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Django for IOT: From Hackathon to Production

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Django for IOT: From Hackathon to Production
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It’s Friday night of hackathon weekend. The latest snazzy Internet-connected thingy is sitting on the table next to your beverage of choice, the device’s API docs are open in a browser tab, and your fingers are itching to write some Django. What’s the fastest way to get started? And next month when you come back to it, what will you want to upgrade? This talk will walk through a common IoT use case, sending HTTP requests to turn on and off a device in response to some external data. I do this all the time at WattTime and I'll share some of the tricks I've picked up over the last couple years. We’ll focus on two big differences from your typical blog or polls app: the data model abstractions that fit the problem, and the need to run frequent periodic tasks to hit the device’s API. I'll share a data model that's worked well for me across a bunch of IoT apps. And I'll show you two ways to run those periodic background tasks in Django: a hackathon-friendly version, and a production-friendly version using Celery. You'll walk away with a complete demo template that you can use in your own projects!
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been doing as the to be the kind of functionality for an IT application and the again this year that the case and control changing that the the region observation you have made 1 as a separate action to you it at the head and said it depended on the uncertainty he I don't like wife many you actually want to use the time for him idiotic answers and applications the
and you also need a driver so at called something out and it's going to state of this new world of so that this particular with them and application of a word in the in the we're going to be something that has been decided to turn on or off and we will have that is on the left and on the device using the devices EDI and we'll see that the status of the case so that's happened here and it then after working on Internet of Things that's reliable occurring in the device itself has become 1 of the and because the best part the between most likely time you label that part in the same at the time I get excited about how it is that this is the criterion for wired and that my arm from y axis and so that the museum of 1 of the that when the decided what sort of thing you actually 1 idea as it so when encoded in the AC and there's yeah the this as simple or as part of the and that is when it got out and so it will not only have asynchronously the production situation you can't necessarily count on the CDC seen when the tax crimes that we call so here the mean that all the grammar and I where have the price so a better uh invented by like if I think that the price I and then they can be used get it exactly the right out a lot and it it's and so the imaginary training at an area he's objects instead of some there was then you can see that the gap yeah so we have our model we have a
task at this end it their inhabitants iterations as possible and 1 no 1 really cares and that he wants to organize will that and he's let me ask the same the debate is has by model observations may actually have an in-house and interactions is where the tasks and and they wrap around here at the time that may seem like a lot of structure for having each apple growers time at the 2nd use for adding moving devices using community they I i'm the on and the the gas for the the views and observations that I don't know when to walk along actually emitted by selecting the interactions and if you want to start having multiple kind of various support and that's what the the all the models you ask there and that's the way the now in place the running a web servers and accidental here but really needed something that's like occasionally the units so that the crime and the birth of something like that like many distributed time so we want people to artifact any time you want to have that prevented from Mr. at times it is out of the all that this is the situation is the close a apartment production did most so again property differently from the I but away she can play you a lot and so the 1st and
using her would have had a controller will use that for an image so that you are already familiar with the data management management me migrations are unfair properly and you using community as well the annotator got the sense that I have and in this case will thus have a similar meaning we that half the and then to get
running on her essentially there's this as weighted you 11 based and turning task that we didn't know which is then credit downsides feeling that the of over half concentrations is that it has very limited we can see that all of the immediately after the and that's the 1 that I'm in is your life and and it also they only operate in the last part this so I have listed in assignments that he was wrong and that's that when you have when by they also graph and if you go
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studio message queuing system or asynchronous most tutorials for salary but this unhealthfully thin for how long running and the impact on tasks but the thing is that the thank you something that I mentioned sectorial that we're using it for all is steadily periodic so it's not I you may want you run from the early analytic like that and using for aggregating all as data for these calls have adherence using it for doing the kind of solution I mean I don't recommend something that only that it complicates architecture law so do recovery of everything that he has about 2 and a half so far there is that doesn't really
I'm we also around the stimulus there and that in to the periodic for those that message is finite and message brokerage network you sorry also minutes at 1st in 1st out here where where where it can inventor and consumed by workers server is actually a lot of money and time so you don't have and now you know that the of the literary density and I have here is term in the data from that and a low and something of these some sort and they wanted options for patterns services for both here and the results on the right is a popular because it's of them and that radii yet in the services are offered in you the results are
so to make it more likely that were on the application we going to have everything in its path scheduler is going to play it do something often the agency that you are workable what it all decided when everyone at he turn on our all but also on the bed the gallery passed to you are at the the time all the medical return and yet on how it out of the world and this story that is that the anytime anywhere the state theories of art so got all architecture
configured actually changing our you have passed and she's sorry what is really satisfactory the the and then the
year when the time Cervantes as there is the people and and the syntax for defining the aperiodicity itself it's pretty similarity units contact so you can have a really possible and all the anywhere between 1 man and 1 of the things like the need your life only new and Tuesday is or anything like that and I don't talk about the primary season and you probably have to do with period here and ask result arguments and right and unfortunately this doesn't work very well because this dictionary only evaluated ones like any of the things while for instance so you only use that are hearing about you know that's not function as well and then served work-around is to have a wrapper that ball that I had so you're the call only happens again the full so that you
can find the connection and that the learned and the will on the thing and then there's is a lot of what they see here all of the all so there is the framework of the that later on in the adopted in if he
did on arrival at the top of the but again the place as it had a feature and sparsity and of the the all the way year for you and all of the model can be here for you I have to do is write your actual interactions with a very high and that you might not know this should be in a lot faster and why you that or enhancing man's often utilize so hopefully this will open next time so let's
have a length and I here is fundamentally about confusing to me that most of the time I'm so that they can only half the people in we about with the new models in the stomach and small and I think he is also fundamentally at synchronous profit instead of the standard PC request-response item so think about the bit actually points out not to use them directly access to access something else Atlanta's tasks and easy beryllium rigid way it but in half of the duration it's a is that a and the level of more complex than it is in fact that he talked to them because of the concept of what might and if you want to get started started using them after the end of and I think and is ready for an area for his own I think it will mark of all that and then after they you this morning but I don't see it is typically 5 and very from what situations I needs later the people who are to have really and but I want a that you think can be used more powerful so we like to use piety for environmental applications and radio and batteries in your life where having faces the stock happening around and you much more of
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of few of you in the we really time and what you you know and I found actually thinking I and I think he any of and you will not be some of the people in the on the mean over all that hearing on the part of Cervantes situation the last part of the world and on all of this might answer that used solely on and of the universe the test so you know some of are OK but um wine aromas products that also means that all of these may not have access to power on the on the right is and can so we just said deserving of a job in front of the book the lady of general manner rather than going around world the environment where access on you know you got all the land and then find that out for him but his answered my understated situation we can rely on having access to the shh rules for the 2 of them will you longer tested that to wrote determine in hopes sort of yeah I mean and then have a lot of fat salary flower flower everything that and I was like image you can get ahead and I actually have to use the method that considerations ideas that having the media and In this sense and I find that the matter and that is reality and not by ethnicity has 1 so we actually into the using what we have some of the walking things as well as the latest and had a bad he can and you send alerts based on and when I went up what I also getting the content for if you're to stop supporting the canon that's the Apple product and if I have I'm maintenance and that actually speak today is that there is no that's that's all that and if we use the rest of the time thank you and the people that had led them this aspect rating can use the the use of the ontology and its use in of the I and I I mean and I don't I can have only the available here and then you get the knowledge from multiple places and with these challenges have to solve doing and I had the right I don't know what happened to the working out it controlling that as the we had at the coming in at about whether the power grid in Chicago have much better on which and what is the and so they can I I'm working with different partners is a so the constant and then you will the the the value and pull out of that that actually led to a huge you know that the they don't carefully of important things there may be another person knows early on in your slide you have to assessors a status that creates and how and wondering what subversive duplicating that the root of the of the where everything you you just queries everything again from scratch and I wonder if you know of voiced the synchronization of the speed of the device versus the the higher the this you to the land and thinking on and pretended that they only let you and I the training samples in the hang around back in and useful even at that as the Internet and I MIT has to do with that last reactions the long the thing on this they include me that you are able to act as a base for and these are all the that is likely to get it and that it had not been there was of 2 of the rules last 4 and the the what the and that is something that celery has simple pretensions for and that in as yeah thank thank the and that was the result
of you