Spicing up Django: An Introduction to Mezzanine CMS

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Spicing up Django: An Introduction to Mezzanine CMS
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Mezzanine CMS is a popular content-management solution for Django. With a rich set of built-in features and following Django’s batteries-included approach, it can supercharge your new or existing apps for content-oriented sites. In this talk we will explore the features that Mezzanine provides by default, and how they take care of many common content-management tasks (page creation and editing, maintaining a blog, WYSIWYG editors, SEO, and more). We will also take an existing Django app and convert it into a fully integrated Mezzanine application. You’ll be surprised at how much of the work has been done for you, and how your existing Django skills will let you hit the ground running when working with Mezzanine. Outline: Mezzanine tour Basic integration of custom models Advanced integration of custom models Working with templates Review Questions (if time permits)
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called the i th th this plan and this is this is the 1st kind you can of get
rid of you who met in the in and you start when you take the journey to explore the features of the revised by the people now in how they can help you with your is gender knowledge really make the most out of it and create great London audience sites were going to school or creating the insisting general at and converting it to a fully integrated missing the right so I want to start by talking about is an easy and who year and no in are those in the news of well is usually period for you and you must be less than that of that guy from Australia it's being under development for 7 years now connectivity enemies time it has more than 275 computers you can also find variable community but we have a very active mailing lists and where you can get involvement and support in general but all them in the and you also have a variety of third-party packages many of them I will so now I'm a little bit more about architectural philosophical sigh of missing and this is a very powerful consistent flexible complemented by form that provides a simple yet highly extensible architecture that encourages I needed him so you you get the same batteries included approach as general that applied to the management you get a lot of 4 3 of hierarchical Bayesian annotation scatter publishing ages animal distances support for multiple sites and that's a huge list of features that are there for you missing also inherits a bunch of generals finally information controls of security that best practices is coarse and you'll be able to leverage much of the recent things that you know about general in unison at the but the most important thing about this is the easiest thing do is write up you go in jail and that will be method is just Santoso everything you know about writing models about writing the use of writing and that templates will be good for you you'll be able to ground right you know what the sort the general rule fertility designer up and convert a small application well this is the result of listening and then converted and application to work so you can see at any other by package you can sell it you will download all the dependencies including gender and then you can run this message from come and which don't experiences a wrapper around the of the project Common and you you the the started the product layout of greater than with some of the same neural duration already filled in for you but other than that I disagree with general right then after that you run create database pretty which the same thing just a wrapper around migrate from general you only have I need to get that greater people use the superuser and you want you can ask themselves and give them a constant for you to get started quickly and after that answer which is just the standard agenda so how neurons during the local host and this is what you get out of the box you have the nested pastry you've got sites there you've got a basic was there and then you've got a lot and many other things the readers for selling is in I did it the so let's write our own application or number 1 a standard and a patient to better integrated method the the like so that uses patients because they think it's well known you yeah the the genome for a of c is a very simple application I like it because it will give you a little later with to multiple model here in various has a question from and then it has this choices majority my model that you will be able to give options to answer the question you're calling in this is steadily against triggers register the end last we have at least until you do and it will have form in like protein is whether the politicians not my fault when you for the so how the style application innocent will just like any general right to you are you have your factors so that you are your Europe duration and finally you run migrations if any and you are right of course if you have more complex and you need to find the middle where you can find context crosses but a way that you can do it is just by itself and car so right and that and any other reasons as it came in the 4th of directly the mass in running this is what you get the users as rapidly as the editing interface that other than that you don't need any changes in your and the last word on the condition or anything to get working you get out of there is of model and also the Alliance just as you find them in the ramifications
and the facing use also work as you expect it is the view that the company all at I just want Europe duration to get this working out a lot of changes so this by the available in this saying that that's a new requirements coming and you want to change the behavior of the application so we can do
that as well as the defined in 1 they say publishing workflow and what do I mean with apologies world that we want some applications holes to be able to the set draft for example or end users they're creating people that the 1 policy violated the exceeded the and no a serious threat and you will not be available in the province so they can come back and will in later we also wanted to be able to scan of want to be able to use to say OK useful than the life of a life in next week Monday in and also can set expression based in 1 of the biggest falls fire the next slide at the end of day so I was 1 of the most recent also universe so I have some way control which which fall as posted recently which is a common required we also want use slots instead of primary reason you're also Europe or as you know I'm really purposes maybe we want to have you know my side that grounds last fall flat would read we will have a whole slash my all you know moisture and also on the choices to be sold in Mar and uses let's say they have told that the user what sort of at the at the king is soaring after that so how are we going to do that as well as well this is the original model original model you can you very years of a single field the question of which is just a text from for users to insert the question now the display of a lot of this is 1 of the basic model the she's men it is well you're going to be hearing a lot with the baseball publication of pieces in city is where you have a graph of its status you the model says it is the same as going to a lot of work still polishing it I generates lot from your file and just written on it and you can override this lets you want to happened years of it comes with some helper and classes and manager for that you you're going to feel like people really get tired of you going to get a you want to change how the the piece of 100 years in the browser and have a lot you get his fluffy which can be which can be also generated customize it will get description 1 of the population the the Rothermel's fiction With this from the content or the content from your age you will get a policy which is going to be a and a standard gender they objects which you can manipulate the we also get a status you got the check whether a piece of content is published a set of that In long journey were so we're going have this might just water from the city and yet from his own classes and that's it we actually can get rid of the question from this the models that define its own type of feeling and that's where values were question and yet this inherent or in case you need to add more realistic literally bring your own data fields and customized you wanna say also have a picture for example the popular there
and is the original adding in the grand final feel wanted find in letters to his wedding choices what to defines who studies late in the least view and we want to define who is a very searchable currently at the original 1 that came from the walls of patient and so love yeah anybody's that is where you can have from that is the same design of inherit from Italy and is the only change we need to use so that was the last 1 you right shows the little surviving by after it was the specified had to see how this will change in the end the forest so this
is a new and you get and you can see what you get all the time this all western from we use that now the slowly generated from that and automatically users years you were really really update you also get that published so users can be the 1 of the because the vector problem you can set follows from an inspired on the field find when she something be available called were not In the found his was a colossal I'm what we do the flow and keywords and descriptions and you want to lose face in your site site that and in the lead you regard the whole search on the titles of both are going to get the hierarchy on Polish they began to build their own life has to be 1 the things we can on the status of the whole right of these things so all his just got from hearing from this in his mouth and this and what the it so how do we know that some Our all 1 to be somewhere in the draft somebody quality of course only 1 the users to be able to see to publish ones we see that the use of the quality that basically what you have to you and is a very simple but if you want to finish it with a of the pulse application we don't you want to use when you're going to present the on of the Europe of based 1 instead of doing object all you objects and with that the matter of many you're ready either going to return all the all you have to worry that you're always facing uses the politics user wants to see content that meant for them to to see and that in the ordered by a Polish they get the most reasonable for yes so this is what it is you and so looking like get is equal and then you had to advise how recently where the next thing is that what we were talking about being able to sort of be 2 little utilize those choices that 1 would want to have a choice here as they were at maybe they used the and he's going to have you know and just 1 of the students went to the bottom through and use it for a model which of the 2 methods the study of words literally like the comfortable for an entire varies you can drag and drop off with it should and you will support a ban on creation for more in the course you have to find extra only in the image we want to show to the user so they can just be creating them and populate and of course you given that the standard and and classes so this
is a year ago gonna a are choice of model reply to hear from audible and you said when he your all hold on Central status and said that it is field forward to this storm enables at each of choice that in the end what we heard from tabular and in my hand and there's also the 2nd where in His work yeah you get your choices and you get to the little handled which you can sort but many users can use the mouse to sort them you know that can use any arbitrary or 1 and it is getting little and other which will then create a smaII unless the 1 thing I have to do real time or anything like that unless the wealth of templates and a bottle of with over there is not much on this is this is the example that we also competing with right no but you know you can write this as 1 gives you all ability but if we go ahead and edit it to extend some of the of the basic standards of method already if you for example extended based Asian Autumn use the dialog and we all remain constant in this main block is because when you get you get the you data integrated into the woods from being now know you may have different opinions and with that everything the point here is not to be used with that on when you think that all this and this was the end of anything out of is just the people to get your which you want to protect the only way that we would have been this is for you then you only have to I send me that was and user right what you can get something like this very quickly so that you would use that would fall over a really gentle application in your regular job alleviate so whilst the here may not be able to use that I want to evaluate you want to hear from this level to get you the all the all of the things that we reviewed for the ordinary law of the polis status this can publishing for each of of the following that 100 per order you get random ordering of when you are making queries in your database your reviews or whatever but you want to use objects of policies that objects all images that you get apologies working and then would get this you want to extend this and lost 1 of the use the messing with templates you want use bootstrap on your site and is get the site of run with now there's a whole lot of things that
I hadn't even thought of that here the method in the 1st class of the fact that you can you can create custom pages that users can use of when the page 3 in but you also have the volunteer in USA it means users can follow and then to file that has had little form of the here for you and you can have on the left and right inside the media that already exists in site and these much more to work like that but many of the issues with a series of bad experience that you can use the following employment so you get so violent yes from any web hosting provider online there are a lot of very easily if you have the don't any generate 1 is before you know that the processes that let you is like right use but for a couple pages unless you inject context context in the template whatever you need it you also have an economic model where you you're going to be able to integrate a shopping cart and show that there and prices and variation this has recently which is love speaking like the following again you find very your own custom class and the year of the yet to be used instead of the all the all the user it'll saying each will allow users were made a star symbol like and that was here here's sites based were treated euro users 1 want that you that version of 1 the but for them to it in the end user and use whatever you want in the back or in your so there's a little bit more in the the what you have to stop on as has of the area of documentation is called the but an architecture and I think it's 1 of the most important thing is goes into detail of what I explained here what is where the so what you will you will they not have another strategy for creating custom based i which is I so this topic usually that there's a colony velocity able to refer to the very some of the city about this appliance you know of misidentification it is a little less than a lot of applications the total and I want you to to get of lot your site this lot creation of is that I think is a great case study of not feel at develop a method to get the you have you use the asthma were aware of that its own template tax so it's a good way to see how you're going to create a more robust complex application that it's integrated with missing and there's a link there but I measured this laughter and there are things so that you and I some of the like you're out there and I and directly for this at all and want to which you can use that to better understand how were rejected out the missing I
it's nice of understand homers in works of just period was question that is missing is the moral that contrary to Hobbes was is some level of support that is employed for those told that the data flowing from Jack this but I think that's what of and then was that there was no single support so how how this framework of abstract on that level of stays the same general meaning you can get a non relational database working with again go to the on on the and use your you again fate that that the work that I haven't really done anything right in the city for property but this was more general will work it will mentioned that you thank the question of then you tend few professor and the
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