Things your Mother Didn't Teach you about Sharing your Toys

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Things your Mother Didn't Teach you about Sharing your Toys
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In this talk, Russell Keith-Magee will bring the experience born of 25+ years as a software developer, 10 years as a Django core developer, 5 years as DSF President, and 5 years as a business owner to expose you to some topics that every software developer should know, but often aren't covered as part of formal training. This includes legal topics such as copyrights, licensing, and trademarks, the role played by codes of conduct, and some of the non-code skills that are important for successful projects, and essential for successful entrepreneurship.
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I don't know how to thank
you for being in a room and the place move in and I will thank you very much
Aaron colors Philadelphia um a little quick heads up toward the end of this talk by the discuss a couple issues around oppression and burn out so the trigger warning if you text that so OK because of like this again before that section
as cited said financial so the spaghetti the up in around Gender Committee for a long time including serving on the Technical Board having members quoting the Django is an open source project but is not the only open source project them associated
with these days of spending most of my time working on the B where project at the way is an open-source collection of tools and libraries for creating native user interfaces in Python the desktop but also the highways Android of a single page with and I've been associated with a bunch of other open-source projects as a user as a contributor to predict mentaI number he's the now if your parents or anything like mine
they drilled into a very young age that it's important to share your choice to leave the other children and it's this sharing philosophy that is at the core of open source yes I could take away with my own thing and build something useful market ways so that nobody else could see it but if I share what I not everyone gets richer for the experience of others can see how my choice work others can take my 2 ways and use them and I can use that to ease to the site and if we work together we can combine forces and build something truly magnificent together however as we go up we discover the isn't quite as simple as just share we can certainly aspire to this is a philosophy and but you have to be proactive you have to set up the conditions that make sharing both possible and attractive and there are people out there who were taught to play by by the parents to play well with others and so will sharing is a good philosophy to maintain it's also necessary to protect yourself see this PubChem parabellum if you want peace prepare for war because when some nefarious individual has stolen your choice it's the worst possible time discovered to not protected yes what I'm presenting here is
a redox of the things that I've picked up in my 20 something years of you careers suffering the engineer preceded by another 10 years sufferance is used as a particular from the experience I gained from my role as being present the generous offer foundation the other reality have walls and used to be the coordinating the around the gender project the surface charge ensuring that the the DeGeneres about it can continue to exist but this means establishing the conditions that are labeled data from providing the big stick protection for the project assets OK so that's like a look at a couple of
areas where you need to have your wits about you if you are going to be sharing your toys with others start with copyright what is copyright copyright is the right created in law granting the creator of an original work exclusive rights to decide how that workers used and distributed copyright is granted immediately and by default to the person who creates the piece of work when I create if you a songwriter book write some software you are the creator of that work and you have the right to decide how that creation will be used the a copyright using the word is a noun there is property its intellectual property it's something that can be bought and sold it cannot be ordered by single legal entity at any given time as a site in the because it can be accompanied on if you have a copyright and I have I have a copyright and I sell it to you you know and you have the copyright full at work copyright isn't Groton definitely it's tried for a period of time in theory it eventually expire as and when it does the work of to the public then I I say in theory because copyright directions to getting standard but in theory all will eventually result them if you've got a tangible physical piece of property there are all these limitations to use this year's my fine and if you take it without permission you'll stealing it and that's a criminal act but I can give you permission I can license you to use my phone and it isn't a criminal act for you to use my phone I could sit constraints on your use I might ask you not to tweet probing what you have access to my farm and lending you might find it doesn't inherently give you any property rights over my foreign you can't then my under someone else so as I say you can't it's still my property you would using it on the last however I can give you will sell you my find I can transfer my property rights to you but it makes a big difference whether I'm giving you might find all licensing you might from a piece of software is intellectual property the copyright for a piece of software is owned by someone by default the creator if you want to use a piece of software you have to either be given ownership given the copyright or granted a license to use that work and it makes a very big difference which 1 you get the traditionally copyright was granted to give creators is exclusivity to sell copies of their work the expectation was that people would licensed copies of their work in exchange for payment but in the early eighties the Free Software Foundation engineered a very clever legal hack they wrote a software license that rather than the rather than defending the rights of the creator defended the rights of the user and the result was copy left copy lift if you've heard that term is not a replacement for copyright it's a clever legal hack that uses copyright law to enforce the exact opposite of what copyright was intended to provide we that copyright law copy left wouldn't exist so far apart with the lines of gender copyright thank you if you answer to the DSA if you are only partially corrected by line of code can all wrong genders Copyright is held primarily by its individual contributors that you if you contributed card there is a smaller amount of code was written as a word for high for and some of the initial card was transferred to the ownership of the DSF from the general world when the use of a set up but if you haven't received a paycheck from this if we're Journal will at some point in your life and you have covered engenders codebase you still owns the copyright to that part I that means the the said if doesn't hold the copyright for all agenda therefore the DSF a license to distribute the currently doesn't on this is why gender has contributor license agreements a COI is a license that created grants to another project that enables that project to distribute their current contribution under the same license as the rest of the project it's not a license that allows the safe to license gender as a whole so if you have contributed to gender make sure you have signed the CLI and if you work for someone else to make sure that have signed a corporate sale like saying that yeah by allowing your contributions to be used by gender it a contributor last agreement isn't the only way to address the licensing issue it's the way that the gender project currently used a much more lightweight mechanism is something called a developer's certificate of origin DCO is the mechanism used by the Linux kernel of my talk about the B where project a number other the DC also is a statement that's made by the contributor that verifies that they want to code the contributor has the right to license it and that you're willing to grant project license to redistributed the all that's required to acknowledge the CEOs such a single line of text medicament commit message you put signed off by your mind your e-mail address with that name and e-mail address matches your you'll get the credentials and it's not I went merged in that becomes the game history because the git commit message is part of the hatch it therefore come modified a got and proof that you actually this part and to make things easy get even gives you a command to do this for you in passing the on this flag when you can eat I get that son of 1 for you but point of the credentials we the a 3rd option is to transfer ownership entirely now this is obviously the heavy-handed approach when you submit your patches sign over all your property rights to that patch however some projects the requirements at most notably the new the coordinates tools because I have a political goal they want to ensure that potentially they could go to court and defend the GPL and then when it gets thrown out of court on a technicality they got on the copyright there uh for the card has being licensed so they require you to give the ownership of the cotton you lose all your all your property rights is the most common form of ownership transferred I I that's where suffers developed as a work for hire if your employer pays you to develop a piece of code you've probably signed an employment agreement at this is your employer owns your creative work but not always and not necessarily by default shake your employment agreement check your local legal jurisdiction checked twice if you're freelance or contract because if your note if you're writing code for a living it's really important to know whether you own the copyright weird holier on copyright because of the employed your employer owns the copyright you cannot take that covered that you've written and using your next project for your next customer unless you've been granted a license to do so the that assuming you are the copyright holder for project released a license all of contributions have you got a license to your end-users well as a number ways to do it the easiest way the way this sort of becoming expected practice and the Guinevere you put a single last file in the root of your country this contains the contents of a legal agreement drafting users to comply to and how the users agree except that
licensed by using the car the lessons will usually have text to the effect of by using this car the user agrees to bottle up the study sign anything that lessons to come into effect if it comes into effect for use yeah but the and she did not well that's entirely up to you after all if you your creation it's you'll copyright but if you're managing it source project where we offer some advice 1st off use 1 of the well known licenses the Open Source Initiative recognizes 78 different open-source licenses as being compliant with open source guidelines but even they suggest that you stick to 1 of the well known ones I don't even remotely have enough time to dig into which these licences in detail there are plenty of other the videos and radicals and resources that are analyzed what each of these provide and will help you pick the best license but before you pick a license to consider what it is you're trying to achieve what do you want to be of use your software for who do you want to get your software I diverticula users or users that to try to encourage or prevent either particular flex to your project you perceive what will be the impact of completing projects for competing implementations all hostile folks but just pick 1 pick 1 that's going to help you achieve your goals your project your choice of license is also a signal about how you perceive your project and its interaction with other pieces in the of the software environment that you get to that and it's worth looking at social signals your community sending gender is for example a b is the heavy community your totally for use another loss and if you want but if you really suggest product and the terms the BSD license they know signaling that your broadly aligned with community norms also keep in mind what is your writing the terms of the GPL use lots of specific uh software-specific terminology those terms may not provide the best protection for your work maybe you should choose a different option and you can use different licenses for different pieces of your project and the current on the B is the documentation the Creative Commons for example as long as it's clearly communicated what license applies where is set you can the future use of multiple licenses remember a license is an agreement between the license on a licensee agreeing the conditions of use you can often be multiple sets of terms that I might wish to accept I only have to accept 1 in order to use the piece apart if you have competing interests for example commercial uses an open source community users you might want offered to different licenses on 2 different sets of data the only thing you can't do is not provide a license if you don't provide a license for your card if you don't have a license following you all in your root directory of your repository or some other indication somewhere your card what license the cards available and under the fall term allocated by copyright law of all rights reserved even if you don't say that that means that nobody can legally use your cart and if you see covered with no clearly offered license you cannot legally use it the this even applies to code snippets it doesn't matter how long that the is it still a creative work he honor you also still owns the copyright so you need a license to use that snippet we so exercise like StackOverflow get around history user agreement part of your brain is a user stack overflow is that all your contributions are licensed under a Creative Commons BY ShareAlike electrocution you agreed to this when you created your stack overflow account and so through having accepted that agreement you can use any step of sneakers that overflow as knowledge about MoCap but he was published a somewhere other than stack up for you don't manage a license because a a user account is counterstrike engineered say where things went public timeline as the creator of a work in some jurisdictions as certain rights cannot be transferred issues of copyright are closely attended a concept known as moral rights rights that considered in nite to the human experience the problem is that moral rights of very jurisdiction depend moral rights recognized by European and in particular German courts are much stronger than the moral rights recognized by US courts sorry if you declare that you really your code in the public domain that is actually illegal in Germany German courts what recognized that transfer of ownership to the public domain anymore than recognize a legal agreement to sell yourself into slavery your moral right to fair compensation your creative work is a man right that is considered unalienable and so you work reverts to the fault license all rights reserved and the Germans got usual CART the other thing you should do don't write your own license and that includes taking a well known license and adding some constant term but common licenses and their interactions are all well known quantities lawyers know how they work is a body of scholarly research and how they affect project how they affect companies and so on I am all enough to remember when open source licenses were shown by commercial organizations simply because lawyers didn't understand and yet they complex the consequences for the state to a huge and so was were as they ways are conservative and said not that's a job we've broken down that barrier now but it's taken decades of advocacy and lots of work for the legal community and you can leverage all that work simply by taking a non-licensed you write your own lessons yeah the bright those walls by itself it's also really easy to induce unexpected consequences generously a really good example tasteless lessons is the MIT license with this 1 1 appended clause is software must not be used for evil only have huge the size of it is that most Linux distributors cannot distributors Scott because they cannot ensure that users are not going to do evil ibm's lawyers even went as far as to go to the uh the uhm uh cover the writer address Lind and get an explicit license from the also to do evil so unless you have a really good reason and let's be clear you don't have a good reason I don't think you're last now legal concerns don't stop with copyright copyright is about the work itself has always been defined that work is a separate issue time at which trademarks coming a trademark is literally a matter of try to tell you identify your work it can be a word symbols of colors combination of always think anything you used to identify your project and you get when you start using a word to identify your product or service you don't have to do anything else as long as you're using a 9 you can assert trademark rights you can if you want to go through the process of forming registering a trademark and and you could bet some of nation bases that can be done internationally but all is local work registration doesn't give you any more right so it's just makes it easier to claim your rights because you've got paid work says when you started using your your your trademark the
as an example how many people know what this is does it look familiar it's an Australian fast food restaurant chain noted for this adventure burger Vol what it there's a problem in Australia when when they're working came to Australia there was already another company using that nite and I only had 1 store and analyze but if I had the trademark but king had to pick another 9 it didn't matter that they were be a company that they were international company that we're gonna make better use of the time there was an existing trademark registration and they had to change the name they chose Hungry Jack's because that was a of the parent company already on it used to be a pancake mix made by Pillsbury another
example is close in a highly WCI British organization find registered trademark for the name Python to describe Cloud software they claimed ignorance that you know that Python was used in class of or any other the complaint arguing prior you send the company back down now this wasn't done because the US trademark registration a US trademark registration doesn't hold much weight in Europe but the PSF was I would demonstrate the name Python had been used for cloud software for many years prior this registration and the company might have made the by the trademark application word they applications also start as a trademark generally underground for a specific subject area in the US directly from the trademark registrations for the 9 January the DSS usage is for
downloadable open source computer software for use in connection with Internet publishing and site development but no 1 else can get the name gender registered for that purpose we use the magic of the a 2nd registration is for picks for the time and other musical instruments so it's a libraries really rich instruments right here in Pennsylvania so that these have 1 to start selling gender branded topics it wouldn't be allowed to or at least really read instruments that stops all really easily said registration is for
perfumes rouge to what was going was cosmetics in legislative analogous halogen solutions for the period myself talcum powder and interfaces lastly this like spider 1971 so it's clearly just a matter of time for the that start selling Jagger brand B. evolution at the moment that
I heard was the sole really matter yes a trademark is what's but you stop other people from doing bad things in your nite and this is an abstract idea even the DSF had to stop law is that we get with the stop someone selling Jenga 2 . it was gender 0 . 9 6 with enterprise features like a lack of bug fixes and now the thing is this was a completely legitimate use under genders source code copyright license but generally trademark belongs to the set and it can't be used without is commission as a result the company was told will put in a headlock and told to stop there to stop doing it the that is why is it interesting question what happens with that weight of those products have you get permission to use it right on on the 1 hand you want the gender community to better use the gender and 9 but you also have to predict community from the various actors answer once again is a license if you wanna put a commercial logo your product you need to get and usually play for a license to do so in the case of the is there there is a license for the gender name and logo just a much more liberal once and once again if you don't have a license to use that trademark you can't use it the except the 1 exception is something called normative use normative uses that that usage that is necessary in language to name of thing if I wanna say gender was released in 2005 I can't do that without using the name gender or at least to be very cumbersome to use so not what comes out of the knowledge use as a specific however uh that normally use doesn't strictly logotype prices or other forms of identity it's just the word the use preferred things 1 thing that is in nominative is the use is incorporated someone else's trademark into your on 1 of the tests phenomena to use is to whether this whether you use it would confuse someone and believing it was an association between 2 products so it's the best solution if you're going to set up a company please don't incorporate someone else's trademark endurance about call yourself general software consultants because that gives you some very messy territory the so I I've been very much focus on the legal aspects of maintaining source project but it's important that this is a successful predator about much more than just covering about a little about 2 others 1 briefly want more detailed we are for the most part take these and I know the drill we had we had cells people it sales and marketing is very very important and the 2nd talk and covers this part of the puzzle so well come along that and natural warning them that start to we met person but not so well and there are some aspects of our model predicts that almost unique to work source many of you will know a children's book called the giving tree those . no the book is the story of an apple tree in boy Euribor communicate with each other and then each child boy enjoys playing with tree climbing it's transferring its branches as time passes he starts to exploit tree initially the cells the apples that he cuts the branches of the tree to make lumber for a house that he touched down the trunk of the tree to make a bot it's progressively state a destructive stages promoted by the tree itself into the sentence and the tree was happy the final pages the trees that we say she has nothing left to give as the apples branches and trunk on you stop reminds the story is sometimes powers of powerful the joys of giving and selfless love but also cited as an example of an abusive relationship and both interpretations it's a story that's a really good analogy for open source communities if your maintaining a project it's really easy to keep giving of yourself until you have nothing left to give especially if the project started you invest a lot of the time and helping other people usually can right rush seeing other people use your project is a great feeling but also really easy to fall into the trap of giving it to you don't have anything left to give on the other and it's easy to keep taking and without realizing the lord's reporting on the person who is giving I I've made no secret of the fact that I've been struggling with depression for a couple years now a big part of the reason is that definitely Asif last year was that I came to the realization that I was giving too much of myself to gender I wasn't growing the branches I reached the point where I was just the start but 1 step down to the because if I I do it cools was you know what turns out is an awesome community and when I said I was stepping down people like Frank whilst of that stepped up and took over if this was a commercial the primarily commercial community that decisions easy you don't want job change jobs not quite that simple but now you can change jobs you're spending money for labor you start getting paid do not expected to provide labor anymore and you not only your only recently expected have 1 job at a time but you know volunteer scenario the exit parties in this clear it's easy to acquire responsibility but a lot harder to get this as an individual you need to make sure you got yourself as a community you need to build structures that this doesn't happen 1 way to do this is to institutionalize exit from key roles set term limits for the very least provide regular opportunities were active all in is required that regular requirement for not being means is not at point as well responsibility shouldn't last forever they're still set up community structures with the expectation of free labor is minimized if you identifying a role is gonna take resources be material labor emotional energy done just assume those resources will be available forever in bounds quantities of the greatest shocks occur when something we should is plentiful and ubiquitous disappears gasoline electricity clean water if you open source project isn't planning for the day when your biggest contributors that down your project has called on and if you a commercial organization who depends on that project I would argue you are being criminally negligent your investors because you have not secured your supply chain you have mitigated the key risk associated with using that software the the this approach helps to stave off by an avalanche of volunteers but also has the added benefit that it broadens the list of people who can do the work volunteers by definition are made up by those who had the time to volunteer you got a family workshop only children were love what here that limits your ability to volunteer you are addressed diversity make sure you're not just taking from the pool of people who have copious free time which broadly speaking means white middle like the middle of a class Anglo-Saxon minutes 16 30 and if you are someone who uses open-source don't just take you back intangible way by the fragments of time with catch that organizations of ideas it can use and this is especially important if you're a large organization that has extraordinary where resources are there is the disposal and demand to derive immense that benefit from open source and the volunteer contributors so this is a few important thing Georgia to independent teacher lecturing choice about now children as she enjoys have fun that is be careful make sure you running and Cho the and
I use and