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From Developer to Manager
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O'Connor, Sean
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As developers move along in their career, they are often encouraged to take on roles that involve more and more people management and less code. Stepping towards management often can be a good move to make, but it is not one that should be taken lightly. If such a move is taken without a full appreciation for what it truly is (a career change), it can lead to woe and misery for all involved. In this talk we'll follow one developer's journey from coding 40 hours/week to primarily managing humans. What worked well, what didn't work well, what was hard, and what was surprising. Attendees of this talk should expect to walk away with a better idea of if they may be suited for management and if so, how they can successfully acclimate to their new role.
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Axiom of choice
probably the most and this is the good and think the next thing and it is at and the the
theory of the real is to use all of
them of of mourning and the role of the vertices that there but it shows that there a sense of of the so that's the usefulness in this and other areas of the sum of
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went and all servers and systems potentials small there the sources of all this was to be in that area but in the era of so people all of the people of the and none of you know but they are aware of the change in where of everybody in the world anymore so get where everybody's like from Japanese were a little of the managers and so that is
so that the torque processes but the services during the run from the development of the the series is then I'll assume that for you so I was ultimately you red and all news at the workers movement Springer there's all these
copies of spirals of I the of the of the real 1 right so in others and the
method of images I want to go from the heart of to of the system goes that support of some of your recent gene of understanding the the importance of the area and and on the basis if the regular of the last thing you have to solve the stand up
here and of the itself and this thing and this is in a so I and of the
us so what was the quality of the most unique solution of Titan
and another view of the world 1st video with an our lessons were learned a the force but if you did not force in use for in the role of the so just by if you have already stained history 10 minutes but because the things on all that it is a choice of which is the Islamic cases the thing about this is that quantity it's not permanent what these notes you can that quoting from the interior of the importance of this sort of most of the losses so we can do about it so what we have 3 of these circles are
not always doing the right thing to use unit inside of humans right while he was polishing of the is less than this the use of arms and the reason that 1 of the so I get a formula is
about what you doing in the used in the attack the presented all at that would have go yeah but here's
will find 1 of the other in each of these right
so this is my fish that moves right activity in the area of the of the logarithm of it because it is entirely where on the unique all and this is actually was signed up for the rights of the fact of you're
on a longer timescale and about this that your work the is is weird right and with that is the case with the seal
the development and the use of data and by the time in
the 1st is the right these are work here which is all I carry a matter of life is right around the world and vary in
jobs as possible to the right so you just get rid of the Boston were going you I would like to know what the folder so
I think it's right I mean often is better or worse there's data so we have a choice is and it 1 the the the choice of the loss of that so many from some some managers not only want
to know what was the fact right at the end of the day with a better job of
love and 1 of the choices it's more right so as long as as it happens that in the wasn't about your job if you want to read what your read or something on the drone people enjoyed building of the use and trying to a lot of these in from the 1st example of work that we want you so for me of wanting to in what I will earnings and or and the loss of the material on the slides so the Majoris spins matters of
it wasn't is the force remain versus the other maybe you of this little room in the 1st of a lot of things I know where and when I say the wrong word
was a How did to make a change right like this as part of this program is the now right up the rooms in the
in the united the was world on the ship the to mating people right there is the future and of inserted of into the word of your viewing you
we were involved in regulating the people were making us worry I I think that this is getting right hand as the I don't know if you know that of the 1 with the world when you have to know that this is the 1st sentence of no have In the last 1 of them has the same people I it the family of all that the people it was
1st invented in front of him and his policy right so we think that we to work on integrating elsewhere in the following people that they may be in the United States and they will still in learned using rules that you learn the and so that the field will start to get the 1st at the lower mention something from all the years and it'll be on 1 of the key points that they get more in the hills you the majority of people on the right have direct experiences manager you still have some instances in the year career area having the opportunity so you had a lot of
bosses right so we have a great of all the rest of the and in the form of you and you can think back to what they do those great where have where the model to use with you that maybe isn't what you mean by virtue of salsa and going the US you then so there are things up and you have to go and
science is again the people in the
worst so there is a lot so you might want to view it turned out that the 1st person mentioned means some of the the recent years running the on that and how we can write right of course the there's a lot of moving around the and and related and in an increase in your traditional ASR is a
result of the the of the rents by the most log-posteriors right you want right so this is the intersection of management and here's the log is like a butterfly in general the German schools to hearing so works of so laughter is the norm growth the a and also use the files you have read I have a works mention humans and notes need of of site have the book mentions is against this is untrue on itself right so the colonies or you but they you tried to all the people who right radiation in this you'll see where the errors law
of the different but to listens to world mean I'm amazed at this stage of the method used to learn from this data is a lot of so many things but that's a lot of work so every time have will be the documents where there is not a politician give us the that of the latest protocols instead use you have people that the universe but know as if you're if you're coming in and out of this you can probably tell that the universe is not the 1 that all right so they also employed by the land use and how decisions are going you and you manager the the traditional you that you know all these things the easy like this or that and the reason for it be
of the more commonly in the 1 of experience you have the worst score right of of you know that some shortly after the of man all at the very CEO of the support of the but as the level that you want and you also in a bit of work in just like any other so as long the books but is really something else that has the property they were oscillating bring started you were in is so together using your support so as long
as you School of Library and you can involve the use of an idea of what they the user in his of like the but then the
point right and the duty of vision here and in the service that some of the other and of this is all the more fully what a and and on this and you will find but once you have the right to the right is
which is the worst of the right you share the fate of the poem is usually of a going in the body and the reason that is like him he was a manager or a doing the work itself you're not you're right you're going to use for instructors that you hear about in their out the world and accordingly if you're doing were herself eventually you're use is the the the the support of the data and solve for the of the following year actually all but those
of the mechanism of the word about so you initiative was so if we thought you know the universe this is so the end of the prison rate of the many this is the point where you can just comfortable and you just had influence of the a lot of
the time I a increasing the quality years earlier than the other divisions of and not willing to arrest images and usually do I'm so that in the world you know what I have been I I don't know I
mean I see them on the way here you get in the way and power to cell right
and for the the only way to really understand the ways in which this right you get your data and this is a new source coming up but really has name the universe is worth well is the result of the final solution for the funeral you reports in your matter the I the between working in the you know the rest the nature during and over those so histamine and the spirit of the something so I don't know it's red you will learn the shock revelation that part of the but it is a little in the way that users that instantly from very right this is not in and so on and so on
so the certainly right so if if you get communities and the model is again the so called definition since right begin with him and he just he you any of
this is that when using the laxatives then there is of the same quantity that's having all of the money all the words of the other so we have the right to many here in the history of the probabilities and drug knowing that the especially in this little thing in the middle of this variable or 1 of the things that are happening in which he's like this holiday where is it will number of them or but they still running out of time so that they were writing would be nervous about it in understanding what the name of the 1 on the on the problem that what it has cost you your and the policies will move value where you know we have also mentioned in the representations from the worry about all the rules of prosody about like right and that's it will also build each of us so the opportunity of
of slavery later was right in you can understand the outside of the from from the front here this thinking not that and what you say is the region worst hit here at different rates so you know what I mean is that the army so the cost of running the with the
the the media 1 right so 1 thing that we see in the figure out of the family of the World on of that's right that's the way things of you chance that rather than just happens but this is the year when the and you have no money occasions with we call them so that users to build trust and those of confidence that the precision of the problem or and the process of it makes you want not get you through need so that's the
reactor and about this it will also be a part of you know
but who or how we can efficiently and sometimes and yet you haven't found to hear what
also happened all of and shorter only it also interesting is becomes which ran the locking in the in the highest recent areas the work of coming here we're doing I got all the rest of the what you but it was the right but actually this black things and things happen and all these are missing something you normally like us us versus lactose conversations and I really like the other word and I have to be actually if genera and unit of the convention have that it is here that the problem for our or maybe worth the messages you know closer something and
I'm like a day we but by the time of the longer people at the next step in the right on the end of the year around
relatively patients in Europe Europe and the easier it is to raise the level of sort out and
time but on other you that is just it's not and the reason that it is in all of the Jewish that date and have major changes in the year of yesterday's by certainly or results that's present as well at most of the while workers in sense that see on the right
so you will always be there let's say that the reason for the disengaged and has lot here is that you're receiving of some form of music crafts and on right if you have these and using the graph messages in the amount right past the lower correlation aware of this and this is the right on the easily from the last man and all of that head but you have to do with reality of session on a world where it's not user society uses of it have it at all of graphical tables actions in ways that musicals the person who's during reason being used right and so they still have the same research we have this will work then may not reach out right you might be interested in the American just not going reach out so if this is how it is something you don't change them but just hand was up and it gets point but a lot the neural really are all use of the the you're like the of neural so that was the end of the of the of the end of the lectures that there was a sequence is you both you and your just of all of the the wall and was just case that the the right to you this what is not here it's all it is
the rest of us and we say there well in the middle of this but maybe the user can always write all of that work and again on land use also the ones that are on the right is is that you want to write it is also the 1st point that is not really URIs their work but it's all on them and you don't want to gained by some of the things way there are no instances that activity and knowledge workers in this is used the what I just have to position you know we always some forms of being on the when you're going to use something like the other person wants to to here and all of this in the universe the life and work how your How do I look to the right is just how it is that you can view of the of the it was involved in this right of the the usually the only I something then in conservation of sports right the situation where you have this and you know they want all right you but on this you know what happened was that the answer right on his helmet initially was at the me what the operator of the the of the whole issue you all of them get resources and purpose of the meeting to be at the end if you always have the people up it's not
bad when you have over the last years assisted living for right is that what you want to the also on the quality of decisions the case of when it works can and
so yeah as in the solution is here's to talk about that stuff like right so that you just don't believe that the and it is the correct solution you you you you're worrying about all this is on the wall of the fall in was the right of the experience if you if you're happy you job but worse suggesting the middle of the day that type of thing that is somewhere in between 2 and in the kinds of people in the precision of your mind and matter if world is of course but some of you might find that resolution you your hands on workstations year period in the water so basically what you're saying so long is is that you and I have never conversation but wait a How come in the middle and cost of the so that all of last
year's is issues involved so in the end we have that in the use of a the place where you're really like the rules a a a a which is that the house and maybe not the time that right and all we can possibly work on the map back of the words there's no so there are there but I would have is if you use so what we use
and that of man and the
is going a problem and also works in the of the right so somewhere in the image of the stand here's is sense of while working on and we have here why inheritance others and
the is the 1st of don't you to tell us how holders of shoes and understand what I want you to do 1 and pages that talk about all of these things all of the humans in of this is all things like that was what was the actual that means this small
minuscule amounts of resources in a mediation right in the hands of the different from what was that is especially during the war more serious and more and more stressful situations in the form of our understand you what they are active set right here and the dead but the text of where and certainly if you're not aware of your which often almost all see where communities that you life to be saying something and the burden of the right that's all the other national and
all of that talk or right whereas that a year every year and what was the test is used so that the right you can go on and on we'll have a look at that but my hand and your your your experience for it you mentioned that you really excited about this world simply
on the whole mess right they use in their mind that that's the case was that the words the their the all the movements themselves right it's a lot of us all if I have the honor of where the
research was the right and fundamental no part of the human experience is all of this is but a huge component of immediately accessible so what you will understand that the
and see that and others but really it's so I don't think it's right
is or what then it's 1 of the
most of the times in a society of all of this but basically a way of thinking about the saying we have to set out from the moment of recognizes the yourself and the other 2 then there were these are this is also part of Europe right so they was the year and the cost is just a lot of you know of applied on some of you can get away of in all this is a story that they just have 1 thing is a lot of it actor both Europe you're going to see in the 1
half of the year of the research most of that has to you you where there is a very profitable and has the EPA down and there is that sounds very sexy but maybe if not the it where k is increasing water sources you there is a lot of really but I know way
the problems that in of really develops a software it on the back of the book that so many long using the friends of people were likely you are so here is the again on on there and you know the the the the right is a mortgage that do not believe there and we're place of your all so that is the source of the huge working in of course the solution you that and in the hands of the novel and the quality the all is obviously use the ball and you write something like this might be a kind of errors on behalf of such a person's life outside of the training data and how would you rate on work is the hall and needed to find some them also the Office of companies annotation and a standard pressure of was that there is actually a lot of people in this year's data you actually think that they're reviews for the new little loss of concentration where's the religious so the places and the features of and going this things resolver along a house and so that is the most of the medication and if you can be reading articles of learners and there on other side right so what is right of the same message that you want to focus on the more common people who works in his recent suggestions of this is shown in this right now so walk in the loss of the is that there's licensing the long amino acid usually to get something her outside that 1 experience from we know from the images of the of the fact what often is that
not all right so what is it using this would or even known be aware of the seriousness of that but at the same time we want to find out the into which was the they think that a whole lot of right in there is lot of that in the next few of when the machine learning experiences that people have that you move also at the and just to the left of so that right so there is the definition of the of having all of the half of the people on the list at the core of the brain images of the of the but when you think that you know is it possible to run the thing that was part that but at the bottom of the then you let me move up a fossil how enough of the existing and the so long that
so in most of there is an issue that doesn't that's a series of lot with this and with and then what you do with the fact that he was given a sentence that and an about all of them in the room so as long as it has some of the people around you have very instances accordingly everything that they need to they have their own respective and politics the and the is
the reason for this this right was the you made up of 1 of the components but hear the word right so I know when I was to no yeah it was quite possible reviews or if it was insolvent forming that to the level of prosody bullshit higher or equal so I was aware of that this is a minor piece of our the levels of how much you cannot understand people and a lot of side B 1 the situation has been becoming handing not here is always a was right so you know maybe but the rest of the was and having run selects right furry is the use of resembles the rest who of is little loss and do this stage to a lot of cultural services and language of having a really and gender so here all the time but what schools were closed it was for the a removal of the phrase and so you know how to be so it'll all form
this is where we have a lot of people you know the resources of 1 of the founders of the client has become 1 of the aspects of the region of the world that is they also have a lot on on how to this is the mentality of the 2 year period and you don't want the you need to so in this compound so you're 1 of course the 2nd set of people track of this year's session set up for the rest of the world but they not really tossed on both here and the and have you heard of people around world but also because of the use of small argues the out of the world remind me of a if you want promote alternatives that people may on the interval of opposite views of the of the organization of the work all acts as a learning experience of others in the region 1
small way in the last little over a year to 1 things others the right amount of the uniform people here in the form of possible but also the most Luis teapot at all at once storytelling and on the right is very important for so that the effects of this there's a whole certainly that was learned things through this lens from this volume the quality of the prices and there isn't in the of region where it have the last word that also of something that really have more around this is long
were written out the but is also used as I add more things out of learned about this process it also helps you of what happened with the use of research in you and with that the of the example that I was the future of each of the other you can start to get used to use this never use possible out of character belong but if you just stand on this ability return to your time right there is also compute the polynesians uh that in this to some of the jobs the world as the this so the user is
the more right so that this is where you have to understand how the same thing with all the 1 that you're teams face the wall meaningful or right the AUC being the but we also used that also use learning get that to work so 1 last thing about this is that the manager of your right where you want the this out of of cases here she is going through some unintelligible of the your on a small handful all were the 1st happens and it's also a bit of reducing ground instances of getting it's also the use of a lot of of the water so it's only 1 of the them things that losses you don't have to write this regime has been been writers of both of these going from the reference and just like you out is the only uses a molecular level it's not works right of the solution to all use so it in also so I would like to use this on the other hand the the cost of the assumption mental attack is actually of and there's a lot of studies that show that in the current model of Houston patterns using a lot of students so isn't anywhere in the last inches that make this worse all of
this order of generation of the columns of the project I can't doing adhesion of contact and lost in the sheer you if you're if you're a long history about him and I strongly recommend that you go and numerical all of these so that you can use it as start from the and what is the matter that is that we can train documents all of moles the what what we can do here is small and so that means that if you stay was the long that get prevalence no basis in order to know how ready to use you it's not going to die so what's the answer it's not the best answer my but it will be resources so avail loss of you want to go on and you have to use the word that the course you will learn how to and the of what are the form that the Earth and from there they have the best yeah because duration people in the water and what and have resources point to but the version of this ceramic bowl you should have to be helping people will halt usually and of solution of the whole and again just like the use of these 3 1 over the other 14 on any of you to be a better understanding of human so that this is where a person is mentioned in the title role in the way of something like that in the other way and the other in the eye of the mind that in
his choice and it will remain right and that but that is 1 still and are somewhere in the corresponding to here it thank you thank you thank
you thank you for you


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