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WebSockets: Intro to Messaging
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Today’s web applications demand information to be delivered immediately after it is available. This is a huge step from where everything started, simple HTTP blocking requests. In order to solve this Server Side Events (SSE) and Websockets (WS) were created. SSE works from the server to the client only and it uses the HTTP protocol. WS is bidirectional and implements a layer on top of HTTP. WS started to get more momentum and now most of modern web browsers support it.
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thought out all theft and being in the hands of the of the figure uh the plateaus so
today's area their 1st year that my 1st general card this is my 1st time I gave a talk at a conference ever these might be the 1st summer you guys hear general channels the 1st time I want so why website why
talk about website it's with well the thing is that actually I will applications have been growing more and more every year and now we have way more robust applications not only under on the back but also on the from the from the interfaces are way more complex and they now need to talk to the to the server add more as well as a as a server at we're now processing more data on this server so when this happens is that we a regular to be up on the offer was response there's a lot of latency in this communication and In order to solve these some will have we created the the WebSockets specs and basically 1 web circuits is the idea behind Web circuits is to of a persistent connection between the client and the server by having this persistent connections within you send information back and board and anybody can start sending data even the server or decline With these we lower with our latency and we have a better response and that real-time applications and we can see the
difference on all articles here which is it could be a just opposite directions as a request the server repressor the way sends the request but I mean response back and was a connection while web circuits shall is always up and all is applying closes it on the server side so lost the connection as soon
as they go well we look at other WebSockets spec just some key points here 1st of all we need to realize that we're so can still run on top of TCP IP is just a persistent connections and also the way to start I want to go to open a web circuit is to give anti-sandinista progress but has an honorary head on and after this the what's of it is open on all the data the goals read it actually goes frames that called messages when I call these WebSocket messages used to avoid confusion so what about other servers at what's happening because that's the story we're here for so let's take a look at an WebSocket server under the hood and I go into much detail but use their the overall review have so the 1st thing that we need to keep in mind is that web site cannot be handled by rulers whiskey workflow because it would take a look at the ways
workflow it is very much based on on the to be request response the so whenever appliances requester-server processing and is there is pressing the west we have these were right here which is we the back is burning and I won't run is to preserve the lecture and index and then it's going to go to the wizard server which will then send all the information we had a and I was a dictionary to dangled was going to losses of persons all the data and gringa response and it was sending back to the to the client and the connections goes now when these is happening here when when everything happens through the is through through the ways the server and then and in general it's column of that that's happening on so here we will like to keep the same workflow and try to implement WebSockets that will mean that whenever Our responds goes back this trend is not finished this redesign connected and women have to keep the thread running on an infinite loop is waiting for other messages either from the server to the client from the client to the server obviously this is not very scalable and women around atoms of threads
very quickly so 1 of the solutions actually is as a constant that's co-op offloading I don't really is using 1 or more threads of handles lower landing running tasks which can be managed in a non-blocking way how we can see
that now or will work will change is a little bit usually in production were when we see it with web circuits is that other people runs to the different ways the servers 1 of them is going to process all these to be requests knowing that we all null and the other 1 is went to press is a website commission so now here's where where things get interesting because when I went 2nd message passing what's happening is that the wizard is ever actually fired so co-workers frame which will then process the West these is going to free the ways severed to be able to handle any other conqueror requests marijuana coming to wear masks of messages have so this is an
improvement on on the whole but it will work for but the thing here is that now we started to talk about 4 a directorates we we're we're talking about I using threats to process the the west and how do we manage these well there's a lot of feature consists in the whole topic of these but the simple answer is used to use an asynch library something like g of event or or a C 0 and a lot of different different libraries like in in by now facial with this is that
is it there's there's a lot of things that we need to keep in mind there's a lot of time it's just what you want when we start getting into the whole asynchronous our topic and and thread manager so 1st of all let's let's mention that of loading is not concepts and other firms are using it like not years or maybe go to and we're going to this thing 1 as it was mentioning these has a lot of different the venetians and 1 of them will there's there's a lot of different that can make us actually show results on the food very easily and and we need to to figure out also helps you set how to make these threats to communicate with each other in order to to persistent data let's say the station data oral cookies there are things like that because everything that we fire up is going to be working on orders and processing things out on a different context so that wouldn't we can't use the data on global variables and expect all the threats in all of above those variables and the that but the cool thing is that by using these new workflow now or application is event-based now I where I our server is not going to send information only when the cliques button or if a user page or something like that but we can also run long-running tasks on a server and whenever something happens and so we call it the kind no 1 or many collects and they're still physical constraints of course these are a thing that we need to keep in mind which choose them on a model for is that we can actually use the processing power and memory capacity and how to bring WebSockets into jangle well there are different ways to do this as of the way the whole point of this talk is tutorial on gender channels but I'm going to talk about all the products that tried to actually do this to see where there's general channels actually come from our what is damage out is that it's actually trying to solve so the 1st solution that people came up with is to use this in our entire completely different service to handle Web circuits like yes and this is going to change a workflow a little bit and it will be something like this so we can still use source to be so it took to load balance different request group was there and be handled by and the Web circuits can be handled by analogy is now the other thing is that we don't want to actually start developing things into different languages on the server so we might want to build a RESTful API so they both can talk at and that we know is can get some information remains whenever measures come see and this is this this still still on a lot of different all overhead on the whole communication of these nevertheless it is a solution that that people use of their so that the other thing is that these are just 2 different technologies which can be hard to maintain some sites and if we're not generate is more up over have other and the other thing is that we can just use are by the mass in grams event framework like onto a circle NATO so the idea is basically the same what elevates since we'll will be running in general in parallel with this other as and framework and then will we we can we can make those to tie with each other you're thing is to use whiskey offloading and get underway to actually make themselves so that way we don't fall into into 2 different issues that come with with different context is to use a storage backend like or recently that that every thread can actually read a right to so here we already have all these different solutions they why talk about gender challenge ways in which I was trying to solve the we can I really just use all that well the thing is that 1st of all None of these solutions are actually generally I mean this these reduce can things that you run probably would general and what we love like and we want to to develop on its head it's yeah good thing is that all the solution that I just mentioned there really another model in a way that John was mobile because the angle let's source actually just that replace or extend any piece of meat those anyway that we want it may be used even library may maybe just a modifier library in some way or another hour or something like that and the other thing is that genitals is trying to abstract the the acing handling of the entire overloading of influence the way we don't have to worry that much about it and and and we don't share ourselves in the foot that much as the other thing is that also yet is always been very friendly with other technologies and and and and it's very easy to just say really run scream outside the hours of like that and make it tough to general and and general will will actually do a lot of pretty cool things with this so let's just over real and in the the the way that we can actually implement all blowing with wheezy because this is 1 of the
things that we can kind of uh approach is more the model of Jan which handles so remember we had 2 ways is servers and which 1 of them is going to be highly WebSockets and connections and in prior work for its so we take a look at how general channels actually what's so we can see that this is a little bit like it's not on the same but the idea behind it is the same way whenever we have a lot of practical coming wouldn't have many interfaces because the processing of the entire of all the requests for messages and went to heaven and what different then how where a wizard is over or it or http server actually becomes only an interface server which is a layer between how would reject the products and the wild out then after these we have a channel a channel back which is the the new thing that we were going to talk about and have this is going to let us actually control different information that all these workers for its error going to need in order to know when when a fire off from what they need to do all of that then we have the workers and then all the threads can actually use them Ross different types of classical be web Oracle be http requests or it could be any other kind of particles and 1 with large arteries to be or what specifically Web's architecture and so less likely to read more it's read what exactly our chance it themselves joules are basically just data structure that behaves like at 1st 1st q they have a message expiring the and they have a policy to deliver at most 1 once you have to to elicit at a time this means that when we put a message into a channel then at the most 1 Lisa is going to get that message if something goes wrong nobody's gonna get the message so we need to to keep this in mind you know things that tells how a unique string identifier which you which makes it very easy to actually use reference for 1 channel in different types of contexts and the quote part is that this is no more transparent which is that that it can be accessible over network which means that we can actually have different servers communicate with each other by using general channels I and it also has the best and that means that whenever we stop putting messages into a channel their money stay there until this intercom scene where the consumer with another on-line gullets but others will come soon and of semester so how do we use channels it basically this is the way we about that we used the it's a it's a it's a very very basic a function that we can use and it's something that's very much like the use like general views so and also just like blank gantt reviews we can have a function we use or classes we use we get Metallica have function function consumers his work were work out what our customer function is gonna look like all we have class-based consumers and we're gonna give examples of of of about Particles images for simplicity so basically what this is just a function that is when I get a message for then get a message as a parameter and there is going to send that message and there's a few things I went to to see on this example 1st of all that the actual work I just created this are the function here which is going to actually passes the message and that and we need to to see that every message has these dictionary that skull can't so we eat in inside of it we can actually access at different information when we try to act as a constant the king of the key texts of its were actually get in takes that they're they're crying he's sending to the server and whenever we're going to send back something through through our website general we need to the key value the formant because he needs to to be easily serially stable in order to walk through the through the website as so once once we have our response we descended through through the through the channel all let something a little bit more about how to communicate back onto the client and and the just to to have a more visual aspect of it so we will be talking about channels which is just a Q of 1st in 1st out fuel and then we have where we have the consumer functions but how have the way that they can mean income come together is that we will have a worker thread pool which will actually and assign a thread with we've 1 of these of these consumer functions to every measure that comes into the channel but the thing is that that is how we process in this example that is however it is an energy that comes into the channel let's say from a right but then what about after we're process it's well he would take a look at
these we're actually using this other things on on the message objects which is called reply so for every client sense and I message order open our web circuit into the server we're going to look at the damage was great at our reply chair and if required its used is that it's a unique channel it has a unique abstract identifier and this is not always to use 1 guy so whatever we sent is going to get sent back to class and so the only thing is that we're now talking about sentences the back to the client but just to 1 class it and that's not always fun because what about the we when I 1 implements the overly used chat or something like that or maybe an adult would say just a broadcast application then we need to send the message different messages go the same message to different reply channels so we will have to to keep that in mind we will have to to keep track of those of all of those reply channels we need to and then lived through those all that have to luckily but they had genitals are really comes with something that's called groups so what they do is they keep track of a set of required has or regular channels we need to to keep that in mind and that is not only 4 equations we can also make groups for I don't know maybe a cluster of service that we want to send some information and then make the process and the thing is that they have an exploration policy because because the above is just it's just a cluster of members then whenever we put at a message in all of those in i in all of those channels they wanted to keep track whenever those messages actually expire or else we might just keep sending messages to to expire connections so this is basically the way that we use and that we use channels and it is very easy just which channels the problem itself it's actually this has actually giving us all the interfaces that we need to make all of the species we can see our right now I'm sitting up 3 different consumers consumer functions the 1st 1 is going to to fire of whenever somebody connects to a WebSockets and what's happening here is that we just gradient is good broadcast and we're going to have the reply to now this the creation of the of the growth it's actually place it here because if he doesn't exist it is not really a group if it exists is bonded to the and then whenever we get a message why we're doing here is that we were just echoing that message back to every client in that in that group and with the wind is we just use that this sense function and then send again on our hockey former these becomes pretty easy and that and we don't know the only need to to worry about anything else other than removing the specific member whenever the WebSocket actually disconnects so the thing is is how are we going to run out all these consumer functions while it is easy and what we do is that we set up a growling function and it as running file which is supposed to it just right next to you or else not way and it's act it actually looks a lot like like that Urals of the way and this is the way that we that we might all those consumer functions on to all those different different channels now 1 thing that we need to to mention here these these 3 different channels I haven't spent I haven't actually explain where those terms come from who created those channels or where where they actually have a stash era are defined and what happens here is that down the channels also created and spake in order to to give and more my approach to all these 2 tall this implementation and what's happening here is that on the on the suspects called a yet as acid receives yeah and the easier inspect tells us that whatever interface server as mentioned before I worry interface server is going to to follow this space whenever he gets and websocket connection is going to create these 3 different channels so their so that so this to a different channels we don't have to worry about creating them or group of fear and everything like that but our interface series of 1 was going to degrade of something I live in my body to free services a little bit how so
now now we know of a replay channels the towns that we usually have are a little bit more like this so we have the worker thread pool and there's going to be a more general channels and our response channels which those not directly to each 1 of the clients and this is the that the format that they easy I spake tells us that the response is going to be which is going to to contain exclamation point and then anything on a map that has to do with with these these characters the other thing is that our How can we don't what we already mentioned how to rout and their customer functions and to on to a specific channel and
so we already talk about workers and let's just go back into our overview of gender channels each 1 of these things work gonna 0 3 it's absolutely talking about these these different workers and we measure how to use through to use that consumer functions to actually browsers measures that comes in in through a website the next thing is that how are we going to make all these Walker threads communicate with each other because we mention the Genachowski is is not now work at what we gonna wouldn't talk with we then genogyre through the network so how can we actually do this and what we do is that there
is there's a channels back in later and the out of of standard channels have support given back links they're the most basic 1 is memory back in and this is pretty much only good at you in Europe and the but something on your local host because it is not the it doesn't have interprocess communication like that this is just is a of marker later in it is a memory but we can also use IPC which is opposing shared memory segments the benefit of this is that it's also memory it's it's light weight and about in also has interprocess communication which means that basically we can we get right to a different a different channel or group from outside the general from from from any other type of context and the other 1 it's rates this is that the 1 that's that's suggested to actually using branching because it's it's more about and it also gives us the the ability to to add something here judging and I need the this is of the the regulator that actually works throughout their work because I this is not going to work through the work or memory back is got when I will work for the and the way that we use some of these
of these back early years in this example this is spread east we just salvias yeah I underscore ratings and Bradley and in fact and then we but these in our settings of the white as we can see this a lot like the the database configuration and is because it's they it they they do have some kind of a lot of similarities are the same way you want to use the I P where when and how to install a z I underscore IPC and then use the operates never bring that have so that those that's that's basically how we will how we we we got the original channel back in and the way that we use it is that whenever we write onto a group or we into a channel where actually writing onto this this set back in later and
now what about the interface and mean the servers so what happens with the interfaces is a jagged channels are actually shapes with an interface server that's called not me and this interface server what it does is that it it's based on on twisted because this is a really gives us an implementation of Web circuits and honesty belong only to and so badly is just using these implementations in order to to keep to to the easy I spake what we can do is so we can't we can use stably as our sole interface the interface error and and that they can actually knows how to handle the 4 request like STP regularity to be requests or website was and is willing to around in the way that we wanted to now the other thing is that that is spring yield and and that we maybe we don't wanna do that on production but we can also Ron Weasley and that this side-by-side so the other thing is that we're gonna have entered something like a next to actually load balance the request affiliated to prove was there that I will through our regular with server and the website messages are going to go through that so basically the way that we're going to to set about what interface server because and because I went to visit server is really just just another another several like like a with the server to create an AUC idle White and file and would like to put these into it and the other thing that we're doing here is that we are actually getting the channel year which is the 1 that we call for here here as you can see it is 1 is called China layers Our where we this this 1 is that people we have multiple channel leaders to you want to Eve our application is very convoluted and maybe there's a lot of different types of of servers in the back in talking to each other etc. or maybe we just want to separate our Our channeling
years by concerns and so on and the way that we run Daphne it's basically just doing this badly is a command and then we just give it given this this and the model of the module as as as a parameter where much the same way that we were run whiskey so that's a very
interface server now what
about but when we talk about how
gender channels are actually were throughout the there that the network right so what about
you know how can we only use challenge from somewhere else outside General so the only thing that we can the world the thing that we need to keep in mind is that we want to be in a specific wanted to write to each which is that we just need to have access to the channel back later and and and way that we do it it's just using the same things that we've already seen which is used it we already have the uh the main order string of the of the group we can just send out to what we're going to just use this interface to actually write to the group and every member of the group is gonna get that message the we want to send it to specific client we can actually use user reply number blind channel again it's only a string so you we dive the into the job which channels kind of and see that IV it we would then it into the gender channels are called we can see that message actually has a or the way that they created the reply channel is just instantiated a channel objects with the reply channel string and then use the channel later now we don't necessarily need to know which channel later we're going to use it we only have 1 because it's always gonna be pulled the default have about it we have it we have multiple ones in there with the with the is that we can actually use use have just a string that's going to be the at alias of it and the others of it
we've already configured it
here these were so the alias is the evil it we add another 1 the is going to be our own maybe the and the image processing
or something like that so let's continue with
this program well now is we still have time there was a weird I expect and the show you real
quick how we can write to yeah to have to Java channel actually answer from general because I think this is this is 1 example that leverages off on all on every every aspect of of gender chance so visible avoid the here and use running generally it's it's about colonial installation of general and using and runs a the so after establishing channels we consider when we're going on around this we're going have all this information about the workers now what's happening here is that actually workers are have been executed in the same the same thread as it as a writer and this is just because it's for the better it will be branch and what we need to do is to actually run the ways the server and they're wrong that our approaches and then run the sum of all 3 of what reference and so now we know that the on all these different channels a Citigroup was is in our town of the ACID spec tells us that the interface server is going to create whenever any people Wisconsin and so here we go into the client so this basically the way I would do it is that we create a website like these WebSockets at there this bubble which gets higher in actually most of the major and balances I and the would we can't we just open a website like this this is pretty easy once we created its we get all this information back the now it would take a look at this I have here what I'm doing is I'm I'm actually bring the free information that we can get from from a web circuit so as we can see here the reply channel it's just this straight we can see that it has these this exclamation point here so here we said the work said this this function what it's going to do is that whenever we get a message on a client it's just going to is this is going to operate on to the to the cost so right now 1 of the whatever but is is the later when was our server is doing is just doing an equal on the on the message itself so was send something we're going to get back to the same thing right so what about writing something onto onto a channel from anywhere else so because we just open a channel we now have here obviously on and on and on and their project have where we will save the string on a model or something like that but we can cut this string and here and is the the same as virtual machine the Our going to send it using these using this is our general command and when I went through the gentleman in you know a little bit so basically what it's doing is and is given and a string which is that the channel binding and and his gear and message to say which right here is is measured from this course the the so once they send it's and we can see that we get here the so now there were actually writing on to general from outside and would just from from the consul and what we can I mean when the when a when we do so actually just set up a a machine monitoring system to to be sending messages to forms or whatever so now let's take a look at at it at a command basically this is just this is the commandment I use our what it does is that it describes the channel ID and in the message I recreates the channel like that it is if the xi is the channel and then it just uses the same function to send a message back to the client and the client is gonna is gonna get it now the other passing our it about these is a way now we're going back to the earlier of the the message body we living but the word yet so this this is our and these these are our 3 different kinds of functions so as we can see on when I have this w is underscored connect function how what it does is that it only place a prince of the user the because we're having kind of of of education is going to bring an end to string and see here is a spring the string this is very interesting because the whole thing about gender chances are it comes already with different types of fats of the craters that gives us access to to the to the user object and so the association we we can we can use of educational than just check which user is send a message and routs accordingly where many we can just have to put something on the on the user section our now the important thing to note here is that were going to use these and these these decorator whenever a user connects because where different connects is when 1st is going to send the http Our packet and then after that any consequent messages that goes through to the web so Kate it doesn't actually has any other type of information they're bannerets BP requests that have like cookies recessional that so we use these Charles actually saves all of the data and then when we want to use it again on a message we use the solar deserve our and the correct which will then users access to the session few of them that we're doing is it back 2 to the user that this is a pretty basic example of the unloading actually our more I've a little example for a more complete example afterwards just do you want to to go through a lot of lines of code and at the same time that as a top so we have any questions that might come well as trees about what he described
and using the hybrid whiskey and and as the model yet is you're essentially going to cut the application correct in as the of works similarly to how you how good are you are you is the does today with where it essentially is the motor for application yes because you're basically there's going this implications there then for us no I tell you so is an instance of a running that sort of Malvern well actually went away and with the full model 1 of what it does is that it's going to to just if you it would take
a look at how we're going nowhere interface server and are this is something that we're
going even well all even the channel so it's I think what what you're saying is that is that then the they server is actually run other journalists and all that but you what is the reason is that whenever the emissions from seeing is just going to fire up for well is going to put it in the channel and then I will for it is gonna give a channel and is used when a fire of the consumer function and then the personal fortune ages but I'm going to put it back there and is is gonna come back into it and because you have a chalice is used everything inside gender then we can we can still use things that was using again like models or any other things but it's not actually just far enough another instance of grammar through again with with the that that there were given it there is just just those those things at the end of the communication between them was the sort of thing as the set of things that would be the at the back and that's the end of beer beer back layer so you would not be able to use of that a hybrid model uh with the memory only back and you have to use at least IPC well you you can't you can't use it yet but I can see the other thing we're IBCs that you cannot use it for the network right right at the beginning you we thank you very much you told us these early so my question for you is like of the you've done a lot of affirmative channels what you think is the my thing is missing most of Charles thought that is missing most yet
but what would you want and so that's a pretty and interesting idea but I think that the thing is that they're missing out a little bit maybe is just some something on top of the of the core it's interfaces that are already has had to make it a little bit more easier for instance to to send a message to a to a child from outside Django but but to a specific user communities but it's pretty easy to do with groups but let's say that and 1 that have to serve right and then a 1 serious just a from it just hand over whether the prior and India where it just some kind of of heavy heavy apposing like Michela position of so then the 1st ever have like to use jet which I actually have these you communicate with cells so then on the 1st hour I want you to send that information through the channel and in 1 or 2 a group maybe and on the on the on the server and like to send a use that specific reply so used to getting a handle on the on the reply shall it's sometimes it's a little bit the and thank you of yes high and I was wondering and maybe I'd you may have this kind of explained it on but between the persistence of the interface server and the channel there and how do you handle persistence if you're gonna have multiple servers like will quickly so if each channel is going to a client and the client comes back in through load balancing situation ends up in a different place over here and you make sure that there on the channel like well be that you load balancing the model and immersive if I ask that question correct have and what happens here is because of of the of the it we use something like a radius then is going to go through through the network so whenever message come seen then that is way to to go to a child that's what is going to be called it's I we sell WebSocket of message right and we thought it was received so when he goes to the channel actually anybody that has access to readies is going to be able to to read out by channel and gamma was very like OK somebody needs to to take care of these measures is gonna tell that to the water for a full order for pose rather now we have different water through people's trying to random measures but why this is 1 1 of those is is only 1 them measures and then there was another layer at this was already taken care and when going back that's where we have the reply to which are unique reply so where you put the the only thing nobody else is going to get the message all all is now 1 like hands Way Jam Michalis suppose you have a chalice is to deliver at most once 2 2 while or any kind of message instead it is that we were too too many thank you the the other but with the with the red this radius handles the incoming but it doesn't it doesn't go too far out of of the light like this right now the normal way of doing it that's what we're now like become red well signal the and then was the processing of similar but 2 letters us in the update of the right yes but you but that would that would take it channels it's not true or is that still of as I get a little bit confused there so you mean that Boeing win by 1 point sending back to to the to the client well actually gives because the 1 that sends back to the client so our water so something because because just that we need to remember is that a replay channel it's just that it's in our chance building is that it has a unique strings of way would not have have the 4 members on that on the 1 chance that this is gonna work but I have 1 1 1 clients so whenever we need to apply something with with that with that message into that channel then right is 1 of the novel like a have something new for somebody know what is at some reasonable and and with that with with unique channel Jan which houses know how to actually run back to the classes going OK there you go I think the up to it the so the play the seller but yet but have ah that's called the yeah the listener lady that is kind of like you know a lot of the naming conventions and user groups channels that kind of stuff I see it a lot in terms of the flight solar implementing key pieces that you like it's a message protocol so like the future of the state in the trend of peace yourself trying to push for the persistent message protocol a website of this protocol at injury because it could it could grow out to include topics and fan so I can see that kind of up to those curious as to where you the yeah will actually and the only thing is the genitals is it's a it cannot resembles uh name here but it's really not that what he's trying to do is you just trying to give us an and after actually here for us to actually use something like that so all that is really not there is a geneticist knowledge right to to put into that of a tragic clash and that the phrases what was when the user need for is that I I still use use celery so whenever request scene from let's say user Bush's abortively directly place about and then decelerate will start our whenever isn't that need to say something to the to the client will use write something to that chance but that's that's not told the involvement of young channel called so that if you have any other questions these are ways that you can contact me by e-mail between the 2 everywhere and I'm always Miocene and we the Hegel thanks to everybody will General and that for thank Prof in the
you thank you