People are Coming to My Beginning Workshop, What Now?

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People are Coming to My Beginning Workshop, What Now?
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Volunteers often love running introductory programming workshops. This talk covers how to help attendees get the most out of your volunteer time. We’ll look at how to make a tutorial easier for attendees to follow and tips that help students stay relaxed and learn effectively. The talk incorporates what I learned as a student teacher and includes a new source of help in revising newcomer material.
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probably don't thanks thanks to the and and and and so on and so the decisions that where there
and rank fairly in the get so she's worried about the things that you know about the leaders of the out of all and if you 1 the sources for French so phonemic I the fact so this is
the impact of his time all on the LaserMaster that in school I should have that in navigation you in a white should said do you see me after a long story of time so I just checked it uses the task
I will go on and on and on and on and off since the might mind and most were you remember is that you and where where is because the innovation in
the over the so I really want to help you that's fine you stand is highly that around you that I just here to try test so the user experience for beginners to coding better and so so know that there was 1st thing you will see that it was your stuff and it's not only is the title to numerous so 100 years in say a linear algebra class and the theory of mother you have less the name a set out in the sun in reality there examples already I'm going to have a is single animals in the americas symbol the and so on so you never exceed the wiring needed to be like what so I've added when the central so with this in context of the time that you know the this is not accidental that this is a topic that will the light on where were shots of this kind of analysis reasonable OK well the 1st thing I see is that most of the time in the case I want to know more about that as long as you don't need to OK if you're like me and most people are not really the title you don't read what's in this direction so you want certain that is in your title describes what quantity here were some aid on promising things that you can actually give so many settings and all you're not going to make it simple for everyone so while something that is from the moles really 1st so is and it's not really well I cannot make it sound easy to some of these all have so instead of saying I have no no no these are all what is the difference in the analysis this tells us that it's an immediate that were it also tells us the where she got integer and a have been announced so when we're trying to use it very important that the label so that they get as much information as possible that is not really after so you want your title to the possible on the matter who's going to show up yourself what in the
world of if so now you can they have and you can use the 1st of all in relation to what is really happening over there and they and what have been the major the who
will have a common note also it's not having it just means that they are in a lot and what about your few people were aware of the years the people who are here in a lot of work in the industry or they have degrees they don't figure out your were shot you know the states that the years are not going to be a so make sure you're writing your stress here right now in many those senses him because if you 87 1870 some recent history will probably understand that but someone is just starting out with me fasting because 1 of the things that say in this which has many Latins having find many of these news and then they went on and on and on and of how ruthlessness so nature that you would ever use that in there is a need to screen shots and arrows arms bearing so what
do you show up and there is 1 of the people and you would want to maybe not always willing to do what I can but thing can using using the right of the software uses this kind of will be no food and sell it in the set of all the time but they would a
however if you have a in when you are out the people in this state that is not the format that you don't know what I'm doing what it is is it's the I don't think this the following people were sent out and not states united let go of the past minute the use of the following year it's not something that everybody volunteer you need 1 until we don't know how comfortable others on so instead 1 you know that making this they're not OK if you teaching them so that you get a syntax error were all well this least the 1 I I wouldn't want you every time the company had a and these are of course we have long time and use is that the it's something that you have to do is we only but I'm in on the so you can sit out of your life and the people of the that you had to say it is below the muscles you're wondering you answer everybody's questions so you can have that 12
temporarily rates so you
can see the whole in here but then you know what and in but and once you were shown on here OK that's fine with you and tells us a little bit so what I I'm want to do it OK and the justice and Rio more years of experience with the world and many of them all and the reason it wasn't all I want you to solve the OK and every 1 last thing person would have been worth 3 interesting the land of of the and I want you to talk person next to you before you have to if you can hear about then the but as you will eliminate somewhere between 2 and a half the questions that are and based on kind of always all of you you have for themselves which he they're more likely to remember it so you have to ask someone else is better than the right so when the underlying
last Western because the labor if the religion they don't know this area at the if I say candidate was used in the request method feverish and I have been used for the selection when would like 1 last media will pretend I want to have a quick clicker with the with the but during the day well if you will and look at the and the you know then what what is the thing you beautiful care that you're not doing it with so you have and have the vocabulary known in the same thing and because of that the point is going to be the best answer for everybody knew they not know what questions to ask so don't use that if they ask you questions is not then beings do that it's not I'm not understand the sad it's long and not knowing what you're asking them to do so I bet conventions also you and and for how long you and let you know what the effects so questions are very good on you can go yes the so when you have that so here's the suggestion you know the people I really like prominent people in the way that's there's is a lot of overlap of that so you so if you in the left side of the family always when I was so it's so I can write out this in my of the reason that we I'm doing well it is that and have it it was just that have so the question is what I have really affects I had a red these are in
the set all the you know about it saying that question when Nethanel Western woman so that besides the environment you no a man FIL is involved in that all you can remember right
now the race Sandra every thought before the thing or have you know that this is an honest call on and on and wondrous the union of all the answer you read them just so find where there are holes in your results and they know that any of those in the morning on track Red it was about people a lot of Latin isn't there are no I love that I we have a lot of you unique the money in the and then the what functions are the accuracy of national and I like the people the I have friends in your right and decide 1 and where I and it's just you know the question and no 1 around it and when questioned the face and our so no loser and ask the home and in home they in their own that's for the next version of it goes to that and it works out really really well so
unintelligible they have probably yes so the that I can see and I'm going to do something a little dangerous related Work the the so this is
really really well and I have not knowledge of the here's the proper and was a lot of research the i what i all of the time we need the this from the like and the way of aid I had a very far and so on lot money were really is really Dorotea I see this like I know that I have AIDS and only the overwhelming evidence in I don't want to go the head of the human more I have to do the you started OK so how do think this will be a in many ways the those
into small it is kind power point here and he went on computer during that a lot that contain in their careers and it is only to respond to both and surety saying something happening is the so every time you have with each bearing Sea that book is really wrong there has to be paid to to look these pages see how that happened this and the state of union hired by 5 chapters they take 1 half times in each chapter is broken up into sections they do that the model so so using that program in the fall of analysts hibernating which
ends diverse where they really need showing the workshop and present on here is not that images within but my point is 1 of and that's what we see on the because I'm going to go on and on and on and on and on and on personal this in the next steps because they had to around because of the that so he going find than coming up again but is that so I'm doing my 3 in 10 specimen but from I have retained an island and so he really important that has it before you go or where the rank of those student heating we had to turn on or off sometimes but we cannot fundamentally cabin chat by really other classmates because not at the same level as in the morning and you know there's a lot of this is that know they will find something testing the use in the last battle 1st and finally and in the worst this is probably the most important thing that I would think there because if you don't I knew how do that how you know what you mean better and can hurt you know talking to you In 2nd and we know that that world OK so if you to know you we have and of words and each year in the last 15 minutes of working for a workshop and I think that is because you know it's kind of like a service that they only have you and this year laughter on going to the conference something we only know what and how the data and the happens and so then you hear about it here and they always they the left and right it in the 1st of what time limits for the next if you want play different from you know all entities before they left the room is really all when I see you remember where the you ready for some of the not for the people who were there find ways to going to ask questions right at the beginning of a time when that's instruction or explanation I don't know if this is the real part while still getting in there I have that means them and finally the last 15 minutes of arc for the area and so I in the the and in the cells in the image of the police afraid that the of the but how do you know if you have deteriorated during the weaknesses of EU inference so this kind of that uh all thanks in the park
if you