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Architecting with Channels
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the and the next thing you home home work of the the speaker is
uh user juridical developer he works for them breaks the ticketing system as is seen as a um before very familiar with and we a package self which then turned into migrations 1 7 the numbers work genomes the um he as you heard yesterday morning she saw Jet points to people toss the front of the room like tooting gender cones this legislative seems they've been to everyone and this 1 gender Andrews 9th gender Kong by everyone in the US and the nite time spoken at 1 as well so his talk my return title for this talk is about teaching and Perini nutrients and use speeches about architecture channels sentence clauses the fact that it would be it but no and very much great however we had a good snow last nite in the morning so
I here told you about channels 1 and 2 will move up a bit like wouldn't dissipation here has had a child at all the hands of about as in advance of the here he has used much channels of about the 20 people and here he has used officer told in any capacity it's about as hot 1 so yes as support
line and you got governed by magenta co-developer on a series of which have the right as well and in a past life by about 2 years ago and backwards idle migrations work and what what you today is entirely unrelated is about to the 1st bit history that makes it about
so in 2010 I was beaten the throws a kind and also this point not addressed co-developer hands this is when I 1st encountered WebSockets and run across them find Randy there so in development this point of the speckles finalized kept changing it like filling security features my 1st exposure was sort of intense trying to like games Programmer wealth of interactive site and silvery earlier what about from the list and part of that was sort of like well I wasn't sure what's going on both and show how Python would work with it but I was trying to figure out a way to bond place with that and if you sort talk case thereby channels you know the Python by itself is not very well designed with so it's it's a protocol that encourages lonely stateful connections on the order of thousands of machine Python doesn't have a good threading all what is that like that as threading is not particularly efficient effect and scale so my 1st port of call was the time you know due that is now more popular say that at the time that it is of 2 and I so took that alert they have old so I went in and fix it up like I have like 3 commits back in 2010 on based event that for this 1 thing I sent to the rabbit forbiddance was quite fond of some working but there's no real need for I consider used so in time on come 2012 and so the thing that happened there really sort of pick my interest that was the answer me so here's a video and the who was who likes it exactly as NATO is a java script based framework that basically has sort of native data interface right like you can make a website and then distractions around amongst misuse the rearrangement of free and this is just a feature that comes with it wonderful and I saw this cycle begins with something but as finally as a good demonstration of what we met and means you itself has grown and gone since then but is still it is still in JS and he does he's mongos that it's all I have opinions along the the the the uh I show you can imagine well I and so what was of the idea of it's not quite what I was involved gender of c property 14 I am coming toward the end of the migrations bulletin giant like the moving south into gender is aware that was a full rewrite the so what kind of moving the concept and and so again like I had a bit of free time which is a rarity this point think more what what what interesting that's what I'm looking for so this point of looking at in so the full detail what would it mean for Jan to do with so it's like was that will be easy to be how we implement it is even possible and so my 1st version and this was codenamed giant on it but this never released its 6 over my machine so much for out and this is a very early prototype type of what they meet your if China would look like if you say external cell at the work of intonation is very common Django currently um it wasn't the the great this syntactical full diagram tically slowly but I like the idea of them and then the following year 2015 no I Solution can't get the order refined it's a rewrite the ideas and in 2015 is when I 1st announced and if you'll say what channels is in full detail and the talking yesterday all my children like on is is a good roof that and this talk is much more about like what is Challs aiming for what is the vision channels like ones evenly is a lot of people think the channels is just WebSockets that is it is a means to bring what is a Django that done we've long everything's fine that's not true channels was indeed born from things like China on there might have to bring this into Django but he has become a much bigger than like day to show you a bit more for the scope is and will possibilities of which are it so the underlying all of this is what I call the real hard problem so results like of at touches briefly the stables go into it a bit more detail so a lot people think well WebSockets that all about that harvesting it will begin basin Cairo something what time event loop that to use of intonation 2 bonds required for that I recommend heavily on what what's the problem that like no it's it's tricky but we can engineer right and I agree that it is very easy but that's not the real hard problem the real hot problem is asynchronous coordination rocks by what is it more before I do that on the 1st the cat what's use but so it's full because of all of this 1 object checked explained to you is not driven from initial as I should provides design of designing a thing trying out with ideas and examples of real projects and realizing that the problem I solved initially was on the hard problem was hiding some so why you look of its well 1st of all we don't always use the uh they're not some kind of magical has said that solve every problem you might have said that really great I think personally but they would solve like a standard like rendering the page issues Americans and they're not sexual sit consideration in architecture is all about trade if anybody ever tells you the a piece of software solution fixes real problems they lying team took this incident and architecture is always about the central office and so if WebSocket you have things like this is all the non-exhaustive the but circuits are bi-directional so unlike normal request you can send things both ways very easily like request-response and like to be just 1 way in and 1 way back a little overhead like unlikely do X of very frequent patient polling WebSockets once that open a very small of data center received packets however on the flip side of that quite context set up like you have Java Script terminating on 1 side and moreover in all schools in every single browser these days support a lot better I think a couple of mobile browsers loss hold out the versions that is still a few issues of them proxies involving so with this in mind you still want to use normal hicp for things like rendering pages and so the images with stuff and WebSockets are designed for a subset of applications that we benefit from very like what is interesting term real-time updates the things like string of Israelite of things like chat applications collaborative editing thing and if you read google docs like mechanism is is best on what what's on and came back and library for 1st interest much of its to these will benefit from very happy very chassis real-time communication between server a web browser is very much sort of the next step in application but is that on Flickr submit a request for a response time is more like notation not really the page entirely things in the and the days in the reaction environment under during the it's even easier than entities and if you look at these particular applications you realize that something fundamental underlies almost all of that broadcast the so the this
is where 1 clients all maybe a database the makes an event citing the chat example by send a message to the chapter and last companies is also this this is sequences so that's a fool concentration is taking 1 input giving to all that apply if you have a simple server that has a we have and that we have waterborne Eisenhower it's very trivial you just say OK every connection I have said labor that's not what our problem problem is when you go to 2 so
it's and suddenly is mysterious gap between a user others where you have to go well I needs to sense and 1 server and that that has that Mr. using other happened and then work out if it needs to send it and then send it to plants giving having themselves and that is what I call the real problem by taking a simple example locally is easy enough it to a cluster of 10 20 30 so those that have to coordinate that's really difficult and that's the problem I run up against in 2014 with all their was like we need to step back and solve this problem will directly yeah and so
channels is not just what soccer solution the underlying keep all channels is a foundation for running services like this scale it's the underpinnings of a system you sold the hard problem because I the frameworks are there to solve a hard problems for you and you do the easy fun problems instead as a programmer that I will post on behalf of and so there was a lady programmers invested and so channels is is trying to provide that underlying like right the idea is give you the solution to the server coordination problem so you can get on with you applications out the chapter 5 lines that later 6 1 and if you think about what this means and I'll show you the rest of this talk this actually brings a lot more WebSockets so most of it's all 1 of the obvious uses this but there's also the task of loading so I'm sure love you use celery salaries 1 version of this and so there is very good for things that must run at some point and channels offers a face in the functionality of things that should probably should 1 two-way accessible by some different guarantees version of the things that we have run during request normally you can offload them just to a channel and so always pick them up because of the coordination you have another so the entirely separate doing that as well so you apparently on all different process and only that chance you know integration so 1 of the festivities of channels as it is written around in generic cortical abstraction and it invented system and so sure whether that's WebSockets for sending receiving things connection disconnection but you can tie and things like all other chat message for send a chat message for I received an e-mail and similarly you can inject these into a cluster of service that runs channels and they had get out correctly other things that very popular things like Internet of Things protocols and QTT popular example here if you walk in the industry that made sense to you if not sorry um but these things where like small they devices talk specialized like those valid protocols to users Django again it's a very good understanding these because so to hide this the CPU questions models apart houses breaking cannot the so I said is a hard problem I'm sure some of you believe me thank you for trusting me but let's look at what we call a explaining things in more detail so when 1 is faced with saving and take and they are possibly the worst case all of network engineering state they are stateful which means that they opens it open for potentially days at a time like you know you can't slow down from crossovers family because if everyone connects at like 8 PM for like some kind of sports game and then adjusts it's open for a while if you were to everybody there want faster and you can't you can't just cut lottery with the monopoly of mentions that does it help them only that you have Intel application so with this coordination I showed you you could just rule cost everything's multicast the entire network on which is great until you realize that you only have like the 1 gigabit Ethernet cable on all the servers and trust me with a couple of service being easy saturate that because the more you add it gets exponentially more complex than they try send to each other and finally get bottlenecks that not just in the networking they say OK well will solve an application having a centralized so something through will now right for compilations if a single point of failure hold on the test if you are not uh so yeah maybe dual consideration when you and I have to get through the process you each these intelligible well I sold it by having a single set of all it's about it's a single player faded but that of them into the nominal literature and so this is sort of problem that I think channels and gender in general to resolving for you because these general problems that benefit from very focused expert expertise that I do not expect most programs to have like you should understand the concerns it might that the programming but you should be able to sit down and write a good cross cross-network sure did not mystery system in a few weeks that's not the right thing to do Germany's programs
it and so channels is built on this extraction let send differences in particular its mortgages channels that there are 5 key interest big this is based on the entire based video channels written English so you can send to child you can receive from channels it did this in more 1 in fact you consent to a group the group is just a clutch channels you add a route of as a sending receiving channels is the 1st one problem so say all I have what's OK on books right and by sending stuff so these little box a b child knows when you send a child be to go onto the network pop across encode that box it sold averaging of voice but moreover intending to a group of people underwent Group called room at my Citigroup room agent knows the ghost like group expand shallowest sends the right child message each server into the ritual the people next sold for you that must keep channels as not just done from Ji it's a place the level abstraction so yes you can do it from Django in data from the web server which is and the background Charles runs as to process is usually Daphne which is a server that takes page 2 p WebSocket information to messages on generalize and Django read off the top layer and then explicit messages that kind of separation we have all that you could have scripts to let you have a management along that we run it sends a channel message like if you want to have things on a schedule task begins with a chronicle the manuscript injects messages and child that's a very flexible way from of and of course
Pollock John go is but gender is regular getting underway for the new change things if you want to answer so the right approach like this was built on right and the idea is that every single process president abstraction layer which is code-named SGI and use that we call it this HNS on and then they use it's me 1st like this it was pretty well and this is still the basic deployment recommend but there are other options and becomes Django is a puddle lacking so that's right if you feel like it bears posits shared memory segments but if you ever feel like writing posits IPC code and Islamic nations but it takes a while the rights them but if you want to run at the 1 machine and shared memory is much faster than it really is which you right into of memory in men we as a a sort of a simple walk 3 from so this is a nice low to ever i've into solution for the i on the machine was nurture by this image around as much overhead is very fast then if you're production you a bit more not that you so if you want to say that you can have more than 1 that is because as I said before so the failure by that and so you have a show artists and then were well you have shown gratis with shared memory in front of it such that if a process is local it will go just a memory that is on the machine goes through the memory into right out for the other memory into the machine and this is in joules right now you can just use that as this is kind of the solution to well at scale you don't want to have everything going in the network the set of all the huge like a reflection of the movie we're action we also want everything or more machines at that altitude like this let make that balance and moreover the specification is a actually fully specified real book this with like must ensure that everything and I have a favorite uh and 2nd of all is very flexible like behavior like the really just enough but you can if you want to write it back and that fits your deployments and your needs the still sits within the specification the idea being that at large scale the best person who knows about will phratries and so the question is that when you have to scale up and you get bigger you can take a charter rights and mutated you will was only to be locked into sets of feature curious problem
time speculations them it's about 20 pages long so good luck and it's it's a it's a good like something that we trust and value that's little part out of nothing his home and SGI and on top of that sits this sort of like nice instruction-level it is for China the channels is very much sort of around these low-level operations such as those 5 things of all that you know send receive group act removed and channels is very much the Django nicety layer around all this stuff it's like part of a larger whole the share of about whole is channels company 5 packages in this may seem study daunting such insane as so channels is gender integration and this is what kind of you and trapped and databases never thought anything else in this slide that Daphne is a separate server that understands the channels article so when you actually do run several channels is from stats before we can't let uniform the SGI not obvious to you the and that so that handles all the termination of up alteration had to be and then just says things unknown for what to channel that that's sort of how the reward is thought to any you can scale so that pauses is upon part of the system differently to the child's parts they you have a lot of connections not lot of work a lot more Daphne's and you have child workers give a lot of so the work going on very heavy with very few connections in skilled workers not that set if flexible mountain then underneath those at the channel invitations and so the bottom 3 things here as the radius is the red is bad and I mentioned for as the IPC is deposit shared memory back and as the red a common theme but apart from that also carries an in-memory back full of unit tests that stuff and together they just what you as the import the project like settings user right is back and host this the house list encryption key it go also arrested for you if you wanted you can subclass somewhere like that captures because you can wear and if you want to write 1 based on a GPU on the format feel free and so what shall provide what is wrapper engendered giving it so 1st of all it gives you richer and so when you send things in joules chance so I knew when I connect to a socket is you get measured Soviet book when I send a message to a John like that was that it was the and by default the little idealized as you receive messages so it is a message on receive content was this what chance right approaching that selects it while the euro's highlight file routine that pi stable but this shall call this much all 4 connections on this power who this function as in like a new route different channels different places we can reply Uriel pottery but actually in the message you want you can require method I'm sure you want to be in and that's a very flexible way of doing this stuff as we'll see later on the presentation is useful beyond in method consumers which a standardized way of writing a message handling so the idea channels is very much be as familiar and when Pope John delicious possible and so consumer is a standardized way of handling messages that looks just like have you takes request and returns response consumer takes a message and send 0 messages as a weighted patterns you know you type reading like a type using 0 supply and data handles dividend for you handle management and error handling handles involving all that stuff voice and we have to write these nice so contained functions when you get what's the message to when some of the next and this group and that this summer later but that's kind of is that and then again in heart problems sections like 1 of the things like do by having the fact like when you send messages the channels WebSockets they go into the school and then 1 of the service plots not runs which means that if I said 3 matches in different servers not up not on the different time but was send 1 messages that my name is so that they another 1 send messages of be and the bonding channel right is a session framework for Chavez so like sessions GP we have sessions on a WebSocket says OK status WebSockets username to this and when another thing runs it can read session and even though it it's machine by agendas sessions framework against all data across this also comes with utilities or enforcing serialization ordering so if you say send 2 messages you can tell towels make sure that this 1 has finished running 1st we run the other 1 always a 1
in parallel foster sometimes it was a very interesting race has authentication if you want you he set 1 thing like 1 lying on a consumer or class and it automatically takes the cookies from making the request on the quot socket connection turns into agenda user installed on the session on the child and so on but sockets just come with users same wrestle users here the same stuff on you can also written checks was saying so by default you get booed authentication and Commission checking on WebSocket which is something a lot frame of the light and finally some handy random what is it runs a inch which houses sold just runs a monster so that what it's like 1 service suddenly this thing that things in parallel and WebSockets is free flexible there's a bond would command that running a process that once commands for you and a lot of this stuff is covered in much more detail In the rather extensible augmentation a lot time writing they do interested that's all that but let's try having more of a concrete example let's the of making a chat because it's the very easy thing to show off but it's the shortest 1 so this is all you need to chat channels um the 36 6 lines uh you say when summer connects you happen to chance when someone sends a message we send a message that group With find this connects you don't great loss 2 lines probably optional which make it more efficient the rates for 1 set of must thank you write these lines In a consumers of my file who have not written like this but it when you fun so the chapel was it was just it yeah it's easy I don't that of and that you can use the words of a document these days so that that and that's the simplicity of a basic tells techniques on and of course it wouldn't be Django that an easy way to do that so there is of course class-based consumers we go well that's happened the connecting to a new group new is actually common and so we use a high-performance of accuse able mentioned in this chapter and that means that this this generic civil handle to remember when you connect the disconnect and then is to find receive methods said well when i receives messages just run this groups at the yeah that's now that's interesting still sit finds that as 6 more readable and more reusable and then again with retain the nice thing is the co-clusters clusters consumer it knows which how's it wants is the root class and the rooting extracts the channels from year so consumer tells the routine framework high I listen on the web so that connects but receive but is connects and routine you call carriage also out for you it's similar in that sense and then of course if you look for what example there has with with both attack channels there a JavaScript other thing authentication this is a proposal of fully what examples of this in 2 other things that you can go look back and play around with it has the mutation was comments and even has really fund past drive like challenges he did so if you like in a programmer's reworked announced the now normally when if felt that the life of the I board last week so it's not um something people been asking for a while and entails more high-level structure that is intended to meet you want things meet your day it was well we have a really easy way to like you you move slide where patent in that match the middle of the Great White like channel Minnesota and lastly carried and so channels now has full multiplexing which means has a built in way sending different stream down of it and has the divine data mining is that thing where you move the sliders in the other stuff so you of this but 7 the lines that England code you can do this now you just go OK I have data mining my mobile that it down the stream sort of a thing for that what's it this information check because security and so I have done I had done very secure which have shown that we have top-notch cell positive PCA-LDA and and said if the technicians in balance like when somebody says all my user changes slightly against OK can I do this yes true um and then a group then this happens as well when I get a change that was added to map here is how can you just be 8 fixed-ring that say you doing a light load you say I'll send it to like blocked off by idea like blog and that way you connect to this finding stream of libel on and the rest of the hands for you and because companies many years this to like them I would not so it is
not part of the art world that we see same and so this is that code use all of them with a few more comments because on nice um running and so you know you do thing the site as we automatically and there is no it's imposed on the Chinese side of what a shaky them the better part is the it's hoped into signals that any change you like is going here is Alice is now 1 that is assuming it's a fast sliding moves in the background and if so then I can do because like them was a very risky but that's in Bethlehem you get them right like you can just have a few
and so that that the general like 1 of the things I was talking with was leisure channel settlements might for a long time but well really somebody else might this package because it's a bit too opinionated gender in that well genders job the framework is to be a bit opinionated and have a common pattern so having this in their list and I'll for this out of the binding framework is fully some possible is not as WebSockets into any like they having the most common 1 that I think we help China the idea you can go away today and writer knowing about 10 lines of code uses this framework and and moreover think about next week I will have a basic scripts I rapid so that some these operations for you but it's very framework agnostic I do not wish to decide the of walls around the let you do things like has the streams operation for you and thus reconnection were body part of its all and so again that thing you saw it in the examples replace with more comments and town of challenges and things to do as well um 182 series of even change the names lightness changes uh and so this is kind of you know I morning because I thought of some it and it's pretty it's pretty stable but it's not entirely finished at the Johns episode of come uh this is kind of like while the last thing four-channel 1 . it's like getting this kind of stuff in place and the women were allowed there we have it support for like things you want you want to you let the sockets and data pointing it out and stuff but a good low levels of all the other particles and thus the so I mentions the style of presentation the article we can do in college and these things entity was that well if we look at the way channels were support makes things into single that's a child is invented system would and so for WebSockets as well you events soccer connect received disconnected sets present and you can do this and other particles like e-mails we send and receive so we could have a server that might actually that the e-mail when some send you an e-mail semester what e-mail about receipt and the content of the model and where you put messages made a and suddenly you have the same thing I showed you for but that you know have routinely noting required domain here by subjects into a study how consumers on e-mail and suddenly you have inside Django an e-mail on a system that can live in apps In our next to other code if you want to have someone slacks slack of messages we received in the sentence you have things like join received jointly medications the system is well and huge in PTT which is a very simplistic um Publish-Subscribe protocol for Internet things again like infinite so that sits there on the boundary of your China installation and translates these external particles into something understands the basic channels for 1 and what is doing is channels is not this generic messaging cost solution it is very much a coordination layer 4 during resting between so like for writing complex systems in the age of modern web that work across a cluster that you write code in a sense the way that what dental Watkins and applies beyond just what's it and in the process of doing this is not too difficult and so if you are interested in every 1 of these things please 1st supporting e-mail me I'll having 20 pages advice probably in factory fast of the essentially what you do is while you join or synchronous but the idea is that channels is poignantly between asynchronous because of how to write a separate asynchronous process that handles the particle question that say during next the new has the nice eysenck had processes was longer connections in this and the API and stuff like that and then using channels used Tiana's implantation with both centered not receive money on the channel led to the rest service and all the coordination and scheduling is done for you by channels so this you say well make a so the you make sure takes a channel where object that has these send and receive methyl it was established about other people and then Ms. make sure it sends from and then with that kind of effort you suddenly have this always networking like particle used used were made between processes but if he's multiprocessing in Python like that without is so small in the way and then once you've written this and presumably you have I would hope and these have some kind of schools spectrum Anakin will mean me something you can then take that and influence consumers against it so if you said OK stuff so I'm not sense slapped overseas set of joined given what consumers on the channels but the receiver of people receive masters always have a username they always have a body text and like you you have a specification that you understand on both sides and you cannot use nested this we different teams you to specifications of a way of establishing Gene Boundaries in companies and while the other things if you have so the very different channels so like made wonderful John go on the child's runs in a big blob of stuff where everything how everything we actually save individual so there's always the PT so just astronomy channels this is the web server don't 1 along a child many options always this the sort of when the channels 1 says if you want and so
if you look at the bigger picture with this up this sort of like this exploding diagram of 1 where like the sentence it's ASCII and we have pick UP we have gender workers also other protocols pose system you can have a sketch listening events you have custody the family for you about this and what this ring I'm going for here is you know in the age of the modern web services and back services in a longer just a simple it's haccp request-response but they are not relations my site I love the idea of this form for my best part is 1 of the largest static sites they increasingly bigger and more complex sites have more permissive architecture and lot the things I'm trying to do is channels is push a standardized solution for such as at that like the idea of bringing judges promise for what is the future of war having sold these new problems in a way that is standardized and flexible and that will get out you need it and try much told Fugees
nothing channels stripped entirely finished kind of on purpose have no idea is that it's very easy just take and finish off the direction you want this is the agent that step it's a simple words all the hard work done for you and then you can build on top of it and as you grow so if you want you can increasing the reports that the UN versions and there's more to be done channels is inherently more pretty soon and the application to be inefficient and the project is on the way now I've got a decade of water to prevent means 1st of all I don't use of public interested in working on child these and talk to me here what the springs and we have as a crater itself we have some funding from is a full channels by a very nice number on between thousand dollars and is it not just the files so if you want help maintain alright usurpers all do anything under this umbrella we have funding to help give you for things like as well and then on the funny and on a bit of a look for so if you think of history of web in 1995 you probably test publication Wide Web is a great new thing that like the sort of terrible such gifts that will let is point in 2005 we also live in the dollar pomade like your website you have nice rounded corners and gradient 3 lovely and is what John was born right did John was born in 2005 and in 2015 we've moved all we now which shows websites now mobile apps talking to API and another 10 years who knows all the like it's it's open question like the common of progress think get more coordinated like websites in more complicated and it's part of the question I was also child is what of goals for free like does Django adapts to move on the times we adapt to what the changing weather means Audrey stay do a good job we and I'm sure you can guess my opinion so I am very much of the opinion that like we should keep advancing Django keep that promise of I framework of that section deadlines for the moment not just not just for the deal the previous been was b
and field B it was so here's some time for questions here militants remarks about the from its music from the room I want
you to use it and then I yeah of problems but you I can say this is they were like gender is built around related so unfortunately we don't have the advantage of a government so we can use that if you have a school that use the R. construction which we have a specification for now and also against that by the at of an inevitable yes please going right where I have been in a general case like the number of applications where you do that kind of slight interfaces that that's that that's a good that arises in light lower chapter like you do 1 of source your that do you see as the turning into a pet as it is written in the textile I can confirm denied that was the intention of I would like to mention so I I believe that improved for proof i implantation 1st and so like when I'm happy with it is working well I will then take it there and also I need to I told so far the position of a rigid other frameworks in life and will this is what all of us can we agree on this step forward I would like to be a point in my life to get and I'm not sure I understood on just like last year this this this this this could find the rate of the here the solution can have a high availability is so when you how images you have you have 2 options have at most once for 1 that child is at most 1 it is when it fails and does not live the only other option is when it found twice and there's there's no highly relevant which come in all my testing it always hundreds loyalty because I'm not saying that them out at a generally very reliable I as an engineer I must say that when if it will fail non-delivery of that as I said you the have this set as he tells you that if the graph has the he notes that that that that that this on a on a socket so the idea is that a socket is a continuous thing but the serving system is a set of separate services that make sure that the socket accident and the still has a persistence layer at the other end of the year if you sessions in that sense or the because you might you encounter a sort of but what you can do is do things using just a storage my guess is more complex and things the only big features plan for the year 1 . 11 integration the not yet um like all the features that i'm planning just in the Excel version of uh and also what would let is still like recently 10 units that will see and but the idea is that we like channels will be weight 1 . 0 acetyl project and will continue that released a wild spec whether Wilson scored not ever is a question like we In many ways China call has wanted to roll things out of course for a few years so this may prove the 1st example of that a although will the those MetaLex but much more than the official documentation and stuff like making always exists but not making a political will see it read the with but I'm not impressed the the good stuff from text but can you say something about uh how you load tested yes so that and we have some the during running low tests at moment like on item with locusts playback um so generally so it has to be the testing their tools for this but testing therefore less tools for this and we have I have written a constant was a testing told the other ones to generally message the other system having custody was like into things all take the number act back and testing like is the ordering correct is the content not corrupted as they follow tests have shown performance ontology unicorn and 107 liabilities those going well but we still use a setting like testing the Baltimore confident quite come out of a big yeah with the the you had mentioned earlier on about authentication having the authentication where is that shared authentication with changes such that if you want the k To Django then your website the connection is often the case that is correct yes the same meticulous them when it was what's opened they get sent cookie headers as part of the negotiation missed they the start of GP as an had procurement converted to binary halfway through so if you want to and we can we rapid cookies and then extracting the picture from his make it just little other sites if you want to have it carries through if you don't know several looking tokens so it's too if you want was immigrations of intrusion questions must think injured and I hear thank to you see how fast
the seeds of the present