Stress Testing Your Code of Conduct in Production

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Stress Testing Your Code of Conduct in Production
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The Django and Python communities have made codes of conducts a standard feature for many years now. But what exactly is a code of conduct? How does it work in practice? Why do we need them? What you should report? What are the consequences of having one? We (Ola & Baptiste) have been working as CoC points of contacts at many conferences for the past few years: EuroPython 2014, DjangoCon Europe (2015 and 2016), and Django Under the Hood (2014, 2015). This has given us a unique insight into the inner workings and practical implications of codes of conducts and we want to share it with the Django community. The talk will start with a brief history of codes of conducts. From then, we'll go over some of the challenges and pitfalls of implementing a CoC in our communities or events. After that, we'll show how CoC work in practice and answer some common questions about them. We will then briefly talk about how lessons learnt from CoC world can be applied successfully in your daily job to grow supportive and strong teams. Finally, we'll finish off by showing the new standardized CoC processes that we've been working on. With this talk, we want to continue the process we've started of bringing CoC to the front of the stage, making them more transparent and less taboo. We believe that CoC are an essential part of any community and we'd like to share our vision for how we think ours should work.
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probab no thanks to the time it with the same piece of this to the other
world uh it's root great weather in the middle of the day uh we will know we know very of it is the the recall that it has not been interested in what begins with regard to contours so today we're going to be talking but the but only on the order of the order of the universe to just use the form of how it can be the presence of and personally and fewer present just to but today and on stage and you're the federal so that she's November of the general community uh as the 1st number of machines for companies of all the people which originate from Poland to promote the most for confounding the general initially but she has many many of us uh she's organized several just uh and remember was held in a certain sense in the world and he also has a new general where she teaches programming to women
and in the thank you OK cool and entertaining grateful to have and that is of my co-presenter initially Hungary and of his sword from France and when working with him we bias projects I discovered that we all have this gate that always the older people before himself and it is visible in and asking his contribution to the dialog work locker and in case and skills and what he does at the conference organizers and also in use and working it and of the arts and but this is also the person you want to find out if you want to translate something from English analogy and and to get everything and working at the sequence of contacts at 5 major types in
general conferences over the last 3 years and you know we don't consider ourselves experts and we hope that we have in our talk will answer at least some of the questions you might have gotten comes from that and at this point I want to stress out that and you know things will talk about and in this talk are based on our conference and events and experiences you can take the lessons learned and applied it to your workplace or open source project for literally any yeah any place where people meet and interact this is connect and culture go together side by side and 1 on selected in another
so Mr. but is it's the so we have to discuss whether you're community of your project required because of its limited resources on land we already have the best of the tweets from then
that would be true of the so that the moment you have humans interacting you will have a look at this just you know around it also believe that the general media hold a synthesis of the 2 sorry about whether you want just of the fact that we are immediately so that they
we don't focus on the phone implements the correspondence in production the way we use in practice to have good conduct with some common examples of Herodias and supportive of ongoing the but before we do not start with a history of components inside communities the it is the part of the
mind when 1st movements in the manner of conduct In 10 industries start and there's a lot of people work really hard and to make kind of connects some dots and we are incredibly grateful for the work and there are too many people name in here so we just want to say the thinking to all and the people who had the time and effort to make code of connectivity and really our community we transform his shoulders of the time and going back to the gender and fight the we did some research established that 2012 was the year when code of conduct started important topic and like the last implemented 1 large thousand 12 followed by a general call you're inserted in many and at the end of the year all 20 1st of member by this information and for some for as organizers to have code of conduct and at any event any 1 2 cells and similarly on January of the following year the genesis of publishing exactly the same and moral on from events that happened the and the ranking leader April the Committee adopted the quality of the health of the community for points on species and we follow those who after enjoying a giant would do the same and in 1 thing here is to analyze the dynamic community started discussions about code and the quite and this is what I and and improved immensely and come to collect is present in the visible and at not only at the height of Francis that also in all my stations where our economy interacts and we don't discuss the Eve and why we need it and we discussed how to improve it and it the code of conduct was even showcased positive
example of a code of conduct by an each and I think we should be really proud of dynamic community to for me really forward-thinking and that's trying to be nice and welcoming place for and what we do we find that the use user and standard the interim used in that it is not always so you can just would be so that the website of for the conference on your community and has it's only when you deploy in Production Minister to interview users that you're going to see and this is something that you have thought the last years when set
members of parties code of conduct response teams with very version and that was all state is responsible for enforcing of the received theory or it's an hour and each heart and that anything we're operating the effect and we have a whole list of things that we wish we did that and good using the Euler formula is this what is going to give you a few examples of the things that we know we shouldn't so for example there was a conference where this lecture on similar colonial history tends to go with each other and stuff like that the was the experiment you think about it too much to think about the consequences and think you know we it were really well we things states that for example 1 of them is never far from the start with with view that what I think just for the duration of phones or words was believed for about was the military for which is created and then later on so long after the conference was over and then another problem min was never so it's the signals from just people behave and 5 so we use the same pattern as the people without being part where the other stands but also non things and the sum of the 2 problems he goes to the members the idea of using the rules differ as always happens and this was wrong and you see that will introduce this for people to interact with others space in physical word like you there or whether it's based on what people will do for each other always use explicit rules and not just an implicit understanding and also to think and that's about boundaries of the spatial creating and the use of space but with his conference and when the historical symptoms of time as as it is on basis of the valuable for a fortune not even if there was another example of something we and have a fall through well enough we decided to make a comment very visible we put a lot of that court and to create a welcoming condensates space we have like dedicated and the numbers and for code of conduct and had lost in about code of conduct in Lakeland needs for innovators there is right words in units and another and have lost service you might about how contact and and yet so we know as in activities we reminded about that and even dealt with it so much effort we forgot something to proof and and the thing was that we have no dedicated code of conduct e-mail so an whenever you want to use it you know you have to write a whole organizers so you a have found that when emergency numbers which is not perfect and you are like me and you take the mean and this trend in people especially for a language and already tried to find some people from rest of King and uh the people were all over the place another use recently assumed office had solution resume quicker and we have official conference hashtag which again was great because people use go to operations you 1st but were monitoring closely and you'll read this to you that week we let things that just so we go looking too much in the and that social media is yet another basically creating the injured explicit rules for but also want you will moderate but you want someone who has unity that we can analyze motor and let things happen on social history the conference and mental of the estimated how much of this model code of conduct species actually had a small changes to ask and I we also have other responsibilities and in the end the doctor's like dropping whether we're doing for the conference because we have to deal with code of conduct and it is so much easier to have their team and and dedicated only kind of that and also to make sure that you will not be out of in the way and I think we're all of them had conference so we wouldn't have content and never be learned by whether this was an official part of that means for the good of others like this and this resulted in fact that some people attended and that's way you lost their sense of responsibility because in everything in the course of the and see that again but you know the space and the use of explicit rules because you can't rely on the rules and you need to know what is acceptable is not the conference and is not and what the rules for each this because it's this means that we have such different rules and we want also have an unwritten no comments on the question and policy but we didn't communicate clearly and not created very apart moments and after some talks and 4 speakers because there our see droplets and some people making comments and ends when we realize that we made a police more clear and analysis of state that we wish we were more clear at the very beginning and above that and the last example of things that we usually don't that was that there was a conference where we have the key this physical room to handle of could have which should we have only matters which which is great but there are many others who were not on the response to just get what up interrupting and along the assumes you should contribute to get a sense of the young and than gradually work for person but also of what we so it's on the response in so you wanna make sure that you have EU doesn't have to be that of space somewhere in close and we have all of which I see we are in the far from being perfect and all these things just talked about how you know so they take to make it right and we put a lot of work to do and create a welcoming space and being kind of contact and she is hot and you would never have made 100 per cent right and it's a legal process and there will be always something that is expected and epsilon operated the so 1 of the most difficult thing you can
do is just that fear because of the problem as and that will happen and some of them just what you but some of them and American so you need to know how to handle theories so 1 of the things you need to do is initially I will receive feedback this is not an actor and we should know how to do this you need to make sure you have process for you will be in the unit documents of the sphere or at the end of the lecture so that you can understand the font and correct so that improved and elsewhere in the world as the but you know this going to become the 1st of experience but in a sense really really powerful message and reporting message throughout the community that you will get a distinct let and the way
some of the issues are the of the latest it and made a subject that not native speaker could understand me and you or for example also doesn't OK so that they are right and many well it is the same and in a way it's not because deal from the center point here and when someone reports an exact some races of as going on that's not going to like make you feel unwell term and you don't need to if we can never speak to anyone in the a community you're still low member of the community but in the same
time he said the deal because it kind little commenting just days my because 1 person misheard and so we might say we after that and there is a term for that death by housing costs so 1 of the code of conduct response to the point of view is objective out of your actions you actually exclude someone from our only tool and the necessary feedback so you will know better next time and you have a a chance to improve and we we needed by hand made the small things and very seriously we we hope to build the trust so long ago there OK and to show the concerns has the with what
happens when someone speaks of who you are and when some of the other good on work that is 1 of the things that and considers serious it's scary sometimes used to and we want have only some of the problems that we have friends and so we made and if example in the face of Gaussian process that you will use the same on the farm
and you were right in so that uh he was recently in front from the speaker on stage and using the conference has so kind so the 1st thing to do is to make it work and now that we received a report and we will take care of that and this is important because it means that you take responsibility of the situation and will take care of that and other organizers problem 1 2 and do that on your own pendulum that should be case and although I asked people might try to find the gas phase all they did not change in quite the very serious and it is also crucial to the lender reported no that you're doing and dealing with this and to have a paper trail of what happened next we get the response the so the global that we can remove the response the same very long and 1 of the things you're having team is long it's much much easier to make policies as a group of course there's an individual which might have to do and practical consequence of having a team is need have communication channel this came and it needs to be there so that nobody else has access to it and the real time so that you can actually so for example if you meant that the parents lecture and just works well and this is what we take screenshots and try to buy the asset information and other in incidents ask possible so we conclude that in mind that in in the person making it read it important to me they positive the thought of the batch and earlier and we can cross check it with a list of activities and turned fox ceremony that you don't need to rely on memory later you can concentrate on the things so we know the cost you have a meeting with all the excited about the next section so as not to use the the person and ask them to do that because you have an idea for a meeting with a person of color own situation so that it can minimize that before we find that
the next frame and them this quickly to join 2 of us now privately we found that too is an ideal number our needs and where more than 1 person sitting in that more distinctly taking so the person and the 1st thing you do is thing that we have box and all the world and in the world is the important to both of us so the chances the women and the mutual ancestor let alone but the point of it's also important to explain how and why what happens is evaluation of sparql that in the presence of so the case of the experimental happen and informed and that is a violation of company and the other thing that the we got to the end and informal out of the top and and we tend to do was to delete and it's important to make final decision as a team keep everyone in the so that was the response team you these this incident report that development queries that Japan what happens as the possible because the facts are what we know and what happens and also it's the people involved in store but working in the here is the key because the time ask you always think you have to add to the growing and also that for the things we almost exclusively from sort of the mechanism by listening to the market explaining the actions taken thanking them for reporting again this establishes the paper trail and method for automatically actually to the action and those trust but also in another kind of being out of the and we it cases for the clarification goes from your vantage point of view but for us but the Americans as response to the issue of things to 1 of them is unfair the rest of the world to the good of the general will of me and we also have the constant which just you report released only that happened conference and how result with this this is completely anonymous the 1st authorities in the world the general of course committee is to have the kind of memory that's what happens it helps you track your things that may happen over 7 years of and since the attractors works is something that you to demystify the process to show you that it happened so that people will think that you have but also show how spot and see that so that the problem of you and this is just again we some trust the and some form of the because is closed and move on to the next and I can see is like so many steps or a small thing and the radiation in real life things can be more complex than that
the example here was the of art that often the identity was known and the person was covertly but then was minimized by the that we but go my complicated and very easily and response tools to make hole in the skull and sometimes Dutch what are the best action to take and indeed coded combinations you have to be prepared improvise returned right there's always something that view you deliberately used your the things in mass like in the emergency numbers for the local area or make sure that the security staff at random and so people if you if you need most likely you won't need that would be prepared to invest dismisses so that when something happens you that which will then is for the your stress and lower the amount of energy is there just responding so in this process of how you can implement all of the records but it also stressed that is important to keep in mind that the good qualities not there on the it's not the tools of punishment all forcing some the value that you have for us as organizers as community members because that is 1 the things that that that this creates more inclusive so there's no loneliness but it's easily on to you have tools that pretty ensure that accessible our hands job here for speakers and having genomes wrestling's or from the cages around that axis you have many many of rules so I think that is not standard the thing in our community and we've shown examples and that it is hard to get right and Neuralized the hardest and most stressful thing for us space and in the whole process is when we need to improvise and we don't know what's the next step and this is why we started that document or process into a step-by-step model that takes out a lot of digitization and guess also take a take some of the emotional up out of the equation in your approach to
announce and that we're raising our notes and how crosses all i so the whole of the community and knowledge and can use anything pretty and it is don't work with policies that happens sitting there and you should go go there is something that gets so the hand is a lot of practical steps in the we from your code of conduct process it shows a process of the letter before but much much more in depth and about news and also and also something things like that it's formulas and which that you can just reuse and if you need 2 of the region in the sense that progress of the start of the uniform of consumption I will also be really just getting feedback on each of the and here the user community and they were arrest for anyone who wants to do and here is summary of and sulfuric acid and on top as we're going over time so let's let's recap and which only ended up his so it doesn't go from the semantic of conduct and also show you the states we made when we serve as and for the viruses was and how hard is to remember about anything and then if you don't have step-by-step instructions they should what happens uh practically when we receive a report on what's the date of the results of the final processes which are to stick to 1 document so that could be reused by other communities of the and do all the work in there because we believe that kind of thing that is not only a problem if the rest of the is also another problem of conference organizers and it's not only the problem of the for Ps and it's a problem of community as a
whole and human safety and welcoming environment it's extremely hard task and even though and only yet how to do it twice we constantly tried to the limits and set higher and that standards and a single year and we want to believe that dynamically you will never stop pursuing and and also and community we are so proud to be part thank you thank Prof
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southern part of the EU