do is understand why the hell on and I can just creates of American quiet but we can't even work so you research is the part of users reading scientific research office the techniques want understand who we are designed for the we want to understand the user's poles and the motivations user research really come then on the way to use behavior we're not asking at this point do you like this product are you going to use my product have also would think really honey at what uses the here is the goal of this research is to identify how your product will naturally fit into the behavior of the user as you can you could see how you use in through the mount poking about all of the things that I here so there is a way to use as the baseline to understand where that and what we get then was really get somebody to go outside and play with them you also need to understand what the users expectations for a product for what are they trying do the the the here in in research you don't want to focus on will you find x feature doubt because because you just don't know you don't ask users to forecast the here so resembling is solutions how many of us is still working on it and solutions in July the yeah the the the the view on the matter of how the acid December the play along with them being that resolution guidelines however to forecast forecaster behavior is very difficult because they initially at stake in March and uses elucidation 14 we had all over the now all of a sudden you're saying something else that something out of it to a forecast so you want to stay away with these research from how users gas the the so some techniques that can be used and the thing user research is even in cell have your party user research can be very expensive even somebody who's not on your project but the company just kept the thoughts and how can you accomplish AUC the so interviews and observations so interviews and this is sort of word and it's 1 on 100 people so I said that the campaign was so in without so we have a low and I asked him about his cools off in time and we ask that have a lot of prior east the and and is thought water is a sense of what's going Tommy with his opinions are about things any kind of stresses were frustrations he has his building and I'm just going to take up and for the bias that that an understanding if I knew the everybody Empresarial have complained about this building here however when you are in you want open ended questions not yes-or-no questions that you write a question and you can use the creates yes or no not for immediate stories you stories and provide context how our customers are going to potentially use our product we don't know for sure holding an idea the entire together the around that understand how their product there will be featuring user's life life and has the right value when it finds the niche in life you also asking leading questions so the questions are assuming that essentially summary of got benefit out of something in during the out of the example of the question would be you faces topic carries for this 5 for this lecture yes or no that that it was questioned but also a Sunni in that question that anyway traces of indeed that traces talk prepared for that and that's people can be recessive trait that enactment and so that that way I asked a question like that the kind you carry completed section How point the user can open up story well into the concept class then now I'm here is several and more about GenGO and they can tell if they can bring you into their world so oxidation so operations are based in anthropological studies of field studies and observing people really so some word in this 1 mechanism however exerted on people what they say and what you can be completely different I in this observations give you that extra layer context environment to especially the interview somebody not where they're working on where they would be using product so enterprise if you work on software companies to consume the density users in a day I worked on the project for a trading desk like Wall Street traders you know what I mean on the training testing and see what was happening in the day and solid awarded my users on could not tell me that they used the mouse more than a keyboard they were not observed that that it was not in and of themselves that they asked them about it with the with the telling time of their own mouse versus the time the people but as early as the as the interacting with the software and computer that because traders have done felons it might only have 1 hand free you know that the dual maskless which will inform when I get a design that media I wanna stay
away from with keyboard things but for a masters because their behavior is not company keyboard key on the keyboard the so strategy to the content the in so and that is 1 of is not totally pervasive companies that learning so when you arrive at the new or his her coming here this and have content on analysis astronomy really it often not to any content in your doctor because in our lives not useful so the goal content strategy is to ensure that the products messages being aware that users understand the message that is being communicated to that it's the voice and hone in on the talk about the very you know Borland's agreed were Molenaar and there is indication where tech companies all the potential and how they might talk about things it's you know where employees versus our crew and team members and you know how the are here's customer base for that and it also covers Howell higher confidence that the government so I'm pretty sure all of us have been web sites and the content is like way way way out of the it's for a product that might not exist anymore for initiation features lead intake at content down you came across it nearly what is this the Conference challenges part of the goal is to present the government's place to get rid of what we call content in so Ronnie content to content that because along language changes your products involved and you're not taking down a level that so these come across it you make a phone call because that whole article did not really all that so companies where content strategy that they endure that started is the writing guidelines so for anybody writing content for your site what they want to rent out using to be right to figure out and will always and continental where you define a site for a world where the the very formal that have a legal industry operates where this is more of like a tech technology sigh and finally come work with us you get like unlimited GCO on friendly can say hello how you community that you have lot these services and the difference between the 2 is like we all services usually the crisis that we don't know lawyer for someone and you know they can keep in mind is on that spectrum you know you do want to be very clear in stating it's not time to be on the rise of the price services were content strategy and then you need to understand the context of the user of absorbing content in a pattern started disability this is hard fucking your users because we didn't use a researcher reveals that this is our user I the nested hierarchies of this kind of story and this story about how the primary method of where the goal of parameters is you want to be valuable and understandable and then secondary messages on the key messages that support your primary message so you primary messages we are at a company you won't do In the 2nd message you want to go in there the consider facts and data on beach while and please messages together and then any calls to action so that the thing with content is I come to a website aggadic content what we do with that 1 the thing that you enjoy so when you're writing content were asking you are confident the content is 10 use a take action on that is legal content terms of service meeting on however anything else in my early position cell so you want to buy if you want me to get help you know how many of you get help you know your message that something is wrong great warrior yeah putting the message in 1 place here's how you can help to fix a problem and providing suppose actor incredibly the and so metadata it fully comes in the content strategy strategy we spend all the time these guidelines together figuring out our boys and tell me what we wanna figure customer so using SEO analyst and they got that we've put together the what's the matter can be in cages how's that populate throughout the title faces Christian had assumed all ties in the title positional defense and as he can account and user research we know a language users are using to reference what could be a product of the colonies in research on this and you can go go on from there the that is taking a look at this conference strategies still you know the people to grasp the the New York MCA which owns a subway entrance transport wondered about public entities in in the moment about and pretty dry information however this is the first one in the body body copy so they have the final say you know we do about this textbook on industry and 1 of this is about here we just passed it was passed on this thing here what you can find here and see if they can get to the end and so we might not know what the properties coming forward and the things and why the holder is saying contacts you can't work like its any context OK you know this is a recent budget looking at the goal of this budget the NCI and just I'm expecting a giant Excel spreadsheet right not so it they are so common strategy 1 would content not having governance of land as well so this is some type of NET copies of media every 6 months maybe once a year to get rid of the old stuff introduce new style moving on information architecture so this is my personal love and lower amazing things who loves organizing the office the ones that suck or you know so that think information architecture digital the underlying would everything that's going on it focuses on the organization and relationships of your content so this is 1 the only for content to be the last thing is the constant words on the site right so to the content the loss is not and how very much so imagine information architecture we organize information we create relationships OK you content saying you can't think you you're related to put together all what and how many 1st slide the hostess you of love posted and also because you can take an information relationships with that with the content that the content strategists is working on the so refined structure and labeling but that's the structure how old now organization or across the content relate to each other but then
within this organization is little clumps of related content and this relate to the other things around it and how does it relate to the proper so it's it's really like you have 1 posted you have a group of post it's you have a wall post you have a group of constant and it is time to get the relates to 1 another and everything in my office each other so the whole structures to work to provide the meaning of the mind and also correct structures so the reason often care of is that than the on when you go in like and he's reading room Nelson however as I found 1 free products in my kitchen section at his government from yes that's information on it been and putting those relationships so check here 1 mutant versions should not and that's you know probably doesn't go next edition certainly this spirited away from user research here is classified as to the kitchen cleaning I don't mediators intersection were INRIA utensil biased he is you do you televise belong next to the driver also the giant in yeah see your life how information architecture goes you to people need to I don't you don't belong the 2 you the utensil rock and baking pan you often go you can hang out the best labeling so leading is superseded super important because it conveys meaning and In the world of taxonomy which is defining in terms and concepts you know who's will project where you have 4 terms 1 concept is the 1 they research solid and yeah so we only have important because you can have exactly we're going to find that out in a lot of confusion can happen because the so the working on your labels and honey get here labels you do your research to understand how the users are talking about things and what the language there is a new yorker content strategist helps to figure out like a pyramid popped out the product of these terms and then the label all that work and don't have until now the following examples outside digital so in the underground underwater seizures actually have 1 way always so I will see no you'll see underground and what you get underground in a large stations if we're a single always everybody's convincing way you're not running into people who regard the opposite of you villi also the traffic flow and get you to read so we're running the tunnel and it's a class and what we do only last hello then go what lying on and MIT east-west works at all user also because it tells you work serves the stations thousands of these stations depending on where you wanna go of the sun's going home you and the labeling based off of usually location the public transportation area this is a word about so you can you know book July unwanted we want also from the south of of the new organization 1 in which she so going flat where the treaty pulls up I'll answers the Julia Wyman so now we know the training of In this architecture is the underlying the underlying all of that is helping you wake and we talk about same maps and navigation structures for the whole the information she wire frames itself interactions but of the it the bottom you product is looking start the arms interactive that somehow so interaction design focuses on here product and the interaction between user and your product so how is your product respond to the user the this is all I with phones the attack the slave how to navigate around it was the designer who was later in slight remain as apparatus on capital a designer is actually thinking about stuff so your actions and it's going to be focused on the environment and transitions so your environments are setting the context for your user ID I'm here enhancements fall at hand using my fellow I'm not home using may just up to work on what to do work at work there's a environments and in that context my she have what conservative user tests transitions are moving between contacts so I start you can find the greatest across often something on my phone and only at home on my inner city in the customer and and they go on sale your browsing as you add this to your part time domain just how is and so we're not noticing stuff on mobile devices made and it's led many In all of these different you know I'm moving transition between contacts the minimum pick up right where I left off the so the user's environment will impact how he presented that information so whether a mole of ice and desktop you're planning a journey on public transportation or worker in the middle of ridges but if I'm the only journey and most likely not desktop where lots of some sort so how is your prior given to need needs as they switch between these environments and contrasts these contexts the transitions at he and see this as you take public transit the transition of buying a ticket to getting to actually getting on the train platform to boarding a train to getting off the training is stopped in and out here in philly on how do I know york it's like a cart and the sure that on a lot and then 1 day he's like the cargo and reflect the cargo go out and then it turns out here that we don't do that it's like pain when you go and you get on this transition succeed in understanding and making things easier in contact also brought up thank huh he also let me know so looking at this digitally so this is a status updates to women so here you can see on the left side of the information architecture shows there's all the different lines here is a list of status is 1 of the Piccadilly line some issues this is the same certainly see the London Underground not now you have all the colors bigger colors are coming on the hunger and the about level then there's the orange here orange here and that is working and not working but I can change the context of our understanding of information so your interaction designer is right now we have this this is a menu that pops up over you know you're action design and digital space could be a radio buttons and that allows you to switch you know canadian over there's turning your interaction designers looking at all these different things and call is somebody interact things and then this is the the so here and that would the that the class and just like appears in
the nomination over thing the axes unintelligible animations floor you lock encode the annotations for same in doing relation of things that they continue on visual designs that this is like so much rightly said and sometimes 1 person who does all this apply of so this design this is like the 1st impression that people usually have they look medical problems and all this looks OS your business is gonna say more about the visual design in the world of information extraction or any any of the other working on this year because it's is something about color photography that if people at this but it's visceral reaction with all aim of the hassle this is all about the information architecture of Constantine brother and equal they like the idea so this ill-designed visualize established systems and established patterns on and there's the you all of this is to be utilized in reuse you reuse and reuse with a variety of different products visual design will differentiate as we saw earlier with the London Underground and transport roundel as a column of the circle and a 1 across but it also unifies so people with around only you know we saw earlier so that the underground and that's the bus 0 that's the approach in all the same but here that so you find that this is a transportation mode differentiating what mode of transportation so here and and some thoughts on this little bit earlier so visual design some aspects of the taxonomy color in space so photography use heading sciences designate a hierarchy of the the information architecture is going to go these groups of information go together a visual desire is going to latent out in away so that the user can be visually distinguished heard belongs here in group B is this group of Information Group sees this information headings always help with that that's why I have to think what is up to each sixes on are not good that anymore so I you know but there's a reason for that utilizes here we use color color this is to distinguish a lot from 1 another so hundreds of years that only accessibility and to be you thought about your company in that sense and then space so the other form of another way of shows the architecture of your your high and each 1 a new paragraph but then visually representing like this I know this and that's all they are way to do some things so you roundels for transport from London and it's really cool to see how 1 I can be used in ancient 11 different ways to represent a lot of research wall FIL attendance transportation is the first one is the transport of London will go but the differentiation between terror so here I like we you know alone you know way to say this this is a little special motor transportation the visual designer and go of this is home all part the year see really daily coaches at home stop that is behind here we must up to I see Chilean on and on top of each other they're like the you know couple the of part 1 on the cosine it's clearly OK this is a coach stop here here's the stop me where heart corner here and here the bosses that come here because losses in without the details to the bus operator the use of learning analytics so he's clearly we also need to be honest work and how did it has also signed from that comes to play back here so why communities village mainly out without the I like you do that normally and that's so usability of our way of testing whether are designed that would my so here's a research and we can set hypothesis of user research that we do all content strategy in i in actually design visual designs also usability is gonna tell us how close we were that mark that you were able to gather and the research that we did all at the beginning so far in humans and other the the so the the for the usability studies there at half space studies so here you tell what you're going to have a consistent go in age you to plan a trip you're going to have to travel from Westminster well answer Abby's over to the London bridge new show me how to get there and occasionally go through a transport and saying you know hopefully they have no problems however you find that the 3 to 4 5 participants that they keep getting hung up on 1 aspect of that manages the 4 the design of the unit at all so obviously an area where you have to go back and read it was the only this is you encode it's probably easier that now I so have the studies that that's really what it's for at this point we can start asking questions about the you other products like you can you tell me what you see here in how do you know how we use ADAC on the spot the 1 thing the task they study there is it the uterus struggling so if you're having somebody planet for content were 1 site the and they're really really really struggling do not show them how to do it you do not and we're testing the interface were not testing our participants and we don't want them to feel like that student because a lot of people will be but oppression themselves the I don't get me out just ask them how would you complete the task is that this is the purpose of any OK so remember this was reflected on the verge of asking how to complete this is again getting insight into how on how they're thinking and how to accomplish that there OK so for ascending goes both from guerrilla usability testing and several quick to wrap up
on user research focuses on understanding had strategy focuses on communication information architecture focuses on organization interaction design focuses on transitions visual design of learning Usability analytics focuses on measures so is just not as full standard you access all of that and and you want you all have a companies usually have people sort of of these 2 so it questions over will years that you can find out whether the that it
is you have the the
the the if we could do