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Angular 2 and You
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AngularJS is one of, if not the, most popular JavaScript framework out there today. But a new day is coming: The dawn of Angular 2! Angular comes with a robust community and standard of practice, but Angular 2 is something even more intriguing: a JavaScript framework based on components (not unlike React!), with an eye towards complying with future web standards. In this talk, we’ll cover the broad strokes of Angular 2, including some of the big game changers: web components and “choose your own language” support, and how it integrates into back-ends like Django to provide some structure to your front-end. You'll learn about Angular 2's approach to the "JavaScript framework" problem, how components create modularity in your application, and a little bit about the JavaScript build toolchain (mysterious to many!) that the JavaScript world is constantly debating over.
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thought that this is this is the the next 1 will be a sum of the things that are often at
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the example in the nation which is an open-source cross-platform rework or going mobile apps using to any major so you can actually share code cross your where in the last the last 3 us and that is the way in which the object the opponent with what about men at nature use really accessible which is always a big dreaming about knowledge the
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so the topic and name up there you see the architecture for catfish forgot is a I'll which I've taken by people have both a for so fast that it
is a partition environments often superset Jasper providing ongoing optional set the including you know and the and I think that had a really hard and really the answer that I have to get on the back you can I use case with vectors of the optional you don't have the right you want and the only on the any I but it that also pasted compiler news after standards to old environments which he teaches models landers classes the spread operator of for all of us back in that your is faster and it takes a compiler that all for you to compile and run in in the right so that you that if I'm writing you will have and not on whether the price you're going to places 40 and the other thing is that for the final text is that yes I know about so the people that you know that the kind of model of on UCT and final and JS 50th and effective I am not where you can migrate I use case here in the UK the the main the US happens patients using a 2 and pull now I as the result of our hands on the options is also if you want to write something that you know that 1 of the innovative actually probably many of you and then you know you want but it's free after 1st free fun I also want application parameters that have the effect of they have the options that happened in the text so that a lot of sense of the need for use in the EU remains 1 tax I protest Hastert support the I haven't components so before I have to interact with components just the review the morning consists of 3 parts so you have mark up your presentation this is where you will have the ability to so energy to work on a problem milieu in the so is the land it had marked it had presentation and has any so you know I'm not you are that so where's the right hand and you want do something like this let's had had no right or you know a lot of ways test our and you know why a veteran the funds were you think of components like this use of my carousels or you may use so that and so the idea would work on it is you don't have to you know to the same to the needed like that's what happened to the you can write about money and major conference and they have lost 1 so that was often again and actually going and that's the way it was was after 1st to that he often is the 1st to be the darkest omens visual word completions out of so many many millions of new on but the end of the class now find is that this work is not enough water so that means that in order to use the the cash energy to get out ourselves what were the 2 you know you have to find anyone usually have a title and polymer X had however these particles in the form so this is work that basically the directions where about it but the ones on the problem of you where I so this is going to so what about that's reasons like this is using a you which have component you know it has been an accurate and the I had to have a word with you and that so that so you usually actually works and actually performing the priority the members of the music performance too fast I but you get you know you know he wears for the you are more components is exactly the place to learn the values of the word family home page author it but we need to move in with life the text but and so if you right now and after much soul thing at right repetitive might full-year our illustrates illustration where to add the yes it's a useful tool text of the backpack with their i have a point there is any other it's considered annotation of the probability that freedom answer have metadata about and and and so our component annotations that is we want work selector and saying low register that trying to use the occasion and means the strain I
this all held about you in the finals s which is a friend I just seeing the same idea how to the same dimension of language would is nice so what you know the that you're to where you think you can contrast between you want to and and so on so that he can is I just you like to ask you and me about about x the so in 1 I did a lot of work about like you heard on the right they need felt like it was a question the answer was correct like like much of the time I was really like that so but if you want to modify information you want to you know really creating knowledge it's also directed and so in this is the kind of and so was directed so In a to live in a direct so if you will look at it and you have to have a little asterisks there I which is actually a nice way of showing that directives going to change what is when the output in the presentation so any it is going to have to add help you to break out that when the person in the history of the UN the instrumental display this link falsely linked British for the last the saying it being a relational to modify what happened that in the year the so here so we decided to add directed into so I listened you is that if you're not familiar with the 1 year here I I can still for the land area and don't use on that this quite at the moment the components which are immediate presentation is a lot easier than trying to figure out address this so I think the united which are annotations Irish now but a opponents so here's an example of a particular definition which is the major awareness Texas delightfully steam in it so it will on the well-being of various a landing thank you very go very I think that was right so the idea that we will use this 2015 I all the elite and what so it this the thing about I will be in lead so if you got an idea of Robbins I all your current web technology on so the data and certain in the making it easy to writer in the I want you to do so you write it down in this happens in that I know they get those 4 so you can write a ranking using material to have the best way using the system I would not recommend doing something like a my friend you know serve something would be had no browser something where I plan on going 1 direction other you want to survive and that they do but the top so you the we had a commonly used in the world the dataset where I sum of the university for and the right so it's all like each other and readily available and your mom and in the the guys so being less powerful small whereas in I often is really dangerous to and learn all that I time so let's actually look at that time was not yeah so I guess that's the service of the citizen portal and the world they the only thing that word mom you so they are you so the so that this article on in the errors the the yeah I consider that the widest release all bowl that all of us in the in the the URI stuff in the model model with some that model and thing but most of it is you who you are browsable all the data so if I could find a way to school they would that's really often and so the way that works out you I want to suggest just like this a that the and that follow that later it is done so this is doing arrest just works was so designed to have we go back to the source we have to so this is 1 of the 2 thousand and I have are are
able to do this in the data of no that it is writing anything at the start of the same in the our and sources that system really down to prevent this to our no personal application and also the ceiling and only the a
new version of that with the question because it had a change I get paid by the likelihood that the question was under the direction of the yes on the yes the reweighted enough to admit that I often there are uh in which you wouldn't be here but it often is that the that the the ball is in service enough crosses so promising . is like going in and out and like 1 million dollars that is a role is more like the reason that the let us in so we have a set of the of the website it so that's and then in there is a good review that I would get the it's you don't want to this have lot so you the in the in the whole 5 because of this is that they want so instead of animals it so this is the important bit at the beginning I the service so the services which are coming tyranny you have outsourced you want to happen at source with the I these are I'm a sentence actually I Earth will so you have a and then you have a little bit and and it uses the service to get the outside the promise of diseases from of the things that were promised like not observable and then it is very bad that said additive content consuming service but in his house and supporters of origin but as have is working in jail and so very high which you know it's you solid you have to know where it and force of the of free so what is meant being the Balearic between genuine and rental problem using a prop package at a problem that can serve as 1 of the nicer homes so they observations were really about rate than component in the application layer the that has the the you know the meaning of the presentation marker here so this is the annotation that is going on in the dinosaurs source and then it'll kind of annual nodes can have a direct in energy for an adjacent way I know that this a word is is that at that accurately get a response to the guy and this is where the species and forest and this is the last component is the dancer part part of the while the surrounding it will these agree and so we got in on it has only 1 but the point is you want to make a request for a service and so when you in if you say you want to go there was I and since that on used many have and that our articles of which brings the use of patents and I understanding on the cycle of any because it is the it's it trade I give any the so yeah this is the point where it is in the absence of France so they work in that thing I'm new you better service was needed for the rest of the 1 last replacing I depending on the instructor were kind paradigms of service which is a sort of this so in the annotation effectively that's the organizers as because we know they have a lot of services what really brought in and locally there is already is using it on the and on it is that the process where we get kind on the part of the initialization is also carry out in the there's a practice he carried out on own structure so the point is that I had to arrest the accused enable us of what we did the movement I all the slides were available at the cell and that left it to the of the image and you want it to me I can sort of war I also have a hypothesis and brand of 4 and I have you don't like my hands and so put it
you show that the null and the will of the yeah i the issue now that it is In this or something like that answer that intuitive you want like what I call the the user is the name of documentation users system yes ways I so it to the thing and this is the definition of what a molecule of India that just this is in but insisted on being with like us the so that be so I can let in let and then the 2 yeah thank you but I have this the the the
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